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1. What will your wear before assembling or disassembling computer?

o PPE- Personal Protective Equipment (e.g. Anti- Static wrist strap)

2. When monitor has no display what are the possible causes?
o Monitor is not on
o Computer is asleep
o Connections are not properly connected
o Monitor settings are not correct
o Hardware issue – bad video card/motherboard
3. Explain briefly how to create a dual boot system (Win7/ Win Server)
o Partition hard drive
o Install windows 7 at the 1st partition
o Install windows server 2008 at the 2nd partition
4. If the computer system does not produce audio, what are the possible problem?
o Speaker’s power may not be turned on
o The signal cable of the speaker is not properly connected
o Sound card driver not installed
5. What will you do if your PC does not recognize or boot on flash drive inserted on USB port?
o Configure BIOS to boot on flash drive if a computer does not recognize a bootable flash
6. If after installing operating system you notice that the display has low resolution, what will you do?
o Install the video driver if the display does not match with what you expect to view on the
o Improve the computer’s built-in video card/Upgrade
7. What are the immediate actions when suddenly your PC was spilled with water?
o Power off the unit immediately
o Wipe with dry cloth the external parts
o Blow dry to ensure that internal portions are completely dry
8. What are the steps when you want to install operating system using DVD disc?
o Boot sequence should be configure in the BIOS when you are going to install an operating
system using an optical media
9. When installing operating system on diskless PC, what device will you use?
o Bootable flask disk
10. What tool is used to measure power supply output voltage?
o Voltmeter/Multi-tester
11. What tool is used to open branded Personal Computer?
o Torx Screwdriver
12. What is the first software to configure before installing operating system?
o BIOS ( Basic Input/ Output System)
13. How to improve PC’s video resolution?
o Upgrade video card – improve the computer’s video card
14. Describe how to avoid damaging memory cards?
o Always hold RAM modules by their edges. Never touch the golden electrical components
on a stick of RAM because those are where the electrical connections are made. If you
touch the gold parts, some of your finger oil will smudge onto them, which can destroy
the module.
15. What are the possible causes if the assembled PC did not work?
o Cold Solder
o Wrong component placement
o Wrong polarity
16. What are the steps to complete installation of computer system?
o Insert the media to be used in installation
o Setup the BIOS
o Wait for the Setup program to load
o Choose your installation type
o Format your partitions
o Wait for the installation to complete
17. In installing IDE drives such as hard drive and DVD in one IDE cable, what must be observed?
o Check jumper setting if after installing both the IDE hard drive and optical drive and only
one drive is working
18. Why it is necessary to partition the hard disk while installing operating system?
o Partitions are necessary because you can’t just start writing files to a blank drive. You
must first create at least one container with a file system. We call this container a partition.
You can have one partition that contains all the storage space on the drive or divide the
space into twenty different partitions. Either way, you need at least one partition on the
19. When you hear one long and two short beep after turning on the PC, what seems the problem?
o RAM – Random Access Memory
20. What is the tool use to clean the header memory card and other peripheral card?
o Eraser
21. What type of cable use to connect two computers only?
o Cross – over cable
22. Type of network configuration used to connect
o Few computers (peer to peer)
o More computers (client/server)
23. What cabling standards are used for straight thru cable?
o 568A
o 568B
24. The other term for wireless access point that is use to network beyond reach clients?
o Router
25. How do you call a bootable disk that contains a full usable OS?
o Live CD/DVD
26. If straight thru cable has the same pin configuration, what pin nos. are interchange in cross-over
cable? Draw the pin layout
o Pin one goes to pin three
o Pin two goes to pin six
27. Using good cable when installing network and it is not connected, what are the possible causes?
o Wrong IP address
o Some computers belong to the wrong subnet mask
28. Describe how to configure computer networks step by step
o Workgroup name should be the same
o IP addresses should have the same network address
o Host address should be different for subnet mask computers in the same network or
subnet should be the same
29. The term use to connect one or more IP subnets?
o Site (Sites represent the physical structure of your network)
30. What is the recommended group task used to modify scheme.
o Schema task – the only group where Microsoft recommends adding administrator when
modifying the scheme
31. What is the purpose of sub netting?
o Sub netting is basically just a way of splitting a TCP/IP network into smaller more
manageable pieces. The purpose of sub netting is to help relieve network congestion.
32. Describe how to test the network connectivity?
o Ping each other
o Using net view
33. What will you do if you suspect the network cable is the cause of no connectivity among networks?
o Get a LAN tester and check the cable
o Swap a good or working cable in place with the suspected cable
34. Explain how to transfer files from your PC to another PC in a network and share a folder to other?
o Sharing folder – right click the folder to be shared
o Click sharing and security
35. When the software is not part of operating system how do call that software installer?
o Third party software/ installer
36. As system requirements, what is the minimum storage space required for the windows Server Active
Directory Installation files?
o 200Mb
37. What type of network where each computer acts as client and server in which each user shares
other’s resources including printers?
o Peer- to – peer networking – set up of a network where each computer acts as a client and
server and in which each user shares other’s resources including printers.
38. A feature in Windows Server 2008 that creates a minimal environment for running only specific
service or roles.
o Server Core – Windows Server 2008 feature is a special installation option that creates a
minimal environment for running only specific service or roles
39. What will you do to protect your server from virus attack?
o Install anti-virus software
o Install firewall
o Install updates
40. Give at least 2 Linux boot loader?
o GRUB (GRand Unified Bootloader)
o LILO (Linux Loader)
41. When you use RemoteApp programs, do you still need to lock down the server?
o Yes, server should be locked down when RemoteApp programs are used
42. Is the following option, blocking users from connecting to the desktop and permitting users only to
connect via RemoteApp supported by WinServer?
o Server cannot be configured to permit users only to connect via RemoteApp and block
users from connecting to the desktop.
43. What is the possible cause if shared folder could not be accessed?
o Maybe the computer does not belong to the network (* Check the network address
portion and the workgroup)
44. As security precaution, what type of account will you use in performing ordinary tasks?
o Power user Account – limit the use of administrator account, accounts used in performing
ordinary tasks
45. What account name refers to each user’s login name?
o SAM (Security Account Manager) account
o The Security Account Manager (SAM) is a database present on servers running Windows
Server 2003 that stores user accounts and security descriptors for users on the local
46. What could be the possible cause if you cannot change the IP address of other users?
o The password or account is not an administrator account
47. What will you do to have a strong password?
o Apply Kerberos - Kerberos is a secure method for authenticating a request for a service in
a computer network.
o Using password that has combination of letters and numbers, upper and lower case
letters and special characters
48. What will you do to secure the Server?
o Use anti – virus software
o Prohibit downloading unless authorized by the Administrator
o Restrict administrative access
49. What is Schema?
o Schema contains the rules and definitions that are used for creating and modifying object
classes and attributes within the Active Directory
50. Enumerate the steps in resetting a password using GUI?
o Reset the password
o Login as administrator
o Click start, right click My computer
o Click manage, click local user and groups
o Double click users folder, select and right click the username
o Select set password
51. What are you going to do if you want to troubleshoot the server far from you?
o Remote Desktop connection – to access the server located far from the client computer
52. What are possible reasons why you cannot access and connect to other computers remotely?
o Maybe the computer has no password (Assign a password to that computer)
53. Each user’s login name belongs to what other account name?
o SAM (Security Account Manager) account
o The Security Account Manager (SAM) is a database present on servers running Windows
Server 2003 that stores user accounts and security descriptors for users on the local
54. How do you call the group that you cannot manually modify or view its membership?
o Special Identity Group – the group that you cannot manually modify or view its
55. When to use LDIFDE.EXE?
o LDIFDE – can be used to add, delete, or modify objects in Active Directory, in addition to
modifying the schema, if necessary?
56. How to troubleshoot a computer with black screen and no beep sound?
o RAM problem/ Video Card
57. If the computer does not boot, what are the possible problems?
o Cables are defective or not properly connected
o Defective or no power supply
o No OS installed
58. What will you do if the power supply fan is rotating slowly and producing noise?
o Computer power supply fan is creating noise. If after inspection you found out that it is
rotating slowly, replace the power supply
59. What are the possible cause if printer is not responding?
o The printer cable is defective or not connected
o Printer driver is not installed correctly or corrupted
o No power supply
60. What are the ways to avoid power supply overloading?
o Buy a power supply that has its proper wattage rating (for computers having plenty of
peripherals, it is recommended to have a higher wattage rating power (e.g. 1000 watts
61. What are the quick checks to do when your computer monitor has no display?
o Cable
o ATX Power Supply on the mother board
o Graphic Card
62. What will you do to avoid overheating of computer devices?
o Provide the computer proper ventilation or just clean or remove the dust from the fan.
Dust can slow down the moving rotation of fans to avoid overheating of devices such as
CPU, or any other devices that produces heat
63. Give atleast three (3) possible media use to install operating system?
o CD – rom
o DVD – rom
o USB sticks
64. What is DxDIAG and dcdiag?
o DxDIAG – (direct X diagnostics) is a diagnostics tool used to test direct X functionality
and troubleshoot video or sound related hardware problems.
o Dcdiag – command line tool use for monitoring active directory and provides
functionality such as performing connectivity and replication test
65. What do you call a pool of open source applications?
o Software repository/repositories
66. What will you do if you want to execute the recovery mode of LAPTOP with pre-installed softwares
and drivers?
o If this happens, you will need to reinstall them.
67. Give the color scheme for standard cabling 568A and 568B
o 568A (white/green – green – white/orange – blue – white/blue – orange – white/brown
– brown)
o 568B (white/orange – orange – white/green – blue – white/blue – green – white/brown –
68. Give at least 3 network topologies?
o Bus topology is a network type in where every computer and network device is connected
to single cable.
o Ring topology is called ring topology because it forms a ring as each computer is
connected to another computer, with the last one connected to the first. Exactly two
neighbor’s for each device.
o Star topology - In this type of topology all the computers are connected to a single hub
through a cable. This hub is the central node and all others nodes are connected to the
central node.
69. How to boot in Windows Safe mode?
o Troubleshooting Tool (safe mode) with safe mode, windows will only load what is
required to make it functional to allow troubleshooting of the problem
70. What is Ipconfig and how to use it?
o Ipconfig command displays all current TCP/IP network configuration values. It gives you
IP address, router IP address, DNS and DHCP server IP