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Republic of the Philippines

City of Iloilo
District of City Proper


Series of 2017



WHEREAS, there was then a Barangay Disaster Coordinating Council (BDCC) in this local government unit but
with the affectivity of Republic Act No. 10121 which was approved last May 27, 2010, the BDC shall cease to
exist and its powers and functions shall henceforth be assumed by the existing Barangay Development Council.

WHEREAS, Rule 6 Section 5 of the Implementing Rules & Regulation (IRR) of RA no. 10121, the BDRRMC shall be
regular committee of the existing BDC and shall be subject thereto, the Punong Barangay shall facilitate and
ensure the participation of at least three (3) Civil Society Organization (CSO’s) representatives from existing and
active community based people organization resenting the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in the

WHEREAS, under Section 11 of the IRR of RA 10121, organization at the Local Government Level. The Barangay
Disaster Coordinating Council (BDCC) shall cease to exist and its power and functions shall henceforth be
assumed by the existing Barangay Development Councils (BDC) which shall serve as the LDRRMC’s in every

WHEREAS, Section 12 (a)(c) of said law, the Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office. The
BDRRMC’s in every barangay’s which shall be responsible for setting the direction, development,
implementation and coordination of disaster risk management programs within their territorial jurisdiction; and
the BDRRMC’s shall perform their functions with impartiality given the emerging challenges brought by disaster
of our times;

WHEREAS, under Section 15 (a)(b)(c)(d)(e), Coordination During Emergencies. The BRDDMC’s shall take the lead
in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from the effects of any disaster based on the following criteria:
The BDC, if a barangay affected; the cities/municipalities DRRMC’s, if two (2) or more barangay’s are affected;
the Provincial DRRMC’s, if two (2) or more cities/municipalities are affected; the regional DRRMC’s, if two (2) or
more provincial are affected; and the NDRRMC, if two (2) or more regions are affected;

NOW, THEREFORE, I Mary Jean Dioso by virtue of the power vested in me under the laws of the Republic of
the Philippines as Acting Punong Barangay of Brgy. Ortiz City Proper, Iloilo City, do hereby order.

Article I - Title
This order shall be known as an order “Revitalizing the Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
Committee (BDRRMC)”

Article II - Definition of Terms

Disaster Response - Provide life preservation and meet the basic subsistence needs of affected population
based on acceptable standards during or immediately after a disaster.

Disaster Preparedness - Establish and strengthen capacities of communities to anticipate, cope and recover
from the negative impacts of emergency occurrences and disasters.
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation - Avoid hazards and mitigate their potential impacts by reducing
vulnerabilities and exposure and enhancing capacities of communities.

Disaster Rehabilitation and Recovery - Restore and improve facilities, livelihood and living conditions and
organizational capacities of affected communities, and reduced disaster risks in accordance with the “building
back better” principle.

Disaster - Natural or man-made events wherein communities experience severe danger and incur loss of lives and
properties causing disruption in its social structure and prevention of the fulfillment of all or some of the
affected community’s essential functions.

Hazard - any phenomenon that has the potential to cause disruption or damage to humans and their environment. Or an
event or occurrence that has the potential for causing injury to life, property and environment.

Vulnerability - factors of the community that allows a hazard to cause a disaster. Or the result of a number of factors that
increase the chances of a community being unable to cope with an emergency.

Capacity -quantitative assessment of human and material resources.

Article III - Composition of BDRRMC

Chairperson: P/B.Hon. Evangeline F. Granada

Vice Chairperson: Kgd. Mary Jean Dioso
Barangay Operation Center(OPCEN) (B/Sec.) Marites Magno

Disaster Preparedness: Kgd. Hannibal Ebro
Disaster Response: Kgd. Joseph Arguelles
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation: Kgd. Jesus Mercado
Disaster Rehabilitation and Recovery: Kgd. Rene Obregon


Monitoring and Warning: Lead: Kgd. Ma. Teresa Yiu

Member(s): Tanod: Aaron Sevelleno

Communication/Public Info: Lead: Kgd. Mary Jean Dioso

Member(s): Tanod: Delia Gahap

Transportation: Lead: Tanod: Rommel Valzado

Member(s): Tanod: Leo Camacho

Search, Rescue and Retrieval: Lead: T/C: Virnaldo Mercado

Member(s): Tanod: Kenneth Genit
Remon DelaVega
Junmar Cagayan
Jesse Adorias
Diosadao Berame
Michael Galo

Food and Non-Food Items: Lead: Kgd. Estelita Genit

Member(s): BNS: Lilibeth Felarca
SF: Divina De la Torre
Security: Lead: Tanod: Roberto Lopez
Member(s): Tanod: Pablo Lucero
Diony Castillon
Ronaldo Mercado

Supplies & Logistic: Lead: B/Treas.: Shiela Doza

Member(s): Tanod: Wilfed Elevencione

Evacuation Center Management: Lead: B/Sec. Marites Magno

Member(s): Staff: Rosalie Serrano
BSPO: Silva Vendiola
Health & Sanitation: Lead: BHW: Jeannie Gamarcha
Member(s): Liberty Calunsod

Damage Assessment & Needs Analysis: Lead: Eduardo Ebro Jr.

Member(s): Jun Macalalag

Article IV - Roles and Responsibilities

 Preside the BDRRMC meetings and design programs and coordinate activities consistent with
the national council’s standards and guidelines;
 Formulate and implement a comprehensive and integrated Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction
and Management Plan in accordance with the national / city framework and policies on disaster
risk reduction in close coordination with the Barangay Development Council;
 Submit reports to the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office and to other
agencies concerned on BDRRM activities and implement programs and project lined-up for

Vice Chairperson:
 Facilitate and support risk assessments and contingency planning activities at the Barangay
 Assist the chairperson to organize and conduct training, orientation, and knowledge
management activities on DRRM at the barangay level;
 Monitor BDRRM Committees and assess their implementation and enactment before, during
and after disaster incident.

Disaster Preparedness
 Design programs and activities that highlight education and information drive on disaster
preparedness and disaster survival;
 Disseminate information and raise public awareness about those hazards, vulnerabilities and
risks, the nature effects, early warning system and counter measures;
 Consolidate barangay disaster risk information which includes natural hazards, vulnerabilities
and climate change risks and maintain barangay risk maps.

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

 Design programs and coordinate activities in relation with climate change adaptation /
mechanism (CCAM);
 Consolidate barangay information which includes climate change risk and maintain a barangay
risk maps;
 Helps to formulate and implement as integrated CCA/M with Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction
and Management Plan in accordance with the national / city framework and policies;
 Disseminate information and raise public awareness about CCA/M and DRRM activities.
Disaster Response
 Operate a multi-hazard early warning system linked to disaster risk reduction to provide
accurate and timely advice to national and local emergency response organization and to the
general public through diverse mass media particularly radio, landline communications and
technologies for communication with the communities;
 Conduct continuous disaster monitoring and mobilize instrumentalist and entitles of the LGU’s
private groups and organize volunteers, to utilize their facilities and resources for the protection
and preservation of life and properties during emergencies in accordance with the existing
policies and procedures;
 Organize, train, equip and supervise the baranagy emergency response teams and the ACDV’s
ensuring that humanitarian aid workers are equipped with basic skills to assist before, during
and after of disaster;
 Respond to and manage the adverse effects of emergencies and carry out recovery activities in
the affected areas ensuring that there is an efficient mechanism for immediate delivery of
 Established linkage / network with other baranagy’s for DRRM and emergency response

Disaster Rehabilitation and Recovery

 Conduct rehabilitation and recovery programs and projects for the affected families /
constituents specially on their livelihood, relocation / temporary shelter for displaced families,
providing their basic needs and health services;
 Conduct continuous disaster monitoring and mobilize instrumentalist and entitles of the LGU’s
private groups and organize volunteers, to utilize their facilities and resources for the protection
and preservation of life and properties during emergencies in accordance with the existing
policies and procedures;
 Carry out recovery activities in the affected areas ensuring that there is an efficient mechanism
for immediate delivery of service;
 Conduct damage assessment and counseling.


Monitoring and Warning

 Develop hazard monitoring and data collection for disaster early warning and promote
information and dissemination on early warning system and real time hazard monitoring;
 Inform and educate residents on the Early Warning System of the barangay.
 Continue monitor the weather or event updates.

Communication and Public Information

 In-charge of emergency communication mechanism and activation warning signals during
 Disseminate timely and accurate information concerning imminent disaster threats to
government agencies, officials, and to residents in the areas of immediate risk.
 Provide to the public notification, warning, evacuation and situational reports on an ongoing

Supplies and Logistic

 In-charge of financial services, equipment, facilities and other logistical requirements needed
by each committees before, during and after of disaster;
 Restores power system and fuel supplies;
 Monitor incident costs, maintain financial record, administer procurement and perform
financial recording.

 Monitor and maintain peace and order situation in the barangay before, during and after of
 Crowd control and secure all supplies and equipment during relief operation.

Health and Sanitation

 Provide medical assistance, first aid services and help the victims for counseling;
 Conduct rapid health assessment to affected areas and report immediately to concerned
Search, Rescue and Retrieval
 Have capable rescue personnel in search, rescue and retrieval operation;
 Monitors situation in the ground and report to BDRRM OPCEN;
 Minimize further injury to residents and extent of damage to property;
 Coordination with the other response group and LGU’s for disaster operation.

Food and Non-Food Items

 In-charge of preparation, marketing and serving food / feeding before during and after relief
 Distribution of food and non-food items during and after disaster;
 Provide relief services to victim of disaster / calamity and coordinates with other concerned
agencies for relief operation.

Evacuation Center Management

 Conduct information dissemination regarding to evacuation plan of the barangay.
 In-charge in management of the operation of Evacuation Center;
 Facilitate / assist all affected families in the Evacuation Center;
 Helps to maintain peace and order in the evacuation center.

 Provide transportation to all evacuees, officials, materials, relief good and supplies during and
after a disaster;
 Responsible for providing and monitoring vehicles and delivery purposes;
 Implement traffic plan and strategies to guide traffic in and out of the event.

Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis

 Assess the situation in the affected areas (damage assessment, families affected, casualties,
injury and the dead and missing)
 Analyze immediate needs and recommend necessary actions and interventions;
 Helps to conduct counseling to the victims of disaster.

This order shall take immediately upon approval.

Done this 4th day of September, 2017 in Barangay Ortiz, District of City Proper, Iloilo City Philippines.

____________HON. MARY JEAN DIOSO____________

Acting Punong Barangay