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Date: 15.03.2017
Grade: II C
Time: 10:10 – 11:00
Number of students: 31
School: “Lucian Blaga”, Baia Mare
Teacher: Camelia Ciurdaș
Type of lesson: reinforcement and assessment lesson
Textbook: Fairyland 2
Unit: Module 3
Lesson: A sweet tooth

Recent work: Vocabulary: - related to food and drinks

Structures: - Do you like…? Yes, I do. No, I don’t.

Objectives: - to reinforce vocabulary related to food and drinks

- to practice talking what they food they like or do not like
- to give pupils confidence in their ability to use the English language
- to develop communicative abilities

Competences: - 1.1 respond appropriately to short, simple questions in a clear and

concise way.
- 2.3 participate in communication games or create short messages
- 3.1 understand short and simple written texts
- 4.1 participate in class projects and create and write short texts.

Teaching aids:
 worksheets
 flashcards
 video projector

 Speaking
 Reading
 Writing
 Teacher – Whole class
 Teacher – Student
 Student – Student
 Student – Teacher

Class management:
 Group work
 Pair work
 Individual work
 Whole class

Anticipated problems:
 there will be explanations in Romanian (if needed)

Material used:
 Pat-a-cake – YouTube
 Vegetable song - Children’s Picture dictionary, PEARSON, Longman


ACTIVITY I – Warmer – Pat-a-cake Song & Vegetable Song (whole class)

Aim: to warm students up

Time: 2 min.
Procedure: The students sing along with the teacher the songs Pat-a-cake and
Vegetable Song.
Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man
Bake me a cake as fast as you can
Pat it and roll it and mark it with a “B”
And put it in the oven for baby and me.
Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man
Bake me a cake as fast as you can
Make it with chocolate and make it with cream.
Make it the prettiest you’ve ever seen.
Vegetable song
One green pepper, one green pepper,
Onions too, we like you.
Lettuce and tomatoes, lettuce and tomatoes
Broccoli, you like me.
Corn and cabbage, corn and cabbage.
Mushrooms too, we like you.
Lettuce and tomatoes, lettuce and tomatoes
Broccoli, you like me.
Interaction: Ss-Ss; Ss-T

ACTIVITY II – Game – Feed me! I’m hungry! (group work)

Aims: to reinforce food items.

Time: 3 min.
Procedure: The teacher sticks a poster representing a monster on the blackboard.
The students get in three groups. Each group gets post-its of different colours. The
teacher sets the time, 2 minutes, for the groups to write and stick on the monster as
many food items as possible. The groups cooperate in order to write as any food
items as they can in a short period of time. One student from each group comes to
the blackboard and sticks the post-it on the monster. The groups get one point for
each correct food item written. The teacher reads all the post-its and the group with
the most points wins the game.
Interaction: Ss – Ss; Ss – T

ACTIVITY III – Speaking – Do you like…? (group work)

Aims: to reinforce expressing what food they like or don’t like.

Time: 10 min.
Procedure: The students get in groups of four. On the table, in the middle, they
have some flashcards with food items. One student picks a card and asks the
student on his/her left to find out whether he/she likes that specific food item.
e.g. S1: Do you like cereal with milk?
S2: Yes, I do. (picking another card) Do you like pizza?
S3: Yes, I do. (picking another card) Do you like vegetables?
S4: No, I don’t. so on.
Interaction: Ss – Ss; Ss – T
ACTIVITY IV – Reading – The hungry dragon story (pair work)

Aims: to read for specific information

Time: 20 min.
Procedure: Pre-reading: The teacher displays the story on the video projector and
asks the students to predict its content. She asks about the characters and the plot.
She writes on the board all the information provided by the students.
T: The story is about a …. elicits the word “dragon”.
Ss: dragon
T: Yes. The dragon is very …. elicits the word “hungry”.
Ss: hungry
T: A boy, Tim, helps the dragon find some …. elicits the word “food”.
Ss: food
T: What food does the dragon eat?
Ss: pizza, apples…
T: Yes, right.

On the board

The hungry dragon a dragon


While-reading: The teacher gives each student a copy of the story of the hungry
dragon. It is a rebus story. The students read, in pairs, and write the words related
to the pictures in each gap. They check the story with the teacher.
They also have to complete the chart given overleaf the story. They have to order
the food items given in the story in the right columns. They do the exercise in pairs
and report it to the class. The students have to add one more food item to each
column. Then, the teacher asks a few students what they like and don’t like from
the columns.
T: Andrei, what do you like form the list?
Andrei: I like carrots, pears and cake.
T: What don’t you like from the list?
Andrei: I don’t like tomatoes, potatoes and lollipops.
Interaction: T – Ss; Ss – T; SS – SS
ACTIVITY V – Writing – What’s your favourite food? (individual work)

Aim: to express their favourite food

Time: 10 min
Procedure: As post-reading activity, the students draw and colour their favourite
food. They also have to write what their favourite food is and what it is in it. Some
students read their sentences in front of the class.
T: What your favourite food, Luca?
Luca: My favourite food is pizza.
T: What’s in it?
Luca: Salami, cheese and ketchup.
Interaction: T – Ss; Ss – T; SS – SS

ACTIVITY VI - Evaluation and homework assignment

Aims: to evaluate the students’ work & to assign students their homework
Time: 5 min
Procedure: Some students get grades. As homework the students have to create a
new food. They have to draw it and give it a name.
Worksheet 1

The hungry dragon

Deep in the mountains lives a dragon. He is very hungry. He sees a boy.

“Yum, a boy for breakfast!” Tim takes the dragon to the restaurant. He

eats ________, and _______. “I’m still hungry,” says the

dragon. Tim gives the dragon more food. He eats ________ and

_________, and __________. I’m still hungry,” says the


They go to the shop. The dragon eats all the fruit and vegetables:

________, __ ______ and _______. _________,

________, _________ and _________.

But the dragon is still hungry! Tim looks in his pocket. There is one

________. The dragon eats it and explodes! “Hooray!” shouts Tim.

The dragon is gone! No more boys for breakfast!”

Worksheet 2
1. Group the food items:
Fruit Vegetables Sweets

2. What is your favourite food? Draw and write.