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 OPENINGYou control the size of the target box object snap.

 OPENOpens an existing drawing file.

 MATEDITOROPENOpens the Materials Editor.
 ABRIRNAVEGADORMATOpens the Materials Browser.
 ABRIRONLINEOpens the AutoCAD WS Editor in a web browser and displays an online copy of the current drawing
for sharing and online editing and.
 ABRIRREVISAODWFOpens a DWF or DWFx file that contains revisions.
 ACAOBAdds an action for a dynamic block definition.
 ADCENTERManages and inserts content such as blocks, xrefs, and hatch patterns
 ADICIONARSELECIONADOCreates a new object based on an object type and general properties of the selected
 ADICVCAdds control vertices splines and NURBS surfaces.
 HELPDisplays Help.
 AJUSEFINOMALHAMultiplies the number of faces in selected mesh faces or objects.
 ADJUSTAdjusts the dimming settings, contrast and monochrome for underlay or file (DWF, DWFx, PDF, or DGN)
 AJUSTARDGNAdjusts the dimming settings, contrast and monochrome from a DGN underlay.
 AJUSTARDWFAdjusts the dimming settings, contrast and monochrome from a DWF or DWFx underlay.
 AJUSTARPDFAdjusts the dimming settings, contrast and monochrome from a PDF underlay.
 ALIGNAligns with other objects in 2D and 3D objects.
 ALINHAR3DAligns with other objects in 2D and 3D objects.
 CHANGEChanges the properties of existing objects.
 ALTESPACOMove objects between model space and paper space.
 ALTPROPChanges the properties of an object.
 ANALISEANGULOMODELODisplays a color gradient in a 3D modleo to assess whether there is adequate space
between the part and its mold.
 ANALYSISCURVATUREDisplays a color gradient on a surface to evaluate different aspects of its curvature.
 ANALYSISZEBRAProjected stripes on a 3D model to analyze surface continuity.
 RINGCreates a filled circle or a wide ring.
 ATTACHInserts an external reference, raster image, or underlay (DWF, DWFx, PDF, or DGN) in the current
 ANEXARDGNInsert a DGN file as an underlay into the current drawing.
 ANEXARDWFInsert a DWF or DWFx file as an underlay into the current drawing.
 ANEXARNUVEMPONTOSInserts a cloud file indexed point (PCG or ISD) in the current drawing.
 ANEXARPDFInsert a PDF file as an underlay into the current drawing.
 ANEXARURLAttaches hyperlinks to objects or areas in a drawing.
 DELETERemove objects from a drawing.
 ARCOCreates an arc.
 AREACalculates the area and perimeter of objects or of defined areas.
 EDGEChanges the visibility of 3D face edges.
 ARESTASUPERFCreates a mesh between four contiguous edges or corners.
 TO FILEPackages the current sheet set files for archive.
 ARXLoads, unloads, and provides information about ObjectARX applications.
 ASSOCIARBLOCOAssociates an action with a parameter in the dynamic block definition.
 ASSOCIARDGN (-ASSOCIARDGN)Associates DGN underlays to the current drawing.
 DELAYProvides a timed pause within a script.
 ATRIBUIRMATERIALIt uses the current material, defined by CMATERIAL system variable.
 ATUALIZARANOTUpdates existing annotative objects to match the current properties of their styles.
 ATUALIZARVINCULODADOSUpdates the data link established external data.
 ATUALIZARVISTAUpdate drawing views that become obsolete because the source model has changed.
 AUTOPUBLICAR Publishes drawings to DWF, DWFx , or PDF automatically to a specified location.

 BARRADEACAOB Shows or hides action bars for a set of parameters of objects selection
 BARRADERESTRICAO Shows or hides the geometric constraints on an object.
 BARRAEDICAO3D Reformat splines and NURBS surfaces, including their tangency property.
 BARRANAV Provides access to navigation and orientation tools from a single interface.
 BASE Sets the insertion base point for the current drawing.
 BLIPMODE Controls the display of marker blips.
 BLOCK Creates a block definition from selected objects.
 BLOQUEARPLANOCORTE Saves selected section planes as 2D or 3D blocks.

 Case creates a 3D solid box.

 CAL Evaluates mathematical and geometric expressions.
 LAYER Manages layers and their properties.
 CAMADACLASSICA Open properties Manager of legacy layer.
 CAMADASDGN Controls the display of layers in a DGN underlay.
 CAMADASDWF Controls the display of layers in a DWF or DWFx underlay.
 CAMADASPDF Controls and display of layers in a PDF underlay.
 CAMADASU Controls the display of layers in a DWF underlay, DWFx, PDF, or DGN.
 CAMERA Sets a camera and target location to create and save views in 3D perspective objects
 CAMINHOANIM Saves an animation file of a camera moving or making the pan in a 3D model
 LOADING Load the current drawing to AutoCAD WS and controls whether changes should be loaded automatically.
 APPLOAD Loads and unloads applications and defines which applications to load at startup
 CARREGARARQUIVOS Loads the selected files to AutoCAD WS.
 CARREGARCUI Loads a CUIx file.
 CARREGAUTOAPLIC List or reloads all plug-ins in the application plug-ins folder.
 CENTROCOTA Creates the center mark or the centerlines of circles and arcs
 CHAMFER Bevels the edges of objects.
 CHANFRARARESTA Bevels the edges of solids and 3D surfaces.
 CYLINDER Creates a 3D solid cylinder.
 CIRCLE Creates a circle.
 SHARE Shares the online copy of AutoCAD WS of the current drawing with other users.
 COMPARTILHARCOMSEEK Loads the selected block or the current drawing to the Autodesk Seek website.
 COMPILE Compiles shape files and PostScript font files into SHX files
 CONCORDSUPERF creates a surface with agreement between two existing surfaces.
 CONE Creates a 3D solid cone.
 3DCONFIG Sets options that affect 3D display performance.
 DSETTINGS Sets grid and snap, snap tracking polar and object snap modes object, Dynamic Input , and Quick
 CONFIGGRAFICA Sets options for 3D display performance.
 CONFIGURACAOESB Displays the Settings block Editor dialog box.
 CONFIGURACOESDERESTRICAO Controls the display of geometric constraints on constraint bars.
 CONFIGURACOESPLANOCORTE Sets display options for the selected section plane.
 BACTIONSET Specifies the selection set of objects associated with an action in the dynamic block definition.
 CONSTRUCAOB converts the geometry to construction geometry.
 CONTENTEXPLORER Finds and inserts content such as drawing files, blocks , and styles.
 CONVTONURBS solid surfaces 3D and converts NURBS surfaces.
 CONVERT Optimizes 2D polylines and associative hatches created in AutoCAD Release 13 or earlier
 CONVERTERAME Converts AME solid models to AutoCAD solid objects.
 CONVERTERCTB Converts a table of color-dependent plot styles (CTB) in a plot style table named (STB)
 CONVERTERDWG Converts drawing format version for selected drawing files.
 CONVERTERESTILOSP Converts the current drawing in named plot style or color-dependent
 CONVERTERLUZESANTIGAS Converts lights created in previous drawing file formats to the current format
 CONVERTERMATERIAISANTIGOS Converts materials created in previous drawing file formats to the current
 CONVERTERPARAMALHA converts 3D objects such as polygon meshes, mesh surfaces and solid objects
 CONVERTERPARASUPERFICIE Converts objects to 3D surfaces.
 CONVETERPARASOLIDO Converts 3D meshes and polylines and circles with thickness to 3D solids
 COPY Copies objects at a distance and specified direction.
 COPIARBASE Copy selected objects to the Clipboard along with a specified base point
 COPIARHIST Copy text from the command line history to the Clipboard
 COPIARPARACAMADA Copies one or more objects to another layer.
 COPYCLIP Copies the selected objects to the clipboard.
 COPIARVINCULO Copies the current view to the Clipboard for linking to other OLE applications
 COLOR Sets the color of new objects.
 CORRECAOSUPERF Creates a new surface to adjust the end of the edge surface forming a closed loop.
 CORTARRECORTAR Copy selected objects to the Clipboard and removes them from the drawing
 COTA and COTA1 Access modes of Dimensioning command.
 COTAALINHADA Creates an aligned linear dimension.
 COTAANGULAR Creates an angular dimension.
 COTAARCO Creates an arc length dimension.
 DIMCONTINUE Creates a dimension that starts from an extension line of a previously created dimension.
 COTADIAMETRO Creates a dimension in diameter to a circle or arc.
 COTALINEAR Creates a linear dimension.
 COTAORDENADA Creates ordinate dimensions.
 COTAROTACIONADA Creates a rotated linear dimension.
 CTLORBITA3D Sets the center of rotation in 3D Orbit view.
 CUI Manages the customized user interface elements in the product.

 DBCONNECT Provides an interface to external database tables.

 DEFATRIB Creates an attribute definition for storing data in a block
 DEFINIRALACAB creates, deletes, or resets the handles associated with a parameter.
 SETBYLAYER Changes the property overrides of selected objects to By Layer.
 DEFPROJVISTA Specifies the active project file for drawings with Inventor models drawing views.
 COLLATE Disassociates the objects in a group.
 DESANEXARURL Removes hyperlinks in a drawing.
 DESDOBRARMALHA Remove the folding faces, edges and vertices selected mesh
 DESENHOQV Displays open drawings and layouts in a drawing in preview images.
 DESENHOSONLINE Opens AutoCAD WS in a web browser and displays the files available online.
 DESFAZERISOLAROBJETOS Displays previously hidden objects.
 DESLOCARARESTA creates a closed polyline or spline object moved to a specified distance from the edges of a
planar face on a selected surface or a 3D solid.
 DESLOCSUPERF Creates a parallel surface a specified distance from the original surface.
 DESSACIOARCOTA Removes associativity from selected dimensions.
 DESVIOCOTA creates offset dimensions for circles and arcs.
 DESVIOPLANOCORTE adds a segment offset in a cutting object.
 DIST measures the distance and angle between two points.
 DISTANCIA3D Starts the interactive 3D view and makes objects appear to be closer or farther
 DIVIDE Creates evenly spaced objects or blocks along the length or perimeter of an object.
 MESHSPLIT divides a mesh face on both sides.
 DOBRADAMALHA Sharpens the selected mesh sub-objects edges.
 DVIEW Defines parallel projection or perspective view when using the camera and the target.
 DWF3D Creates a 3D DWF or 3D DWFx file for your 3D model and displays it in the DWF Viewer

 DDEDIT Edits single - line text, dimension text, attribute definitions , and feature control frames.
 EDITARATRIB Changes attribute information in a block.
 EDITARATRIBA Edits attributes in a block reference.
 BEDIT Opens the block definition in the Block Editor.
 EDITARCOTA Edits dimension text and extension lines.
 EDITARCOTA Moves and rotates dimension text and relocates the dimension line.
 EDITARGRUPO Add and remove objects from the selected group , or renames a selected group.
 EDITARINSTANT Edits a named view saved with or without movement.
 EDITARMATRIZ Edits associative array objects and their source objects.
 EDITARPATRIB Changes the textual content of an attribute in a block
 EditText Edit a multiline text object selected or single line, or text in a dimension object.
 EDITARVISTA edit an existing drawing view.
 EDITINFUSION solid Edits and surfaces in Inventor Fusion.
 RAISE Sets elevation and extrusion thickness of new objects.
 ELLIPSE Creates an ellipse or an elliptical arc.
 ENTRADADXB Imports an AutoCAD DXB file (drawing interchange binary).
 ENTRADAUSUARIOACAO pause for user input in an action macro.
 ESCALA3D In a 3D view, displays the 3D Scale handle, to aid in resizing 3D objects
 ESCULPIRSUPERF shavings and combines surfaces defining an airtight area to create a solid.
 ESPACOCOTA Adjusts the spacing between linear dimensions or angular dimensions.
 ESTADOBV Creates, sets, or deletes a visibility state in a dynamic block
 ESTADOCAMADA Saves, restores, and manages named layer states.
 EXTEND Extends objects to meet the edges of other objects.
 ESTENDERSUPERF extends to the surface a specified distance.
 ESTILOCOTA Creates and modifies dimension styles.
 ETRANSMIT provides a package of files for Internet transmission.
 EXCLUIRRESTRICAO Removes all geometric and dimensional constraints from a selection set of objects
 EXIBIRATRIB Controls the visibility overrides for all block attributes in a drawing
 EXPLODE Breaks a compound object into its component objects.
 EXPORT Saves the objects in a drawing to a different file format
 EXPORTARCONFIGURACOES Adjusts the page setup and drawing selection when exporting to a DWF, DWFx , or
 EXPORTARCUI Exports customized settings from the main CUIx file to an enterprise or partial CUIx file.
 EXPORTARDGN Creates one or more DGN files from the current drawing.
 EXPORTARDWF Creates a DWF file and allows you to set configuration overrides individual pages on a sheet
based on the sheet
 EXPORTARDWFX Creates a DWFx file where you can set overrides individual settings pages on a sheet based on
leaf by leaf.
 EXPORTARFBX Create an Autodesk® FBX file containing all selected objects in the current drawing.
 EXPORTLAYOUT Creates a visual representation of the current layout in the model space of a new drawing
 EXPORTARPDF Creates a PDF file where you can set overrides individual settings pages on a sheet based on leaf
by leaf.
 EXPORTTOAUTOCAD Creates a new DWG file with all AEC objects exploded
 EXPTIFF Saves selected objects to a file in TIFF format.
 EXTATRIB Extracts attribute data and text information associated with a block to a file
 EXTATRIBTEXTO Exports the block attribute information for a table or an external file
 EXTRACAODADOS Extracts drawing data and merges data from an external source to a data extraction table or
external file.
 EXTRUDE Creates a 3D solid or surface by extending the dimensions of an object.
 EXTRUSAOMALHA Extends a mesh face into 3D space.

 FACE3D creates a surface three or four sides in 3D space

 CLOSE Closes the current drawing.
 FECHARADC Closes DesignCenter.
 FECHARBLOCO Closes the Block Editor.
 FECHARCAMADA closes the Layer Properties Manager.
 FECHARCONTENTEXPLORER Close the Explorer window content.
 FECHARDESENHOQV Closes open drawings and layouts display images in a drawing.
 MATEDITORCLOSE Closes the Materials Editor.
 FECHARESTILOSVISUAIS Closes the Visual Styles Manager.
 FECHARFAIXAOPCOES Closes the ribbon window.
 FECHARLAYOUTQV Displays model space preview images and layouts in a drawing
 FECHARLISTALUZ Close the window lights in the model.
 FECHARMATERIAIS Closes the Materials Browser.
 FECHARMATRIZ Saves or discards changes made to matrices source objects and exits the array editing state.
 FECHARMOVIMENTONAV Closes the ShowMotion interface.
 FECHARNAVEGADORMAT Closes the Materials Browser.
 TOOLPALETTESCLOSE Closes the Tool Palettes window.
 FECHARPALETRADECRIACAOB Closes the Block Authoring Palettes window in the Block Editor
 FECHARPARAMETROS Closes the Manager palette parameters.
 FECHARPREFACABAM Closes the Render Settings palette.
 FECHARPROP Closes the Properties palette.
 FECHARPROPRIEDADESOL Closes the Sun Properties window.
 FECHARQC Closes the QuickCalc calculator.
 REFCLOSE Saves or discards changes made during in - place editing of a reference, a xref or a block definition.
 FECHARREFERENCIASEXTERNAS Closes the External References palette.
 FECHARREVISAO Closes the Markup Set Manager.
 FECHARTODOS Closes all currently open drawings.
 FERRAMENTAACAOB adds an action for a dynamic block definition.
 FIELD Creates a multiline text object with a field that can be updated automatically as the field value is changed
 FILL Controls the filling of objects such as hatches, 2D solids , and wide polylines
 FILLET Rounds and agreement of the edges of objects.
 FILLETEDGE Rounds and agreement of the edges of solid objects.
 FILTER Creates a list of requirements to an object to be included in a selection set
 FIND Finds the text that you specify , and can optionally replace it with other text.
 FLATSHOT Creates a 2D representation of all 3D objects based on the current view
 FORMATODWF Sets the default format for DWF or DWFx for output on specific commands.
 FreeSpot creates a free spot light spot which is similar to light without a specific target
 Freeweb Create a free lighting mesh the mesh is similar lighting without a specific target

 GEOGRAPHICLOCATION Specifies the geographic location information for a drawing file.

 GERARVINCULOS Generates a URL to the online copy of AutoCAD WS of the current drawing.
 GERENCIADORATRIBBLOCO Manages the attributes for a selected block definition.
 GERENCIADORDEACAO Manages the action macro files.
 GERENCIADORDOWNLOADS Displays the status of the current download.
 GERENCIARCARREG Manages the uploading of files stored on the AutoCAD WS server.
 GIRAR3D Changes the view of the target in the direction you want to drag
 GIRARMALHA turns the adjacent edge faces of two triangular mesh
 GOTOURL Opens the file or web page associated with the hyperlink attached to an object
 GRADIENT Fills an enclosed area or selected objects with a gradient fill
 GRAVADORDEACAO Starts the Action Recorder.
 GRID Displays a grid pattern in the current viewport.
 GROUP Creates and manages saved sets of objects called groups.
 GRUPOCLÁSSICO Opens the Group of inherited objects dialog.

 HATCH Fills an enclosed area or selected objects with a hatch pattern, solid fill , or gradient fill
 HACHURAB Fills an enclosed area or selected objects with a hatch pattern or gradient fill
 HATCHEDIT modifies an existing hatch or fill.
 HATCHGENERATEBOUNDARY Creates a new non-associative polyline around the selected hatch.
 HATCHSETBOUNDARY Redefine a hatch or fill selected to comply with a limit closed different.
 HATCHSETORIGIN Controls the starting location of pattern generation for a selected hatch hatch.
 HATCHTOBACK Sets the draw order for all hatches in the drawing to be behind all other objects.
 HELIX Creates a 2D spiral or 3D spring.
 HideObjects Hides selected objects.
 HIDEPALETTES Hides currently displayed palettes, including the command window.
 HLSETTINGSControla a exibição de propriedades de modelos 3D.
 HYPERLINKAnexa um hyperlink a um objeto ou modifica um hyperlink existente

 ICONEBLOCOGera visualização de imagens para blocos exibidos no DesignCenter.

 IDExibe os valores das coordenadas UCS de uma localização especificada.
 IGESEXPORTSalva os objetos selecionados no desenho atual para um novo arquivo IGES (*.igs, *.iges).
 IMAGEADJUSTControla a exibição dos valores de brilho, contraste e esmaecimento de imagens
 IMAGEATTACHInsere uma referência para um arquivo de imagem.
 IMAGECLIPRecorta a exibição da imagem selecionada para um limite especificado.
 IMAGEMExibe a paleta Referências externas.
 IMAGEMCLASSICAGerencia os arquivos de imagens referenciados no desenho atual.
 IMPORTARImporta arquivos de diferentes formatos no desenho atual.
 IMPORTARCUIImporta configurações personalizadas de um arquivo CUIx corporativo ou parcial no arquivo CUIx
 IMPORTARDGNImporta os dados de um arquivo DGN em um novo arquivo DWG ou o arquivo DWG atual,
dependendo da variável do sistema DGNIMPORTMODE.
 IMPORTARFBXImporta um arquivo Autodesk® FBX, que pode conter objetos, luzes, câmeras e materiais.
 IMPORTARIGESImporta dados de um arquivo IGES (*.igs ou *.iges) para o desenho atual.
 IMPRESSAO3DEnvia um modelo 3D para o serviço de impressão 3D.
 IMPRINTImprime a geometria 2D em um sólido ou superfície 3D, criando arestas adicionais em faces planas
 IN3DSImporta um arquivo do 3D Studio (3DS).
 INACISImporta um arquivo ACIS (SAT) e cria um sólido 3D, corpo ou objetos de região
 INDICENUVEMPONTOSCria um arquivo nuvem de pontos indexado (PCG ou ISD) de um arquivo de varredura.
 INSERIRInsere um bloco ou um desenho no desenho atual.
 INSERTOBJInsere um objeto vinculado ou incorporado.
 INSPECIONARAvalia a integridade de um desenho e corrige alguns erros
 INSPECIONARCOTAAdiciona ou remove informações de inspeção para uma cota selecionada.
 INTERCETARCria um sólido, superfície 3D ou região 2D a partir de sólidos, superfícies ou regiões sobrepostas.
 INTERFERIRCria um sólido 3D temporário a partir de interferências entre dois conjuntos de sólidos 3D
 INVERTERReverte os vértices de linhas, polilinhas, splines e hélices selecionadas, o que é útil para tipos de linha
com texto incluído, ou polilinhas largas com larguras iniciais e finais diferentes.
 ISOLAROBJETOSExibe os objetos selecionados entre as camadas. Objetos não selecionados são ocultos.
 ISOPLANEEspecifica o plano isométrico atual.

 JOINUne os pontos finais dos objetos lineares e curvos para criar um único objeto.
 JPGOUTGrava os objetos selecionados para um arquivo de formato JPEG
 JUSTIFYTEXTAltera o ponto de justificação dos objetos de texto selecionados sem alterar seus locais

 LAYCURAltera a propriedade da camada de objetos selecionados para a camada atual

 LAYDELExclui todos os objetos em uma camada e a limpa
 LAYERPDesfaz a última alteração ou o último conjunto de alterações feitas nas configurações da camada
 LAYERPALETTE (PALETACAMADA)Abre o Layer Properties Manager.
 LAYERPMODEAtiva e desativa o rastreamento de alterações feitas em configurações de camadas.
 LAYFRZCongela a camada dos objetos selecionados.
 LAYISO Hides or locks all layers other than the selected objects
 LAYLCK blocks a layer of a selected object.
 LAYMCH Changes the layer of a selected object to match the target layer.
 LAYMCUR Sets the current layer to the selected object
 LAYMRG Merges selected layers with the target layer, removing the layers from the previous drawing.
 Layoff Turns off the layer of the selected object.
 LAYON Activates all layers in the drawing.
 LAYOUT Creates and modifies drawing layouts.
 LAYOUTWIZARD Creates a new layout tab and specifies page and plot settings
 LAYTHW Thaw all layers in the drawing.
 LAYTRANS Translates the layers in the current drawing for standards specified layers
 LAYULK Unlock a layer of a selected object.
 LAYUNISO Restores all layers that were hidden or locked with the command LAYISO
 LAYVPI Freezes selected layers in all layout viewports except the current viewport
 LAYWALK Displays objects on selected layers and hides objects on all other layers
 LEADER Creates a line that connects annotation to an element.
 LENGTHEN Changes the length of objects and the angle of the arcs included
 LIGHT Creates a light.
 LIGHTLIST Turns on and off the lights in the model palette that lists all lights in the model
 BOUNDARY Creates a region or a polyline from an enclosed area
 LIMITS Sets and controls the limits of the grid display in the current or named layout model.
 LIMPARTELAATIVADO Clears the toolbar display and dockable windows, excluding the command window.
 LIMPARTELADESATIVADO Restores the view state before TELALIMPAATIV has been used.
 CLEANING Removes duplicate or overlapping lines, arcs , and polylines. It also combines partially overlapping or
contiguous lines.
 LINETYPE Loads, sets, and modifies linetypes.
 LINE Creates straight line segments.
 LINHABASECOTA Creates a linear, angular , or ordinate dimension from the baseline of the previous dimension or
a selected dimension.
 LINHACOMANDO Displays the Command Line window.
 LINHADESVIOCOTA Adds or removes a bypass line or aligned in a linear dimension.
 LINHADETEMPO Provides access to previous versions of the AutoCAD WS online copy of the current drawing.
 LIST Displays property data for selected objects.
 LISTADB Lists database information for each object in the drawing.
 LIVESECTION Enables automatic cut for the selected section object
 LOAD Makes shapes available for use by the SHAPE command.
 LOFT Creates a 3D solid or surface in the space between several cross sections
 LOGFILEOFF closes the open log file by ATIVARQLOG command.
 LOGFILEON Writes the command of historical content in a file.
 LTSCALE Sets the scale factor of the type of universal line.
 LUZDISTANTE Creates a distant light.
 LWEIGHT Sets the current lineweight, lineweight display options , and lineweight units

 MESH Creates a 3D mesh primitive object such as a box, cone, cylinder, pyramid, sphere, wedge, or torus
 MALHA3D Creates a polygonal mesh of free form.
 MALHASEMSUAVIDADE Decreases the level of smoothness for mesh objects by one level
 MAPEAMENTODGN Allows users to create and edit user-defined DGN mapping settings.
 MARKUP Opens the Markup Set Manager.
 MASSPROP calculates the mass properties of regions or 3D solids.
 MATCHCELL applies the properties of a cell of the selected table to the other table cells
 MATCHPROP Applies the properties of a selected object to other objects
 MATERIALATTACH associates the material layers.
 MATERIALMAP Displays the meta-material handles mapping to adjust the mapping on a face or object.
 MATERIALS Opens the Materials Browser.
 MATRIX creates copies of objects are arranged in a 2D or 3D pattern.
 MATRIZ3D Maintains legacy behavior for creating nonassociative, 3D rectangular or polar arrays.
 MATRIZCAMINHO Evenly distributes object copies along a path or a part of a path.
 MATRIZPOLAR distributed uniformly copies of objects in a circular pattern around a central point or axis of rotation.
 MATRIZRETANG distributes copies of objects in any combination of rows, columns, and levels.
 MAXJANELA Expands the current layout viewport for editing.
 MEASURE Creates point objects or blocks at measured intervals along the perimeter of an object
 MEASUREGEOM Measures the distance, radius, angle, area, and volume of selected objects or sequence of points
 MENSAGEMUSUARIOACAO Inserts a user message into an action macro.
 MESSAGES Displays AutoCAD WS account messages.
 MENU Loads a customization file.
 MERGE Creates a spline in the gap between two lines or curves selected.
 MESCLARMALHA merges adjacent faces on a single face.
 SURFBLEND creates a continuous surface between two existing merged surfaces.
 MIGRARMATERIAIS Finds any legacy materials in the Tools palette and converts them to generic type.
 MINSERT Inserts multiple instances of a block in a rectangular array
 MIRROR Creates a mirrored copy of selected objects.
 MIRROR3DCria uma cópia espelhada de objetos selecionados através do plano de espelhar
 MLEADERCria um objeto de múltiplas chamadas de detalhe.
 MLEADERALIGNAlinha e espaça objetos de múltiplas linhas de chamada de detalhe selecionados.
 MLEADERCOLLECTOrganiza as múltiplas linhas de chamada de detalhes selecionadas que contêm blocos em
linhas ou colunas, e exibe o resultado com uma chamada de detalhe única
 MLEADEREDITAdiciona linhas de chamada de detalhe, ou remove linhas de chamada de detalhe de um objeto de
múltiplas chamadas de detalhes
 MLEADERSTYLECria e modifica os estilos de múltiplas chamadas de detalhe.
 MLEDITEdita intersecções de multilinhas, quebras e vértices.
 MLINECria multilinhas paralelas.
 MLSTYLECria, modifica e gerencia estilos de multilinha.
 MODELAlterna de um layout (espaço do papel) nomeado para layout de modelo.
 MODOARRASTARControla a maneira como os objetos arrastados serão exibidos.
 MOSTRARBVTorna os objetos invisíveis no estado de visibilidade atual em uma definição de bloco dinâmico
 MOSTRARVCExibe os vértices de controle para superfícies ou curvas NURBS especificadas.
 MOVEMove objetos em uma distância e uma direção especificadas.
 MOVER3DEm uma vista 3D, exibe a alça 3D Move para ajudar a mover objetos 3D em uma distância e direção
 MREDOReverte os efeitos de vários comandos anteriores UNDO ou D
 MSLIDECria um arquivo de slide da viewport de modelo atual ou do layout atual.
 MSPACEEm um layout, alterna entre o espaço do papel para o espaço do modelo em uma viewport de layout.
 MTEDITEdita o texto de múltiplas linhas.
 MULTIPLERepete o comando seguinte até que ele seja cancelado.
 MVIEWCria e controla viewports de layout.
 MVSETUPConfigura as especificações de um desenho.

 NAVEGADORInicia o navegador de web navegador padrão definido no registro de seu sistema

 NAVEGAR3DAltera a vista 3D de forma interativa em um desenho para criar a aparência de navegação através do
 NAVEGARADCCarrega um arquivo de desenho do DesignCenter específico, pasta ou caminho na rede
 NAVSMOTIONFornece uma exibição na tela para criar e reproduzir animações de câmera cinemática para a
revisão do projeto, apresentação, e navegação no estilo “bookmark”.
 NAVSWHEELFornece o acesso as ferramentas aprimoradas de navegação que são rapidamente acessíveis a
partir do cursor.
 NAVVCUBEIndica a direção de visualização atual. Arrastar ou clicar na ferramenta ViewCube rotaciona a cena.
 NCOPYCopia objetos que estão contidos em uma refex, um bloco ou uma subjacência DGN.
 NETLOADCarrega um aplicativo .NET.
 NEWSHEETSETCria um novo arquivo de dados do conjunto de folhas que gerencia layouts do desenho, caminhos
do arquivo e dados do projeto
 NEWSHOTCria uma vista nomeada com movimento que será executado quando visualizado com o ShowMotion.
 NEWVIEWCria uma vista nomeada sem movimento.
 NOVOCria um novo desenho,
 NUVEMPONTOSFornece opções para criar e anexar um arquivo de nuvem de pontos indexado.

 OBJECTSCALEAdiciona ou exclui escalas suportadas para objetos anotativos.

 OCULTARRegenera um modelo de estrutura de arame 3D, com linhas ocultas suprimidas.
 OCULTARBVTorna os objetos invisíveis no estado de visibilidade atual em uma definição de bloco dinâmico
 OCULTARLINHACOMANDOOculta a janela Command Line.
 OCULTARRECUPDESENHOFecha o Gerenciador de recuperação de desenho.
 OCULTARVCDesativa a exibição dos vértices de controle para todas as superfícies NURBS e curvas.
 OFFSETCria círculos concêntricos, linhas paralelas e curvas paralelas.
 OLELINKSAtualiza, altera e cancela vínculos OLE existentes.
 OLESCALEControla o tamanho, a escala e outras propriedades de um objeto OLE selecionado.
 OOPSRestaura objetos apagados.
 OPCAOSEGURANCAEspecifica uma senha ou opções de assinatura digital para um arquivo de desenho.
 OPCHIPERLINKControla a exibição do cursor de hyperlink, dicas de ferramentas e menu de atalho
 OPCOESPersonaliza as configurações do programa.
 OPCOESANALISEDefine as opções de exibição da análise Zebra, curvatura e de ângulo do modelo.
 OPCOESMALHAExibe a caixa de diálogo Opções de suavização de serrilhado de malha, que controla as
configurações padrão para converter objetos existentes em objetos de malha
 OPCOESPRIMITIVOMALHAExibe a caixa de diálogo Opções de primitivo de malha, que define os padrões de
suavização de serrilhado para objetos de primitivos de malha
 OPCOESVTExibe uma alteração na vista como uma transição suave.
 ORBITA3DRotaciona a vista no espaço 3D, mas restringido somente à órbita horizontal e vertical
 ORBITAC3DRotaciona a vista no espaço 3D com movimento contínuo.
 ORBITAL3DRotaciona a vista no espaço 3D sem restringir a rolagem.
 ORDEMATRIBEspecifica a ordem dos atributos para um bloco.
 ORDEMDECICLOBAltera a ordem cíclica das alças para uma referência de bloco dinâmico
 ORDEMDESAltera a ordem de desenho de imagens e de outros objetos.
 ORTHORestringe o movimento do cursor na direção horizontal ou vertical.
 OSNAPDefine a execução dos modos de snap a objeto.

 PADRVISTADefine as configurações padrão para vistas de desenho.

 PAGESETUPControla o layout da página, o dispositivo de plotagem, o tamanho do papel e outras configurações de
cada novo layout.
 PALETACRIACAOBLOCOAbre a janela Block Authoring Palettes no Editor de bloco.
 PANMove a vista de forma plana na tela.
 PAN3DQuando um desenho esta na vista em perspectiva, inicia a vista interativa 3D e permite que você arraste-a
na horizontal e na vertical
 PARAMETROBAdiciona um parâmetro com alças para uma definição de bloco dinâmico
 PARAMETROBCAplica parâmetros de restrição em objetos selecionados ou converte restrições dimensionais para
restrições de parâmetro
 PARAMETROSAbre a paleta Gerenciador de parâmetros que inclui todos os parâmetros da restrição de cota, os
parâmetros de referência e variáveis de usuário no desenho atual.
 PARARACAOPára o Action Recorder e fornece a opção de salvar as ações gravadas em um arquivo de macro de
 PARTIALOADCarrega geometria adicional em um desenho parcialmente aberto.
 PASTEASHYPERLINKCria um hyperlink para um arquivo e o associa com um objeto selecionado.
 PASTEBLOCKCola objetos da área de transferência no desenho atual como um bloco.
 PASTECLIPCola objetos da área de transferência no desenho atual.
 PASTEORIGCola objetos da área de transferência no desenho atual utilizando as coordenadas originais.
 PASTESPECCola objetos da área de transferência no desenho atual e controla o formato dos dados.
 PCINWIZARDExibe um assistente para importar especificações de plotagem do arquivo de configuração PCP e
PC2 para a guia Modelo ou para o layout nomeado atual (espaço do papel).
 PEDIT Edits polylines and 3D polygon meshes.
 CUSTOM Tool Palettes and custom tool palette groups.
 PFACE Creates a 3D polyface mesh vertex by vertex.
 PYRAMID Creates a 3D solid pyramid.
 PLAN Displays an orthographic view of the XY plane of the user specified coordinate system.
 PLANESURF Creates a flat surface.
 PLINE Creates a 2D polyline, a single object that is composed of line and arc segments.
 PLOT Plots a drawing to a plotter, a printer or a file.
 PLOTSTAMP Inserts a plot mark on a specified corner of each drawing and logs it to a file.
 PLOTSTYLE Controls the named plot styles that are attached to the current layout and can be assigned to objects.
 PLOTTERMANAGER Displays the Plotter Manager, where you can add or edit a plotter configuration.
 PNGOUT Saves selected objects to a file in Portable Network Graphics format.
 POINT Creates a point object.
 PointLight Creates a point light that radiates light in all directions from its location.
 POLI3D Creates a 3D polyline.
 POLYGON Creates an equilateral closed polyline.
 POLYSOLID Creates a 3D polysolid with wall appearance.
 ACTBASEPOINT Inserts a base point in an action macro.
 PONTODDV Sets the 3D viewing direction.
 PREENCHIMENTOAUTOM Controls what types of automated keyboard operations are available at the command
 PRESSPULL presses or pulls limited areas.
 PROJETARGEOMETRIA projected points, lines or curves in 3D solid or a surface from different directions.
 PROPERTIES Controls properties of existing objects.
 PROPRIEDADESRAPIDAS Displays data fast property for the selected objects.
 PROPSDWG Sets and displays the properties of the current drawing.
 PSETUPIN important a page setup defined by the user to a new drawing layout.
 PSPACE In a layout, switches from model space in a viewport to paper space.
 PUBLISH Publishes drawings to DWF, DWFx, and PDF or plotters.
 PUBLICARWEB Creates HTML pages that include selected drawings images.
 PURGE Removes unused items, such as the design of block definitions and layers.

 QDIM a number of dimensions of the selected objects creates quickly.

 QLEADER Creates a leader and a call annotation detail.
 QNEW Starts a new drawing from a selected drawing template file.
 QSELECT Creates a selection set based on filtering criteria.
 QTEXT Controls the display and plotting of text and attribute objects.
 QUALIDIMAG Controls the quality of image display.
 BREAK Breaks the selected object between two points.
 QUEBRARCOTA breaks or restores quotas and extension lines where they cross other objects.
 QuickCalc Opens the QuickCalc calculator.
 QUICKCUI Displays the Customize User Interface Editor in a collapsed state.
 QUIT Exits the program.
 QVLAYOUT Displays model space preview images and layouts in a drawing.

 QDIM a number of dimensions of the selected objects creates quickly.

 QLEADER Creates a leader and a call annotation detail.
 QNEW Starts a new drawing from a selected drawing template file.
 QSELECT Creates a selection set based on filtering criteria.
 QTEXT Controls the display and plotting of text and attribute objects.
 QUALIDIMAG Controls the quality of image display.
 BREAK Breaks the selected object between two points.
 QUEBRARCOTA breaks or restores quotas and extension lines where they cross other objects.
 QuickCalc Opens the QuickCalc calculator.
 QUICKCUI Displays the Customize User Interface Editor in a collapsed state.
 QUIT Exits the program.
 QVLAYOUT Displays model space preview images and layouts in a drawing.

 RAIOCOTA Creates a radius dimension for a circle or arc.

 RAY Creates a line beginning at a point and continues to infinity.
 RDALINHADA restricts the distance between two points on different objects.
 RDANGULAR restricts the angle between line segments or polyline, between the angle swept by a bow or a polyarc
segment or the angle between three points on objects.
 RDCONVERSAO converts associative dimensions to dimensional constraints.
 RDDIAMETRO restricts the diameter of a circle or an arc.
 RDEXIBIR Shows or hides the dynamic constraints associated with a selection set of objects.
 RDFORMA Specifies whether the dimensional constraint created is dynamic or anotacional.
 RDHORIZONTAL restricts the distance X between points on an object , or between two points on different objects.
 RDLINEAR Creates a horizontal constraint, vertical, or rotated based on the locations of the origins of the extension
line and the dimension line.
 RDRADIAL Restricts the radius of a circle or an arc.
 RDVERTICAL Restricts the Y distance between points on an object , or between two points on different objects.
 DIMREASSOCIATE Associates or re-associates selected dimensions to objects or points on objects.
 CUT Cuts external reference image, the viewport or underlay (DWF, DWFx, PDF, or DGN) selected for a specified
 RECORTAR3D Starts the interactive 3D view and opens the Adjust Clipping Planes window
 RECORTARDGN Crops the display of a selected DGN underlay to a specified limit.
 RECORTARDWF Crops the display of a DWF or DWFx underlay to a specified limit.
 RECORTARPDF Crops the display of a PDF underlay selected to a specified limit.
 RECORTARSUPERF shavings parts of a surface where it meets another surface or type of geometry.
 RECOVER Repairs and then opens a drawing file damaged.
 RECOVERALL Repairs a damaged drawing file along with all attached xrefs.
 RECTANG Creates a rectangular polyline.
 RECUPERARDESENHOExibe uma lista de arquivos de desenho que podem ser recuperados depois de uma falha
de programa ou sistema.
 REDEFATRIBRedefine um bloco e atualiza os atributos associados.
 REDEFINERestaura comandos internos do AutoCAD sobrepostos pelo comando UNDEFINE.
 REDEFINIRANOTReinicializa as localizações de todas as representações de escala alternativas dos objetos
anotativos selecionados.
 REDESUPERFCria uma superfície no espçao entre diversas curvas nas direções U e V (incluindo a superfície e os
subobjetos de aresta sólida).
 REDOReverte os efeitos de comandos UNDO ou D anteriores.
 REDRAWAtualiza a exibição na viewport atual.
 REDRAWALLAtualiza a tela em todas as viewports.
 REFEDITEdita uma refex ou definição de bloco no desenho atual.
 REFERENCIASEXTERNASAbre a paleta Referências externas.
 REFEXCLASSICOGerencia arquivos de desenho referenciados no desenho atual.
 REFSETAdiciona ou remove objetos de um conjunto de trabalho durante a edição no local de uma referência, uma
refex ou uma definição de bloco.
 REGERegenera o desenho inteiro a partir da viewport atual.
 REGENALLRegenera o desenho e atualiza todas as viewports.
 REGENAUTOControla a regeneração automática de um desenho.
 REGENERARVCReconstrói a forma de superfícies e curvas NURBS.
 REGERARCOTAAtualiza os locais de todas as cotas associativas.
 REGIONConverte um objeto que envolve uma área em um objeto de região.
 REINITReinicializa o digitalizador, as portas de entrada/saída do digitalizador e o arquivo de parâmetros do
 REMOVERRECORTESUPERFSubstitui áreas da superfície removidas pelo comando RECORTARSUPERF.
 REMOVERVCRemove vértices de controle de superfícies e curvas NURBS.
 RENAMEAltera os nomes atribuídos aos itens, como camadas e estilos de cota.
 RENDERCria um imagem fotorealista ou realista sombreada de um modelo de sólido ou superfície 3D.
 RENDERCROPRenderiza uma área retangular especificada, denominada janela de recorte, em uma viewport.
 RENDERENVIRONMENTControla as dicas visuais da distância aparente de objetos.
 RENDEREXPOSUREFornece as configurações para ajustar a iluminação global para a saída renderizada mais
 RENDERPRESETSEspecifica as predefinições da renderização e parâmetros de renderização reutilizáveis para
aplicar a renderização em uma imagem.
 RENDERWINExibe a janela Render sem iniciar a operação de renderização.
 REPBRemove o histórico dos sólidos 3D e sólidos compostos e a associatividade de superfícies.
 RESETBLOCKRedefine uma ou mais referências de bloco dinâmico para os valores padrão da definição de bloco.
 RESTRICAOAUTOMATICAAplica restrições geométricas para um conjunto de seleção de objetos com base na
orientação dos objetos relativo uns aos outros
 RESTRICAOCOTAAplica restrições de cota em objetos ou pontos selecionados, ou converte cotas associativas em
restrições de cota.
 RESTRICAOGEOMAplica ou persiste os relacionamentos geométricos entre objetos ou pontos em objetos
 RESUMEContinua um script interrompido.
 RETRAIRMALHAMescla os vértices das faces de malha ou arestas selecionadas.
 REVCLOUDCria uma nuvem de revisão usando uma polilinha.
 REVOLVERCria um sólido ou superfície 3D ao varrer um objeto em torno de um eixo.
 REVSURFCria uma malha ao girar um perfil em torno de um eixo.
 RGCOINCIDENTERestringe juntos dois pontos ou um ponto a uma curva (ou uma extensão de uma curva).
 RGCOLINEARCausa que dois ou mais segmentos de linha estejam ao longo da mesma linha.
 RGCONCENTRICARestringe dois aros, círculos ou elipses com o mesmo ponto central.
 RGFIXABloqueia pontos e curvas na posição.
 RGHORIZONTALFaz com que linhas ou pares de pontos fiquem paralelos ao eixo X do sistema de coordenadas
 RGIGUALRedimensiona os arcos e círculos selecionados para o mesmo raio, ou linhas selecionadas para o
mesmo comprimento.
 RGPARALELACausa que a s linhas selecionadas estejam paralelas umas as outras.
 RGPERPENDICULARFaz com que as linhas selecionadas fiquem a 80 graus uma da outra.
 RGSIMETRICACausa que os objetos selecionados se tornem simetricamente restringidas em torno da linha
 RGSUAVIZADARestringe a spline para que seja contígua e mantém a continuidade G2 com outra spline, arco ou
 RGTANGENTERestringe duas curvas para manter um ponto de tangência uma da outra ou para suas extensões.
 RGVERTICALFaz com que linhas ou pares de pontos fiquem paralelos ao eixo T do sistema de coordenadas atual.
 RIBBONAbre a janela Ribbon.
 ROTACIONAR3DEm uma vista 3D, exibe a alça 3D Rotate, para ajudar no giro de objetos 3D em torno de um
ponto base
 ROTATE Rotates objects around a base point.
 Rotate3d Move objects around the 3D axes.
 RPREF Shows or hides the Advanced Render Settings palette for access to advanced rendering settings.
 RSCRIPT Repeats a script file.
 RULESURF Creates a mesh representing the surface between two lines or curves.

 SAIDAACIS Exports a body object, solid, or region to an ACIS file

 SAIDABMP Saves selected objects to a file in the device - independent bitmap format
 SAVE Saves the drawing under the current file name or a specified name.
 Bsave Saves the definition of the current block.
 SALVARBLOCOCOMO Saves a copy of the current block definition under a new name.
 SAVEAS Saves a copy of the current drawing with a new file name.
 SALVARIMG Saves a rendered image to a file.
 QSAVE Saves the current drawing using the specified default file format.
 SCALE Enlarges or reduces selected objects, keeping the same proportions of the object after resizing.
 SCALELISTEDIT Controls the list of scales available for layout viewports, page layouts , and plotting.
 SCALETEXT Increases or reduces selected text objects without changing their locations.
 SCRIPT Executes a sequence of commands from a script file.
 SECTION Uses the intersection of a plane and solids, surfaces or grids to create the region.
 SECTIONPLANE Creates a section object that acts as a cutting plane through 3D objects.
 SEEK Opens a web browser and displays the main page of Autodesk Seek.
 SELECIONARSIMILAR Adds similar objects to the selection set based on selected objects.
 SELECT Places selected objects in the Previous selection set.
 SETIDROPHANDLER Specifies the default type of i-drop content for the current Autodesk application.
 SETVAR Lists or changes the values of system variables.
 SHAPE Inserts a shape from a shape file loaded using LOAD
 SHEETSET Opens the Sheet Set Manager.
 SHEETSETHIDE Closes the Sheet Set Manager.
 SHELL Accesses operating system commands.
 SHOWPALETTES Restores the display of hidden palettes.
 SIGVALIDATE Displays information about the digital signature attached to a drawing file.
 SINCATRIB Updates block references with new and changed attributes from a specified block definition
 SKETCH Creates a series of freehand segments.
 SLICE solid surfaces and creates new 3D slice or divide the existing objects.
 SNAP restricts cursor movement to specified intervals.
 ABOUT Displays information about AutoCAD.
 SOBREPORCOTA controls the overlap of system variables used in selected dimensions.
 SOLDRAW Generates profiles and layout viewports created with cuts SOLVIEW.
 SOLID Creates triangles and quadrangles with solid fill.
 SOLIDEDIT Edits faces and edges of 3D solid objects.
 SOLPROF Creates 2D profile images of 3D solids for display in a layout viewport.
 SOLVIEW Create orthogonal views, layers and layout viewports automatically for 3D solids.
 SPACETRANS Calculates equivalent model space and paper space lengths in a layout.
 SPELL Checks spelling in a drawing.
 SPHERE Creates a 3D solid sphere.
 SPLINE Creates a smooth curve that passes through or near a set of fit points , or that is defined by vertices in a
control frame.
 SPLINEDIT modification parameters of a spline or converts a polyline spline fit in a spline.
 SPOTLIGHT creates a light spot which emits a directional cone of light.
 STANDARDS Manages the association of standards files with drawings.
 STATUS Displays the statistics, the methods and the extent of the design.
 STLOUT Stores solids in a binary ASCII file.
 STRETCH Stretches objects crossed by a window or polygon selection.
 STYLE Creates, modifies, or specifies text styles.
 STYLESMANAGER Displays the Plot Style Manager, where you can revise plot style tables.
 SUAVIZARMAISMALHA Increases the level of smoothness for mesh objects by one level.
 MESHSMOOTH converts 3D objects such as polygon meshes, mesh surfaces and solid objects
 SUBTRACT Combines 3D solids or 2D regions selected by subtraction.
 SUNPROPERTIES Displays the Sun Properties window.
 SWEEP Creates a 3D solid or surface by sweeping an object or sub-object 2D or 3D along a path.
 SYSWINDOWS Arranges windows and icons when the application window is shared with external applications.

 TABELAB Displays a dialog box to define variations of a block.

 TABELAPESQUISAB Displays or creates a lookup table for a dynamic block definition
 TABLE Creates an empty table object.
 TablEdit Edits text in a table cell.
 TABLEEXPORT Exports data from a table object in CSV file format.
 TABLESTYLE Creates, modifies, or specifies table styles.
 TABLET Calibrates, configures, activates and deactivates a connected tablet.
 TABSURF Creates a mesh from a line or curve that is swept along a straight path.
 MESHCAP Creates a mesh face that connects open edges.
 Targetpoint Creates a target point light.
 Taskbar Controls whether multiple open drawings are displayed separately or grouped on the Windows taskbar.
 GRAPHSCR Switches from the text window to the drawing area.
 TESTARBLOCOB Displays a window in the Block Editor to test a dynamic block.
 TEXT Creates a single - line text object.
 MTEXT Creates a multiline text object.
 TEXTSCR Opens the text window.
 TEXTTOFRONT Places text and dimensions in front of all other objects in the drawing.
 THICKEN Converts a surface in a 3D solid with a specified thickness.
 TIME Displays the date and time statistics of a drawing.
 TINSERT Inserts a block in a table cell.
 TIPODDP Specifies the display style and size of point objects.
 TOLERANCE Creates geometric tolerances contained in a feature control frame.
 TOOLBAR Displays, hides and customize toolbars.
 TOOLPALETTES Opens the Tool Palettes window.
 TORUS Creates a 3D solid ring-shaped.
 TPNAVIGATE Displays a palette of specific tools or palette group.
 TRACE Creates solid lines.
 TRANSPARENCY Controls whether background pixels of an image will be transparent or opaque.
 TRAYSETTINGS Controls the display of icons and notifications in the status bar tray.
 TREESTAT Displays information about the current spatial index design.
 TRIM Trims objects to meet the edges of other objects.

 U Reverses the most recent operation.

 UCS Sets the origin and orientation of the current UCS.
 UCSICON Controls the visibility, placement, appearance and the UCS icon selection capability.
 UCSMAN manages UCS settings.
 UNDEFINE Allows a command defined by an application override an internal command.
 UNDO Reverses the effect of commands.
 UNITS Controls coordinate and angle display formats and precision.
 UNION solid combines 3D 2D surfaces or selected regions by addition.
 UPDATEFIELD Updates manually fields in selected objects in the drawing.
 UPDATETHUMBSNOW Updates manually thumbnail previews for named views, drawings and layouts.

 VBAIDE Displays the Visual Basic Editor.

 VBALOAD Loads a global VBA project into the current work session.
 VBAMAN Manages VBA project operations using a dialog box.
 VBARUN Runs a VBA macro.
 VBASTMT Executes a VBA statement at the AutoCAD Command prompt.
 VBAUNLOAD Drops a global VBA project.
 VERIFICARNORMAS Checks the current drawing standards to detect violations.
 VIEWGO restores a named order.
 VIEWPLAY Runs the animation associated with the named view.
 VIEWPLOTDETAILS Displays information about plotting and publishing work completed.
 VIEWRES Sets the resolution for objects in the current viewport.
 VINCULARDADOS Displays the Data Link dialog box.
 VIEW Saves and restores named views, layout views , and preset the model named views.
 HelpWindows Creates a base view from model space or Autodesk Inventor models.
 VISTAPROJ creates one or more projected views from an existing drawing view.
 PREVIEW Displays the drawing as it would be plotted.
 VISUALSTYLES Creates and modifies visual styles and applies a visual style to a viewport.
 VLISP Displays interactive development environment Visual LISP.
 VOAR3D Changes the 3D view interactively in the drawing to create the appearance of flying on the model
 VPCLIP Cuts viewport layout objects and reformats the edge of the viewport.
 VPLAYER Sets layer visibility in viewports.
 VPMIN Restores the current layout viewport.
 VPOINT Sets the viewing direction for a 3D view of the design.
 VPORTS Creates multiple viewports in model space or paper space.
 VSCURRENT Sets the visual style in the current viewport.
 VSLIDE Displays an image slide file in the current viewport.
 VSSAVE Saves a visual style.

 WALKFLYSETTINGS controls the navigation and flight settings.

 WBLOCK Saves selected objects or converts a block in drawing file specified.
 WebLight Creates a web light.
 WEDGE Creates a 3D solid edge.
 WHOHAS Displays ownership information for opened drawing files.
 WIPEOUT Creates a cover object and controls whether the cover frames are displayed or hidden in the drawing.
 WMFIN Imports a Windows metafile.
 WMFOPTS Sets options for WMFIN command.
 WMFOUT Saves objects to a Windows metafile.
 WORKSPACE Creates, modifies, and saves workspaces and makes a workspace current.
 WSSAVE Saves a workspace.
 WSSETTINGS Sets options for workspaces.

 XABRIR opens an external reference (xref) selected in a new window.

 XATTACH Inserts DWG files as an external reference (xref).
 XBIND Associates one or more definitions of named objects in a reference to the current drawing.
 XCLIP Crops the display of a selected block or xref reference to a specified limit.
 XEDGES creates a wire frame edge geometry of a 3D solid, surface, fabric, region or sub-object.
 XLINE creates a line of infinite length.
 XPLODE Breaks a compound object into its component objects.

 ZOOMIncreases or decreases the magnification of the view in the current viewport

 ZOOM3DZoom in and out the zoom in a perspective view.