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The Marriages of India".

Priya Shah
Priya Shah Personal Life
• I belong to an Jain Gujarati family in Mumbai. In our community, girls get married at early age and then in-
law's support for higher education if needed, and I am one of them.

• I got married in 1991. The way arranged marriages use to happen was surprising for me as we did not get
the luxury of options. Most of the girls had to marry their parents chose for her.

• I am lucky for my successful married life. But reason I started this marriage bureau was to give the best
person possible with the choices. This leads to more satisfaction to couple and a beautiful life ahead. Its
been 24 years since I started my marriage bureau and I have made many changes and evolved as a match

• I have 21 years old son now allows me to focus completely on my passion, which is to give much more
contributions to change and better the marriage and match making system, which I think is the most
important part of my life.
Priya Shah – Social Life
Child Education

• Priya Shah is a trustee of Shri Jinendra Vaibhav Sanstha [trust] in India

works for the welfare of poor and vulnerable children. Children of
poor families, where both the parents go out to work, are the most
vulnerable. Children's food, education and the health needs are
• Priya Shah started the first child welfare program in 2000 with 10
children living in slums. Today She will support 100 children, between
the age of 1 year to 8 years, from the slums and villages.
Food For Children

• Priya Shah works in different places of slums and villages. These children came
from poor families where both the parents working in construction or farm.
During the working day, they are unable to take care of their children. These
children are provided hot mid day meals, snacks in the evening, and pre-school
education. Trained staff keeps the children engaged in recreational and learning
Priya Shah has Stopped Above 500 Child Marriages

• Child marriage undermines global development efforts focused on creating more

educated, healthier and economically stable populations.

• To inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve
immediate and lasting change in their lives.Our vision a world in which every

• child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

Priya Shah Has Saved More Then 2000 Divorce Case’s

• Each member is verified with true information and their eligibility to be married
with the qualified & professional candidate.

• Priya Shah received Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi Award 2013 & Mother Teresa
Excellence Award 2013. For her outstanding services to the society in the chosen
field of Matrimony She was also Awarded with 'Nari Ratna' at International
Women's day on 8th march'11
Priya Shah Professional Life
• Dr. Priya Shah, M.A. & Ph.D. in marriage consultancy (U.S.A.), running a
marriage bureau in Mumbai, India & abroad since the last 24 years (1991-2015)
under the establishment called “Priya Shah The Match Maker” an international
marriage bureau. In these 24 years of immense trust and goodwill, utmost
pleasure to announce that "Priya Shah The Match Maker" has made more
than 9000 couples. These couples get married with their right choice of partner.

• Spending lots of time to communicating with the bride and the groom as well as
their respective parents to make sure that they are introduced to a genuine
• Our Clients are highly qualified & professionals like; Doctor, Engineer, M.B.A., Chartered
Accountant, Architect, well known business house owners, Industrialists, from the Hindu families
like Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, South - Indian, Marwari - Agarwal, Maheshwari, Gupta, Jain, etc.
well established out of Mumbai, India's Metro cities & overseas (U.S.A., U.K., Dubai, Singapore,
Australia, Africa, etc.

• They belong to all age group starting from 1965 to 1970, 1971 to 1975, 1976 to 1980, 1981 to
1985, 1986 to 1990, 1991 to 1995 and so on.!

• Majority of our clients are from Mumbai / India (Metro city) / Abroad (UK; USA; Dubai; Australia;
South Africa;) Our office branch in Mumbai and New York.
• “Priya Shah The Match Maker" keeps reforming the trend year by year. Today chatting on
internet, friendship, proposes for marriage in a hurry without completely knowing each other,
result arguments or divorce.

• It is very necessary that the boys and the girls should select the right partner. A life-partner who
take care of each others, under all kinds of circumstances, Marriage is meant to survive wife and
husband to remain happy throughout their life.
• Hence, to bring all the awareness for a healthy and happy married life, taken the opportunity to
introduce magazine “The Marriages of India".
Contact Priya Shah
Mobile number: +91-8080210410 / 9619600059