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Garritan Sounds in Finale


Flute NEW! Orchestral Toms Violins
Alto Flute Solo Percussion Toys KS Violins 1 Arco
Bass Flute Solo NEW! Temple Blocks Violins 1 KS
Flute Player 1 NEW! Timpani KS Violins 1 Pizzicato
Flute Player 2 Tubular Bells KS Violins 1 Tremolo
Flute Player 3 NEW! Wind Machine NEW! Violins 2 Arco
Flute Solo NEW! Woodblocks NEW! Violins 2 KS
Piccolo Solo Xylophone NEW! Violins 2 Pizzicato
Oboes and English Horn Harp NEW! Violins 2 Tremolo
English Horn Solo Harp KS Violas
Oboe D’Amore Solo NEW! Harp 2KS Violas Arco
Oboe Player 1 Keyboards Violas KS
Oboe Player 2 Celesta Violas Pizzicato
Oboe Player 3 NEW! Concert D Grand Piano Violas Tremolo
Oboe Solo NEW! Glass Harmonica Cellos
Clarinets Harpsichord Cellos Arco
Bass Clarinet Solo Steinway Piano Cellos KS
Bb Clarinet Player 1 Pipe Organ Cellos Pizzicato
Bb Clarinet Player 2 NEW! Baroque Plenum Cellos Tremolo
Bb Clarinet Player 3 Baroque Plenum Pedal Basses
Contrabass Clarinet Solo Baroque Plenum Reeds Basses Arco
Eb Clarinet Solo Church Organ Basses KS
Bassoons NEW! Church Organ 2 Basses Pizzicato
Bassoon Player 1 Hauptwerk All Stops Basses Tremolo
Bassoon Player 2 Pipe Organ - Flutes
NEW! Prinzipal Full Strings
Bassoon Player 3 Full Strings Arco
Bassoon Solo NEW! Utility Organ
Full Strings KS
Contrabassoon Solo Full Strings Pizzicato
Full Strings Tremolo
BRASS Violin Choir
French Horns Violin Player 1 Childrens Choir
French Horn Player 1 Violin Player 2 Choir Ahs
French Horn Player 2 Violin Player 3 Choir Oohs
French Horn Player 3 Violin Solo NEW! Full Choir KS
French Horn Solo Violin Solo KS 1
Violin Solo KS 2 WORLD
Trumpets NEW! Violin Solo KS 3
Piccolo Trumpet Solo Alto Recorder
Trumpet Player 1 Viola NEW! Balalaika
Trumpet Player 2 Viola Player 1 Balaphon
Trumpet Player 3 Viola Player 2 NEW! Bandoneon
Trumpet Solo Viola Player 3 Basic African Percussion
Viola Solo NEW! Basic Chinese Percussion
Trombones Viola Solo KS NEW! Basic Indian Percussion
Bass Trombone Solo NEW! Basic Middle East Percussion
Trombone Player 1 Cello
Cello Player 1 NEW! Bodhran
Trombone Player 2 NEW! Bottle Blow
Trombone Player 3 Cello Player 2
Cello Player 3 Celtic Harp
Trombone Solo NEW! Clarke Pennywhistle
Cello Solo
Tubas Cello Solo KS NEW! Concert Accordion
Tuba Solo Double Bass NEW! Didgeridoo
NEW! Tuba 2 Solo Double Bass Player 1 NEW! Djembe
Double Bass Player 2 NEW! Dulcimer
PERCUSSION Double Bass Player 3 Ethnic Percussion (58 Sounds)
Basic Orch Percussion Double Bass Solo NEW! Fiddle
Crotales Double Bass Solo KS Fife
Glockenspiel Gamelan Ensemble KS
NEW! Handbells KS NEW! Highland Bagpipes

7007 winchester circle, suite 140 // boulder, co // 80301

NEW! Irish Flute VDLight Snareline Manual NEW! Seashore
NEW! Kalimba VDLight Tenorline Manual NEW! Telephone Ring
Koto Pitched Percussion Synth Effects
Mandolin VDLight Chimes NEW! FX 1 (rain)
NEW! Melodica VDLight Glockenspiel (Brass Mallets) NEW! FX2 (soundtrack)
NEW! Ocarina VDLight Marimba (Medium Mallets) NEW! FX 3 (crystal)
NEW! Peruvian Panpipes VDLight Timpani (Medium Mallets) NEW! FX 4 (atmosphere)
NEW! Pipa VDLight Vibraphone (Medium Mallets) NEW! FX 5 (brightness)
NEW! Rainstick VDLight Xylophone (Plastic Mallets) NEW! FX 6 (goblin)
Shakuhachi VDL Combo Instruments NEW! FX 7 (echoes)
NEW! Shamisen VDLight Finale Marching Percussion Map NEW! FX8 (sci-fi)
NEW! Shenai VDLight General MIDI Percussion Map
Sitar Synth Lead
NEW! Soprano Recorder NEW! Lead 1 (square)
GENERAL MIDI NEW! Lead 2 (sawtooth)
Steel Drums
Tablas Bass NEW! Lead 3 (calliope)
Taiko Drums NEW! Electric Bass (Finger) NEW! Lead 4 (chiff)
NEW! Tenor Recorder NEW! Electric Bass (Pick) NEW! Lead 5 (charang)
NEW! Uilleann Bagpipes NEW! Slap Bass NEW! Lead 6 (voice)
NEW! Ukulele NEW! Synth Bass NEW! Lead 7 (fifths)
NEW! Washboard NEW! Lead 8 (bass + lead)
NEW! Washtub Bass NEW! Synth Brass Synth Pad
NEW! Pad 1 (new age)
Chromatic Percussion
JAZZ NEW! Pad 2 (warm)
NEW! Music Box
Acoustic Guitar KS NEW! Pad 3 (polysynth)
NEW! Drum Kits
Alto Sax NEW! Pad 4 (choir)
NEW! Electronic Drum Kit
Bari Sax NEW! Pad 5 (bowed)
Brush Drum Kit Ensemble NEW! Pad 6 (metalic)
Electric Guitar KS NEW! Synth Strings 1 NEW! Pad 7 (halo)
Flugelhorn NEW! Synth Strings 2 NEW! Pad 8 (sweep)
Fusion Drum Kit NEW! Synth Voice
NEW! Jazz Fretless Bass KS Guitar INSTANT ORCHESTRA
Jazz Fretted Bass KS NEW! Acoustic Guitar (nylon) Brass - Big Brass Agg
Soprano Sax NEW! Clean Guitar NEW! Brass - Full Brass Unison
Tenor Sax NEW! Distortion Guitar NEW! Brass - Organic Brass
Trombone KS NEW! Electric Guitar (muted) Choir - Ethereal Choir
Trumpet KS NEW! Overdrive Guitar NEW! Choir - Full Choir
Upright Bass KS NEW! Steel Guitar Choir - Silvery Choir
Vibraphone KS Organ NEW! Effects - Orchestra Chaos Effects
Vintage Electric Piano NEW! Drawbar Organ NEW! Keyboards - Scary Piano FX
NEW! Percussive Organ NEW! Mixtures - Delicate Orchestra
BAND NEW! Reed Organ NEW! Mixtures - Orchestra Power Hits
Alto Sax Section NEW! Rock Organ Mixtures - Supernatural Orchestra
Baritone Section NEW! Mixtures - Wagner Orchestra
Brass Section Percussion - Earth Drums
NEW! Reverse Cymbal
NEW! Clarinet Section NEW! Percussion - Vintage Sci-Fi Bowed
NEW! Steel Drums
Cymbals Percussion
NEW! Synth Drum
Euphonium Section Strings - Col Legno Full Strings
NEW! Tinkle Bell
Euphonium Solo NEW! Strings - Double Octave Full Strings
Flute Section Piano Strings - Snap Pizz
NEW! French Horn Section KS NEW! Bright Acoustic Piano NEW! Strings - Strings Tuning and FX
Marching Percussion NEW! Clavi Winds - Octave Winds Mixed
Mellophone Section NEW! Electric Grand Piano Winds - Silvery Winds
Sousaphone Section NEW! Electric Piano 2
NEW! Tenor Sax Section NEW! Honky-tonk piano
Trombone Section Sound Effects
Trumpet Section NEW! Applause
NEW! Bird Tweet
NEW! Guitar Fret Noise
Drumline Instruments
NEW! Gunshot
VDLight Bassline Manual
NEW! Helicopter
VDLight Cymbal Line 18in

7007 winchester circle, suite 140 // boulder, co // 80301