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Ryan Augustine

Mrs. Burke

Honors World History 10

August 30, 2017

Renaissance Man Essay

Leonardo da Vinci deserved the title “Renaissance Man.” He excelled in many fields of

study including map creating, engineering, fine arts, and anatomy. In document one Da Vinci

created maps of Florence and went into incredible detail about the city. In document two Da

Vinci drew designs for a flying machine, which was technology advanced for his time. He also

drew designs for helicopters, dams, and hydraulic dams. In document three and five Da Vinci

painted The Last Supper and The Mona Lisa. In The Mona Lisa he shows his advanced ability to

use light and shadows to express human expressions. He also positioned La Gioconda so it gives

the illusion that her eyes are following you. In The Last Supper he portrays the biblical focus of

Jesus by putting him in the center of the painting. He also used a linear style of painting to grab

the viewers’ attention and to create depth. In document four Da Vinci drew a lifelike image of a

human arm. Alongside the drawing he talked about the movement of the biceps, he learned this

at an apprenticeship when he was younger. Clearly Da Vinci was a well-rounded man and was

excelled in many fields of study. These documents prove that he was by far a “Renaissance