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Versace Tiles Distributor in Chandigarh

What about Versace Tiles

The style is when the items you surround yourself with offer a compliment to your good taste. Our Versace tiles collection does exactly that. The Versace tiles collection its creation to a collaboration between Italian design house Versace and celebrated tile manufactured gardenia Ceramiche.

The collaborative venture between Gianni Versace and Gardenia Orchidea has generated a proposal in the universe that is the ceramic tile, at once authentic and original. Versace design that has enthused fashion shows around the world and made Versace one of the most famous and consolidated names in fashion and design, matched with the quality of ceramic tiles. This is quality guaranteed by the creative talents of a company that has been for years of reference for the entire ceramic tile industry: Gardenia Orchidea.

Our collection of Versace tiles demonstrates the aesthetic evolution of Versace Home and the spirit uniting the passion for interior design and the decorative details. Even today, Gardenia’s close relationship with the Milan-based fashion house is a source of great pride and inspiration, emblazing domestic spaces, striking and eclectic balance in any room between contemporary décor and classic and influences.

Types of Versace Tiles

1. Golden Series

The Versace tiles collection presents gold, and evolution of luxury in modern settings with unique allure. A new structure and fine materials join forces to give the home a glamorous, contemporary look.

Precise geometries, brilliant colors, undulating lines and a patchwork of golden reflections alternate to create new, elegant, rich compositions, embellished with the iconic unmistakable decorations of the Versace ceramic brand.

Below the details of golden series collection:




Floor tiles colors 20*120

Floor tiles colors 60*60


Marble Series

The marble series play of light of the marble line and the strength of its geometries create a warm, enveloping atmosphere in elegant bathrooms, for living in harmony every moment of the day.

The six colors of the marble line

Below the details of golden series collection:





3. Greek Series

The essence of the contemporaneity of classics.


2 surfaces (natural/glazed)







10 mm

Floor tiles colors

Wall tiles colors

Benefits of Versace Tiles

Ease of maintenance



Installation variety


Ease of Repair


Easy Installation

Design flexibility

Capital Improvement

Neeru Marketing Co. | Versace Tiles Distributor in Chandigarh

Neeru marketing was established in 1980’s headquarter in Delhi. The group operates pan India with a mission “to grow on the basis of quality products and services to clients”.

Neeru marketing co. operates under dealership and distribution of “Versace”, Fima Carlo Frattini Spa” and Stolenelam Laminam”.

Our Company is driven by the want for domination in the field of tiles and surface design by using materials and techniques for a bespoke experience to provide ultra luxury for a new india.we are inspired by the fast, influenced by the present and guided by the future.

Neeru Marketing Co. Services

Neeru Marketing Company operates under these 3 three dealerships and distribution:

Versace Ceramics

Established in Milan in 1978 by Gianni Versace. Versace ceramic so soft and enveloping shapes, the finest raw materials, timeless color combinations and the key decorative elements such as the Medusa and the Greek fret pattern, produced using the latest technology, characterize the Versace ceramics collections.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Versace Ceramic Tiles

Water Resistance6


Easy Maintenance

No allergy concerns


Harder Surface

Ceramic is a cold material

Heavier Material

Fima Carlo Frattini Spa

Fimacf is an Italian company, it has been around for three generations and is rooted in an industrialized territory yet preserves a distinct artisan approach. The company is constantly on the lookout for new materials with the best quality-price ratio while optimizing processes for reducing energy and material consumption and striving to identify areas of improvement along the production chain.


Laminam is basically known for manufacturing large-sized, ultra-thin ceramic slabs, which in the early 2000s was a completely new product which gave a new impulse to a ceramic sector. Today ceramic produces eclectic and versatile large size ceramic surfaces used in many applications in traditional and advanced, furnishing and design.

Contact Neeru Marketing Co.

Name: Neeru Marketing Company

Address: SCO 38, 1 st and 2 nd Floor, Manimajra, Chandigarh 160101

Phone Number: 0-172-4803600