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Go To The Post Office

This morning, Kevin and Reno will go to post office. Then, they go
together. The post office is far from their home. The post office is located
between the bank and the police station. There is a supermarket in front of
the post office.
Kevin wants to mail his letter to his friend. The name of Kevin's friend is
Afis. Afis lives in Surabaya. Reno wants to buy some writing papers,
envelopes, and stamps. He also wants to write a letter to his close friend in

1. Who will go to post office?

2. Where is the pos office located?
3. What is a front of the post office?
4. What is the name of Kevin's friend?
5. Why does Reno want to buy some writing papers, envelopes, and stamps ?

Berilah tanda silang (x) pada huruf a, b, c, atau d di depan jawaban yang benar !
1. We can do surfing in the ...
a. field
b. mountain
c. yard
d. beach

2. A:” Do you like swimming?”

B: “ ... “.
a. Yes, I do
b. No, I do
c. Yes, I am
d. Yes, I like


What time is it ?
a. It is a quarter to five
b. It is a quarter past five
c. It is a half past five
d. It is fifteen to five

What is the time ?
a. It is five to three
b. It is five past three
c. It is one to three
d. It is one past three

5. I usually ... at 05.00 in the morning.

a. sleep
b. get up
c. take a bath
d. have breakfast

6. A :” Can you ... the laptop?”

B : “ Yes, I can”.
a. operate
b. read
c. listen
d. watch

7. I ... the floor every morning.

a. listen
b. sweep
c. cook
d. write

8. I use my ... on my head.

a. uniform
b. cap
c. skirt
d. bag

9. The students wear their ... to school.

a. jacket
b. jeans
c. shorts
d. uniform

10. A : “ What do they wear for swimming?”

B : “They wear ... “.
a. swimsuits
b. caps
c. shoes
d. shorts

11. Roni wants to play tennis. He needs a ...

a. book
b. racket
c. doll
d. marble
12. My mother cooks in the ...
a. bed room
b. kitchen
c. living room
d. garden

13. Our staple food is ...

a. cake
b. meat
c. rice
d. corn

14. It’s a fruit. Monkey likes it. What is it ?

a. apple
b. banana
c. starfruit
d. papaya

15. Enno is wearing ... on her waist.

a. necklace
b. belt
c. bracelet
d. tie

16.The students usually have flag ceremony on ....

a. Sunday
b. Monday
c. Friday
d. Saturday

17. Moslems usually go to mosque to pray on ....

a. Sunday
b. Thursday
c. Friday
d. Sunday

18. Mr. Hanafi is praying for God. He wears ...

a. jeans
b. short
c. sarong
d. kimono

19. There are .... months in a year.

a. eleven
b. twelve
c. thirteen
d. fourteen

20. Indonesian people usually celebarate independence day on ....

a. July
b. August
c. September
d. October

21. Before you go to bed, brush your ....

a. teeth
b. chin
c. cheek
d. head

22. They are ..... in the library.

a. reading book
b. eating
c. swimming
d. sleeping

23. There ... seven pencils in the pencil box.

a. was
b. are
c. is
d. you

24. Nikita : Are there books on the table?

Firda : Yes, ....
a. There are
b. There is
c. She is
d. We are

25. Marta : .... are you?

Sabri : I am fine thanks.
a. Why
b. Who
c. How
d. What

26. A : “May I know your … ?”

B : I live at jl. pahlawan 10 Kediri
a. age
b. address
c. job
d. nationality

27. I am going to Sedudo … next Sunday.

a. Park
b. Lake
c. Waterfall
d. Cave

28. I need some ... to buy something.

a. money
b. books
c. letters
d. pencils

29. We have to wear .... where ever we go by a motor cycle.

a. helmet
b. jacket
c. uniform
d. tie

30. We go to Tanjung Perak harbour to have travelling by a ....

a. plane
b. bus
c. train
d. ship

II. Jawablah pertanyan-pertanyaan di bawah ini berdasarkan teks !

Dino : “What do you wear when you go jogging?”
Dika : “I wear shorts and T-shirt”.
Dino : “Do you also wear shoes and shocks ?”
Dika : “Yes, I do. What do you wear when you go to school, Dino?”
Dino : “I wear uniform”.
Dika : “Do you also wear your cap?”
Dino : “ Yes, I do”.

1. How many persons are there in the dialogue ?

Answer : There are ...
2. What does Dika wear when he goes jogging?
Answer : He wears ...
3. Does Dika also wear a jacket ?
Answer : ...
4. What does Dino wear when he is at school?
Answer : ...
5. Does Dino also wear cap?
Answer : ...

III. Translate into Indonesian !

1. I always sweep the floor.
2. Iwan wants to play marble.
3. I seldom come to late school.
4. Susi never goes to Bali.
5. May I borrow your mask ?

IV. translate into English !

1. Farina selalu sarapan setiap pagi.
2. Saya jarang bermain bola di sore hari.
3. Anita selalu menyiram bunga.
4. Budi mempunyai beberapa layangan di rumahnya.
5. Ada beberapa kue di atas meja.

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Kunci Jawaban room I
1.d 2.a 3.a 4.b 5.b 6.a 7.b 8.b 9.d 10.a 11.b 12.b 13.c 14.b 15.b 16.b 17.c 18.c 19.b 2
0.b 21.a 22.a 23.b 24.a 25.c 26.b 27.c 28.a 29.a 30.d

Room II
1. two persons
2. shorts and T-shirt
3. No, he does not
4. He wears uniform
5. Yes, he does

Room III
1. Saya selalu menyapu lantai
2. Iwan ingin bermain kelereng
3. Saya jarang datang terlambat sekolah
3. Susi tidak pernah pergi ke Bali
5. Bolehkah saya pinjam topengmu?

Room IV
1. Farina always has breakfast everyday
2. I seldom play football in the afternoon
3. Anita always waters flower
4. Budi has some kites at his home
5. There are some cakes on the table