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Leonardo M.

53 Musky Ridge Dr
Hackettstown, NJ 07840

December 19, 2017

Paul Simon
General Manager
1965 New Jersey 57
Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Dear Mr.Simon,

I am writing to you to apply for a position as a cashier in the ShopRite located in Hackettstown. I
have heard about this job through my classmate, which is a cashier and always tells me about the
excellent perks of the job. I am a junior in Hackettstown High School and plan to go to a
four-year college in two years. I’m a high achieving student and a hard-worker, and my constant
effort is demonstrated through my high grades. I believe I can use my good-work ethic as a
cashier, and will be able to succeed in this job.

One of the main reasons why I would be an excellent candidate to be a cashier is because I have
excellent arithmetic skills. With being a cashier, you have to be able to calculate the change back
to a customer after great purchases in a fast-paced environment, so my superior math skills
would come to great play. In addition, I am able to multitask, being able to do various things at
once. In a quick-paced job, one must be able to operate different programs (operating the cash
register, handling phone calls, etc) all at the same time, and I believe I would be able to
successfully do these tasks. It may be exhausting but learning to multitask with a cheerful smile
and a kind attitude will be a life skill that can be transferred to college and beyond.

Perhaps one of the most notable skills that I posses is that I am able to communicate clearly. If a
customer is unhappy, being able to to communicate with others and asses the situation is a
frequent task as a cashier that only some can do. I am able to articulate my word clearly and say
what is ony mind to solve most problems and dilemmas. Furthermore, I am a magnificent
problem solver, exhibiting the ability to see how a situation will play out and being able to solve
situations from previous knowledge. Finally, I am an active listener, so I will be able to listen to
a customer and ask questions if I do not fully understand what the customer is articulating.

I strongly believe that my personality and life skills that I posses will positively impact ShopRite,
and will make me a magnificent cashier. I will contact you in two weeks to to discuss my
application. I look forward to meeting with you in the near future. If you wish to contact me , I
may be reached at 908-798-9395, or by e-mail at ​​. Thank you for
Happy Holidays,

Leonardo M. Morales