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10 points to understand our mission and what we are doing

1- Inspired Eye exists to showcase the work of the photography community, to

learn, to teach, to inspire and to be inspired from it.

2- Inspired Eye is a platform for photographers. We belive in an ongoing

relationship with the community, expect to see recurring photographers.

3- We put the spotlight on photographers at large. Wether they are famous or

unknown, pros or not, full time shooter or only have time to shoot after work.

4- We feature photographers of different skill levels. Everyone started somewhere,

everyone has something to say, everyone needs some attention.

5- The format, the seclection, the design are geared torwards developping your
eye, heart and mind

6- We repeat our questions in order to see how different answers can come from
one question. It teaches to see the same things as new.

7- Each question is about the photographer, but the answers are puzzle pieces
for the reader to pick and chose for themselves. By relating (or the opposite)
readers can form their own view of photography

8- As much as possible we try to preserve typos and mistakes, we minimize the

editing. This is so to preserve the voice of the photographer and to show that
English is not the universal language, photography is.

9- Our reader’s gallery is thick because we want to showcase the most work by the

10- While we do not focus exclusively on street photography, it is the most

accessible form of photography and is the most practiced by the community

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What inspired you to It was just a poor representation ­

become a photographer? a mere carbon copy.

I don’t think I was ‘inspired’ In the fall of 2013, I took one

so much as I was ‘driven’ into picture with my cell phone that
photography to save my sanity. tipped it over for me.

I didn’t know that at first but I *knew* if I wanted control over

looking back, I realize it was a my image, I would have to have
necessity ­like air. access to full manual mode. So, I
bought a Canon Rebel T5i on a 6
I was just 2 1/2yrs clean and sober month installment plan.
from a lifelong heroin and alcohol
addiction that began when I was I was 57 at that time. (I am 60
barely a teenager until March 17th now) THAT is where my ‘journey’
2012. began.

The realization that my entire life Would you mind

had passed me by in a haze drove sharing some of the
me to want to live life­as much things you feel helped
as I have left ­and to express my you along the way with
voice and what i have experienced
through images.
your photography,
(lessons, workshops,
If not, I would suffocate. books etc)....and also
some of the things that
What age are you and may have hindered
at what age did you you that you overcame
start your journey as on this journey?
a photographer?
After my Rebel was paid off
From the very beginning I insisted completely I decided I really
my cell phone come with a good didn’t know enough about how
camera. That was the deal breaker it worked so I took a small 5hr
for me. course at the local camera store.
After years of shooting images I didn’t know what all the dials
that would ONLY ever be able and buttons were for. However, I
to be seen on something like really didn’t want to be told what
Facebook, I got frustrated. a ‘good’ image was so i skipped
the last class on composition.
What I saw in phone images was
NOT what I imagined in my head. That was in April of 2014.

12 13

14 15

But, I did go on to the internet to look

at the works of other people whose
work I respected.

I studied what they were doing. I

watched documentaries and found my
place in an historical context. The first
I watched was “Finding Vivian Maier”
and I related to her as a single, older
woman on the street with a camera.

I have seen most of the great masters,

read about them etc. but no one
affected me more that she did.

She seemed to ‘give me permission’ to

just follow the story and shoot for no
other reason than that it pleased me.

The *biggest* hindrance (although

I have come to see it as a valuable
lesson) is that I joined a group that
critiqued everyone else’s work.

They had ‘rules’ about what could be

posted and what was a ‘good’ street
photograph. I saw right away that
following the ‘rules’ has very little to do
with whether or not it is a good image.

In fact, slavishly following rules

impairs the creative vision. Others find
that kind of process helpful. For me, it
is not.

Rather, I found a very small group

of like­minded photographers whose
opinion I respect and whose work I
love and who love me back.

I learn THE MOST from looking at

images that inspire me and from my
‘support’ people. When I left the ‘rule’
group, I just let loose. I realized that
I already had what I needed to create
images that excite me.

16 17

So, what I took away from the ‘rule’ What purpose does
experience is to trust my gut. A dear friend photography serve for you?
once told me that only people who take
huge chances make great things. At first, it was just to make nice images.
Very quickly it became a way of speaking, a
But, they also risk failing catastrophically. way of meditating, a respite from my head
If I’m not prepared to fail catastrophically and finally, a social conduit.
then I will always make slavishly,
mediocre images. When I am shooting I completely lose
myself. That is bliss for me. Once I began to
That drives me to be fearless ­an essential feel that ‘lost’ feeling, that feeling of being
element my photography. ‘ego­less’, just being an ‘observing being’ I
was hooked.
If we are speaking specifically
of photographers, which There is nothing quite like it for me ­to
are the ones of the past and ‘lose myself’ for those few hours when I
present do you admire? a shooting. I actually carry my camera
around with me in my purse. It is with me
Clearly, Vivian Maier 1st off. But then, I always ­like a prayer.
would have to say a few photogs I follow
on Flickr who are probably completely The moment I feel troubled or worried, it is
unknown. Some actually come from always there for me to take me away. I can’t
different fields. imagine walking out the door without my
camera ready to shoot.
I find, say, people who have always painted
and then turned to photography especially I am an introvert but when I have a
interesting because they think WAY camera planted in front of my face, I
outside the box. can be anywhere. All my self­conscious
awkwardness disappears. I can
Or, if they come from film or some other LITERALLY engage with anyone.
field, they seem to bring in a whole new
dimension. That really excites me. It is the “business card” that allows entry
anywhere, anytime ­to the world.
There is a painter from Paris,Alain Crocq,
whose work doesn’t limit itself to even What Genre’ of photography
*trying* to be perfect representations. are you most comfortable
working in?
He does crazy things with exposure and
post that, for me, blow it out of the water. I Well, “Street” but for a variety of reasons.
think, now that I’m asked, it is people who First off, I am poor. Once I have my little
are not limited strictly to photography that camera and my imagination, nothing else
I look at the most. is required.

They seem to be oblivious to the ‘rules’. Secondly, the “Street” literally, is my world.
They are the most influential to me. it is what I know, it is where I live, it is my

18 19

‘comfort zone’. Thirdly, I am broke the rules that preceded It is all about discovery and if How is the light? What is it I look for people who interest How strong of a
impatient. I like to move about them so that appeals to me. I have a preconceived notion saying? What is being lit? What me or who are in interesting connection do you
and not spend time thinking too about what I am looking for, is hidden? situations.
have with your
much about anything technical. When you work, I’ll more than likely miss the
After that, I look for forms.. Once I see a scene, I imagine the subject matter and
are you working on *better* story unfolding before
In street, it is all about the me. shapes, elements that create a different angles it can be shot can you describe
different series or
moment. All I have to do is ‘find story. I use a fixed lens so I have from and move around until I that connection?
just finding photos
the story’ and then move on. Can you describe a grown accustomed to seeing the see a frame that pops.
that fit the way you world in the lens I have. I cannot separate my subject
few of your trigger
Perfection is not a requirement. feel at the moment? I also look for juxtaposition of matter from my inner world.
4th ­I love that there is so much mechanisms that That ‘frames’ my world. So I elements. Things that are out of
dispute about what constitutes Totally wing it. I can’t follow a make you want to look for framing. context ­especially when framed All my successful images are
‘proper’ street. script to save my life and don’t stop and shoot? from a particular vantage point. projections of something inside
want to. For me, street is about Sometimes, I realize I am too far me, though rarely literal.
I laugh because, so far as I ‘finding’ the story not conjuring Light. always light.. on away so I either run up to where But, first and foremost, it is how
can tell, what makes the great it up in advance and then going something.. that is what I look I need to be or I just have to let it is lit, what is obscured and That is the whole point for me.
masters truly great is that they out to prove a point. for first. that moment pass. what is revealed with light.
20 21

What are your

recurring themes?
I would say the diversity of the human
condition as it is played out in one form
or another. But, that is “street” isn’t it?
Nothing else really interests me.

What is the distance to

your subject you are
most comfortable with
while working?
Any distance, really, that gets the shot I
want. I have very little fear of getting up
close to a person. It’s another shield the
camera affords me.

I can, quite literally, get as close as I need

to be.

If I have a willing subject and I think it will

make a good shot, I’ll get right up in their
face without the slightest reservation.

What is your favorite Focal

Length or Field of View?
I am just playing with that. I don’t have
one. Right now, I try to let the subject
matter determine what ‘quality’ needs to
be enhanced by the camera.

It varies from subject to subject. But, best

case scenario, i like to get a close to my
subject as humanly possible and still have
a narrative in the shot.

Whether I use a long or short FL is entirely

dependant on what the story is telling me
is relevant.

22 23

24 25

What camera Are you self taught, you want to call it, I only
are you working educated or a little care about the subject I am
photographing. I move around
with currently? bit of both?
a lot and I don’t want to have to
Fujifilm X100t (Note: 6 months Self taught.. intentionally. I think about someone else.
after learning how to use my *killed* my creative writing
But I do love running into
Rebel, I *knew* want I wanted ability by going to University
other Streetogs and chatting
from a camera and the Rebel to study Philosophy (including
for a bit so long as we go our
fell short.. most specifically Aesthetics and Philosophy of
separate ways after a friendly
in lack of portability and Mind etc).
conspicuousness. It was just
too big.) Studying is great but you have
to know when enough school is Do you have a
How do you see the enough school. preference for images
relationship with your as an analog or as
But, Philosophy taught me how a digital state?
camera? Is it a friend, to think outside the box and do
tool or whatever? it in a disciplined way. I think it’s all great. I have no
preference . I would love to
Honestly, I sleep with it.. I have Once I learned the basic shoot with a Rolleiflex but I
4 cats who love to knock things mechanics of the camera, I wouldn’t want to be restricted
off of surfaces so my bed is wanted my photography to be to just that.
the safest place for it ­or in my as much ‘mine’ as possible.
purse. If the time comes when I feel
How do you feel about the need to get more gear and
But, seriously, my relationship
being photographed? I have a LOT more money to
with my camera is quite
spend on processing than I
literally the most important I hate it! have right now, that would be
relationship I have in my life.
where I would go just for the
However, I have had Street experience of it. But, I stick
I know that sounds weird Photogs try to take MY picture
because I have dear friends with what is within the realm
thinking I am an “interesting of possibility and that is fine.
I love a lot. But, I never visit local”.. but I usually spot them
them without bringing my before they can shoot and whip
camera. Where in the world
the camera up to my face and
shoot them shooting me. I’m
are you located?
They all know I am going to
very fast! Toronto, Canada
shoot them while I am there
because that is my way of
Do you like to work Where is your favorite
interacting with the world.
by yourself or to have place to work?
I have ‘tricked out’ my Fuji to someone with you?
make it so ergonomically slick Please explain why. Kensington Market. I have
that when I hold it, it feels like been in the neighbourhood
nothing more than a kid glove I work alone ­always. it is a for over 35yrs and that is the
on my hand. It has *become* solitary pursuit. When I get in best place to find just about
and extension of me. my ‘bubble’, ‘zone’ whatever anything that goes.

26 27

Everyone is candid and it is that will bring in outside What i would like to improve
highly congested. It has a great influences. upon is my technical skill. I am
element of the chaotic which is still learning the things this
perfect. Getting stuck in the camera is capable of.
photographic image as a world
Very little is scripted there. The unto itself is death to the I haven’t, yet, found the
familiarity of it allows smaller, creative mind. boundaries. So, it is still
more discrete stories to emerge; exciting to me.
that is, once you get past all I need to mix it up. I also
the ‘billboard’ shots that every meditate that frees up my mind The other thing is the ever­
tourist takes. as well. developing synergy between my
camera, my hand, arm and eye
However, I am going on my Do you exhibit your and my mind.
very first holiday ever to NYC work in any form?
for the Memorial Day Weekend. I would like that there be an
I have no plan but i am I post to Flickr, National unconscious flow of energy
wondering how different it will Geographic and 500px. that makes the thought and
really be to shoot outside my the image in the camera flow
‘hood. I haven’t done a print exhibition seamlessly from one into the
yet. Though I have been asked other.
When you’re feeling to. Whenever the subject is
broached to me I get anxious. I So, that requires simple,
somewhat slow or
just want to be shooting. manual skill and familiarity
lost, how do you find with my camera which is just
your way back to I’d like to hire someone ELSE more practice.
find inspiration to to do that instead. I’d really like
get working again? that to be someone else’s job.

I just suit up and get out to put How satisfied are you Can you describe
the ‘miles’ on. I work ‘through’ in your current state how you judge the
that. It’s the only way. in photography and success or failure
what would you like of your work?
If I sat around waiting to be
inspired I’d never get anywhere. to improve upon?
I am really crappy at that. It
I shoot whether i want to or not. fluxuates. Sometimes I take
Actually, I am thrilled with it.
Everyday is a new challenge. an image that *really* gets me
Eventually, that damn breaks
Sometimes I look back at some stoked and then I look at it 3
and the magic shines through.
of my images from last year and months later and I SEE that it is
But, this is what I call “doing
can’t believe I took the picture. not a great as I thought it was.
the leg work” it’s a critical part
of the process. The same happens in reverse. I
I *feel* like I am growing but
on the other hand, I feel like my really only trust the judgement
If I am stuck at home because
‘eye’ has always been there, I of those, very few, friends who
of the time of day, and i am
just didn’t know it. know me and even at that, if
looking to be inspired, I watch
they haven’t made a good case
a movie, read a book... anything

28 29

I override it anyway. I don’t what it feels like to be invisible Doug, i am going to wait on
actually believe in “failure”. and not to have a voice. this one just because answering
these questions has been a
The closest I ever come to I shoot a lot of street kids. I psychic marathon and I am
failure is when I take a picture share the images with them. I exhausted and am not even sure
because I *think* someone else allow them to speak through my about how all this plays out.
will like it. When that happens lens.
it is SO obvious to me it makes So why don’t you let me know
me cringe. I give full copyrights to any how this works for you and I’ll
street kid who appears in an just sit and digest all I’ve been
I do it less than I used to. image. I allow them ownership thinking about.
of their image and of their
But I keep those images and the voice. For me, this is important Thanks for this opportunity
discomfort they cause me as a because they feel like people Don.
reminder to trust MY gut and view them as oddities without
not to drink the coolaid. culture, without values and
without self worth. FLICKR
How do you feel about
the current state They feel this objectification ­
of photography? often by other street
photographers. I know because
I think it is great! they tell me all the time how it
feels. It further pushes them to
The more the better. it has the margins.
become so egalitarian that
pretty much anything goes and When I shoot street kids, I tell
no one can really say squat them MY story and that I am
about it. not so unlike them. I survived
and they can too. In the mean
If someone, anyone, likes time, I give them self­defined
it, even if it’s just the images of themselves that they
photographer him or herself, like and identify with. It’s not
it’s good. That appeals to me. It much but it means a lot to
takes the pretense out of it. them.

Is there a question If I could supply every streetkid

that you would like to with a camera to take the shots
themselves, I’d do that.
answer that I haven’t
asked? (Anne) Besides If you would like
yourself, who else is to make a closing
your photography for? statement, we’d
Since I was a ‘street person’ love to hear what
myself for so many years and you have to say.
from a very early age, I know

30 31

Brendan Ó Sé
Interview with

By Don Springer
32 33

Please tell us something photographing for the past

about you, your life three years; before that only
on occasion. Since 2012, I have
and interest etc.
been posting two photographs
I am a university teacher/teacher on a daily basis to my two Flickr
trainer from Cork, Ireland, accounts.
working in my local university.
I have one for iPhone work
I am married to a very patient
and one for non­iPhone work.
and loving wife and we have two
I have realised shooting on a
small children: Sumi­Anna is 7
regular basis with the iPhone has
and James is 5.
accelerated my development as a
What inspired
you to become a Would you mind
photographer? sharing some of the
I come from a creative things you feel helped
family and have always been you along the way with
encouraged to express my your photography,
creativity. (lessons, workshops,
While I would love to be a
books etc)....and also
painter, I just don’t have the some of the things that
talent for it. So instead of paint may have hindered
and a paintbrush I use a camera you that you overcame
to create and to express myself. on this journey?
I have always loved travelling Flickr! Nothing else has shaped
and I love to people watch and or informed my photography like
what better way to learn and Flickr has.
immerse yourself in a culture
than hitting the streets and I am very active on Flickr,
shooting. with two accounts. I also run
four Flickr groups: Superosity,
I guess the abstract work I do is The Superness of Superosity,
me trying to get close to what I Blur will save the world and
might do if I was able to paint. iPhonography.

What age are you and In my time on Flickr, I

at what age did you have learnt so much from
start your journey the interaction with other
as a photographer?
It has allowed me to evolve
I am now 46 (older than I have
in an environment where the
ever been). I am seriously

34 35

photographers support and encourage

each other.

Another important aspect of my

photography is my ability to assimilate
what I observe.

Without consciously studying

photographs, I realise I am able to
establish the elements of composition that
go towards creating good photography.

This has helped me along the path of

‘imitate, assimilate and innovate’. Before
I would have thought that this path was
linear, but now I realise it is not.

At any given stage, I am experiencing all

three. Being an educator, I realise this
process is all types of learning.

The iPhone has made me the photographer

I am today. Without it, I would have a
much smaller and less interesting body of

The iPhone 4 was when I first got into

shooting seriously. I went from a situation
where I would occasionally take the
camera out with me, to one when I always
had a camera with me.

Not only was it a camera, but all the stages

in the process were available to me with
the iPhone. I could shoot, edit and share
all with one device.

It made me much more aware of

photographic opportunities.

My sensitivity and awareness heightened

as those shots I would mentally frame in
my head before were now being captured
with the iPhone.

36 37

38 39

Couple that with my broadening

interest in street photography and
I was well on my way.

For me, the iPhone is the best

street photography camera there
is. I can use one­handed as it fits
perfectly in my hand.

It is discreet and allows me to

get up close to the subjects I am
interested in. With each release
the quality just gets better and
better and this excites me.

I tend not to use apps too much in

the post­processing stage, except
for Snapseed.

As for influences, there has been

no photographer’s whose work
stopped me in my tracks like the
work of Trent Parke.

Learning how he returned each

day to the same spot over a period
of months to get the shot he
wanted resonated with me.

I guess I had been getting more

patient when out on the street, but
this notion of committing yourself
to an endeavour until you are as
close to satisfied as possible really
got me thinking about my own

I have slowed as I have progressed

and now will work a location or
scene until I get that shot.

40 41

42 43

If we are speaking
specifically of
photographers, which are
the ones of the past and
present do you admire?
As mentioned above, the one whose
work slows and quietens me is Trent
Parke. Moriyama, Sobol, Schles,
Winogrand, Leiter, are some of the
other photographers whose work I

I admire a lot of photographers, but

the ones who inspire me are the ones
I engage with on Flickr and they know
who they are.

What purpose does

photography serve for you?
It allows me to create and understand.

It is my hobby and hobbies should

be fun and you know what it, it really
is great fun (once you get over that
99% part of it which can be sheer

What Genre’ of photography

are you most comfortable
working in?
I am most comfortable not working in
a ‘genre’ of photography. Recently, I
have had some success as an iPhone
photographer, but do not want to be
pigeon­holed into that.

44 45

There is so much that gets I have some series on the go. can trigger something that is
my interest and sparks my One is the distances couples familiar to themselves, and
curiosity. create between each other and in turn, they can become
the idea that the gap will be more empathetic and
It could be trees, architecture, filled with love or loss. compassionate to those they
abstract, landscape, travel or encounter on the street, and
street. Another is the idea of also, very importantly, more
committing to the future as we compassionate and empathetic
The one I am most drawn to is carry whatever it is in our past to themselves as well.
street photography, but even that weighs us in the hope that
with that I tend to experiment the future will free us of it. Street photography can bring
with the creation of abstract people together and remind
street images. Then I have an abstract series of them that we are all share
people isolated in motion. common struggles and joys.
When you work,
are you working on How strong of a I believe I connect with each
different series or connection do you person I photograph. There is
have with your something which draws me to
just finding photos
them, but I am rarely aware of it
that fit the way you subject matter and
in those moments.
feel at the moment? can you describe
that connection? It can be later when reviewing
When I head out with my that something strikes me
cameras, I am not consciously A while back, I was asked by a and I may get to understand
intent on capturing certain street photographer friend of why I wanted to capture their
things. I prefer to be open to mine, Sheldon Serkin, to do a image.
what I encounter. little interview for his son who
was doing a school project on I rarely talk to those I shoot. I
As things appear, I am more street photography. may show them the photograph,
aware of how they might fit into but I do not have a desire to get
the projects I am working on He asked a similar question and to know them.
and may more actively pursue this is the answer I gave:
them. What are your
I feel that street photography
recurring themes?
Later, in the processing stage makes people more aware of
this becomes more pronounced. each other; more aware of the Isolation, loneliness, absence,
similarities we all share; be they hope, love, Forms, shapes, lines.
Can you describe a struggles or joys. Stories.
few of your trigger
Life is fast nowadays and
mechanisms that What is the distance
the sense of community and
make you want to neighbourliness can be lost. to your subject you
stop and shoot? are most comfortable
I would like to think that when with while working?
It can be someone with an people see a street photograph
interesting face, expression or of a moment isolated in time It really depends. Some shots
look that gets my attention. that conveys emotion, that it can be created at a distance

46 47

48 49

while others are lost if you do not Have never really thought about
get in close. It can be location this. Is my camera a friend? My
dependent. iPhone is precious to me. I could
live without it, but my life would
On a subway train, you are close be dramatically different. As for
to people and don’t need to move other camera – instruments and
that much. On the street, you intermediaries.
move more. Shooting with either
the iPhone or the Fuji X100t Are you self taught,
means that very often to get the educated or a little
shot you need to be close. As
bit of both?
time moves on I am becoming
more comfortable with that. Self­taught.

What is your favorite How do you feel about

Focal Length or being photographed?
Field of View?
Posing for photographs is not
I bought the Fuji X100T because something I enjoy. Who does?
I wanted a fixed focal length as I
believe this will improve me as a Someone getting a candid
photographer. snap of me is fine. It would be
hypocritical of me to have any
Moving from the Nikon d7000 to other attitude towards it.
the Fuji is a steep learning curve,
but I am enjoying it a lot. Do you like to work
by yourself or to have
What camera are
someone with you?
you working with
Please explain why.
By myself. To get in the zone,
iPhone, Fuji X100T and Nikon I feel I need to be free of
D7000. All have their purpose, distractions and free of the
all have their charm. competitive space that can exist
when shooting with others.
How do you see the
relationship with your What can occur when shooting
camera? Is it a friend, with friends is a combination of
tool or whatever? you or they spotting something
first and then having to step

50 51

I find when shooting with sombre and even sedate. Surges

friends, I tend to shoot very of crowds move in silence.
little in comparison to being on
my own. All you hear are the click­clack
of shoes, the swoosh of the
Often, with other trains (or traffic if overground)
photographers you might and the public announcements
arrange to go on a photo walk, over the tannoys.
but in reality you will shoot
little, but talk a lot – and that At night, it changes people are
is necessary too. Larger groups more relaxed, less hurried and
can work a little better than more animated.
smaller ones. You can just stray
and do your own thing. Tokyo has everything. The
most amazing architecture
Do you have a and millions of people who are
friendly and receptive to being
preference for images
photographed. I spend hours
as an analog or as and hours on the streets there
a digital state? and never get bored.
I live in a digital world. For When you’re feeling
now, I cannot see myself going
somewhat slow or
back to analog.
lost, how do you find
Where in the world your way back to
are you located? find inspiration to
get working again?
I live in Cork, Ireland’s second
city. Good question. Do you have the
Where is your favorite
place to work? I don’t, except for accepting
it. You cannot maintain the
Easy question and only one same drive and passion for
answer to it: Tokyo. No other photography all the time.
place on the planet injects me
with such verve as Tokyo. I guess I am lucky in that I get
to travel quite often and being
It is an electric city with such in a new place is invigorating.
contrasts. In the morning, it is

52 53

Another thing I try to do is to There is neither success nor frequent frustration I encounter,
look back at old work of mine failure in this, I believe. There is then it’s a success.
and try find a direction and not one photograph of mine that
motivation from that. I would not like to revisit and How do you feel about
endeavour to capture again. the current state
Sometimes it can work. Also,
of photography?
looking at the work of friends on It is all about learning and there
Flickr who continue to shoot is a is often much more to learn from There is some great work being
good way to get your photo mojo the shots that don’t work out done and more people enjoying
back in action. that those which initially may photography than ever before as
appear to do so. all aspects of photography are
Do you exhibit your more easily accessible today.
work in any form? Styles and interests evolve. What
That can only be good.
I may have been shooting before,
One photograph is on display may not be interesting to me
Is there a question
in 70 cities worldwide as part of now.
that you would like
The Apple World Gallery at the
moment. The same photograph The question does get me to answer that I
won the Mira Mobile Prize and is thinking, however. Obviously, haven’t asked?
in a gallery in Porto. one metric for this is the reaction
from contacts when I share on No
As I said, I post regularly to my Flickr.
Flickr accounts and my work is If you would like
organised into categories on my Work of mine that consistently is to make a closing
well­received can be perceived as
website. statement, we’d
success, but there are times that
images which I am really proud love to hear what
How satisfied are you
of might not be so well­received. you have to say.
in your current state
in photography and We all look for validation Just to say thanks for this
what would you like and acknowledgment. Few of opportunity to showcase my
to improve upon? us are Vivien Mayer. I enter work. It is an honour to feature
competitions; of course, I do. in a magazine like the Inspired
I am rarely satisfied. I want to And why? To see if my work is of Eye.
improve in all areas but if I could a standard.
improve in just one area, it is in
the mathematics and mechanics Winning or placing is another
of cameras. way to assess if what I am doing
is succeeding.
I am mechanically minded and I
can find some camera mechanics However, ultimately, for me,
baffling. I would like to have the success can be measured in the
patience to learn more about enjoyment I derive from the
this. pursuit.

Can you describe how I love the creative process of all

stages of photography. As long
you judge the success
as I can balance this against the
or failure of your work?

54 55


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58 59

What inspired
you to become a
First of all I must say: I am
an amuture photographer!! I
have old pictures of me and
my brother at age of 2 years
old. The pictures was taken
at a studio by a professional
photographer and I was always
thinking “I wish I could take
such pictures”.

What age are you and

at what age did you
start your journey
as a photographer?
I am 57 years old. 8 years ago
after a divorce I bought my first
digital camera (Canon 40D)
and started to take photography
as my first and prefered hobby.

Would you mind

sharing some of
the things you feel
helped you along
the way with your
photography, (lessons,
workshops, books
etc)....and also some
of the things that may
have hindered you
that you overcame
on this journey?
I am a self study person. I
read books like “National
Geographic photographer
guide” and the camera manual

60 61

to understand the technical side

of photography.

If we are speaking
specifically of
photographers, which
are the ones of the
past and present
do you admire?
As Street Photography is my
genre I really admire Erwin
Elliot for his humor and dogs.

I love Alex Webb work with

light, speaking of light Trend
Parker is a special one. There
are many more talented Street
Photographers that I can learn

What purpose
does photography
serve for you?
When I am going out for
shooting, I forget every thing,
its like a meditation, looking
for that special moment when
something funny, differnt,
touching catch my eye.

What Genre’ of
photography are you
most comfortable
working in?
As I mentioned before its Street

62 63

Can you describe a few of

your trigger mechanisms
that make you want
to stop and shoot?
First of all the light, photography
is all about it, then an interesting
situation, between people, between
the background and what in front, I
can stand in one place long time and
wait for the right frame only because I
like the background. Dogs are always
catching my eyes.

How strong of a connection

do you have with your
subject matter and can you
describe that connection?
I dont have any connection with
the people I photograph befor I am
photographing. Sometimes they ask
me why and what I am photographing
and for what newspaper I am working.

I try to explain that it’s my hobby,

usually they think I am crazy as I am
doing it for fun...

What are your

recurring themes?
Human behaviour, the way I look at it,
did I mentioned dogs?

What is the distance

to your subject you
are most comfortable
with while working?
As close as possible, taking pictures
with wide angle lens from close
distance have much stronger effect

64 65

66 67

than taking pictures from How do you see the Good question. I know many
distance with tele lens, it’s make relationship with your photographers that do not like
you feel you are in the sense. being photographed. I like being
camera? Is it a friend,
tool or whatever?
What is your favorite
Focal Length or Camera is a working tool. I have Do you like to work
Field of View? to master it and feel comfortable by yourself or to have
working with it. someone with you?
I have 17­40 lens on my camera Please explain why.
for the last 5 years. Usually I use Are you self taught,
24mm. I have a very close friend, Gabi
educated or a little
Ben­Avraham, we meet a lot and
bit of both?
What camera are going out together for shooting.
you working with Definitely self taught.
We have many things in common
currently? like street photography, drinking
How do you feel about beer, and we enjoy working
Currently I use Canon 5D mark
being photographed? together.

68 69

Usually we are not staying at the same

place together, and we don’t take same

So, from one hand it is nice to have a

company and from the other hand it is
not, as that person can distract my mind
and disturb.

If the person I am with thinks the same

as me, its very nice to have a company.

Do you have a preference

for images as an analog
or as a digital state?
I dont have an analog camera now. I
dont intend to buy one.

Analog photography have its beauty

but you must master the development

Where in the world

are you located?
Ramat­Gan, Israel.

Where is your favorite

place to work?
Markets are always interesting, center
of city where all the action is happening,
the beach.

When you’re feeling

somewhat slow or lost,
how do you find your way
back to find inspiration
to get working again?

I hope I will have an answer for that

question!! I dont. Sometimes I feel

70 71

72 73

nothing is interesting and I am lost. Then I go

out again and again until its comes to me, that
inspiration. A good practice is try new places.

Do you exhibit your

work in any form?
I exhibit my work only on the Internet.

How satisfied are you in your

current state in photography
and what would you like
to improve upon?
Photography is like a journey without a goal,
just enjoy the road and the view, take the
pictures that catch my eye and bring it home.

Currently I use Canon’s software DPP for

post processing, its quite basic and simple. I’d
like to learn lightroom and improve the post

Can you describe how

you judge the success or
failure of your work?
There are two sides to judge my work. How
others like it, it’s nice to have feedback. But
first of all I have to like what I am doing
successful or not.

How do you feel about the

current state of photography?
Now days every one is a photographer. You
can take nice pictures with a smartphone, It’s
a good thing and bad thing.

Good because like anything, when there more

peoples practicing it there will be more good
photographers to be discover. Bad thing is the
amount of pictures that are out there that are
not good enough.

74 75

76 77

Is there a question that

you would like to answer
that I haven’t asked?

If you would like to make a

closing statement, we’d love
to hear what you have to say.
Learn everything you can about
photography, see others work, learn
what work in a picture, like composition,
light and shadows, similarity, candid
etc… then put it all in the back of your
mind and look for what YOU see.



78 79



80 81

It’s been 2 years now that it of course on the field! If I wanted it. The thing is that
became my professional activity. remember well, the firsts books I what would be unpolite or
got were from Mickael Freeman unappropriate in our western
Would you mind and David Duchemin. culture can be absolutely fine in
sharing some of the different one.
Later I met and became friend
things you feel helped
with the travel photographer As Mitch told me once “Don’t
you along the way with Mitchell Kanaschkevich. From worry, do your work. In any
your photography, him I got the way of working on culture, any language, if you
(lessons, workshops, the field, and the final push to go really do bother someone, you’ll
books etc)....and also pro. quickly come to know about it.
some of the things that
I guess the main thing I had to Then just smile and say sorry”.
may have hindered understand is “Go and make It’s true, since he made me
you that you overcame your shot!” In the beginning, realize this, I have felt much
on this journey? I was so concerned about more confortable creating my
not bothering my subjects, images, for example by moving
I’ve learned photography in that many times I didn’t dare objects in someone’s house, and
books and on internet- and creating my image the way I so far no one never got pissed

Please tell us of producing something rather love for travel and my curiosity
something about than just travel as a tourist in towards different cultures that
holidays. got me into travel photography,
you, your life and
as well as the need to share my
interest etc. All this mixed up well and I experiences. I think its a natural
am now a full time nomad thing for many of us to get into
I am from France and in photographer, mainly focused photography when we start
my previous life, I was a on people. travelling a lot.

I guess I was a bit suffocating

What inspired What age are you and
working between walls and you to become a at what age did you
overall having a clock ruling photographer? start your journey
over my encounters with as a photographer?
people- my patients in that case. I think I have always admire
I was finding freedom in my the story-telling aspect of good I am 31 and I started learning
travels, but I also felt the need photographs and the authors photography at the age of 26.
who made them. Then it’s my

82 83

off at me. After all I think to be

a photographer shooting people
is also to be sometimes sweetly

If we are speaking
specifically of
photographers, which
are the ones of the
past and present
do you admire?
Spontaneously I’d say: Steve Mc
Curry, Ami Vitale, Pierrot Men,
Tim Allen...

What purpose
does photography
serve for you?
It’s a testimony and a way to
express myself, to tell about my
travels, what I discovered and the
poeple I have encountered. A good
image can replace a long speech!

What Genre’ of
photography are you
most comfortable
working in?
My work is predominantly
documentary with a focus on
lifestyles, ancient cultures and

When you work, are you

working on different
series or just finding
photos that fit the way
you feel at the moment?
In the past I have been more into
single shots, but now I am trying as

84 85

86 87

88 89

much as I can to produce photo- There is also a light factor of What are your I like to be close to my subjects. When it’s possible I like to I’m thinking of buying a small
stories. course, I feel much more like recurring themes? Actually, shooting people shoot with my wide angle. mirrorless as a second camera-
shooting during the golden hours. from a distance makes me as I quite often shoot in dark
Can you describe a Countryside life and religious uncomfortable. I also quite often shoot from conditions.
few of your trigger If I see smoke coming out of a ceremonies/festivals. a lower position than my own
mechanisms that
traditional, I want to stop and If I feel I can’t be physically close height, even sometimes laying Are you self-taught,
check. I don’t follow a specific religion to my subjects to shoot, it means on the ground- I’m used to dirty educated or a little
make you want to myself but I find interesting I am not yet accepted by them. my clothes that way and make
stop and shoot? I guess as a woman it’s also a bit of both?
to see people being deep into It sometimes takes time to work people laugh at the same time.
good way to invite myself in their faith and celebrating it. on creating the contact and gain
Traditional looking people I am Self-thaugh.
someone’s house... “Oh, you’re the trust of the subjects before What camera are
definitely attract my eyes. cooking! What is the distance shooting, but I can feel free to you working with How do you feel about
Traditional clothes, ornaments, work only once this is done.
tatoos, anything that visually Can i see your kitchen and how to your subject you currently? being photographed?
gives a strong sens of belonging to you do?” That’s probably why are most comfortable
What is your favorite A canon 5Dmark3 and I feel I definitely prefer to hold the
a specific culture. I end up with a lot of photos of with while working?
Field of View? I couldn’t change yet -even if camera, but as I spend so much
women cooking!

90 91

92 93

time photographying people, understand their culture. I think Where in the world Over there, I just don’t feel like I am following many Not so far...
I feel I can’t not play the game a good fixer definitely smoothes are you located? putting my camera back in its photographers and photography
when someone wants to shoot your way into making the bag. It’s the place where I feel pages on the social networks, so How satisfied are you
me! photographs you wish for. In the moment, I am in more than anywhere else that a when I see interesting images- in your current state
Colombia, I am working on good shot can be just around the which is quite often the case, it in photography and
Do you like to work Do you have a documenting the indigenous corner... makes me want to get back to my
what would you like
by yourself or to have preference for images tribes in the region of the Sierra camera!
Nevada. When you’re feeling to improve upon?
someone with you? as an analog or as
somewhat slow or Another way is sometimes to
Please explain why. a digital state? change my location/subject if I I am hardly self-satisfied in
Where is your favorite lost, how do you find general... Although I do realize
feel things are really not working
When I want to explore a In today’s world the images place to work? your way back to I’ve made some way in this field.
out where I am.
region or go to some villages, I are mostly available as a digital find inspiration to
always try to have a local fixer state, and it’s fine for me, but a I think Rajasthan in India is the In the last year I didn’t have
most photogenic place I’ve been get working again? Do you exhibit your
working with me. He helps me good quality large print probably much time to shoot personnal
to get where I want to go, to makes me spend more time on so far. work in any form? projects and improve.
One way is probably by seeing
communicate with people and the image. the work of others.

94 95

96 97

I want to take this time now, and I looked at Zemenfes, horrified,

work more on producing photo- and whispered to him: “Grab
stories. some candles, as many as you
can! Hurry up!”
Any anecdotes you can
share? He quickly grabbed 5 or 6 candles,
but in the rush to not loose the
I guess the most akward memory moment, he came so close that
I have from my photographic he almost burnt the baby’s feet! I
journey so far was during got the flare of the flames on the
a baptism in the Ethiopian image, but well, at leat I have an
countryside. image.

My local fixer Zemenfes and I Thanksfully the priests didn’t

already attempted another one, seem to notice our mess, but my
but I missed the shot of the Ethiopian Mr Bean and I have
baby getting showered with holy been laughing out loud for a while
wáter because of the lack of light after that!
Any closing comments?
I was so disapointed to be
missing on the shot I couldn’t For anyone who would be
miss on! We decided to look interested, I am planing to give
for another baptism and luckily individual workshops in a near
found one. future, more especially in India
as I know well some interesting
This time, we bought a whole places there.
bunch of the long candles they
traditonally use in the church and The infos will be on my website
distributed them at the right time. as soon as I get a high speed
conection again!
We were very satisfied to have the
situation under control, but when
the crucial moment came, the FLICKR
priests unexpectedly took the two
babies away, in the darkest corner WEBSITE
of the room!

98 99


100 101

What inspired you to

become a photographer?
About 4 months before my son was
born, I knew I wanted to take photos
of my son as soon as he was born and
document his life through photography.

I wanted to learn as much as I can

about photography and the camera

So I bought my first DSLR which was a

Nikon D80 with a kit lens and used that
18­55 lens for the first two months then I
bought the nifty fifty and just fell in love
with it.

What age are you and at

what age did you start your
journey as a photographer?
I was 29 when I started my journey
through photography and never looked
back since then.

Would you mind sharing

some of the things you feel
helped you along the way
with your photography,
(lessons, workshops, books
etc)....and also some of
the things that may have
hindered you that you
overcame on this journey?
In the beginning I was reading a lot of
those Photography for Beginners to try
to understand and learn more about the

I started reading a great deal

magazines about photography, Popular
Photography was the first one I

102 103

104 105

subscribed to and read each magazine

from front to back. I started studying
photos that interested me and would
always ask myself why I like such
photos or styles.

My brother who was a portrait/

wedding photographer played a major
role in the beginning stage. He would
always tell me how important lighting
was and he told me about the Strobist

So I was going to that website

religiously for a full year studying
and learning as much as I can about
lighting. My brother also introduced
me to the work of Magnum Photo.

Six months into shooting, I bought

my first Magnum book “Magnum/
Magnum” and just fell in love with
what I saw.

I studied that book over and over and

over. From lighting, composition, and
try to understand the fundamentals of
photographing the moment.

In that book I also ran into a photo

that was taken by Steve McCurry title
“Bazaar In Ruins.” It’s that moment
I knew I wanted to do the same exact
thing that they are doing.

I don’t have the money to travel the

world, so I had to do the next best thing
which was photograph the street of Los

It was that same week I took my first

venture out to Burbank, CA and tried to
photograph people.

106 107

108 109

If we are speaking What Genre’ of Normally I just shoot anything It could be the light or could can you describe photograph people, if that’s
specifically of photography are you that makes me feel something. be a shadow or could be an that connection? considered a theme.
actual scene that’s just starting
photographers, which most comfortable
Can you describe a to come together or it could be I don’t think I really have any What is the distance
are the ones of the working in?
few of your trigger the environment or an actual connection with my subject to your subject you
past and present moment. matters. I’m there then I’m
Editorial and photographing the mechanisms that are most comfortable
do you admire? gone.
street. make you want to So pretty much anything that with while working?
Magnum Photography. Steve stop and shoot? would make me feel something What are your
McCurry for getting me started, When you work, I would try to photograph. If
I really like to get up close where
are you working on I’m not really sure how to answer recurring themes? I even joked about it to my
but the whole Magnum as a unit. it doesn’t do that, I don’t even
that to me it’s always just about friends that I want to be able to
Diane Arbus, Deborah Tuberville, different series or bother bringing the camera up I try to photograph different
feeling. smell them.
Daido Moriyama, and Annie just finding photos to my eye. things that are in the street and
Leibovitz to name a few. that fit the way you catch life as it happens. I just I like to shoot with a 21mm and
There are things that catches
feel at the moment? How strong of a take what the streets gives me with that lens I really need to
my attention but when that
What purpose connection do you and that’s it. be close to my subjects which
happened that’s where I actually
does photography I never go out there with any would stop whatever I’m doing have with your allows me to fill the frame.
serve for you? place in mind. I always leave it up and try to photograph it. subject matter and I don’t really care much
to the day to see how I’m feeling. for themes really. I love to Of course every situation is
To escape the daily routine of life. different so there are times

110 111

where I would pull back and catch the

full environment. It all depends on the
scene, it’s different every time.

What is your favorite Focal

Length or Field of View?
My two favorite focal length is the
21mm and the 28mm.

What camera are you

working with currently?
Right now there’s five cameras that I
actually use depending on my mood. If
I want to shoot digital it would be the
Leica M9, the Sony A7S, or the Ricoh
GR. If I’m shooting film it would either
be the Leica M6 or the Nikon F3.

How do you see the

relationship with your
camera? Is it a friend,
tool or whatever?
It’s a damn part of the family.

Are you self taught,

educated or a little
bit of both?
I’m self­taught. I spend a lot of time
reading books and I try be out there
shooting as much as I can whenever I
get the chance.

How do you feel about

being photographed?
I don’t belong on the other side of the
camera. It feels awkward to be on that
side of the camera so whenever I see
a camera that is pointed at me I just
make a stupid face.

112 113

114 115

116 117

Do you like to work

by yourself or to have
someone with you?
Please explain why.
It all depends on the day, sometimes I
like to be alone and sometimes I like to
be around people. Either way,

I tend to go off on my own anyway and

when I go out to shoot I normally have
my headphones on listening to music. It
helps me focus.

Do you have a preference

for images as an analog
or as a digital state?
As of right now I shoot a lot more with
digital but I have been shooting film for
the past month or two trying to learn
more about that side of the craft.

I can honestly say I like them both

because they’re both different from
each other, approach is different, and
the post process is different and I like

Where in the world

are you located?
I live in Los Angeles.

Where is your favorite

place to work?
I’ve only been there once but it has to
be New York City.

Ever since my trip last year, I promised

myself that I will go to New York at
least once a year… this year I’ll be there
end of June to beginning of July.

118 119

When you’re improve on, I just want to

feeling somewhat improve, period.
slow or lost, how
Can you describe
do you find your
how you judge the
way back to find
success or failure
inspiration to get
of your work?
working again?
I’m very hard on myself
I have felt this way many and I’m never satisfied.
times and when that time
comes I normally just How do you
experiment. Try to change
things up and shake it up a
feel about the
bit. current state of
Do you exhibit your
What is the current state of
work in any form?
photography? I just go out
I’ve done gallery exhibits and shoot.
before but majority of
I try not to worry about
my work is just posted
what other people are
on Facebook, Instagram,
doing, what other people
and my website @ www.
are saying, I just try to I’m too
focus on myself and
lazy to post anywhere else.
How satisfied
are you in your WEBSITE
current state in
photography FLICKR
and what would
you like to
improve upon?
I’m never satisfied. I try to
learn something new each
day. Just really nothing
specific that I would like to

120 121

122 123

I’m a street and travel own camera to create a series of than shooting a few rolls of ilford leaves me rushing ahead with I was inspired by Top Gear to the daily grind, with the ability go
photographer from Ipswich, Daguerreotype portraits. delta and spending the day in the the excitement of my idea. do Vietnam on a bike. I’ve never anyway and stop anywhere.
Suffolk. I like to believe that darkroom printing. Photography is more of an instant rode a motorbike before so it
the world presents me with the These were shot travelling from medium, even with film. was a bit of a baptism of fire, The picture that particularly
moments I capture although it Hanoi down to Saigon on my I’ve done a lot of experiment especially getting used to the put forward that conception is
may also be down to luck. beloved bike ‘ChiChi’. darkroom work from printing Once the image is captured you gears on the busy Hanoi streets. the shot with ducks. The ducks
with spinach to building my can only change certain aspects are a visual metaphor for being
The magic of film inspired me I’m a street and travel own camera to create a series of like the tone and contrast but the The project really started when trapped in everyday life.
to become a photographer. My photographer from Ipswich, Daguerreotype portraits. main form of the image can’t be I was consumed by the beauty
first camera was a Pentax ME Suffolk. changed. It’s my moment in time of the whole experience, riding The bike cutting through the
and there’s nothing I love more I was lucky to grow up with art that can’t be recaptured. past craggy green islets in Halong ducks symbolises the escape
than shooting a few rolls of ilford I like to believe that the world and photography around the Bay, feeling at one with the to freedom. It has been by far
delta and spending the day in the presents me with the moments I house so I was exposed from an These were shot travelling from road, I knew I had to try and my most popular series and I
darkroom printing. capture although it may also be early age. I’ve always loved the Hanoi down to Saigon on my capture the whole experience in a think this is because it really is
down to luck. idea of creating things, original beloved bike ‘ChiChi’. photographic series, which would something you can wanderlust
I’ve done a lot of experiment things. be truly difficult. over.
darkroom work from printing The magic of film inspired me It was a journey of downs and lots
with spinach to building my to become a photographer. My I’ve practised various mediums of ups and something I’ll always I think the series is about It’s something that has enough
first camera was a Pentax ME of Art at school but I find remember. freedom mostly. Being away from danger to get your heart pumping
and there’s nothing I love more my lack of patience always but accessible enough for almost

124 125

126 127

anyone today. I know while we were

away we convinced many people to
head out to Vietnam, buy a bike and

The main challenge was riding one

handed while trying to control the bike.
I had a few near misses with cows but
overall I pretty much mastered it by the

Another challenge was making sure

I had my aperture, focus and shutter
set properly because trying to focus
a rangefinder camera whilst riding a
motorbike one handed is no easy task.

I used a Leica M Monochrom with a 12

mm Voigtlander. Which was the perfect
set up. The lens was wide enough to get
the mirrors in which created a constant
that I wanted in the series.

Also the camera was small which is

ideal on a bike. Being manual focus
surprising helped me in a way because
I was able zone focus before I stared

Anecdotes and scars came part of the

package. I start with the one which
ended our journey with the bike. Me
and my partner were about 2 hours
from Saigon when we ended up on a
‘road’ if you could even call it that in the
middle of no where.

It was thick sand and we ended up

falling over a fair few times. In the end
we found a shack and played charades
until they realised we wanted to swap
the bike for a lift to our hotel.

128 129

130 131

Another time, we got off to an early

start and stopped on the side of the
road for some Vietnamese soup for

The locals didn’t see many tourists

around those parts and insisted I
took some snake blood vodka shots
with them. After that we set off on
our way, only to realise 15 minutes
later we had left the bag with
passports and cards back there.

I quickly turned around and hared

back towards the restaurant. When
we got there we found out someone
had been chasing us the whole time
trying give it back. The Vietnamese
are some of the friendliest people
you will ever meet.



132 133

134 135

136 137

BEFORE AFTER (Vagrant preset)


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138 139


140 141

Please tell us I just turned 35. I started at show things. Questionning is

something about you, 23 but really got into it around essential.
25. So it has been 10 years of
your life and interest
practice, that’s not much… the If we are speaking
etc. journey has only begun. specifically of
My name is Cyrille Druart. I run photographers, which
Would you mind
my Architectural and Design are the ones of the past
agency in Paris, France. sharing some of the
and present do you
things you feel helped
This is my main job. I also
you along the way with
travel in order to make pictures, your photography, I have to say i admire Japanese
several weeks a year.
(lessons, workshops, photographers a lot, Tomatsu,
books etc)....and also Sugimoto or Moriyama for
I’ve been interested in Arts since
instance. Their work is very
my childhood. Living in Paris i some of the things that
creative. Brandt too. I like
spent a lot of time at the Louvre may have hindered you fashion photographers as well,
and those wonderful museums that you overcame on Avedon, Newton.
we have here.
this journey?
So today my life is made of What purpose does
It is very important to look at photography serve for
works on spaces through
other photographer’s work.
Architecture, and images you?
Start from the beginning of
through Photography and
photography, then modern I use it to show how i see things.
drawing. That’s a great
masters, then present ones. It’s in fact a very personal
That’s fundamental to me, when
What inspired discovering some japanese
you to become a What Genre’ of
photographers i felt very
photographer? liberated. It validated some of photography are you
my thoughts. most comfortable
I have always felt an attraction working in?
for Photography. Something was Also study geometry, abstract
deeply exciting but i wasn’t sure works (paintings, sculpture). I I really try not to stick to
to be able to practice properly. think all arts are related. one genre in particular. I
My father offered me a Nikon take pictures of what moves
camera in 2002 and i then Music may influence your me, whether it is landscape,
started taking photos. photography, in terms of rythm someone’s face or a particular
for exemple, or even in terms of place.
What age are you and colour.
at what age did you You may then group my photos
Think about your distance, in genres but that’s really not my
start your journey as a about the way you want to way of working.

142 143

When you work, But I like to use diferent lenses

are you working on in order to get into things,
whether it’s a 35mm, 50mm, or
different series or just
200mm. There is no rule really.
finding photos that fit
the way you feel at the What is your favorite
moment? Field of View?
I don’t really think of series, or That’s hard to say, as sometimes
perhaps 2 or 3 images maximum i want to slightly distort or
in a row. I try to work on a compress what i see. I choose my
continous scale. lenses in relation to the moment
and what i have in mind. I like
Can you describe a 35mm very much though.
few of your trigger
mechanisms that make What camera are
you want to stop and you working with
shoot? currently?
It can be specific lighting, a Today i use a Leica M6 and a
shape, or just something that Mamiya 6 for my personal work.
moves me. I usually preset my Also My Nikon FM2, which was
camera and go. my first camera.

What are your This combo works well for me. I

tried many camera in the recent
recurring themes?
years, and ended up choosing
An editor recently told me those ones.
women, sensuality and urban
For my Architectural related
moods were central in my work.
work -and for fun- i use a Nikon
I guess it’s true..
d800. I also have a little Ricoh
GR with me all the time.
What is the distance to
your subject you are Are you self-taught,
most comfortable with educated or a little bit
while working? of both?
I used to stay away from my I am self-taught.
subjects. Things have changed
and i don’t hesitate to come
closer now.

144 145

146 147

How do you feel about the morning and walk around speed/aperture combo and i
being photographed? looking for interesting things. can focus or moments rather
They know me and respect this. than technical aspects. B&W
Although i don’t mind too I can’t stand getting stuck in a films give me full spectrum, no
much, i can’t say i really like hotel room. clipping.
it. Photoshootings annoy me a
little. In the street i don’t mind Do you have a When using my digital cameras
though. Doing the same to preference for images it’s not that easy. Digital is great
others, i can’t really complain… for studio work where careful
as an analog or as a
lighting is required, or when you
digital state? have time to properly expose.
Do you like to work
by yourself or to have I shoot film for technical reasons I also love the way film deals
someone with you? only. Nothing nostalgic or with transitions and contrasts.
Please explain why. trendy. It’s smooth, natural and delicate.

I really love being on my own The way film handles sudden

Where in the world are
when out shooting. I usually change of luminosity is beautiful.
you located?
listen to music which allows
I preset my camera using
me to stay focus. When i travel I live in Paris, France.
scale distance and a specific
with friends, i leave early in

148 149

Where is your favorite When you’re feeling This is perhaps the most How satisfied are you Using digital i don’t shoot much WEBSITE
place to work? somewhat slow or exciting moment. Very diferent in your current state more. Having too many choices
from the shooting in terms of in the end creates issues… FLICKR
lost, how do you find in photography and
I love cities. So far my favorite feelings but for me that’s where
your way back to find the thrill is. what would you like to Any anecdotes you can
place has been Tokyo.
inspiration to get improve upon? share?
The energy there is working again? Do you exhibit your
phenomenal. Japanese people I can’t say i am satisfied with
work in any form? my work. There are exceptions,
I am really not good at
are very creative and have I usually don’t force myself. remembering that kind of
this conciousness of doing When i return from a Having recently decided to but i am in fact almost always things…
something in the best possible photographic trip, i can’t touch show my work, i am still disapointed with myself and
way. a camera anymore. gathering contacts. my images… I still feel the next Any closing comments?
image will be the good one.
They are totally dedicated to This usually lasts for a week or I meet with people, talk, and try I will be in Miami and NYC
their craft. I feel very close to two. During that time i process to understand the way things I tend to be very picky at in September, really looking
them in that sense. They do my films and work on them on work. I am right now working selecting my keepers. On a 36 forward to it !
care. my computer. on a book project with some frame roll, i choose 3, 4 photos
publishers. maximum. I have stopped
working on average images.

150 151

152 153

154 155

I source quality cameras and other photographic
equipment from Japan to customers around the
world. Having built strong connections in the camera
industry over the past seven years as a buyer and
broker in Tokyo I am able to quickly and expertly
meet the needs of each customer on an individual
basis. No matter what it is you are looking for, Japan
has it, and I can find it.

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156 Inspired Eye Affiliate 157
158 159

In 1993 I was working as a

documentary photographer in
the New York City area. One
day I was walking around the
neighborhood of the Lower East
Side and found a synagogue
on Rivington Street called the
First Roumanian American

It was an historic old building

that my father had talked to me
about quite a few times.

Jan Peerce and Richard Tucker

had both served as cantors there
before going on to establish
solo careers at the Metropolitan
Opera, and quite a few celebrities
- such as Red Buttons, Milton
Berle, and Eddie Cantor -
had been members of the

I was taking pictures of the

building when the rabbi
approached me to inquire as to
why I was photographing the

After talking with him for a

few minutes, he invited me in
to participate in the afternoon
‘mincha’ prayer service. I asked
if I would be allowed to take
pictures, and after a few seconds
of hesitation he agreed.

That was the beginning of a very

meaningful relationship with
Rabbi Jacob Spiegel and of a
project that was to occupy me for
the next two years.

I returned often to participate

with and photograph members

160 161

162 163

164 165

166 167

of the congregation, and whole of the Twentieth Century, The historic synagogue building
frequently the rabbi suggested was disappearing and being had since collapsed and is
other opportunities I should replaced by gentrification. now a vacant lot. But other
pursue for the project. buildings were still there, some
So I wanted to grab what I renovated. Rabbi Spiegel’s
At the time I had no idea where thought would be the last family still lived in the area,
I was going with the whole gasp of a dying community. so, after a twenty-year hiatus, I
thing, but I had a feeling in my These photos are part of that picked up the project.
gut that it was important for me collection.
to pursue the work. This is a small sample of some
More recently, I was of the original and later work.
As I photographed merchants encouraged by my photography
and residents of the area I instructor, Mario Cabrera, to I
realized that the character return to the neighborhood to WEBSITE
of the neighborhood was see what had happened, and I
changing and the immigrant was surprised to see that while
nature of the Lower East Side, gentrification was progressing
especially Jewish, which had nicely, there remained a kernel
been dominant for almost the of the old community.

168 169

170 171

172 173



Fionn Reilly is a London born

photographer living in New York.
Primarily a portrait photographer,
his work has been published in i-D
Magazine, Esquire, GQ, Nw York
Times, LA Times, Playboy and others.


Photographs form Kolkata in August


I went to Kolkata a couple of years ago

and spent a tantalizingly short amount
of time there and took very few
photographs, so I decided to go back
in 2014 and spend a few weeks there
getting a detailed a portrait of the city.

I realize now that I had in the back

of my mind, a memory of Raghubir
Singh’s book on Calcutta but more
presently I have been impressed by
Satyayjit Ray’s films like Jalshagar.

At a young age I was often told that

my bedroom looked like the Black
Hole of Calcutta, so there has always
been a fascination.

Most people associate India with color

but in this case I thought black and
white would be more penetrating.

When I processed my film, I realized

that my camera had revealed a much
older city than i had witnessed.

This is the reason for the title of the

project. I had traveled in 2014 to
Kolkata but came back with pictures
of old Calcutta, steeped in it’s roots of
empire. All the shots were taken with
a wide angle lens challenging me to
engage the city and it’s people from

176 177

close quarters. These photographs

are the product of walking all
day around unknown streets and
neighborhoods, following my nose
for things I found interesting.

Largely human activity in

the streets and the incredible
crumbling architecture. Kolkata
is the artistic, intellectual city of
India. Of the major cities it is the
least modernized and has a true
Dickensian quality.

The people are resilient and the

suffering laid bare on the streets
certainly give it an edge.


178 179

180 181

182 183

184 185

186 187

188 189

190 191

192 193

Please tell us I came to live in Italy . I am around me . With photography the things you feel should at least attend a basic past and present
something about you, separated and I live with my I found a way to freeze these helped you along technical course and then let go do you admire?
beautiful baby girl , which is moments. on instinct .
your life and interest the way with your
thick my muse. It might seem obvious,
etc. Put as much detail What age are you and photography, (lessons, All this at the same time careful but I like all the masters of
as you like and then we I love nature and everything at what age did you workshops, books observation of the photographic photography . HCB , Erwitt
will start the questions. that is not contaminated by the
start your journey etc)....and also some world and the study of the great , Cindy Sherman , Sebastião
stupidity of man. of the things that may photographers. Salgado , Annie Leibovitz , are
My name is Arleta Zawadzka as a photographer?
have hindered you the ones I prefer.
, but in my little world as a What inspired If we are speaking
photographer I am known as
I’m 40 and I started seriously that you overcame
you to become a five years ago. specifically of What purpose
Kicia Randagia . I was born in on this journey?
photographer? photographers, which does photography
Poland , the country that I love
deeply. But “ all roads lead to
Would you mind I think anyone who wants to are the ones of the serve for you?
I always liked to watch the faces
Rome “ and about 15 years ago sharing some of become a photographer , it
and attitudes of the people

194 195

It’s just my passion . I think

everyone should cultivate one or
more passion . this is mine.

What Genre’ of
photography are you most
comfortable working in?
In this moment I work on portraits of

When you work, are you

working on different
series or just finding
photos that fit the way
you feel at the moment?
Usually I do not like the series of
photographs to describe a situation or
a state of mind . The maximum would
reach the goal with just one image .
I work in this way, or at least I try.

Can you describe a few of

your trigger mechanisms
that make you want
to stop and shoot?
A good light and a curious expression
are fundamental . And if they exist at
the same time, this is the ultimate.

How strong of a connection

do you have with your
subject matter and can you
describe that connection?
I have to love my subject to get anything
close to a good result.

196 197

198 199

200 201

What are your

recurring themes?
Children and animals . For their
spontaneity , I often do not find any
difference .

What is the distance to

your subject you are
most comfortable with
while working?
I photograph from very close.

What is your favorite Focal

Length or Field of View?
Around 30mm (on APS-C).

What camera are you

working with currently?
I usually work with an Olympus OMD-
EM10. But I have others.

How do you see the

relationship with your
camera? Is it a friend,
tool or whatever?
I love the small cameras . My Olympus
is ideal to be taken anywhere with
discretion and still get excellent results.

Are you self taught, educated

or a little bit of both?
A little a bit of both.

How do you feel about

being photographed?
I like so much.

202 203

204 205

206 207

208 209

Do you like to work by yourself

or to have someone with
you? Please explain why.
Working with children is very challenging .
They do not always do what I want. In this case
I need help.

Do you have a preference

for images as an analog
or as a digital state?

Where in the world

are you located?
Rome, Italy. But I am Polish.

Where is your favorite

place to work?
I love to work in Poland because you can find a
bit of wild world that here, in Italy, there is no

When you’re feeling somewhat

slow or lost, how do you find
your way back to find inspiration
to get working again?
Simply just wait . Sometimes hours , sometimes

Do you exhibit your

work in any form?
Generally my work is aimed at individuals and
the results are not public for privacy.

Every time I have a chance to put (on the web

or live) my works. But it is just the tip of the

210 211

How satisfied are you

in your current state in
photography and what would
you like to improve upon?
Every morning I wake up having 10000
things to learn. And in the evening I am
happy if I have learned one.

Can you describe how

you judge the success or
failure of your work?
Photographing seriously only recently ,
I believe I am not contaminated by the
fashion of the moment , but I just do what I
feel .

How do you feel about the

current state of photography?
Anyone with a good camera thinks he is a
good photographer . If an image is “ bad “ , it
is “ bad “ even after a million of “I Like “.

Is there a question that

you would like to answer
that I haven’t asked?
I hoped that you would have asked me
to marry you . Too bad . We lost a good
opportunity . :)


212 213

214 215

216 217

218 219

I source quality cameras and other photographic
equipment from Japan to customers around the
world. Having built strong connections in the camera
industry over the past seven years as a buyer and
broker in Tokyo I am able to quickly and expertly
meet the needs of each customer on an individual
basis. No matter what it is you are looking for, Japan
has it, and I can find it.

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220 Inspired Eye Affiliate 221

Interview with

by Don Springer

What inspired you to

become a photographer?
It might sound strange, but I was inspired
by many JAZZ music and its players. When
taking a picture, JAZZ is always flowing in
my mind.

What age are you and at

what age did you start your
journey as a photographer?
My age 38 and started journey as a
photographer at 2014.

Would you mind sharing

some of the things you feel
helped you along the way with
your photography, (lessons,
workshops, books etc)....and
also some of the things that
may have hindered you that
you overcame on this journey?
Its difficult question because I never learned
about photography and I will not learn

I always believe the sense and follow the


If we are speaking specifically

of photographers, which
are the ones of the past and
present do you admire?
If I must say its Ed van der Elsken.

What purpose does

photography serve for you?
Nothing. If I had my way, I would quit
photographer. Because it won't be as I
thought, the life is exciting.

224 225

What Genre' of
photography are you most
comfortable working in?
Of course it's street photography.

When you work, are you

working on different
series or just finding
photos that fit the way
you feel at the moment?
Just finding photos that fit the way you
feel at the moment.

Can you describe a few of

your trigger mechanisms
that make you want
to stop and shoot?
When I take photo, I’m almost

Maybe I feeling something at that time

but I can’t explain well.

How strong of a connection

do you have with your
subject matter and can you
describe that connection?
At that moment something attracted
and may be feeling. That’s the speed,
an expression, sound and composition.

What are your

recurring themes?
I have no themes.

226 227

What is the distance to

your subject you are
most comfortable with
while working?
I will always cherish the distance to the
subject. But it’s not always at the same

What is your favorite Focal

Length or Field of View?
I have not particular about Focal Length
or Field of View.

What camera are you

working with currently?
It’s an iPhone. It’s the best camera in the

How do you see the

relationship with your
camera? Is it a friend,
tool or whatever?
iPhone is best partner, because always
carry it.

I never missed a good opportunity to take

photos .

Are you self taught, educated

or a little bit of both?
Self taught.

How do you feel about

being photographed?
I am very excited every day. But
sometimes I just wanna drop everything.

228 229

Do you like to work

by yourself or to have
someone with you?
Please explain why.
I like work by myself. But someone to
get happy when watch my photos, I
think its the best thing.

Do you have a preference

for images as an analog
or as a digital state?
I’m using iPhone but I like analog.
Sometimes I take by analog camera and
developed and printed in a darkroom.(in
my room)

In digital there is atmosphere that can

not be expressed . It very tough but it’s
worth a shot.

Where in the world

are you located?
Tokyo, Japan.

Where is your favorite

place to work?
Street. Especially wet day.

When you’re feeling

somewhat slow or lost,
how do you find your way
back to find inspiration
to get working again?
Listen Jazz music, but it’s difficult to
keep feeling.

Do you exhibit your

work in any form?
Flicker, Facebook, ebook
and Photo exhibition.

230 231



How satisfied are you I think it’s difficult situation. We seem to be a barrier but your
in your current state can spread a work for the world photos speak loud and clear. It’s
easily using some SNS. All over an honor to have you here my
in photography and
the world at same time. friend.)
what would you like
to improve upon? I think photo life is getting If you would like to make a
shorten year after year. But I closing statement, we’d love to
I have no choice but to believe believe a wonderful work to be hear what you have to say.
and continue oneself. always noticed by someone.
I’d like to keep believing oneself
Can you describe how Is there a question and sending new Tokyo for the
you judge the success or that you would like world through my eyes. Thank
failure of your work? you.
to answer that I
I’ll follow my nose.
haven’t asked?
No, but If I were able to speak FLICKR
How do you feel about English better I would have been
the current state of able to speak with you more.
photography? (Don, Yasuo, Language may

236 237

238 239

If your photos are not there, please try again next issue. To submit your image, head to the website
(, head to the Gallery tab and follow the instructions there.
C lick on image to go to phot
ographer’s website

Q  theresagroth
Stopping Traffic – Yonge Street and Queen
Street, Toronto, Ontario,

QQ   Giuseppe Milo
Praga district, Warsaw, Poland

RR   Kevin Demers
Dog Day Afternoon. Walking past this
house one afternoon, I saw this dog
just completely flopped out on the step,
dead to the world. I thought to myself,
yup that looks like a great idea. So
returned home and proceeded to flop
on the couch. Thanks pooch!!

R   Giuseppe Milo
The couple

240 241

R   Noel Lopez
Any bartender can be a friend and a keeper of

Q  Gordo
Dreaming of Venice…..

QQ Stefan Neagu

242 243

Q   VF
talking to some customer

ok, when I waiting I can also take a


QQ   Jeremy McCarthy
A visitor leaving the Tate Modern in
London as the sun setted.

RR   Richard Bresden
death calls, but we keep running

R   Miguel Tejada-Flores
Lucy, my mother in law, is in the last stages
of a long illness. Some days and moments are
difficult; others have a quite sense of focus and
reflection. This was taken in such a moment; we
were sitting, talking, and there was something
about her face, and her look.

244 245

RR   Rafael Ianos
Paris, France. Rafael Ianos

R   Rafael Ianos
Street reflection. Rafael Ianos

Q   Spero Ginis
‘not convinced’ One of my favourites!
R   Subro Sengupta
“Skater Boys”

I saw this girl and we made eye contact This photo was shot in front of
when she saw I was going to take a President’s Palace, New Delhi
picture, I then discreetly motioned with (India). It was early in the
my hand for her to come closer to the morning and I spotted a group of
guy preaching ‘fire and brimstone’ BS. kids practising skating. I mainly
I just wanted to get a contrast between focussed on the white line pointing
the two. She added the fingers/tongue straight, positioned my camera,
thing – which made the picture that took a few shots of the kid in front
much better. (Thanks you, Punk Rock and then he moved to the left and
Girl) I got this shot.

Thank you.

246 247

RR   Roland Co
I saw the shot…and i quickly took it.

R   Roland Co
When everything falls into the right
place and you only have split seconds to

Q   gretchen krueger
old biker,new mexico

QQ   Marc-Andre Robert
Kid watching a non functional Mercedez
in Cameroon

https //

248 249

RR   Gastón Etchegoyen
sleeping beauty

R  Joannis
Momentum 2015,,in my Backyard! The
Title ofe the Pic: Stromrider. Greets


QQ   David Gleave
Bass player in dressing room,
Manchester 2014.

250 251

Q   Marc-Andre Robert
With detailed images from the four
corners of the earth, I try to show the
human condition in all its wonder. My
approach to imagery ensures a very
visual experience, most notable in my
black & white work. I prefer to invest in
marginal areas, meet the landless, the
homeless...telling stories with images.
https //

QQ   Marc-Andre Robert
Kid watching a non functional Mercedez
in Cameroon, https //

Q Marc-andre Robert
A dog in the middle of the jungle in Africa
R   Kimberley Britt
A gent in a fedora will always catch my eye.
In this case he happened to be in an old
train station that has just recently reopened
as a transit hub ….the setting, his gaze, and
the simple window light, I think, adds to the
timeless quality.

252 253

RR   Jim Matthews
Spotted in Paignton Devon while
looking at the sign on the machine.

R   tgoarant
loss of inoocence – Thibaut Goarant.
Taken at the Yokohama Museum of

Taken outside a city cafe and caught
the eye of the man inside.

QQ  jbarab
Waiting for a falafel, winter in NYC

254 255

RR   jbarab

Hanging out, waiting for what??? in

Miami Beach. Jordan Barab

Waited across the road at an
underpass while the woman with her
walking aid went past , luckily at the
same moment a cyclist came into view
and I took this frame.

Q   Jochem Schmidt
A shot from the back of a shot from
the back of a models back.

QQ   marcwick
I liked the different pattern sof the
ground in combination with the light
and shadows

256 257

Q  marcwick
Seen near the Taj Mahal, India

QQ   Fiverdog
What prompted me to take this
photo was the woman’s polka
dot outfit and her jewellery.
It was a quick grab shot and I
hadn’t even noticed the little
boy blowing bubbles so was
pleasantly surprised on viewing
the image later in Lightroom.
I really love his expression –
he wants his mum to look but
she’s too engrossed on her
‘phone. Sue Berry

R   Fiverdog
So often in a big city we are rushing from
one place to another and never take time
to view our surroundings. This man sitting
in the shade watching the pigeon seemed
to be an oasis of calm amidst the hustle
and bustle.

258 259

RR   Never Edit
The Godfather Himself

R  Ron Dennis
A Lonely Walk

Q   Bjoeki
while an impressive organ sample
this man took his sleep

QQ   Brett Franklin
Both photographs taken in 1996
in New York, shot on Kodak
transparency film, I’ve scanned
them and converted too black and
white in Lightroom, I still enjoy
shooting film as well as digital,
there is a different feel too analogue

260 261

Q  Brett Franklin
Taken on Kodak transparency 1996
New York, converted into black and
white via lightroom

QQ   Jordi
138 l 137, Kobe Japan. Fuji Acros

RR   Jordi
Past watching, Yokohama Japan. Tri-x

R   amberdenzphotodotcom
My husband and I spent 3 days at an
elephant preservation camp where
these images were created. All images
taken with Fuji XE2 + 55-200.

262 263

RRR   david

RR   Crystal Calton
I took this photo while walking through
Venice, Italy. The alley was so small and
cramped I found myself looking up to just
get a glimpse of the sky.

R  Sandra Dalton
Fence in cemetery.

Q   Bjoern Bremer - Takin’ Shotz

Taken in my hometown “Vegesack”
(Bremen) in Germany. Early in the
morning. I love the foggy silhouette in
the background.

QQ   david

264 265