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voL. xxIv, no. 38 bIcoL, the PhILIPPInes aPrIL 9-15, 2017 P5.


DPWh reaDIes “LaKbay-aLaLay”

hoLy WeeK
Motorist Assistance ‘Lakbay-Alalay’ Program with the Land Transportation from potholes, have reflector-
Teams of the Department to run from April 10 to 17, Office, Philippine National ized pavement markings, and
of Public Works and High- 2017. Police, Local Government have legible kilometer posts
ways (DPWH) will once Uniformed motorist assis- Units and other government and directional signs. Roads

again be mobilized to help tance teams will provide per- agencies for any assistance with on-going construction
motorists and commuters sonal and prompt assistance that may be required. works were also checked to
during the Lenten Season. on normal and emergency sit- Before Holy Week, DPWH make sure proper warning
Secretary Mark Villar has uations in strategic locations Maintenance Teams were de- signs are installed.
directed all Regional and along major thoroughfares on ployed all over the country In Bicol Region, mainte-
District Engineering Offices a round-the-clock shift. They to ensure that national roads nance engineers were also
nationwide to reactivate the were directed to coordinate are well-maintained and free instructed to install traffic
advisory with alternate routes and 19 in the Island provinces
to bypass areas that have on- of Catanduanes and Masbate.
going projects. For more information
DPWH Region 05 Direc- about ‘Lakbay Alalay” and
tor Danilo E. Versola reported latest travel advisories, mo-
that a total of 31 Motorist torists are advised to visit
Assistance Centers will be the DPWH website at www.
installed along strategic areas and fol-
of the national road in the Bi- low DPWH social media
col Region, consisting of 12 pages in Facebook at https://
in the mainland provinces or h
from Albay, Camarines Norte, and Twitter at https://twitter.
Camarines Sur and Sorsogon; com/dpwhph.

more vying in masbate’s naga’s bAdAC undergo

rodeo festival 2017 drug clearing seminar
by normAn b. tAmAr by AnA-liZA s. mACAtAnGAY
NAGA CITY – In an ef-
MASBATE CITY—Of- 500 BADAC members who

ficials behind the annual ro- fort to strengthen the anti-il- have a key role in the “clear-
deo festival in this city have legal drugs movement in the ing” of drug-affected villages.
bared details of the event grassroots level, the Danger- BADAC is a movement
scheduled from March 23 ous Drug Board (DDB) here in each barangay that moni-
to April 23, as they expect launched its seminar for tors the anti-drugs campaign.
an increase in the number Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse It was created by the Depart-
of visitors, especially dur- Councils (BADAC) in the ment of the Interior and Lo-
ing the grand rodeo finals city, encouraging better cal Government (DILG) via
on April 18-22, when more monitoring of the anti-drug Memorandum Circular 2015-
Gov. kHo campaign at the ground 63, which spells out the roles
exciting events and bigger
prizes await participants. back, carambola that usually level. and responsibilities of council
O.R. Espares, a member involves two to four persons In attendance were close to (Turn to page 5)
of the Rodeo Masbateño Inc. capturing a bull with bare
(RMI), which oversees con- hands, casting down and bull
duct of the festival, said 30 riding.
teams coming from Benguet, “The other rodeo high-
Ilocos region, the Visayas and lights are cattle drive or ‘pa-
mainland Bicol are expected suag,’ cattle horse penning
to join the rodeo finals. and street dancing,” said Es-
He said the grand rodeo pares.
finals will include bull whip- RMI President Judge
ping, load carrying relay, Manuel L. Sese said a herd of
cattle wrestling on foot, cattle 150 heads of cow, which will
wrestling from horseback, be let loose during the cattle
cattle lassoing from horse- (Turn to page 2)

K-960 Aries St., Villa Grande Homes, Con. Grande, Naga City • TELEPHONE: (054) 884-93-76 • CP 0921-3183720 / 0929-245-7353 / 0920-5337766

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2 bikol reporter opinion april 9-15, 2017

editorial Summer is Finally Here

(Atty. APA – chairs Acyatan & Co., The previous administration pre-
CPAs-DFK International – is past chair of ferred an all-solicited route, mainly
ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA past
president and Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPP opinions involving an ambitious PPP pipeline
including the modernized Cebu Inter-
Lifetime Achievement Awardee). national Airport, two new expressways
GRADUATIONS: Most schools, except in Metro Manila and more public class-
those who have shifted to the international
academic schedules – have celebrated
unlimited rooms. PPPs which did not move fast
enough, slowed to a trickle with the
their graduation activities. For the college new government wanting more projects
graduate the job-hunting season has be- with overseas development assistance
gan in earnest. There are many vacancies (ODA) funds, and opening doors for un-
to fill-up, even in government offices. But solicited projects. Whatever they are –
still, many will not be hired. The reason is Atty. TONY (APA) ACYATAN we need more jobs!
simple. Their academic qualifications, ex- PHL-JAPAN DEALS: Discussion
periences and personal attitudes do not fit within the Phil-Japan Joint Committee
the work requirements and preferences of public in general. on Infrastructure Dev’t and Economic
the employers. Summer is the season for easy-fires. Cooperation could extend to trade and
Parents and students should think well There are many announced or published other forms of investments, according
in advance – of the youth’s target employ- suggestions on how we can reduce power to our economic leaders. Some Fili-
ment as well as their preferred profes- consumptions as well as ways to prevent pino business managers recently vis-
Holy Week: A time sions. Guidance counsellors can advise
upstarts the fields of endeavors that will
accidental fires. Our personal safety pre-
cautions also benefit our neighbors, espe-
ited Tokyo for a two-day meeting with
Japanese officials to firm up the list of

for self-renewal continue or will soon open as the gradu- cially in shanty neighborhoods. Now is the projects that would be funded through
ates received their diplomas. Times are time to have our electric connections and official delopment assistance (ODA), in
indeed a-changing – not only domestically, installations checked. Always unplug your the form of loans or grants.
PALM SUNDAY ushers the triumphal entry but also globally. There are sunset indus- appliances and gadgets after usage. It is Fourteen (14) projects were listed,
of the Son of Man into the hearts of those who tries while new ones become sunrise and also timely to review your “escape ways” three of which have a collective value
the latter are the areas that will need new should your building or rooms catch fire! of $8.82B, identified as priority in ODA
believe in Him as the Redeemer. The good Ingat, ingat, ingat!
workers and employees. Daig ng masikap financing. These are the $4.25-B Mega
news of the gospel is that Christ died for our ang mga tutulog-tulog! INFRA PROJECTS: Filipino tycoons Manila Subway System, the $1.9BB
sins, and that He rose again. The resurrection HOTTER DAYS: By mid-April, temper- are betting big on infrastructure through speed train connecting the Malolos-Tu-
of Christ is the proof that His death atoned atures will gradually, or continually soar. unsolicited offers, responding to a change tuban North South Commuter Railway
for sin. Airconditioners will be on both during the in policy under President Digong and the Project (NSCR) to the soon-to-rise Clark
day and even at night. This means more, need to launch projects beyond the pub- Green City, and the $2.67B commuter
Holy Week signals the climax of a period lic-private partnership (PPP) deals which
costlier electrical consumption. Everyone line extending the NSCR from Tutuban
in Christ’s life where He suffered the agony if must find ways of economizing on power. were favored by the Noynoy administra- to Los Baños. Expansion towards the
being denied and betrayed by two of his oldest Not only for our own wallets, but more so tion. Since Mr. Duterte assumed office last provinces and suburbs is welcome!
followers. During the Last Supper, Jesus told for our community. Power shortage is oc- year, unsolicited projects aiming to resolve
His disciples: “Where I am going you cannot casioned by the excessive consumption by air land, sea transportation bottlenecks EPISTLES: Know the love of Christ
those who can afford – or by those who valued at more than P2.6 trillion have which passes knowledge; so you may
follow me now, but afterwards you will.” are unmindful of the adverse effects to the emerged. be filled with the fullness of God.
Christ predicted the betrayal of Judas and
the denial of Peter. These two tendencies
showed two painful ways of rejecting another
human being and also two views of rejecting A woman caught in adultery
the truth. But their roots are different.
Betrayal stems from our hidden frustration It is already the Holy Week, a time for out the man. How can the woman commit
and anger when our expectations of another us Catholics to reflect and make ourselves adultery alone?
person are not met. Denial on the other hand is
rooted in fear and cowardice to face the truth.
closer to God. The following editorial of the
Tempo dated April 3, 2017 is something
from In the Old Testament, any sin against
God is an act of adultery or infidelity (cf
for reflection of everybody in all sectors of Hos 2:4ff; 3:1ff; Jer 3:9; Ez 16:1ff).
It is an incapacity to listen deeply the urges
of true love.
our society:
Gospel Reading: Jn 8:1-11
my Jesus handles the case with wisdom.
He does not pronounce judgment,
Truth brings us face to face with ourselves. Jesus went to the Mount of Olives. But neither on the woman nor on the scribes
The way we are and the way God is with us.
Only our encounter with the truth of God’s
early in the morning he arrived again in
the temple area, and all the people started
window and the Pharisees. Rather, he appeals to
the conscience of the woman’s accusers.
coming to him, and he sat down and taught It turns out that the scribes and the
continued love and acceptance of us will give
them. Then the scribes and the Pharisees Pharisees implicitly accept that they, too,
us the capacity to go beyond our frustrations brought a woman who had been caught in nenita fuentebella-peÑones are sinners.
and disappointments with one another to go adultery and made her stand in the middle. The story concludes with only the
beyond our fears to accept the cost of loving They said to him, “Teacher, this woman woman and Jesus left in the scene.
another person. was caught in the very act of committing and said to her, “Woman, where are they? Although Jesus does not condemn the
adultery. Now in the law, Moses commanded Has no one condemned you?” She replied, woman, he tells her, “Go, and from now
By denying Christ - the God made Man - His us to stone such women. So what do you “No one, sir.” Then Jesus said, “Neither do on do not sin any more.” St. Augustine
rightful place in every human activity, in the say?” They said this to test him, so that they I condemn you. Go, and from now on do comments, misery and mercy have
arts and sciences, in politics as in business, could have some charge to bring against not sin anymore.” met. Jesus wipes out misery and grants
in the home and in the workplace, and even in him. Jesus bent down and began to write NEITHER DO I CONDEMN YOU mercy.
human thought, man strips himself of God’s on the ground with his finger. But when The scene in the Gospel is full of A concrete expression of mercy is
they continued asking him, he straightened suspense. How will Jesus respond to the not to condemn but to give a person the
protection and renders himself defenseless up and said to them, “Let the one among demand of the scribes and the Pharisees chance to become a better Christian.
against the evil forces of the netherworld, you who is without sin be the first to throw to decide on the fate of the woman they ***
threatening his own self-destruction and eter- a stone at her.” Again he bent down and have accused of committing adultery? SOURCE: “365 Days with the Lord,”
nal loss of his soul. wrote on the ground. And in response, they They want to test Jesus, but in reality ST PAULS, 7708 St. Paul Rd., SAV,
went away one by one, beginning with the they contradict themselves. They claim Makati City (Phils.); Tel.: 895-9701; Fax
elders. So he was left alone with the woman they caught the woman “in the very act of 895-7328; E-mail: publishing@stpauls.
before him. Then Jesus straightened up committing adultery,” yet they did not bring ph; Website:

02082606 More vying in Masbate’s . . . City government and Filminera finals there will be a governor’s
Resources Corp. gave cash dona- welcome night, city mayor’s
drive at the main street of the city, “They can take the cattle home.” tions of PHP300,000 each and night, Filminera’s night, search
will be driven by cowboys to the Governor Antonio T. Kho initi- DMCI PHP200,000. for Miss Rodeo Cowgay 2017,
arena. ated more interesting rodeo events RMI member Socci Tuason festival of festivals and the search
He said after the drive called this year by increasing the prizes there will be carnival rides for the for Miss Rodeo 2017 which will
“Wigo de Toro,” the most excit- and adding gears to the event. month-long festivities. be capped with a grand fireworks
ing and risky part of the event He said bulls should only be “There will be other entertain- display,” she said.
will follow in which several caught or wrestled but not slaugh- ing activities such as the rodeo Tuason acknowledged the
Published every Sunday and circulated in the six provinces heads of wild junior and senior tered. saloon or beer plaza, Palabas sa support being given by the Rodeo
and seven cities of the Bicol Region including Metro Manila. bulls will be released at main “A certificate of registration Social Center, garden show, fa- Net, Rotary Club, Red Cross and
And also mailed throughout the country and other continents. thorougfares in the city with par- for each of the cattle will automat- çade dress-up contest, final judg- other partners to make the festival
Editorial and Business Address: K-960 Aries St., Villa Grande ticipants required to register to be ically be transferred to the lucky ing, beef cooking and the award- successful.
Homes, Concepcion Grande, Naga City. Tel. No. (054) 884-93-76 able to join the race. players,” said Kho. ing and farewell party,” she said. Judge Igmedio Camposano,
Sese said the heads of cattle, Sese thanked the governor Tuason said there will be a an RMI member, said they have
which cost from PHP35,000 to for increasing the prizes as he ac- grand horse parade during the announced details of the event
PHP40,000 each, will be given knowledged the PHP3 million do- opening program of the rodeo fi- this early so visitors could pre-
by the provincial government nation of the Masbate provincial nals on April 18-22. pare their schedules, bookings
to those who could catch them. government while the Masbate “Every night during the rodeo and reservations for the festival.
ed g. yu
0939-604-3144 Visit our website:
Lee G. DulIesco II
Head, Advertising Associates

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april 9-15, 2017 business section bikol reporter 3

DOF explains tax reform bill

By Jam Madrid come taxes, increase the value-
added tax base by cutting down
NAGA CITY – The De- on exemptions, as well as raise
partment of Finance (DOF) excise taxes on petroleum and
fleshed out before business- automobiles.
men and civil society groups “Why are we doing the tax
details of its proposed bill reform? First of all, we want
aimed at bringing down per- to move from where we are
sonal income tax rates while right now—reducing our pov-
increasing levy on consump- erty rate from 21.6 percent to
tion. 14 percent, which means, mov-
A DOF team led by Finance ing some 6 million Filipinos
Assistant Secretary Maria Te- from poverty; and we want to
resa Habitan met with more keep our country law-abiding
than 100 leaders of business where the rule of law reigns; we
and civil society groups in want to keep peace within the
this city over the weekend at country and among our neigh- BIR Tax Campaign 2017 JRM-PIA5/Camarines Sur
a summit dubbed “Naga Civil bours and most importantly, we The deadline for filing of income tax returns is extended to April 17 from April 15, which is Black Saturday, according to the
Society Summit: Partners for want to become a high-middle BIR District Office (RDO 65) which kicked off its Tax Campaign 2017 on March 27, 2017 with a motorcade around the major
Tax Reform.” The summit was income status country,” Habi- thoroughfares of Naga City in the morning and a Tax Forum in the afternoon held at The Tent, Avenue Plaza Hotel. With this
co-organized by the Action for tan told the audience, which year's tax campaign theme: "Kabahagi kami sa Tunay na Pagbabago," RDO 65 Revenue District Office Socorro Lafuente
Economic Reforms. consisted of officers and mem- encourages tax payers to help the bureau in its endeavor with this year's goal of P3.05 billion.
Habitan presented the com- bers of the Naga City People’s

CARD MRI provides healthcare services to Zambaleños

ponents of the proposed Com- Council, Metro Naga Chamber
prehensive Tax Reform Bill, of Commerce and Industry,
which she said should be ap- and representatives from vari-
proved by Congress. ous cooperatives, civil society
She said the comprehensive groups and the Naga City Peo-
CARD Mutually Rein-
tax reform program the DOF ple’s Mall.
has recommended for approval She said that to achieve this forcing Institutions (CARD
by the legislature was consis- vision, the country needs to MRI) conducted three com-
tent with the 10-point socio- grow by at least 7 percent to 10 munity health days (CHDs)
economic agenda of the Duterte percent from one generation to in Zambales benefitting
administration. the next. more than 1,300 individu-
House Bill 4774, filed in This can be done by increas- als in the communities of
January, contained the DOF’s ing the country’s investment
(Turn to page 4)
San Narcisso, Subic, and
proposal to reduce personal in-
Olongapo City.

DILG heads drive

CARD MRI delivers
medical, optical, and dental
check-up to these communi-

vs women abuse ties to bring healthcare ser-

vices closer to socioeconom-
ically challenged families.
By Julius B. Embile year, it fell upon DILG Bicol to “We primarily consider
be at the helm of “One Billion the needs of our clients and
LEGAZPI CITY – To cul- Rising” 2017. their families and one of
minate this year’s National “We have called upon our al-
these is healthcare services,”
Women’s Month, the Depart- lies in the both the government
ment of Interior and Local and private sector to unite and Marilyn M. Manila, the Di-
Government (DILG) Bicol show that we have risen above rector of the Community
regional office spearheaded discrimination and support the Development Group, said.
this year's “One Billion Ris- welfare of women anywhere,” “We go to communities that
ing Revolution” – a unity cel- said Conifer Codia, Gender and don’t have access to health-
ebration of the local govern- Development (GAD) focal per- care services yet. Because of
ments of the region aimed at son and spokesperson of DILG inaccessibility and unafford- not limited to CARD MRI through BotiCARD, pro- believe that a healthy com-
promoting women’s welfare. Bicol. ability, most of the members members and their depen- vides discounted medicines munity is important in reach-
Held on Friday last week, Five years ago, according
of these communities do not dents. “All are welcome to to the patients of the said ing social development.
the said event was attended by to data collected by women’s
prioritize medical care,” she check their health and well- health day. CARD has been providing
1,342 participants from more rights groups, one in three
than fifty government and pri- women worldwide would be added. ness.” CARD MRI considers healthcare programs and ser-
vate offices and agencies which beaten or raped in her lifetime. Manila also shared that Aside from the free many aspects in helping the vices to the communities it
are solidly one with the coined With the world’s total popula- the community health day is check-ups, CARD MRI, poor improve their lives. We serves since 2006.
call to “Rise! Disrupt! Connect! tion then at 7 billion, this adds
Solidarity Against Exploitation
of Women.”
Since 2013, the “One Bil-
up to one billion women and
girls falling victims to abuse.
Thus, in February 14, 2013,
Legazpi City inks deal with BU, Japanese firm
lion Rising Revolution” has women’s welfare advocates LEGAZPI CITY – This signed by Ikuo Suzuki, chief gazpi,” Rosal said. farming, organic fertilizers
been an annual event of wom- launched the first “One Billion city has signed an agree- executive officer of Okada “This time (the city will will be distributed and circu-
en’s welfare advocates around Rising” –a mass action to end ment with Bicol University Manufactory Co. Ltd.; Ar- team up) with Okada Manu- lated among farmers in Le-
the world, and this year’s focus violence against women. “One (BU) and a Japanese firm to nulfo Mascariñas, president factory Co. Ltd. and Bicol gazpi City and Albay.
would be to campaign against Billion Rising”, from then on, further improve solid waste of BU; and City Mayor Noel University for the prospective The move is expected to
exploitation of women. became an annual event that management and organic Rosal at the university’s con- production of organic fertil- contribute to increased farm
In the Bicol region, leading tackles the many issues on gen- farming practices in the lo- ference room last Tuesday. izer from our solid waste col- production along with dis-
this event is handled by govern- der equality and women’s well- cality. “The project is another lections,” he added. semination of organic farming
ment offices involved in wom- being. The memorandum of un- partnership program of (the The MOU would allow and agricultural development
en’s rights promotion. This (Turn to page 5) derstanding (MOU) was local government unit of) Le- Okada to produce organic practices and technology.
fertilizer from organic solid To further induce partici-
wastes using the OKADA pation and support of farmers,
Composting Machine. organic farming seminars will
This would involve what is likewise be conducted.
dubbed as “Verification Sur- Mascariñas hailed the part-
vey with the Private Sector to nership, saying the project is
Promote Japanese Technolo- expected to decrease the vol-
gies Through Environmental ume of disposed waste and
Production of High Value- extend the life span of the fi-
Added Fertilizer from Gar- nal disposal site in the city.
bage Composting.” Okada Manufactory is a
BU, for its part, will assist Japan-based company which
Okada in conducting analysis specializes in the produc-
and evaluation of the organic tion and sales of compost-
fertilizer. ing equipment, deodorizing
The university is also process equipment, trommel
Ateneo Poll Survey Presentation JRM-PIA5/Camarines Sur tasked to conduct farm tests equipment, automatic packag-
The Ateneo Student Researchers Pool (ASRP) of the Atende de Naga University presented their findings on the 2017 First using the produced organic ing equipment, environmental
Quarter Naga City Poverty and Governance Public Opinion Poll that was conducted from January 28 to February 22, 2017 to fertilizer and assess the ef- equipment, and fermentation
a representative sample of 400 Naguenos interviewed regarding their opinions on poverty and hunger situation, families with fects of organic farming by and agitation equipment for
difficult situation, city governance, environmental issues, access to internet and use of social meida sites, agreement on some monitoring crop growth and organic industrial waste, gar-
community issues and concerns-health and reproductive issues, re-imposition of death penalty, and lowering the age of criminal soil properties. bage, sludge and animal ma-
responsibility. The public presentation was held on March 30, 2017 at the Instructional Media Center, Ateneo de Naga University. To further promote organic nure. -PIA5/Albay

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4 bikol reporter april 9-15, 2017

Educational Technology vis-a vis Learning Process

By Nathan A. Bea - Master Teacher l
Legazpi LGU, JICA ready
Santiago Integrated School, Iriga City

Undeniably, technology has revolu- use of television, radio, VCR, computer

community projects
tionized the educational system. Gone and LCD projectors and the likes. These By Emmanuel P. Solis organizations and also hold for civil works of the projects.
are the days when the teachers were have, doubtless, enriched and facilitated capability trainings among the Oribe added the study for
the only dispensers of knowledge to the effective transmission of knowledge. LEGAZPI CITY —- The villagers in the four villages. the proposed projects was ap-
learners. The textbooks were the basic Educational technology has made local government of Legazpi “These will be done to know proved by JICA as part of the
instruments of education. Today n tech- teachers very much aware of the learners’ City and Japan Interna- the possible projects that could city administration’s plan to ex-
nology has become a vital part of educa- individual differences by providing them tional Cooperation Authority be established in their own re- pand PLSD to all the rural vil-
tion and teachers have all the resources practices and strategies that suit their in- (JICA) are now “fine-tuning” spective areas,” he said. lages of this city.
of technology to assist them in the teach- dividual needs. On their part, educational all documents so another set After the projects have been He said the experience of
ing-learning process. technology supplements them with pro- of community development identified, these will be pro- Iida city of Japan will be used
Educational technology has been re- grams through structured lessons for vari- projects could be put up in cessed as part of the Barangay as a governance model in ex-
sponsible for transforming what once ous purposes, like remedial, enrichment four southern barangays (vil- Development Plan before their panding PLSD to all rural vil-
was a passive classroom to what is now and even drills. They are therefore saved a lages) of this city. inclusion during the final plan- lages.
an interactive classroom supported by lot of time which they can utilize for quality This was disclosed Thursday ning in the Legazpi City Devel- This means “development
audio-visuals, e-learning room, smart improvement and creative work while the by city Mayor Noel E. Rosal opment Plan. planning will be formalized
classroom making education very inter- learners get to know for themselves how during the so-called “Participa- Oribe said based on the from the purok (sub-village)
esting to the learners and subsequently to use self-instruction thereby relieving the tory Local Social Development study prepared by Jocelyn M. level to the village level,” said
increasing their attention level. Expect teachers by unburdening them with repeti- Projects” or PLSD training for Cordonez, project evaluator of Oribe.
learners to have a broader understand- tion of lessons. This kind of set-up creates community workers held at Al- the City Planning Office and He cited how JICA has al-
ing of what is happening in the class- a scientific temper for both teachers and vis restaurant here. member of the Technical Work- ready ensured continuous sup-
room. Likewise, expect them to have learners. The city administration has ing Group of PLSD projects, ply of potable water through
more interest in the lessons and eventu- Educational technology has made both agreed to provide a counterpart JICA and the city administra- a water supply project set up
ally they who are better equip to meet teachers and learners the opportunity to fund to the projects funded by tion will establish different in- in Purok San Isidro, Barangay
the demands of their environment and involve in educational researches with their JICA through Furusato Mina- frastructure projects in 24 ba- Puro in 2005 as part of PLSD.
their preparedness for employment after learning on theories of learning and intel- mishinsu Green Foundation rangays of this city from 2017 Another PLSD was the
finishing their studies. ligence. Inc. (FMGF) that will be imple- until 2019. multi-purpose community cen-
Indeed, the educational climate has The use of educational technology has mented in Barangays Lamba, He said during this period, ter called “Kominkan” that was
changed immensely with educational gone far and wide. It has truly done won- Maslog, Mabinit and Matanag, JICA will provide PHp16 mil- set up in Barangay Taysan in
technology modernizing the teaching- ders to the educational process which is according to Yorinaga Oribe, lion for technical assistance that 2013 to serve as a venue for
learning process with the learners getting making education far more effective and PLSD project manager and will cover organizing and train- meetings and other forms of
the most of the subject matter with the functional. chief secretary of FMGF. ing costs; exchange training gatherings by the villagers.
Oribe said the proposed program; administration costs; Both Puro and Taysan are
The summit was organized projects will constitute phase and labor costs while Legazpi upland villages in the southern
DOF explains tax reform bill... in part by the Action for Eco- 3 of PLSD being undertaken in LGU will pour PHp29 million part of Legazpi City.
and trade and significantly was a way of reaching out to nomic Reforms. the city.
improving its investment in in- broader constituency and at the “We have been working He said Legazpi City is the
frastructure, health, education, same time a venue to promote closely with the Department of only local government unit in
and social protection, Habitan tax policy reform and adminis- Finance for so many years –we the entire country that has bene-
said. tration. have worked with them on tax
fited from PLSD projects fund-
Habitan said the additional Filomeno Sta. Ana III, reform issues, and this time,
ed by JICA through FMGF.
revenue that will be raised coodinator of Action for Eco- we are advocating the passage
of the Comprehensive Tax Re- Rosal said the training in-
through the tax reform will be nomic Reforms, said the sum-
form, which is a very crucial cludes building the capability
used to fund the infrastructure mit in Naga was an affirmative
program of the Department of reform measure not only for of community organizers so the
response to the Vice President’s
Public Works and Highways invitation to the group and this administration but even for projects could be properly im-
which consists of major high- DOF. the future,” Sta. Ana said. plemented for the benefit of the
ways, expressways, and flood villagers.
control projects. Wage increase looming . . . He said “institutional build-
“The tax reform proposal ing” was also discussed during
will be able to fund invest- consultation will be done by Regent Hotel, Elias Angeles today’s training to give added
ments in education, achieving DOLE Bicol to ensure that St., Naga City; Albay, April inputs to the community work-
a more conducive learning en- all issues on wages will be 6, 2017, 1:00pm, AVP Ca- ers on how the projects could
vironment with the ideal teach- solicited. All sectors are en- tering Services Hall, Imelda become sustainable.
er-to-student ratio and class- couraged to attend the series Roces Ave., (Tabaco Road), Rosal said the community
room-to-student ratio. With
of age consultations and/or Legazpi City; Catanduanes, workers will conduct house-
tax reform, we can invest more
in our country’s healthcare by submit the sectoral position April 7, 2017, 1:00pm, ARD- to-house visits, create people’s
providing better services and papers on the wage issue on CI Corporate Inn, San Roque
facilities,” she added. or before 3 April 2017. St., Virac, Catanduanes;
Vice President Leni Robre- The schedule of said wage Masbate, April 21, 2017,
do, who graced the event with a consultation per province are 1:00pm, Grennview Hotel,
keynote speech, hailed the con- as follows: Camarines Norte, Brgy. Nursery, Masbate City;
vening of the summit, saying it
would benefit the businessmen April 4, 2017, 1:00pm, Villa Sorsogon, April 21, 2017, for march
who usually leave their finan- Milla Hotel and Garden Re- 1:00pm, Casa Dominga Res-
cial records to their bookkeep- sort, Vinzons Ave., Daet, taurant, #8 Alegre St., Ma- Name of Deceased Date of Interment
ers. CNorte; Camarines Sur, harlika Highway, Sorsogon
Robredo said the summit MONICA F. DELOS SANTOS March 3, 2017
April 5, 2017, 1:00pm, Naga City.
WILLIAM D. ALFONSO March 4, 2017
WINNIE B. BEGINO March 4, 2017
FELIX L. BUCAD March 6, 2017
ROGELIO S. BERMUDO March 7, 2017
GERARDO S. BOLIVAR March 10, 2017
MARIANO R. COLUMBE March 12, 2017
LIBERATO A. OROPESA March 12, 2017
EMILIA B. ABUCAR March 12, 2017
ELISA H. ANGELES March 13, 2017
MARIEL MAE A. MULTO March 15, 2017
LETICIA L. SALES March 19, 2017
DEXTER F. CATOLICO March 17, 2017
JACOB A. CASCABEL JR. March 17, 2017
RUBEN C. RIVERA March 16, 2017
MANUEL V. MORAÑO March 18, 2017
VICSEL R. OJEDA March 17, 2017
JOSEFINA G. MANCERA March 19, 2017
RICO B. NAVALES March 25, 2017
ARACELI RAYALA March 19, 2017
ARNULFO P. ENCISO March 27, 2017
MARIO F. IMPERIAL March 31, 2017

BR_April 9-15 noel .indd 4 4/8/2017 10:23:48 AM

april 9-15, 2017 bikol reporter 5
MNWD marks 2017 World Water Day Naga’s BADAC undergo . . .
Jose B. Importante, execu-
dent who refuses to apply un-
der the voluntary submission
This year’s theme is “Wa- City Naga Event Center. MOA MINP for the next generations and ready to come up with their tive director of this city’s DDB, program, the creation of an
ter and Wastewater,” as the Partners in the Watershed De- in his message before the in- contributions: 4th district Rep- administrative board during
said the seminar prepared the
UN calls for us to reduce velopment Program for the spired audience. resentative, Cong. Noli Fuen- the preparation phase of the
BADAC members for their role
and reuse wastewater. The protection, rehabilitation, and Recognized during the pro- tebella; Bicol Medical Center;
in the renewed war on drugs. barangay clearing program, the
Metropolitan Naga Water conservation of the MINP were gram were the MNWD retir- Partido Development Admin-
Importante said the seminar declaration of a place as “public
District (MNWD) celebrated the main guests of the opening ees present to celebrate with istration; Department of Trade
and Industry (DTI); Metro shed light on the campaign’s le- nuisance,” and the implementa-
World Water Day 2017 with ceremonies. the rest of the employees who
Naga Chamber of Commerce gal basis and the “protocols” in tion of the drug-free workplace.
a three-day exhibit, which MNWD Board Chairman were there in the exhibit venue,
ran from March 20-22, 2017 Jorge T. Palma welcomed the namely, Joseph Pastor Gal- and Industry (MNCCI); Ca- drug clearing operations, appre- Philippine Drug Enforce-
at SM City Naga. It featured guests and gave an overview lardo, Lolita Belen, Antonio V. marines Sur Chamber of Com- hension of suspects and proper ment Agency (PDEA) Regional
art works of students from of the program status and to Luna, Ennis Manuel Sauza, and merce and Industry (CSCCI), treatment of drug surrenderees. Director Emerson L. Margate
various schools surrounding reinforce his updates, an audio- Jaime Nellasca. Their solidarity Filipino-Chinese Chamber of The activity also allowed the graced the occasion with his
the Mt. Isarog Natural Park video presentation on the ac- message for the watershed pro- Commerce and Industry (FCC- BADAC members to familiar- own discussion of barangay
(MINP) as part of its public tivities, accomplishments, and gram was read. CI); Department of Tourism ize themselves with the salient clearing operations.
awareness campaign for the partnerships of the MNWD Pinning of commitments on (DOT); Bicol Regional Tour- points of RA 9165 or the Dan- Margate underscored the
rehabilitation and conserva- Watershed Development Pro- the Unity Rope, which symbol- ism Council (BRTC); National gerous Drugs Act of 2002, he significant role of PDEA in the
tion of the MINP watershed gram was shown on the big izes the unity of all partners Commission on Indigenous said. success of the government’s
during the poster making, screen. working together for the con- People (NCIP); Department of Importante discussed the drug campaign, particularly
photowalk, and video making Naga City Mayor John G. servation, management, and the Interior and Local Govern- Act’s Section 54, Article VI, in heading the anti-drug abuse
contests held last year. The Bongat, in full support of the protection of MINP, with repre- ment (DILG), Ocampo Water councils in various parts of the
which spells out the legal prem-
exhibit also featured photos water district’s activity, ex- sentatives of the different part- System Inc.; Pili Water District; country.
ises “where the drug users can
and data about the MINP, the pressed his wish that one day ner agencies, organizations, and and Calabanga Water District.
have an opportunity to return He also lauded BADAC’s
last complete rainforest in the there will be no more need to stakeholders was the highlights Tagged White, the future
partners, are the following: to their normal lives and be at accomplishments in clearing
Bicol Region. be reminded of how impor- of the affair. peace with the community.” their respective barangays of
The WWD exhibit opened tant water is in our lives and The Mariners Polytechnic PNP-Regional Office V; PNP-
Camarines Sur Provincial Of- He also talked about Section drug users and peddlers who
with a program on Monday af- his thoughts on the importance College Band and Majorettes continued to ignore the govern-
fice; Land Bank of the Phil- 61, Article VI which decrees,
ternoon, March 20, at the SM of saving and conserving the and the Isarog Concord Cho- ment’s call to stop their illegal
ippines; Development Bank among others, the compulsory
rale of the Naga View Adventist
of the Philippines; Philippine confinement of a drug depen- drug trade.
Republic of the Philippines College provided the intermis-
sion numbers. Postal Bank Inc; Union Bank;
Province: Camarines Sur Tagged Yellow, the key
players, on the Unity Rope Hospital; Coca Cola Femsa;
City/Municipality: Libmanan Villa Caceres Hotel; Pepsi Cola
are the following: Department
Products Philippines Inc; Sam-
NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC of Environment and Natural
paguita Tourist Inn.
CCE-0021-2017 R.A.10172 Resources (DENR), MNWD,
Noted officials who joined
In compliance with the publication requirement and LGU Naga, and LGU Pili.
the opening of the WWD pro-
pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1 Tagged Red, meaning they
gram were Naga Chief-of-Po-
Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative are those who already have con-
lice Senior Supt. Julius Muñez
Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), No- tributions and accomplishments
and Region V PNP Regional
tice is hereby served to the public that JELLY IBARRA with regards to the MINP,
Director Police Chief Supt.
MAMARIL-SY has filed with this Office, a Petition for Cor- among the partners are: Office
Melvin Ramon Buenafe; Ms.
rection of entry in the Sex from “MALE” to “FEMALE” in of the Vice President (OVP), Jam Madrid from Philippine
the certificate of live birth of JELLY IBARRA MAMARIL Department of Agriculture Information Agency (PIA);
at Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose parents are BEN- (DA), 3rd District Representa- Mr. Fred Perdon of Metro
JAMIN MAMARIL and FRANCIA IBARRA. tive, Cong. Gabriel H. Bordado, Naga Chamber of Commerce
Any person adversely affected by said petition may LGU Ocampo, PNP-Naga City, and Industry (MNCCI); Mr.
file his written opposition with this office not later than Philippine Information Agen- Armando Omolida, Protected
April 22, 2017. cy (PIA), Kapisanan ng Mga Area Superintendent of DENR;
Brodkaster sa Pilipinas (KBP), Mr. Romar Vasquez, KBP Ca-
(Sgd.) EMILIE S. AGNES-DAIRAO SM City Naga, Bicol Habi- marines Sur Chapter President;
Municipal Civil Registrar tat for Humanity Foundation, other members of the media;
Plan International Bicol, Rotary and other representatives of the
BIKOL REPORTER Club of Naga, NICC Doctors District’s partner agencies.
Published: April 9 and 16, 2017 Hospital, Bicol Access Health
Center, St. John Hospital, Av-
Republic of the Philippines enue Square, Sakkat Kadlagan
Province: Camarines Sur CAST, Naga View Adventist
City/Municipality: Libmanan College, Mariners Polytechnic
Colleges Foundation, Ateneo
de Naga University, University
CCE-0030-2017 R.A.10172
of Nueva Caceres, and Partido
In compliance with the publication requirement and
State University.
pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1
Tagged Blue, meaning they
Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative are in the program, committed,
Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice is
hereby served to the public that CYRIL CURIOSO PER- DILG heads . . .
PETUA has filed with this Office, a Petition for Correction In the said activity held in
of entry in the Sex from “FEMALE” to “MALE” in the Legazpi City is one of many
certificate of live birth of CYRIL CURIOSO PERPETUA “One Billion Rising” events
at Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose parents are RO- happening simultaneously
DRIGO M. PERPETUA and RITA B. CURIOSO. throughout the country. Initially
Any person adversely affected by said petition may planned to be held last Febru-
file his written opposition with this office not later than ary 14, as in previous years,
April 22, 2017. this year’s “One Billion Rising”
was rescheduled this March
(Sgd.) EMILIE S. AGNES-DAIRAO to coincide with the National
Municipal Civil Registrar Women’s Month.
The “One Billion Rising” in
BIKOL REPORTER Legazpi City began with a soli-
Published: April 9 and 16, 2017
darity walk from Legazpi City
Boulevard to Peñaranda Park.
Participants of the event wore
white shirts and bore steamers
and placards calling for protec-
tion of women’s welfare.
At Legazpi City’s Peñaran-
da Park, where the participants
converged after the solidarity
walk, the regional directors and
heads of the offices and organi-
zations who participated were
each given a chance to speak to
where they stand on women’s
rights and gender equality.
The event culminated with a
zumba dance session, wherein
participants were showered
with colored water as a symbol
of having a united goal of car-
ing for women’s interests.

BR_April 9-15 noel .indd 5 4/8/2017 10:23:49 AM

page 6 Bicol, the philippines april 9-15, 2017 P5.00

Wage increase looming

this year -- DOLE Bicol LEGAZPI CITY - Talks
of a possible wage increase
A public wage consulta-
tion is a requisite in determin-
Dir. Rovelinda A. Dela Rosa
said that a massive advo-
is in the air after DOLE ing as to whether or not an in- cacy on the upcoming wage
Bicol, through its attached crease in the recent minimum (Turn to page 4)
agency the Regional Tri- wage is needed. It is during

stop press
partite Wages and Produc- these consultations that issues
tivity Board (RTWPB V), regarding intervening factors
issued the proposed sched- and its effects on wages are
ule inviting both the Labor discussed and threshed out Holy Week
and Management Group to
attend the region wide wage
by both the labor and man-
agement sector hand-in-hand
begins today
consultation come April. with the government thru The Holy Week be-
“The wage consultation is the RTWPB. The Regional gins today, Palm Sunday
scheduled on a per province Board is composed of two “April 9” when Christen-
basis on separate dates. We (2) representatives from la- dom recalls in liturgical
urge our fellow Bicolanos rites the triumphal entry
bor and management, chaired
of Christ into Jerusalem
to attend this very important by the Regional Director of some 2,000 years ago.
event that will directly affect the DOLE, co-chaired by Decorated palms car-
the wages of workers here in the Regional Directors of the ried by children will be
the region,” DOLE Bicol re- Department of Trade and In- blessed in all churches
gional director and RTWPB dustry (DTI) and the National this morning. The tra-
chair Atty. Ma. Karina Peri- Economic Development Au- ditional Palm Sunday
procession will be held
da-Trayvilla said in a radio thority (NEDA).
IT’S SUMMERTIME IN PANICUASON! interview on Monday. DOLE Bicol Asst. Reg.
in churchyards.


The Arts, Culture and Tourism Office of the City of Naga would like to remind locals and THE SEARCH IS ON
visitors to exercise caution in transacting with travel and tour agencies. Please refer to the For the outstanding Nagueño and Nagueña! Nominate your family member, friend, acquaintance,
following listing of duly-registered and DOT-accredited travel agencies and tour operators organization or company who have excelled and shown exemplary performance worthy of the
based in Naga City. city’s commendation and recognition.

BR_April 9-15 noel .indd 6 4/8/2017 10:23:52 AM