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Email :
Permanent : No. 22 Taman Medan Berjaya
Address Kuah 07000 Langkawi
Tel (Mobile) : 017-4053278

*Ready for employment immediately

*Expected Salary: RM 2100 (Negotiable)

Personal Particulars
Age : 22 years Gender : Male
Date of Birth : 27 Nov 1987 Marital Status : Single
IC No. : 871127-14-5359 Health : Excellent

Educational Background
Level : Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)
Field of Study : Mechatronic Engineering
Major : Electrical (Minor Mechanical)
Institute/University : Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM), Malaysia
Grade : CGPA = 2.75 Highest GPA = 3.43

Interested Areas of Work

Technical : Electrical, Technical Service, Maintenance, Operation, Production, Process Control, Sales,
Design, Consultancy

Employment History
Industrial Internship

Company Name : Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) Distribution

Work Description : 6 months in TNB Distribution Langkawi
 Was attached to Technical Department
 Familiarize with electrical system equipment and instrument
 Trained with electrical system in Langkawi Island and can understand the
schematic of electric system of Langkawi
 Experienced real life experience with electric system project, maintenance and
work between other department
Final Year Project
Project Title : Semi-Auto Robot for ROBOCON 2010

 Implementing semi-auto robot for Robocon 2010. 2 years experience in

Robocon, 2009 and 2010.
 Involve in design the robot, mechanical construction, electrical part and
 Improve manual robot with automatic function.
 Build the best design for the robot for better efficiency and speed, good
mobility and controlling.

Technical Skills
- Experience in leading teams to national level, work together with subordinates and capable to work both individually or in
- Experience in conducting mechanical engineering & machines.
- Well-verse in handling engineering software (programming analysis and designing)

MATLAB SolidWork 2009

Microsoft Office MicroC C++
AutoCAD 2007&2008 MPLAB IDE
BrisCAD PIC Kit2

Refer to next page for more robotics project and extra curricular activities
Robotic Project
Other robotic project been involved:
Event Uniten Robogamez 2009 Robocon 2009 Robocon 2010

Position Leader & Pilot Member Leader, Designer & Pilot

Description Robotwar organized by Robot competition organized by Robot competition organized by
Uniten. Won 1 of 3 game in SIRIM. Attend as a member SIRIM. Leader for the team,
round robin. one of the autonomous robots. designer and the pilot of the
semi-auto robot.
Level National National National

Extra Curricular Activities

Year Event Position Description
Robocon 2010 Leader Manage & lead UTeM FKE team for the national
2010 robot competition, Robocon 2010. Robocon is an
annual robot contest targeted for undergraduates
students of higher institutions in the Asia-Pacific
region. For this year, “Robo-Pharaohs Build
Pyramids” is the main theme of this contest.
Designer for semi-auto robot. Pilot/Controller of the
semi-auto robot.

“Perasmian Buku Tokoh Pilot Manage the robot gimmick that use for the
India Melaka” launching. Participated for the launching of book
“Tokoh India Melaka” and award by Dato’ Seri S
Samy Vellu.

Mesyuarat Tahunan Pilot Robot gimmick. Participated for the “Mesyuarat

Jawatankuasa Tindakan Tahunan Jawatankuasa Tindakan Jurutera Air
Jurutera Air Daerah Daerah Semalaysia (JTJAD) ke-22” that launch by
Semalaysia (JTJAD) Dato’ Seri Mohd Ali Rustam, Malacca Chief
ROBOGAMEZ 09 Leader, Designer Robotwar competition at Uniten. The theme is
2009 & Pilot “Rising of the Silent Tower: Resist or Surrender”.
Lead the team to the competiton & also as the
designer of the robotwar.

Robocon 09 Member Participated in the Robocon 2009 team. The main

there for this year is “Travel Together for the Victory
Drums”. Involved in maintenance work and prepare
the equipment & tools. Involve to the automatic
robot as, mechanical part maintenance and
modification. Manage the equipment and tools for
the team at the competition day.
SKIKS 2009 Pilot Robot gimmick for the opening ceremony.
Participated in Seminar Kebangsaan Kemahiran
Insaniah & Kerja Sosial (SKIKS 2009)
Pertandingan Robot Mini Participant Mini robot competition by SAFFE (Student
2008 FKE 08 Association of Faculty Electrical Engineering). Mini
robot is internal robot competition between
undergraduate students as one of the preparation
for the Robocon.

Pertandingan Bola Sepak 9 Player Manage to be the 1st runner up. This football
Sebelah competition is between undergraduate electrical
students organized by SAFFE
Seminar Robocon 2008 Participant Starting point for involvement in robotic projects.
Introduction about Robocon competition to the new
students who willing to participate.
UTeM MATH Challenge Participant Participated in UTeM MATH Challenge between
every faculty in UTeM.
Kejohanan Bola Sepak 7 Player Win 2 rounds from 4 rounds.
2007 Sebelah Peringkat Fakulti

English : Writing and speaking fluently
Bahasa Melayu : Writing and speaking fluently
Arabic language : Writing and basic communication

Coursework and Project Related

Course Project Title Description
Robotic & PBL Design kinematic of robot for application at manufacturing using
Automation SCARA robot. The application is pick & place robot using in
manufacturing system.
Mechatronic Fertilizer Plant Robot Design a robot to solve the problem cause by fertilizing plant by
Design System contractor at the highway.
Power Electronic Control Full-wave Build an AC-DC converter using triad with control full-wave rectifier
Rectifier Circuit with the schematic given.
Microcontroller Display Date & Time Design a controller board to display a basic of real time clock.
by Using LCD Compiler MicroC is use to write a coding. Display time, day, date,
month and year on LCD by using PIC 16F877A. The time and
calendar can be changed by pressing push button.
Engineering Robot Design Design a robot using AutoCAD. The design robot does not precise its
Graphic dimension but the shape and color like the original robot.


Name : Muhammad Fahmi B Miskon Name : Muhammad Herman Jamaludin

Designation : Head of Department (Mechatronic) Designation : Head of Innovation & Competition
Office : Faculty of Electrical Engineering Committee
Division : Management Office/Faculty : Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Phone No./Ext : 06-555 2304 Division : Management
E-mail : Phone No./Ext : 06-555 2216
E-mail :