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Construction Sequence

Site stage 1 Suspended wing construction Site stage 2 & Foundations

Demolition Site preparations Preparations Construction Foundation Preparation Foundation Construction

Disconnection and sealing of services Services for construction process Pour footings - suspended floor Place columns and beams - temp. bracing Installation of drilled piles - lift recess Concrete placement - drilled fdtns,
beams and slab
Stormwater and potable water supply Floor system placed - inuslation pre-installed Drainage and waste services placed
Demolition of fence and obstructions Clearing site - top soil, gravel etc.
connection to C Block stormwater system
Slab falls and surface finishes
Base course placement and DPM
Removal of house, Site fencing, signage and temp buildings Pouring and curing topping slab
demolition of garage Scaffolding installed
Control joints - embedded fixings
Polystyrene and reinforcing placement
Excavate and prepare footings for suspended wing Post-tensioning beams - Roof structure -
Crane positioned on 37 Kensington Avenue bracing
for erection of suspended wing over C Block Services piping placed - extra Curing of concrete
reinforcing to penetrations -
Cladding - temporary covering northern end internal drains
Place scaffolding with covering
for next stages
Perimeter formwork

Superstructure - columns, beams, floors Superstructure - Roof beams and plywood ribs Enclosure - placing roof and wall cladding

Ground Floor to First Floor First to Second floor and Second to Roof Roof to Kalwall cladding Roof to butynol cladding Roof cladding Wall cladding

Columns placed full height - Beams, corbels and hangers placed - Roof beams - installed, prefitted Corbel support installed - placing beams Place insulation and susbtrate plywood to Place and fix seismic subframes
connected and braced dissipater connections fixed with fixing channels and supports across central roof - temporary bracing central roof

Shear walls and CLT walls connected to Place fillets and fix butynol sheet roofing Construct timber framed walls -
Flooring units placed and fixed - RAB, cavity and substrate
slab and braced Temporary bracing until fixing to Plywood ceiling installed - temporary covering
penetrations for services Place Kalwall roof cladding panels
columns is complete to protect
Beams, corbels and hangers placed - Place and fix Kalwall panels
dissipater connections fixed Connectors to walls placed Place cladding to clerestory and install
Place and fix CNC cut plywood ribs - blocking flashings
installed Place windows and doors and fix
Flooring units placed and fixed Topping slab placed and cured zinc claddings
Connect to suspended wing roof - place
Clerestorey wall framing installed - plywood RAB gaskets and flashings
Topping slab placed and cured Boxed windows steel frame Place flashings and covers

Interior fitout Services Finishing Hand over

Water tanks and HVAC exchangers installed
Partitioning walls installed
Wall stopping and trims
Electrical wiring installed HVAC installed
Stairs and landings installed and
Plumbing fittings and pipes installed Painting - clear finishing
Doors and glazing installed Imagine Design
Lift installed Architects, Engineers and Designers
25 Paradise way, Utopia, Wellington
021 786 4563

Wall linings and sealing Flooring installed

Fire proofing and acoustic sealing Welted Engineering and Architecture

Research and Teaching Building
Electrical fittings installed of penetrations Designed and drawn by: Richard Foreman
Ceilings installed
Issue: Scheme Design
Clean up
Commisioning Sheet: L19 - Outline Phase
Construction Sequence
Scale: 1:50 Sheet size: A0
GSEducationalVersion Date of issue: 31/01/2016 © Design and drawings are copyrighted to designer