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• Who is a child?
• What is child labor?
• Causes of child labor.
• How many are there?
• Child labor in statistics.
• Child labor in India.
• Regulation and prohibition act.
• Conclusion.
W ho i s a chi ld ?

A “child” is not necessarily

delineated by a fixed age.

According to the scientists, it is

impossible to determine the
abilities and maturities of children
by his/her calender age.
W hat i s chi ld labor ?

 “Child labour” is generally speaking, work for children

that harms them or exploits them in someway
(physically, mentally, morally or by blocking access to

 It is the work that exceeds a minimum number of hours

depending on the age of a child and on the type of work.
Causes of chi ld labor
Overexploitation of population.
Decrease of resources.
Decrease in literacy.
Increase of poverty.
Increase of unemployment.
Lack of schooling and daily care.
Limited choices for women.
H ow many ar e ther e?
 61% in Asia, 32% in Africa, and 7% in Latin
America, 1% in US, Canada, Europe and other
wealthy nations.
 In Asia, 22% of the workforce is children. In Latin
America, 17% of the workforce is children.
 246 million child workers aged 5 and 17 were
involved in child labor.
 Out of which 171 million were involved in work
that by its nature is hazardous.
According to certain experts approximately
10 million bonded children labourers are
working as dome In South Asia.
Beyond this there are almost 55 million bonded
child labourers hired across various other
Less than 5% of child laborers make products
for export to other countries.
Chi ld labor stati sti cs
 One in every six children aged 5 to 17 worldwide
is exploited by child labor.
 There are approximately 9 million children
involved in the unconditional worst forms of child
 In Sub-Saharan Africa around one in three
children are engaged in child labor, representing
69 million children.
 In South Asia, another 44 million are engaged in
child labor.
Chi ld labor i n I ndi a
 INDIA accounts for the second highest number
where child labor in the world.

 Africa accounts for the highest number of

children employed and exploited.

 According to certain experts approximately 10

million bonded children laborers are working as
domestic servants in India.

 Beyond this there are almost 55 million bonded

child laborers hired across various other
R egulati on and pr ohi bi ti on act
This was declared by the parliament on
23rd December, 1986.
 It includes Prohibition of employment of
children in certain occupations and
No child shall be employed or permitted to
work in any of the occupations which are
hazardous by its nature.
Conclusi on
 The social malady of child labor can be brought
under control, if each individual takes
responsibility of reporting about anyone
employing a child below the age of 14years.
 Thus, instead of ignoring on should find out
about reporting child labor and how such
children can actually be saved.
 Child labor can be controlled if the government
functions effectively with the support of the