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The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without
doing anything.

THE SPANISH REVOLUTION -in 1968 a revolution broke out in Spain defiance against the
oppressive reign of Queen Isabel II. This was staged and led by two of her generals, Marshal Francisco
Serrano and Juan Prim. The Spanish people called as ‘Revolution Disgusto’ or Revolution of Disgust’. At
the end of event, Queen Isabel II was outed and took refuge in France. Francisco Serrano became a
Marshal Regent of Spain. Eventually, with the will of people, Serrano created a republic form of
government and ended absolute monarchy in Spain. This move started to pave the way to liberal forms to
be introduced not only to Spain but also the colonies. A new governor General was named for the
Philippines, Carlos Ma. Dela Torre.
DELA TORRE AND LIBERALISM. Probably the best administrator the Philippines ever had during
the Spanish rule, Dela Torre and his Liberalism was highly favored in Manila and the rest of the territory.
Censorship was abolished and government criticism were accepted and reforms recommended by various
sector were welcomed.
Some of the reforms that were being considered or already introduce by the new administration were:
a. the Filipinization of Parishes
b. The abolition of polo in Cavite which affected the agricultural economy of the province and
the people themselves.
c. The lifting of heavy taxes to native military servicemen and other reforms that became
beneficial to the local in the royal army.
d. The Education Decree of 1869 which placed all school under government supervision. This
give way too many natives to have children go to college and universities.
e. The creation of Guardia Civil was truly intended for the protection of civilians from pirates and
ordinary criminals.
The Secularization Movement
Before the end of 1871 Dona Teodora was arrested on malicious charge that she had conspired
with her brother, Jose Alberto, in the attempt to murder the latter's wife, Teodora Formosa, by
Ordinarily, she should have been sent to the Calamba jail.
She was instead tied at the back of the wagon and was dragged to travel by foot from Calamba
to Santa Cruz (capital of Laguna).
She was then imprisoned in Santa Cruz city jail.
The imprisonment would go on for two years and a half.
The Secularization of the Parishes was pioneered by Fr. Pedro Palaez.
The colonial government continued to be in control of the Church during the entire Spanish
period in the Philippines.
The only time the native priests were given the opportunity to take care of parishes was during
the expulsion of the Jesuits in the Philippines.
After the untimely death of P. Pedro Palaez, his follower P. Jose Burgos took his place to
champion the secular priests.
The ageing P. Mariano Gomez and the young P. Jacinto Zamora partnered him in the
A REVERSAL OF FORTUNE. THE founding of republic of Spain created issues that would take
the Philippines back to the old ways. One of these issues is the Spain cannot be Spain without
tradition monarch, and so, they crowed a new one in the person of Amadeo of Savoy, a new
king under the new Spanish constitution. Another issue that the liberalism that was archived by
Spain must only be confine and Spain in the colonies must have, still, a separate set of laws
that would not endanger Spanish interest. Liberalism in the Philippines as more political
reforms. But with Serrano outed from power, the Spanish Cortes, the parliament, adopted a new
administrative policy that was implemented for the colonies, a policy of terror.
THE RESTORATION OF TERROR. Military rule was restored to the Philippines as a now
administrator arrive to replace Dela Torre. With a vow to erase from the minds of Filipino the jor
of liberalism and a dream for a future independence military action was executed by Gov. Gen.
Rafael Ezquierd. He immediately reversed all reforms of the former governor and used the
Guardia Civil to protect the interest of the government from the civilian population. As a
consequence, he attracted many enemies from various sector who were affected.
THE CAVITE MUNITY. On the night of January 20,1872 about 200 Filipino soldier and
workmen of the Cavity Arsenal at Fort San Felipe rose in the violent mutiny under the leadership
of Sgt. La Madrid. Unfortunately, this Cavity mutiny was suppressed two days later by troop
reinforcement from Manila. La Madrid and the mutineers were defeated by Lt. Felipe Ginoves.
The Spanish authorities magnified Jose Burgos as the mastermind of the incident together with
Jacinto Zamora and Mariano Gomez. The was rebellion.
Evidence from the intramuros investigation included testimonies of those who where
captured in the Cavite mutiny which included Francisco Zaldua.according to the prosecution,
Jose Burgos did not only plan a mutiny but ah rebellion of which the aim was the assassination
of Izquierdo and an attack on intramuros. He allegedly finances a masterminds this move and
was supported by native soldier and citizens, not only from Cavite but also and manila ang other
provinces. The Cavite mutiny mere error that failed the whole grand plan. On February 17,1872,
Gomburza were executed upon the order of the Gov. Gen. Rafael Izquierdo. Paciano,Jose’s
brother saw the execution. The search for those other involved, likewise, commenced. As a
result, many of those accused of diredt or indirect involve were either exiled or executed.
Paciano wh was then the student of Colegio de San Jose and was boarding with father
Burgos was gravely affected by the event for the was a trusted assistant of Burgos in the of
Filipinization of the parishes. His closed association were Burgos was so crucial after the
execution of the three priest, evading arrested or suspicion he quit studies in Colegio de San
Jose, where where Burgos became his professor, and returned to Calamba. Here, he told the
heroic story of Burgos to his family and revealed his kept secrets to his father. Don Francisco on
his part, made a specific instruction to all his children that no one must talk anymore about
Burgos( even though a family relative), the Cavite mutiny, nor word”filibustero’ (anti-
government). This was for Paciano’s protection.
The martyrdom of Gomburza and injustice to his mother made Rizal to become truly
aware of the evils of Spanish tyranny, and that even priest can get executed as long as you are
not one of them, a Spaniard.