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As per IEEMA Statistics, Distribution Transformers production has grown by 7% whereas Power

Transformers Production has increased by mere 2%. There has been a good growth in the export of
Distribution Transformers. However, IEEMA secretariat informed that the 4th quarter saw an overall
decline by 3% mainly due to slippage in production of Power Transformers up to 6%. There was a
marginal decline of 2.5% in Exports of Power Transformers, whereas domestic growth is attributed
to only 132 KV &Above 440 KV segment only.

Order Book Position remains flat in last couple of months at the level of 2 lakhs MVA “within 12
months” and 1.06 lakhs MVA “beyond 12 months”. Although there is an increase in OBP under 10-
15 MVA category “Above 80 MVA” witnessed declining trend in OBP.