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Job Quiz Aptitude results:

Arts and Culinary- 91.67% Communications- 75% Education- 66.67% Social Science- 66.67% Health and Medical- 58.33% Business and Finance- 58.33% Law and Public Service- 58.33% Trade vocations- 58.33% Science and Engineering- 41.67% Technology and media- 8.33%

Goal setting: What are your goals for your future career?

My goals for my future career are to act in a major movie or on broadway, to write a movie or tv show script, or to direct either a successful movie or broadway play. Whatever aspect of movies and theater I go into, I am going to be successful by making at least $80,000 a year.

Provide a brief description of the job. Include the nature of the work, environment, the duties performed, responsibilities, average work week, etc Career exploration site 1 Career exploration site 2 Career exploration site 3

If I were to become a director, I would need to manage and supervise many different groups to create a final outcome. I would need to be able to communicate effectively with all people involved in a production. I would need to be open to suggestion, collaboration, and solving problems as I work. My work week would depend on whether or not I was in the middle of making a movie or putting together a show.

Describe key skills, abilities, and personality traits important for this career.

Skills and abilities:

● Listening

● Speaking

● Reading comprehension


● Critical thinking

● Time management

● Coordination

● Social

● Problem solving



Paying attention to different aspects of something

Understanding people

Personality traits:

1. Attentive to detail

2. Cooperative

3. Being a leader


4. Is driven

5. Takes initiative

6. Dependable

What is the average or median salary range for this career both nationally and locally?




There aren’t really any local opportunities, but I am okay with that because I do not want to stay here

What is the outlook for the future of this career? Does research show growth or decline in hiring?

There is some growth in hiring directors.

Describe the education and training required for this position. Are there any licenses or certifications required?

In some states there are licenses required. There is not a lot of training available for this position, but most directors have at least a bachelor’s degree.

What is your overall impression of this occupation?


All of the skills and personality traits are traits that I feel that I have.


I would be able to leave something memorable behind if I am successful

I would have the chance to make good money if I become successful

It sounds like a career that I would be happy with because it would not be the same every day

I would be able to be creative and work with a variety of people

I would be able to have a platform that I could use to help make changes

I would be able to be a part of theater and/or movies which are both very important and interesting to me


● I may not be successful

● I would be busy a lot of the time and may not get to see a future family very often

● I would not get very much credit compared to the actors


and other people working with me

● It is hard to find job openings

● I am a woman so it may be more difficult to succeed

After learning more about this career, are you still interested? Would this career fit with the lifestyle you want? Does it match your interests, personality, skills and work values?


still interested


not interested)

This career is a good match for me because:

It sounds like something that has all of the elements of theater and being in charge that I love. I would be able to analyze and create which are two things that I strongly enjoy.

List two occupations that are similar that you may be interested in researching.

Similar careers:


1. Producer

2. Actor