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EDUC 205

Teacher Profession w/Field Experience Practicum

Student Evaluation Form

Practicum Student __Leesa Slider_____________________ Date ____11/15/2017___________

School ___Morgan County R-II_____________________________ Teacher __Kimberly Smith_______________

Please mark the appropriate rating for each area using the following rating scale:

4 – Always 3 – usually 2- rarely 1- does not apply

1. Do I cooperate with the classroom teacher? __4____

2. Am I aware of the importance of the responsibilities assigned? __4____

3. Do I follow the directions given by the teacher? __4____

4. Do I plan for activity that I have been assigned? __1____

5. Do I follow through with lessons initiated by the teacher? __4____

6. Do I check for mistakes and errors in my completed assignments? __3____

7. Am I prompt in carrying out the duties assigned me? __4____

8. Am I dependable and reliable? __4____

9. Do I exhibit initiative? __3____

10. Do I accept criticism? __4____

11. Do I avoid criticism of the students and the teacher? __1____

12. Do I strive to do my best at all times and take advantage of every opportunity? __4____

13. Am I trying to improve my speech patterns? __4____

14. Do I operate audiovisual equipment efficiently? __1____

15. Am I aware of differences among students? __4____

16. Do students respond positively to me? __4____

17. Am I conscious of each student’s potentials and needs? __4____

18. Do I treat students fairly? __4____

19. Am I able to secure the cooperation of the students? __4____

20. Do I listen to the students? __4____

21. Am I a good listener? __4____

22. Am I courteous at all times? __4____

23. Do I show evidence of professional growth? __4____

24. Are my dress and appearance appropriate? __4____

25. Do I exhibit self-control? __4____

26. Am I in good health? __4____

27. Do I evaluate myself at intervals? __4____

28. Do I enjoy my work? __4____

Comments about your experience (required):

I did not take initiative as much with the students as I would like to have done. I felt that not only was I there as a guest,
but I would be stepping on the toes of my superiors. After listening to the teachers talk about how they had students in
before they did not appreciate. Students who just took over or corrected the teacher and they did not like it, as a result I
became self-conscious about saying or doing too much in the classroom. I did however, jump in on a few occasions to
assist with lessons she was teaching. For instance, they were struggling with time telling and could not see the clock, so I
jumped up and drew one to help assist the students in seeing what she, the teacher, was talking about.

____ Leesa Slider_____________________

Practicum student