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Domestic Politics

Ibrat, 18, January, p 6

Pakistan: Editorial Urges Opposition Groups to Let Democratic Process Continue

Editorial: "Continuity of Democratic Process Is in National and Country's Interest"

Since the establishment of the country, the democratic and undemocratic forces have always
been at loggerheads directly or indirectly. Even during 64-year history of the country, no
democratic government has ever been allowed to complete its term, except those, which were
established with the tactic approval of the undemocratic forces.

On the contrary, there is a long history of martial laws. Either Ziaul Haq or General [ret] Pervez
Musharraf came for nine to 11 years to have a free hand to torment the public. During the
periods of both [Zia and Musharraf], the country suffered such fatal blows that the weaker states
established after us are now considered more credible, but we are still suspicious in the eyes of
world. How can we stop the world from suspecting us, when the world's most wanted person
Usama Bin Ladin have been living among us for several years. We do not know as to how many
generations would suffer the punishment of this act.

The point is that every act of undemocratic forces in this country is accepted. On the contrary,
even minor mistakes of the democratic forces are presented in such a way as if some serious
crime has been committed, and they are trapped in the whirlpools of despair. This time around,
the democratic forces are confronting the same problems. This is also a test for them as to how
they get out of this troublesome period.

Nonetheless, the National Assembly on Monday has passed a resolution with overwhelming
majority tabled by Asfandyar Wali regarding the supremacy of the democracy and the

The resolution says that this house believes that the incumbent democratic dispensation‚ which is
about to complete its four years‚ came into power as a result of the great sacrifices rendered by
the people of Pakistan. This house reiterates the belief of the democratic forces that the future of
Pakistan and well-being of its people lies in the continuation and strengthening of democratic
institutions and constitutionalism for the resolution of national issues.

We believe that at the time when the rumors of toppling the democratic government are
circulating in the air a unanimously passed resolution in the favor of the supremacy of the
democracy is highly significant. All rumors should stop now following this resolution.

At the same time, we expect from the government and all other institutions that they will work
together to continue to strengthen the democratic process in the country. They will honor their
pledges not to support the undemocratic forces so that the public could benefit from the fruits of
the democratic process.

The reason is that in the past the undemocratic forces have caused irreparable losses to the
country and the public and the country suffered much harm. All cities of the country whether
they are small or large are now being targeted by the terrorists. The bombs are exploding
everywhere on daily basis. That is why not only the foreigners are reluctant to invest in the
country, but also the local investors are hesitant in investing over here. The unemployment and
poverty are on the rise as a result.

Hence, the opposition groups should also understand this critical situation that the democratic
process is in their favor too. If the democratic process comes to any harm due to their haste and
differences, it will also affect them. Hence, they should support the incumbent democratic
government to have their right to complete their term [in the future] so that the public could
benefit from the continuity of this democratic process.