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S.E.(Mechanical) (semester - IV)Examination, May '2014

Sub. Code 243592

Day and Date : ThursdaY, 15'05 '2014

Total Marks : 1fi)
Time : 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 P.m.
Instructions : 1) Solve any three questions from each section'
2) Assume suitable data wherever necessary and state it clearly.
3) Figure to the right indicates full marks.

el ) a) Draw the stress-strain diagram of ductile and brittle material and explain
" the different points.
b) A steel rod 50mm diameter, 1000 mm long is co-axially enclosed in a
brass tube of 60 mm external diameter, 4 mm thickness and 1000 mm
lenght. Determine the stress induced in each material and the change in
length if the assembly is subjected to an axial compressive force of
100 KN' E,,.., = 200 GPa and E B,u,s = 100 GPa' Il21

92) Ahorizontal beam 10 m long carries a UDL of 180 N/NI and in addition to
this a concentrated load of 200N at the left end. The beam is supported at
two points 7 meters apart, so chosen that each support carries half the total
load. Draw SFD &BMD for the beam. Also indicate the point of inflection
if any. Refer tig.Z-l t16l
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e3)a) Calculate the diameter of a solid shaft which will transmit 90kw at 160
rpm. If the shear stress in the shaft is limited to 60 IVIPa. Find also the
lingth of shaft if the twist must not exceed 1 degree over the entire
length. C=8x104I/ lmmz t6l

b) An 'I' section as shown in fig.-3-I is used as a cautilever beam of span

4m canres UDL of 2KN/m on entire span. Calculate maximum tensile
and compressive stresses developed. t10l
[<_-_ 160mm




t<-* Bowtt'"r ,
PIJ s-r -
has flanges 25 mm
Q4) A beam of I-Section 500mm deep and 190 mm wide
thick and web 15 mm thick. It carries a shear tbrce of 400 KN at a section.
Calculate the maximum intensity of shear stress in the secticn assuming the
moment of inertia to be 6.45xI08 mma . Sketch tlte shear stress distribution
across the section. Refer fig. 4-I t16l
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w -621

Q5) a) The intensity of the resultant stress on a plane AB at a point, in a

material under stress is 80 N/mm2 and is inclined at 30" to the normal
to that plane. The normal components of stress on another plane BC
at right angles to the plane AB is 60 N/mm2'
Determine the resultant stress on the plane BC. the principle stresses
and their directions. Also determine, maximum shear stresses and their
planes. Show angular positions with the help of sketch. t9I
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b) At of a machine component the stresses are 150 Mpa and 50
a point
MPa both tensile. Find by Mohr's circle method, the intensities of
normal shear and resultant stresses on a plane inclined at an angle of
55 degree with the axis of major tensile stress. Also Detetmine, the
maximum shear stresses in the component 17)

Q6) a) A cantilever beam of span 4 m canies a point load of 20 KN at a

distance of 3 m from the fixed end. Determine, by moment area
method the slope and deflection at the free end of the cantilever,
Assume EI =9x10r2 N mm2 t8l

b) For a simply supported beam of length I with a central load W, show

that deflection at the load point is y, =
Use double integration method . t8l

Q7) a) Write a note on use of energy theorem to determine deflections and
twists on shafts tsl

b) Explain limitations of Euler's formula for columns t4l

c) An I section joist 400 mm x 200 mm x 20 mm and 6 m long is used

as a strut with both ends fixed. What is Euler's crippling load for
column? Take young's modulus for the joint 205 Mpa l7j

O8) a) Derive the relations for stresses on an oblique section of a body subjected
to simple shear stress t6l

b) Explain various end conditions and corresponding equivalent lengths

of columns. t6I
c) Derive the relation for strain energy stored in a body. When load is
applied with impact t6I