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ʯʡʬʥʬʴʺʯʩʡʥʯʸʠʴʯʩʡ ʬʥʮ ʤʡʸʲʡ ʸʡʣʮʡ ʯʣʸʩʤʸʡʲʡ ʬʠʸʹʩ ʬʫʬʠʤʹʮʸʡʣʸʹʠʭʩʸʡʣʤʤʬʠ 1
ʟʲʰʸʡʹʣʷʣʲʸʩʲʹ ʸʤʪʸʣʡʸʧʮʭʥʩʸʹʲʣʧʠ 2
ʥʺʠʤʥʤʩʤʥʶʸʹʠʬʫʫ ʬʠʸʹʩʩʰʡʬʠʤʹʮʸʡʣ ʹʣʧʬʣʧʠʡʹʣʧʸʹʲʩʺʹʲʡʤʰʹʭʩʲʡʸʠʡʩʤʩʥ 3
ʟʩʲʸʣʠʡʺʸʺʹʲʡʡʹʥʩ ʸʹʠʯʹʡʤʪʬʮʢʥʲʺʠʥʯʥʡʹʧʡ ʡʹʥʩʸʹʠʩʸʮʠʤʪʬʮʯʥʧʩʱʺʠʥʺʫʤʩʸʧʠ 4
ʟʸʮʠʬʺʠʦʤ ʤʸʥʺʤʺʠʸʠʡʤʹʮʬʩʠʥʤʡʠʥʮʵʸʠʡʯʣʸʩʤʸʡʲʡ 5
ʟʤʦʤʸʤʡʺʡʹʭʫʬʡʸʸʮʠʬʡʸʧʡʥʰʩʬʠ ʸʡʣʥʰʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩ 6
ʯʥʰʡʬʤʥʩʰʲʰʫʤʵʸʠʭʩʤ ʳʥʧʡʥʡʢʰʡʤʬʴʹʡʥʸʤʡʤʡʸʲʡʥʩʰʫʹʬʫʬʠʥʩʸʮʠʤ ʸʤʥʠʡʥʭʫʬʥʲʱʥʥʰʴ 7
ʟʺʸʴ ʸʤʰʬʥʣʢʤʸʤʰʤʣʲ
ʡʷʲʩʬʥʷʧʶʩʬʥʭʤʸʡʠʬ ʭʫʩʺʥʡʠʬ ʤʥʤʩʲʡʹʰʸʹʠʵʸʠʤʺʠ ʥʹʸʥ ʥʠʥʡ ʵʸʠʤʺʠʭʫʩʰʴʬ ʩʺʺʰ ʥʠʸ 8
ʟʭʤʩʸʧʠ ʭʲʸʦʬʥ ʭʤʬʺʺʬ
ʟʭʫʺʠʺʠʹʩʣʡʬʬʫʥʠʠʬʸʮʠʬʠʩʤʤ ʺʲʡʭʫʬʠ ʸʮʥʠʥ 9
ʟʡʸʬʭʩʮʹʤʩʡʫʥʫʫʭʥʩʤʭʫʰʤʥ ʭʫʺʠʤʡʸʤʭʫʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩ 10
ʟʭʫʬ ʸʡʣ ʸʹʠʫʭʫʺʠʪʸʡʩʥʭʩʮʲʴʳʬʠʭʫʫʭʫʩʬʲʳʩʱʥʩʭʫʩʺʡʠ ʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩ 11
2QDeuta, 4QpaleoDeutr: to your ancestors (plene spelling). 4QDeuth, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʭʫʩʺʡʠʬ.
ʟʭʫʡʩʸʥʭʫʠʹʮʥʭʫʧʸʨʩʣʡʬʠʹʠʤʫʩʠ 12
ʟʭʫʩʹʠʸʡ ʭʮʩʹʠʥʭʫʩʨʡʹʬʭʩʲʣʩʥʭʩʰʥʡʰʥʭʩʮʫʧʭʩʹʰʠʭʫʬʥʡʤ 13
ʟʺʥʹʲʬʺʸʡʣ ʸʹʠʸʡʣʤʡʥʨʥʸʮʠʺʥʩʺʠʥʰʲʺʥ 14
ʩʸʹʥʺʥʠʮʩʸʹʥ ʭʩʴʬʠ ʩʸʹʭʫʩʬʲʭʩʹʠʸʭʺʠʯʺʠʥ ʭʩʰʥʡʰʥʭʩʮʫʧʭʩʹʰʠʭʫʩʨʡʹʩʹʠʸʺʠʧʷʠʥ 15
ʟʥʸʢʯʩʡʥʥʩʧʠʯʩʡʥʹʩʠʯʩʡʷʣʶʭʺʨʴʹʥ ʭʫʩʧʠʯʩʡʲʮʹʸʮʠʬʠʥʤʤʺʲʡʭʫʩʨʴʹ ʺʠʤʥʶʠʥ 16
ʸʹʠʸʡʣʤʥʠʥʤʭʩʤʬʠʬ ʨʴʹʮʤʩʫʹʩʠʩʰʴʮʥʸʥʢʺʠʬʯʥʲʮʹʺʬʣʢʫʯʨʷʫ ʨʴʹʮʡ ʭʩʰʴʥʸʩʫʺʠʬ 17
Verses 18 - 21 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʸʹʠʪʸʣʤʺʠʸʡʣʥʰʺʠ ʥʡʹʩʥʵʸʠʤ ʺʠʥʰʬʥʸʴʧʩʥʥʰʩʰʴʬ ʭʩʹʰʠʤʧʬʹʰʥʸʮʠʺʥʭʫʬʫʩʬʠ ʯʥʡʸʷʺʥ 22

ʟʯʤʩʬʠʠʥʡʰʸʹʠʭʩʸʲʤ ʺʠʥʤʡʤʬʲʰ
ʟʨʡʹʬʣʧʠʹʩʠ ʭʩʹʰʠʸʹʲʩʰʹʤʮʫʮ ʧʷʠʥʸʡʣʤʩʰʩʲʡʡʨʩʩʥ 23
ʟʵʸʠʤ ʥʬʢʸʩʥ ʬʫʹʠʬʧʰʣʲʥʠʡʩʥʤʸʤʤʥʬʲʩʥʥʰʴʩʥ 24
ʟʥʰʬʯʺʰʥʰʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩ ʸʹʠʵʸʠʤʤʡʥʨʥʸʮʠʩʥʸʡʣʥʰʺʠʥʡʹʩʥʥʰʩʬʠʥʣʸʥʩʥʵʸʠʤʩʸʴʮʭʣʩʡʥʧʷʩʥ 25
Verses 26 - 28 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʭʤʮʯʥʠʸʩʺʠʬʥʯʥʶʸʲʺ ʠʬʭʫʬʠʸʮʠʥ 29
Verse 30 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls
ʭʫʠʡʣʲʭʺʫʬʤʸʹʠ ʪʸʣʤʬʫʡʥʰʡʺʠʹʩʠʠʹʩ ʸʹʠʫʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʪʠʹʰʸʹʠʺʩʠʸʸʹʠ ʸʡʣʮʡʥ 31
ʟʤʦʤʭʥʷʮʤ ʣʲ
ʟʭʫʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʡʭʰʩʮʠʮʭʫʰʩʠʤʦʤʸʡʣʡʥ 32
ʟʭʮʥʩʯʰʲʡʥʤʡʥʫʬʺ ʸʹʠʪʸʣʡ ʺʥʠʸʤʬ ʤʬʩʬ ʹʠʡʭʫʺʰʧʬʭʥʷʮʭʫʬʸʥʺʬʪʸʣʡʭʫʩʰʴʬʪʬʤʤ 33
Verse 34 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʭʫʩʺʡʠʬʺʺʬ ʩʺʲʡʹʰʸʹʠʤʡʥʨʤʵʸʠʤʺʠʤʦʤʲʸʤʸʥʣʤʤʬʠʤ ʭʩʹʰʠʡʹʩʠʤʠʸʩʭʠ 35

ʟʤʥʤʩ ʩʸʧʠ ʠʬʮ ʸʹʠʯʲʩʥʩʰʡʬʥʤʡʪʸʣʸʹʠʵʸʠʤ ʺʠʯʺʠʥʬʥ ʤʰʠʸʩʠʥʤʤʰʴʩʯʡʡʬʫʩʺʬʥʦ 36
ʟʤʮʹ ʠʥʡʺ ʠʬ ʤʺʠ ʭʢ ʸʮʠʬ ʭʫʬʬʢʡ ʤʥʤʩ ʳʰʠʺʤ ʩʡ ʭʢ 37
ʟʬʠʸʹʩʺʠ ʤʰʬʧʰʩʠʥʤʩʫʷʦʧʥʺʠʤʮʹʠʡʩʠʥʤʪʩʰʴʬʣʮʲʤʯʥʰʯʡ ʲʹʥʤʩ 38
ʭʤʥʤʰʰʺʠ ʭʤʬʥʤʮʹ ʥʠʡʩ ʤʮʤʲʸʥ ʡʥʨʭʥʩʤʲʣʩʠʬʸʹʠ ʭʫʩʰʡʥ ʤʩʤʩʦʡʬʭʺʸʮʠʸʹʠʭʫʴʨʥ 39
Verse 40 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʩʬʫ ʺʠ ʹʩʠʥʸʢʧʺʥ ʥʰʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʥʰʥʶʸʹʠʬʫʫʥʰʮʧʬʰʥʤʬʲʰʥʰʧʰʠʤʥʤʩʬʥʰʠʨʧʩʬʠʥʸʮʠʺʥ ʥʰʲʺʥ 41

Verse 42 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʤʸʤʤ ʥʬʲʺʥʥʣʦʺʥʤʥʤʩʩʴʺʠʥʸʮʺʥ ʭʺʲʮʹʠʬʥʭʫʩʬʠʸʡʣʠʥ 43

ʣʲʸʩʲʹʡ ʭʫʺʠʥʺʫʩʥ ʭʩʸʡʣʤʤʰʩʹʲʺʸʹʠʫʭʫʺʠʥʴʣʸʩʥʭʫʺʠʸʷʬʠʥʤʤʸʤʡʡʹʩʤ ʩʸʮʠʤʠʶʩʥ 44
ʟʭʫʩʬʠʯʩʦʠʤʠʬʥʭʫʬʷʡʤʥʤʩʲʮʹʠʬʥʤʥʤʩʩʰʴʬʥʫʡʺʥ ʥʡʹʺʥ 45
ʟʭʺʡʹʩ ʸʹʠʭʩʮʩʫʭʩʡʸʭʩʮʩʹʣʷʡʥʡʹʺʥ 46
ʟʭʩʡʸ ʭʩʮʩʸʩʲʹʸʤʺʠʡʱʰʥʩʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʡʣʸʹʠʫʳʥʱ ʭʩʪʸʣʤʸʡʣʮʤʲʱʰʥ ʯʴʰʥ 1
ʟʸʮʠʬʩʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʮʠʩʥ 2
ʟʤʰʥʴʶʭʫʬʥʰʴʤʦʤʸʤʤʺʠʡʥʱʪʬ ʡʸ 3
ʟʣʠʮʭʺʸʮʹʰʥʭʫʮʥʠʸʩʥʸʩʲʹʡʭʩʡʹʩʤʥʹʲʩʰʡʭʫʩʧʠʬʥʡʢʡʭʩʸʡʲ ʭʺʠʸʮʠʬʥʶʭʲʤʺʠʥ 4
ʟʸʩʲʹʸʤ ʺʠʩʺʺʰʥʹʲʬʤʹʸʩʩʫ ʬʢʸʳʫʪʸʣʮʣʲʭʶʸʠʮʭʫʬ ʯʺʠʠʬʩʫʭʡʥʸʢʺʺʬʠ 5
ʟʭʺʩʺʹʥʳʱʫʡʭʺʠʮʥʸʫʺʭʩʮʭʢʥ ʭʺʬʫʠʥʳʱʫʡʭʺʠʮʥʸʡʹʺʬʫʠ 6
Verse 7 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʸʡʣʮ ʪʸʣ ʸʡʲʰʥ ʯʴʰʥ ʸʡʢ ʯʩʶʲʮʥ ʺʬʩʠʮ ʤʡʸʲʤ ʪʸʣʮ ʸʩʲʹʡ ʭʩʡʹʩʤ ʥʹʲ ʩʰʡ ʥʰʩʧʠ ʺʠʮ ʸʡʲʰʥ 8
ʩʺʺʰʨʥʬʩʰʡʬʩʫʤʹʸʩ ʥʶʸʠʮ ʪʬʯʺʠʠʬʩʫʤʮʧʬʮʭʡʸʢʺʺʬʠʥʡʠʥʮʺʠʸʶʺʬʠʩʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʮʠʩʥ 9
Verses 10 - 23 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls
ʥʡʸʢʺʤʥ ʹʸʬʧʤʥʶʸʠ ʺʠʥʩʸʮʠʤʯʥʡʹʧʪʬʮʯʧʩʱʺʠʪʣʩʡʩʺʺʰʤʠʸʯʰʸʠʬʧʰʺʠʥʸʡʲʥʥʲʱʥʮʥʷ 24
ʥʬʧʥʥʦʢʸʥ ʪʲʮʹ ʺʠ ʯʥʲʮʹʩʸʹʠʭʩʮʹʤ ʬʫʺʧʺʭʩʮʲʤʩʰʴ ʬʲʪʺʠʸʩʥʪʣʧʴʺʺʬʧʠʤʦʤʭʥʩʤ 25
ʟʸʮʠʬʭʥʬʹʩʸʡʣ ʯʥʡʹʧʪʬʮʯʧʩʱʬʠʺʮʣʷʸʡʣʮ ʭʩʫʠʬʮʧʬʹʠʥ 26
ʟʬʠʮʹʥʯʩʮʩʸʥʱʠʠʬʪʬʠʪʸʣʡʪʸʣʡ ʪʶʸʠʡʤʸʡʲʠ 27
ʟʩʬʢʸʡʤʸʡʲʠʷʸʩʺʩʺʹʥʩʬʯʺʺʳʱʫʡʭʩʮʥʩʺʬʫʠʥʩʰʸʡʹʺ ʳʱʫʡʬʫʠ 28
ʵʸʠʤʬʠ ʯʣʸʩʤʺʠʸʡʲʠ ʸʹʠʣʲ ʸʲʡ 2ʭʩʡʹʥʩʤʭʩʡʠʥʮʤʥʸʩʲʹʡʭʩʡʹʥʩʤʥʹʲʩʰʡ ʩʬʥʹʲʸʹʠʫ 29
ʪʣʩʡʥʺʺʯʲʮʬ ʥʡʡʬʺʠ ʵʮʠʥʥʧʥʸʺʠʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʤʹʷʤ ʩʫʥʡʥʰʸʡʲʤʯʥʡʹʧʪʬʮʯʥʧʩʱʤʡʠ ʠʬʥ 30
ʟʥʶʸʠ ʺʠʺʹʸʬʹʸʬʧʤʥʶʸʠ ʺʠʥʯʧʩʱʺʠʪʩʰʴʬʺʺʩʺʬʧʤʤʠʸʩʬʠʤʥʤʩ ʸʮʠʩʥ 31
ʟʥʮʲʬʫʺʠʥʥʰʡ ʺʠʥʥʺʠʪʰʥ ʥʰʩʰʴʬ ʥʰʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʥʤʰʺʩʥ 33
ʟʣʩʸʹʥʰʸʠʹʤ ʠʬʳʨʤʥʭʩʹʰʤʥʭʺʮʸʩʲ ʬʫʺʠʭʸʧʰʥʠʩʤʤʺʲʡʥʩʸʲ ʬʫʺʠʣʫʬʰʥ 34
ʟʥʰʣʫʬʸʹʠ ʭʩʸʲʤʬʬʹʥʥʰʬʥʰʦʦʡ ʤʮʤʡʤ ʷʸ 35
ʬʫʤʺʠʥʰʮʮʤʡʢʹʸʹʠ ʤʩʸʷ ʤʺʩʤʠʬ ʣʲʬʢʤʣʲʥʬʧʰʡʸʹʠʸʩʲʤʥ ʯʰʸʠʬʧʰʺʴʹʬʲʸʹʠʸʲʸʲʮ 36
Verse 37 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

4QDeuth: the ones living (plene spelling). 4QDeutd, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʭʩʡʹʩʤ.

Verses 1 - 12 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʸʩʠʩ ʺʥʧ ʯʹʡʤʺʠʥʮʹ ʬʲʭʺʠʠʸʷʩʥʩʺʫʲʮʤʥʩʸʥʹʢʤʬʥʡʢʣʲʡʢʸʠʬʡʧʬʫʺʠʧʷʬʤʹʰʮʯʡʸʩʠʩ 14

Verse 15 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʯʥʮʲʩʰʡʬʥʡʢʬʧʰʤʷʡʩʣʲʥʬʡʢʥʬʧʰʤʪʥʺʯʰʸʠ ʬʧʰʣʲʣʲʬʢʤʯʮʩʺʺʰ ʩʣʢʬʥʩʰʡʥʠʸʬʥ 16

ʟʤʧʸʦʮʤʢʦʴʤʺʣʹʠʺʧʺʧʬʮʤ ʭʩʤʡʸʲʤʭʩ ʣʲʥʺʸʰʫʮ ʬʥʡʢʥʯʣʸʩʤʥʤʡʸʲʤʥ 17
ʩʰʴʬʥʸʡʲʺ ʭʩʶʬʧʤʺʹʸʬ ʺʠʦʤʵʸʠʤʺʠʭʫʬʯʺʰ 3ʤʮʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʥʮʠʬʠʩʤʤ ʺʲʡ ʭʫʺʠʥʶʠʥ 18
ʟʬʩʧʩʰʡ 4 ʬʥʫʬʠʸʹʩʩʰʡʭʫʩʧʠ
ʟ8 ʤʮʫʬʩʺʺʰʸʹʠ ʭʫʩʸʲʡʥʡʹʩʭʫʬʡʸʤʰʷʮʩʫ ʩʺʲʣʩ 7 ʤʮʫʰʷʮʥ 6ʤʮʫʴʨʥ 5ʤʮʫʩʹʰʷʸ 19

4QDeutm(vid): your God (plene spelling). 4QDeutd, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʭʫʩʤʬʠ.
4QDeutm: all (plene spelling). 4QDeutd, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʬʫ.
4QDeutm: your wives (plene spelling). 4QDeutd and Masoretic have the defective spelling ʭʫʩʹʰ. SP reads ʭʫʴʨ meaning your little children.
4QDeutm, Mas (ʭʫʴʨʥ): and your little children. 4QDeutd reads ʭʫʴʨ, omitting the initial ʥ and means your little children (see previous footnote for SP reading the
same). SP reads ʭʫʩʹʰʥ meaning and your women.
4QDeutm: and your livestock (plene spelling). 4QDeutd, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʭʫʰʷʮʥ.
4QDeutm: to you all (plene spelling). 4QDeutd, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʭʫʬ.
11 10
ʤʮʫʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩ ʸʹʠ ʵʸʠʤ ʺʠ ʤʮʤ ʭʢ ʥʹʸʩʥ ʤʮʫʫ ʤʮʫʩʧʠʬ 9ʤʮʫʩʤʥʬʠ ʤʥʤʩ ʧʩʰʩ ʸʹʠ ʣʲ 20
ʟʭʫʬ ʩʺʺʰʸʹʠʥʺʹʸʩʬʹʩʠʭʺʡʹʥ ʯʣʸʩʤ ʸʡʲʡ 13 ʤʮʤʬ 12 ʯʺʥʰ
ʭʩʫʬʮʤ ʩʰʹʬ ʭʫʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩ ʤʹʲ ʸʹʠ ʬʫ ʺʠ ʺʠʸʤ ʪʩʰʩʲ ʸʮʠʬ ʤʠʩʤʤ ʺʲʡ ʩʺʩʥʶ 14 ʲʥʹʥʤʩ ʺʠʥ 21
ʟʭʹ ʸʡʲ ʤʺʠʸʹʠʺʫʬʮʮʤʬʫʬʤʥʤʩʤʹʲʩʯʫ ʤʬʠʤ
ʟʭʫʬ ʭʧʬʰʤʠʥʤʭʫʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʩʫ 16 ʭʥʠʸʩʺ 15 ʠʥʬʥ 22
ʟʸʮʠʬʠʩʤʤʺʲʡʤʥʤʩʬʠʯʰʧʺʠʥ 23
ʸʹʠ ʵʸʠʡʥ ʭʩʮʹʡʬʠʩʮ ʸʹʠʤʷʦʧʤʪʣʩ ʺʠʥʪʬʣʢʺʠʪʣʡʲ ʺʠ 17 ʺʥʠʸʤʬʺʬʧʤʤʺʠʤʥʤʩ ʩʰʣʠ 24
ʟʯʥʰʡʬʤʥʤʦʤ ʡʥʨʤ ʸʤʤʯʣʸʩʤʸʡʲʡʸʹʠʤʡʨʤʵʸʠʤʺʠ ʤʠʸʠʥʠʰʤʸʡʲʠ 25
ʟʤʦʤʸʡʣʡʣʥʲʩʬʠ ʸʡʣʳʱʺʬʠʪʬʡʸ ʩʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʮʠʩʥʩʬʠ ʲʮʹʠʬʥʭʫʰʲʮʬʩʡʤʥʤʩ ʣʡʲʺʩʥ 26
ʟʤʦʤʯʣʸʩʤʺʠʸʡʲʺʠʬʩʫʪʩʰʩʲʡʤʠʸʥ ʤʧʸʦʮʥ ʤʰʮʩʺʤʰʴʶʥʭʩʪʩʰʩʲʠʹʥ ʤʢʱʴʤʹʠʸʬʲʤʬʲ 27
ʟʤʠʸʺ ʸʹʠ ʵʸʠʤ ʺʠʭʺʠʬʧʰʩʠʥʤʥʤʦʤʭʲʤʩʰʴʬʸʡʲʩʠʥʤ ʩʫʥʤʶʮʠʥ ʥʤʷʦʧʥʲʹʥʤʩʺʠʥʶʥ 28

4QDeutm, LXX: your God. 4QDeutd, Masoretic and SP omit.
4QDeutm: they (plene spelling). 4QDeutd, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʭʤ.
4QDeutm: your God (plene spelling). 4QDeutd, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʭʫʩʤʬʠ.
4QDeutm: is giving (plene spelling). 4Deutd, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʯʺʰ.
4QDeutm: to them (plene spelling). 4QDeutd, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʭʤʬ.
4QDeutm, Mas: Joshua (plene spelling). 4QDeutd and SP have the defective spelling ʲʹʥʤʩ.
4QDeutm: And do not. 4QDeutd, Masoretic and SP read ʠʬ meaning Do not.
4QDeutm, Mas, LXX: all of you fear (plural). 4QDeutd and SP read the singular ʭʠʸʩʺ.
4QDeute, Mas, LXX: to demonstrate (plene spelling). 4QDeutd has the defective spelling ʺʠʸʤʬ.
ʟʸʥʲʴʺʩʡʬʥʮʠʩʢʡ ʡʹʰʥ 29
ʭʺʹʸʩʥʭʺʠʡʥʥʩʧʺʯʲʮʬ ʺʥʹʲʬʭʫʺʠʣʮʬʮʩʫʰʠʸʹʠ ʭʩʨʴʹʮʤʬʠʥʭʩʷʧʤʬʠ ʲʮʹʬʠʸʹʩʤʺʲʥ 1
Verses 2 - 12 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʭʩʰʡʠʺʥʧʬ ʩʰʹʬʲʭʡʺʫʩʥʭʩʸʡʣʤʺʸʹʲʺʥʹʲʬʭʫʺʠʤʥʶʸʹʠʥʺʩʸʡʺʠʭʫʬʣʢʩʥ 13
ʯʣʸʩʤ ʭʩʸʡʲʭʺʠʸʹʠ ʵʸʠʡʭʺʥʠʭʫʺʥʹʲʬ ʭʩʨʴʹʮʥʭʩʷʧ ʭʫʺʠʣʮʬʬʠʥʤʤʺʲʡʤʥʤʩʤʥʶʩʺʥʠʥ 14
ʟʤʺʹʸʬ ʤʮʹ
ʟʹʠʤʪʥʺʮ ʡʸʧʡʭʫʩʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʡʣʭʥʩʡ ʤʰʥʮʺʬʫʭʺʩʠʸ ʠʬʩʫʭʫʩʺʹʴʰʬʣʠʮʭʺʸʮʹʰʥ 15
ʟʤʡʷʰʥʠʸʫʦʺʩʰʡʺʬʮʱʬʫʺʰʥʮʺʬʱʴʭʫʬ ʭʺʩʹʲʥʯʥʺʧʹʺʯʴ 16
ʟʭʩʮʹʡʳʥʲʺʸʹʠʳʰʫʸʥʴʶʬʫʺʩʰʡʺʵʸʠʡ ʸʹʠʤʮʤʡ ʬʫʺʩʰʡʺ 17
Verses 18 - 22 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʪʥʶʸʹʠʬʫʺʰʥʮʺʬʱʴ ʭʫʬʭʺʩʹʲʥʭʫʮʲʺʸʫʸʹʠʭʫʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʩʸʡʺʠʥʧʫʹʺʯʴʭʫʬʥʸʮʹʤ 23
ʟʠʰʷʬʠʠʥʤ ʤʬʫʠʹʠʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʩʫ 24
ʤʥʤʩ ʩʰʩʲʡ ʲʸʤ ʭʺʩʹʲʥ ʬʫ ʺʰʥʮʺ ʬʱʴ ʭʺʩʹʲʥ ʭʺʧʹʤʥ ʵʸʠʡ ʭʺʰʹʥʰʥ ʭʩʰʡ ʩʰʡʥ ʭʩʰʡ ʣʩʬʥʺ ʩʫ 25
ʯʣʸʩʤʺʠʭʩʸʡʲʭʺʠʸʹʠʵʸʠʤʬʲʮʸʤʮ ʯʥʣʡʠʺʣʡʠ ʠʩʫʵʸʠʤʺʠʥʭʩʮʹʤʺʠʭʥʩʤ ʭʫʡʩʺʣʩʲʤ 26
ʟʯʥʣʮʹʺʣʮʹʤ ʠʩʫʤʩʬʲʭʩʮʩʯʫʩʸʠʺʠʬʤʺʹʸʬʤʮʹ
Verses 27 - 29 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʥʬʷʡ ʺʲʮʹʥ ʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩ ʣʲʺʡʹʥʭʩʮʩʤʺʩʸʧʠʡʤʬʠʤʭʩʸʡʣʤʬʫʪʥʠʶʮʥʪʬʸʶʡ 30

ʟʭʤʬ ʲʡʹʰʸʹʠ ʪʩʺʡʠʺʩʸʡʺʠʧʫʹʩʠʬʥʪʺʩʧʹʩʠʬʥʪʴʸʩʠʬʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʭʥʧʸʬʠʩʫ 31
ʭʩʮʹʤ ʤʶʷʮʬʥʵʸʠʤʬʲʭʣʠ ʭʩʤʬʠ ʠʸʡ ʸʹʠ ʭʥʩʤʯʮʬ ʤʫʩʰʴʬʥʩʤʸʹʠʭʩʰʹʠʸʭʩʮʩʬʠʰʬʠʹʩʫ 32
ʟʥʤʮʫʲʮʹʰʤ ʥʠʤʦʤʬʥʣʢʤʸʡʣʫʤʩʤʰʤʭʩʮʹʤʤʶʷʣʲʥ
ʟʩʧʩʥ ʤʺʠ 18 ʺʲʮʹʸʹʠʫʹʠʤʪʥʺʮʸʡʣʮʭʩʤʬʠʬʥʷʭʲ ʲʮʹʤ 33
ʲʸʦʡʥ ʤʷʦʧ ʣʩʡʥ ʤʮʧʬʮʡʥ ʭʩʺʴʮʡʥ 19ʺʥʺʠʡ ʺʱʮʡ ʩʥʢ ʡʸʷʮ ʩʥʢ ʥʬ ʺʧʷʬ ʠʥʡʬ ʭʩʤʬʠ ʤʱʰʤ ʥʠ 34
ʟʪʩʰʩʲʬʭʩʸʶʮʡʭʫʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʭʫʬʤʹʲʸʹʠʬʫʫʭʩʬʥʣʢ ʭʩʠʸʥʮʡʥʤʩʥʨʰ
Verses 35 - 46 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʹʮʹʧʸʦʮ ʯʣʸʩʤ ʸʡʲʡʸʹʠ ʩʸʮʠʤʩʫʬʮʩʰʹʯʹʡʤ ʤʫʬʮʢʥʲʵʸʠʺʠʥʥʶʸʠʺʠʥʹʸʩʩʥ 47

ʟʯʣʸʩʤ ʸʡʲ ʤʡʸʲʤʭʩ ʣʲʥ ʤʧʸʦʮ ʤʢʱʴʤʺʣʹʠ ʺʧʺʤʡʸʲʤ ʬʫʥ 49

4QDeuto, Mas, SP: you heard (singular). 4QDeutm reads the plural, plene spelling ʤʮʺʲʮʹ meaning all of you heard.
4QDeuto, SP: signs (plene spelling). 4QDeutm and Masoretic have the defective spelling ʺʺʠʡ.
1QDeuta reconstructed. Judging from the space in 1QDeuta, either the scribe made an error and skipped from one instance of ʤʡʸʲʤ to the other (hence completely
omitting ʤʡʸʲʤʭʩʣʲʥʤʧʸʦʮʯʣʸʩʤʸʡʲ), or he had a different text which I have attempted a reconstruction of. The reading here would be translated and all the
Arabah, under the slopes of Pisgah, eastward, and as far as the sea of Arabah across the Jordan.
23 22 21
ʩʫʥʰʠʸʹʠʭʩʨʴʹʮʤʺʠʥʭʩʷʥʧʤ ʺʠʬʠʸʹʩʤʲʮʹʭʤʩʬʠ ʸʮʠʥʩʥ ʬʠʸʹʩ ʬʥʫʬʠ ʤʹʥʮʠʸʷʩʥ 1
ʟʭʺʥʹʲʬʭʺʸʮʹʥʭʺʥʠ ʭʺʣʮʬʥ 24 ʭʥʩʤʭʫʩʰʦʥʠʡʸʡʥʣ
ʟ25ʡʸʥʧʡ ʺʩʸʡʥʰʮʲʺʸʫʥʰʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩ 2
ʟ27ʭʥʩʤ ʭʩʩʧ ʥʰʬʥʫʭʥʩʤ ʤʴʤʬʠʥʰʧʰʠ ʥʰʺʠʩʫ 26ʺʠʦʤʺʩʸʡʤ ʺʠʤʥʤʩ ʺʸʫʥʰʩʺʥʡʠʺʠʠʬ 3
ʟʹʠʤʪʥʺʮʸʤʡ ʭʫʮʲʤʥʤʩ ʸʡʣʭʩʰʴʡʭʩʰʴ 4
ʭʺʩʬʲʠʥʬʥʹʠʤʩʰʴʮʭʺʠʸʩ ʩʫ 28ʤʥʤʩʩʸʡʣʺʠʭʫʬʣʩʢʤʬʠʩʤʤ ʺʲʡʭʫʩʰʩʡʥʤʥʤʩʯʩʡʣʮʥʲʩʫʥʰʠʥ 5
ʟ29 ʸʥʮʠʬʸʤʡ
ʟʭʩʣʡʲʺʩʡʮʭʩʸʶʮʵʸʠʮʪʩʺʠʶʥʤʸʹʠʪʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʩʫʥʰʠ 6
ʟʩʰʴʬʲʭʩʸʧʠ ʭʩʤʥʬʠʪʬʤʩʤʩʠʥʬ 7
ʵʸʠʬʺʧʺʮ ʭʩʮʡʸʹʠʥ ʺʧʺʮʵʸʠʡʸʹʠʥʬʲʮʮ ʭʩʮʹʡʸʹʠʤʰʥʮʺ ʬʥʫʥʬʱʴʪʬʤʹʲʺʠʥʬ

4QDeutj: Moses (plene spelling). 4QDeutn, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʤʹʮ.
4QDeutj: all (plene spelling). 4QDeutn, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʬʫ.
4QDeutj: and speaking (plene spelling). 4QDeutn, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʸʮʠʩʥ.
4QDeutn, 4QDeuto, Mas, SP: today. 4QDeutj reads ʤʦʤʭʥʩʤ meaning this day, a reading supported by the LXX: IJȘ ȘȝİȡĮ IJĮȣIJȘ.
4QDeutj, 4QDeutn, SP: at Horeb (plene spelling). 4QDeuto and Masoretic have the defective spelling ʡʸʧʡ.
4QDeutj, Mas, SP: this. 4QDeutn reads an alternative form ʺʥʦʤ (both pronounced ha-zowth) meaning the same thing.
4QDeutn, LXX: today. Masoretic and SP omit the word. Possibly omitted by 4QDeutj, but manuscript has a lacunae at the end of verse 3.
4QDeutj, Mas, SP, LXX: Yahweh. 4QDeutn reads ʭʫʩʤʥʬʠ ʤʥʤʩ meaning Yahweh your God.
4QDeut : saying (plene spelling). 4QDeut , Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʸʮʠʬ.
j n
ʭʩʹʬʹʬʲʭʩʰʡ ʬʲ ʺʥʡʠʯʥʥʲʣʷʥʴʠʰʷʬʠʪʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʩʫʥʰʠʩʫ 30 ʭʣʡʥʲʺʠʥʬʥʭʤʬʤʥʧʺʹʺʠʥʬ 9
ʟʩʺʥʥʶʮʩʸʮʥʹʬʥʩʡʤʥʠʬ ʭʩʴʬʠʬʣʱʧʤʹʥʲ 10
ʟʠʥʹʬ ʥʮʹʺʠʠʹʩʸʹʠʺʠʤʥʤʩʤʷʰʩʠʥʬʩʫʠʥʹʬ ʪʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʭʹʺʠʠʹʺʠʥʬ 11
ʟʪʩʤʥʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʪʥʶʸʹʠʫʥʹʣʷʬʺʡʹʤʭʥʩʺʠʸʥʮʹ 12
ʟʪʺʫʠʬʮʬʥʫʺʠʺʩʹʲʥʣʥʡʲʺʭʩʮʩʺʹʹ 13
ʪʸʥʮʧʥʪʸʥʹʪʺʮʠʥʪʣʡʲʪʺʡ ʪʰʡʤʺʠ ʤʫʠʬʮʬʫʥʡʤʹʲʺʠʥʬʪʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʺʡʹʩʲʩʡʹʤʭʥʩʡʥ 14
ʟʪʥʮʫ ʪʺʮʠʥʪʣʡʲʧʥʰʩʯʲʮʬʪʩʸʲʹʡʸʹʠʪʩʸʢ 32 ʪʺʮʤʡʬʫʥ
ʤʥʤʩʪʥʶʯʫʬʲ ʤʩʥʨʰʲʥʸʦʡʥʤʷʦʧʣʩʡʭʹʮʪʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩ ʪʠʩʶʩʥʭʩʸʶʮʵʸʠʡʺʩʩʤʣʡʲʩʫʤʺʸʫʦʥ 15
ʸʹʠʬʥʫʥʭʩʤʺʠ ʵʸʠʤʺʠʥʭʩʮʹʤʺʠʤʥʤʩʤʹʲʭʩʮʩʺʹʹʩʫʥʹʣʷʬ ʺʡʹʤʭʥʩʺʠʸʥʮʹʬʪʩʤʥʬʠ
ʟʥʹʣʷʬʺʡʹʤʭʥʩʺʠ ʤʥʤʩʪʸʡʯʫʬʲʩʲʩʡʹʤʭʥʩʡʧʥʰʩʥʭʡ
ʸʹʠʤʮʣʠʤʬʲʪʬ ʡʨʩʩʯʲʮʬʥʪʩʮʩʯʥʫʩʸʠʩʯʲʮʬʪʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʪʥʶ ʸʹʠʫʪʮʠʺʠʥʪʩʡʠʺʠʣʡʫ 16
ʟʧʶʸʺʠʥʬ 17
ʟʳʠʰʺ ʠʥʬ 18
ʟʡʥʰʢʺʠʥʬ 19

4QDeutn, Mas & SP (ʭʣʡʲʺ): you serve them. 4QDeuto(vid) reads ʭʤʬʣʡʲʺ meaning you give service to them.
4QDeutj: of those despising me. 4QDeutn, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʩʠʰʹʬ.
4QDeutj(vid), Mas, SP, LXX: and all your cattle. 4QDeutn reads ʪʺʮʤʡʥ meaning and your cattle.
ʟʠʥʹʣʲʪʩʲʸʡʤʰʲʺʠʥʬ 20
ʟʪʩʲʸʬʸʹʠʬʥʫʥ ʥʸʥʮʧʥʸʥʹ ʥʺʮʠʥʣʡʲʥʤʣʹʪʩʲʸʺʩʡʣʥʮʧʺʠʥʬʪʩʲʸʺʹʠ ʣʥʮʧʺʠʥʬ 21
ʳʱʩ ʠʥʬʥ ʬʥʣʢ ʬʥʷ ʬʴʸʲʥ ʯʰʲ ʪʹʥʧ ʹʠʤ ʪʥʺʮ ʸʤʡ ʭʫʬʤʷ ʬʥʫ ʬʠ ʤʥʤʩ ʸʡʣ ʤʬʠʤ ʭʩʸʡʣʤ ʺʠ 22
ʟʩʬʠʭʰʺʩʥʭʩʰʡʠ ʺʥʧʥʬʩʰʹʬʲʭʡʺʥʫʩʥ
ʟʭʫʩʰʷʦʥʭʫʩʨʡʹʩʹʠʸʬʥʫʩʬʠʯʥʡʸʷʺʥʹʠʡʸʲʥʡ ʸʤʤʥʪʹʥʧʤʪʥʺʮʬʥʷʤʺʠʭʫʲʮʥʹʫʩʤʩʥ 23
ʩʫʥʰʩʠʸʤʦʤʭʥʩʡʹʠʤʪʥʺʮ ʥʰʲʮʹ ʥʬʥʷʺʠʥʥʬʣʥʢʺʠʥʥʣʥʡʫʺʠʥʰʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʥʰʠʸʤ 33 ʯʤ ʸʮʠʺʥ 24
ʣʥʲʥʰʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʥʷʺʠʲʥʮʹʬʥʰʧʰʠ ʭʩʴʩʱʥʩʭʠʺʠʥʦʤʤʬʥʣʢʤʹʠʤʥʰʬʫʠʺʩʫʺʥʮʰʤʮʬʤʺʲʥ 25
ʟʩʧʩʥʥʰʥʮʫʹʠʤʪʥʺʮʸʡʣʮʩʧʭʩʤʥʬʠʬʥʷʲʮʹʸʹʠ ʸʹʡʬʥʫʩʮʩʫ 26
ʤʥʤʩ ʸʡʣʩʸʹʠʬʥʫ ʺʠʥʰʩʬʠʸʡʣʺ ʤʺʠʥ 34 ʤʫʩʬʠʥʰʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʡʣʩʸʹʠʬʥʫʺʠʲʮʹʥʤʺʠʡʸʷ 27
ʟʥʰʩʹʲʥ ʥʰʲʮʹʥ ʪʩʬʠ ʥʰʩʤʥʬʠ
ʥʸʡʣ ʸʹʠʤʦʤʭʲʤ ʩʸʡʣʬʥʷʺʠʩʺʲʮʹʩʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʮʠʩʥ ʩʬʠʭʫʸʡʣʡʭʫʩʸʡʣʬʥʷʺʠʤʥʤʩʲʮʹʩʥ 28
ʟʥʸʡʣʸʹʠʬʥʫʥʡʩʨʩʤ ʪʩʬʠ
ʟʭʬʥʲʬʭʤʩʰʡʬʥ ʭʤʬʡʨʩʩʯʲʮʬʭʩʮʩʤ ʬʥʫ ʩʺʥʶʮʸʥʮʹʬʥʩʺʥʠʤʠʸʩʬ ʭʤʬ ʤʦ ʭʡʡʬʤʩʤʥʯʺʩʩʮ 29
ʟʭʫʩʬʤʠʬʭʫʬ ʥʡʥʹʭʤʬʸʥʮʠʪʬ 30

4QDeutn, Mas, SP: Behold! 4QDeutj uses the more common form ʤʰʤ meaning the same.
4QDeutj, LXX: to you. 4QDeutn, Masoretic ad SP omit.
4QDeutj, 4QDeutk1, Mas, SP: to them (defective spelling). 4QDeutn has the plene spelling ʤʮʤʬ.
ʸʹʠʵʸʠʡʥʹʲʥ ʭʣʮʬʺʸʹʠ ʭʩʨʴʹʮʤʥʭʩʷʧʤʤʥʶʮʤʬʥʫ ʺʠʤʫʩʬʠʤʸʡʣʠʥʩʣʮʲʣʥʮʲ ʤʴ ʤʺʠʥ 31
ʟʤʺʹʸʬʭʤʬʯʺʥʰ ʩʫʥʰʠ
ʟʬʠʮʹʥ ʯʩʮʩʥʸʥʱʺʠʥʬʭʫʺʠ ʭʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʤʥʶʸʹʠʫʺʥʹʲʬ ʭʺʸʮʹʥ 32
ʸʹʠʵʸʠʡʭʩʮʩʭʺʫʸʠʤʥ ʭʫʬʡʥʨʥ ʯʥʩʧʺʯʲʮʬ 36 ʯʥʫʬʺʭʫʺʠʭʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʤʥʶ ʸʹʠ ʪʸʣʤʬʥʫʡ 33
ʭʩʸʡʥʲ ʭʺʠʸʹʠʵʸʠʡʺʥʹʲʬ ʭʫʺʠʣʮʬʬʭʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩ ʤʥʶʸʹʠʭʩʨʴʹʮʤʥʭʩʷʥʧʤ ʤʥʶʮʤʺʠʦʥ 1
ʟʤʺʹʸʬ ʤʮʹ
ʬʥʫ ʪʰʡʯʡʥ ʪʰʡʥʤʺʠ ʪʥʶʮʩʫʥʰʠʸʹʠʥʩʺʥʥʶʮʥʥʩʺʥʷʥʤʬʥʫ ʺʠʸʥʮʹʬ ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʠʠʸʩʺʯʲʮʬ 2
ʵʸʠʪʬʪʩʺʡʠʩʤʥʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʸʡʣʸʹʠʫʣʠʮʯʥʡʸʺʸʹʠʥʪʬʡʨʩʩʸʹʠʺʥʹʲʬʺʸʮʹʥ ʬʠʸʹʩʺʲʮʹʥ 3
ʟʣʧʠʤʥʤʩʥʰʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʠʸʹʩʲʮʹ 4
ʟʪʣʠʮʬʫʡʥʪʹʴʰʬʫʡʥʪʡʡʬʬʫʡʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʺʠʺʡʤʠʥ 5
ʟʪʡʡʬʬʲʭʥʩʤʪʥʶʮʩʫʰʠ ʸʹʠ ʤʬʠʤ ʭʩʸʡʣʤʥʩʤʥ 6
ʟʪʮʥʷʡʥ ʪʡʫʹʡʥʪʺʩʡʡʪʺʡʹʡʭʡʺʸʡʣʥʪʩʰʡʬʭʺʰʰʹʥ 7
ʟʪʩʰʩʲʯʩʡ ʺʥʴʨʥʨʬʥʩʤʥ ʪʣʩʬʲʺʥʠʬʭʺʸʹʷʥ 8
ʟʪʩʸʲʹʡʥ ʪʺʩʡ ʺʦʥʦʮʬʲʭʺʡʺʫʥ 9
4QDeutj, SP: you must go (emphatic paragogic nun). 4QDeutn and Masoretic read the non-paragogic form ʥʫʬʺ.
ʺʥʬʣʢʭʩʸʲʪʬʺʺʬ ʡʷʲʩʬʥ ʷʧʶʩʬʭʤʸʡʠʬʪʩʺʡʠʬʲʡʹʰʸʹʠʵʸʠʤ ʬʠʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʪʠʩʡʩʩʫʤʩʤʥ 10
ʺʬʫʠʥʺʲʨʰʠʬʸʹʠʭʩʺʩʦʥ ʭʩʮʸʫʺʡʶʧʠʬʸʹʠʭʩʡʥʶʧʺʸʡʥ ʺʠʬʮʠʬ ʸʹʠʡʥʨʬʫʭʩʠʬʮʭʩʺʡʥ 11
Verses 12 - 17 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʪʩʺʡʠʬ ʤʥʤʩʲʡʹʰʸʹʠ ʤʡʨʤʵʸʠʤʺʠʺʹʸʩʥʺʠʡʥʪʬʡʨʩʩʯʲʮʬʤʥʤʩʩʰʩʲʡʡʥʨʤʥ ʸʹʩʤʺʩʹʲʥ 18

Verses 19 - 25 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls


Verse 1 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

¨´­ ±À© µ¬´ ÂÀ³Â ¨´ µÂ­¨ µ±À¯Â µ±À¯¬ µÂ±³¬­ ²±¸¼´ ²±¬´¨ ¬­¬± µ¸Â¸­ 2
ʟ²¸©´¯¿Â¨´­Â©­­¸©´·Â¨´²Â© µ©·Â¯Â¨´­ 3
²«±¶Á¬­µ³©µ³±¬´¨ ¬­¬±»¨¬À¯­µ±À¯¨µ±¬´¨«©º­±À¯¨¶²¸©¨À±¹±±³ 4
µ¬±´±¹¼­ ·­º«ªÂ µ¬À±Á¨­ ­À©Á µÂ©¾¶­ ­¾Â µ¬±Â¯©®¶ µ¬´ ­ÁºÂ ¬³ µ¨ ±³ 5
µ±¶º¬ ´³¶ ¬´ª¹ µº´ ­´ ­±¬´ ²±¬´¨¬­¬± À¯© ²© ²±¬´¨ ¬­¬±´ ¬Â¨ Á­«¿ µº ±³ 6
ʟµ±¶º¬´³¶°º¶¬µÂ¨±³µ³©À¯©±­µ³©¬­¬±¿Á¯µ±¶º¬´³¶µ³©À¶¨´ 7
µ³Â¨ ¬­¬± ¨±¾­¬ µ³±Â©¨´ º©Á¸ ÀÁ¨ ¬º©Á¬ ¨ ­À¶Á¶­ µ³Â¨ ¬­¬± ©¬¨¶ ±³ 8
ʟµ±À¾¶ ²´¶¬ºÀ¼«±¶µ±«©º±©¶²«¼±­¬¿®¯«±©
Verses 9 - 11 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʺʠʥʺʩʸʡʤʺʠ ʪʬʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʸʮʹʥ ʭʺʠʭʺʩʹʲʥʭʺʸʮʹʥʤʬʠʤʭʩʨʴʹʮʤʺʠʯʥʲʮʹʺʡʷʲʤʩʤʥ 12

ʟʪʩʺʡʠʬʲʡʹʰ ʸʹʠʣʱʧʤ
ʬʲʪʰʠʶʺʸʺʹʲʥʪʩʴʬʠ ʸʢʹʪʸʤʶʩʥʪʹʸʩʺʥʪʰʢʣʪʺʮʣʠʩʸʴʥʪʰʨʡʩʸʴʪʸʡʥʪʡʸʤʥʪʫʸʡʥʪʡʤʠʥ 13
ʟʪʬʺʺʬʪʩʺʡʠʬʲʡʹʰʸʹʠ ʤʮʣʠʤ
ʟʪʺʮʤʡʡʥʤʸʷʲʥʸʷʲʪʡ ʤʩʤʩʠʬʭʩʮʲʤʬʫʮʤʩʤʺʪʥʸʡ 14
ʬʫʡʭʰʺʰʥʪʡ ʭʮʩʹʩ ʠʬʺʲʣʩ 37 ʸʹʠʥ ʤʺʥʠʸʸʹʠʭʩʲʸʤ ʭʩʸʶʮʩʥʣʮʬʫʥ ʩʬʧ ʬʫʪʮʮʤʥʤʩ ʸʩʱʤʥ 15
ʹʷʥʮʩʫʭʤʩʤʬʠʺʠʣʡʲʺʠʬʥ ʭʤʩʬʲʪʰʩʲʱʧʺʠʬʪʬʯʺʰʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʹʠʭʩʮʲʤʬʫʺʠ ʺʬʫʠʥ 16
ʟ39 µÁ±À­¬´´³­¨³±¨±¸¶¶´¨¬µ±­ª¬µ±©À²©©´©À¶¨Â ±³ 17
ʟµ±À¾¶´³´­¬ºÀ¼´40²±¬´¨¬­¬±¬ÁºÀÁ¨¨À³®ÂÀ³®µ¬¶¨À±Â¨´ 18

5QDeut, LXX: you have seen and which. 4QDeute, Masoretic and SP omit.
4QpaleoDeutr, Mas, SP: upon them. 5QDeut reads the different form ʭʤʬʲ meaning the same thing.
4QpaleoDeutr, Mas, SP: to dispossess them. 5QDeut reads an alternative spelling (or scribal mistake) ʭʹʸʥʤʬ meaning the same thing.
4QpaleoDeutr, Mas, SP: your God (defective spelling). 4QDeutm has the plene spelling ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠ.
42 41
º­À®¬­ ¬¿®¯¬ «±¬­ µ±Â¼­¶¬­ ­­¨¬ ²±¸±º ­¨À ÀÁ¨ µ­±¬ ´«ª¬ ¹¶¬ 19
¬Â¨ ÀÁ¨ µ±¶º¬ 44 ´³´ 43²±¬´¨ ¬­¬± ¬Áº± ·³ ²±¬´¨ ¬­¬± ²¨±¾­¬ ÀÁ¨ ¬±­°¸¬
ʟ²±¸¼¶µ±À¹¸¬­µ±À¨Á¸¬«­©¨«º¬¶©²±¬´¨¬­¬±¯´Á±¬ºÀ¾¬¨µª­ 20
ʟ¨À­¸­´­«ª´¨¬³©À¿©²±¬´¨¬­¬±±³µ¬±¸¼¶½ÀºÂ¨´ 21
²±´º¬©À·¼À¬¶ µÂ´³´³­Â¨´°º¶°º¶²±¸¼¶¬´¨¬µ±­ª¬¨²±¬´¨¬­¬±´Á¸­ 22
48 47 46
ʟµ«±¶Á¬«º ¬´«ª¬¶­¬¶ µ¶­¬­ ²«±©²±¬´¨¬­¬±µ¸Â¸­ 23
«º ²±¸¼´ Á±¨ ©¾±Â± ¨´ µ±¶Á¬ ¯¶ µ¶Á ¨ «©¨¬­ ²«±© µ¬±³´¶ ·Â¸­ 24
±³ ­© Á¿­Â ·¼ ²´ ¯¿´­µ¬±´º©¬®­ »¹³ «¶¯Â ¨´ Á¨© ·­¼ÀÁ µ¬±¬´¨±´±¹¼ 25
4QpaleoDeutr, LXX, SP (ʺʥʺʠʤ): the signs.5QDeut has an alternative spelling ʺʺʥʲʤ, and Masoretic reads ʺʺʠʤʥ meaning and the signs.
4QpaleoDeutr: and the wonders (plene spelling). 5QDeut and Masoretic have the defective spelling ʭʩʺʴʮʤʥ.
4QpaleoDeutr, 5QDeut, Mas, SP: your God (defective spelling). 4QDeutm has the plene spelling ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠ.
4QpaleoDeutr, 5QDeut, Mas, SP: to all (defective spelling). 4QDeutm has the plene spelling ʬʥʫʬ.
4QpaleoDeutr, 4QDeute, 5QDeut, Mas: to put them to an end (defective infinitive construct without ʬ). 4QDeutm has ʤʮʺʥʬʫʬ, the plene spelling and the infinitive
construct with ʬ. SP reads ʭʺʥʬʫ which is the plene infinitive construct form.
4QDeute, LXX: into your hand. 4QpaleoDeutr, Masoretic and SP read ²±¸¼´ (Mas & SP: ʪʩʰʴʬ) meaning before your face.
4QpaleoDeutr: and you shall confuse them (plene spelling). 4QDeute, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʭʮʤʥ.
4QDeute, 5QDeut, Mas, SP: great (defective spelling). 4QpaleoDeutr has the plene spelling ¬´­«ª.
4QDeute, Mas, SP, LXX: you shall covet (singular). 4QpaleoDeutr reads the plural ­«¶¯Â.
ʟʠʥʤ ʭʸʧʩʫ ʥʰʡʲʺʺʡʲʺʥʥʰʶʷʹʺʵʷʹʥʤʮʫʭʸʧʺʩʩʤʥʪʺʩʡʬʠʤʡʲʥʺʠʩʡʺ ʠʬʥ 26
ʸʹʠʵʸʠʤʺʠʭʺʹʸʩʥ ʭʺʠʡʥʭʺʩʡʸʥʯʥʩʧʺʯʲʮʬʺʥʹʲʬ ʯʥʸʮʹʺʭʥʩʤʪʥʶʮ ʩʫʰʠʸʹʠʤʥʶʮʤʬʫ 1
ʟʭʫʩʺʡʠʬ ʤʥʤʩʲʡʹʰ
ʺʠ ʺʲʣʬʥ ʪʺʥʱʰ ʪʺʰʲ ʯʲʮʬ ʸʡʣʮʡ ʤʰʹ ʭʩʲʡʸʠ ʤʦ ʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩ ʪʫʩʬʥʤ ʸʹʠ ʪʸʣʤ ʬʫ ʺʠ ʺʸʫʦʥ 2
ʟʠʬʭʠ 50 ʥʩʺʥʶʮʸʮʹʺʤʪʡʡʬʡʸʹʠ
ʥʣʡʬʭʧʬʤʬʲʠʬʩʫʪʲʩʣʥʤʯʲʮʬ ʪʩʺʥʡʠ 51 ʯʥʲʣʩʠʬʥʺʲʣʩʠʬʸʹʠʯʮʤʺʠʪʬʩʫʠʩʥʪʡʩʲʸʩʥ ʪʰʲʩʥ 3
ʟʭʣʠʤʤʩʧʩʤʥʤʩ ʩʴʠʶʥʮʬʫʬʲʩʫʭʣʠʤʤʩʧʩ
ʟʤʰʹ ʭʩʲʡʸʠʤʦ ʤʷʶʡ ʠʬ ʪʬʢʸʥ ʪʬ ʪʩʬʲʮ ʤʺʬʡʠʬʪʺʬʮʹ 4
ʟʪʸʱʩʮ 54ʪʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩ 53 ʯʫ ʥʰʡʺʠʹʩʠʸʱʩʩʸʹʠʫʩʫ 52 ʤʫʡʡʬʭʲʺʲʣʩʥ 5

4QDeutf, Mas, SP: his commandments. 4QDeute reads the alternative form ʥʺʥʶʮ. Though this form could also be the singular, and mean his commandment. As the
noun ʤʥʶʮ is feminine, the ʺʥ- ending can be the plural or the singular construct form, as the word root contains a ʥ in its spelling. In this case, the additional ʩ suffix could
be an indication to take ʥʩʺʥʶʮ as a definite plural and not confuse it as a singular which ʥʺʥʶʮ could do. Interestingly, manuscript 4Deutn indicates the plural of ʤʥʶʮ
with a double vav ʺʥʥʶʮ in all instances the word is extant.
4QDeute, 4QDeutf, Mas: they know (paragogic nun). 4QDeutc and SP read the non-paragogic (non-emphatic) form ʥʲʣʩ meaning the same thing.
4QDeutj: heart (plene spelling). 4QDeutn, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʪʡʡʬ.
4QDeutj, LXX: so. 4QDeutn, Masoretic and SP omit.
4QDeutn: your God (plene spelling for noun, defective spelling for pronoun). 4QDeutj reads the plene spelling for both noun and pronoun ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠ. 4QDeutf, Masoretic
and SP have the defective spelling for both: ʪʩʤʬʠ.
ʟ59 ʥʺʥʠ 58 ʤʠʸʩʬʥʥʩʫʸʣ 57ʬʥʫʡʺʫʬʬ 56 ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩ 55ʺʥʥʶʮ ʺʠʤʺʸʮʹʥ 6
ʟʸʤʡʥʤʲʷʡʡʭʩʠʶʩ ʺʥʮʥʤʺʥʺʥʰʩʲʭʩʮʩʬʧʰʵʸʠ ʤʡʧʸʥʤʡʥʨ ʵʸʠʬʠ ʪʠʩʡʮ 60 ʪʩʤʥʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʩʫ 7
ʟʹʡʣʥʯʮʹʺʩʦʵʸʠʯʥʮʸʥ 62 ʤʰʠʺʯʴʢʥ 61 ʤʸʥʲʹʥʤʨʧʵʸʠ 8
ʡʶʧʺ ʤʩʸʤʮʥ ʬʦʸʡ ʤʩʰʡʠ ʸʹʠ ʵʸʠ ʤʡ ʬʫ ʸʱʧʺ 63 ʠʥʬʥ ʭʧʬ ʤʡ ʬʫʠʺ ʺʥʰʫʱʮʡ ʠʬ ʸʹʠ ʵʸʠ 9
ʟ65 ʺʹʧʰ
ʟʪʬʯʺʰʸʹʠʤʡʥʨʤʵʸʠʤʬʲʪʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩ ʺʠ ʤʺʫʸʡʥ 66 ʤʺʲʡʹʥʺʬʫʠʥ 10
ʟʭʥʩʤʪʥʶʮʩʫʰʠ ʸʹʠʥʩʺʷʧʥʥʩʨʴʹʮʥʥʩʺʥʶʮʸʮʹʩʺʬʡʬʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʠʧʫʹʺ ʯʴʪʬʸʮʹʤ 11
ʟʺʡʹʩʥʤʰʡʺʭʩʡʥʨ ʭʩʺʡʥʺʲʡʹʥʬʫʠʺʯʴ 12

4QDeutj: commandments (plene or alternative spelling). 4QDeutn, Masoretic and SP have the more common or defective spelling ʺʥʶʮ.
4QDeutj: your God (plene spelling). 4QDeutn reads ʪʩʤʥʬʠ the plene spelling for the noun, defective spelling for pronoun. Masoretic and SP have the full defective
spelling ʪʩʤʬʠ.
4QDeutj: in all. 4QDeutn, Masoretic, SP and LXX omit, attaching ʡ to the following word instead.
4QDeutf, Mas, SP, LXX: by revering. 4QDeutn, in contrast to its usual main text readings which closely resemble the Masoretic Text-Type, reads ʤʡʤʠʬʥ meaning and by
4QDeutj, 4QDeutn: him (plene spelling). 4QDeute, 4QDeutf, Masoretic and SP read the defective spelling ʥʺʠ.
4QDeutn: your God (plene spelling for noun, defective spelling for pronoun). 4QDeutj reads the plene spelling for both noun and pronoun ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠ. 5QDeut, Masoretic
and SP have the defective spelling for both: ʪʩʤʬʠ.
4QDeutn: and barley (plene spelling). 4QDeutf, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʤʸʲʹʥ.
4QDeutn, SP, LXX: fig trees. 4QDeutf, 4QDeutj and Masoretic read ʤʰʠʺʥ meaning and fig trees.
4QDeutn: and not (plene spelling). 4QDeutf, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʠʬ.
1QDeutb, 4QDeutf, 5QDeut, Mas, SP: you can mine (defective spelling). 4QDeutn has the plene spelling ʡʥʶʧʺ.
4QDeutf, 5QDeut, Mas, SP: copper (defective spelling). 4QDeutn has the plene spelling ʺʹʥʧʰ.
4QDeutj, 4QDeutn: you shall be satisfied (plene spelling). 5QDeut, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʺʲʡʹʥ.
ʟʤʡʸʩʪʬʸʹʠʬʫʥʪʬʤʡʸʩʡʤʦʥʳʱʫʥʯʩʡʸʩʪʰʠʶʥʪʸʷʡ 13
ʟʭʩʣʡʲʺʩʡʮ ʭʩʸʶʮ ʵʸʠʮʪʠʩʶʥʮʤ ʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʠʺʧʫʹʥʪʡʡʬʭʸʥ 14
ʟʹʩʮʬʧʤ ʸʥʶʮʭʩʮʪʬ ʠʶʥʮʤʭʩʮʯʩʠʸʹʠʯʥʠʮʶʥʡʸʷʲʥʳʸʹʹʧʰʠʸʥʰʤʥʬʣʢʤʸʡʣʮʡʪʫʩʬʥʮʤ 15
ʟʪʺʸʧʠʡ ʪʡʨʩʤʬ ʪʺʱʰʯʲʮʬʥʪʺʰʲʯʲʮʬʪʩʺʡʠʯʥʲʣʩʠʬʸʹʠʸʡʣʮʡʯʮʪʬʫʠʮʤ 16
ʟʤʦʤʬʩʧʤʺʠʩʬʤʹʲʩʣʩʭʶʲʥʩʧʫ ʭʪʡʡʬʡʺʸʮʠʥ 17
ʭʤʸʡʠʬʲʡʹʰʸʹʠʥʺʩʸʡ ʺʠʭʩʷʤʯʲʮʬʬʩʧ ʺʥʹʲʬʧʫʤʫʬʯʺʰʤʠʥʤʩʫ ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʠʺʸʫʦʥ 18
ʟʤʦʤ ʭʥʩʫ ʡʷʲʩʬʥʷʧʶʩʬ
ʩʺʣʲʤʭʤʬʺʩʥʧʺʹʤʥ ʭʺʣʡʲʥʭʩʸʧʠʭʩʤʥʬʠ ʩʸʧʠ ʤʺʫʬʤʥ ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʠʧʫʹʺʧʫʹʭʠʤʩʤʥ 19
ʟʯʥʣʡʠʺ ʣʡʠ ʠʩʫ ʭʥʩʤ ʭʫʡ ʵʸʠʤʺʠʥ ʭʩʮʹʤ ʺʠ
ʟʭʫʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʬʥʷʡʯʥʲʮʹʺʠʬʡʷʲʯʥʣʡʠʺʯʫʭʫʩʰʴʮʣʩʡʠʮʤʥʤʩʸʹʠʭʩʥʢʫ 20
ʟʭʩʮʹʡ ʺʸʶʡʥʺʬʣʢʭʩʸʲʪʮʮʭʩʮʶʲʥʭʩʬʣʢʭʩʥʢʺʹʸʬʠʡʬʯʣʸʩʤʺʠʭʥʩʤʸʡʲʤʺʠʬʠʸʹʩʲʮʹ 1
ʟʷʰʲʩʰʡ ʩʰʴʬʡʶʩʺʩʩʮʺʲʮʹʤʺʠʥʺʲʣʩʤʺʠʸʹʠʭʩʷʰʲʩʰʡʭʸʥʬʥʣʢʭʲ 2
ʺʠʦʤʵʸʠʤʺʠʺʹʸʬ ʤʥʤʩʩʰʠʩʡʤʩʺʷʣʶʡʸʮʠʬʪʩʰʴʬʮʭʺʠʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʳʣʤʡʪʡʡʬʡʸʮʠʺʬʠ 4
ʟʪʩʰʴʮʭʹʩʸʥʮʤʥʤʩ ʤʬʠʤʭʩʥʢʤʺʲʹʸʡʥ
ʪʩʰʴʮʭʹʩʸʥʮʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩ ʤʬʠʤ ʭʩʥʢʤ ʺʲʹʸʡʩʫʭʶʸʠʺʠʺʹʸʬʠʡʤʺʠ ʪʡʡʬʸʹʩʡʥʪʺʷʣʶʡʠʬ 5
ʟʡʷʲʩʬʥʷʧʶʩʬʭʤʸʡʠʬ ʪʩʺʡʠʬʤʥʤʩʲʡʹʰʸʹʠʸʡʣʤʺʠʭʩʷʤ ʯʲʮʬʥ
ʟʤʺʠʳʸʲʤʹʷʭʲ ʩʫʤʺʹʸʬʺʠʦʤʤʡʥʨʤ ʵʸʠʤʺʠʪʬʯʺʰʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʪʺʷʣʶʡʠʬʩʫʺʲʣʩʥ 6
1QDeuta: and you go after (plene spelling). 4QDeute, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʺʫʬʤʥ.
ʬʠʭʫʠʡʣʲʭʩʸʶʮʵʸʠʮ ʺʠʶʩʸʹʠʭʥʩʤʯʮʬʸʡʣʮʡ ʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʠʺʴʶʷʤʸʹʠʺʠʧʫʹʺʬʠʸʫʦ 7
Verses 8 - 9 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʭʫʮʲ ʤʥʤʩʸʡʣʸʹʠ ʭʩʸʡʣʤʬʫʫʭʤʩʬʲʥ ʭʩʤʬʠʲʡʶʠʡ ʭʩʡʺʫʭʩʰʡʠʤʺʧʥʬʩʰʹʺʠʩʬʠʤʥʤʩʯʺʩʥ 10

ʟʬʤʷʤʭʥʩʡʹʠʤʪʥʺʮ ʸʤʡ
ʟʺʩʸʡʤ ʺʥʧʬʭʩʰʡʠʤʺʧʬʩʰʹʺʠ ʩʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʯʺʰʤʬʩʬʭʩʲʡʸʠʥʭʥʩʭʩʲʡʸʠʵʷʮʩʤʩʥ 11
ʭʺʩʥʶʸʹʠʪʸʣʤʯʮ ʸʤʮ ʥʸʱʭʩʸʶʮʮʺʠʶʥʤʸʹʠʪʮʲʺʧʹʩʫʤʦʮʸʤʮʣʸʭʥʷʩʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʮʠʩʥ 12
ʟʠʥʤ ʳʸʲʤʹʷʭʲʤʰʤʥʤʦʤʭʲʤʺʠ ʩʺʩʠʸʸʮʠʬʩʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʮʠʩʥ 13
ʟʥʰʮʮ ʡʸʥʭʥʶʲʩʥʢʬʪʺʥʠʤʹʲʠʥʭʩʮʹʤʺʧʺʮʭʮʹ ʺʠʤʧʮʠʥ ʭʣʩʮʹʠʥʩʰʮʮʳʸʤ 14
Verses 15 - 16 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʭʫʩʰʩʲʬʭʸʡʹʠʥʩʣʩʩʺʹʬʲʮʭʫʬʹʠʥ ʺʧʬʤʩʰʹʡʹʴʺʠʥ 17
ʭʫʺʠʨʧʬʫʬʲʩʺʩʺʹʠʬ ʭʩʮʥʩʺʬʫʠʠʬʭʧʬʤʬʩʬʭʩʲʡʸʠʥʭʥʩʭʩʲʡʸʠ ʤʰʹʠʸʫʤʥʤʩ ʩʰʴʬʬʴʰʺʠʥ 18
ʟʥʱʩʲʫʤʬʤʥʤʩʩʰʩʲʡʲʸʤʺʥʹʲʬ ʭʺʠʨʧʸʹʠ
ʟʠʥʤʤʭʲʴʡʭʢʩʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʲʮʹʩʥʭʫʺʠʣʩʮʹʤʬʭʫʩʬʲʤʥʤʩʳʶʷʸʹʠ ʤʮʧʤʥʳʠʤʩʰʴʮʩʺʸʢʩʩʫ 19
Verse 20 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls
ʸʴʲʬʷʣʸʹʠʣʲʡʨʩʤ ʯʥʧʨʥʺʠʺʫʠʥʹʠʡʥʺʠʳʸʹʠʥʩʺʧʷʬʬʢʲʤʺʠʭʺʩʹʲʸʹʠʭʫʺʠʨʧʺʠʥ 21
ʟʤʥʤʩ ʺʠʭʺʩʩʤʭʩʴʶʷʮʤʥʠʺʤʺʸʡʷʡʥʤʱʮʡʥ ʤʸʲʡʺʡʥ 22
ʭʫʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʩʴʺʠ ʥʸʮʺʥ ʭʫʬʩʺʺʰʸʹʠʵʸʠʤʺʠʥʹʸʥʥʬʲ ʸʮʠʬʲʰʸʡʹʣʷʮʭʫʺʠʤʥʤʩʧʬʹʡʥ 23
ʟʥʬʷʡʭʺʲʮʹ ʠʬʥʥʬʭʺʰʮʠʤʠʬʥ
Verses 22 - 26 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʥʺʠʨʧ ʬʠʥʥʲʹʸʬʠʥʤʦʤʭʲʤʩʹʷʬʠʯʴʺʬʠ ʡʥʷʲʩʬʥʷʧʶʩʬʭʤʸʡʠʬʪʩʣʡʲʬʸʫʦ 27

ʭʺʥʠʥʺʠʰʹʮʥʭʤʬ ʸʡʣʸʹʠʵʸʠʤʬʠʭʠʩʡʤʬʤʥʤʩʺʬʫʩʩʬʡʮʭʹʮʥʰʠʶʥʩʸʹʠ ʵʸʠʤʥʸʮʠʩʯʴ 28
ʟʤʩʥʨʰʤʪʲʸʦʡʥʬʣʢʤʪʧʫʡʺʠʶʥʤʸʹʠʪʺʬʧʰʥʪʮʲʭʤʥ 29
ʟʵʲʯʥʸʠʪʬʺʩʹʲʥ ʤʸʤʤʩʬʠʤʬʲʥ ʭʩʰʥʹʠʸʤʭʩʰʡʠʺʧʥʬʩʰʹʪʬʬʱʴʩʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʮʠʠʥʤʤʺʲʡ 1
ʟʯʥʸʠʡʭʺʮʹʥ ʺʸʡʹʸʹʠʭʩʰʹʠʸʤʺʧʬʤʬʲʥʩʤ ʤʥʤʩ ʸʹʠ ʭʩʸʡʣʤ ʺʠʺʧʬʤ ʬʲʡʺʫʠʥ 2
ʟʩʣʩʡ ʺʧʬʤʩʰʹʥʤʸʤʤʬʲʠʥʭʩʰʹʠʸʫʭʩʰʡʠʺʧʬʩʰʹʬʱʴʠʥʭʩʨʹʩʶʲ ʯʥʸʠʹʲʠʥ 3
ʟʤʥʤʩ ʩʰʥʶʸʹʠʫʭʹʥʩʤʩʥ ʩʺʩʹʲʸʹʠʯʥʸʠʡʺʧʬʤʺʠʭʹʠʥʸʤʤʯʮʣʸʠʥʯʴʠʥ 5
ʟʥʩʺʧʺʥʰʡʸʦʲʬʠ ʯʤʫʩʥʭʹʸʡʷʩʥ ʯʸʤʠʺʮʭʹʤʸʱʥʮʯʷʲʩʩʰʡʺʸʠʡʮʥʲʱʰʬʠʸʹʩʩʰʡʥ 6
ʟʭʩʮʩʬʧʰʵʸʠʤʺʡʨʩ ʤʣʢʣʢʤʯʮʥ ʤʣʢʣʢʤʥʲʱʰʭʹʮ 7
ʤʫʸʡʬʥʥʺʸʹʬʤʥʤʩ ʩʰʴʬʣʥʮʲʬʥ ʤʥʤʩʺʩʸʡʯʥʸʠʺʠʺʠʹʬʩʥʬʤ ʨʡʹʺʠʤʥʤʩʬʩʣʡʤʤʠʩʤʤʺʲʡ 8
ʟʥʬʤʫʩʤʥʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʸʡʣʸʹʠʫʥʺʬʧʰʤʠʥʤʤʥʤʩʥʩʧʠʭʲ ʤʬʧʰʥ ʷʬʧʩʥʬʬʤʩʤʠʥʬʯʫʬʲ 9
ʠʥʬʥʤʠʩʤʤ ʭʲʴʡʭʢʩʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʲʮʹʩʥʤʬʩʬʭʩʲʡʸʠʥʭʥʩʭʩʲʡʸʠʭʩʰʥʹʠʸʤʭʩʮʩʫʸʤʡ ʩʺʣʮʲʩʫʥʰʠʥ 10
ʺʺʬ ʤʮʤʩʺʥʡʠʬ ʩʺʲʡʹʰ ʸʹʠ ʵʸʠʤ ʺʠ ʥʹʸʩʥ ʥʠʥʡʩʥ ʭʲʤ ʩʰʴʬ ʲʱʮʬ ʤʫʬ ʭʥʷ ʩʬʠ ʤʥʤʩ ʸʮʠʥʩʥ 11
ʥʺʥʠʤʡʤʠʬʥʥʩʫʸʣʬʫʡʺʫʬʬ ʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʺʠʤʠʸʩʬʭʠʩʫʪʮʲʮʬʠʥʹʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʤʮʬʠʸʹʩʤʺʲʥ 12
ʟʪʹʴʰ ʬʫʡʥ ʪʡʡʬ ʬʫʡʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʠʣʡʲʬʥ
ʟʤʡʸʹʠʬʫʥʵʸʠʤ ʭʩʮʹʤʩʮʹʥʭʩʮʹʤʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʯʤ 14
ʟʤʦʤʭʥʩʫ ʭʩʮʲʤʬʫʮʭʫʡʭʤʩʸʧʠʭʲʸʦʡʸʧʡʩʥ ʭʺʠ ʤʡʤʠʬʤʥʤʩʷʹʧʪʩʺʡʠʡʷʸ 15
Verses 16 - 22 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls


Verse 1 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʥʣʩ ʺʠ ʥʬʣʢ ʺʠ ʭʫʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩ ʸʱʥʮ ʺʠ ʥʠʸ ʠʬ ʸʹʠʥ ʥʲʣʩ ʠʬ ʸʹʠ ʭʫʩʰʡ ʺʠ ʠʬ ʩʫ ʭʥʩʤ ʭʺʲʣʩʥ 2
ʟʥʶʸʠʬʫʬʥʭʩʸʶʮʪʬʮʤʲʸʴʬʭʩʸʶʮʪʥʺʡʤʹʲʸʹʠʥʩʹʲʮ ʺʠʥʥʩʺʺʠ ʺʠʥ 3
ʃɲɿ ʉʍɲ ɸʋʉɿɻʍɸʆ ʏɻʆ ɷʐʆɲʅɿʆ ʏʘʆ Ȱɿɶʐʋʏɿʘʆ, ʏɲ ɲʌʅɲʏɲ ɲʐʏʘʆ ʃɲɿ ʏɻʆ ɿʋʋʉʆ ɲʐʏʘʆ ʘʎ ɸʋɸʃʄʐʍɸʆ ʏʉ ʐɷʘʌ ʏɻʎ
ɽɲʄɲʍʍɻ ɸʌʐɽʌɲʎ ɸʋɿ ʋʌʉʍʘʋʉʐ ɲʐʏʘʆ ʃɲʏɲɷɿʘʃʉʆʏʘʆ ɲʐʏʘʆ ɸʃ ʏʘʆ ʉʋɿʍʘ ʐʅʘʆ ʃɲɿ ɲʋʘʄɸʍɸʆ ɲʐʏʉʐʎ ¬­¬± ɸʘʎ ʏɻʎ
ʍɻʅɸʌʉʆ ɻʅɸʌɲʎ
Verse 5 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʺʠʥ ʭʤʩʺʡ ʺʠʥ ʭʲʬʡʺʥ ʤʩʴ ʺʠ ʵʸʠʤ ʤʺʶʴ ʸʹʠ ʯʡʥʠʸ ʯʡ ʡʠʩʬʠ ʩʰʡ ʭʸʩʡʠʬʥ ʯʺʣʬ ʤʹʲ ʸʹʠʥ 6
ʟʬʠʸʹʩʬʥʫʡʸʷʡʭʤʩʬʢʸʡʸʹʠ ʭʥʷʩʤʬʥʫʺʠʥʭʤʩʬʤʠ
ʟʤʹʲ ʭʫʬʸʹʠʭʩʬʥʣʢʤʤʥʤʩʤʹʲʮʬʥʫʺʠ ʺʠʸʤʭʫʩʰʩʲʠʩʫ 7
ʤʮʺʹʸʩʥʭʺʠʡʥ ʭʺʩʡʸʥʥʷʦʧʺʯʲʮʬ ʭʥʩʤʪʥʶʮʩʫʰʠʸʹʠʭʩʨʴʹʮʤʥ ʭʩʷʥʧʤʤʥʶʮʤʬʥʫ ʺʠʭʺʸʮʹʥ 8
ʟʤʺʹʸʬʤʮʹʯʣʸʩʤʺʠʭʩʸʡʥʲ ʭʺʠʸʹʠ ʵʸʠʤʺʠ
ʟʹʡʣʥʡʬʧʺʡʦ ʭʤʩʸʧʠʭʲʸʦʬʥʭʤʬʺʺʬʭʫʩʺʥʡʠʬʤʥʤʩʲʡʹʰʸʹʠ ʤʮʣʠʤʬʲ ʭʩʮʩʯʥʫʩʸʠʺʯʲʮʬʥ 9
ʲʸʦʺ ʸʹʠʭʹʮʭʺʠʶʩʸʹʠ 69 ʤʠʩʤʭʩʸʶʮʵʸʠʫʠʥʬ ʤʺʹʸʬʤʮʹ ʭʩʠʡʤʮʺʠʸʹʠʵʸʠʤ 68 ʠʩʫ 10
ʟʷʸʩʤʯʢʫ 70 ʤʫʩʬʢʸʡʤʺʩʷʹʤʥ ʪʲʸʦʺʠ
ʟʭʩʮʤʺʹʺ ʭʩʮʹʤʸʨʮʬʺʥʲʷʡʥʭʩʸʤʵʸʠʤʺʹʸʬ ʪʲʸʦʺʠʲʸʦʺ ʤʮʺʠʸʹʠʵʸʠʤʥ 11
ʟʤʰʹʺʩʸʧʠʣʲʥʤʰʹ ʺʩʹʸʮʤʡ ʤʫʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩ ʩʰʩʲ ʣʩʮʺʤʺʥʠ 72 ʹʸʥʣ 71 ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʹʠ ʵʸʠ 12

4QDeutk1: for (plene spelling). 4QDeutc , Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʩʫ.
4QDeutk1: it (plene spelling, feminine). 4QDeutc and SP have the defective spelling ʠʩʤ. Masoretic has the masculine form ʠʥʤ.
4QDeutk1: by your feet (plene spelling). 4QDeutc and SP have the defective spelling ʪʩʬʢʸʡ. Masoretic reads the singular ʪʬʢʸʡ.
4QDeutk1: your God (plene spelling). 4QDeutc, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʪʩʤʬʠ.
4QDeutk1: caring for (plene spelling). 4QDeutc, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʹʸʣ.
ʬʫʡʥʣʡʲʬʥʭʫʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʺʠʤʡʤʠʬʭʥʩʤʭʫʺʠʤʥʶʮʩʫʰʠʸʹʠʩʺʥʶʮʬʠʥʲʮʹʺʲʥʮʹ ʭʠʤʩʤʥ 13
Verses 12 - 17 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʭʫʩʰʩʲʯʩʡʺʥʴʨʥʨʬʥʩʤʥʭʫʣʩʬʲʺʥʠʬʭʺʠʭʺʸʹʷʥʭʫʹʴʰʬʲʥʭʫʡʡʬ ʬʲʤʬʠʩʸʡʣ ʺʠʭʺʮʹʥ 18

Verses 19 - 20 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʬʲ ʭʩʮʹʤ ʩʮʩʫ ʭʤʬ ʺʺʬ ʭʫʩʺʥʡʠʬ ʤʥʤʩ ʺʠ ʤʡʤʠʬ ʤʺʹʲʬ ʭʫʺʠ ʤʥʶʮ ʩʫʰʠ ʸʹʠ ʺʠʦʤ ʤʥʶʮʤ 21
ʟ73 ʵʸʠʤ
ʟʥʡʬʫʥʠʩʠʥʬʸʫʰʯʡʬʥʫ ʧʱʴʤʺʥʷʥʧʺʥʠʦʯʥʸʤʠʥʤʹʥʮʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʮʠʥʩʥ 21a
ʟʥʡʬʥʫʥʠʩʦʠ ʥʺʠʤʺʬʮʥʳʱʫʺʰʷʮʹʩʠʣʡʲʬʥʫʥ 21b
What would’ve been Verse 21c not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʥʡʥʸʡʹʺʠʥʬ ʭʶʲʥʵʥʧʬʸʹʡʤ ʯʮʺʩʡʤʯʮʠʩʶʥʺʠʬʬʫʠʩʣʧʠʺʩʡʡ 21d

What would’ve been Verse 21e not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʬʸʲʬʥʫʥʵʸʠʤ ʧʸʦʠʫʤʩʤʥ ʥʺʹʲʬʡʸʷʩʦʠʥʸʫʦʬʥʫʥʬʬʥʮʤʤʥʤʩʬʧʱʴʤʹʲʥʸʢ ʤʭʫʺʠʸʥʢʩʩʫʥ 21f

ʟʭʫʫʥʺʡ ʸʢʤʸʢʬʥʧʸʦʠʬ ʤʩʤʩʺʧʠʤʸʥʺ 21g
Manuscript 4QDeutj continues with a quotation of Exodus 12:43-13:5.
ʟʥʹʲ ʯʫʯʥʸʤʠʺʠʥʤʹʥʮ ʺʠ ʤʥʤʩʤʥʶʸʹʠʫʬʠʸʹʩʩʰʡʬʥʫʥʹʲʩʥ 21h
ʟʭʺʥʠʡʶʬʲ ʭʩʸʶʮʵʸʠʮʬʠʸʹʩʩʰʡ ʺʠʤʥʤʩʠʩʶʥʤʤʦʤʭʥʩʤʭʶʲʡʩʤʩʥ 21i
ʟʸʥʮʠʬʤʹʥʮ ʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʡʣʩʥ 21j
ʟʠʥʤʩʬʤʮʤʡʡʥʭʣʠʡʬʠʸʹʩʩʰʡʡʭʧʸʬʥʫʸʨʴ ʸʥʫʡʬʥʫʩʬʹʣʷ 21k
ʠʩʶʥʤ ʣʩʷʦʥʧʡ ʩʫʭʩʣʡʲ ʺʩʡʮʭʩʸʶʮʵʸʠʮʥʡʭʺʠʶʩʸʹʠʤʦʤʭʥʩʤʺʠʸʥʫʦ ʭʲʤʬʠʤʹʥʮʸʮʠʥʩʥ 21l
ʟʡʩʡʠʤʹʣʥʧʡʭʩʠʶʥʩʤʮʺʠʭʥʩʤ 21m
ʲʡʹʰʸʹʠʫʩʹʢʸʢʤʥ ʩʱʥʡʩʤʥʩʥʧʤ ʩʦʸʴʤʥʩʸʥʮʠʤʥʩʺʧʤ ʩʰʲʰʫʤʵʸʠʤʬʠʤʫʩʤʥʬʠ ʪʠʩʡʩʩʫ ʤʩʤʥ 21n
ʟʤʦʤ ʹʣʥʧʡʺʠʦʤ ʤʣʥʡʲʤʺʠʤʺʣʡʲʥ ʭʲʸʦʬʥʭʤʬ ʺʺʬʤʫʩʺʥʡʠʬ
Verses 22 - 26 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʭʥʩʤʭʫʺʠʤʥʶʮ ʩʫʥʰʠ ʸʹʠ ʤʮʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʥʶʮʬʠʥʲʮʹʺʸʹʠʤʫʸʡʤʺʠ 27

ʺʫʬʬʭʥʩʤʭʫʺʠʤʥʶʮ ʩʫʥʰʠ ʸʹʠʪʸʣʤ ʯʮ ʭʺʸʱʥ ʤʮʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʥʶʮʬʠʥʲʮʹʺʠʬʭʠʤʬʬʷʤʥ 28
ʟʭʺʲʣʩ ʠʬ ʸʹʠʭʩʸʧʠʭʩʤʥʬʠʩʸʧʠ
ʭʩʦʩʸʢ ʸʤʬʲʤʫʸʡʤʺʠʤʺʺʰʥʤʺʹʸʬ ʤʮʹʠʡʤʺʠʸʹʠʵʸʠʤʬʠʤʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʤʫʠʩʡʩʩʫʤʩʤʥ 29
ʟʬʡʩʲʸʤʬʲʤʬʬʷʤ ʺʠʥ
ʟʤʸʮʩʰʥʬʠʬʶʠʬʢʬʢʤ ʬʥʮʤʡʸʲʡ ʡʹʩʤʩʰʲʰʫʤʵʸʠʡ ʹʮʹʤʠʥʡʮʪʸʣʩʸʧʠʯʣʸʩʤʸʡʲʡʤʮʤ ʠʬʤ 30
µÂÁÀ±­µ³´·Â¸µ³±¬´¨¬­¬±ÀÁ¨½À¨¬¨ÂÁÀ´¨­©´·«À±¬¨µ±À©ºµÂ¨±³ 31
ʟµ­±¬µ³±¸¼´·Â¸±³¸¨ÀÁ¨µ±°¼Á¶¬¨­µ±¿¯¬´³¨­Áº´µÂÀ¶Á­ 32
²´ ²±Â©¨ ±¬´¨ ¬­¬± ·Â¸ ÀÁ¨ ½À¨© ­Áº´ ·­À¶Á ÀÁ¨ µ±°¼Á¶¬­ µ±¿¯¬ ¬´¨­ 1
ʟ¬¶«¨¬ ´ºµ±±¯µÂ¨ ÀÁ¨µ±¶±¬´³¬ÂÁÀ´
µ¬±¬´¨¨µÂ¨µ±ÁÀ± µÂ¨ÀÁ¨µ±­ª¬µÁ­«©ºÀÁ¨­¶¿¶¬´³¨·­«©¨Â«©¨ 2
ʟ·¸ºÀ ½º ´³¯­­º©ª¬ ´º­µ±¶À¬µ±À¬¬´º
µ¬±¬´¨ ±´±¹¼­ Á¨© ·­¼ÀÁ µ¬±ÀÁ¨­ µ¬±Â­©¾¶ ¨ µÂÀ©Á­ µÂ¯©®¶ ¨ µÂ¾Â¸­ 3
Verse 4 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

­¸³Á´ µÁ ­¶Á ¨ µ­Á´ µ³±°©Á ´³¶ µ³±¬´¨ ¬­¬± À¯©± ÀÁ¨ µ­¿¶¬ ´¨ µ¨ ±³ 5
Verses 6 - 9 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

´³¶ µ³´ ¯±¸¬­ µ³Â¨ ´±¯¸¶ µ³±¬´¨ ¬­¬± ÀÁ¨ ½À¨© µÂ©Á±­ ·«À±¬ ¨ µÂÀ©º­ 10
ÀÁ¨ ´³ ¨ ­¨±©Â ¬¶Á µÁ ­¶Á ·³Á´ ­© µ³±¬´¨ ¬­¬± À¯©± ÀÁ¨ µ­¿¶¬ ¬±¬­ 11
µ³±À«¸ À¯©¶ ´³­ µ³«± ¶À­ µ³±ÂÀÁº¶ µ³±¯©®­ µ³±Â´­º µ³Â¨ ¬­¾¶ ±³¸¨
±­´¬­ µ³±Â¬¶¨­ µ³±«©º­ µ³±Â¸©­ µ³±¸©­ µÂ¨ µ³±¬´¨ ¬­¬± ±¸¼´ µÂ¯¶Á­ 12
Verses 13 - 17 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls
ʩʥʬʤʥʪʺʮʠʥʪʣʡʲʥ ʪʺʡʥʪʰʡʥʤʺʠʥʡʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʧʡʩʸʹʠʭʥʷʮʡʥʰʬʫʠʺʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʩʰʴʬʭʠʩʫ 18
ʟʪʣʩʧʬʹʮ ʬʫʡʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʩʰʴʬʺʧʮʹʥ ʪʩʸʲʹʡʸʹʠ
ʟʤʮʣʠʤʬʲʪʩʮʩʬʫʩʥʬʤ ʺʠʡʦʲʺʯʴʪʬ ʸʮʹʤ 19
Verses 20 - 21 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟ­¸´³¨±­«¯± À­¬°¬­¨¶°¬­¸´³¨Â·³´±¨¬¨­±©¾¬¨´³¨±ÀÁ¨³²¨ 22
ʟÀÁ©¬ µºÁ¼¸¬´³¨Â¨´­Á¼¸¬¨­¬µ«¬±³µ«¬´³¨±Â´©´¿®¯¿À 23
Verse 24 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʤʥʤʩʩʰʩʲʡʸʹʩʤʤʹʲʺʩʫ ʪʩʸʧʠ ʪʩʰʡʬʥʪʬʡʨʩʩʯʲʮʬʥʰʬʫʠʺʠʬ 25

ʟʤʥʤʩʸʧʡʩʸʹʠʭʥʷʮʤ ʬʠʺʠʡʥʠʹʺʪʩʸʣʰʥ ʪʬʥʩʤʩ ʸʹʠ ʪʩʹʣʷʷʸ 26
Verses 27 - 29 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʤʬʠʤʭʩʥʢʤʥʣʡʲʩ ʤʫʩʠʸʮʠʬʭʤʩʤʬʠʬʹʸʣʺʯʴʥʪʩʰʴʮʭʣʮʹʤʩʸʧʠʭʤʩʸʧʠʹʷʰʺʯʴʪʬʸʮʹʤ 30
ʭʤʩʺʰʡʺʠʥʭʤʩʰʡ ʺʠ ʭʢʩʫʭʤʩʤʬʠʬʥʹʲ ʠʰʹ ʸʹʠʤʥʤʩʺʡʲʥʺʬʫʩʫʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʯʫʤʹʲʺʠʬ 31
ʟʥʰʮʮʲʸʢʺ ʠʥʬʥʥʩʬʲʳʱʺʠʬ ʺʥʹʲʬ ʥʸʮʹʺʥʺʠʭʫʺʠʤʥʶʮʩʫʰʠʸʹʠʸʡʣʤʬʫʺʠ 1
ʟʺʴʥʮʥʠʺʥʠ ʤʫʩʬʠʯʺʰʥʭʥʬʧʭʬʧʥʠʠʩʡʰ ʤʫʡʸʷʡʭʥʷʩʩʫ 2
ʟʭʣʡʲʰʥʭʺʲʣʩ ʠʬʸʹʠʭʩʸʧʠʭʩʤʥʬʠʩʸʧʠʤʫʬʰʸʮʠʬ ʤʫʩʬʠʸʡʣʸʹʠʺʴʥʮʤʥ ʺʥʠʤʠʡʥ 3
ʺʲʣʬ ʭʫʺʠ ʤʮʫʩʤʥʬʠ ʤʥʤʩ ʤʱʰʮ ʩʫ ʠʥʤʤ ʭʥʬʧʤ ʭʬʥʧ ʬʠ ʥʠ ʤʠʥʤʤ ʩʡʰʤ ʩʸʡʣ ʬʠ ʥʲʮʹʺ ʠʬ 4
ʟʭʫʹʴʰ ʬʫʡʥʭʫʡʡʬʬʫʡ ʤʮʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʠʭʩʡʤʠ ʤʮʫʹʩʤ
ʥʩʺʥʶʮ ʺʠʥ ʯʥʠʸʩʺ ʥʺʠʥ ʯʥʷʡʣʺ ʥʡʥ ʯʥʲʮʹʺ ʥʬʷʡʥ ʯʥʣʡʲʺ ʥʺʥʠʥ ʯʥʫʬʺ 74ʤʮʫʩʤʥʬʠ ʤʥʤʩ ʩʸʧʠ 5
ʟ75 ʸʮʹʺ
ʭʩʸʶʮ ʵʸʠʮʭʫʺʠ ʠʩʶʥʮʤ ʤʮʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʲʤʸʱʸʡʣʩʫʺʮʥʩʠʥʤʤ ʭʩʬʧʤʭʬʤʥʠʤʠʥʤʤʩʡʰʤʥ 6
ʟʤʫʡʸʷʮ ʲʸʤʺʸʲʡʥʺʫʬʬ ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩ ʤʫʥʶʸʹʠ ʤʫʸʣʤʯʮ ʤʫʧʩʣʤʬʭʩʣʡʲ ʺʩʡʮ ʤʫʣʥʴʤʥ
ʤʣʡʲʰʥ ʤʫʬʰʸʮʠʬʸʺʱʡʪʹʴʰʫʸʹʠ ʪʲʸʥʠʪʷʩʧ ʺʹʠʥʠʪʰʡʥʠ ʪʮʠʯʡʥʠ ʪʩʡʠ ʯʡ ʪʩʧʠʪʺʩʱʩʩʫ 7
Verses 8 - 10 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʭʩʣʡʲ ʺʩʡʮʭʩʸʶʮʵʸʠʮʪʠʩʶʥʮʤʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʲʮʪʧʩʣʤʬʹʷʡʩʫʺʮʥʭʩʰʡʠʡʥʺʬʷʱʥ 11
ʟʪʡʸʷʡʤʦʤʲʸʤʸʡʣʫ ʺʥʹʲʬʥʴʩʱʥʩ ʠʬʥʯʥʠʸʩʥʥʲʮʹʩʬʠʸʹʩʬʫʥ 12
ʟʸʮʠʬʭʹʺʡʹʬ ʤʫʬʯʺʰ ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩ ʸʹʠʤʫʩʸʲʺʧʠʡʲʮʹʺʠʩʫ 13

1QDeuta: your God (plene spelling). 4QDeutc, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʭʫʩʤʬʠ.
1QDeuta: all of you shall serve Him, and all of you shall listen to His voice,and all of you shall cling to him, and all of you shall revere Him, and you shall observe His
commandments. 4QDeutc(vid), Masoretic and SP read: (ʯ)ʥʷʡʣʺ ʥʡʥ (ʯ)ʥʣʡʲʺʥʺʠʥ (ʯ)ʥʲʮʹʺʥʬʷʡʥ (ʯ)ʥʸʮʹʺʥʩʺʥʶʮʺʠʥ (ʯ)ʥʠʸʩʺ meaning all of you shall revere
Him, and all of you shall observe His commandments, and all of you shall listen to His voice, and all of you shall serve Him, and all of you shall cling to Him. LXX has
ʔʉɴɻɽɻʍɸʍɽɸ ʃɲɿ ʏɻʎ ʔʘʆɻʎ ɲʐʏʉʐ ɲʃʉʐʍɸʍɽɸ ʃɲɿ ɲʐʏʘ ʋʌʉʍʏɸɽɻʍɸʍɽɸ meaning all of you shall revere, and all of you shall listen to His voice, and all of you shall be
joined Him.
ʠʬʸʹʠʭʩʸʧʠʭʩʤʥʬʠ ʤʣʡʲʰʥʤʫʬʰʸʥʮʠʬʤʮʸʩʲ ʩʡʹʩʺʠʥʧʩʣʩʥʤʫʡʸʷʮʬʲʩʬʡʩʰʡʭʩʹʰʠʥʠʶʩ 14
Verse 15 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʡʸʧʩʴʬ ʤʺʮʤʡʺʠʥ ʤʡʸʹʠʬʫʺʠʥʤʺʠʭʸʧʤʡʸʧʩʴʬʠʥʤʤʸʩʲʤʩʡʹʩʺʠʤʫʺʤʫʤ 16

ʬʺʤʺʩʤʥʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬ ʬʩʬʫʤʬʬʹʬʫʺʠʥʸʩʲʤʺʠʹʠʡʺʴʸʹʥ ʤʡʧʸʪʥʺʬʠʵʡʷʺʤʬʬʹʬʫʺʠʥ 17
Verse 18 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

­Áº´ µ­±¬ ²­¾¶ ±³¸¨ ÀÁ¨ ­±Â­¾¶ ´³ ¨ À¶Á´ ²±¬´¨ ¬­¬± ´­¿© º¶Á ±³ 19
ʟ¶´µ³±¸±º ·±©¬¯À¿­¶±Á¨´­­««ªÂ¨´µ³±¬´¨¬­¬±´µÂ¨µ±¸© 1
´ºÀÁ¨µ±¶º¬´³¶¬´­ª¹µº´­´­±¬´¬­¬±À¯©²©­²±¬´¨¬­¬±´¬Â¨Á­«¿µº±³ 2
Verse 3 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟµ±®º¬Á­µ±©Á³¬ÁÀ­Á­´³¨ÂÀÁ¨¬¶¬©¬¨®­ 4
ʟÀ¶®­­¨Â­·Á±«­­¿¨­À­¶¯±­±©¾­´±¨ 5
Verses 6 - 18 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls
ʟ´³­¨Â¨´µ³´¨­¬¨¶°»­º¬½ÀÁ´³­ 19
Verse 20 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

¬Â¨Á­«¿µº±³±À³¸´ À³¶­¨¬´³¨­¬¸¸Â²±ÀºÁ©ÀÁ¨Àª´¬´©¸´³­´³­¨Â¨´ 21
ʟ¬¸Á ¬¸Á¬«Á¬ ¨¾±¬²ºÀ®¨­©Â´³¨ÀÁºÂÀÁº 22
ʺʸʫʡʥ ʤʫʸʤʶʩʥ ʤʫʹʸʩʺ ʤʫʰʢʣʸʹʲʮʭʹʥʮʹʯʫʹʬʸʧʡʩʸʹʠʭʥʷʮʡ ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʩʰʴʬʺʬʫʠʥ 23
ʟʭʩʮʩʤʬʫ ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʠʤʠʸʩʬʣʮʬʺʯʲʮʬ ʤʫʰʠʶʥ ʤʫʸʷʡ
ʭʥʹʬ ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩ ʸʧʡʩʸʹʠʭʥʷʮʤ ʤʫʮʮ ʷʧʸʩ ʠʩʫ ʥʺʹʬʬʫʥʺ ʠʬʠʩʫ ʤʫʸʣʤ ʤʫʮʮʤʡʸʩʩʫʥ 24
ʟʩʡʤʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʧʡʩ ʸʹʠʭʥʷʮʤʬʠʺʫʬʤʥ ʤʫʣʩʡʳʱʫʤʺʸʶʥʳʱʫʡʤʺʺʰʥ 25
¬²´¨Á ÀÁ¨ ´³©­ À³Á©­ ·±±©­ ·¨¾©­ À¿©© ²Á¼¸ ¬­¨Â ÀÁ¨ ´³© »¹³¬ ¬Â¸­ 26
ʟ²Â±©­¬Â¨ ¯¶Á­²±¬´¨¬­¬±±¸¼´µÁ´³¨­²Á¼¸
ʟ²¶º¬´¯¸­¿´¯­´·±¨±³­¸©®ºÂ¨´²±ÀºÁ©ÀÁ¨±­´¬­ 27
ʟ²±ÀºÁ©¯¸¬­¨­¬¬¬¸Á©²Â¨­©ÂÀÁº¶´³¨¨±¾­Âµ±¸ÁÁ´Á¬¾¿¶ 28
­´³¨­ ²±ÀºÁ© ÀÁ¨ ¬¸¶´¨¬­ µ­Â±¬­ Àª¬­ ²¶º ¬´¯¸­ ¿´¯ ­´ ·±¨ ±³ ±­´¬ ¨©­ 29
ʟ¬ÁºÂÀÁ¨ ²«±¬Áº¶´³©²±¬´¨¬­¬±²³À©±·º¶´­º©Á­
ʟʤʨʮʹʤʹʲʺʭʩʰʹʲʡʹʵʷʮ 1
ʟʤʥʤʩʬ ʤʨʮʹʠʸʷʩʫ ʹʢʩʠʬʥʤʲʸʡʤʹʩʸʹʠ ʥʣʩ ʤʹʮ ʬʲʡʬʫ ʨʥʮʹʤʨʮʹʤ ʸʡʣʤʦʥ 2
ʟʪʣʩʨʮʹʺ ʪʩʧʠʺʠʪʬʤʩʤʩ ʸʹʠʥʹʢʺʩʸʫʰʤʺʠ 3
ʟʤʺʹʸʬʤʬʧʰ ʪʬʯʺʰʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩ ʸʹʠʵʸʠʡʤʥʤʩʪʫʸʡʩ ʪʸʡʩʫʯʥʩʡʠʪʡʤʩʤʩʠʬʩʫʱʴʠ 4
±³¸¨ ÀÁ¨ ¨®¬ ¬­¾¶¬ ´³ ¨ ­Áº´ À¶Á´ ²±¬´¨ ¬­¬± ´­¿© º¶Á º­¶Á µ¨ ¿À 5
´Á¶­ °©ºÂ ¨´ ¬Â¨­ µ±©À µ±­ª °©º¬­ ²´ À©« ÀÁ¨³ ²³À© ²±¬´¨ ¬­¬± ±³ 6
Verse 7 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟ­´À¹¯±ÀÁ¨­À¹¯¶±«­¸°±©ºÂ°©º¬­­´²«±¯Â¼Â¯Â¼±³ 8
²¸±º ¬ºÀ­ ¬°¶Á¬ ¸Á º©Á¬ ¸Á ¬©À¿ À¶¨´ ´º±´© ²©©´ µº À©« ¬±¬± ·¼ ²´ À¶Á¬ 9
ʟ¨°¯²©¬±¬­¬­¬± ´¨²±´º¨À¿­­´·Â¨´­·­±©¨¬²±¯¨©
´³© ²±¬´¨ ¬­¬± ²³À©± ¬®¬ À©«¬ ´´ª© ±³ ­´ ²Â© ²©©´ ºÀ± ¨´­ ­´ ·Â ·­Â¸ 10
Verses 11 - 13 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʥʬʯʺʺʪʩʤʬʠʩʰʣʠ ʪʫʸʡʸʹʠʪʡʷʩʮʥʪʰʸʢʮʥʪʰʠʶʮʥʬʷʩʰʲʺʷʩʰʲʤ 14
ʟʭʥʩʤʤʦʤʸʡʣʤʺʠ ʥʺʹʲʬʪʥʶʮʩʫʰʠʯʫʬʲʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩ ʪʣʴʩʥʭʩʸʶʮʵʸʠʡʺʩʩʤʣʡʲʩʫ ʺʸʫʦʥ 15
ʟʪʮʲʥʬʡʥʨʩʫʪʺʩʡʺʠʥ ʪʡʤʠʩʫʪʮʲʮʠʶʠʠʬʪʩʬʠʸʮʠʩʩʫʤʩʤʥ 16
ʟʯʫʤʹʲʺʪʺʮʠʬʳʠʥʭʬʥʲʣʡʲʪʬʤʩʤʥʺʬʣʡʥ ʥʰʦʠʡ ʤʺʺʰʥʲʶʸʮʤʺʠʺʧʷʬʥ 17
ʬʫʡ ʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʪʫʸʡʥʭʩʰʹ ʹʹʪʣʡʲ ʸʫʹʸʫʹ ʤʰʹʮʩʫʪʮʲʮʩʹʴʧʥʺʠʪʧʬʹʡʪʰʩʲʡ ʤʹʷʩ ʠʬ 18
ʸʥʫʡʦʢʺʠʬʥʪʸʥʹ ʸʫʡʡʣʡʲʺʠʬʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʹʩʣʷʺʸʫʦʤʪʰʠʶʡʥ ʪʸʷʡʡ ʣʬʥʩʸʹʠʸʥʫʡʤʬʫ 19
Verses 20 - 23 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls


Verse 1 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʭʹʥʮʹʯʫʹʬʤʥʤʩʸʧʡʩʸʹʠʭʥʷʮʡ ʸʷʡʥʯʠʶʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʧʱʴʺʧʡʦʥ 2
ʺʠʸʫʦʺ ʯʲʮʬʭʩʸʶʮʵʸʠʮ ʺʠʶʩʯʥʦʴʧʡʩʫʩʰʲʭʧʬʺʥʶʮʥʩʬʲʬʫʠʺʭʩʮʩʺʲʡʹ ʵʮʧʥʩʬʲʬʫʠʺʠʬ 3
ʟʸʷʡʬ ʯʥʹʠʸʤʭʥʩʡʡʸʲʡ ʧʡʦʺʸʹʠʸʹʡʤʯʮʯʩʬʩʠʥʬʥʭʩʮʩʺʲʡʹ ʤʫʬʡʢʬʫʡʸʠʹ ʤʫʬʤʠʸʩʠʥʬʥ 4
Verse 5 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʹʮʹʤʠʥʡʫʡʸʲʡ ʧʱʴʤʺʠʧʡʦʺʭʹʥʮʹʯʫʹʬ 77 ʥʡ 76 ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʸʧʡʩʸʹʠʭʥʷʮʤʬʠʭʠʠʩʫ 6

ʟʭʩʸʶʮ ʵʸʠʮ ʪʺʠʶʣʲʥʮ
ʟʪʩʬʤʠʬʺʫʬʤʥʸʷʡʡʺʩʰʴʥ ʥʡʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩ ʸʧʡʩʸʹʠʭʥʷʮʡ ʺʬʫʠʥʤʺʬʹʡʥ 7
ʟʤʫʠʬʮ ʬʫʥʡʤʹʲʺʠʬʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʺʸʶʲʩʲʩʡʹʤʭʥʩʡʥ ʥʬʫʠʺʺʥʶʮʭʩʮʩʺʲʡʹ 8
ʟʺʥʲʡʹʤʲʡʹʸʴʱʬʬʧʺʤʮʷʡʹʮʸʧʬʧʤʮʪʬ ʸʴʱʺʺʥʲʡʹʤʲʡʹ 9

1QDeuta: your God (plene spelling). 4QDeutc, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʪʩʤʬʠ.
1QDeuta: in which. 4QDeutc, Masoretic and SP omit.
ʟʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʪʫʸʡʩʸʹʠʫ ʯʺʺʸʹʠʪʣʩʺʥʡʣʰʺʱʮʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʺʥʲʡʹʢʧ ʺʩʹʲʥ 10
ʸʹʠ ʤʰʮʬʠʥ ʭʥʺʩʤʸʢʤʥ ʪʸʲʹʡ ʸʹʠʩʥʬʤʥʪʺʮʠʥʪʣʡʲʥʪʺʡʥ ʪʰʡʤʺʠ ʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʩʰʴʬʺʧʮʹʥ 11
ʟʭʹ ʥʮʹ ʯʫʹʬʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʸʧʡʩʸʹʠ ʭʥʷʮʡʪʡʸʷʡ
Verses 12 - 19 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʪʬʯʺʰʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʹʠʵʸʠʤʺʠʺʹʸʩʥʤʩʧʺʯʲʮʬ ʳʣʸʺʷʣʶʷʣʶ 20
ʟʪʬʤʹʲʺ ʸʹʠʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʧʡʦʮʬʶʠʵʲʬʫʤʸʹʠ ʪʬʲʨʺʠʬ 21
ʟʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʠʰʹʸʹʠʤʡʶʮʪʬʭʩʷʺʠʬʥ 22
ʟʠʥʤʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʺʡʲʥʺʩʫʲʸʸʡʣ ʬʫʭʥʮʥʡʤʩʤʩʸʹʠʤʹʥʸʥʹʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʧʡʦʺʠʬ 1
ʤʥʤʩʩʰʩʲʡʲʸʤʺʠ ʤʹʲʩ ʸʹʠʤʹʠʥʠʹʩʠ ʪʬʯʺʰʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʹʠʪʩʸʲʹʣʧʠʡ ʪʡʸʷʡʠʶʮʩʩʫ 2
ʟʥʺʩʸʡ ʸʡʲʬʪʩʤʬʠ
ʟʩʺʩʥʶʠʬʸʹʠ ʭʩʮʹʤʠʡʶʬʫʬʥʠʧʸʩʬ ʥʠʹʮʹʬʥʭʤʬʥʧʺʹʩʥʭʩʸʧʠʭʩʤʬʠʣʡʲʩʥʪʬʩʥ 3
ʟʬʠʸʹʩʡ ʺʠʦʤʤʡʲʥʺʤʤʺʹʲʰʸʡʣʤʯʥʫʰʺʮʠʤʰʤʥʡʨʩʤʺʹʸʣʥ ʺʲʮʹʥʪʬʣʢʤʥ 4
ʺʠʥʠʹʩʠʤʺʠʪʩʸʲʹ ʬʠʤʦʤʲʸʤʸʡʣʤʺʠʥʹʲʸʹʠ ʠʥʤʤʤʹʠʤʺʠʥʠʠʥʤʤ ʹʩʠʤ ʺʠ ʺʠʶʥʤʥ 5
Verse 6 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʪʡʸʷʮʲʸʤʺʸʲʡʥʤʰʸʧʠʡʭʲʤʬʫʣʩʥʥʺʩʮʤʬ ʤʰʹʠʸʡ ʥʡʤʩʤʺʭʩʣʲʤʣʩ 7

Verses 18 - 21 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʺʮʥ ʨʴʹʤʬʠʥʠ ʤʫʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʠʭʹʺʸʹʬʣʮʲʤʯʤʫʤʬʠʲʮʹʩʺʬʡʬʯʥʣʦʡʤʹʲʩʸʹʠʹʩʠʤʥ 12

Verse 13 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʬʥʫʫʤʫʬʮʩʬʲʤʮʩʹʠ ʤʺʸʮʠʥʤʡʤʺʡʹʩʥʤʺʹʸʩʥʤʫʬʯʺʥʰ ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʹʠʵʸʠʤʬʠʠʥʡʺʩʫ 14

ʹʩʠʪʩʬʲ ʺʺʬʬʫʥʺʠʬʪʬʮ ʪʩʬʲʭʩʹʺʪʩʧʠʡʸʷʮʥʡʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʧʡʩʸʹʠʪʬʮʪʩʬʲʭʩʹʺʭʥʹ 15
ʟʠʥʤ ʪʩʧʠʠʬ ʸʹʠʩʸʫʰ
ʡʥʹʬʯʥʴʱʺʠʬʭʫʬ ʸʮʠʤʥʤʩʥʱʥʱʺʥʡʸʤʯʲʮʬʤʮʩʸʶʮʭʲʤʺʠʡʩʹʩʠʬʥʭʩʱʥʱ ʥʬʤʡʸʩ ʠʬʷʸ 16
ʟʣʥʲʤʦʤ ʪʸʣʡ
ʟʣʠʮʥʬʤʡʸʩʠʬʡʤʦʥʳʱʫʥʥʡʡʬ ʸʥʱʩʠʬʥ ʭʩʹʰʥʬʤʡʸʩʠʬʥ 17
ʟʭʩʥʬʤʭʩʰʤʫʤ ʩʰʴʬʮʸʴʱ ʬʲʺʠʦʤ ʤʸʥʺʤʤʰʹʮʺʠʥʬʡʺʫʥʥʺʫʬʮʮʠʱʫʬʲʥʺʡʹʫʤʩʤʥ 18
ʺʠʦʤ ʤʸʥʺʤ ʩʸʡʣʬʫʺʠʸʮʹʬʥʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʠʤʠʸʩʬ ʣʮʬʩ ʯʲʮʬ ʥʩʩʧ ʩʮʩ ʬʫ ʤʡ ʠʸʷʥʥʮʲʤʺʩʤʥ 19
ʟʭʺʹʲʬʤʬʠʤʭʩʷʧʤ ʺʠʥ
ʠʥʤʥʺʫʬʮʮʬʲ ʭʩʮʩʪʩʸʠʩ ʯʲʮʬʬʥʠʮʹʥʯʩʮʩʤʥʶʮʤʯʮʸʥʱ ʩʺʬʡʬʥʥʩʧʠʮʥʩʧʠʮʥʡʡʬʭʥʸʩʺʬʡʬ 20
ʟʯʥʬʫʠʩ ʥʺʬʧʰʥʤʥʤʩ ʩʹʠ ʬʠʸʹʩʭʲʤʬʧʰʥʷʬʧʩʥʬʨʡʹʬʫʭʩʥʬʤʭʩʰʤʫʬ ʤʩʤʩʠʬ 1
Verses 2 - 5 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʤʥʤʩʸʧʡʩʸʹʠʭʥʷʮʤ ʬʠʥʹʴʰʺʥʠʬʫʡʠʡʥʭʹʸʢʠʥʤʸʹʠ ʬʠʸʹʩ ʬʫʮʪʩʸʲʹʣʧʠʮʩʥʬʤʠʡʩʩʫʥ 6

ʟʤʥʤʩʩʰʴʬʭʹʭʩʣʮʲʤʭʩʥʬʤʥʩʧʠʬʫʫ ʥʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʭʹʡ ʺʸʹʥ 7
ʟʺʥʡʠʤʬʲ ʥʩʸʫʮʮʣʡʬʯʥʬʫʠʩ ʷʬʧʫʷʬʧ 8
ʟʭʤʤ ʭʩʥʢʤʺʡʲʥʺʫʺʥʹʲʬ ʣʮʬʺʠʬʪʬʯʺʰʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʸʹʠʵʸʠʤʬʠʠʡʤʺʠʩʫ 9
ʟʳʹʫʮʥʹʧʰʮʥʯʰʥʲʮʭʩʮʱʷ ʭʱʷʹʠʡ ʥʺʡʥ ʥʰʡ ʸʩʡʲʮʪʡʠʶʮʩʠʬ 10
Verses 11 - 17 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʥʰʥʶʠ ʸʹʠʬʫʺʠʭʤʩʬʠʸʡʣʥʥʩʴʡʩʸʡʣʩʺʺʰʥʪʥʮʫʭʤʩʧʠʡʸʷʮʭʤʬʭʩʷʠʠʩʡʰ 18
ʟʥʮʲʮʹʸʣʠʩʫʰʠʩʮʹʡʸʡʣʩ ʸʹʠʩʸʡʣʬʠʲʮʹʩʠʬʸʹʠʹʩʠʤʤʩʤʥ 19
ʺʮʥʭʩʸʧʠʭʩʤʬʠʭʹʡʸʡʣʩ ʸʹʠʥʸʡʣʬʥʩʺʩʥʶʠʬ ʸʹʠʺʠʩʮʹʡʸʡʣʸʡʣʬʣʩʦʩʸʹʠʠʩʡʰʤʪʠ 20
ʟʤʥʤʩ ʥʸʡʣʠʬʸʹʠʸʡʣʤ ʺʠʲʣʰʤʫʩʠʪʡʡʬʡʸʮʠʺʩʫʥ 21
ʠʩʡʰʤʥʸʡʣʯʥʣʦʡʤʥʤʩ ʥʸʡʣʠʬʸʹʠ ʸʡʣʤʠʥʤʠʥʡʩʠʬʥʸʡʣʤʤʩʤʩʠʬʥʤʥʤʩʭʹʡʠʩʡʰʤʸʡʣʩʸʹʠ 22

Verse 1 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟ¬ÂÁÀ´ ²´·Â¸²±¬´¨¬­¬±ÀÁ¨²¾À¨²­Â©²´´±«©Âµ±ÀºÁ­´Á 2
´³ ¬¶Á ¹­¸´ ¬±¬­²±¬´¨ ¬­¬± ²´±¯¸± ÀÁ¨ ²¾À¨ ´­©ª¨ÂÁ´Á­²À«¬ ²´ ·±³Â 3
Verses 4 - 7 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʺʺʬ ʸʡʣʸʹʠʵʸʠʤʬʥʫ ʺʠ ʤʫʬʯʺʰʥ ʤʫʩʺʡʠʬʲʡʹʰʸʹʠʫ ʤʫʬʡʢʺʠ ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠ ¬­¬± ʡʩʧʸʩʭʠʥ 8

ʺʫʬʬʥʤʫʩʤʥʬʠ ¬­¬± ʺʠ ʤʡʤʠʬʭʥʩʤʤʮʫʥʶʮʩʫʥʰʠʸʹʠʤʺʹʲʬʺʠʦʤʤʥʶʮʤʬʥʫʺʠʸʮʹʺʠʩʫ 9
ʟʤʬʠʤ ʹʥʬʹʤʬʲʭʩʸʲʹʥʬʹʣʥʲʤʫʬʺʴʱʩʥʭʩʮʩʤʬʥʫʥʩʫʸʣʡ
ʟʭʩʮʣʤʫʩʬʲ ʤʩʤʥʤʬʧʰ ʤʫʬʯʺʰ ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠ ¬­¬±ʸʹʠ ʤʫʶʸʠʡʸʷʡʩʷʰʭʣ ʤʫʴʹʩʠʬʥ 10
ʟʤʬʠʤʭʩʸʲʤʯʮ ʬʠʱʰʥʺʮʥʹʴʰʥʤʫʤʥʥʩʬʲʭʷʥʥʬʡʸʠʥʥʤʲʸʬʠʰʹʹʩʠʤʩʤʩ ʠʩʫʥ 11
Verse 12 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʤʫʬʡʥʨʥʬʠʸʹʩʮʩʷʰʤʭʣ ʺʸʲʡʥʥʩʬʲʤʫʰʩʲʱʥʧʺʠʥʬ 13
ʤʫʬʯʺʰʤʫʩʤʥʬʠ ¬­¬± ʸʹʠʵʸʠʡʬʧʰʺʸʹʠʤʫʺʬʧʰʡʭʩʰʥʹʠʸ ʥʬʡʢʸʹʠ ʤʫʲʸʬʥʡʢʢʩʱʺʠʥʬ 14
ʤʹʬʹʩʴʬʲʥʠʭʩʣʲ ʩʰʹʩʴʬʲʠʨʧʩʸʹʠʠʨʧʬʥʫʡʺʠʨʧ ʬʥʫʬʥʯʥʥʲʬʥʫʬ ʹʩʠʡ ʣʧʠʣʲʭʥʷʩʠʥʬ 15
ʟʤʸʱʥʡʺʥʰʲʬʹʩʠʡʱʮʧʣʲʭʥʷʩ ʠʩʫ 16
ʟʭʤʤʭʩʮʩʡ ʥʩʤʩʸʹʠʭʩʨʴʹʤʥʭʩʰʤʫʤʩʰʴʬʤʥʤʩʩʰʴʬʡʩʸʤʭʤʬʸʹʠʭʩʹʰʠʤʩʰʹʥʣʮʲʥ 17
ʟʥʩʧʠʡ ʤʰʲʸʷʹ ʣʲʤʸʷʹʣʲʤʰʤʥʡʨʩʤʭʩʨʴʹʤʥʹʸʣʥ 18
ʟʪʡʸʷʮʲʸʤʺʸʲʡʥʥʩʧʠʬʺʥʹʲʬʭʮʦʸʹʠʫʥʬʭʺʩʹʲʥ 19
ʟʪʡʸʷʡʤʦʤʲʸʤʸʡʣʫʣʥʲʺʥʹʲʬʥʴʱʩʠʬʥʥʠʸʩʥʥʲʮʹʩ ʭʩʸʠʹʰʤʥ 20
ʟʬʢʸʡʬʢʸʥʣʩʡʣʩʯʹʡʯʹʯʩʲʡ ʯʩʲʹʴʰʡ ʥʹʴʰʪʰʩʲʱʥʧʺʠʬ 21
ʪʬʲʮʤʪʮʲʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩ ʩʫʭʤʮʠʸʩʺʠʬʪʮʮʡʸʭʲʥʡʫʸʥ ʱʥʱʺʩʠʸʥʪʩʡʩʠʬʲʤʮʧʬʮʬʠʶʺʩʫ 1
ʟʭʲʤʬʠʸʡʣʥʯʤʫʤʹʢʰʥʤʮʧʬʮʤʬʠʭʫʡʸʷʫ ʤʩʤʥ 2
ʥʦʴʧʺʬʠʥʥʠʸʩʺ ʬʠʭʫʡʡʬ ʪʸʩʬʠʭʫʩʡʩʠʬʲʤʮʧʬʮʬʭʥʩʤʭʩʡʸʷʭʺʠʬʠʸʹʩ ʤʲʮʹ ʭʤʩʬʠʸʮʠʥ 3
ʟʭʫʺʠʲʩʹʥʤʬ ʭʫʩʡʩʠʭʲʭʫʬʭʧʬʤʬʭʫʮʲʪʬʤʤʭʫʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʩʫ 4
ʤʮʧʬʮʡʺʥʮʩʯʴʥʺʩʡʬʡʹʩʥ ʪʬʩʥʫʰʧʠʬʥʹʣʧʺʩʡʤʰʡʸʹʠʹʩʠʤʩʮʸʮʠʬ ʭʲʤʬʠʭʩʸʨʹʤʥʸʡʣʥ 5
ʟʥʰʫʰʧʩ ʸʧʠʹʩʠʥ
ʟʥʰʬʬʧʩʸʧʠ ʹʩʠʥʤʮʧʬʮʡʺʥʮʩʯʴʥʺʩʡʬʡʹʩʥ ʤʫʬʩʥʬʬʧʠʬʥ ʭʸʫʲʨʰʸʹʠ ʹʩʠʤʩʮʥ 6
ʟʤʰʧʷʩʸʧʠʹʩʠʥ ʤʮʧʬʮʡʺʥʮʩʯʴʥʺʩʡʬʡʹʩʥ ʤʫʬʩ ʤʧʷʬ ʠʥʬʥʤʹʠʹʸʠʸʹʠ ʹʩʠʤʩʮʥ 7
ʡʡʬ ʺʠʱʮʩʠʬʥʥʺʩʡʬʡʹʩʥ ʤʫʬʩʡʡʬʤ ʤʫʸʥʠʸʩʤʹʩʠʤʩʮʥʸʮʠʥ ʭʲʤʬʠʸʡʣʬʭʩʨʴʥʹʤ ʥʴʱʩʥ 8
ʟʭʲʤ ʹʠʸʡʺʥʠʡʶʩʸʹʥʣʷʴʥʭʲʤʬʠʸʡʣʬʭʩʸʨʹʤ ʺʥʬʫʫ ʤʩʤʥ 9
ʟʭʥʬʹʬʤʩʬʠʺʠʸʷʥʤʩʬʲʭʧʬʤʬ ʸʩʲ ʬʠʡʸʷʺʠʩʫʥ 10
ʟʪʥʣʡʲʥ ʱʮʬ ʪʬʥʩʤʩʤʡʠʶʮʰʤʭʲʤʬʫʤʩʤʥ 78 ʤʫʬʤʧʺʴʥ ʤʫʰʲʺʭʥʬʹ ʭʠʤʩʤʥ 11
ʟʤʩʬʲʺʸʶʥʤʮʧʬʮ ʤʫʮʲʤʺʹʲʥ ʤʫʮʲʭʩʬʹʺʠʥʬ ʭʠʥ 12
ʟʡʸʧʩʴʬʤʸʥʫʦʬʫʺʠ ʤʺʩʫʤʥʪʣʩʡ ʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʤʰʺʰʥ 13
ʯʺʰʸʹʠ ʤʫʩʡʩʠʬʬʹ ʺʠʺʬʫʠʥ ʤʫʬʦʥʡʺʤʬʬʹʬʥʫʸʩʲʡʤʩʤʩʸʹʠʬʥʫʥʤʮʤʡʤʥʳʨʤʥʭʩʹʰʤʷʸ 14
ʟʤʫʬ ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠ ¬­¬±
ʟʤʰʤʤʬʠʤʭʩʥʢʤʩʸʲʮʠʥʬʸʹʠʣʠʮ ʤʫʮʮʺʷʧʸʤ ʭʩʸʲʤʬʥʫʬ ʤʹʲʺ ʯʫ 15
ʟʤʮʹʰʬʥʫʤʩʧʺʠʥʬ ʤʬʧʰʤʫʬʯʺʰ ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠ ¬­¬±ʸʹʠʤʬʠʤʭʩʮʲʤʩʸʲʮʷʸ 16
ʟʤʫʩʤʥʬʠ¬­¬± ʤʫʥʶʸʹʠʫʩʱʥʡʩʤʥ ʩʥʧʤʥʩʦʸʴʤʥʩʰʲʰʫʤʩʸʮʠʤʥʩʺʧʤʭʮʩʸʧʺʭʸʧʤʠʩʫ 17
ʟʭʫʩʤʥʬʠ ¬­¬±ʬʭʺʠʨʧʥ ʭʤʩʤʥʬʠʬʥʹʲʸʹʠ ʭʺʥʡʲʥʺʬʥʫʫ ʺʥʹʲʬʭʫʺʠʥʣʮʬʩʠʥʬʸʹʠʯʲʮʬ 18
ʬʫʠʺʥʰʮʮ ʠʩʫʯʦʸʢʥʩʬʲ ʧʣʰʬʤʶʲʺʠʺʩʧʹʺʠʬʤʹʴʺʬʤʩʬʲʭʧʬʤʬʭʩʡʸʭʩʮʩ ʸʩʲʬʠ ʸʥʶʺʠʩʫ 19
ʟʸʥʶʮʡ ʤʫʩʰʴʮʠʡʬʤʣʹʤʵʲʭʣʠʤʩʫʺʸʫʺʠʬʥʺʠʥ
Verse 20 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls


Verses 1 - 3 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʬʧʰʡʤʬʢʲʤʺʠʭʹʥʴʸʲʥʲʸʦʩʠʬʥ ʥʡʣʡʲʩʠʬʸʹʠʯʺʩʠʬʧʰ ʬʠʤʬʢʲʤ ʺʠʠʩʤʤ ʸʩʲʤ ʩʰʷʦʥʣʩʸʤʥ 4

ʟʲʢʰʬʫʥʡʩʸʬʫʤʩʤʩʭʤʩʴʬʲ ʤʥʤʩʭʹʡʪʸʡʬʥʥʺʸʹʬ ʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʧʡʭʡʩʫʩʥʬʩʰʡ ʭʩʰʤʫʤʥʹʢʰʥ 5
ʟʬʧʰʡ ʤʴʥʸʲʤʤʬʢʲʤʬʲʭʤʩʣʩʺʠʥʶʧʸʩʬʬʧʤʬʠʭʩʡʸʷʤʠʩʤʤʸʩʲʤʩʰʷʦʬʫʥ 6
4QDeutk2: to them (plene spelling). 4QDeuti(vid), Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʪʬ.
ʟʥʠʸʠʬʥʰʩʰʩʲʥʤʦʤʭʣʤʺʠʥʫʴʹʠʬʥʰʩʣʩ ʥʸʮʠʥʥʰʲʥ 7
ʟʭʣʤʭʤʬ ʸʴʫʰʥʬʠʸʹʩʪʮʲʡʸʷʡʩʷʰʭʣʯʺʺʬʠʥʤʥʤʩʺʩʣʴʸʹʠʬʠʸʹʩʪʮʲʬʸʴʫ 8
ʟʤʥʤʩʩʰʩʲʡʸʹʩʤʤʹʲʺʩʫʪʡʸʷʮʩʷʰʤ 79 ʭʣʤʸʲʡʺʤʺʠʥ 9
ʟʥʩʡʹʺʩʡʹʥʪʣʩʡʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʥʰʺʰʥʪʩʡʩʠʬʲ ʤʮʧʬʮʬʠʶʺʩʫ 10
ʟʤʹʠʬʪʬʺʧʷʬʥʤʡʺʷʹʧʥʸʠʺʺʴʩ ʺʹʠʤʩʡʹʡʺʩʠʸʥ 11
ʟʤʩʰʸʴʶʺʠʤʺʹʲʥʤʹʠʸʺʠ ʤʧʬʢʥ ʪʺʩʡʪʥʺʬʠʤʺʠʡʤʥ 12
Verses 13 - 15 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʸʫʡʤʤʠʥʰʹʤʯʡʩʰʴ ʬʲʤʡʥʤʠʤʯʡʺʠʸʫʡʬʬʫʥʩʠʬʥʬʤʩʤʩʸʹʠʺʠʥʩʰʡʺʠ ʥʬʩʧʰʤʭʥʩʡʤʩʤʥ 16

Verses 17 - 22 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʸʹʠʪʺʮʣʠʺʠʠʮʨʺʠʬʥ ʩʥʬʺʭʩʤʬʠʺʬʬʷʩʫʠʥʤʤʭʥʩʡʥʰʸʡʷʺʸʥʡʷʩʫʵʲʤʬʲʥʺʬʡʰʯʩʬʺʠʬ 23
ʟʤʬʧʰ ʪʬ ʯʺʰʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩ
ʟʪʩʧʠʬ ʭʡʩʹʺʡʹʤ ʭʤʮʺʮʬʲʺʤʥʭʩʧʣʰʥʩʹʺʠʥʠʪʩʧʠʸʥʹʺʠʤʠʸʺʠʬ 1
ʟʥʬʥʺʡʹʤʥʥʺʠʪʩʧʠʹʸʣ ʣʲʪʮʲ ʤʩʤʥ ʪʺʩʡʪʥʺʬʠʥʺʴʱʠʥʥʺʲʣʩʠʬʥʪʩʬʠʪʩʧʠʡʥʸʷʠʬʭʠʥ 2
ʬʫʥʺʠʬ ʤʺʠʶʮʥ ʥʰʮʮʣʡʠʺʸʹʠ ʪʩʧʠʺʣʡʠʬʫʬʤʹʲʺʯʫʥ ʥʺʮʬʹʬʥʤʹʲʺʯʫʥ ʥʸʮʧʬʤʹʲʺʯʫʥ 3

1QDeutb, Mas, SP: the blood. 4QDeutf reads ʭʣ which is the non-definite form meaning blood.
ʟʥʮʲʭʩʷʺʭʷʤ ʭʤʮ ʺʮʬʲʺʤʥʪʸʣʡ ʭʩʬʴʰʥʸʥʹʥʠʪʩʧʠʸʥʮʧʺʠʤʠʸʺʠʬ 4
¬Á­º´³²±¬´¨¬­¬±©º­Â ±³¬Á¨´¶Á À©ª Á©´±¨´­¬Á¨´º À©ª ±´³ ¬±¬±¨´ 5
´º¾©­Àµ¨¬­µ±¾© ­¨µ±¯À¼¨½À¨¬´º­¨½º´³©²À«©²±¸¼´ À­¼¾·¿ ¨À¿±±³ 6
ʟʭʩʮʩʺʫʸʠʤʥ ʪʬ ʡʨʩʩʯʲʮʬʪʬ ʧʷʺʭʩʰʡʤʺʠʥʭʠʤʺʠʧʬʹʺʧʬʹ 7
ʟʥʰʮʮʬʴʰʤʬʴʩʩʫʪʺʩʡʡʭʩʮʣ ʭʩʹʺ ʠʬʥʪʢʢʬʤʷʲʮʺʩʹʲʥʹʣʧʺʩʡʤʰʡʺʩʫ 8
ʟʭʸʫʤʺʠʥʡʺʥʲʸʦʺʸʹʠʲʸʦʤ ʤʠʬʮʤ ʹʣʷʺʯʴʭʩʠʬʫʪʮʸʫʲʸʦʺʠʬ 9
Verses 10 - 11 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʤʡʤʱʫʺʸʹʠʪʺʥʱʫʺʥʴʰʫʲʡʸʠʬʲʪʬʤʹʲʺʭʩʬʣʢ 12
Verse 13 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʤʬʩʺʠʶʮʠʬʥʤʩʬʠʡʸʷʠʥʩʺʧʷʬʺʠʦʤʤʹʠʤʺʠʸʮʠʥʲʸʭʹʤʩʬʲ ʠʩʶʥʤʥʭʩʸʡʣʺʥʬʬʲʤʬʭʹʥ 14
ʟʤʸʲʹʤʸʩʲʤʩʰʷʦ ʬʠ ʸʲʰʤʩʬʥʺʡ ʺʠ ʥʠʩʶʥʤʥ ʤʮʠʥ ʤʸʲʰʤʩʡʠ ʧʷʬʥ 15
ʟʤʠʰʹʩʥ ʤʹʠʬʤʦʤʹʩʠʬ ʩʺʺʰʩʺʡʺʠʭʩʰʷʦʤʬʠ ʸʲʰʤʩʡʠʸʮʠʥ 16
ʩʰʷʦʩʰʴʬ ʤʬʮʹʤʥʹʸʴʥʩʺʡ ʩʬʥʺʡʤʬʠʥʭʩʬʥʺʡ ʪʺʡʬ ʩʺʠʶʮʠʬʸʮʠʬʭʩʸʡʣʺʬʩʬʲʭʹʠʥʤʤʰʤʥ 17
ʟʥʺʠʥʸʱʩʥʹʩʠʤʺʠʠʥʤʤʸʩʲʤʩʰʷʦ ʥʧʷʬʥ 18
ʬʫʥʩʠʬʤʹʠʬʤʩʤʺʥʬʥ ʬʠʸʹʩʺʬʥʺʡʬʲʲʸʭʹʠʩʶʥʤʩʫʤʸʲʰʤʩʡʠʬʥʰʺʰʥʳʱʫʤʠʮʥʺʠʥʹʰʲʥ 19
Verses 20 - 29 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls


Verses 1 - 5 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʪʡʤʠ ʩʫʤʫʸʡʬʤʬʬʷʤ ʺʠʪʬʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʪʴʤʩʥʭʲʬʡʬʠʲʮʹʬʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʤʡʠʠʬʥ 6

ʟµ´­º´²±¶±´³µÂ©­°­µ¶´ÁÁ­À«Â¨´ 7
ʟ­¾À¨© ±±¬Àª±³±À¾¶©ºÂ¨´¨­¬²±¯¨±³±¶«¨©ºÂ¨´ 8
Verses 9 - 11 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʤʰʧʮʤʪʥʺ ʬʠʠʥʡʩʹʮʹʤ ʠʡʫʥʭʩʮʡʵʧʸʩʡʸʲʺʥʰʴʬʤʩʤʥ 12

ʟʵʥʧʤʮʹʺʠʶʩʥ ʤʰʧʮʬʵʥʧʮʪʬʤʩʤʺʣʩʥ 13
ʟ²Â¨¾¨±¹³­­©±Á¬­¬©ÂÀ¼¯­80¬¾­¯¬²Â©Á©¬±¬­²¸®¨´º²´¬±¬Â«Â±­ 14
ʺʥʸʲʪʡ ʤʠʸʩʠʬʥʹʥʣʷ ʪʩʰʧʮʤʩʤʥ ʪʩʰʴʬʪʩʡʩʠʺʺʬʥʪʬʩʶʤʬʪʰʧʮ ʡʸʷʡʪʬʤʺʮ ʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʩʫ 15
ʟʥʩʰʣʠʭʲʮʪʩʬʠʬʶʰʩʸʹʠʥʩʰʣʠʬʠ ʣʡʲʸʩʢʱʺ ʠʬ 16
Verse 17 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

4QpaleoDeutr, SP: the outside (with directive suffixed ʤ). 4QDeuti and Masoretic have ʵʥʧ meaning outside with no definite article or directive suffixed ʤ.
ʟʬʠʸʹʩʩʰʡʮʹʣʷʤʩʤʩʠʬʥʬʠʸʹʩʺʥʰʡʮʤʹʣʷ ʤʩʤʺʠʬ 18
ʟʭʤʩʰʹʭʢʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʡʲʥʺʩʫʸʣʰʬʫʬʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʩʡʡʬʫʸʩʧʮʥ ʤʰʥʦʯʰʺʠ ʠʩʡʺʠʬ 19
ʟʪʹʩ ʸʹʠʸʡʣʬʫʪʹʰʬʫʠʪʹʰʳʱʫʪʹʰʪʩʧʠʬʪʩʹʺʠʬ 20
ʤʮʹʠʡʤʺʠʸʹʠʵʸʠʤ ʬʲʪʣʩʧʬʹʮʬʫʡʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʪʫʸʡʩʯʲʮʬ ʪʩʹʺʠʬʪʩʧʠʬʥʪʩʹʺʩʸʫʰʬ 21
ʤʫʡ ʤʩʤʥ ʤʫʮʲʮ ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠ ¬­¬± ʥʰʹʸʣʩ ʹʸʣ ʩʫ ʥʮʬʹʬ ʸʧʠʺ ʠʥʬ ʤʫʩʤʬʠ ¬­¬±ʬ ʸʣʰ ʸʣʺ ʠʩʫ 22
ʟʠʨʧʪʡʤʩʤʩʠʬʸʣʰʬʬʣʧʺʩʫʥ 23
ʟ81 ʤʫʩʴʡ ʺʸʡʣ ʸʹʠʤʡʣʰʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬ ʺʸʣʰʸʹʠʫʺʩʹʲʥʸʥʮʹʺ ʤʫʩʺʴʹʠʶʥʮ 24
ʟʯʺʺʠʬ 83 ʤʫʩʬʫ ʬʠʥʪʲʡʹʪʹʴʰʫʭʩʡʰʲ ʺʬʫʠʥʪʲʸʭʸʫʡʠʡʺ 82 ʩʫ 25
ʟʪʲʸ ʺʮʷʬʲʳʩʰʺʠʬʹʮʸʧʥʪʣʩʡʺʬʩʬʮʺʴʨʷʥ ʪʲʸʺʮʷʡʠʡʺʩʫ 26
ʺʥʺʩʸʫʸʴʱʤʬʡʺʫʥ ʸʡʣ ʺʥʸʲʤʡʠʶʮ 84 ʠʩʫʥʩʰʩʲʡʯʧʠʶʮʺʠʬʭʠʤʩʤʥʤʬʲʡʥʤʹʠʹʩʠʧʷʩʩʫ 1
ʟʥʺʩʡʮʤʧʬʹʥ ʤʣʩʡʯʺʰʥ

4QDeutk2: with your mouth (plene spelling). 4QDeuti, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʪʩʴʡ.
4QDeuti, Mas, SP: for. 4QDeutk2 reads ʠʫ, which is a scribal mistake for his usual ʠʩʫ.
4QDeutk2: your container (plene spelling). 4QDeuti, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʪʩʬʫ.
4QDeutk2: for (plene spelling). 4QDeuta, Masoretic and SP have the defective spelling ʩʫ.
ʟʸʧʠʹʩʠʬʤʺʩʤʥʤʫʬʤʥ 85ʥʺʩʡʮʤʠʶʩʥ 2
ʹʩʠʤ ʺʥʮʩ ʩʫ ʥʠ ʥʺʩʡʮ ʤʧʬʹʥ ʤʣʩʡ ʯʺʰʥ 86 ʺʥʺʩʸʫ ʸʴʱ ʤʬ ʡʺʫʥ ʤʹʠʬ ʥʬ ʯʥʸʧʠʤ ʹʩʠʤ ʤʠʰʹʥ 3
ʠʩʤʤʡʲʥʺ ʩʫʤʠʮʨʤʸʹʠʩʸʧʠʤʹʠʬʥʬʺʥʩʤʬʤʺʧʷʬʡʥʹʬ ʤʧʬʹʸʹʠ ʯʥʹʠʸʤʤʬʲʡʬʫʥʩʠʬ 4
ʟʤʬʧʰ ʪʬʯʺʰʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʹʠʵʸʠʤʺʠʠʨʧʺʠʬʥʤʥʤʩʩʰʴʬ
ʥʺʹʠʺʠʧʮʹʥʺʧʠʤʰʹʥʺʩʡʬ ʤʩʤʩʩʷʰ ʸʡʣ ʬʫʥʩʬʲʸʡʲʩʠʬʥʠʡʶʡʠʶʩʠʬʤʹʣʧʤʹʠʹʩʠʧʷʩʩʫ 5
ʟʬʡʧʠʥʤʹʴʰʩʫʡʫʸʥʭʩʧʸ ʬʡʧʺʠʬ 6
ʟʪʡʸʷʮʲʸʤʺʸʲʡʥ ʠʥʤʤʡʰʢʤʺʮʥʥʸʫʮʥʥʡʸʮʲʺʤʥ ʬʠʸʹʩ ʩʰʡʮʥʩʧʠʮʹʴʰʡʰʢʹʩʠʠʶʮʩʩʫ 7
ʥʸʮʹʺ ʭʺʩʥʶ ʸʹʠʫ ʭʩʥʬʤ ʭʩʰʤʫʤ ʭʫʺʠ ʥʸʥʩ ʸʹʠ ʬʫʫ ʺʥʹʲʬʥ ʣʠʮ ʸʮʹʬ ʺʲʸʶʤ ʲʢʰʡ ʸʮʹʤ 8
Verse 9 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʥʨʡʲʨʡʲʬʥʺʩʡʬʠʠʡʺʠʬʤʮʥʠʮ ʺʠʹʮ ʪʲʸʡʤʹʺʩʫ 10

ʟʤʶʥʧʤʨʥʡʲʤʺʠ ʪʩʬʠʠʶʥʩ ʥʡʤʹʰʤʺʠʸʹʠʹʩʠʤʥʣʮʲʺʵʥʧʡ 11

4QDeutk2, Mas, SP: and when she has departed from his house. 4QDeuta omits, a reading followed by the LXX. Either this was added to make it specific as to when a
woman can marry another man, or the scribe of 4QDeuta, as well as the LXX translator, omitted them via homoeoteleuton (from ʥʺʩʡʮ at the end of verse 1 to the same in
verse 2)
4QDeutf: of divorce (plene spelling). 4QDeuta reads ʺʺʸʫ, which is either a full defective form or a scribal spelling mistake (as ʺʺʸʫ would technically mean beams!).
Masoretic and SP read the defective form ʺʺʩʸʫ.
Verse 12 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʩʰʴʬ ʤʷʣʶʤʩʤʺʪʬʥʪʫʸʡʥʥʺʮʬʹʡʡʫʹʥ ʹʮʹʤʠʥʡʫʨʡʲʤʺʠ ʥʬʡʩʹʺʡʹʤ 13

ʟʪʩʸʲʹʡʪʶʸʠʡʸʹʠʪʸʢʮʥʠ ʪʩʧʠʮʯʥʩʡʠʥʩʰʲʸʫʹʷʹʲʺʠʬ 14
ʤʥʤʩʬʠʪʩʬʲʠʸʷʩʠʬʥʥʹʴʰ ʺʠʠʹʰʠʥʤ ʥʩʬʠʥʠʥʤʩʰʲʩʫʹʮʹʤʥʩʬʲ ʠʥʡʺʠʬʥʥʸʫʹʯʺʺʥʮʥʩʡ 15
ʟʠʨʧ ʪʡʤʩʤʥ
ʟʥʺʮʥʩʥʠʨʧʡʹʩʠʺʥʡʠʬʲʥʺʮʥʩʠʬʭʩʰʡʥʭʩʰʡʬʲʺʥʡʠʺʥʮʩʠʬ 16
ʟʤʰʮʬʠʣʢʡʬʡʧʺʠʬʥʭʥʺʩʸʢʨʴʹʮʤʨʺʠʬ 17
ʟʤʦʤʸʡʣʤʺʠʺʥʹʲʬʪʥʶʮʩʫʰʠʯʫʬʲʭʹʮʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʪʣʴʩʥʭʩʸʶʮʡʺʩʩʤ ʣʡʲʩʫʺʸʫʦʥ 18
ʤʥʤʩʪʫʸʡʩʯʲʮʬʤʩʤʩ ʤʰʮʬʠʬʥ ʭʥʺʩʬʸʢʬʥʺʧʷʬʡʥʹʺʠʬʤʣʹʡʸʮʲ ʺʧʫʹʥʪʣʹʡʪʸʩʶʷʸʶʷʺʩʫ 19
ʟʤʩʤʩʤʰʮʬʠʬʥʭʥʺʩʬʸʢʬʪʩʸʧʠʸʠʴʺʠʬʪʺʩʦʨʡʧʺʩʫ 20
ʟʤʩʤʩ ʤʰʮʬʠʬʥʭʥʺʩʬʸʢʬʪʩʸʧʠʬʬʥʲʺ ʠʬʪʮʸʫʸʶʡʺʩʫ 21
ʟʤʦʤʸʡʣʤʺʠʺʥʹʲʬʪʥʶʮʩʫʰʠʯʫʬʲʭʩʸʶʮʵʸʠʡʺʩʩʤʣʡʲʩʫʺʸʫʦʥ 22
ʟʲʹʸʤʺʠʥʲʩʹʸʤʥʷʩʣʶʤʺʠʥʷʩʣʶʤʥʭʥʨʴʹʥʨʴʹʮʤʬʠʥʹʢʰʥʭʩʹʰʠʯʩʡ ʡʩʸʤʩʤʩʩʫ 1
ʟʸʴʱʮʡʥʺʲʹʸʩʣʫ ʥʩʰʴʬʥʤʫʤʥʨʴʹʤʥʬʩʴʤʥʲʹʸʤʺʥʫʤʯʡʭʠʤʩʤʥ 2
ʟʪʩʰʩʲʬʪʩʧʠʤʬʷʰʥʤʡʸʤʫʮʤʬʠʬʲʥʺʫʤʬʳʩʱʩʯʴʳʩʱʩʠʬʥʰʫʩʭʩʲʡʸʠ 3
Verse 4 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls
ʤʧʷʬʥʤʩʬʲʠʡʩʤʮʡʩʸʦ ʹʩʠʬʤʶʥʧʤʺʮʤʺʹʠʤʩʤʺʠʬʥʬʯʩʠʯʡʥʭʤʮ ʣʧʠʺʮʥʥʣʧʩʭʩʧʠʥʡʹʩʩʫ 5
ʟʤʮʡʩʥʤʹʠʬ ʥʬ
ʟʬʠʸʹʩʮ ʥʮʹʤʧʮʩʠʬʥʺʮʤʥʩʧʠʭʹʬʲʭʥʷʩʣʬʺʸʹʠʸʥʫʡʤʤʩʤʥ 6
ʥʩʧʠʬʭʩʷʤʬ ʩʮʡʩʯʩʠʮʤʸʮʠʥ ʭʩʰʷʦʤʬʠʤʸʲʹʤʥʺʮʡʩʤʺʬʲʥʥʺʮʡʩʺʠʺʧʷʬ ʹʩʠʤʵʴʧʩʠʬʭʠʥ 7
ʟʤʺʧʷʬʩʺʶʴʧʠʬʸʮʠʥʣʮʲʥʥʩʬʠʥʸʡʣʥʥʸʩʲʩʰʷʦ ʥʬʥʠʸʷʥ 8
ʸʹʠʹʩʠʬʤʹʲʩʤʫʫʤʸʮʠʥʤʺʰʲʥ ʥʩʰʴʡʤʷʸʩʥ ʥʬʢʸʬʲʮʥʬʲʰʤʶʬʧʥʭʩʰʷʦʤʩʰʩʲʬʥʩʬʠʥʺʮʡʩ ʤʹʢʰʥ 9
Verses 10 - 12 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʤʰʨʷʥʤʬʥʣʢ ʯʡʠʥ ʯʡʠʪʱʩʫʡʪʬʤʩʤʩʠʬ 13

ʟʤʰʨʷʥʤʬʥʣʢʤʴʩʠʥʤʴʩʠʪʺʩʡʡʪʬʤʩʤʩʠʬ 14
ʯʺʰʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʹʠʤʮʣʠʤ ʬʲʪʩʮʩ ʥʫʩʸʠʩ ʯʲʮʬʪʬʤʩʤʩʷʣʶʥʤʮʬʹʤʴʩʠʪʬʤʩʤʩʷʣʶʥʤʮʬʹʯʡʠ 15
ʟʬʥʲʤʹʲʬʫʤʬʠʤʹʲ ʬʫʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʡʲʥʺʩʫ 16
ʟʭʩʸʶʮʮʭʫʺʠʶʡʪʸʣʡ ʷʬʮʲʪʬʤʹʲʸʹʠʺʠ ʸʥʫʦ 17
ʟʭʩʤʬʠ ʠʸʩ ʠʬʥʲʢʩʥ ʳʩʲʤʺʠʥ ʪʩʸʧʠʭʩʬʹʧʰʤ ʬʫʪʡʡʰʦʩʥʪʸʣʡʪʸʷʸʹʠ 18
ʺʠʤʧʮʺʤʺʹʸʬʤʬʧʰʪʬʯʺʰ ʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʹʠ ʵʸʠʡʡʩʡʱʮʪʩʡʩʠ ʬʫʮʪʬʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʧʩʰʤʡʤʩʤʥ 19
ʟʤʡʺʡʹʩʥ ʤʺʹʸʩʥʤʬʧʰʪʬ ʯʺʥʰʤʫʩʤʥʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʹʠʵʸʠʤ ʬʠʠʥʡʺʩʫʤʩʤʥ 1
ʬʠ ʤʺʫʬʤʥʠʰʨʡʺʮʹʥʪʬ ʯʺʰʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʹʠʪʶʸʠʮʠʩʡʺʸʹʠʤʮʣʠʤʩʸʴʬʫʺʩʹʠʸʮʺʧʷʬʥ 2
ʵʸʠʤʬʠʩʺʠʡʩʫ ʤʫʩʤʥʬʠ ¬­¬±ʩʰʴʬʭʥʩʤ ʩʺʣʢʤʥʩʬʠʺʸʮʠʥ ʭʤʤʭʩʮʩʡʤʩʤʩʸʹʠʯʤʫʤʬʠʺʠʡʥ 3
ʟʥʰʬ ʺʺʬʥʰʩʺʡʠʬʤʥʤʩʲʡʹʰʸʹʠ
ʟʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʧʡʦʮʩʰʴʬʥʧʩʰʤʥ ʤʫʣʩʮ ʠʰʨʤʺʠʯʤʥʫʤʧʷʬʥ 4
ʭʥʶʲʬʥʣʢʩʥʢʬ ʭʹʩʤʩʥʨʲʮʩʺʮʡ ʭʹʸʢʩʥʤʮʩʸʶʮʣʸʩʥʩʡʠʣʡʠʩʮʸʠʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʩʰʴʬ ʺʸʮʠʥʺʩʰʲʥ 5
ʟʤʹʷʤʣʡʲʥʰʩʬʲʥʰʺʩʥʥʰʥʰʲʩʥʭʩʸʶʮʤʥʰʺʠʥʲʸʩʥ 6
Verses 7 - 13 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

¬­¬±´­¿©±Âº¶Á¶´­¸¶¶±Â¸¨´­¨¶°©­¸¶¶±ÂÀº©¨´­­¸¶¶±¸¨©±Â´³¨¨´ 14
­¸´ ¬Â¸ ÀÁ¨ ¬¶«¨¬ ¨­ ´¨ÀÁ± ¨ ²¶º ¨ ²À©­ µ±¶Á¬ ·¶ ²Á«¿ ·­º¶¶ ¬¼±¿Á¬ 15
ʟÁ©«­ ©´¯©®½À¨­¸±Â©¨´º©Á¸ÀÁ¨³
Verses 16 - 17 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʥʩʺʥʶʮʬʫ ʺʠʸʮʹʬʥ ʤʫʬʸʡʣʸʹʠʫʤʬʢʱʭʲʬʥʬʺʥʩʤʬʭʥʩʤ ʤʫʸʩʮʠʤʤʥʤʩʥ 18

ʟʪʬ ʸʡʣʸʹʠʫʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʹʣʷ ʭʲ ʺʸʠʴʺʬʥʤʬʤʺʬʥʭʹʬ ʤʹʲʸʹʠʭʩʥʢʤʬʫʬʲʯʥʩʬʲʪʺʺʬʥ 19
ʟʭʥʩʤʭʫʺʠʤʥʶʮ ʩʫʰʠʸʹʠ ʺʠʦʤʤʥʶʮʤ ʬʫʺʠʸʮʹʸʮʠʬʭʲʤʺʠʬʠʸʹʩʩʰʷʦʥ ʤʹʮʥʶʩʥ 1
ʺʥʬʣʢʭʩʰʡʠʪʬʺʮʷʤʥʪʬ ʯʺʰʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʹʠʵʸʠʤʬʠ ʯʣʸʩʤʺʠʥʸʡʲʺʥʸʡʲʺʸʹʠʭʥʩʡʤʩʤʥ 2
ʪʬʯʺʰ ʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩ ʸʹʠʵʸʠʤʬʠ ʠʥʡʺ ʸʹʠʯʲʮʬʪʸʡʲʡʺʠʦʤʤʸʥʺʤʩʸʡʣʬʫʺʠʯʤʩʬʲʺʡʺʫʥ 3
ʟʪʬʪʩʺʡʠʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʡʣʸʹʠʫ ʹʡʣʥʡʬʧ ʺʡʦʵʸʠ
ʭʺʥʠ ʺʣʹʥʬʡʩʲʸʤʡ ʭʥʩʤ ʭʫʺʠ ʤʥʶʮʩʫʰʠʸʹʠʤʬʠʤʭʩʰʡʠʤʺʠʥʮʩʷʺʯʣʸʩʤʺʠʭʫʸʡʲʡʤʩʤʥ 4
ʟʬʦʸʡ ʭʤʩʬʲʳʩʰʺʠʬʭʩʰʡʠʧʡʦʮʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʧʡʦʮʭʹʺʩʰʡʥ 5
ʟʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʺʬʥʲ ʥʩʬʲʺʩʬʲʤʥʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʧʡʦʮ ʺʠʤʰʡʺʺʥʮʬʹ ʭʩʰʡʠ 6
ʟʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʩʰʴʬʺʧʮʹʥʭʹʺʬʫʠʥʭʩʮʬʹʺʧʡʦʥ 7
ʟʡʨʩʤʸʠʡʺʠʦʤʤʸʥʺʤʩʸʡʣʬʫʺʠ ʭʩʰʡʠʤʬʲʺʡʺʫʥ 8
ʟʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʭʲʬʺʩʩʤʰʤʦʤ ʭʥʩʤʬʠʸʹʩʲʮʹʥʺʫʱʤʸʮʠʬʬʠʸʹʩʬʫʬʠʭʩʥʬʤʭʩʰʤʫʤʥʤʹʮʸʡʣʩʥ 9
ʟʭʥʩʤʪʥʶʮʩʫʰʠʸʹʠʥʩʷʧʺʠʥʥʺʥʶʮʺʠʺʩʹʲʥʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʥʷʡʺʲʮʹʥ 10
Verses 11 - 23 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʯʮʠʭʲʤʬʫʸʮʠʥʸʺʱʡʥʤʲʸʤʫʮ ʸʥʸʠ 24
ʟʯʮʠʭʲʤʬʫʸʮʠʥʩʷʰʭʣʹʴʰʺʥʫʤʬ ʣʧʹʧʷʬʸʥʸʠ 25
ʟʯʮʠʭʲʤʬʫʥʸʮʠʥʭʺʥʠʺʥʹʲʬʺʠʦʤ ʤʸʥʺʤʩʸʡʣʺʠ ʭʩʷʩʠʬ ʸʹʠʸʥʸʠ 26
ʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʪʰʺʰʥʭʥʩʤʪʥʶʮʩʫʥʰʠ ʸʹʠʥʩʺʥʶʮʬʫ ʺʠʺʥʹʲʬʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʥʷʡʲʮʹʺʲʥʮʹʭʠʤʩʤʥ 1
ʟʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʥʷʡʲʮʹʺʩʫ ʪʥʢʩʹʤʥʤʬʠʤʺʥʫʸʡʤʬʫʪʩʬʲʥʠʡʥ 2
ʟʤʣʹʡ ʤʺʠʪʥʸʡʥʸʩʲʡʤʺʠʪʥʸʡ 3
ʟʪʰʠʶʺʥʸʺʹʲʥ ʪʩʴʬʠʸʢʹʪʺʮʤʡʩʸʴʥʪʺʮʣʠʩʸʴʥʪʰʨʡʩʸʴʪʥʸʡ 4
ʟʪʺʸʠʹʮʥʪʠʰʨʪʥʸʡ 5
ʟʪʺʠʶʡʤʺʠʪʥʸʡʥ ʪʠʥʡʡʤʺʠʪʥʸʡ 6
ʟʪʩʰʴʬʥʱʥʰʩʭʩʫʸʣʤʲʡʹʡʥʪʩʬʠʥʠʶʩʣʧʠʪʸʣʡʪʩʰʴʬʭʩʴʢʰ ʪʩʬʲ ʭʩʮʷʤʪʩʡʩʥʠʺʠʤʥʤʩʯʺʩ 7
ʟʪʬʯʺʰʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʸʹʠʵʸʠʡʪʫʸʡʥʪʣʩʧʬʹʮʬʫʡʥʪʩʮʱʠʡ ʤʫʸʡʤʺʠʪʺʠʤʥʤʩʥʶʩ 8
ʟʥʩʫʸʣʡʺʫʬʤʥ ʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʥʶʮʺʠʸʮʹʺʩʫʪʬʲʡʹʰʸʹʠʫʹʥʣʷʭʲʬ ʥʬ ʤʥʤʩʪʮʩʷʩ 9
ʟʪʮʮʥʠʸʩʥ ʪʩʬʲʠʸʷʰʤʥʤʩʭʹʩʫʵʸʠʤʩʮʲʬʫʥʠʸʥ 10
ʺʺʬʪʩʺʡʠʬʤʥʤʩʲʡʹʰ ʸʹʠʤʮʣʠʤʬʲ ʪʺʮʣʠʩʸʴʡʥʪʺʮʤʡʩʸʴʡʥʪʰʨʡʩʸʴʡʤʡʥʨʬʤʥʤʩʪʸʺʥʤʥ 11
ʭʩʥʢʺʩʥʬʤʥʪʣʩʤʹʲʮ ʬʫʺʠʪʸʡʬʥʥʺʲʡʪʶʸʠʸʨʮʺʺʬʭʩʮʹʤʺʠʡʥʨʤʥʸʶʥʠʺʠʪʬʤʥʤʩʧʺʴʩ 12
ʟʤʥʬʺʠʬ ʤʺʠʥʭʩʡʸ
ʸʹʠʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʥʶʮ ʬʠʲʮʹʺʩʫʤʨʮʬ ʤʩʤʺʠʬʥʤʬʲʮʬ ʷʸʺʩʩʤʥʡʰʦʬʠʬʥʹʠʸʬʤʥʤʩʪʰʺʰʥ 13
ʟʺʥʹʲʬʥʸʮʹʬ ʭʥʩʤʪʥʶʮ ʩʫʰʠ
±À¯¨ ³´´ ´­¨¶Á­ ·±¶± µ­±¬ µ³Â¨ ¬­¾¶ ±³¸¨ ÀÁ¨ µ±À©«¬ ´³¶ À­¹Â ¨´­ 14
µ­±¬²­¾¶±³¸¨ÀÁ¨ ­±Â¿¯­ ´³ ¨­Áº´²±¬´¨ ¬­¬±´­¿©·­º¶Á¨´µ¨¬±¬­ 15
ʟ¬«Á©¬Â¨À­À¨­À±º©¬Â¨À­À¨ 16
ʟ²ÂÀ¨Á¶­²¨¸°À­À¨ 17
ʟ²¸¨¾­ÀÂÁº­²±¼´¨ÀªÁ²Â¶«¨±À¼­²¸°©±À¼À­À¨ 18
Verse 19 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

«º ¬ÁºÂ ÀÁ¨ ²«± ¯´Á¶ ´³© ÂÀºª¶¬ ¨­ ¬¶­¬¶¬ ¨ ¬À¨¶¬ ¨ ²© ¬­¬± ¯´Á± 20
ʟ±¸Â©®º ÀÁ¨²±´´º¶ºÀ±¸¼¶À¬¶²«©¨«º­²«¶Á¬
ʟʤʺʹʸʬʤʮʹʠʡʤʺʠʸʹʠʤʮʣʠʤʬʲʮʪʺʠʥʺʬʫʣʲʸʡʣʤʺʠʪʡʤʥʤʩʷʡʣʩ 21
ʟʪʣʡʠ ʣʲ 87 ʪʥʴʣʸʥ ʯʥʷʸʩʡʥʯʥʴʣʹʡʥʡʸʧʡʥʸʧʸʧʡʥʺʷʬʣʡʥ ʺʧʣʷʡʥʺʴʧʹʡ ʤʥʤʩʤʫʫʩ 22
ʟʬʦʸʡʪʩʺʧʺʸʹʠ ʵʸʠʤʥʺʹʧʰʪʹʠʸʬʲʸʹʠʪʩʮʹʥʩʤʥ 23
ʟʪʣʮʹʤʣʲʪʩʬʲ ʣʸʩʭʩʮʹʤ ʯʮʸʴʲʥʷʡʠʪʶʸʠʸʨʮʺʠʤʥʤʩʯʺʩ 24
ʺʥʫʬʮʮʬʫʬʤʥʲʦʬ ʺʩʩʤʥ ʥʩʰʴʬʱʥʰʺʭʩʫʸʣʤʲʡʹʡʥʥʩʬʠʠʶʺ ʣʧʠʪʸʣʡ ʪʩʡʩʠʩʰʴʬʳʢʰʤʥʤʩʪʰʺʩ 25
Verse 26 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʠʴʸʤʬʬʫʥʺʠʬʸʹʠʱʸʧʡʥʡʸʢʡʥ ʭʩʬʴʲʡʥʭʩʸʶʮʯʩʧʹʡʤʥʤʩʤʫʫʩ 27
ʟʡʡʬ ʯʥʤʮʺʡʥ ʯʥʸʥʲʡʥʯʥʲʢʹʡʤʥʤʩʤʫʫʩ 28
4QDeutg, Mas, LXX: and they shall pursue you. 4QDeutc and SP read ʪʥʴʣʸʩ meaning they shall pursue you.
ʭʩʮʩʤʬʫ ʬʥʦʢʥʷʥʹʲʪʠ ʺʩʩʤʥʪʩʫʸʣʺʠʧʩʬʶʺʠʬʥ ʤʬʴʠʡʸʥʲʤʹʹʮʩʸʹʠʫʭʩʸʤʶʡʹʹʮʮʺʩʩʤʥ 29
ʟʥʰʬʬʧʺʠʬʥʲʨʺ ʭʸʫʥʡʡʹʺʠʬʥʤʰʡʺʺʩʡʤʰʬʢʹʩʸʧʠʹʩʠʥʹʸʠʺʤʹʠ 30
Verses 31 - 32 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʭʩʮʩʤ ʬʫʵʥʶʸʥʷʥʹʲʷʸʺʩʩʤʥʺʲʣʩʠʬʸʹʠʭʲʬʫʠʩʪʲʩʢʩʬʫʥʪʺʮʣʠʩʸʴ 33
Verse 34 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʪʣʷʣʷʣʲʥʪʬʢʸ ʳʫʮʠʴʸʤʬ ʬʫʥʺʠʬ ʸʹʠʭʩʷʹʤʬʲʥʭʩʫʸʡʤʬʲʲʸʯʩʧʹʡ ʤʥʤʩʤʫʫʩ 35

ʭʩʤʬʠ ʭʹ ʺʣʡʲʥ ʪʩʺʡʠʥ ʤʺʠ ʺʲʣʩ ʠʬ ʸʹʠ ʩʥʢ ʬʠ ʪʩʬʲ ʭʩʷʺ ʸʹʠ ʪʫʬʮ ʺʠʥ ʪʺʥʠ ʤʥʤʩ ʪʬʥʩ 36
Verses 37 - 43 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʡʰʦʬʤʩʤʺʤʺʠʥ ʹʠʸʬʤʩʤʩ ʠʥʤʥʰʥʬʺʠʬʤʺʠʥʪʥʬʩʠʥʤ 44

ʥʩʺʥʶʮʸʮʹʬ ʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʥʷʡʺʲʮʹʠʬʩʫʪʣʮʹʤʣʲ ʪʥʢʩʹʤʥʪʥʴʣʸʥʤʬʠʤʺʥʬʬʷʤʬʫʪʩʬʲʥʠʡʥ 45
ʟʭʬʥʲ ʣʲʪʲʸʦʡʥʺʴʥʮʬʥʺʥʠʬ ʪʡʥʩʤʥ 46
ʟʬʫʡʸʮʡʡʬ ʡʥʨʡʥʤʧʮʹʡʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʠʺʣʡʲ ʠʬʸʹʠʺʧʺ 47
ʣʲʪʸʠʥʶ ʬʲʬʦʸʡʬʲ ʯʺʰʥʬʫʸʱʧʡʥʭʸʩʲʡʥ ʠʮʶʡʥʡʲʸʡʪʡʤʥʤʩ ʥʰʧʬʹʩʸʹʠʪʩʡʩʠʺʠʺʣʡʲʥ 48
ʟʪʺʠ ʥʣʩʮʹʤ
ʟʥʰʹʬ ʲʮʹʺʠʬʸʹʠʩʥʢʸʹʰʤʤʠʣʩ ʸʹʠʫʵʸʠʤ ʤʶʷʮʷʥʧʸʮʩʥʢʪʩʬʲʤʥʤʩʠʹʩ 49
ʟʯʧʩʠʬʸʲʰʥʯʷʦʬʭʩʰʴʠʹʩʠʬʸʹʠ ʭʩʰʴ ʦʲʩʥʢ 50
ʺʥʸʺʹʲʥʪʩʴʬʠʸʢʹ ʸʤʶʩʥʹʥʸʩʺʯʢʣʪʬʸʩʠʹʩʠʬʸʹʠʪʣʮʹʤʣʲʪʺʮʣʠʩʸʴʥ ʪʺʮʤʡ ʩʸʴʬʫʠʥ 51
ʬʫʡʪʬʸʶʤʥʪʶʸʠʬʫʡʯʤʡ ʧʨʡ ʤʺʠʸʹʠʺʥʸʶʡʤʥʺʥʤʡʢʤʪʩʺʮʧʺʣʸʣʲʪʩʸʲʹʬʫʡʪʬʸʶʤʥ 52
ʟʪʡʩʠʪʬʷʩʶʩʸʹʠ ʷʥʶʮʡʥʸʥʶʮʡʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʪʬʯʺʰʸʹʠʪʩʺʰʡʥʪʩʰʡʸʹʡʪʰʨʡʩʸʴʺʬʫʠʥ 53
Verses 54 - 57 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʠʸʥʰʤʥʣʡʫʰʤʭʹʤʺʠ ʤʠʸʩʬʤʦʤʸʴʱʡʭʩʡʥʺʫʤʺʠʦʤʤʸʥʺʤʩʸʡʣʬʫʺʠʺʥʹʲʬ ʸʮʹʺʠʬ ʭʠ 58

ʟʭʩʰʮʠʰʥ ʭʩʲʸʭʩʬʧʥʺʥʰʮʠʰʥʺʥʬʣʢʺʥʫʮʪʲʸʦʺʥʫʮʺʠʥʪʺʫʮʺʠʤʥʤʩʠʬʴʤʥ 59
Verse 60 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʪʣʮʹʤʣʲ ʪʩʬʲʤʥʤʩʭʬʲʩʺʠʦʤʤʸʥʺʤʸʴʱʡʡʥʺʫʠʬʸʹʠ ʤʫʮʬʫʥʩʬʧʬʫʭʢ 61

ʟʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʥʷʡ ʺʲʮʹʠʬʩʫʡʸʬʭʩʮʹʤʩʡʫʥʫʫʭʺʩʩʤ ʸʹʠʺʧʺʨʲʮʩʺʮʡʭʺʸʠʹʰʥ 62
Verses 63 - 66 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʤʠʸʺ ʸʹʠʪʩʰʩʲʤʠʸʮʮʥ ʣʧʴʺʸʹʠʪʡʡʬʣʧʴʮʸʷʡʯʺʩʩʮʸʮʠʺʡʸʲʡʥʡʸʲʯʺʩʩʮʸʮʠʺʸʷʡʡ 67

ʪʩʡʩʠʬ ʭʹ ʭʺʸʫʮʺʤʥ ʤʺʠʸʬ ʣʥʲ ʳʩʱʺ ʠʬ ʪʬ ʩʺʸʮʠ ʸʹʠ ʪʸʣʡ ʺʥʩʰʠʡ ʭʩʸʶʮ ʤʥʤʩ ʪʡʩʹʤʥ 68
Verse 69 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls


Verse 1 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʭʤʤʭʩʬʣʢʤʭʩʺʴʮʤʥʺʺʠʤʪʩʰʩʲʥʠʸʸʹʠʺʬʣʢʤʺʥʱʮʤ 2
ʟʤʦʤʭʥʩʤʣʲ ʲʮʹʬʭʩʰʦʠʥʺʥʠʸʬʭʩʰʩʲʥʺʲʣʬʡʬʭʫʬʤʥʤʩʯʺʰ ʠʬʥ 3
ʟʪʬʢʸ ʬʲʮʤʺʬʡʥʬʪʬʲʰʥʭʫʩʬʲʮ ʭʫʩʺʮʬʹʥʬʡʠʬʸʡʣʮʡʤʰʹʭʩʲʡʸʠʭʫʺʠ ʪʬʥʠʥ 4
ʟʭʫʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʩʰʠʩʫʥʲʣʺʪʲʮʬ ʭʺʩʺʹʠʬʸʫʹʥ ʯʩʩʥʭʺʬʫʠʠʬʭʧʬ 5
Verses 6 - 8 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʬʠʸʹʩ ʹʩʠʬʫ ʭʫʩʸʨʹʥʭʫʩʰʷʦʭʫʩʨʡʹʭʫʩʹʠʸʭʫʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʩʰʴʬʭʫʬʫʭʥʩʤ ʭʩʡʶʰ ʭʺʠ 9

ʟʪʩʮʩʮʡʠʹʣʲʪʩʶʲʡʨʧʮʪʩʰʧʮʡʸʷʡʸʹʠʪʸʢʥ ʭʩʫʩʹʰʥʭʫʴʨ 10
ʟʭʥʩʤʪʮʲʺʸʫʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʹʠʥʺʬʠʡʥ ʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʺʩʸʡʡ ʪʸʡʲʬ 11
ʭʤʸʡʠʬʪʩʺʡʠʬʲʡʹʰ ʸʹʠʫʥʪʬʸʡʣʸʹʠʫʭʩʤʬʠʬʪʬʤʩʤʩʠʥʤʥʭʲʬʥʬʭʥʩʤʪʺʠʭʩʷʤʯʲʮʬ 12
ʟʡʷʲʩʬʥ ʷʧʶʩʬ
ʟʺʠʦʤʤʬʠʤʺʠʥʺʠʦʤʺʩʸʡʤ ʺʠʺʸʫʩʫʰʠʭʫʣʡʬʭʫʺʠʠʬʥ 13
ʟʭʥʩʤʥʰʮʲʤʴʥʰʰʩʠʸʹʠ ʺʠʥʥʰʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʩʰʴʬʭʩʰʮʲ ʤʴʥʰʹʩʸʹʠʺʠʩʫ 14
ʟʭʺʸʡʲʸʹʠ ʭʩʥʢʤʡʸʷʡʥʰʸʡʲ ʸʹʠʺʠʥʭʩʸʶʮʵʸʠʡʥʰʡʹʩʸʹʠʺʠ ʭʺʲʣʩʭʺʠʩʫ 15
ʟʭʤʮʲʸʹʠ ʡʤʦʥʳʱʫʯʡʠʥʵʲʭʤʩʬʥʬʢʺʠʥʭʤʩʶʥʷʹʺʠʥʠʸʺʥ 16
ʺʠʣʡʲʬʺʫʬʬ ʥʰʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʭʲʮʭʥʩʤʤʰʴʥʡʡʬʸʹʠʨʡʹʥʠʤʧʴʹʮʥʠ ʤʹʠʥʠʹʩʠʭʫʡʹʩʯʴ 17
ʟʤʰʲʬʥʹʠʸʤʸʴ ʹʸʹʭʫʡʹʩʯʴʭʤʤʭʩʥʢʤʩʤʬʠ
ʯʲʮʬ ʪʬʠ ʩʡʬ ʺʥʸʸʹʡ ʩʫ ʩʬ ʤʩʤʩ ʭʥʬʹ ʸʮʠʬ ʥʡʡʬʡ ʪʸʡʺʤʥ ʺʠʦʤ ʤʬʠʤ ʩʸʡʣ ʺʠ ʥʲʮʹʡ ʤʩʤʥ 18
ʟʤʠʮʶʤ ʺʠʤʥʸʤʺʥʴʱ
ʤʦʤʸʴʱʡʤʡʥʺʫʤʤʬʠʤ ʬʫʥʡʤʷʡʣʥʠʥʤʤ ʹʩʠʡʥʺʠʰʷʥʤʥʤʩʳʠʯʹʲʩʦʠʩʫʥʬʧʬʱ ʤʥʤʩʤʡʠʩʠʬ 19
Verses 20 - 21 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʤʮʣʠʤʸʮʲʥʭʣʱ ʺʫʴʤʮʫʡʹʲʬʫʤʡ ʤʬʲʩʠʬʥʧʮʶʺʠʬʥʲʸʦʺʠʬʤʶʸʠʬʫʤʴʸʹʧʬʮʥʺʩʸʴʢ 22

ʟʥʺʮʧʡʥʥʴʠʡʤʥʤʩʪʴʤʸʹʠ ʭʩʩʡʶʥ
ʟʤʦʤʬʥʣʢʤʳʠʤʩʸʧʤʮʺʠʦʤʵʸʠʬʤʫʫʤʥʤʩʤʹʲʤʮʬʲʭʩʥʢʤ ʬʫʥʸʮʠʥ 23
ʟʭʩʸʶʮʵʸʠʮ ʭʺʠʥʠʩʶʥʤʡʭʮʲʺʸʫʭʺʥʡʠʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʩʸʡ ʺʠʥʡʦʲʸʹʠʬʲʥʸʮʠʥ 24
ʟʭʤʬ ʷʬʧ ʠʬʥ ʭʥʲʣʩʠʬʸʹʠʭʩʤʬʠʭʤʬʥʥʧʺʹʩʥʭʩʸʧʠʭʩʤʬʠʥʣʡʲʩʥʥʫʬʩʥ 25
Verse 26 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʤʦʤ ʭʥʩʫʺʸʧʠʵʸʠʬʠʭʫʬʹʩʥʬʥʣʢʳʶʷʡʥʤʮʧʡʥʳʠʡ ʭʺʮʣʠʬʲʮʤʥʤʩʭʹʺʩʥ 27

Verse 28 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls
ʟʤʦʤʤʸʥʺʤ ʸʴʱʡʤʡʥʺʫʤʺʩʸʡʤʺʥʬʠʬʫʫ ʬʠʸʹʩʩʨʡʹʬʫʮʤʲʸʬʤʥʤʩʥʬʩʣʡʤʥ 29

Verses 1 - 2 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʤʮʹʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʪʶʩʴʤ ʸʹʠ ʭʩʮʲʤ ʬʫʮʪʶʡʷʥʡʹʥʪʮʧʸʥʪʺʥʡʹʺʠʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʡʹʥ 3

ʟʪʧʷʩ ʭʹʮʥʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʪʶʡʷʩʭʹʮʭʩʮʹʤʤʶʷʡʪʧʣʰʤʩʤʩʭʠ 4
ʟʪʩʺʡʠʮʪʡʸʤʥʪʡʨʩʤʥʤʺʹʸʩʥʪʩʺʡʠʥʹʸʩʸʹʠʵʸʠʤʬʠʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩ ʪʠʩʡʤʥ 5
ʯʲʮʬ ʪʹʴʰ ʬʫʡʥ ʪʡʡʬ ʬʫʡ ʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩ ʺʠ ʤʡʤʠʬ ʪʲʸʦ ʡʡʬ ʡʡʬ ʺʠʥ ʪʡʡʬ ʺʠ ʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩ ʬʮʥ 6
ʟʪʥʴʣʸʸʹʠʪʩʠʰʹʬʲʥʪʩʡʩʠʬʲ ʤʬʠʤ ʺʥʬʠʤ ʬʫ ʺʠ ʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʯʺʰʥ 7
ʟʭʥʩʤʪʥʶʮ ʩʫʰʠ ʸʹʠ ʥʩʺʥʶʮ ʬʫ ʺʠ ʺʩʹʲʥʤʥʤʩʬʥʷʡʺʲʮʹʥʡʥʹʺʤʺʠʥ 8
ʤʥʤʩ ʡʥʹʩ ʩʫ ʤʡʥʨʬ ʪʺʮʤʡ ʩʸʴʡʥ ʪʺʮʣʠ ʩʸʴʡʥ ʪʰʨʡ ʩʸʴʡ ʪʣʩ ʤʹʲʮ ʬʫʡ ʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩ ʪʸʩʺʥʤʥ 9
ʟʪʩʺʡʠʬʲ ʹʹ ʸʹʠʫʡʥʨʬʪʩʬʲʹʥʹʬ
ʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩ ʬʠ ʡʥʹʺ ʩʫʤʦʤ ʤʸʥʺʤʸʴʱʡ ʭʩʡʥʺʫʤ ʥʩʺʥʷʧʥ ʥʩʺʥʶʮ ʸʮʹʬʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʬʥʷʡʲʮʹʺʩʫ 10
ʟʪʹʴʰʬʫʡʥ ʪʡʡʬ ʬʫʡ
ʟʪʮʮ ʠʩʤ ʤʷʥʧʸ ʠʬʥ ʪʮʮʠʥʤʺʠʬʴʰʠʬ ʭʥʩʤ ʪʥʶʮ ʩʫʰʠʸʹʠʺʠʦʤʤʥʶʮʤʩʫ 11
ʟʤʰʹʲʰʥʤʺʠʥʰʲʮʹʩʥʥʰʬʤʧʷʩʥʤʮʩʮʹʤʥʰʬʤʬʲʩʩʮʸʮʠʬʠʥʤʭʩʮʹʡ ʠʬ 12
ʟʤʰʹʲʰʥʤʺʠ ʥʰʲʮʹʩʥʥʰʬʤʧʷʩʥʭʩʤʸʡʲʬʠʥʰʬ ʸʡʲʩ ʩʮ ʸʮʠʬ ʠʩʤ ʭʩʬ ʸʡʲʮ ʠʬʥ 13
ʟʥʺʥʹʲʬ ʪʣʩʡʥ ʪʡʡʬʡʥ ʪʩʴʡ ʣʠʮ ʸʡʣʤʪʩʬʠʡʥʸʷʩʫ 14
ʟʲʸʤʺʠʥʺʥʮʤʺʠʥʡʥʨʤʺʠʥʭʩʩʧʤʺʠʭʥʩʤʪʩʰʴʬʩʺʺʰʤʠʸ 15
ʺʩʩʧʥ ʥʩʨʴʹʮʥ ʥʩʺʷʧʥ ʥʩʺʥʶʮ ʸʮʹʬʥ ʥʩʫʸʣʡ ʺʫʬʬ ʪʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩ ʺʠ ʤʡʤʠʬ ʭʥʩʤ ʪʥʶʮ ʩʫʰʠ ʸʹʠ 16
ʟʤʺʹʸʬʤʮʹ ʠʡ ʤʺʠ ʸʹʠʵʸʠʡʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʪʫʸʡʥʺʩʡʸʥ
ʟʭʺʣʡʲʥ ʭʩʸʧʠʭʩʤʬʠʬ ʺʩʥʧʺʹʤʥʺʧʣʰʥ ʲʮʹʺʠʬʥʪʡʡʬ ʤʰʴʩʭʠʥ 17
ʤʮʹ ʠʡʬ ʯʣʸʩʤ ʺʠ ʸʡʲ ʤʺʠ ʸʹʠ ʤʮʣʠʤ ʬʲ ʭʩʮʩ ʯʫʩʸʠʺ ʠʬ ʯʥʣʡʠʺ ʣʡʠ ʩʫ ʭʥʩʤ ʭʫʬ ʩʺʣʢʤ 18
ʯʲʮʬʭʩʩʧʡʺʸʧʡʥ ʤʬʬʷʤʥʤʫʸʡʤʪʩʰʴʬʩʺʺʰʺʥʮʤʥʭʩʩʧʤʵʸʠʤʺʠʥʭʩʮʹʤʺʠʭʥʩʤʭʫʡʩʺʣʩʲʤ 19
ʲʡʹʰʸʹʠʤʮʣʠʤʬʲ ʺʡʹʬʪʩʮʩʪʸʠʥʪʩʩʧʠʥʤ ʩʫʥʡʤʷʡʣʬʥ ʥʬʷʡʲʮʹʬʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʺʠʤʡʤʠʬ 20
ʟʭʤʬʺʺʬʡʷʲʩʬʥʷʧʶʩʬ ʭʤʸʡʠʬʪʩʺʡʠʬʤʥʤʩ

Verses 1 - 8 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʩʰʷʦʬʫʬʠʥʤʥʤʩʺʩʸʡʯʥʸʠ ʺʠʭʩʠʹʰʤʩʥʬʩʰʡʭʩʰʤʫʤʬʠʤʰʺʩʥ ʸʴʱ ʬʲʺʠʦʤ ʤʸʥʺʤʺʠʤʹʮʡʺʫʩʥ 9

ʟʺʥʫʱʤʢʧʡʤʨʮʹʤʺʰʹʣʲʮʡʭʩʰʹʲʡʹʵʷʮʸʮʠʬʭʺʠʤʹʮ ʥʶʩʥ 10
ʬʠʸʹʩʬʫʣʢʰʺʠʦʤʤʸʥʺʤ ʺʠ ʥʠʸʷʺ ʸʧʡʩ ʸʹʠʭʥʷʮʡʪʩʤʬʠʤʥʤʩʩʰʴʺʠʺʥʠʸʬʬʠʸʹʩʬʫʠʥʡʡ 11
ʤʥʤʩ ʺʠ ʥʠʸʩʥ ʥʣʮʬʩ ʯʲʮʬʥ ʥʲʮʹʩ ʯʲʮʬ ʪʩʸʲʹʡ ʸʹʠ ʪʸʢʥ ʳʨʤʥ ʭʩʹʰʤʥ ʭʩʹʰʠʤ ʭʲʤ ʺʠ ʬʤʷʤ 12
Verse 13 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʲʹʥʤʩʥʤʹʮ ʪʬʩʥʥʰʥʶʠʥʣʲʥʮ ʬʤʠʡʥʡʶʩʺʤʥʲʹʥʤʩʺʠʠʸʷʺʥʮʬʪʩʮʩʥʡʸʷʯʤʤʹʮʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʮʠʩʥ 14

ʟʬʤʠʤ ʧʺʴ ʯʰʲʤʣʥʮʲ ʣʮʲʩʥʯʰʲʣʥʮʲʡʬʤʠʡʤʥʤʩʠʸʩʥ 15
ʤʮʹʠʡʠʥʤʸʹʠ ʵʸʠʤ ʸʫʰ ʩʤʬʠʩʸʧʠʤʰʦʥʤʦʤʭʲʤʭʷʥʪʩʺʡʠʭʲʡʫʹʪʰʤʤʹʮʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʮʠʩʥ 16
ʟʥʺʠʩʺʸʫʸʹʠʩʺʩʸʡʺʠ ʥʸʴʤʥ ʩʰʥʡʦʲʥʥʡʸʷʡ
ʭʥʩʡ ʥʸʮʠʥ ʺʥʸʶʥʺʥʡʸʺʥʲʸ ʥʤʥʠʶʮʥʬʫʠʬʤʩʤʥʭʤʮ ʩʰʴʩʺʸʺʱʤʥʪʩʺʡʦʲʥʠʥʤʤʭʥʩʡ ʥʡʩʴʠʤʸʧʥ 17
ʟʤʬʠʤʺʥʲʸʤʩʰʥʠʶʮʩʡʸʷʡ ʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩ ʯʩʠʩʫʬʲʠʥʬʤʠʥʤʤ
ʟʭʩʸʧʠʭʩʤʬʠʬʠ ʤʰʴʩʫ ʤʹʲʸʹʠʤʲʸʤʬʫʬʲʠʥʤʤ ʭʥʩʡʥʰʮʮʩʰʴʸʩʺʱʠʸʺʱʤ ʩʫʥʰʠʥ 18
ʺʠʦʤʤʸʩʹʤ ʩʬʤʩʤʺ ʯʲʮʬʭʤʩʴʡʤʥʮʩʹʬʠʸʹʩʩʰʡʺʠʤʣʮʬʥʺʠʦʤ ʤʸʩʹʤʩʸʡʣ ʺʠʭʫʬʥʡʺʫʺʲʥ 19
Verses 20 - 23 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʭʮʺʣʲʸʴʱʬʲʺʠʦʤʤʸʥʺʤʩʸʡʣʺʠʡʺʫʬʤʹʮ ʺʥʬʫʫʩʤʩʥ 24
ʟʸʮʠʬʤʥʤʩʺʩʸʡ ʯʥʸʠʩʠʹʰʭʩʥʬʤ ʺʠʤʹʮʥʶʩʥ 25
ʟʣʲʬʪʡʭʹʤʩʤʥʭʫʩʤʬʠ ʤʥʤʩʺʩʸʡʯʥʸʠ ʣʶʮʥʺʠʭʺʮʹʥʺʠʦʤʤʸʥʺʤʸʴʱʺʠʧʷʬ 26
ʩʸʧʠʩʫʳʠʥʤʥʤʩʭʲʭʺʩʩʤ ʭʩʸʮʮʭʥʩʤʭʫʮʲ ʩʧʩʰʣʥʲʡʯʤ ʤʹʷʤʪʴʸʲʺʠʥʪʩʸʮʺʠʩʺʲʣʩʩʫʰʠʩʫ 27
ʤʬʠʤ ʭʩʸʡʣʤ ʺʠ ʭʤʩʰʦʠʡ ʤʸʡʣʠʥ ʭʫʩʸʨʹʥ ʭʫʩʨʴʹʥ ʭʫʩʰʷʦʥ ʭʫʩʨʡʹ ʩʰʷʦ ʬʫ ʺʠ ʩʬʠ ʥʬʩʤʷʤ 28
ʺʩʸʧʠʡ ʤʲʸʤʭʫʺʠʺʠʸʷʥʭʫʺʠʩʺʩʥʶ ʸʹʠʪʸʣʤ ʯʮʭʺʸʱʥ ʯʥʺʧʹʺ ʺʧʹʤʩʫʩʺʥʮʩʸʧʠʩʺʲʣʩʩʫ 29
ʟʭʫʩʣʩʤʹʲʮʡ ʥʱʲʫʤʬʤʥʤʩʩʰʩʲʡ ʲʸʤ ʺʠʥʹʲʺʩʫʭʩʮʩʤ
ʟʭʮʺʣʲ ʺʠʦʤʤʸʩʹʤʩʸʡʣ ʺʠʬʠʸʹʩʬʤʷʬʫʩʰʦʠʡʤʹʮʸʡʣʩʥ 30
ʟʩʴʩʸʮʠʵʸʠʤʲʮʹʺʥ ʤʸʡʣʠʥ ʭʩʮʹʤ ʥʰʩʦʠʤ 1
ʟʡʹʲʩʬʲ ʭʩʡʩʡʸʫʥʠʹʣʩʬʲʭʸʩʲʹʫ ʩʺʸʮʠʬʨʫʬʦʺʩʧʷʬʸʨʮʫʳʸʲʩ 2
ʟʥʰʩʤʬʠʬʤʬʥʣʢ ʥʡʤʠʸʷʠʤʥʤʩʭʹʩʫ 3
Verses 4 - 5 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟ²¸¸³±­²Áº ¨­¬²¸¿²±©¨¨­¬ ¨­´¬ µ³¯¨´­´©¸µº¨®­´¶ªÂ¬­¬±´¬ 6

ʟ²´­À¶¨±­²±¸¿® ²«ª±­²±©¨´¨ÁÀ­«­À­«­¸Á ­¸±©µ´­º­¶±À³® 7
ʟʭʩʤʥʬʠ ʩʰʡ ʸʴʱʮʬʭʩʮʲʺʬʡʢʡʶʩʭʣʠʩʰʡʥʣʩʸʴʤʡʭʩʥʢʯʥʩʬʲ ʬʩʧʰʤʡ 8
ʟʥʺʬʧʰʬʡʧʡʷʲʩʥʮʲʤʥʤʩʷʬʧʩʫ 9
ʟ­¸±º·­Á±¨³­¬¸À¾± ­¬¸¸­©±­¬¸©©­¹± ·¶Á±´´±­¬Â©­À©«¶½À¨©­¬¨¾¶± 10
ʟ­ÂÀ©¨ ´º­¬¨Á±­¬¯¿±­±¼¸³ÁÀ¼±»¯À±­±´®­ª´º­¸¿À±º±ÀÁ¸³ 11
Verse 12 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟÀ­¾Á±¶´¯¶·¶Á­º´¹¶Á©«­¬¿¸±­±«Á©­¸Â´³¨±­½À¨±Â¶©´º­¬©³À± 13
µ«­¬°¯­±´³©´¯µº µ±«­Âº­·Á©±¸©µ±´±¨­µ±À³©´¯µº·¨¾©´¯­À¿©¨¶¯ 14
Verses 15 - 16 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʭʫʩʺʡʠ ʭʥʸʲʹʠʥʬ ʥʠʡʡʥʸʷʮʭʩʹʣʧʭʥʲʣʩʠʥʬʭʩʤʬʠʤʬʠʠʥʬʭʩʣʹʬʥʧʡʦʩ 17

ʟʪʬʬʧʮʬʠʧʫʹʺ ʩʹʺʪʣʬʩʸʥʶ 18
ʟʥʩʺʥʰʡʥʥʩʰʡʱʲʫʮ ʵʠʰʩʥʤʥʤʩʠʸʩʥ 19
ʟʭʡʯʮʠʠʬʭʩʰʡ ʤʮʤʺʫʴʤʺʸʥʣʩʫʭʺʩʸʧʠʤʮʤʠʸʠʭʤʮʩʰʴʤʸʩʺʱʠʸʮʠʩʥ 20
ʟʭʱʩʲʫʠ ʬʡʰ ʩʥʢʡʭʲʠʬʡʭʠʩʰʷʠʩʰʠʥʭʤʩʬʡʤʡʩʰʥʱʲʫ ʬʠ ʠʬʡʩʰʥʠʰʷʭʤ 21
ʟʭʩʸʤ ʩʣʱʥʮ ʨʤʬʺʥʤʬʥʡʩʥʵʸʠʬʫʠʺʥʺʩʺʧʺʬʥʠʹʣʲʣʷʩʺʥ ʩʴʠʡʤʧʣʷʹʠʠʩʫ 22
ʟʭʡʤʬʫʠ ʩʶʧ ʺʥʲʸʥʮʩʬʲʤʴʱʠ 23
ʟʸʴʲʩʬʧʦ ʺʮʧʭʲ ʭʡʧʬʹʠʺʥʮʤʡ ʯʹʥ ʩʸʩʸʮ ʡʨʷʥʳʹʸʩʮʧʬ ʥʡʲʸʩʦʮ 24
ʟʤʡʩʹ ʹʩʠʭʲʷʰʥʩ ʤʬʥʺʡʭʢʸʥʧʡ ʭʢʤʮʩʠ ʭʩʸʣʧʮʥ ʡʸʧʬʫʹʺʵʥʧʮ 25
ʟʭʸʫʦ ʹʥʰʠʮʺʩʡʹʠ ʭʤʩʠʴʠʩʺʸʮʠ 26
ʟʺʠʦʬʫʬʲʴ ʩʰʣʠʠʬʥ ʤʮʸʥʰʩʣʩʥʸʮʠʩ ʯʴʥʮʩʸʶʥʸʫʰʩʯʴʸʥʢʠʡʩʥʠʱʲʫʩʬʥʬ 27
ʟʭʺʩʸʧʠʬ ʥʰʩʡʩ ʺʠʦʥʬʩʫʹʩʥʮʫʧʥʬ 29
Verses 30 - 32 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls
ʟÀ®³¨µ±¸Â¼Á¨À­µ¸±±µ¸±¸Â¶¯ 33
Verse 34 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟ­¶´ǼÁ¯­µ«±¨µ­±©­À¿±³µ´ªÀ°­¶Âº´µ´Á­µ¿¸±´ 35
Verse 36 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʥʡʥʩʱʧ ʸʹʠ ʸʥʶʤ ʥʮʩʤʬʠʤʩʠ ʤʥʤʩʸʮʠʥ 37

ʟʤʸʺʱʭʫʩʬʲʩʤʩʭʫʸʦʲʩʥʥʮʥʷʩ ʭʫʩʱʰʯʩʩ ʥʺʹʩ ʥʬʫʠʩʥʮʩʧʡʦʩʡʬʧ ʸʹʠ 38
ʟʬʩʶʮ ʩʣʩʮʯʩʠʥ ʠʴʸʠ ʩʰʠʥʩʺʶʧʮʤʩʧʠʥʺʩʮʠʩʰʠ ʩʣʮʲʭʩʤʬʠʯʩʠʥʠʥʤʩʰʠʩʰʠʩʫ ʤʺʲʥʠʸ 39
ʟʭʬʥʲʬʩʫʰʠ ʩʧʩʺʸʮʠʥ ʩʣʩʭʩʮʹ ʬʠʠʹʠʩʫ 40
ʟʭʬʹʠʩʠʰʹʮʬʥ ʩʸʶʬ ʭʷʰʡʩʹʠ ʩʣʩʨʴʹʮʡ ʦʧʠʺʥ ʩʡʸʧʷʸʡʩʺʰʹʭʠ 41
ʟʡʥʩʠʺʥʲʸʴʹʠʸʮʥ ʤʩʡʹʥʬʬʧʭʣʮ ʸʹʡʬʫʠʺʩʡʸʧʥ ʭʣʮʩʶʧʤʸʩʫʹʠ 42
ʸʴʫʩʥ ʭʬʹʩ ʥʩʠʰʹʮʬʥ ʥʩʸʶʬ ʡʩʹʩ ʭʷʰʥ ʭʥʷʩ ʥʩʰʡ ʭʣ ʩʫ ʭʩʤʬʠ ʬʫ ʥʬ ʥʥʧʺʹʤʥ ʥʮʲ ʭʩʮʹ ʥʰʩʰʸʤ 43
Verses 44 - 52 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʥʺʥʮʩʰʴʬʬʠʸʹʩʩʰʡʺʠʭʩʤʬʠʤʹʩʠ ʤʹʮʪʸʡʸʹʠʤʫʸʡʤʺʠʦʥ 1
ʟʥʮʬʺʣʹʠʥʰʩʮʩʮʹʣʷʺʥʡʡʸʮ ʤʺʠʥʯʸʠʴʸʤʮʲʩʴʥʤʥʮʬʸʩʲʹʮʧʸʦʥ ʠʡʩʰʩʱʮ ʤʥʤʩʸʮʠʩʥ 2
ʟ²±ÂÀ©«¶¨Á±²´ªÀ´·­³Âµ¬­²«±©­±Á«¿´³µ±¶º©©¯»¨ 3
ʟ´¨ÀÁ±±°©Á«¯±µº±Á¨À»¹¨Â¬©²´¶·­ÀÁ±©±¬±­ 5
ʟÀ¼¹¶­±Â¶±¬±­¶±´¨­·©­¨À±¯± 6
À®º­ ­´ ©À ­±«± ­¸¨±©Â ­¶º ´¨­ ¬«­¬± ´­¿´ ¬­¬± º¶Á À¶¨±­ ¬«­¬±´ ¨®­ 7
±¶ ´º ­¬©±À ¬¹¶© ­Â±¹¸ ÀÁ¨ «±¹¯ Á±¨´ ­±¶Â­ ­±À­¨ ±­´´ ­©¬ À¶¨ ±­´´­ 8
ʟʸʶʰʩʪʺʩʸʡʪʺʸʮʠʸʮʹʩʫʲʣʩʠʬʥʰʡ ʺʠʥʸʩʫʤʠʬʥʩʧʠʺʠʥʪʺʩʠʸ ʠʬʥʮʠʬʥʥʩʡʠʬʸʮʠʤ 9
ʟʪʧʡʦʮʬʲʬʬʫʥ ʪʴʠʡ ʤʸʥʨʷ ʭʹʩʬʠʸʹʩʬ ʪʺʸʥʺʥʡʷʲʩʬʪʩʨʴʹʮʸʥʩ 10
ʟʥʮʥʷʩʬʡʥʠʰʹʮʥʥʮʷʩʰʺʮʵʧʮʤʶʸʺ ʥʣʩʺʬʲʴʥʥʬʩʧʤʥʤʩʪʸʡ 11
ʟʯʫʹʥʩʴʩʺʫʯʩʡʥʭʥʩʤʬʫ ʥʩʬʲʳʴʥʧʮʬʠʧʨʡʬʯʫʹʩʤʥʤʩʣʩʣʩʸʮʠʯʮʩʰʡʬʥ 12
ʟʺʧʺ ʺʶʡʸ ʭʥʤʺʮʥʬʨʮʭʩʮʹ 88 ʣʢʮʮʥʶʸʠʤʥʤʩ ʺʫʸʡʮ ʸʮʠʳʱʥʩʬʥ 13
ʟʭʩʧʸʩ ʹʸʢʣʢʮʮʥʹʮʹʺʠʥʡʺʣʢʮʮʥ 14
ʟʭʬʥʲʺʲʡʢʣʢʮʮʥʭʣʷʩʸʸʤ ʣʢʮʮʥ 15
ʟʥʩʧʠʸʩʦʰ ʣʷʣʷʬʥ ʳʱʥʩʹʠʸʬʤʺʠʥʡʺʤʰʱʩʰʫʹʯʥʶʸʥʤʠʬʮʥʵʸʠʣʢʮʮʥ 16
ʩʴʬʠʭʤʥ ʭʩʸʴʠ 90 ʺʥʡʡʸ ʭʤʥʵʸʠʩʱʴʠʥʣʧʩʧʢʰʩʭʩʮʲʭʤʡʥʰʸʷʭʠʸʩʰʸʷʥʥʬʸʣʤ 89 ʸʥʹʸʥʫʡ 17
ʟʪʩʬʤʠʡʸʫʹʹʩʥʪʺʠʶʡʯʬʥʡʦʧʮʹʸʮʠʯʬʥʡʦʬʥ 18
1QDeutb, Mas, SP, LXX: the excellences. 4QDeuth reads ʣʢʮʮʥ meaning and the excellences.
1QDeutb, SP, LXX: of a bull. 4QDeuth and Masoretic read ʥʸʥʹ meaning of his bull.
MasDeut, Mas, SP: the myriads. 4QDeuth reads ʺʡʡʸ, which is either a defective spelling, or is the singular form and would mean the myriad.
ʟʬʥʧ 92 ʩʰʥʮʨʩʰʴʹʥʥʷʰʩʭʩʮʩʲʴʹʩʫʷʣʶʩʧʡʦʥʧʡʦʩ ʭʹʥʠʸʷʩ 91ʥʣʤ ʭʩʮʲ 19
ʟʣʷʣʷ 93 ʳʠʥʲʥʸʦ ʳʸʨʥ ʯʫʹ ʠʩʡʬʫʣʢ ʡʩʧʸʮʪʥʸʡʸʮʠʣʢʬʥ 20
ʟʬʠʸʹʩʭʲʥʨʴʹʮʥ ʤʹʲʤʥʤʩʺʷʣʶʭʲʩʹʠʸʠʺʩʥʯʥʴʱʷʷʧʮʺʷʬʧʭʹʩʫʥʬʺʹʠʸʠʸʩʥ 21
ʟʯʹʡʤʯʮʷʰʦʩʤʩʸʠʸʥʢʯʣʸʮʠ ʯʣʬʥ 22
ʟʤʹʸʩʭʥʸʣʥʭʩ ʤʥʤʩʺʫʸʡ ʠʬʮʥ ʯʥʶʸ ʲʡʹʩʬʺʴʰʸʮʠʩʬʺʴʰʬʥ 23
ʟʥʬʢʸ ʯʮʹʡʬʡʨʥ ʥʩʧʠʩʥʶʸʩʤʩʸʹʠʭʩʰʡʮʪʥʸʡʸʮʠʸʹʠʬʥ 24
Verses 25 - 28 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

­Á¯³± ²Â±¨ª ©À¯ ÀÁ¨­ ²À®º ·ª¶ ¬­¬±© ºÁ­¸ µº ²­¶³ ±¶ ´¨ÀÁ± ²±ÀÁ¨ 29
¨ ¬­¬± ­¬¨À±­ ­¯±À± ±¸¼ ´º ÀÁ¨ ¬ª¹¼¬ Á¨À ­©¸ À¬ ´¨ ©¨­¶ ©Àº¶ ¬Á¶ ´º±­ 1
ʟʯʥʸʧʠʤʭʩʤ ʣʲʤʣʥʤʩʵʸʠ ʬʫʺʠʥʤʹʰʮʥʭʩʸʴʠʵʸʠʺʠʥʩʬʺʴʰ ʬʫʺʠʥ 2
ʟʸʲʶʣʲʭʩʸʮʺʤʸʩʲʥʧʸʩʺʲʷʡ ʸʫʫʤʺʠʥʡʢʰʤʺʠʥ 3
ʪʩʰʩʲʡʪʩʺʩʠʸʤʤʰʰʺʠʪʲʸʦʬ ʸʮʠʬ ʡʷʲʩʬʥʷʧʶʩʬ ʭʤʸʡʠʬʩʺʲʡʹʰʸʹʠʵʸʠʤ ʺʠʦʥʩʬʠʤʥʤʩʸʮʠʩʥ 4
4QDeuth: shout for him. MasDeut and Masoretic read ʸʤ meaning mountain. SP reads ʩʸʤ meaning mountains.
MasDeut, Mas, SP: concealments (plene spelling). 4QDeuth has the defective spelling ʩʰʮʨ.
4QDeuth: and also. MasDeut and Masoretic read ʳʠ meaning as well as. SP reads ʭʢʥ meaning and in addition.
ʟʤʥʤʩʩʴʬʲʡʠʥʮʵʸʠʡʤʥʤʩʣʡʲ ʤʹʮ ʭʹʺʮʩʥ 5
ʟʤʦʤʭʥʩʤʣʲʥʺʸʡʷʺʠʹʩʠʲʣʩʠʬʥʸʥʲʴʺʩʡʬʥʮʡʠʥʮʵʸʠʡʩʢʡʥʺʠ 94ʥʸʡʷʩʥ 6
Verse 7 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

ʟʤʹʮʬʡʠʩʫʡʩʮʩʥʮʺʩʥʭʥʩʭʩʹʬʹʡʠʥʮʺʡʸʲʡʤʹʮʺʠʬʠʸʹʩʩʰʡʥʫʡʩʥ 8
Verses 9-12 not extant among Dead Sea Scrolls

4QDeutl, LXX: and they (the Israelites) buried. MasDeut, Masoretic and SP read ʸʡʷʩʥ meaning and He (Yahweh) buried.