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Name of Student:

Name of School:

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* Please write NRfor AI L questions not attempted.


Read the following carefullY:

L This paper consists of two Sections. Section I contains 100 multiple-choice
Section II contains eight open-response questlons'

Option - B Music'
2. Section I is divided into four Options: Option A - Visual Arts;
answer all questions
Option C - Dance; and Option D - Drama. Choose two Options and
for both ofthe Options you havc chosen'
Answer Sheet
3. Two Multiple-Choice Answer Sheets are provided. Use one Multiple-Choice
answer option on the respective answer sheet'

Answer Sheets using a 2 HB pcncil only

4. Complete the following on both Multiple-Choice
(ifit has not alreadY been done):

O Namc of Student
O Name of School
O ID Number of School
O Student's Number
O Date of Birth Answer shects)'
o subject option (only one option on each of the two Multiplc-choicc
shading the selected answers completely'

erase thc first answer thcn shade Your ncw answer

6. If an ansrver must be changed, completel.v

7. On the Multiple-Choice Answer Shects do not

O write anything on the lop and sides'

O smPle anYhing
O Punch anY holes'
O bend or.fold the edges'
O leor on.v seclton'
O make anv straY marks
8. Write the following on your booklet:
O Name of Student
O Name of School
O ID Number of School
O Student's Number
ofthe booklet Begin each response on a new
50 minutes on Scction I and 70 minutes
on Section I[
10. You should spend approximately

and check work'

I l. If 1'ou finish before time' go back 'vour

NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper II


1 Where can the ancient architectural 4 Students in a class are asked to observe
structure shown below be found? the linear perspective of the corridor on
their school compound. With which of
the following elements will they be
most concerned?

the effects oflight on doors and

windows through the corridor
the actual measurements of doors
and windows in the corridor
C the size the doors and windows
appear to be through the corridor
the intensity of colour on doors and
A Egypt windows through the corridor
B. Mexico
C. England
D. United States of America 5 Which of the followine media is NOT
used in drawing?

2 Janice wants to do a realistic landscape A charcoal

painting. Which of the following artists B poster paints
will most likely be a source of C chalk pastels
inspiration for her painting? D. graphite pencils

A. Leroy Clarke
B. Boscoe Holder Which drawing technique is
C. Peter Minshall demonstrated below?
D. Karen Sylvester

J. Which local artist is noted for depicting

East Indian culture through his

A. Leroy Clarke
B. Jackie Hinkson
C. Shastri Maharaj
D. Alexander King A cross hatching
B doodling
C stippling
D. shading

NCSE 2011 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper II

7. In portrait drawing, at which level are the eyes normally drawn?

X B C. D

8. Where, in a drawing composition, are 10. What element of art is emphasized in a

the objects with the most details likely monochromatic painting?
to be found?
A. line
A. background B. shape
B. side ground C. texture
C. middle ground D. value
D. foreground
11 What principle of design will best help
9. How many vanishing points can be the focal point in a painting to stand
found in the image below? out?

A. balance
f( )) ',
-\ I
B. contrast
C. unity
D. variation
'ir t-
i' .r
lE.l ',1 lil
l$6ll rl lfil
t2. Printmaking requires the printmaker to
ffi'i' I
JH* make editions. What rs an edition?

A. print on a tee-shirt
B. several prints of the same block in
A one different colours
B two C. several prints using the san e block,
C. three colour, paper and technique
D. four D. several prints on the same sheet of

NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts paper II

13 Which of the picture grids below 15. Chelsea is a very active child. Her
illustrates the best type for enlarging the parents want to paint her room in a
picture? colour that will help her relax. In which
colour would it be best to paint her

A. A green
B orange
C red
D yellow

ztK r
\.n \\ t6 Graphic design can also be referred to
B \ \ AS

>\ NN
Et sr A. modern art
B. visual communication
C. abstract representation
4 =)>-, D. computer generated design
\N- x,qf€
I7 Select the dye bath which will turn a
yellow piece offabric orange.

A. blue
l-\- B. purple
-\ C. red
D \ D. yellow
*"k- \
ffi 18 In producing a logo for your cricket
club, which of the following
considerations is most valid?
14. What is the most effective method of
removing colour from a piece of fabric?
A detail ed illustrations associated
with cricket in no more than three
A. machine washing B simple illustrations associated with
B. heat treatment cricket in no more than three
C. dye extraction colours
D. salting full name of the cricket club using
any number of colours
D initials of the name of the cricket
club with detailed cricket

NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper II

19 Which piece of art work can best be L) What is the process of tanning asit
described as three-dimensional art? relates to leather?

A. a ceramic vase A. a process which prevents the

B. a still-life drawing animal skin from rotting
C. a landscape painting B. a process which removes hair from
D. a printmaking piece the animal skin
C. a process which adds colour to the
20. Prior to working with a piece of clay, D. a process which creates patterns on
you must clean it and remove all air the leather
bubbles. What is the name of this
24 You are asked to make a simple, cost-
A. firing effective carnival mask. Which of the
B. glazing following methods would you use?
C. throwing
D. wedging A. wood carving
B papier-mdche
C. clay sculpting
21. A student placed his clay vase in the D. wire bending
sun to dry. He noticed after a short
while that the vase had started to crack.
What could have caused the vase to 25 Which of the following techniques can
crack? be used in creating a table mat from
A. air bubbles in the clay
B. too much water in the clay A. coiling
C. too little water in the clay B. waxing
D. exposure to direct sunlight C. carving
D. molding
22. Fred has a piece of leather to make a
belt. What skill can he use to create a
decorative design on his belt?

A. carving
B folding
C. sculpting
D. wedging

NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper II


1. What is the letter name of the note 5. How many words listed below indicate
shown below? how loud or soft to play the music?

Piano, Fortissimo, Allegro, Lento

A. I
A.E B.2
B. Eb c.3
D. Cb
6. What word is spelt by the letter name
of the notes below?
2. What is the letter name of the third
note above Doh in the G maior scale?

3. Which of the following instruments
can play a melody?

A. cowbell 7 ' How many quavers 1.|\; are equal to a

B. dholak dotted minim 1J.;?
C. maracas
D. steelpan A.2
4. Which one of the following
instruments uses a bow?

A. violin
B. guitar
C. sitar
D. ha.p

NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper II

8. What is another way to witethe time 11. For the note shown below
signature shown below?
which of the followine is one octave
below it?


D. E C.
9. Which of the following represents a
group of percussion instruments? D.

A. xylophone, tuba, tambourine

B. xylophone, violin, tambourine
C. tambourine, triangle, xYloPhone 12. {hat is the interval between the notes
D. tambourine, clarinet, violin shown below?

10. To which classification of instruments

do the congq drums belong?

A. aerophone
B. chordophone A. 4th
C. idiophone
D. membranophone B. 5th

c. 6th

D. 7'n

NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper II 6

13. In the scale of G major what is the D.
sol-fa name for the letter D? 17. In cut time, a minim is equal to how
many beats?
C. SOL 8.2
D. LAH c.3

14. Angela plays a Bh clarinet. In which 18. Lines placed above or below a staff
are called?
section ofthe orchestra does she
A. staff lines
A. brass B. extra lines
B. percussion C. ledger lines
C. string D. vertical lines
D. woodwind
19. Ali plans to attend Hosay celebrations
15. Which of the following terms refers to in St James. Which instrument will
the tempo in music? not traditionally be heard at the
A. dolce
B. legato A. cello
C. andante B. dhantal
D. staccato C. dholak
D. tassa drums
16. Which of the following symbols
represent a quaver rest? 20. In Trinidad and Tobago, soca parang
is popular during the Christmas
season. Which of the following artists
A. is known as the Soca Parang King?
A. Bunji Garlin
B. MachelMontano
----T--- C. Rikki Jai
D. Scrunter


NCSE 2014 - Visual and Perfbrming Arts - Paper II
22. Which option illushates the movement
21. Which of the groups of instruments of five semitones?
listed below moves from hishest to
lowest pitch?
A. alto, soprano, bass, tenor d

B. violin, viola, cello, double bass

C. clarinet, tuba, trombone, piccolo
D. dholak, djembe, tassa, conga
C. :- n^


Questions 23, 24 and 25 are based on the diagram below.

23. Which bar contains two notes that are 25. Which bar contains a chromatic
the same letter names? passage?

A. 1 A. 1

8.2 B. 2
c.3 C. J
D.4 D. 4

24. The time signature of the piece is _

A. simple quadruple
B. simple duple
C. compound quadruple
D. compound duple

NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper II 8


1. While performing, Derrick moved up 5. Dana got dressed for her perlormance
and in and Anna moved out and down. but when she saw her fellow dancers she
They were moving in realised she was supposed to be dressed
in her Bel6 costume. Which one of the
A. unison following costumes was she supposed to
B. opposition be wearing?
C. time
D. space A. orhni
B. douiette
C. tutu
2. Anisa was dancing centre stage. She was D. kimono
told to move straight ahead, which
brought her nearer to the audience. In
which stage position is she now dancing? 6. What is the act of changing the body
weight from one limb or body part to
A. upstage centre another called?
B. downstage right
C. downstage centre A. weight transfer
D. upstage left B. body alignment
C. body placement
D. weightlessness
3. Directions, pathways and levels are
elements of which of the following?
7. What is a movement in space called?
A. space
B. relationship A. locomotive movement
C. body B. non-locomotormovement
D. dynamics C. locomotor movement
D. movement in place

4. In which East Indian Folk dance are

cocoyea broom sticks used? 8. What is the art of making dances called?

A. limbo A. choreographer
B. stick fight B. choreography
C. ghadka C. choreographic
D. jharoo D. correlation

NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper II 9

9. Which word is used when movements 13 What is the meaning of body isolation?
are created on the spur of the moment?
A. moving all body parts
A. improvisation B. moving one body part
B. improvement C. moving in personal space
C. instigation D moving by yourself
D. initiation
14 You are moving through swampy land.
10. The words wide, rounded, narrow, Which word describes that movement?
symmetrical and asymmetrical are
examples of which of the following? A. fluid
B. quick
A. personal and general space C. heavy
B. direction and pathways D. light
C. body shape and body awareness
D. basic size and proximity
15 How do you know where on the stage is
stage right or stage left?
11 Which character is not an example of an
ole time carnival character? A. from the performer's perspective
B. from the director's perspective
A. Papa Bois C. from the audience's perspective
B. Dragon D. from the conductor's perspective
C. Dame Lorraine
D. Pienot Grenade
16 Which two joints are considered ball and
socket joints?
12. The girls arrived at Queen's Hall late,
missed their warm up, then joined the A. fingers and toes
other dancers on stage for the third piece B. wrist and ankle
What is the main consequence of their C. elbow and knee
actions? D. hip and shoulder
A. decreased energy
B. lack of fluidity t7 You are rnthefetal position on the floor.
C. forgetting their steps Which body shape would you most
D possibility of injury likely make?

A. screw
B. arrow
C ball
D. wall

NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper II l0

18 The partner of a dancer is always _. Use the diagram below to answer questions 22
and 23.
A. the costume
B. the lights
C. the music 7 8
D. the space

I9 What was the traditional bar used for

limbo? 4 f,

A. bamboo 3
B pipe
C. wood
D. iron rod 2

20. Conne cting, leading, and passing by arc

elements of which of the following?

A. space 22. In hopscotch, which jumping sequence

B. relationship would you use to start the game from I
C. focus to 8?
D. action
A 1-1; 1-2; 2-1; 1-2; 1- 1 , 1- I
21 Unison, mirroring and canon are all tools
B 2-2,2-l;2-1; 1-2;2-2.2-2
that a dancer can use to assist in creating
C. 7-2, l-2;2-2,2-I; l-2,2-l
dances. What are these called? D. 1-1; 1-1; 1-1; l-2,2-t. t-2

A counterpolnt moves
B. contemporary dance ZJ 1, 3 and 6 are taken boxes leaving the
C choreographic styles other players to jump only from 2,4 & s
D choreographic devices and 7 & 8. How many jumps do you
need to get to 8?

A. two
B. three
C. four
D. five

NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - paper II ll

24 For which dance is the followins chant
usually sung?

'Billy gone ah lail-o (4x)

Wha Billy do make eh put em put im a
Me nah kno boy me nah kno"

A. jie
B. sailor
C limbo
D. Dame Lorraine

25. You are asked to travel from downstage

left to upstage right rn the least amount
of time. Which movement is most

A. rolls
B. spins
C. leaps
D. walks

NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper II 12


1. What do you call the clothes used by 5. During their performance, the cast in the
actors in a theatrical production? production used various objects on stage.
These objects are usually called
A. dresses
B. garments A. tools
C. costumes B. wings
D. changes C. props
D. backdrops
2. Sharon is having problems with
remembering her lines during the play. 6. A stage is a _.
What should she do?
A. long board
A. concentrate, focus and improvise B. performance space
B. stop, run off and come back when C. clean surface
she remembers D. piece of equipment
C. run offthe stage and do not return
D. say whatever comes to mind
7 . Ifa student wants to reflect on a drama
session, he/she is advised to keep a
3. An actress is required to play a double
role. What can she do to chanse her A. journal
character on stage? She can use B. script
C. game
A. blocking D. book
B. a mask
C. the set
D. the wings 8. An actress is waiting for a light to flash
to know when she has to go on stage.
The light would be considered a
4. Which one of the following venues
would you recommend as a performing A. set
arts theatre in Trinidad and Tobago? B. costume
C. blackout
A. National Stadium D. cue
B. Queen's Park Oval
C. Shaw Park
D. Queen's Hall Auditorium

NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arls - Paper II l3

9. Mr. Thomas and his wife usually spend a 13. Sammy was constantly distracted by the
lot of time telling stories to their audience and fell out ofcharacter several
grandchil dren about the Soucouyant, times. He felt disappointed in himself
Douens and La Diablesse. These because he knew he was
characters are part of
A. leaking
A. carnival B. blocking
B. theatre C. masking
C. folklore D. sharing
D. traditional
14 Which of the following playwrights is
10 A small band of masqueraders performed not a native of Trinidad and Tobago?
a special dance ritual before they crossed
over water in the street. These A. Rawle Gbbons
masqueraders were B. Victor Edwards
C. Dennis Scott
A. Moko Jumbies and Midnight Robber D. Zeno Obr Constance
B. Clowns and Minstrals
C. Dame Lorraine and Jamette
D. Dragon and Imps l5 During his performance, Davin felt
extremely nervous on stage. What was
Davin experiencing?
11. Before the play, the performers did some
stretching exercises. This activity is A. stage positions
known as a B. stage fright
C. stage presence
A. cool down D. stage directions
B. warrn up
C. curtsey
D. rehearsal

12. Sammy's position downstage prevented

the audience from clearly seeing another
upstage character. What key lesson in
awareness of space did Sammy forget?

A. leaking
B. blocking
C. masking
D. sharing

NCSE 20L4 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper II 14

Questions 16 and 17 are based on the diagram t9. During lunch, Bobby accidentally spilt
below of a Proscenium Stage. soft drink on Liam's uniform. Before
Bobby could apologize, Liam punched
him in the face and they began to fight.
The other students surrounded the boys
to watch. What type of theatre space
does this situation resemble?

A. an arena
B. a black box
C. a proscenium
D. thrust

20. Which line is most likely to be said by

<d 6ct the Midnight Robber?

A "You are the father of my child."

B. "I do not spell words letter for
I6 Where is the chair positioned on the C. "Pay the devil."
stage? D. "I am the agent of death."

A. downstage left
B. downstage right 2t. Maria, after looking at a performance of
C. upstage left aplay, was moved by the decisions of
D. upstage right the main character which broueht about
his downfall.

l7 Which one of the following items is most This production can best be described as
likely positioned closest to the backdrop? a

A. the couch A. farce

B. the chair B. comedy
C. the table C. melodrama
D. the door D. tragedy

18 What is used to show the movements of

an actor on a stage?

A. a ground plan
B. a cross section
C. a set design
D. a blocking map

NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper Il l5

Read the scene below and answer questions 22, 23. In the scene presented, information such
23,24 and25 as "An abandoned building on Main
Street. Time: 9:00 p.m.", refers to _
An abandoned building on Main Street.
A. blocking
Time: 9:00 p.m. B. masking
C. the setting
Person 1: (Mffied voice) Helpl Please D. the staging
help mel

Person 2: (Enters and shouts) Freeze! 24. If you were asked to play the character of
You are under arrest! Person 4, the costume that you would
choose would be
Person 3: Oh no! Quick, let me get out of
heret (Grabs his bag of loot and A. a new blue shirt and pair of pants
tries to escape through the B. a tattered pair of pants and jersey
window) C. a rumpled blouse and skirt
D. a multi-coloured sown
As Person 3 exits the window he encounters
Person 4
25 Why would Person 1 speak in a muffled
Person 4: Ah dollar to spare? Oh gosh, voice? The person was _
broda man, yuh nearly knock
meh dong!... (Calls afier A. afraid of the police officer
Person 3) Wait, look yuh drop B. tongue-tied
yuh bag! Steups. .. (Picks up the C. eating a snack
bag, looks inside and smiles) D. bandaged at the mouth
Ah well, your loss is my gain!


22. Which of the following best shows an

example of stage directions?

A. muffled voice
B. "Oh gosh, broda man,..."
C. "You are under arrest!"
D. "Steups... "

NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper II I6

There are eight (8) questions in this Section. Each question carries 25 marks. Select ANY TWO
questions and answer all parts on the pages provided at the end of this section. Questions 3 and 4 are
to be answered in the spaces provided. Begin each question on a new page. Respond in complete
sentences and paragraphs. Illustrations are encouraged wherever they may improve your answers.


1. Paul has been asked to create a mask for an eight (8)-year-old for his birthday party. He
decided to use the papier-miche technique to create the mask.

(a) What is the English translation of the term papier-mdchd? (1 mark)

(b) List three (3) materials Paul will need to make the mask. (3 marks)

(c) Identify and describe four (4) steps involved in the papier-mich6 process of
making the mask. (12 marks)

(d) After two (2) days Paul observed that his mask had begun to warp. Identify
and explain one (1) reason why Paul's mask may have warped. (3 marks)

(e) Discuss two (2) safety precautions that Paul must observe while working on
the mask. (2 marks)

(0 Describe two (2) ways in which Paul can decorate his mask. (4 marks)
Total 25 marks

2. The use of fabric plays an important part in the aesthetic environment of hotels in
Trinidad and Tobago. You are asked to design fabric pieces to be sold at the gift
shop ofa beach hotel.

(a) Identify four (4) fabric-design processes you can use to design the fabric
pieces. (4 marks)

(b) List one (1) item that can be made from fabric for each process you identified
in (a) above. (4 marks)

(c) Using four (4) steps, describe the process involved in the design of one of the
pieces identified. (8 marks)

(d) Using the item identified in (c), suggest and describe an alternate process
which can be used to create the piece with the same design. (6 marks)

(e) Discuss three safety precautions that must be observed while working on the
item identified in (d) above. (3 marks)
Total25 marks

NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper II 17


3. This is the beginning of a melody. Look at it and answer the questions below



(a) (i) What is the name of the clef used at the beginning of the music called?

(1 mark)

(ii) The Italian word Allepyo written above the music indicates that the music should

be played (1 mark)

(iii) The music ends softer than it begins. TRUE or FALSE?

(1 mark)

(b) (i) What do the dots placed below the note-heads in bars I and 2 tell the

performer? (2 marks)

(ii) The symbol found below the music in bar 3 instructs the
performer to (2 marks)

(iii) What does rir in bar 6 mean? (2 marks)

(iu) In what key is the music written? (2 marks)

(") Name the last note in bar 5. (2 marks)

NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Ats - Paper II 18

(c) (i) In the melody given at the beginning of question 3, circle one
note that is not found in the key of the music. (3 marks)

(ii) In which bar can a minim/half note be found? Bar (3 marks)

(iii) The tied notes in bars 4 and 5 must be held for a total of beats.
(3 marks)

(i") What is the letter name of the crotchet note in bar 2? (3 marks)
Total25 marks

4. You are interested in participating in the National Schools' Panorama with your school for the
2014 Camival season. You attend an interview with the band master during which you are
asked the following questions.

(a) List five (5) types of pans that can be found in the steel pan ensemble.




V. (5 marks)

(b) Which of the pans listed have the highest range of notes and the lowest range of notes?


Lowest (2 marks)

(c) Gve the names of two (2) instruments other than the steel pans that can be found in the


ii (2 marks)

NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper II T9

(d) The following terms are often used in the steel band rehearsals.

strumming progression frontline octave syncopation

Explain briefly what is meant by any three (3) of the terms.

(2 marks)


(2 marks)


(2 marks)

(e) List five (5) things that can be done to care and maintain the steel pan.


(2 marks)


(2 marks)

NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Ans - paper II 20


(2 marks)


(2 marks)


(2 marks)
Total25 marks

NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper II 2l


5. There is a foreign student visiting your school for Carnival. You have been asked to share
your knowledge of traditional carnival characters.

(a) Name two (2) traditional carnival characters, apart from the sailor (4 marks)

(b) Briefly describe the history, costume, music and movement of the
characters chosen in (a). (8 marks)

(c) Describe in detail the appropriate costume for the King Sailor. (5 marks)

(d) Describe the musical accompaniment for the King Sailor. (2 marks)

(e) Describe any two (2) movements of the Kine Sailor. (6 marks)
Total25 marks

6 Define the following terms and give an example of each

(a) force (5 marks)

(b) locomotormovements (5 marks)

(c) levels (5 marks)

(d) axial Mmovements (5 marks)

(e) warm-up
(5 marks)
Total25 marks

NCSE 2014 - Visual and performing Arts - paper II 22


7. You would have participated in some form of characteization in either

playmaking or improvisation.

(a) Name any one (1) character that you would have role-played. Gve three
(3) details ofthe physical appearance ofthe character. (4 marks)

(b) Describe the character chosen in (a), giving physical details. (6 marks)

(c) Discuss how the tools of performance have helped you to develop
characterrzation. (10 marks)

(d) Explain the benefits of a warm up that you would have used to enhance
the voice and body for performance. (5 marks)
Total25 marks

8. You are the producer for a school play which is based on a religious festival.

(a) Discuss three (3) responsibilities that you will expect from each of the
(i) a producer (6 marks)
(ii) a stage manager (6 marks)
(iii) a director (6 marks)

(b) Write a short paragraph advertising the school play which is based on a religious
festival. (7 marks)
Total25 marks


NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper II

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NCSE 2011 - Visual and Performing Arts - paper II .A

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NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper II 25

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NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - paper II 26


NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper II 27


NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - paper II 28


NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performrng Arts - Paper II 29


NCSE 2014 - Visual and performing Arts _ papcr II 30


NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performrng Arts - Paper II 31


NCSE 2014 - Visual and performing Arts _ paper II JZ


NCSE 2OI4 - Visual and Performing Arts - Paper II JJ



NCSE 2014 - Visual and Performing Arts - paper II 34