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Submitted in the partial fulfillment of B.Tech in Computer Science & Engg. under Punjab
Technical University, Jalandhar

Submitted by


Under the Guidance of

Mr. Vinod Bagga

Java Trainer
Stellar Edge Info solutions, Sector – 34,

Submitted To:
Er. Kalpna Verma Er. Haryali Dhillon

Department Of Computer Science & Engineering


January to June, 2012


I hereby declare that the project work entitled “TECHTUT$4U” is an authentic record of my
own work carried out at WinSoft Computer Center ,Phase-2,Mohali as requirement of six
months training for the award of degree of B.Tech (Computer Science Engineering), RBCEBTW,
Mohali under the guidance of Mr.Mandeep S Arora, during January to June, 2012.

(Signature of student)
Manmeet Kaur

Date: ___________________

Certified that the above statement made by the student is correct to the best of my knowledge
and belief.

Mr.Mandeep S Arora
Java Trainer
WinSoft Computer Center

“TECHTUT$4U” is software which is helpful for students as well as the school

authorities. In the current system all the activities are done manually. It is very time
consuming and costly. Our Techtuts4u deals with the various activities related to the

The website named "TECHTUT$4U" has been developed for the students of computer
science and information technology field to gain knowledge about their core subjects and
to get information about their demands to get placed in respective jobs. This project aims
at providing an Online Help Desk (OHD) to the students.

The first page provides several links. The Home page contains several information about
the site like student and faculty registration, login page, various videos, links to different
fields like placement papers, interview skills, syllabus, online tests etc.

User Login module helps the user to login to the site. For that he must type the username
and password correctly. The login provision in this page helps the already registered user
to directly access the site and there is a link for registration to a user who is new to this

Member Registration module helps the new user to register into the site. The
information entered by the users is added into the table registration.
In the Login link a student or faculty can login using the appropriate Username and
password, through which he get the information about latest ideas and searches. He can
also post his demand or a query.

First of all I would like to thank the Almighty, who has always guided me to work on the right
path of the life. I acknowledge with deep sense of gratitude and most sincere appreciation, the
valuable guidance and unfailing encouragement rendered to me by “Mr.Vinod Bagga, Java
Trainer, Stellar Edge Info solution” for his proficient and enthusiastic guidance, useful
encouragement and immense help. I have deep sense of admiration for his inmate goodness and
inexhaustible enthusiasm.

I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to “Er. Kalpna Verma HOD, CSE & IT and Er. Haryali
Dhillon Lect of CSE/IT Department” for their guidance, encouragement and valuable
suggestions which proved extremely useful and helpful.

My heartfelt gratitude and indebtness goes to all teachers and guidance group who with their
encouraging, caring words, constructive criticism and segmentation have contributed directly or
indirectly in a significant way. My special thanks go to my friends whose support and
encouragement have been a constant source of assurance, guidance, strength, and inspection to

I am immensely grateful to my parents, my family. They have always supported me and taught
me the things that matter most in life. I am proudly grateful to all of them.

Date: Anuradha

List of Figures
S.NO Figure Description

1.) Company Profile

Fig. 1: Stellar edge solutions

2.) Chapter 2: Literature Review

Fig. 2: Execution of java program
Fig. 3:Servlet
Fig. 4:Model-View-Controller
Fig. 5: Net beans

3.) Chapter 4: Implementation

Fig. 5: Square
Fig. 6: Arrow lines
Fig. 7: Circle
Fig. 8: Horizontal line
Fig. 9: Open Rectangle
Fig. 10: System view
Fig. 11: Home page
Fig. 12: Academics Module
Fig. 13: Projects Module
Fig.14:Recuritment Module
Fig.15: Fun shun Module
Fig.16: 0 Level dfd
Fig.18: Company Management
Fig.19: User Management
Fig 21:
Fig 23:Flow of website
Fig 24:

4.) Chapter 5:Snapshots

Fig. 25: Home page
Fig. 26: Academics page
Fig. 27: Seminar page
Fig. 28: EBooks page
Fig. 29: Assignments page
Fig. 30: Project Module
Fig. 31: C/C++ page
Fig. 32: PHP page
Fig. 33: JAVA page
Fig.34:.NET page
Fig.35: Recruitment Module
Fig.36: Placement Paper page
Fig.37:Group Discussions page
Fig.38: Communication Skills page
Fig.39: FAQ’s page
Fig.40:Online Home page
Fig 41:Login page
Fig.42:Registration Form
Fig 43:Company Registration Form
Fig 44:Funshun Module
Fig.45: Music page
Fig.46: Dance page
Fig. 47: Movies
Fig. 48: Movies news
Fig. 49: Celebrity news
Fig. 50: Box office report
Fig. 51: Movies reviews
Fig. 52: Poetry page
Fig. 53: About poem
Fig.54:Contact us

S.No. Name of Table Page No.

1. Admin table 37

2. User Table 37

3. Discussion Zone Table 37

4. Overall Discussion Zone Table 37

5. Placement Paper Table 37

6. Comments Table 38

7. Demand Detail Table 38

8. Feedback Table 38

9. Movie News Table 38

10. Movie Review Table 38

11. Box Office Report Table 39

12. Box Office Review Table 39

13. Company Table 39

14. Exam Table 39

15. User Form Details 40

16. Exam Type 40

17. Experienced 40

18. Job Details 40

19. Login 41

20. Question Table 41

21. Result Table 41



1. HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

2. XML Extensible Markup Language

3. SRS Software Requirement Specification

4. Admin Administrator
5. DFD Data Flow Diagram

6. HTML Hyper Text Markup Language

7. SQL Structured Query Language

8. J2EE Java 2 Enterprise Edition

9. API Application Programming Interface

10. JSP Java Server Pages

11. ASP Active Server Pages

12. JDBC Java Data Base Connectivity

13. DESC Describe

14. OOP Object Oriented Programming

15 AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript And XML



1.) Company Profile 1-2

2.) Chapter 1: Introduction to Project 3-8

3.) Chapter 2: Literature Review 9-13

4.) Chapter 3: Problem Formulation and 14-24


5.) Chapter 4:Implementation 25-49

6.) Chapter 5:Snapshots 50-65

7.) Chapter 6:Conclusion and Future Scope 66-67