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Chapter 25: Blood supplementation; Introduction to nourishing the heart

This chapter introduces further herbs to nourish blood, and herbs specifically to nourish heart blood
and open the heart orifices. It also includes hei zhi ma to nourish and enrich yin and blood. Together
with herbs from previous chapters these herbs form nuggets and formulas to nourish liver blood and
yin, to nourish blood and eliminate wind to stop itching, and to nourish heart blood and yin and calm
the shen. In addition they protect blood and yin in formulas to clear heat and fire toxicity.
Herbs Formulas
suan zao ren (Semen Zizyphi Spinosae) Bu gan tang (Supplement the liver decoction)
yuan zhi (Radix Polygalae Tenuifoliae) Suan zao ren tang (Zizyphus decoction)
long yan rou (Arillus Euphoriae) Gui pi tang (Restore the spleen decoction)
shi chang pu (Rhizoma Acori Graminae) Ren shen yang rong tang (Ginseng decoction for nourishing ying qi)
he shou wu (Radix Polygoni Multiflori) Ding zhi wan (Stabilising the emotions pill)
e jiao (Gelatinum Corii Asini) Huang lian e jiao tang (Coptis and donkey hide gelatin decoction)
Longanae) Bai tou weng jia gan cao e jiao tang (Pulsatilla decoction modified
ji zi huang (Egg yolk) with licorice and donkey hide gelatin)
hei zhi ma (Semen Sesami Indici) Sang ma wan (mulberry leaf and sesame pill)

Fig.25.1. Herbs and Ren shen yang rong tang he shou wu

formulas to nourish Bu gan tang e jiao
liver and heart
Gui pi tang long yan rou
ji zi huang
warm & supplement
yang suan zao ren
warm cold supplement qi
yuan zhi
nourish blood
Suan zao ren tang
transform damp regulate qi
nourish heart Huang lian e jiao tang
open orifices Ding zhi wan
percolate damp harmonise move food
stagnation extinguish wind Yuan zhi chang pu yin
dispel wind-damp
stop coughing & quicken blood & subdue yang
release exterior wheezing transform stasis shi chang pu
astringe stop bleeding clear toxic heat
release exterior
wind-heat eliminate purgatives & clear summerheat
parasites laxatives Bai tou weng jia gan
clear heat &
dry dampness
clear heat
cao e jiao tang
clear heat &
transform cool blood
phlegm-heat Qing zao jiu fei tang
clear deficiency
moisten dryness
nourish & enrich
Sang ma wan
yin hei zhi ma

Nugget & Formula Summary
Nuggets Formulas
1. suan zao ren + gan cao + si wu tang suan zao ren + chuan xiong Bu gan tang
suan zao ren + gan cao Suan zao ren tang
suan zao ren + mu gua
suan zao ren + fu ling/shen
2. suan zao ren + yuan zhi + long yan suan zao ren + yuan zhi Gui pi tang
rou + wu wei zi suan zao ren + yuan zhi + huang lian Ren shen yang rong tang
yuan zhi + gan cao
suan zao ren + long yan rou
long yan rou + dang gui
long yan rou + mu xiang
yuan zhi + wu wei zi
3. yuan zhi + shi chang pu + wu wei zi yuan zhi + shi chang pu Ding zhi wan
+ fu shen yuan zhi + shi chang pu + fu shen
shi chang pu + huang qi
shi chang pu + yu jin
4. he shou wu + dang gui + he shou wu + dang gui Xiao jian zhong tang
jing jie + chuan xiong he shou wu + jing jie + chuan xiong modified
he shou wu + ren shen
5. e jiao + bai shao/gan cao + e jiao + bai shao Huang lian e jiao tang
san huang/sheng di huang e jiao + ji zi huang Bai tou weng jia e jiao
e jiao + gan cao gan cao tang
e jiao + huang lian/huang qin/huang bai
e jiao + sheng di huang
6. ren shen + mai men dong + e jiao + ren shen + mai men dong + e jiao Sang ma wan
hei zhi ma + sang ye e jiao + mu dan pi Qing zao jiu fei tang
sang ye + hei zhi ma
dang gui + sheng di + hei zhi ma
e jiao + hei zhi ma


mu gua

suan zao ren gan cao

suan zao ren + gan cao + mu gua + si wu tang
Bu gan tang
suan zao ren + chuan xiong Fig.25.2. Suan zao ren +
Suan zao ren tang gan cao + mu gua + si wu
tang nuggets to nourish
the heart
chuan xiong

dang gui bai shao

shu di huang
Suan zao ren 48g + chuan xiong5 6g generating fluids. In the same way that sour bai
Classified as a herb to nourish the heart, suan shao combines with sweet gan cao in gan cao shao
zao ren is sour and neutral, enters heart and yao tang2, the sourness of suan zao ren also
liver, and nourishes liver blood by astringing combines with the sweetness of zhi gan cao to
liver fluids with sourness. By gathering liver generate yin fluids. They are used together in
wood it replenishes heart blood (sheng cycle) blood nourishing formulas to nourish not only
and quiets the shen by astringing the heart. It is liver and heart blood, but also yin, as in bu gan
particularly useful for insomnia from liver and tang, suan zao ren tang, gui pi tang, and yang xin
heart yin and blood deficiency with tang 1 & 2.
spontaneous or night sweating.
Together, chuan xiong quickens the qi level of Suan zao ren 6-9g + mu gua21 6-9g
the blood with pungency, which counteracts Classified as a herb to dispel wind-damp, mu
the sour astringency of suan zao ren. Suan zao ren gua is sour, aromatic and slightly warm, and
supplements liver blood, while chuan xiong enters liver and spleen. It relaxes the sinews
disperses the liver and prevents stagnation. and unblocks the channels by moving qi
They combine in si wu tang based formulas stagnation (sourness enters the liver). It is also
such as bu gan tang and yang xin tang 2, to a digestive herb, and harmonises the stomach,
nourish not only liver but also heart blood. transforms damp and moves food stagnation.
Suan zao ren also combines with chuan xiong Together, suan zao ren + mu gua nourish liver
without the other si wu tang herbs in suan zao ren blood, and simultaneously move the qi
tang. stagnation that can result from blood
deficiency. Mu gua also helps prevent blood
Suan zao ren 6-48g + gan cao1 6-9g nourishing herbs from causing stagnation.
The combination of the sour flavour with They combine in bu gan tang.
the sweet flavour supplements yin by

Bu gan tang Golden Mirror of the Medical Tradition (1742)

(Supplement the liver decoction)
dang gui 9-12g, chuan xiong 6-9g, bai shao 9-15g, shu di huang 15-24g,
suan zao ren 6-9g, mu gua 6-9g, zhi gan cao 3-6g
This simple variation of si wu tang is indicated for liver blood deficiency with additional signs of yin deficiency
with empty heat. Suan zao ren + gan cao nourish blood and generate yin, while mu gua prevents stagnation that
can give rise to more heat.

Suan zao ren 3g + fu ling/shen3 3g with the heart wood left in) traditionally
Fu ling primarily promotes urination and helps replaces fu ling as it has a stronger action on the
transforms phlegm-damp. However, its heart.
phlegm transforming ability also helps to open Fu ling/shen + suan zao ren combine to
the orifices of the heart, and its gentle spleen nourish the heart and calm the shen, with fu
supplementation helps the spleen to generate ling/shen enhancing the shen calming and sleep
blood. For these reasons, fu ling is often promoting quality of suan zao ren. They
included in formulas to nourish the heart and combine in suan zao ren tang, gui pi tang, tian wang
calm the shen. For this action, fu shen (fu ling bu xin dan, and yang xin tang 1 & 2.

Suan zao ren tang Golden Mirror of the Medical Tradition (1742)
(Spiny jujube decoction)
suan zao ren 48g (dry fried), fu ling 6g, chuan xiong 6g, zhi mu 6g, gan cao 3g
Suan zao ren tang is mainly for blood deficiency insomnia, but there may be some signs of yin deficiency with
empty heat. It is mainly suan zao ren alone, used in large dosage to nourish liver blood, astringe the shen and
promote sleep. The other herbs are added in relatively small dosage to support its actions: fu ling to quiet the
shen and in combination with gan cao to fortify spleen to generate blood, while sweet gan cao also combines
with sour suan zao ren to generate yin. Zhi mu further generates yin and clears deficiency heat, while chuan xiong
combats sour astringency with pungency to prevent stagnation and combines pungency with sweetness to
supplement yangqi.

Fig.25.3. Suan zao ren + yuan
zhi + long yan rou + wu wei zi
yuan zhi nuggets to nourish the heart
and calm the shen

yuan zhi + suan zao ren + long yan rou yuan zhi + wu wei zi
Gui pi tang Ren shen yang rong tang

yuan zhi + suan zao ren + long yan rou + wu wei zi

Tian wang bu xin dan

long yan rou yuan zhi + suan zao ren + wu wei zi

Yang xin tang 2

suan zao ren suan zao ren + wu wei zi wu wei zi

Yang xin tang 1

Suan zao ren 3g + yuan zhi 3g

Yuan zhi is bitter, pungent and slightly warm, Suan zao ren 3g + yuan zhi 3g +
and enters heart and lung. Classified as a herb huang lian 3g
to nourish the heart, it calms the shen and These three herbs can be added to wen dan
stops anxiety by facilitating the free flow of tang28 to treat insomnia and palpitations from
heart qi with pungency, and is especially good damp-phlegm giving rise to heat.
for pent up emotions, particularly fear or
fright. By freeing the flow of heart qi it re- Yuan zhi 6-9g + gan cao1 3-6g
establishes harmonious communication Yuan zhi is extremely bitter and in large dosage
between heart and kidneys. Yuan zhi also can cause vomiting. It should never be used in
expels phlegm and opens the orifices to treat a dosage of more than 12g, and to buffer its
emotional or mental disorientation. Its pungent bitterness and help its digestion, it is
phlegm expelling action means that it is used in harmonised with gan cao. Most formulas
cancer management, particularly for tumours containing yuan zhi also contain gan cao (gui pi
in the chest and lungs, and it also treats boils tang, ren shen yang rong tang, yang xin tang 2), but
and abcesses. several yuan zhi formulas do not, for example
Suan zao ren + yuan zhi together nourish heart ding zhi wan, di huang yin zi, tian wang bu xin dan
blood and free the flow of heart qi to calm the and yuan zhi chang pu yin.
shen. They are combined in gui pi tang, tian wang
bu xin dan and yang xin tang 2. Suan zao ren 3g + long yan rou 3g

Classified as a herb to nourish blood, long yan to move both the blood and the qi. To move
rou is sweet and warm, and enters heart and the blood, it is combined with dang gui, whose
spleen to nourish blood and calm the shen. It combination of sweetness with pungency and
is an important herb for spleen and heart dual bitterness helps the liver both store and move
deficiency (spleen qi deficiency with heart the blood. Dang gui + long yan rou nourishes the
blood deficiency), and is indicated for liver blood with sweetness, while also gently
insomnia and palpitations. Because it is so promoting flow of liver blood to prevent
sweet it is also used in cooking (sweet deserts). stagnation, and combine in gui pi tang and tian
The sweet spleen and heart supplementation wang bu xin dan.
of long yan rou is often combined with the sour
liver and heart astringency of suan zao ren, to Long yan rou 3g + mu xiang13 3g
nourish heart blood, calm the shen and treat On the qi level, long yan rou typically combines
insomnia. They combine in gui pi tang and tian with mu xiang, a qi regulator that is often used
wang bu xin dan. to support spleen supplementation as it has
itself a slight spleen supplementing action. It is
long yan rou 10g + dang gui5 10g thus useful to prevent the stagnation of
Care should be taken in using long yan rou, supplementing herbs such as long yan rou, and
which is very sweet and sticky and can cause they combine in gui pi tang.
stagnation. It is typically combined with herbs

Gui pi tang Categorised Essentials for Normalising the Structure (1529)

(Decoction for restoring the spleen)
ren shen 6g, huang qi 3g, bai zhu 3g, dang gui 3g, long yan rou 3g, fu shen 3g, suan zao ren 3g, yuan zhi
3g, mu xiang 1.5g, sheng jiang 1.5g, da zao 1.5g, zhi gan cao 1g
Gui pi tang is indicated for heart and spleen dual deficiency. Spleen qi is failing to generate blood, leading to
heart blood deficiency. It is made up of si jun zi tang4 with fu ling replaced by fu shen, plus huang qi + dang gui12
to help the spleen to generate blood (dang gui bu xie tang12). To this are added three herbs to nourish heart
blood: suan zao ren + yuan zhi + long yan rou. Mu xiang helps supplement qi and prevents long yan rou from
creating stagnation.

Yuan zhi 15g + wu wei zi11 22.5g shen in case of qi and blood deficiency. The
As well as astringing lung qi with sourness to pungency of yuan zhi facilitates the free flow of
stop coughing, and astringing kidney qi to stop heart qi, expels phlegm and opens the orifices,
leakage in the lower jiao, wu wei zi also astringes while the sourness of wu wei zi astringes a
scattered heart qi and calms the shen. Its sour scattered shen. In this way yuan zhi helps to
astringency also generates fluids, and thus it nourish heart blood, while wu wei zi helps to
consolidates qi above (lung and heart) while generate yin fluids, and they are indicated for
enriching yin below (kidney). anxiety and emotional disturbance. They
Yuan zhi + wu wei zi form a useful nugget to combine in tian wang bu xin dan, yang xin tang 2
add to supplementing formulas to calm the and ren shen yang rong tang.

Ren shen yang rong tang Discussion of Illnesses, Patterns, and Formulas Related to the
(Ginseng decoction for nourishing ying qi) Unification of the Three Etiologies (1174)
bai shao 90g, dang gui 30g, shu di 22.5g, ren shen 30g, bai zhu 30g, fu ling 30g, zhi gan cao 30g,
huang qi 30g, rou gui 30g, chen pi 30g, wu wei zi 22.5g, yuan zhi 15g, [sheng jiang 3pc, da zao 2pc]
Ren shen yang rong tang was devised as a pill to be taken with a decoction of ginger and dates. It is made up of
shi quan da bu tang12 minus chuan xiong, but with the addition of chen pi, wu wei zi and yuan zhi. Shi quan da bu
tang is indicated for qi and blood deficiency with cold, with the main focus on spleen qi and liver blood. With
the addition of chen pi, yuan zhi + wu wei zi, the focus of the formula is taken to the heart and spleen. Chen pi is
used here to prevent the tonic herbs from cloying (bai zhu + chen pi4).

2. YUAN ZHI + SHI CHANG PU + WU WEI ZI11 Fig.25.4. Yuan zhi + shi chang pu
+ wu wei zi nuggets to nourish
the heart and calm the shen
yuan zhi

yuan zhi + wu wei zi

yuan zhi + shi chang pu Ren shen yang rong tang
Ding zhi wan Tian wang bu xin dan
Yuan zhi chang pu yin Yang xin tang 2

yuan zhi + shi chang pu + wu wei zi

Di huang yin zi
shi chang pu wu wei zi

Shi chang pu 6-12g + yuan zhi 6g dosage adjusted according to need: for more
Classified as a herb to open the orifices, shi depression increase shi chang pu, and for more
chang pu is pungent, aromatic and slightly warm, anxiety increase yuan zhi. They combine in ding
and has a light, opening nature. In the upper zhi wan, di huang yin zi and yuan zhi chang pu yin.
jiao it calms the shen by opening the orifices
and vaporising phlegm, while also harmonising Shi chang pu 30g + yuan zhi 30g +
the middle jiao and transforming damp- fu ling/shen 30g
turbidity to regulate fluid metabolism in the While yuan zhi + shi chang pu facilitate
lower jiao. communication between heart and kidneys, fu
Shi chang pu + yuan zhi is a synergistic pairing ling acts as a fulcrum in the middle by
to eliminate phlegm misting the heart orifices. supplementing middle jiao qi and regulating
Yuan zhi frees the movement of heart qi with fluid metabolism. All three combine in ding zhi
bitter pungency, while shi chang pu opens with wan, di huang yin zi and yuan zhi chang pu yin.
aromatic pungency. Shi chang pu lifts depression Fu ling/fu shen also supports both of these
by opening the heart orifices, while yuan zhi herbs individually by supplementing middle
calms down anxiety by facilitating the free flow jiao qi, regulating fluid metabolism and calming
of qi. Yuan zhi has an ascending action ant the shen. Shi chang pu + fu shen combine
directs qi from the kidneys to the heart, while without yuan zhi in bai zi yang xin tang and di tan
shi chang pu descends qi from the heart down to tang, and yuan zhi + fu shen combine without shi
the kidneys. chang pu in gui pi tang, ren shen yang rong tang, tian
Together they act like rudders to treat wang bu xin dan and yang xin tang 2.
depression and anxiety, with the relative

Ding zhi wan Important Formulas Worth a Thousand Gold Pieces (650) Sun Si Miao
(Stabilise the emotions pill)
ren shen 9g, fu ling 9g, shi chang pu 6g, yuan zhi 6g
Ding zhi wan is indicated for emotional imbalance characterised by anxiety, fear and disorientation that can
range from mild heart qi disquiet to severe mania and dizziness. There is phlegm turbidity with underlying qi
deficiency. The relative dosage of qi supplementation (ren shen + fu ling) to phlegm transformation (shi chang pu
+ yuan zhi) can be adjusted according to need. There is a family of formulas based on shi chang pu + yuan zhi
to treat phlegm misting the heart orifices, of which this is the simplest.

Shi chang pu 9g + huang qi12 12-18g

Shi chang pu not only opens the heart orifices, Shi chang pu 9g + yu jin 9g
but also transforms damp-turbidity to treat Yu jin particularly quickens blood in the chest,
sores and abcesses, both topically and where it opens the orifices and clears heat or
internally. Huang qi strongly supplements lung phlegm-heat in the heart with cool pungency
and spleen qi and stabilises the exterior. It also and bitterness. It is one of the key herbs for
raises spleen yang, causing it to ascend psycho-emotional problems such as anxiety or
upwards and outwards. Thus it both derangement, as well as for thyroid problems.
strengthens the exterior and lifts the interior. This action combines well with the orifice
Together, huang qi + shi chang pu awaken the opening action of shi chang pu, as in yuan zhi
gates of optimism and can be used to treat chang pu yin. Shi chang pu + yu jin can also be
depression. added to wen dan tang28.


he shou wu + dang gui

he shou wu dang gui
Qi bao mei ran dan

he shou wu + dang gui + jing jie + chuan xiong

Dang gui yin zi
Xiao jian zhong tang modified

jing jie
Fig.25.5. He shou wu + dang
gui + jing jie + chuan xiong
nuggets to nourish blood, chuan xiong
dispel wind and stop itching
He shou wu 9-15g + dang gui5 9-12g jueyin liver herb, and helps the liver both store
He shou wu is bitter, sweet, astringent and warm and move the blood. It combines with he shou
and enters liver and kidney. It enriches liver wu not only to nourish blood and keep the hair
and kidney blood and astringes the jing, and is black, as in qi bao mei ran dan, but also to move
known for its ability to prevent greying hair. It blood and eliminate wind, particularly for skin
also nourishes blood to expel wind from the rashes characterised by wind and dryness with
skin and moistens the intestines to relieve underlying blood and yang deficiency, as in
constipation. He shou wu also resolves toxicity dang gui yin zi and xiao jian zhong tang modified.
to eliminate toxic sores, and treats malaria.
Dang gui goes into the qi aspect of the blood Jing jie15 9g + chuan xiong5 6g +
to quicken and nourish it. It is the foremost he shou wu 9-15g

Jing jie + chuan xiong21 primarily dispel exterior skin rashes from blood deficiency with dryness
wind-cold with warm pungency, but can also and wind, jing jie + chuan xiong21 combine with
enter the blood to eliminate wind. To nourish he shou wu, a blood tonic that has the ability to
blood and expel wind from the skin and treat expel wind from the skin.

Xiao jian zhong tang modified Modification of Shang Han Lun formula
(Minor construct the middle decoction modified)
gui zhi 9g, bai shao 12-18g, sheng jiang 9g, da zao 6g, zhi gan cao 6g,
jing jie 9g, chuan xiong 6g, he shou wu 15g, dang gui 9g
This is xiao jian zhong tang2 minus yi tang, plus herbs from dang gui yin zi to stop itching in the skin. It is a useful
formula for dry wind skin rashes (itching) with underlying blood and yang deficiency. The increased dosage
of bai shao takes gui zhi into the interior where gui zhi + bai shao harmonise qi and blood (see xiao jian zhong
tang2) and with sheng jiang, da zao + zhi gan cao, also supplement qi, blood, yin and yang. Jing jie + chuan xiong
not only release wind-cold but also enter the interior to eliminate wind, and combine with he shou wu + dang
gui to nourish and quicken blood to expel wind from the skin. Additional blood quickening herbs which
enter the network vessels to target the skin can be added, for example dan shen or hong hua.

Ren shen4 9g + he shou wu 12g the chicken and combine with a dash of the
Ren shen is the primary qi tonic, and materially wine, salt and the ren shen/he shou wu powder.
supplements qi and yin fluids with sweet, bitter Then add egg white and the shan yao powder.
warmth. Ren shen + he shou wu are known as old You should end up with a thick paste. Divide it
age herbs, and supplement qi, blood, yin and into 10 portions and put one portion between
jing to treat senility or deficiency of wei qi. two shiitake mushrooms to make a sandwich.
Steam the sandwiches for 20 minutes.
To make a sauce to pour over the shiitake
Recipe sandwiches, bring the remainder of the rice
Shiitake 30g ren shen wine, salt, gou qi zi and 1 cup water to the boil
sandwiches with 200g chicken and add thickener.
20g he shou wu
ginseng and 15g shan yao
This dish supplements qi primarily and blood
polygonum root 15g gou qi zi secondarily and is used by Chinese women to
20 shiitake mushrooms stay youthful.
1 eggwhite
15g yellow wine
salt to taste
Dry roast ren shen and he shou wu and grind
into powder. Grind shan yao into powder. Mince

Fig.25.6. E jiao + bai shao/gan cao +
huang qin/lian/bai nuggets to
e jiao protect the blood while clearing

e jiao + bai shao e jiao + huang qin + sheng di huang

Wen jing tang Huang tu tang

e jiao + bai shao + huang lian + huang qin

+ ji zi huang
bai shao Huang lian e jiao tang huang qin

e jiao + gan cao + huang lian + huang bai

ji zi huang Bai tou weng jia gan cao e jiao tang huang lian

gan cao huang bai

sheng di
E jiao 6-9g + bai shao2 6g
E jiao is sweet, salty, greasy and neutral in E jiao 6-9g + gan cao1 6g
nature, enters kidney, liver and lung, and Raw gan cao is neutral in nature, and not only
nourishes liver blood and pericardium yin. As fortifies spleen and harmonises formulas, but
an animal product it replenishes water (salty also clears heat and fire toxicity. Like ji zi huang
flavour) to generate wood, and thus also it combines with e jiao, which is also neutral in
enriches kidney yin and moistens lung dryness. nature, in cases of fire or fire toxicity
It also stops bleeding and prevents miscarriage. complicated by blood and yin deficiency, as in
Because it is gelatin made from the hide bai tou weng jia gan cao e jiao tang. This formula
(exterior) of the donkey, e jiao is useful in the was orifinally designed to treat dystentery in
treat immune disorders to harmonise the wei post partum women.
Bai shao softens the liver with sour coolness, E jiao 6g + huang lian8 9-12g
replenishes liver yin and blood, and stills The extreme cold bitterness of huang lian
internal wind with astringency. E jiao + bai shao strongly clears heat, particularly in the heart
together strongly replenish the yin and blood and stomach, while the neutral, salty sweetness
of the chong mai, and combine in wen jing tang of e jiao strongly replenishes blood and yin
and huang lian e jiao tang. without generating heat. Together they are a
nugget of dynamic opposites, and are used
E jiao 9g + ji zi huang 2 yolks when there is yin and blood deficiency
Egg yolks are sweet, and enter heart and together with heat, such as shaoyin heat
kidney to supplement yin and blood. They also affecting the chest and heart, as in huang lian e
resolve fire toxicity. Thus e jiao + ji zi huang jiao tang, or fire toxicity dysentery, as in bai tou
combine in cases of fire or fire toxicity weng jia gan cao e jiao tang.
complicated by yin and blood deficiency,
particularly if there is heart and kidney
involvement, as in huang lian e jiao tang.

E jiao 9g + huang qin8 6g
The three yellows (san huang9) are variously E jiao 9g + sheng di huang5 9g
combined, and huang lian often combines with Sheng di huang supplements the kidneys, clears
huang qin to descend heat or fire in the upper empty heat and cools the blood. Because it
jiao. In huang lian e jiao tang, the bitter heat cools the blood it also stops bleeding from
clearing of huang lian + huang qin combines with heat in the blood. It combines with e jiao to
e jiao to strongly replenish yin and blood while stop bleeding while simultaneously nourishing
clearing heat in the chest. E jiao also combines and protecting the blood and yin, as in huang tu
with huang qin alone in huang tu tang, to stop tang.
bleeding from spleen qi deficiency.

Huang lian e jiao tang Shang Han Lun, Treatise on Cold Damage (c220)
(Coptis and donkey hide gelatin decoction) Zhang Zhong Jing
Huang lian 12g, huang qin 6g, e jiao 9g, bai shao 6g, ji zi huang 2 yolks,
Huang lian e jiao tang treats severe heat in the chest affecting the heart, with underlying blood and yin
deficiency. Symptoms include palpitations, anxiety, insomnia and mouth sores. Huang lian + huang qin direct
fire downwards with cold bitterness, while e jiao + bai shao strongly supplement yin and blood without
creating heat. Ji zi huang (egg yolk) both supports the supplementation of yin and blood and assists in
resolving toxicity.

E jiao 6g + huang bai 9g jiaos, and stop bleeding from the intestines in
In bai tou weng tang24, huang lian combines with cases of dysentery. E jiao is added if there is
huang bai rather than huang qin, to strongly clear underlying yin and blood deficiency.
heat and dry dampness in the middle and lower

Bai tou weng jia gan cao e jiao tang Jin Gui Yao Lue (Essentials of the Golden Cabinet,
(Pulsatilla decoction modified with liquorice c220) Zhang Zhong Jing
and donkey hide gelatin)
bai tou weng 6g, qin pi 9g, huang bai 9g, huang lian 9g, e jiao 9g, gan cao
In this modification of bai tou weng tang, e jiao + gan cao are added to strongly supplement yin and blood and
assist with resolving toxicity. It was designed to treat dysentery (fire toxicity) in post partum women, and can
be used if there is dysentery with underlying yin and blood deficiency.

Fig.25.7. Ren shen + mai men dong +
ren shen e jiao + hei zhi ma + sang ye nuggets
to supplement blood and yin
mai men dong

ren shen + mai men dong + e jiao

Zhi gan cao tang sang ye + hei zhi ma
Wen jing tang Sang ma wan

ren shen + mai men dong + e jiao sang ye

+ hei zhi ma + sang ye
Qing zao jiu fei tang
e jiao hei zhi ma

Ren shen4 6g + mai men dong11 24g + useful for intestineal dryness from blood
e jiao 6g deficiency.
Ren shen + mai men dong11 is a core nugget to Together, sang ye + hei zhi ma generate and yin
generate fluids, supplement yin and clear and blood with sweet moistness, nourish liver
deficiency heat affecting the pericardium. If e and kidney and clear heat in the head and eyes.
jiao is added, liver blood and yin are also They can be used for blood deficiency with
nourished, and kidney yin is further enriched, wind and dryness. Sang ma wan is a pill made
so that the generation of yin fluids to clear from a concentrated decoction of hei zhi ma,
deficiency heat in the pericardium is enhanced. combined with powdered sang ye, formed into
Together ren shen + mai men dong + e jiao address pills with honey, and taken with salted water in
symptoms such as mental agitation at night, the morning and wine in the evening. Hei zhi
insomnia, palpitations, hot sweats or five ma + sang ye also combine in qing zao jiu fei tang.
palms heat. They combine in wen jing tang, zhi
gan cao tang and qing zao jiu fei tang. Recipe
Black sesame seed salt Hei zhi ma 25g
E jiao 6g + mu dan pi10 6g (Hei zhi ma yan) Sea salt ½ tsp
Mu dan pi moves stasis while clearing heat in (to taste)
the blood, deficiency heat and heat arising Heat a heavy bottomed pan and add the hei zhi
from stasis, and combines e jiao to more ma. Dry fry until the fragrance starts to emerge
(with white sesame seeds it is possible to see the
strongly clear heat affecting the pericardium,
colour changing to brown, but with black
and causing mental agitation. E jiao also stops sesame this is difficult, so you have to rely on
bleeding, and mu dan pi supports this by the aroma). Place in a pestle and mortar with
clearing heat in the blood to help prevent the salt, and grind together roughly.
bleeding. They combine in wen jing tang. Black sesame seed salt is an extremely tasty
addition to rice congee, and can also be added
Sang ye18 500g + hei zhi ma 120g as a condiment to other food as desired.
Sang ma wan Achieving Longevity by
(Mulberry leaf and black Guarding the Source Dang gui5 6g + sheng di huang5 6g +
sesame seed pill) (1615) hei zhi ma 6g
Sang ye 500g, hei zhi ma 120g, feng mi 500g
Sheng di + dang gui5 nourish liver and kidney yin
Sang ye is cool, sweet and moist, and not only
and blood and cool heat in the blood arising
clears wind-heat and dry heat from the lungs to from blood deficiency. If hei zhi ma is added,
stops coughing, but also clears liver channel
the focus is taken towards nourishing blood as
heat, benefits the eyes, and subdues liver yang. a means of dispelling wind in the skin. They
Its sweet moistness generates and protects yin.
combine in xiao feng san.
Classified as a herb to enrich yin, hei zhi ma is
sweet and neutral and enters liver and kidney.
E jiao 2.4g + hei zhi ma 3g
It nourishes liver and kidney blood and yin and Because hei zhi ma nourishes kidney yin and
like he shou wu, extinguishes wind in the skin generates yin fluids, it can also be used to
and channels. It works particularly well in the
nourish lung yin. In qing zao jiu fei tang, e jiao +
upper jiao to nourish liver and kidney blood hei zhi ma combine to nourish lung yin and
and yin and treat blurred vision, tinnitus,
moisten the lungs in case of an invasion of dry
dizziness and headache from liver and kidney heat.
deficiency. It also moistens the intestines and is