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Lindsey Finch

INTASC Standard #9: Professional Learning & Ethical Practices

The teacher engages in ongoing professional learning and uses evidence to cqninutally evaluate
his/her practice, particularly the effects of his/her choices and actions on others (learners,
families, other professionals, and the community), and adapts practice to meets the needs of each

Licensure/Content Standard #6b: Knowing about and upholding ethical standards and other
professional guidelines
Licensure/Content Standard #4b: Knowing and understanding effective strategies and tools for
early education, including appropriate uses of technology.
Licensure/Content Standard #5a: Understanding content knowledge and resources in
academic disciplines: language and literacy; the arts—music, creative movement, dance, drama,
visual arts; mathematics; science, physical activity, physical education, health and safety; and
social studies.
Licensure/Content Standard #6e: Engaging in informed advocacy for children and the

Description of Evidence and how it demonstrates the standard(s):

This is a short digital story I created about the liturgical seasons in the Catholic Church. This
video is great for any religion class grades five and up.

Implications for Future Teaching:

I made this video to show to my students in CCD (Sunday-school) who are learning about God
and the Church. They really enjoyed it and wanted to know if I would show it at the next class. It
is important for students in the Catholic schools to know about the Liturgical seasons of the
Church because, just like Fall, Summer, Winter, and Spring, so do we have seasons that
transition us into something ahead. For example, Advent is the waiting and celebration of
Christ’s birth. This is a time to prepare our hearts for the joyous coming of God. When I taught
the students this lesson, they seemed to grasp the general concept, however I do not think they
write understood the spiritual aspect of it. Next time I teach this lesson and use this video, I will
use physical examples to convey the spiritual side of it. So, for Advent, I would compare
awaiting the birth of Christ like awaiting the birth of a little brother or sister in our mommy’s
tummies; to prepare for the baby, we get a stroller, crib, clothes, diapers, etc. And for Jesus’
coming, we pray and reflect on the Gospels so to foster and celebrate his arrival on this earth.
Logistically, using videos in class is a great way to engage the students and use a variety of
learning tools. Overuse of videos becomes redundant, but in this case, I believe this video
enhances and solidifies the lesson.