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GI2 Final Concepts

- ®Kid is at a picnic, eats some custard dish, gets diarrhea that resolves quickly, what’s the causative
agent – Staph Aureus
- ®Neonate with Meningitis, what’s the causative agent – Listeria
- ®Shows picture of diplococcic, person has elevated protein and low glucose and PMNs elevated
specific for bacterial meningitis, either strep pneumo if looked purple, Neisseria if pink.
This person was in a car accident and asked what was most likely cause of the meningitis.
- Elevated protein normal glucose and lymphocytes and the answer is viral meningitis
- Viral meningitis description and shows a chart asking what you would see, elevated protein, normal
glucose and elevated lymphocytes (normal glucose is the key)
- Describe viral meningitis with photophobia and has hyloid retinal bleeding in his eye and they ask
what the CSF will present like, answer is 0 erythrocytes, elevated lympho, normal glucose, elevated
protein (Check)
- ®Guy has HIV and now has ringed lesions in the brain, asks what organism, answer is toxoplasmosis
- (Updated July 2013)
Person has HIV, has apathy and asked what is the most likely cause of his symptoms,
A. oligodentrocytes (I did not know if this was right)
- (Updated July 2013)
Kid comes in has a meningitis and has an increase in the fontanels, and asked what was most likely
A. inflammation of the choroid plexus
B. pus in basal cisten (did not know if this is right)

- ®Patient is vomiting, after chemo so you give him an antiemetic drug, Ondonsetron, what’s its MOA -
5HT3 antagonist
- ®Want to give a patient a stool softener, but for some reason he cant have anything that’ll change the
rest of the stool shit Docusate
- ®Patient is given infliximab for some inflammation problem, what does it target – TNF-a
- ®Babbini question. Loop diuretic use. What does it inhibit? Ans: Na+/K/Cl channel. “NaCK”

(NOV 2012)
1. Was it alosteron? The MOA is 5HT3 antagonist
2. I put omeprazole, PPI.

Lots of question of proteus, like 5
- ®Patient has a kidney problem, you remove the kidney, given a gross picture showing a the Stag horn
Stone, what’s the causative agent – Proteus
- ®Woman goes camping, eats food she brought with her but drinks spring water and gets smelly fatty
stools, what’s the causative agent – Giardia
- ®Woman goes to Costa Rica and develops watery diarrhea with mucous flakes what’s the causative
agent –answer vibrio cholera
- ®AIDS patient with diarrhea, what’s the likely – Cryptosporidium parvum
- ®Patient with bloody diarrhea, which protozoa – Entamoeba histolytica
- ®Patient has pain after eating, you do a biopsy of the gastric tissue, what bug do you find – H. pylori
also said gram negative motile oxidase positive adjacent to the gastric mucosa, they also describe an
- Talks about portal vein, guy has jaundice and they take liver sample and in the portal track they have
lymphocytes and plasma cells, answer is viral hepatitis.
GI2 Final Concepts

- ®bloody diarrhea, organism is non-motile and no H2s (non-gas producing, non lactose fermenting)
- ®ate something from a picnic and now kidney failure, thrombocytopenia and hemolytic anemia
(HUS) what organism E.coli (young kid in this case)
- ®Person ate at a picnic and had egg salad, 2 hours later nausea and vomiting and then 10 hours later
it resolves, what is it Staph aureus
- ®Bacteria question, grows at 42 so you know it is campylobacter
- hepatitis questions.
o Positive HBsAg, anti-HBC. Had an acute infection four years ago. Ans: chronic Hep B.
o Which likely to be infected? Ans: Baby with ENS. Given values for Hepatitis, asks which patient
is likely to develop chronic hepatitis – 4 choices, two are wrong cause they had Hepatitis A and
E, the other two choices both had Hepatitis B stuff – 5 day old baby
o Person has AntiHAV AG and is negative for HBs AG and HBc AG. What is the most likely mode
of transmission?/
A. Food

- A guy comes in with pain when he eats, doesn’t eat anymore, lost a lot of weight, why? – Esophageal
- ®Picture of something that looks like cancer, asks what was the biggest risk factor – I put Barrett’s
Esophagus but was also tempted to put GERD, but I figured GERD would go to Barrett’s first, so the
former is more of a risk
- ®Woman comes in with occasional rectal bleed, you see polyps in colon, she has hyperpigmented lips,
buccal area, hands, arms etc – Putz Jeiger
- Woman has increased stools, diarrhea, 3x a month, whenever she’s stressed, you cant find anything
wrong with her – IBS
- ®Patient has 150 polyps and some are really big (3cm), occasional bloody diarrhea, tests positive for
the APC mutation on chromosome 5, what do you do? – Total Colectomy
- ®Woman develops yellow gallstones, what was the main reason why – High cholesterol
- Kid comes in with peri-umbilical pain, radiates to the LRQ, no guarding when you palpate
- ®Something about a patient getting fat (increased girth), you suspect ascites, what would confirm it?
– fluid wave
- ® (updated July 2012) This was a histograph
- Gives you classic young person in 40% for growth with mal-absorption problem, this is Celiac’s but
asks what you see, answer is flattening of blunting of intestines.
- ®Said there is a cancer in the head of the pancreas what kind of cancer is it most likely to be. Options
were: different cancers of endocrine cells (they are NOT in head), carcinoma with cysts, or
adenocarcinoma  Adenocarcinoma
- ®(updated July 2012) Person starts with having difficulty swallowing solids and then slowly begins to
have problem swallowing softer foods what is the likely problem?
A. SCC of esophagus,
B. achalasia,
C. loss of innervation by.
D. AdenoCA
GI2 Final Concepts

- Cholera infection and you want to give supportive treatment but you don't have enough IVs for
everyone, what is needed to help Na+ absorption in the gut:
A. Magnesium,
B. Iron,
C. Glucose (part of oral rehydration therapy)
D. Gut Motility Inhibitor
- ®(updated July 2012) Said a stone blockage lead to pancreatitis where would the stone have to be?
A. Common bile duct,
B. hepatic bile duct,
C. cystic duct,
D. the opening into duodenummajor papilla because that’s the last part. It would have to be
something that blocked the pancreas.
- ®(updated July 2012)
Stupid fucking question from 2nd semester about the caloric values in fats, proteins, carbs. Obese
patient comes in and will cut down to 2000 calories a day, wants to maintain a certain amount of
protein a day, so how many calories does he consume from grams of fat? 630
- (updated July 2012)
Person has bleeding gums, and something else, does not eat enough citrus foods and green leafy
veggies. What is the patient most likely deficient in??
A. B
B. C
C. Vitamin E
D. Etc.
- Question about a person who is taking a pill that causes less fat to be absorbed and asks what is the
person at risk to be deficient
A. vit E (fat soluble vitamins.