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Lesson Plan Template

Name(s): Ridwan Whitehead
Gamze Ceren Dağ
Müberra Yılmaz
Unit Title
My Clothes
Grade Level
4th Grade
2 lesson hours
Learning Outcomes
The 4th grade students will identify at least 75% of the vocabulary given about winter and its clothes, and talk
about them.

Instructional Materials & Media

Pictures, songs, flashcards, worksheets,

Learning-Teaching Methods
Total physical response technique, visual teaching, direct method
Teaching Activities [ASSURE (Utilize Technology, Media, and Materials and Require Learner Participation)]
1. Introduction of vocabulary
2. Recitation of vocabulary
3. Visual linking to vocabulary activities
4. Listening and singing along to a song describing the weather and its elements
Individual Learning Activities Workbook exercises

Group Learning Activities Peer conversation about a weather given with

The content chosen, and materials prepared accordingly are all to activate the students visual and audial
learning. This would provide long-lasting learning for the students.
Measurement & Evaluation
Teacher analyzation and worksheet results

Measurement & Assessment Activities for Pronunciation of vocabulary will be checked, and
Individual Performance workbooks as well will be looked at for any mistakes.

Measurement & Assessment Activities for Teacher will walk around the groups and check out for
Group Performance mistakes. (group process manager)
Homework Students will practice with parents and them how to
describe winter
Explanation regarding to the implementation of the plan
A very sympathetic approach will be taken as this is their first lesson on the topic. A significant importance will
be given to pronunciation as we believe is crucial to language learning. We wanted the students to teach what
they have learned to their parents as homework because we consider teaching to be a good way as learning. If
technologic materials are not accessible due to any issues, hard copies will be distributed.