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Racism TED Talk Speech

Hello, everyone. I am here to talk about a very important issue that is still a big concern to our
society. In fact, this issue has been around since the 20th century and nobody took the time to pay real,
close attention to it. Racial inequality occurs whenever racists would disrespect or be rude to a person’s
ethnicity background. A lot of evidence was shown through videos of people getting abused verbally
and/or physically on social networks. Besides that, violence was included because of the racial slanders.
Police brutality has increased due to people fighting against the government. Incidents that involve racial
inequality were spreading across the world. Different countries are affected from the horrible racism.
Many millennials are protesting for their unequal rights and proving that racial inequality is not necessary.
Organizations were putting up riots on the streets, holding their signs up in the air. There were also
rebellions in front of the government. The leaders of the National Association for the Advancement of
Colored People (NAACP) spoke up about the problems of racial injustice. Rebellions were made in order
to demand the government to give them peace. After eleven years, ethnic groups were starting to
segregate with one another. Its diversity began to fall apart amongst the nation. Ethnicity groups were
slowly beginning to form, taking control of the other groups. The groups gained them power to take over
what was rightfully theirs, but in the most hateful way. Whites, blacks, asians, etc. have conquered most
of the areas in 90 countries. Fifteen years later, millions of people have gathered through advanced
technology and signed up to stop the racial inequality. As a percentage, approximately 89% of the people
have chosen to get rid of it. Governments noticed and announced through national screening, saying that
they will discuss if they can process it through. Many discussions have been brought up within each
government meeting. To sum it all up, all of the governments declined it. The entire society was shocked,
yet angry at the thought that the government did not need any sort of solution to deal with this type of
problem. Instead, the government decided to be prejudice towards society. People continued to strive for
equality. Eventually, every person gradually gave up years later. The modern generation struggled against
the government’s political racial laws. In order to resolve this crucial matter, we must be determined to
know how to make things right. Not only does this affect our country, but also to the other countries that
need help with racial issues. As a representative leader, we should modify these regulations with the
government. It is up to both sides to compromise as to what can be done in order to resolve this situation.