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Islam, 18 January, p net

Pakistan: Defense Council Asks Govt to Stop Drones, US Meddling in Balochistan

Report by correspondent: "Strong Resistance to be Put up Against US Intervention in

Baluchistan: Maulana Samiul Haq"

Islamabad -- Strongly condemning the resumption of the drone strikes, Maulana Samiul Haq, the
chief of the Pakistan Defense Council, has said that that the United States has decided to
interfere in Balochistan, which would not be accepted at any cost. The Pakistan Defense Council
would put up strong political resistance against this move, he said. He was addressing the central
coordination committee of the Pakistan Defense Council.

The meeting of the coordination committee was held in a hotel in Islamabad. It took review of
the arrangements made for the conference to be held on 22 January in Rawalpindi.

The heads of different committees presented their reports. The committee expressed its
satisfaction on the arrangements and decided that another meeting of the coordination committee
would be held on 24 January in Multan shortly after the Rawalpindi Conference.

The meeting was attended by Gen [ret] Hamid Gul, Sheikh Yaqub, Maulana Shamsur Rahman
Mauvia, Abdullah Gul, Javed Kasuri, Dr Masud Ahmad and Dr Badruddin along with Maulana
Samiul Haq.

Addressing the meeting, Maulana Samiul Haq said that there are strong indications of the
involvement of the United States in Balochistan which are causing concern to the nation. The
resumption of drone strikes is an indication that some local elements are also involved in it. They
intend to subject the army to pressure and disgrace, he added.

The Pakistan Defense Council demands that the government should clarify its position in this
connection and the army should respond to the drone strikes as it promised, he said.

Addressing the meeting, Gen [ret] Hamid Gul said that the resumption of drone strikes is a
serious issue, and the responsible people should play their role in this connection. It is their duty
to defend every inch of Pakistan including Balochistan, he added.