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Clean Flash ROM

a. Wipe Dalvik Cache
b. Wipe System
c. Wipe Cache
d. Wipe Data
e. Wipe Internal Storage/sdcard0
f. Flash ROM and gapps
g. Wipe Cache and Dalvik
h. Reboot

NOTE: For my settings

Do not flash first bloatware removal script

h. Flash Walkman, Viper4android, and superSU then wipe cache and dalvik cache
i. Reboot
j. Install Root/ES exlorer and Xposed apk
k. Apply UV
1. Paste UV script to etc/init.d folder
2. Set 0 root UID
3. Set 2000 shell GID
4. Set 755 permission
5. Reboot
l. Go back to recovery then:
1. Wipe cache and dalvik cache
2: Flash bloatware removal script
3: Flash Xposed V75 zip
4: Wipe cache and dalvik cache
5: Reboot
j. Install important apks
1. Titanium Backup
2. Link2SD
3. Greenify
k. Set-up settings

2. Dirty Flash ROM

a. Wipe cache and dalvik cache
b. Flash ROM.
c. Wipe cache and dalvik cache
d. Reboot


How to install Link2SD:

1. Make Sure You Have Installed Link2SD Main App From Play Store Only.
2. Make Sure Link2SD Plus Key Is Not Installed.
3. Now Click Patch Button And Grant ROOT Access,It Will Patch And Reboot.
4. Now After Patching You Will See Link2SD Plus Key Installed In Your App
Drawer,Open It And It Will Give You LICENSE Error Just Ignore It.
5. Now Come Back To Patcher And Click Activate And If You Lucky It Will Be
6. UNINSTALL Patcher After LICENSE VERIFIED On Link2SD Key Because Link2SD
Main App Scans "p.jasi2169" If Found Shows PACKAGE INVALID Even If LICENSE Is
VERIFIED So Please UNINSTALL My Any Patcher You Have For Example SUBWAY
7. Remember Do Not Uninstall The Link2SD Plus Key.

Apps linked on SD Card

-MX Player

How to install xposed:

1. install xposed installer(apk file)
2. reboot into recovery
3. flash zip file(
4. wipe cache/dalvik n reboot

How to install greenify:

1. Please remove all previous version of Greenify and Donation Package at
2. Install Greenify Pro apk.
3. Install Xposed installer.
4. Install the “Framework” in the “Xposed Installer” and activate “Greenify”
in “Modules”.
5. Open Xposed installer, select greenify inside modules tab, open framework
tab then press install/update
6. Reboot

Greenify settings:
Working Mode: Boost
Apps not hibernated:
-Android keyboard
-contact and storage
-dev tools
-download manager
-external storage
-google play games and services
-in call interference
-media storage
-messaging and service
-nfc service
-profile trust provider
-settings and storage
-sim toolkit
-wakelock detector

Change DPI density: 210 preferred
-go to File Manager>Root Folder>System >at the bottom u will see the build
prop file
-open and edit ro.sf.lcd_density=prefered dpi
-save/ save and reboot

Increase image and video quality & data speed

-go to File Manager>Root Folder>System >at the bottom u will see the build
prop file
-open and add the following line below:

#3G tweaks

-then go to Root Folder>System>etc>media_profiles.xml
-open, find, and edit the values on the following line below:

<ImageEncoding quality="100" />

<ImageEncoding quality="100" />
<ImageEncoding quality="100" />
<ImageDecoding memCap="30000000" />

NOTE: There are two of these lines in the file

-save and reboot