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Siena College of Taytay

Integrated Basic Education Department

S.Y. 2017-2018
Greetings of Peace!
We, the Researchers from 12 – ABM 1, would like you to take part in this important survey by providing
the data needed in our research paper entitled “EASE OF DOING BUSINESS IN TAYTAY, RIZAL AS
TAYTAY”. We will be gaining your thoughts and opinions in regards with the ease of doing business in Taytay.
This survey should only take 3-4 minutes to complete. Be assured that all the answers you provide will be kept with
strictest confidentiality.
Survey Questionnaire
Profile of the Respondents 2. Before putting up your business, did
you consider the location of
Type of Business: construction?
Service Business (Laundry Shops, Yes
Apartments, Event Planners, Transportation, No
3. If yes, what is/are the factor/s that
Merchandising Business (Sari- affected your business location choice?
sari/Grocery/Convenience Store/
Distributors/Resellers) Environment
Business central
Manufacturing Business (Fabric/
Textile/Electronic parts Manufacturer, etc.)
Price of land
Cannot be classified. State it here: Others: ____________

Number of Owners:
B. Registration
1 1. How long did the registration take place
2 or more before starting the business operation?

Date Established: _______________________ Less than 1 month

Questions 1-2 months
2-3 months
I. Pre- Business More than 3 months
A. Planning
1. What are your motives in starting your 2. How was your experience during the
business? registration process?

3. If difficult, what difficulties did you B. Taxation
encounter during the process?
1. What can you say about the tax being
Long and many procedures imposed on your business?
Many requirements needed Low
Far office location Medium
Expensive fees High
Others: _____________
2. Is it justifiable?

4. How do you find the response of the Yes

municipal government when it comes to No
giving permits?

Slow-phased C. Sales
Medium-phased 1. Does the income of your business
Fast-phased cover its total daily expenses?

C. Cost of Construction

1. Which course of action have you 2. If no, how frequent do you experience
done to start up your business? loss?

Purchased a land Never

Constructed a building Seldom
Rented a space Often
Renovated a building
III. Conclusion
2. Did the cost of that action suite the
initial budget of your business? Considering all the pillars I and II, is doing business
in Taytay, Rizal easy or hard?
Yes _________________________________________
No _________________________________________
II. Actual Business _________________________________________
A. Utilities Expense
1. How does the business consumption
of electricity and water affect your
business expenses?

Slightly affects
Does not affect
Greatly affects