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Wheel of Fate

The Wheel of Fate is a major artifact of surpassing power. Its powers are godlike
and some wonder who created it. The wheel appears as a large 10’ X 10’ roulette wheel
and is extremely heavy, even supernaturally so. Only a strength check of 45 will
successfully move it and picking it up requires a lifting capacity of 5 tons. Dragging it
requires a capacity of 10 tons, and so can be even harder. As much as the table itself
resists movement, the wheel spins at the slightest touch and will spin three times for any
given individual, although many results will add or detract from this total. Once an
individual has made their allotted spins, a DC 45 strength check is required to budge the
wheel. In that case, only poor results will be rolled. A character with the luck domain or
a pertinent luck feat can successfully tweak the results of the roll, by rerolling a bad roll
before it takes effect. In this circumstance, the DM should tell the character only that
something bad was about to happen and have them spin again. If a character makes 10
spins, that is the upper limit and no more spin again results will be honored, instead
passing on to the next item down the chart as the spinner pushes just a little further than
physics would permit. Likewise, if any option seems inappropriate to the DM, they
should feel free to use this method to find better options. The final four options cannot be
naturally spun and are for just this occurrence or some spectacular spin which the DM
feels should push into the realms of the less than percentile chances. As an option, the
wheel avoids rolling the same numbers repeatedly. Therefore, 5 100s in a row would net
first 100, then 101, 102, 103, and 104. It is also possible to alter the spin, once. This
takes a successful DC 45 Strength check in mid spin and can move the pointer up or
down 1 plus 1 per 5 points above 45.
Currently, the dragons Scarla and Tyrsis keep the wheel safe in their possession.
Previously, the dragon Flirstikyron had discovered it hidden in the lava fields and hidden
it from his mother. It’s history beyond that is hazy at best. But back several centuries it
once resided in a thriving city once centered over the volcano from whence the lava fields
have spread. The existence of this city is a fact that few of even the longest lived scholars
are even aware.

Change Alignment
1 Instantly 26 Change any creature's alignment permanently.
Defeat the next
monster you meet to
2 gain a level 27 Lose a level, unless you defeat the next monster.
A forgotten creature once imprisoned is released. This
You are Imprisoned! person knows only that you released them and feels
3 (As spell) 28 intense gratitude.
-1 to all saves,
4 permanently 29 +1 to all saves (unnamed bonus) permanently
Avoid any situation you For the next week, your worst case scenerios will all come
5 wish, once 30 true.
Enmity between you
6 and an outsider 31 An outsider will do you a favor.
7 Lose a spin 32 Spin again, double the given effect.
Gain 25 pieces of
jewelry or 50 gems 20000gp land on you. Make a reflex save or be pinned
8 (your choice) 33 and start suffocating.
Lose 1d4+1
intelligence. Gain an
9 extra spin. 34 Gain 1d4+1 to your primary stat.
Gain 10k experience
10 or 2 more spins 35 Lose 10k xp and you must spin again
Gain a Major Magic
Weapon (of a kind you
11 can use) 36 Lose your primary weapon.
Gain the service of a Gain a 4th level fighter, who works to slay you when given
12 4th level fighter 37 the chance.
You are granted 1d4 You are granted 1d4 wishes, which twist in the worst
13 wishes 38 possible manner.
One of your friends
14 turns against you. 39 One of your enemies gets a soft spot for you.
Immediately lose all Become forgotten, by everyone, even party members.
wealth and real Party members watching get a DC 21 Will save. If
15 property. 40 successful, they remember that they once knew the victim.
Defeat dread wraith or Resurrect instantly with no level loss, the next time you
16 be forever destroyed. 41 die.
Gain a +2 inherent
bonus to an ability
17 score. 42 Gain a -2 inherent penalty to a stat.
Gain a beneficial
medium wondrous Reduce the power a random magical item to the next
18 item and 50k xp 43 lower version.
Your equipment becomes magic (1d4+2 items become
19 Lose all magic items. 44 lesser wondrous or magical items)
Gain +6 to diplomacy
checks and a small
20 keep 45 Gain +6 to intimidate checks and a dungeon
Be faced with an unresolvable dilemma. An either/or that
Know the answer to has serious negative consequences for the character
21 your next dilemma. 46 either way.
Body Functions, but
body is trapped
22 elsewhere. 47 Suffer a geas from a good/evil outsider
Gain 1d3 lbs of You suddenly owe 100k gp to the dwarven mafia. Debt
23 unworked eternium 48 collectors incoming. Your name is mud financially.
Summon a monster Lose to a boosted version of yourself (+2 to all stats) and
equal to your CR. If become that version. Defeat it and gain only xp. Whoever
you defeat it, you gain is defeated disappears. Party members are free to
24 a level. 49 interfere.
Gain a template(1d3,
half-fiend, half-
celestial, or half- Lose a template, if applicable. Otherwise, gain a -1 level
25 dragon) 50 adjustment.

You and all your cohorts change

alignment to the same random CHEAT! Ignore the alignment restriction on
51 alignment. 76 one class, item, or ability.
52 Your party gains a level if they win 77 You gain a level.
the next battle with a CR equal to the
character who spun the wheel. Gain
this level after calculating xp.
You gain the ability to sense
imprisoned creatures and the places
from whence the spell can be You gain Imprison as a spell like ability
53 cancelled. 78 1/month.
54 -4 to a single save, henceforth 79 +4 to a single save, permanently.
Your ideal scenerio occurs as soon Rewind time 5 rounds and act on the
as feasible. For example, you find foreknowledge while everyone else remains
that dragon/artifact/cave you've been locked into their previously chosen actions.
looking for, or you miraculously hit it These 5 rounds need not be consecutive.
55 off with the girl of your dreams. 80 Once they are gone, they are gone.
Open a portal to an outsider
dimension opposite your alignment,
allowing a free flowing stream of the
56 creatures. 81 Open a door to the Serpent Inn.
Spin again, apply effect to everyone The wheel spins until it hits something bad,
57 within sight. 82 granting every spin along the way.
A gem hits you in the head dealing damage
as a crystal shard (psionic power). It deals
1d6 damage per 1000gp of value. Its value
58 Gain a diamond worth 20k 83 is between 1k and 50k.
Add 4 permanently to a stat of your choice.
Gain '+1d3 to 4 stats (randomly This is a stat increase, not a bonus of any
59 determined) 84 kind.
60 Gain 1d4+1 more spins. 85 Gain 20k xp and you must spin again.
Your most powerful/favored magic item
Add +1 enhancement bonuse to two gains sentience, 2 lesser powers, and a
61 items of your choice. 86 greater power.
Gain a mercenary troupe of 10 1st Gain a devoted cohort, as though you
level fighters with a 3rd level captain. possessed the leadership feat. This cohort
They come equipped with as appears without gear, but completely loyal
medium infantry (chainmail, light and of the same alignment as the person
62 shield, sword, short spear) 87 who spun the wheel.
Gain one wish. Not limited by the
63 rules of the wish spell. 88 Gain 5 wishes.
You resurrect an ancient evil which once
nearly destroyed the world. This is a
terrestrial power, but with a CR of 40 or
You release an ancient evil which greater. If it doesn't have minions, it can
64 threatens the world. 89 likely find, create, or summon them.
You are cursed to be unknown and
forgotten, even in writing. Deeds and
contracts made by you are forgotten before
the ink is dry. Your name is a mystery to
everyone. It is impossible to own property
or claim anything except the clothes on your
back or clandestine caches or hideouts. On
the plus side, anyone making a knowledge
check about you adds 20 to the DC.
Characters watching while you spin may
make a DC 21 Will save to ignore this effect
Lose everything but the (nonmagical) and remember you, your name, your history,
65 shirt on your back. 90 etc.
66 Gain fast healing 1d3 91 Gain 10 hp permanently.
Gain a +2 inherent bonus to one stat Gain a +5 inherent bonus to the stat of your
67 for you and everyone within 60' 92 choice.
Gain a wondrous item useable by the
entire party (ex. A magic carpet or A minor artifact appears in your possession.
68 the like) 93 The applicable deity is watching.
You are affected as though with an
area effect mordenkeinan's
disjunction, CL 19th, as well as The most powerful thing you own begins
anyone within a 40' radius. Will DC projecting a null magic zone of 10' per 50k
69 21. The wheel is not affected. 94 gp value. Minimum 10 feet.
Your party gains notoriety in their
given area (or a boost) which A royal personage proposes to the
prompts nobles and royalty to gift character. With this personage comes a
them with items, land, titles, etc. The kingdom, wealth, power, and responsibility.
characters can botch this through Whichever the personage, they are very
monumental rudeness or crimes attractive and a feasible pairing race-wise.
(according to the alignment of the This proposal comes through mundane
70 benefactors) 95 means.
The party gains one free teleport
which will automatically whisk them
away from a situation of great danger
in which the entire party is likely to
die. New members added to the
party later are not included. Only The party is instantly transported to a site
those present and considered 'party where something of great import which they
71 members' at the time of the spin. 96 can influence is occurring.
You clone. Your clone is your double in
every respect. You share a telepathic link
and all damage is split evenly between you.
You also split your level with your clone,
halving your experience exactly. You
sometimes share memory. These traits
remain even across planar boundaries, but
a null magic area will sever them, although it
does not restore the lost levels. Slaying the
Spirit remains, but body is dusted. clone will restore the lost levels if done
50% chance of remaining as a ghost immediately. It also makes the character
(see ghost template). Body requires Evil, immediately. Killing oneself without
72 resurrection or reincarnation. 97 dying is somewhat difficult.
An item made of eternium, appropriate to
You gain a map which marks out a the character, but nonmagical, appears in
73 rich vein of mithril. 98 your possession.
Summon a creature with CR equal to A creature sharing your alignment and of a
your own, '+1 per companion. CR equal to yours appears and joins your
Defeat it and all participants gain a party. This creature, ideally, has a 3 or
74 level. 99 better for intelligence.
Gain an exotic template. A partial list
includes half-fey, lolth touched, half
drow, half succubus, half angel,
natural lycanthrope (pick a type),
sainthood, deathless, etc. Feel free
to peruse the manuals while the
victim feels their body writhing
through the change over the course Spin three extra times and gain a random
75 of a day or so of real and game time. 100 template.
Cease to exist. You are unwritten from
history. Use the DMs discretion, but it’s
quite likely that the slot in the party is filled
by the character’s replacement, and always
has been. If so, he has not spun the wheel
yet. Some things that went well may go ill.
Get the players’ input. (Spin 5, 63 or
101 Gain 50k xp 102 standing outside time can prevent this)
World Breaker: A massive volcano rears up
under the spot you stand on. If you cannot
fly, you fall in lava. Usually, this means
death. The volcano erupts at the rate of
6000 ft. per round. Mostly only magic will
get anyone on ground zero out in time. All
within 120 feet radius take 20d6 fire damage
103 +4 to all stats. 104 from specks of flying lava and blasts of heat.
Become a deity with divine rank 0
105 with a domain of Improbability.

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