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Weapons Fumbles

2d6 Launcher Energy Energy Projectile Projectile Heavy

+1 if no skill Weapon (1-Handed) (2-Handed) (1-Handed) (2-Handed) Weapon
2 Clumsy you jammed You boldly You seem to think Daydreaming, you Your poor grip Too late you realize
the trigger. Spend go…down flat on your weapon is a place your opposing causes you to fire your weapon is
next three rounds your face and on top baton as it slips your hand in front of your wildly. Roll 1d6 = 6 pointed 180° away
unjamming the of your weapon. grip and lands three weapon and shoot to hit anyone within from the intended
weapon. Take a full round meters (two squares) off a finger. Take a your 180° forward target. Roll 1d6 = 6
getting up. away. wound each round arc. Roll penetration to hit anyone within
until you receive normally. your arc. Roll
medical attention. penetration
3 Suddenly more As if of its own Your weapon drops It’s tough to get a Whirling around for Popping out of your
slippery than volition, your to the floor. Are you grip on this thing. no reason, you drop control, you give
greased lightning, weapon leaps out of sure you know how Drop your weapon. your weapon. yourself a light
your favorite “toy” your hand onto the to use one of these wound while
slips from your hand ground. things? dropping your
and hits the floor. weapon.
4 The weapon pops A muscle spasm Muscles spasm and You tried to get Whoops! You You eject your
open in your hands shakes the weapon your weapon shakes fancy, poke yourself forgot how to handle round instead of
and the round goes from your hand. from your hands. in the eye and drop this thing. Roll 1d8 pulling the trigger.
tumbling away. Roll Roll 1d8 direction Roll 1d8 direction your weapon. Roll direction and 1d6 Now it starts
1d8 direction and and 1d6 squares and 1d6 squares 1d8 direction and squares distance. cooking off. Panic!
1d6 squares distance. distance. 1d6 squares
distance. distance.
5 Lose your grip. No Oops! Eject the Nuts! Eject the Vision check! The Fire wildly into the Poor aim. Fire into
activity until next power cartridge. No power cartridge. No ammo cartridge was ground in front of ground in front of
round. activity until next activity until next just ejected. No you. No activity you, just far enough
round. round. activity until next until next round. away. No activity
round. until next round.
6 Wait, I’m holding Damn safety is still Get a grip. You fire Distracted by the You empty your clip Aardvark! Wait ‘til
this thing on. Wait ‘til next next fire phase Winged Victory of in the air. Reload… next fire phase.
backwards. I’ll fire fire phase. because of Samothrace, you fire
next fire phase. incompetence. next fire phase.
7 Fumble weapon. Trigger? Trigger? Poor grip. Wait ‘til Mysteriously, you You hesitate. Wait Uncertainty causes
Wait ‘til next fire What trigger? Wait next fire phase. forget to fire. Wait ‘til next fire phase. you to stop. Wait
phase. ‘til next fire phase. ‘til next fire phase. ‘til next fire phase.
8 Ten thumbs cannot Pause to check the Bad grip. Wait ‘til Clumsy maneuver, Poor grip and nasty Slow on the uptake.
find the trigger. power level. Wait next fire phase. no effective fire. kickback distract Wait ‘til next fire
Wait ‘til next fire ‘til next fire phase. Wait ‘til next fire fire. Wait ‘til next phase.
phase. phase. fire phase.
9 Well dang! Lose You really Fire weapon into Jammed round. Sprain your off hand Confused, you lose
your grip. No misjudged it. Lose ground at your feet. Take time to clear wrist. Lose your your grip. No
activity until next your grip. No No activity until jam. No activity grip. No activity activity until next
round. activity until next next round. until next round. until next round. round.
10 Random distraction Trembling hands You really, really You hit the space The weapon recoils A mental lapse
causes you to lose cause indecision. mishandle your three meters (2 severely in your causes indecision.
concentration. No No activity until weapon. No activity squares) short of hands. No activity No activity until
activity until next next round. until next round. your intended target. until next round. next round.
round. No activity until
next round.
11 You tripped over A cruel childhood Weapon separates Cartridge drops out Horror at your lack Your lack of skill
yourself. No memory causes no from your hands. of your weapon. of skill leaves you has caused your
activity for next two activity for next two No activity for next You are not speechless. No round to travel only
rounds. rounds. two rounds. impressed. No activity for next two half way. No
activity for next two rounds. activity for next two
rounds. rounds.
12 Drop your weapon Weapon hits your Fire at the invisible Your weapon hand Hot casing hits your Exuberant hefting of
and step on it. off hand funny bone. bulldozer to the becomes a tangle of face. Ouch, that weapon causes groin
Smooth move. Ha ha! Recoil? right. fingers. hurt. pain.
Poor judgement and Only you could get Your fumble fingers You artfully spin the Your fumble fingers With a puff, a smoke
13 worse aim. You lose your finger stuck. Only cause your weapon weapon in your hand cause your weapon and a “foof” the first
an ear and take a you can be so to slip and shoot off and deal yourself a to slip and you shoot round lands at your
thunderstruck. Only
wound each round you should try
your big toe. Take a point blank wound. your opposing feet. Now the
until you receive surrendering. Could it wound each round Roll unmodified kneecap. Take a remainder starts
medical attention. be you who is stunned until you receive wound and say your wound each round cooking off. Panic!
at everything? Only medical attention. prayers. until you receive
you will not do medical attention.
anything the next 4