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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula

Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 • XVIII, Edition 132

Government shuts down

Congress fails to overcome standoff over spending, immigration
By Zeke Miller, but predetermined, Critical government functions will
Andrew Taylor and Alan Fram and since the shut- continue, with uniformed service mem-
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS down began at the bers, health inspectors and law
start of a weekend, enforcement officers set to work with-
WASHINGTON — The federal gov- many of the imme- out pay. But if no deal is brokered
ernment shut down at the stroke of diate effects will be before Monday, hundreds of thousands
midnight Friday, halting all but the muted for most of federal employees will be fur-
most essential operations and marring Americans. loughed.
the one-year anniversary of President Still, it comes After hours of closed-door meetings
Donald Trump’s inauguration in a with no shortage of and phone calls, the Senate scheduled
Mitch embarrassment for
striking display of Washington dys- its late-night vote on a House-passed
McConnell the president and plan. It gained 50 votes to proceed to
Last-minute negotiations crumbled political risk for 48 against, but 60 were needed to break
as Senate Democrats blocked a four- both parties, as they wager that voters a Democratic filibuster. A handful of
week stopgap extension in a late- will punish the other at the ballot box red-state Democrats crossing the aisle
night vote, causing the fourth govern- in November. to support the measure, rather than REUTERS
ment shutdown in a quarter century. Social Security and most other safe- take the politically-risky vote. Four Sen. Tom Carper talks to Senate Minority Leader Chuck
The slide toward closure lacked for ty net programs are unaffected by the Schumer, left, as they leave the Democratic Party caucus
high drama: The Senate vote was all lapse in federal spending authority. See BUDGET, Page 9 meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

County may ban

flavored tobacco,
including menthol
Supervisors consider prohibitions,
business owners have concerns
By Samantha Weigel lighting up. The proposal would
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF affect the San Francisco
International Airport, and would
Dovetailing with statewide further ban pharmacies in unincor-
changes aimed at deterring ciga- porated areas from selling any
rette smoking, San Mateo County tobacco product, according to a
is poised to ban the sale of fla- staff report.
vored tobacco products. The prohibition on flavored
On Tuesday, the Board of products, which would include
ANNA SCHUESSLER/DAILY JOURNAL Supervisors will consider an ordi- menthol cigarettes, has recently
Dana Neitzel, curator at the San Mateo County History Museum, prepares displays for an exhibit showcasing nance that would prohibit retailers caused controversy to the north
paintings and service items used at Noah’s Ark, a famed San Mateo restaurant serving county residents in the 1920s. in unincorporated areas of the where a ballot measure is seeking
county from the selling products

Pulling up a chair to 1920s dining in an effort to deter youth from

County unemployment
See BAN, Page 24

Exhibit sheds light on well-known San Mateo restaurant, family

By Anna Schuessler
San Mateo restaurant serving din-
ers nearly a century ago.
tution during the 1920s.
Though people flocked to the
rate steadies at 2.1 pct.
Beginning Jan. 23, museum restaurant San Mateo resident By Anna Schuessler for Bay Area job growth.
With larger-than-life paintings, visitors will be able to gaze at Noah Williams opened on Third DAILY JOURNAL STAFF Though the county’s unemploy-
a collection of china and silver- the grandiose artwork, including Avenue in 1923 for Southern ment rate held steady at 2.1 per-
ware and a photo of a San Mateo a 9-foot-tall painting of a giraffe favorites like baked ham and fried Following a November surge cent in November and December,
dining destination filling the San and others of similar proportions chicken, the popular dining room i n j o b s , San Mat eo Co un t y as reported Friday by the state
Mateo County History Museum’s of an elephant, lion and hip- also drew a crowd for its decor and emp l o y men t reas s umed s l o w Employment Development
rotunda in the coming months, popotamus that once graced the upscale atmosphere, said museum rates of job growth in December Department, economist Jon
Peninsula residents will have a walls of Noah’s Ark, a popular to close out what a local econo-
chance to pull up a chair to a famed San Mateo dining room and insti- See NOAH’S, Page 9 mist calls a disappointing year See JOBS, Page 24
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2 Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 FOR THE RECORD THE DAILY JOURNAL

Thought for the Day

“Know yourself, and your
neighbor will not mistake you.”
— Scottish proverb

This Day in History

Donald Trump was sworn in as the

2017 45th president of the United States,

pledging emphatically to empower
America’s “forgotten men and
women.” Protesters registered their
rage against the new president in a chaotic confrontation
with police just blocks from the inaugural parade.
In 1 6 4 9 , King Charles I of England went on trial, accused
of high treason (he was found guilty and executed by
month’s end).
In 1 8 8 7 , the U.S. Senate approved an agreement to lease
Pearl Harbor in Hawaii as a naval base.
In 1 9 3 6 , Britain’s King George V died after his physician
injected the mortally ill monarch with morphine and
cocaine to hasten his death; the king was succeeded by his
eldest son, Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne 11 months
later to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson.
In 1 9 4 2 , Nazi officials held the notorious Wannsee confer-
ence, during which they arrived at their “final solution” that
called for exterminating Europe’s Jews.
In 1 9 4 5 , President Franklin D. Roosevelt was sworn into REUTERS
office for an unprecedented fourth term. Aerobatic dancers perform during rehearsals for the opening of Valletta 2018, European Capital of Culture, in Valletta, Malta.
In 1 9 5 3 , Dwight D. Eisenhower took the oath of office as
president of the United States; Richard M. Nixon was sworn their mascot resulted in a company new Frosted Flakes cereal. Tony the
in as vice president. name change to the Green Giant Tiger beat out Katy the Kangaroo,
In 1 9 6 8 , in what was billed as “The Game of the Century,” Company. There is a 55-foot tall statue Newt the Gnu and Elmo the Elephant.
No. 2 ranked Houston defeated top-ranked UCLA 71-69 at of the Jolly Green Giant on I-90 in the ***
the Houston Astrodome in the first prime-time national tele- small town of Blue Earth, Minnesota. Tony the Tiger is 6 feet 6 inches tall.
cast of a college basketball game. *** ***
In 1 9 6 9 , Richard M. Nixon was inaugurated as the 37th The Jolly Green Giant’s little helper is Snap first appeared on Kellogg’s Rice
President of the United States. named Little Green Sprout. Krispies boxes in 1932. He was joined
In 1 9 7 7 , Jimmy Carter was inaugurated as the 39th *** by Crackle and Pop in 1936. The char-
President of the United States. Betty Crocker was created in 1921 as a acters are so named because Rice
fictional female spokesperson to Krispies “snap, crackle and pop” in
Birthdays answer questions about baking that milk.

he top advertising icon of the resulted from the promotion of Gold ***
20th century, based on recogniz- Medal Flour. Betty’s last name comes Morris the cat used to be named Lucky.
ability, effectiveness and from the company’s former director, He was adopted from an Illinois
longevity, is the Marlboro Man from William Crocker, and the first name Humane Society by an employee of the
Marlboro cigarette ads. The next two Betty was chosen for its all -American Leo Burnett Advertising Agency.
top icons are Ronald McDonald and and friendly sound. Morris gained worldwide fame starring
the Jolly Green Giant. *** as the spoiled, pampered pet in com-
*** The man on the Quaker Oats box is not mercials for 9 Lives Cat Food
Established in 1924, Marlboro brand an actual person. He was created in Company. The original Morris was in
cigarettes were originally marketed 1877 and is dressed in Quaker garb. He the commercials from 1969 until his
Former astronaut Actor Rainn Wilson Musician ?uestlove toward women. Their slogan was represents the values of the Quaker death in 1975.
Buzz Aldrin is 88. is 52. is 47. “Fresh as the month of May.” In 1955, people and the values of the company: ***
the company changed the brand to a Honesty, integrity, purity and Ans wer: Toucan Sam “follows his
Comedian Arte Johnson is 89. Olympic gold medal figure masculine product and introduced the strength. The portrait of the Quaker nose” to find Froot Loops cereal. Trix
skater Carol Heiss is 78. Singer Eric Stewart is 73. Movie Marlboro Man, a rugged cowboy. man has only been updated three times the Rabbit alway s tries to steal the
director David Lynch is 72. Country-rock musician George *** since its creation. His look changed Trix Cereal. He has to be reminded that
Grantham (Poco) is 71. Israeli activist Natan Sharansky is 70. Ronald McDonald first appeared in slightly in 1946, 1957 and again in “Trix are for k ids. ” Luck y the
Actor Daniel Benzali is 68. Rock musician Paul Stanley 1965 in a Washington, D. C. , 1972. Leprechaun lov es “magically deli-
(KISS) is 66. Rock musician Ian Hill (Judas Priest) is 66. McDonald’s restaurant. Willard Scott, *** cious” Luck y Charms cereal. Dig’Em, a
Comedian Bill Maher (MAR) is 62. Actor Lorenzo Lamas is from “The Today Show,” was the first Cartoon characters are commonly used frog in a baseball cap, was introduced
60. Actor James Denton is 55. Rock musician Greg K. (The Ronald McDonald. Scott also clowned to advertise cereal. Do you know the in 1972 on Sugar Smack s cereal box es
Offspring) is 53. Country singer John Michael Montgomery around early in his career when he was cereals that are represented by a tou- and in ads.
is 53. Sophie, Countess of Wessex, is 53. Presidential coun- Bozo the Clown on television. can, a rabbit, a leprechaun and a frog?
selor Kellyanne Conway is 51. Actress Stacey Dash is 51. TV *** Can you name each character? See
personality Melissa Rivers is 50. Singer Xavier is 50. Actor The Minnesota Valley Canning answer at end. Know It All is by Kerry McArdle. It runs in
Company created the Green Giant *** the weekend edition of the Daily Journal.
Reno Wilson is 49. Singer Edwin McCain is 48. Actor Skeet Questions? Comments? Email
Ulrich is 48. United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley is 46. (originally he was not Jolly) to adver- In 1952, Kellogg’s had a contest to see knowitall(at) or call 344-
tise their canned peas. The success of what character should represent their 5200 ext. 128.
Rock musician Rob Bourdon (Linkin Park) is 39.


by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek Lotto Local Weather Forecast
Unscramble these four Jumbles, Jan. 17 Powerball Fantasy Five Saturday : Mostly cloudy. A slight chance
one letter to each square, of rain. Highs in the mid 50s.
to form four ordinary words. 3 33 37 51 57 21 6 7 15 16 19
Saturday ni g ht: Partly cloudy. Lows in
COREF Daily Four the mid 40s to lower 50s.
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Jan. 19 Mega Millions

S un day : Partly cloudy. Highs in the
3 17 23 49 66 23 4 0 3 8
©2018 Tribune Content Agency, LLC
upper 50s.
All Rights Reserved. Mega number
Daily three midday Sunday ni g ht: Mostly cloudy. A slight
KNALY Jan. 17 Super Lotto Plus 8 9 8 chance of rain. Lows in the lower 50s.
Mo nday : Rain likely. Highs in the mid 50s.
3 8 18 31 36 7 Daily three evening Mo nday ni g ht: Mostly cloudy. A chance of rain. Lows in
Mega number

0 2 1 the upper 40s.

UDETOX Tues day : Mostly cloudy. Breezy. A chance of showers.
The Daily Derby race winners are Gorgeous George,
Highs in the mid 50s.
No. 8, in first place; Eureka, No. 7, in second place; and
Soild Gold, No. 10, in third place. The race time was
Tues day ni g ht: Partly cloudy. A slight chance of showers.
clocked at 1:40.88. Lows in the mid 40s to lower 50s.
Now arrange the circled letters The San Mateo Daily Journal Phone:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (650) 344-5200 Fax: (650) 344-5290
to form the surprise answer, as
1900 Alameda de las Pulgas, Suite 112, San Mateo, CA 94403 To Advertise: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“ ”
suggested by the above cartoon.
Publisher: Jerry Lee Editor in Chief: Jon Mays Events: .
Answer - News: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Answer: Shakespeare couldn’t remember the apartment information along with a jpeg photo to Free obituaries are edited for style, clarity, length and grammar. If you would like to have an obituary printed
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THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 3

Taking a stand for solidarity Police reports

Was it worth it?
Faith groups to champion honesty, openness in community conversations A vehicle was ransacked and a small
amount of change was taken on
By Anna Schuessler with members of other “It’s across all kinds of Piedmont Way in Foster City, it was
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF faiths. different reasons that reported at 11:21 a.m. Sunday, Dec.
Out of concern about a people are feeling 24.
San Mateo County faith groups and com- registry for Muslim citi- unsafe, ” said Thorpe.
munity members are taking a stand for soli- zens proposed by “We’re trying to get peo-
darity with one’s neighbors. President Donald Trump ple together who are dif- MILLBRAE
By hosting conversations aimed at help- last year, Buchanan and ferent from each other, Sus pended l i cens e. A Burlingame man
ing people from different backgrounds get Thorpe met with mem- and basically to create was cited and released on his promise to
to know each other and feel welcome in their bers of Burlingame-based peace in the global vil- appear in court for driving with a suspended
communities, members of the county’s faith Penni Thorpe nonprofit Rebuilding Marguerite lage.” license on Crystal Springs Road and El
communities are hoping Bay Area residents Alliance and the Muslim After brainstorming Camino Real, it was reported at 10:27 a.m.
community-based non-
Buchanan how they could bring
from all walks of life can find understanding Wednesday, Jan. 10.
in a yearlong series of conversation and profit Yaseen Foundation groups of people with Sus pended l i cens e. A Redwood City man
prayer sessions. to better understand how different beliefs together was cited and released on his promise to
Dubbed the “Year of Outreach and they could more effec- to get to know each appear in court for driving with a suspended
Solidarity, ” the program came together tively show their support other, the group devel- license on El Camino Real, it was reported at
when leaders of a wide array of faiths and for the Muslim communi- oped a framework for 2:42 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 10.
beliefs identified the same need in their ty. As group members conversations and inter- Arres t. A San Francisco man was arrested
communities, to show those who felt mar- discussed how they could faith prayer sessions to for three misdemeanor warrants out of San
ginalized that they are welcome in their help, they saw how a help shape a different Mateo and San Francisco counties on
neighborhoods. Joy Hayter more organized effort kind of discussion in California Drive and Linden Avenue, it was
Penni Thorpe, San Mateo resident and between community Donna reported at 1:34 a.m. Monday, Jan. 8.
longtime member of the Peninsula Conflict leaders could address concerns other groups Baranski-Walker See MERCY, Page 23
targeted or ostracized by political rhetoric.
Resolution Center, said conversations
between her and her aunt, Sister Marguerite Examples include Japanese-American citi-
Buchanan of Burlingame’s Sisters of Mercy, zens remembering internment camps during
about how to bridge the political divide World War II or those of the Jewish faith STATE FEDERAL COURTS
they had seen widening in early 2016 concerned about anti-Semitic rhetoric and
sparked others about how to better connect behavior cropping up in the news. ࠮ ;90(3*6<9;:

࠮ (77,33(;,*6<9;:

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4 Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

Trial back on for man who stabbed girlfriend her to instead wire him $500.
Local briefs The next day, however, the suspect called the woman
The jury trial for a man alleged to have fatally stabbed his again and said another potential renter was willing to pay
girlfriend in her San Mateo home in 2015 is slated to begin his parents’ Redwood City home, according to police and
prosecutors. the full amount if she couldn’t match it, police said.
Feb. 13 after a judge on Friday denied his The woman then agreed to transfer $1,250 to the account
request for a new defense attorney, accord- Kirincic has previously pleaded not guilty two times, the
second of which was on July 7, 2016. He remains in custody number provided. The suspect told the woman that once the
ing to the San Mateo County District transfer was complete, he would meet her at the apartment
Attorney’s Office. without bail, according to prosecutors.
for a walkthrough.
It was the third time Anthony Kirincic, After she got off the phone, the woman became suspi-
24, requested a new attorney since he was Woman scammed by fake apartment ad cious and looked up the property on the internet and
taken into custody for the November A woman interested in renting a Daly City apartment she obtained the property manager’s number.
2015 stabbing and murder of his girl- saw online was allegedly tricked into wiring more than When the woman called the property manager, the man-
friend, Colleen Straw, prosecutors said $1,000 to a suspect who posed as a property manager last ager told her that the apartment she was interested in was
previously. week, police said Friday. occupied and not available. When asked if a “Nathaniel
Anthony Kirincic has previously refused to On Friday, a 30-year-old San Francisco woman told Daly
Kirincic Turker” worked there, the manager said he had never heard
speak with his court-appointed defense City police that the incident began the week before when that name before, according to police.
attorney, Savas Loukedis, leading the attorney to question she responded to an ad on about an apart-
his competency in the days leading up to his Oct. 16 trial ment for rent on the 600 block of Sylvan Avenue. Three-striker facing 91 years for bank robberies
date. Criminal proceedings were reinstated for Kirincic after The alleged property manager, who went by the name
doctors found him competent to stand trial in December, “Nathaniel Turker,” responded and gave the woman his A three-strike felon accused of robbing three banks in
according to prosecutors. phone number. Daly City and San Bruno in 2015 and 2016 has pleaded no
Kirincic was out of jail for just a few days after complet- The woman said that when she called the number, the ring contest to all the charges against him in hopes of a lenient
ing a four-month sentence for felony domestic violence tone sounded “odd” but she didn’t give it much thought. The sentence, San Mateo County prosecutors said.
when he went to Straw’s home on the 1500 block of South fake manager then sent her an application, which the Darryl Lamont Horace, 39, robbed Wells Fargo branches
B Street and allegedly killed her Nov. 28, 2015, according woman filled out and returned to him, according to police. on Dec. 7, 2015, and on March 5, 2016, as well as a Bank
to prosecutors. A week later, the woman said “Turker” called her and asked of the West on Sept. 29, 2016. In each incident, prosecu-
Kirincic fled the scene before police arrived, prompting if she could provide a $1,000 security deposit. When the tors say he handed the teller a note demanding cash in $50
an extensive two-day search before he was finally spotted at woman said the amount was too high, the fake manager to and $100 denominations.
In the first two incidents he counted the money and left
peacefully, but during the third robbery another teller near-
by observed the robbery in progress, picked up the phone
and started shouting.
Horace fled the scene, but officers arrived quickly. He was
arrested and charged with two counts of felony robbery and
one more for felony attempted robbery.
According to defense attorney Steven Chase, he also has
bank robbery cases pending in other counties.
“He has a past with bank robberies,” Chase said.
“His mother was in and out of prisons, in and out of
severe drug usage, and she would take him to rob banks,”
Chase said.
He points out that violence was never used in any of the
robberies for which client has been charged.
“The judge commented that this was the most polite bank
robber she had ever heard of,” Chase said. “He would just go
into a bank and ask for money. There was no threat.”

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THE DAILY JOURNAL STATE/NATION Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 5

Experts: Shackled children Around the state

Brown appoints head of Seattle
tunnel plan to top rail post
face long road to recovery
By Amy Taxin and John Rogers
SACRAMENTO — Gov. Jerry Brown has
appointed the head of a $3 billion tunnel
project in Seattle to a top post on
California’s high-speed rail project.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Joseph Hedges of the Washington State
Department of Transportation will serve as
RIVERSIDE — They are safe for now and, the project’s chief executive officer with
according to authorities, they are relieved. compensation of $337,000. Hedges has
But the 13 children, aged 2 to 29, rescued been leading the Seattle tunnel project that,
from what was described as nothing less like rail, has faced delays.
than a torture chamber will have years of Pamela Mizukami will serve as the chief
therapy ahead, experts say, as they learn to deputy director for the rail project, to be
live in a world that, until a week ago, they paid $170, 000. She’s worked at the
never really knew. California Department of Motor Vehicles
Since arresting David and Louise Turpin since 2010.
earlier this week, authorities said they have The Friday announcement comes after the
learned the children were confined to the rail board selected state transportation head
house, chained to furniture, starved and Brian Kelly as the project’s new chief exec-
often deprived the use of a toilet. Some of utive officer.
the children were so detached they didn’t California’s goal is to run a high-speed
understand the concept of a police officer or train from San Francisco to Los Angeles in
medicine. under three hours by 2029.
“You don’t need to learn what a police
officer is from going to school, you learn Storm brings needed snow
that from just being out in the world,” said
Patricia Costales, chief executive of The to California’s Sierra Nevada
Guidance Center, a Long Beach, California- TRUCKEE — A winter storm swept into
based nonprofit that provides mental health REUTERS
Northern California on Friday and dumped
therapy to thousands of children. David Turpin and Louise Turpin appear in court for their arraignment in Riverside. nearly a foot of much-needed snow in high-
“To not even know something like that sible it would be best to keep them togeth- of their life will have a lot of learning to do er elevations of the Sierra Nevada.
really speaks to how incredibly controlled er. about what relationships are like, what the More snow was expected in the region
their environment was. They’re going to The youngest should have the easiest road world is like, how they’re supposed to be before the system moved out.
experience a culture shock even apart from to recovery, Costales said, but added she is treated.” Moderate to occasionally heavy snow was
the trauma they have undergone, ” said optimistic that over time all could eventual- Even being separated from their parents, forecast through afternoon, when the storm
Costales, a licensed clinical social worker ly learn to lead relatively normal lives. who are now in jail on torture, child abuse was expected to shift course to the central
and therapist who has treated kidnap vic- “Their brains are still adapting, they’re and other charges, could be unsettling ini- portion of the state, said National Weather
tims, some held for years. still forming, they’re still developing their tially to some of the children, said Jessica Service forecaster Craig Shoemaker.
The Turpin siblings, seven adults and six understanding of the world,” she said of the Borelli, a clinical psychologist and profes- Donner Pass received 9 inches (23 centime-
children, likely need years of therapy, psy- younger children. “But someone who has sor of psychology and social behavior at ters) of snow overnight and another 3 inches
chological experts said, adding that if pos- experienced these things for 20-some years University of California, Irvine. (7.6 centimeters) were expected, he said.
“We have been a bit behind for what’s nor-
mal precipitation for the Sierra for this
Las Vegas gunman carefully planned attack; motive is mystery time. This will helps out,” Shoemaker said.
The Sierra Nevada snowpack becomes a
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS charges to be filed ication and often refused to take it, the doc- significant portion of California’s water
against Paddock’s girl- tor told investigators. supply when it melts and runs down into
LAS VEGAS — The Las Vegas gunman friend, Marilou Danley, During an interview with authorities, reservoirs. The snowpack was well below
meticulously planned how to carry out the who had been called a per- Paddock’s girlfriend said he had become normal when the state’s first measurement
worst mass shooting in modern U.S. histo- son of interest in the “distant” in the year before the shooting and of the year was made early this month.
ry, researching SWAT tactics, renting other case. their relationship was no longer intimate.
hotel rooms overlooking outdoor concerts Paddock, who killed
and investigating potential targets in at himself before police
least four cities, authorities said Friday. Obituary
reached him, told friends
But almost four months after Stephen and relatives that he
Paddock killed 58 people and wounded more Stephen
always felt ill, in pain and
Julius James Kaufman Jr.
Paddock Julius “Jim” James Kaufman Jr. passed away on Monday
than 800 others with a barrage of bullets fatigued, authorities said. January 15th, 2018 with his loving family by his side.
from the Mandalay Bay casino-hotel, inves- His doctor thought he may have had bipo- Jim grew up in Michigan and graduated from Lincoln
tigators still have not answered the key lar disorder but told police that Paddock High School in Ferndale. He attended Hillsdale College and
question: Why did he do it? refused to discuss the possibility, the report was a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity before he
Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said. The doctor offered him antidepressants, volunteered and enlisted in the United States Army in 1954.
released a preliminary report on the Oct. 1 but Paddock accepted only a prescription for Jim completed his basic training at Camp Chaffee in Arkansas
attack and said he did not expect criminal anxiety medication. He was fearful of med- in June, 1954 and was assigned to Fort Crowder in Missouri in
the Military Police Company of the Fifth Army. During his service he was awarded
both marksmanship medals as well as a medal of Good Conduct. After his Honorary
Discharge in 1956 he moved to California and enrolled in the College of San Mateo,
where he met the love of his life Rose Marie Rancelli. This started their 60-year
courtship. Jim officially became an adopted Italian upon their marriage on October
11th, 1959 in Burlingame California.
Settling down in Burlingame first and then San Mateo, son Gregory was born in
1960 followed by Kristine and Bradley. Jim was a self-made man working two jobs
during the early years of his working career, sleeping little but doing what he had
to do to provide for his young family. He retired after over 50 years working at the
Burlingame Public Library where he was a fixture and loved by all. As one of his
many responsibilities he successfully managed the family real estate properties.
He found great pride in bringing creative solutions to his many projects.
He was always active in the San Mateo community as Little League and Bobby Sox
Coach, Boy Scout Leader, Soap Box Derby Director, and many other organizations.
With all of his time constraints, he never missed a ball game or kids event. He had the
unique ability to be able to be everywhere and be everything to so many people. He
would go to any lengths to be there in support of his family and friends.
Jim was an antique car enthusiast and a long time member of the San Mateo Model
A club as well as a member of the Peninsula Italian American Social Club. He was an
avid sports fan and could always be found supporting his beloved 49ers and Giants.
Jim and Rose enjoyed traveling during their many trips around the world.
He is survived by his wife Rose Marie Kaufman, their three children along with
five grandkids and three great grandchildren. He is preceded by his Parents Julius
J Sr. and Margaret Kaufman. He is joining his grandson Nathan Kaufman who is
already with the Lord.
His quick humor, kindness, and generosity will be missed by all.
Vigil Service begins at 7pm on Thursday, Jan. 18th followed by a Funeral Mass at
10am on Friday, Jan. 19th. All services will be held at St. Gregory Catholic Church,
28th & Hacienda, San Mateo, CA. Reception to follow at the Peninsula Italian
American Social Club, 100 N. B St., San Mateo. Private interment at Holy Cross
Catholic Cemetery in Colma, CA.
In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to The Nathan Kaufman
Memorial Law Scholarship Endowment, or The American
Heart Association,
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6 Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

and sociology, Ya Gao , of San
he deadline for Burlingame
high schoolers with a pas- Mateo, earned a degree in finance and Local brief
sion for environmental advo- Al e x an dra Ke rs h n e r, of Menlo
cacy to apply to the Ci t i z e n Park, earned an education degree from Former teacher faces charges
En v i ro n me n t al Co un c i l of Kans as Uni v ers i ty . for relationship with teen student
Burl i ng ame’s paid internship has *** A former employee at the Nueva School’s San Mateo cam-
been extended until Monday, Jan. 22. Mat t h e w Pi t t ap p i l l y , of San pus accused of becoming involved in a relationship with a
The opportunity exists for Mateo, graduated from the Ameri can 14-year-old female student appeared in court for the first
Burlingame sophomore or juniors Uni v ers i ty o f Anti g ua. time Friday to face charges of lewd acts upon a child age 14,
who wish to examine sustainability *** contact with a minor for the purpose of committing a sexu-
programs at their schools. Ian De Li s l e and Jo n at h an al offense and misdemeanor child annoyance and molesta-
Visit  for more Adams , of Menlo Park, S i mo n tion, according to the San Mateo County District
information.  Es capa, of Foster City and Ry an Attorney’s Office.
*** Ki l l ea, of Hillsborough, graduated Redwood City resident Ian Whiteman, 39, pleaded not
from Wo rc e s t e r Po l y t e c h n i c guilty to his charges and posted $150,000 bail when he sur-
Aman da B ab a, of San Bruno, Ins ti tute. rendered himself in court Friday after the District Attorney’s
Laure n B e rri at ua, of Belmont, Re g i n a Fe n n i e , Ch ri s t i n e Office obtained a warrant for his arrest, according to prose-
Keel an and Al l i s o n Knapp, of ***
Stephani e Brug g er, of Woodside, cutors.
Came ro n Carl o mag n o , of Redwood City, Do ug l as Gal damez, Rei na Vi erra, of Burlingame, was
named to the president’s list at Whiteman was allegedly put on administrative leave from
Atherson, Patri ck Carro l l , Tay l o r of Menlo Park, Fa’ao fi a Mal epeai , his job in the school’s technology department after the
Thane, Ni cho l as To tag rande and of South San Francisco and Ol enka Co as tal Caro l i na Uni v ers i ty.
teen’s parents discovered an intimate text conversation
Matthew Jaco bs , of San Carlos, Po rt ug al , of Millbrae graduated between Whiteman and their daughter and reported it to
Gab ri e l l a Cas t i l l o , Jo rdan from the Un i v e rs i t y o f S an school officials in August, according to prosecutors.
Latchfo rd, Ian Smal e and Grace Di eg o . Class notes is a column dedicated to school Terry Lee, the Nueva School’s associate head of school,
*** news. It is compiled by education reporter
Wal t e rs of San Mateo, Ei l e e n Austin Walsh. You can contact him at (650) confirmed in an email Whiteman has not been employed by
De as y , Aus t e n Mo l an o and Katheri ne Vav uri s , of Redwood 344-5200, ext. 105 or at austin@smdai- the school since the summer of 2017. Lee said in the email
Ai dan Go y e t t e , of Burlingame, City, earned degrees in psychology Whiteman was employed by the school for two years and a
background check was done and successfully completed.
Deputy District Attorney Karen Guidotti said the actions
Whiteman has been charged with occurred between July 1
and Aug. 22 and that hugging and kissing on the school
premises are included among them.
Whiteman is next expected to appear in court March 1 for
Superior Court review, according to prosecutors.

Romolo John Braschi
Romolo John Braschi, born June 2, 1925, died Jan. 16,
2018, in Maple Valley, Washington, where he lived with
his wife Shirlee Hoch and stepson Zachary Hoch.
Rom was born in Harrison, New York, to Romeo and
Antonia Braschi of Meldola, Italy. He moved to South San
Francisco at age 9. After graduating from South San
Francisco High School, Rom served in the U.S. Army dur-
ing World War II and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. After
the war, he attended San Francisco State University earning
his bachelor’s and master’s in education. Romolo spent 65
years serving the children of South San Francisco as a
teacher, principal, school board trustee and co-founder of
the South San Francisco Foundation for Youth.
He was predeceased by his wife of 39 years, Elaine
Braschi (née Mooney). He is survived by his wife Shirlee
Hoch; his three children John, Paul and Cate; his grand-
daughter Emma Sharpe; Shirlee’s six children and their chil-
In lieu of flowers, please donate your time or money to
children and to education.

As a public serv ice, the Daily Journal prints obituaries of

approx imately 200 words or less with a photo one time on
a space av ailable basis. To submit obituaries, email infor-
mation along with a jpeg photo to news@smdaily jour- Free obituaries are edited for sty le, clarity, length
and grammar.
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THE DAILY JOURNAL NATION Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 7

Supreme Court to rule Around the nation

Official: Plan to exclude
Florida from drilling isn’t final

on Trump’s travel ban

By Mark Sherman
WASHINGTON — The Trump administration’s promise to
exempt Florida from an offshore drilling plan is not a formal
action, an Interior Department official
said Friday in a statement that Democrats
said contradicted a high-profile announce-
ment by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Zinke has proposed opening nearly all
Court agreed Friday to decide the legal- U.S. coastline to offshore oil and gas
ity of the latest version of President drilling, but said soon after announcing
Donald Trump’s ban on travel to the the plan that he will keep Florida “off the
United States by residents of six table” when it comes to offshore drilling.
majority-Muslim countries. Ryan Zinke Zinke’s Jan. 9 statement about Florida
The issue pits an administration that “stands on its own,” said Walter
considers the restrictions necessary Cruickshank, the acting director of the Bureau of Ocean
for Americans’ security against chal- Energy Management, but there’s been no formal decision on
lengers who claim it is illegally aimed the five-year drilling plan.
at Muslims and stems from Trump’s “We have no formal decision yet on what’s in, or out, of the
campaign call for a “complete shut- five-year program,” Cruickshank told the House Natural
down of Muslims” entering the U.S. Resources Committee at a hearing Friday.
The justices plan to hear argument in Zinke’s announcement about keeping Florida off the table,
April and issue a final ruling by late made during a Tallahassee news conference with Florida Gov.
June on a Trump policy that has been Rick Scott, will be part of the department’s analysis as it
repeatedly blocked and struck down in completes the five-year plan, Cruickshank said.
the lower courts.
The latest of those rulings came last
REUTERS FILE PHOTO Trump tells March for Life:
Protesters hold signs against Donald Trump’s limited travel ban.
month when the federal appeals court ‘We are with you all the way’
in San Francisco ruled that the travel last June to take up the second version of language that would give priority to
until it expired in the early fall. religious minorities. Critics said the WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Friday deliv-
ban Trump announced in September
Trump’s first travel ban was issued changes didn’t erase the legal prob- ered new support to the anti-abortion movement he once
violates federal immigration law.
almost a year ago, almost immediately lems with the ban. opposed, telling thousands of activists demonstrating in the
The federal appeals court in
after he took office, and was aimed at The same appeals courts that are annual March for Life, “We are with you all the way.”
Richmond, Virginia, also is consider-
ing a challenge to the ban. seven countries. It triggered chaos and evaluating the current policy agreed In an address broadcast from the White House Rose Garden,
Last month, the high court said the protests across the U.S. as travelers with the challengers. The 4th U.S. Trump said he’s committed to building “a society where life
ban could be fully enforced while were stopped from boarding interna- Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond is celebrated, protected and cherished.”
appeals made their way through the tional flights and detained at airports said the ban “drips with religious The moment marked the president personally stepping to
courts. for hours. Trump tweaked the order intolerance, animus and discrimina- the forefront of the anti-abortion movement in the United
The policy applies to travelers from after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the tion.” The San Francisco-based 9th States as the anniversary of his inauguration approaches.
Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and 9th Circuit refused to reinstate the ban. U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Last year, Vice President Mike Pence addressed the crowd in
Yemen. It also affects two non-Muslim The next version, unveiled in Trump violated immigration law. Trump’s absence. In the year since, Trump has delivered on
countries: blocking travelers from March, dropped Iraq from the list of The Supreme Court allowed the ban rules and policies he had promised in an effort to help curb
North Korea and some Venezuelan gov- covered countries and made it clear the to take partial effect, but said those abortion rights legalized 45 years ago. Chief among them is
ernment officials and their families. 90-day ban covering Iran, Libya, with a claim of a “bona fide” relation- the confirmation of conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch.
The Supreme Court has never ruled Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen did- ship with someone in the United Trump’s administration on Friday also announced more
on whether any of the three versions of n’t apply to those travelers who States could not be kept out of the actions in line with long-standing demands from social and
the travel ban is legal. The court agreed already had valid visas. It also got rid country. religious conservatives.
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8 Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 NATION THE DAILY JOURNAL

Mattis: U.S. competitive warfighting edge has eroded By Lolita C. Baldor He said the Islamic State group’s “physical
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS caliphate” in Iraq and Syria had been defeated,
but that IS, al-Qaida and other extremists still
WASHINGTON — Countering China’s rap- pose threats across the globe.
idly expanding military and an increasingly Mattis repeated his call for America to work
aggressive Russia are now the U.S. military’s closely with allies and partners — an
top national security priorities, outpacing approach that aligns more closely with pre-
the threat of terrorism, Defense Secretary Jim vious administrations than President Donald
Mattis said Friday. He said competition with Trump’s “America First” ideas. That mantra
those adversaries has threatened America’s was repeated in a national security strategy
military advantage around the world. that Trump’s administration released in
Laying out a broad new strategy for the December.
Defense Department, Mattis warned that all The U.S. and its allies, Mattis said, are
aspects of the military’s competitive stronger together. He recalled going to his
warfighting edge have eroded. first NATO meeting last year, carrying
He said building a force that can deter war Trump’s demand for nations to increase their
with established and emerging military pow- defense spending and thinking about how to
ers in Moscow and Beijing, and U.S. enemies fit Trump’s message into the broader frame-
such as North Korea and Iran will require work of working with partners.
increased investment to make the military When he got to Brussels, Mattis said he told
more lethal, agile and ready to fight. the alliance: “Here’s the bottom line: Please
“We will continue to prosecute the cam- do not ask me to go back and tell Americans
paign against terrorists that we are engaged — the American parents — that they need to
in today, but great power competition — not care more about the safety and security and the
terrorism — is now the primary focus of U.S. freedom of your children than you’re willing
REUTERS FILE PHOTO national security,” Defense Secretary Jim to care for, than you’re willing to sacrifice for.
U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis walks from a meeting with Senate Republicans on Mattis said in remarks at the Johns Hopkins We’re all going to have to put our shoulder to
Capitol Hill. School of Advanced International Studies. the wagon and move it up the hill.”

Women will march again with aim to become a political force

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS (hash)MeToo movement against sexual Vegas was targeted for a major rally because U.S. Senate in 2016. Nevada also has one of
misconduct became a cultural phenomenon. it’s a strategic swing state that gave Hillary the highest percentages of female state law-
A year after more than 1 million people “We made a lot of noise,” said Elaine Clinton a narrow win in the presidential makers in the country, and women are may-
rallied at women’s marches worldwide with a Wynn, an organizer. “But now how do we election and will have one of the most com- ors of its three largest cities.
message of female empowerment and translate that noise into something con- petitive Senate races in 2018. Democrats Organizers say Nevada is also a micro-
protest against President Donald Trump, crete or fulfilling?” believe they have a good chance of winning cosm of larger national issues like immi-
activists will return to the streets this week- Along with hundreds of gatherings the seat held by embattled Republican Sen. gration, as well as the debate over gun con-
end in hopes of converting anger and enthu- Saturday and Sunday across the U.S. and in Dean Heller and weakening the GOP’s hold trol after the deadliest mass shooting in
siasm into political force. places such as Beijing, Buenos Aires, on the chamber. modern history.
The 2017 rally in Washington, D.C., and Argentina, and Nairobi, Kenya, a rally Wynn, president of the Nevada State Following the October massacre, the
hundreds of similar marches created solidar- Sunday in Las Vegas will launch an effort to Board of Education and former wife of casi- rally will be held at the University of
ity for those denouncing Trump’s views on register 1 million voters and target swing no mogul Steve Wynn, said women make up Nevada, Las Vegas’ stadium 10 miles (16
abortion, immigration, LGBT rights and states in the midterm elections. half of the state’s congressional delega- kilometers) southeast of the famous Strip
more. Since then, a wave of women decided Linda Sarsour, one of the four organizers tion, including Democrat Catherine Cortez where a gunman opened fire onto a concert,
to run for elected office and the of last year’s Washington march, said Las Masto, who became the first Latina in the killing 58 people.
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THE DAILY JOURNAL NATION/LOCAL Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 9

White House residence, dialing up allies and Director Mick Mulvaney told CNN that “Not reject a bipartisan proposal. His disparag-

Continued from page 1
affirming his belief that Democrats would
take the blame for the shutdown, said a per-
son familiar with his conversations but not
much has changed” over the course of the
day, but he predicted a deal would be reached
by Monday, when most government offices
ing remarks about African and Haitian immi-
grants last week helped derail further negoti-
authorized to discuss them publicly. are to reopen after the weekend. Trump had been set to leave Friday after-
Predictably, both parties moved swiftly to Democrats in the Senate had served notice noon to attend a fundraiser at his Palm
Republicans voted in opposition. blame one another. Democrats laid fault with they would filibuster the government-wide Beach, Florida, estate marking the one-year
In an unusual move, Senate Majority Republicans, who control both chambers of funding bill that cleared the House Thursday anniversary of his inauguration but delayed
Leader Mitch McConnell allowed the roll Congress and the White House and have evening. They were seeking an even shorter his travel.
call to exceed 90 minutes — instead of the struggled with building internal consensus. extension that they think would keep the “I think the president’s been very clear:
usual 20 or so — seemingly accommodating Republicans declared Democrats responsi- pressure on the White House to cut a deal to he’s not leaving until this is finished,”
the numerous discussions among leaders and ble, after they declined to provide the votes protect the “dreamer” immigrants. Mulvaney told reporters.
other lawmakers. Still as midnight passed needed to overcome a filibuster in the Senate Trump first described his discussion with As word of the Schumer meeting spread,
and the calendar turned, there was no obvi- over their desire to force the passage of leg- Schumer as an “excellent preliminary meet- the White House hastened to reassure
ous off-ramp to the political stalemate. Each islation to protect some 700,000 younger ing,” tweeting that lawmakers were “making Republican congressional leaders that
party expressed resolve in its position — immigrants from deportation. progress - four week extension would be Trump would not make any major policy
and confidence that the other would suffer Republicans branded the confrontation a best!” But that optimism faded as the concessions, said a person familiar with the
the wrath of voters. “Schumer shutdown” and argued that evening wore on. conversations but not authorized to be quot-
Even before the vote, Trump was pes- Democrats were harming fellow Americans Senate GOP leader John Cornyn of Texas ed by name.
simistic, tweeting, “Not looking good” and to protect “illegal immigrants.” said Trump told Schumer to work things out On Capitol Hill, McConnell said
blaming the Democrats who he said actually Trump had brought Senate Democratic with McConnell and House Speaker Paul Americans at home would be watching to see
wanted the shutdown “to help diminish the leader Chuck Schumer to the White House Ryan. McConnell did not attend the meeting “which senators make the patriotic deci-
success” of the tax bill he and fellow Friday afternoon in hopes of cutting a deal. because he was not invited, a Senate GOP sion” and which “vote to shove aside veter-
Republicans pushed through last month. But the two New Yorkers, who pride them- aide said. ans, military families and vulnerable chil-
Democrats balked on the measure in an selves on their negotiating abilities, Trump had been an unreliable negotiator dren to hold the entire country hostage...
effort to pressure on the White House to cut a emerged without an agreement, and in the weeks leading up to the showdown. until we pass an immigration bill.”
deal to protect “dreamer” immigrants — who Republicans and Democrats in Congress Earlier this week he tweeted opposition to Across the Capitol, the House backed
were brought to the country as children and continued to pass off responsibility. the four-week plan, forcing the White House away from a plan to adjourn for a one-week
are now here illegally — before their legal “We made some progress, but we still have to later affirm his support. He expressed recess, meaning the GOP-controlled cham-
protection runs out in March. a good number of disagreements,” Schumer openness to extending the Deferred Action ber could wait for a last-minute compromise
The president watched the results from the said upon returning to Capitol Hill. Budget for Childhood Arrivals program, only to that would require a new vote.

rants in San Francisco until he decided to Though lines of diners wrapping around ing San Mateo schools as a child.

Continued from page 1
open his own restaurant in San Mateo.
When Williams opened his first San
Mateo restaurant, Noah’s Cafeteria, in 1920
nearby streets sustained his successful ven-
ture for several years, Postel said the busi-
ness ultimately folded in 1931 during the
But Les Williams was ultimately success-
ful in opening a popular dance studio in San
Mateo before enrolling in Stanford Law
on B Street, and later opened Noah’s Ark in Great Depression. School to become a lawyer later in life, said
a larger location on Third Avenue in 1923, “It was a victim of those economic hard Postel. He added that Les Williams’ brother,
curator Dana Neitzel. Barney Williams, dedicated much of his life
he was giving diners a chance to experience times,” he said.
She said Williams invested some $40,000 to local chapters of the Boy Scouts.
the fine dining only accessible to rail pas- Neitzel said Williams attempted to open
to equip the restaurant with delicate service
sengers at the time, said Postel. another restaurant in Belmont in the 1930s Postel said Les Williams donated the col-
items like tea pots for individual servings
and high-end silverware, most of which “For people who were really looking for but it never achieved the success his San lection of paintings and service items from
were emblazoned with the “Noah’s Ark” luxurious ways to travel, the railroads were Mateo restaurants had, so he gave up the his father’s restaurant to the museum in
insignia. supreme,” he said. restaurant business in the 1940s to become 1972 , and that the items will be displayed
“He really went all-out to make it a high Filled with San Francisco artist Richard the chef for the Paulist Fathers, a communi- for the first time in decades when the exhib-
class restaurant,” she said. “Forty-thou- DeTreville’s paintings of jungle animals, ty of priests, at Old St. Mary’s Cathedral in it opens Tuesday. For Neitzel, who has been
sand-dollars back then was a lot of money.” the restaurant referenced biblical themes San Francisco. spending much of the last few weeks dusting
Mitch Postel, president of the San Mateo while creating a classy ambiance, said the paintings off and getting them ready for
For as much fame as Williams gained as a
County Historical Association, said Neitzel. But she noted African-American display, the hours may be well worth the
restaurateur, his sons, Les Williams and
Williams, an African-American, was born patrons are believed to only have visited effort.
Barney Williams, became recognizable fig-
into a family of railroad chefs at a time when the restaurant after regular business hours ures in the county as well, said Postel. He “It was a good opportunity to get them out
they were well-known for high-quality cui- out of Williams’ concern white patrons said Williams’ son Les Williams, one of the of storage [and] get them cleaned up,” she
sine and many African-Americans worked as might not appreciate visiting an integrated Tuskegee Airmen, became one of the first said. “I think they’re going to be very grand
chefs or clerks along rail lines across the dining room. She said a local chapter of the African-Americans to fly a bomber plane in looking in the rotunda.”
country. Though Williams was born in NAACP was known to have met at the din- World War II. Even though Les Williams
Kansas City, Missouri, in 1888, he eventu- ing room on Mondays, when it was closed returned back home to San Mateo as a hero Visit “Noah’s Ark : San Mateo’s Historic
ally followed his profession west until he to the public. to many, Postel said he faced difficulty in Restaurant” from Jan. 23 to April 15 at the
arrived in San Francisco in 1915, said “They just didn’t want to take the chance finding a space to create a dance studio, a San Mateo County History Museum, 2200
Postel. He said Williams worked at restau- and risk losing their clients,” she said. lifelong dream he developed while attend- Broadway.

$20 OFF!
your smog test
Excludes RVs, exotic cars, and
heavy duty trucks. *Most cars and light
trucks. After-market catalitic converter
verification extra charge.
expires 2/28/18

323 Woodside Road

West of El Camino Real
Redwood City 650-365-SMOG


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10 Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 BUSINESS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Stocks close up as market sets latest record

By Alex Veiga ing makers, restaurant chains,
DOW JONES INDUSTRIALS department stores and other con-
High: 26,071.72 sumer-focused companies. Toy
Investors shrugged off the Low: 25,942.83 maker Mattel led the pack, climb-
potential for a federal government Close: 26,071.72 ing 91 cents, or 6 percent, to
shutdown Friday, driving U. S. Change: +53.91 $16.14.
stocks higher and setting new They also drove up tobacco
OTHER INDEXES manufacturers, food and beverage
milestones for several of the
S&P 500: 2810.30 +12.27 makers, and other consumer prod-
The Standard & Poor’s 500 NYSE Index: 13,384.46 +68.55 ucts companies. Philip Morris
index, Nasdaq composite and Nasdaq: 7336.38 +40.33 International picked up $3.85, or
Russell 2000 index of smaller- NYSE MKT: 2701.02 +10.16 3. 7 percent, to $108. 92.
company stocks finished at record Russell 2000: 1597.63 +20.90 Campbell Soup added $1.14, or
highs as the market bounced back Wilshire 5000: 29,152.19 +167.42 2.5 percent, to $47.39.
from modest losses a day earlier. Banks and other financial
The S&P 500 has now posted a 10-Yr Bond: 2.63 +0.02 stocks also rose. Synchrony
weekly gain in nine of the last 10 Oil (per barrel): 63.57 -0.38 Financial gained $1.17, or 3.1
weeks. Gold : 1,331.10 +3.90 percent, to $38.47.
Retailers, banks and consumer Lowe’s rose 3.5 percent after the
goods companies accounted for think it’s going to disrupt growth percent from 2.63 percent late U.S. House lawmakers voted late home-improvement supply retail-
much of the latest gains. Energy or make much of an impact on Thursday. That’s the highest level Thursday for a stopgap funding er named three new directors. The
stocks fell along with crude oil GDP, for example.” since July 2014. The increase in bill to keep federal agency doors stock added $3.59 to $104.95.
prices. Utilities also declined as The S&P 500 index rose 12.27 yields weighed on bond-proxy open until mid-February, but Some big companies missed out
bond yields edged up to their high- points, or 0. 4 percent, to stocks, such as utilities. Exelon Senate Democrats and some on the broader market gains
est level in more than three years. 2,810.30. The Dow Jones indus- declined 62 cents, or 1.6 percent, Republicans threatened to block Friday.
The market rally suggested that trial average gained 53.91 points, to $37.97. it. Democrats want the bill to IBM slumped 4 percent despite a
the possibility of a federal gov- or 0.2 percent, to 26,071.72. The Despite an eleventh-hour effort include protections for younger solid fourth-quarter report. The
ernment shutdown this weekend average hit a new high on to reach an agreement, immigrants who were brought to technology and consulting com-
wasn’t worrying traders. Wednesday. Republicans and Democrats the U.S. illegally as children. pany was the biggest decliner in
“Looking back to some of the The Nasdaq added 40.33 points, appeared no closer to averting a Investors have driven stock the Dow. The stock slid $6.75 to
previous shutdowns, they weren’t or 0.6 percent, to 7,336.38. The government shutdown before a indexes higher on optimism over $162.37.
terribly extended in nature and did- Russell 2000 index of smaller- midnight Friday deadline. After an the global economic outlook and American Express fell 1.8 per-
n’t cause a lot of disruption by the company stocks picked up 20.90 afternoon meeting with President corporate earnings, and the possi- cent after the credit card issuer sus-
time everything was done,” said points, or 1. 3 percent, to Donald Trump, Senate Democratic bility of a federal government pended its share buy-back pro-
Tim Dreiling, regional invest- 1,597.63. leader Chuck Schumer said the dis- shutdown did not dim that enthusi- gram for six months following a
ment director at U.S. Bank Private Bond prices fell. The yield on cussions would continue after hav- asm Friday. big one-time tax charge. The
Wealth Management. “I don’t the 10-year Treasury rose to 2.66 ing made “some progress.” Investors bid up shares in cloth- stock shed $1.83 to $98.03.

Bad gifts still hanging around? Six ways to get rid of them
By Anne D’Innocenzio charity. And if they’re lucky, the purchases gifts at some retailers, as they’re more also Letgo, a locally focused mobile app
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS came from retailers with more generous lenient during the holidays. Many allow that lets you sell electronics, games,
return policies. returns and exchanges until late January, clothes and more. You snap a photo of the
NEW YORK — With the holidays gone, “There are more options for people who according to Alex Vlasto, vice president of item, post it to the app and chat with
some people still have bad gifts hanging have unwanted gifts because the internet marketing at StellaService, which monitors prospective buyers.
around. Time is ticking, since many retail- makes it easier for you to be connected to customer service at retailers. During the SELL IT: Unload that unwanted toy or
ers have 30-day return windows. But those someone who does want that item,” says holidays, items shipped by Amazon sweater on sites like, Amazon
who have waited can still find a few ways to Lindsay Sakraida, director of content mar- between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31 can be returned Marketplace or Craigslist. Check the sites
discard weird sweaters or duplicate air fry- keting with, a price compar- until Jan. 31. And for items from to see how much items similar to yours are
ers. ison website. and Bed, Bath & Beyond you going for — and then price it. Got a gift
Here are six ways to unload the castoffs: have one year to return. For consumer gadg- from a significant other who has since faded
That includes selling them on eBay, using
ets, though, it might be too late. Best Buy into insignificance? There’s neverlikedi-
gift-swapping sites or donating them to RETURNS: There’s still time to return
had set a Jan. 14 deadline for most holiday, where you can set up a profile
purchases. using your existing social media ones or
USE SWAP SITES: Plenty of sites from scratch, create a listing and share your
allow shoppers to exchange items for breakup story. You can pay $5 to get extra
something else. Got another copy of a promotion for your item, and if it’s sold the
favorite book? Maybe try site takes a 6 percent cut of the price. “It’s, an online community for cheaper than therapy,” the site says.
exchanging used and new books. The web- DONATE: Consider donating items to

Free Small Electronics Recycling site says giving someone a book earns a
point and people can get any book on offer
in trade. You do have to pay the cost of mail-
churches, nonprofit groups, schools or
other places. Make sure you get a receipt for
income tax purchases, and remember for
Drop-Off Event for San Mateo County Residents ing the book to the other person. For cloth-
ing and accessories, you can try sites like
next time to donate before Dec. 31 to get
the deduction sooner.
Saturday, January 27th, 2018, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM, where you sign up for free REGIFT: Shhh. As long as it’s not used
Event will take place, rain or shine! and trade items. Of course, you can always or personalized, you can easily wrap some-
get together in person to swap items too. thing anew and give to a friend or family
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Residents must provide proof ofresidency t $PNQVUFST $16T
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in San Mateo County(e.g., driver’s license, LFZCPBSET IBSEESJWFT THE ASSOCIATED PRESS honor system — they won’t have to show,
utility bill,garbage collection bill, etc.). t &MFDUSPOJDWJEFPHBNFTBOEUPZT for example, that their dog graduated from
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require owners of service and support animals The new requirements don’t apply to pets,
Items NOT accepted include: to provide more information before their ani- for which owners pay an extra fee. Delta,
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have nearly doubled since 2016. Delta’s policy change arrives with the
t 4NPLFEFUFDUPST Starting March 1, Delta will require owners number of animals in the cabin increasing.
to show proof of their animal’s health or vac- A rift has grown between disabled people
Questions? cinations at least 48 hours before a flight. who rely on trained service animals, usually
Owners of psychiatric service animals and dogs, and passengers with support or com-
t 7JTJUXXXTNDTVTUBJOBCJMJUZPSHt$BMMt&NBJMTVTUBJOBCJMJUZ!TNDHPWPSH of those used for emotional support will need fort animals, with many in the first group
"MMDPMMFDUFEFMFDUSPOJDTXJMMCFTFOUUP$PVOUZBQQSPWFEDFSUJmFESFDZDMFS F3FDZDMJOHPG$BMJGPSOJB to sign a statement vouching that their ani- suspecting that those in the latter are just try-

mal can behave. But owners will be on the ing to avoid paying $125.
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<<< Page 13, Menlo girls rally

for win over Notre Dame-Belmont
Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018

Mills holds off

At last purple reigns at M-A the defending
By Terry Bernal

Ocean champs
There’s never a dull moment when Sequoia
and Menlo-Atherton boys’ basketball take
the floor together. By Terry Bernal
And when Sequoia senior Myles Nuñez DAILY JOURNAL STAFF
stepped to the free-throw line to choruses of
“Traitor!” from the M-A fans in attendance Mills took some target practice through the
on their home turf Friday night, it was clear first half of Friday’s Peninsula Athletic League
the first of two Peninsula Athletic League Ocean Division home matchup against El
South Division games slated for this season Camino. It just took the Vikings some time to
was going to deliver. hit the mark.
Boy did it. Nuñez — who transferred from In the end, the Vikings (4-2 PAL Ocean, 5-4
M-A to Sequoia after his freshman year — overall) did enough with
went on to miss that free throw, but still goals from sophomore
erupted for a game-high 20 points to lead Justin Lauer and senior
the Cherokees to an exciting 47-41 victory. Jake Yee to get past EC for
“Myles is coming on to what he can do, a 2-1 victory. But the
and what we knew he could do,” Sequoia head match contained far more
coach Fine Lauese said. “Earlier in the season of a dramatic finish that
he struggled a little bit. The last few games necessary, had Mills sim-
he’s coming on. ... And coming back to M-A ply finished one of its
is always exciting. I’m glad he came on.” many opportunities during
Nuñez seems to be the key ingredient Justin Lauer a dominant first-half
needed for Sequoia (5-0 PAL South, 13-4 offensive.
overall) to persevere on M-A’s home court. “That was awful,” Lauer
Friday’s win marked the first time in said. “We really should
Lauese’s tenure as Sequoia’s coach — span- have put some of those
ning 10 games since 2006-07 — that the chances away.”
Cherokees have won at M-A. It was a go-ahead score
As far as the “warm” reception goes, by Lauer in the 37th minute
Nuñez was eating it up. that gave Mills the lead.
“I love the competition here,” Nuñez said. But the 10 shots on goal
“Everything here, I love it. I love all the that preceded it had defend-
competitiveness. All the trash talking, it Jake Yee ing PAL Ocean Division
boosts my confidence.” champion El Camino in
It might be fair to say it boosts his game peril through the opening 40 minutes.
too, had it not been for the senior guard scor- Lauer’s score was a strong drive off the left
ing 20 points for the third straight game. He side. The sophomore curled into the penalty
hit that precise total in Sequoia’s previous box as he charged past two defenders, then
two wins, Wednesday over Hillsdale 64-38, threaded the needle between EC goalkeeper
and Tuesday over Aragon 78-43. Uriel Prieto and the right post with a high-tra-
His ability to finish with a flare Friday, jectory bullet to give Mills a 1-0 advantage.
though, was the dagger in an otherwise back- The long-awaited goal was a simple matter
and-forth game. Sequoia opened in dominant of fundamentals, according to Mills head
fashion, jumping out to a 16-4 lead through coach Craig Dillie, who admonished his team
the first quarter. But M-A battled back, over- at the half for trying too much for the glam-
taking Sequoia in the second half. The Bears orous attempt rather than play the percent-
took their first lead of the night two minutes ages.
into the second half, and later led 35-33 win “We’ve been good in transition and playing
5:21 remaining in regulation. TERRY BERNAL/DAILY JOURNAL
the foot,” Dillie said. “When we’ve done that
Considering M-A’s shooting woes, it is a Sequoia senior Myles Nuñez — a transfer from Menlo-Atherton after his freshman year — drives
we’ve been effective.”
en route to scoring a game-high 20 points in the Cherokees’ 47-41 win at M-A.This marks the
See HOOPS, Page 14 first win at M-A for Sequoia since coach Fine Lauese took over the program 11 years ago. See SOCCER, Page 14

Jaguars don’t fear ‘D’ wins titles, at

Patriots’ history in least a NFC crown
AFC title matchup
By Kyle Hightower
By Rob Maaddi

PHILADELPHIA — One team has a suffocat-

3:40 p.m. Sunday, FOX
defense: end Everson
Griffen, outside linebacker
12:05 p.m. Sunday, CBS ing defense. The other has the NFL’s No. 1
Anthony Barr and corner-
back Xavier Rhodes.
ing his 18-year career Defense should win at least the NFC cham- Safety Harrison Smith and
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — The week start- that includes four Super pionship.
ed with a little trash talk from the underdog Rhodes are All-Pros.
Bowl MPV honors. He Two of the league’s elite defenses go at it “It’s just a smothering
. The rest of it was dominated by speculation said a bit contentiously Sunday when the Philadelphia Eagles (14-3)
about a certain 40-year-old quarterback’s defense,” Eagles coach
only “We’ll see” on host the Minnesota Vikings (14-3) in the con- Doug Pederson said.
injured throwing hand . Friday when asked if he ference title game.
Plenty of intrigue for when the Jaguars would play Sunday. “They have a great defense, we have a great Mike Zimmer “(Griffen) is a game wreck-
and Patriots meet in Sunday’s AFC champi- er. They just mix it in. You
He wore red gloves and defense,” Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham don’t know necessarily
onship game? responded to other ques- said. “Whoever is most complete will win.”
New England (14-3), the defending Super what’s coming. Rhodes is
Tom Brady tions about the hand’s The Vikings allowed the fewest yards a tremendous corner,
Bowl champion, is favored heading into its status by saying “I’m not (275.9) and fewest points (15.8) per game.
seventh straight conference title game. But safeties are playing
talking about that.” The Eagles were fourth in yards allowed extremely well.”
the polished veneer it normally displays at The Patriots’ top-ranked offense will need (306.5) and fourth in points (18.4).
this time of year is showing flecks of imper- Defensive tackle
another signature performance from Brady May the best defense reach the Super Bowl. Fletcher Cox and safety
fection after Tom Brady injured his right against the Jaguars’ second-ranked defense . “Typically, when you’re good defensively,
hand during practice. Malcolm Jenkins are
Jacksonville (12-6), trying to earn a trip you’re going to stay in the ballgames,” Philadelphia’s Pro Bowl
The injury kept Brady limited in workouts to its first Super Bowl, has scored eight Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said. “Then you
to begin the week and caused him to sit out defensive touchdowns this season, three have a chance to win them at the end.” Doug Pederson picks. Defensive end
practice entirely on Thursday. Minnesota has three Pro Bowl players on
Brady has never missed a playoff start dur- See AFC, Page 15 See NFC, Page 15
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12 Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

FRIDAY West Bay Athletic League Skyline Division third match in a row to open PAL matches.
Local sports roundup game with a rout of the Panthers.
Mercy-Burlingame (4-0 WBAL Skyline, For the third time in two matches this
Girls basketball points to lead the Gators. Jai Deshpande
8-4 overall) has yet to allow a goal in league week, Half Moon Bay had a wrestler making
added nine, going 4 for 5 from the line. his varsity debut a successful. Luke James
Menlo-Atherton 51, Sequoia 37 ECP falls to 2-4 in league play with the play yet this season, outscoring its oppo-
nents 24-0. moved into the starting lineup and won by
The Cherokees hung tough with Bears for loss, 12-5 overall. second-round pin at 128 pounds.
three quarters, trailing just 33-30 going The Crusaders were held scoreless in the
into the fourth quarter. But M-A outscored Girls’ soccer first half before erupting for seven goals in Josh Mutto moved back into the starting
Sequoia 18-7 in the final eight minutes to the final 40 minutes. Senior Sara Bermudez lineup at 154 and came away with a pin early
pull out the win. Notre Dame-Belmont 5, Crystal Springs 0 continued her strong play as she found the in the second round. Bryan Thorne
Bianca Baldini continues to impress for back of the net four times. Freshmen improved to 2-0 in PAL dual meets after
Greer Hoyem led M-A (5-0 PAL South, 10-
the Tigers as the former goalkeeper is the Caroline Callagy and Elizabeth Bermudez, posting a pin at 147 for the second time this
6 overall) with a game-high 25 points.
hottest striker in the West Bay Athletic along with sophomore Isabel Bojorquez, all week. Cade Duncan (184) held on for a wild
Carly McLanahan added 14 points, includ-
League right now. scored once for Mercy. 17-10 win, while Lucas Woodbridge also
ing four 3-pointers, while Oron Estes
She scored two goals against the won by decision, 6-1, at 222.
chipped in with six points.
Sequoia (3-2, 12-5) was led by freshman
Gryphons and now has eight goals in four Boys’ soccer
WBAL games. Oceana (0-2 PAL Bay) won by pin at 115
Caitlin Dulsky, who finished with 14 Half Moon Bay 2, Westmoor 0 and 128. The Sharks won two matches by
NDB coach Paul McCallion said Baldini
points. She also drained four 3s, with one to The Cougars stayed undefeated in PAL overtime decisions at 122 and 140. They
started the season in goal before an injury
end the first quarter. Soana Afu added 10 for Ocean Division play with a pair of second- also won one match by default at 162
forced her into a forward position before the
the Cherokees. half goals to down the Rams. because of an illegal body slam by Half
start of WBAL Foothill Division play.
Ava Cholokian added a goal and two HMB (5-0 PAL Ocean) got goals from Moon Bay.
Hillsdale 34, San Mateo 19 assists for NDB (3-1 WBAL), which also Damian Gutierrez and Antonio Vega, who
The Knights opened the game on a 14-0 got goals from Julia Granucci and Viva curled in a corner kick. Saul Chacho sup-
run to beat the crosstown rival Bearcats in a Borzimmer, who scored off a free kick from plied the assist on Gutierrez’s strike. Terra Nova 44, Menlo-Atherton 36
PAL South Division game. 45 yards out.
Christina Thomas scored a game-high Terra Nova 1, San Mateo 0 The Tigers kept pace with Half Moon Bay
eight points to lead Hillsdale (3-2 PAL Sacred Heart Prep 1, Woodside Priory 0 The Tigers handed the Bearcats their sec- atop the PAL Bay Division standings, hold-
South, 11-4 overall). San Mateo (0-5, 1-14) The Gators earned a key victory, knock- ond straight PAL Ocean Division loss. ing on for the win over the Bears.
was led by Zoe Pang’s six points. ing off the previously undefeated Panthers. Terra Nova picked up its second win in
Terra Nova improves to 2-0 in league
Scoreless at halftime, freshman Megan league play to improve to 2-3, while San
Boys’ basketball Tinsley scored what turned out to be the Mateo fell to 3-3.
Sacred Heart Prep 47, game winner for SHP (2-1-1 WBAL Menlo-Atherton (1-2 PAL Bay), lost for
Eastside College Prep 35 Foothill) in the 55th minute. the second time this week. The Bears
The Gators won their fifth straight in Woodside Priory falls to 3-1 in WBAL THURSDAY dropped a 60-18 decision to Half Moon Bay
West Bay Athletic League play with the win Foothill Division play with the loss. Tuesday.
over the Panthers. Wrestling Thursday, the Bears’ Songi Eke, Josh
SHP (5-1 WBAL, 7-9 overall) led 24-13 at Mercy-Burlingame 7, Half Moon Bay 48, Oceana 21 Meyers, Anthony Waller, Julian Garza,
halftime. Eastside College Prep 0 Twenty-seven PAL dual meet wins and Garrett Pohlman and Niko Ozden all won by
Eric DeBrine scored a team-high 13 The Crusaders won their fourth straight counting for the Cougars, who won their pin.

2339 OCEAN AVE, S.F.
Mention this ad for
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THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 13

Fourth-quarter rally lifts Menlo over NDB

By Nathan Mollat made 4 of 6 from the stripe over the final The momentum swung back to the Tigers
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF minute. to start the third period as they outscored
After going 2 for 9 from the line in the the Knights 15-9 and outrebounded them
Down eight points to Notre Dame- first two quarters, Menlo (2-2 WBAL 10-1. A Bertana jumper in the key to open
Belmont with a minute left in the third quar- Foothill, 13-3 overall) was 11 for 13 in the the second half gave the Tigers the lead
ter, the Menlo School girls’ basketball team fourth quarter alone. again. Faasolo and Betana then scored on
was nine minutes away from a disastrous “We had [nine] free throws in the first layups after beating the Menlo press and the
start to league play. half,” Paye said. “I told them, ‘If we get Tigers were up 27-23. When Emilia
Playing their fifth game in a week, the [nine] in the second, we would win.” Dougherty was fouled as she knocked down
Knights were staring at a third straight loss It was a rough finish for a NDB squad that a 3-pointer, with the free throw being con-
in West Bay Athletic League Foothill built as early lead and never trailed until the verted by Alaiyah San Juan because
Division play — a division that threw its fourth quarter. Dougherty calf cramped up, NDB was up six,
weight around in the Central Coast Section “We played too well to lose a game like 34-28, with 1:44 left in the third, which
playoffs last season. that,” said NDB coach Josh Davenport. they Tigers pushed to eight when Jasmine
But Menlo rallied in the fourth quarter, “The aggression completely disappeared Masuda scored a layup off a the dribble.
outscoring the Tigers 22-7 to pull out a 52- once we went up eight and [Menlo] stepped The game shifted one more time in the
43 win and get its season back on track. up the pressure.” fourth quarter, however, and the Knights
“I have to hand it to the girls. The first NDB (1-2, 9-5) played well for the first were the beneficiaries.
three quarters, the girls still looked heavy three quarters and what the Tigers lacked in “They really grew as a team today,” Paye
legged,” said Menlo coach John Paye. offense, they made up for with their defense. said of his squad. “That’s the operative word
But in the final eight minutes, the They held the Knights to just six points in for us — team. … I had some frustrations.
Knights got the spring back in their step. the first quarter, on a pair of Layton 3s, and We were all frustrated. But I told the team to
Down 36-30 to start the fourth, Menlo hit led 11-6 after one quarter. stay together. We maintained our compo-
back-to-back 3-pointers from freshman “I thought our defense was tremendous in sure.”
Coco Layton and senior Mallory North, the the half court,” Davenport said. “But it was- NATHAN MOLLAT/DAILY JOURNAL
North Menlo with a game-high 16 points,
second of which tied the game at 36 with n’t enough.” Menlo School’s Maiea Makoni hits a 3-pointer while Makoni added nine points and 12
5:53 to play. Olga Faasolo came off the bench for NDB to tie Notre Dame-Belmont at halftime. The rebounds. The Tigers got 10 points and
A jumper from NDB’s Talia Bertana slowed in the first quarter and made an immediate Knights would go on to post a 52-43 win over seven rebounds from Faasolo, while
Menlo’s roll briefly, but North’s fourth 3 of impact. The Tigers led 6-3, but when the 6-1 the Tigers Friday night in Belmont. Bertana, Dougherty and San Juan all scored
the night with 3:07 left gave the Knights post player checked in, Faasolo made 1 of 2 six points apiece.
their first lead of the game, 39-38. That trey free throws before using a spin move in the North and Mohini Gupta tied the score at 13 For Notre Dame-Belmont, it was another
kicked off a 12-0 run. Avery Lee scored her post for a bucket and followed that with a for Menlo. case of what could have been. The Tigers got
first points of the game on a layup and an power move on the baseline for a layup and The Tigers retook the lead on a steal and the looks at the basket they wanted, but as
and-1. an 11-3 NDB lead with 51 seconds left in the layup from Alexandra Gatt, who had just has been the case this season, failed to hit
After that, it was a steady procession of opening quarter. checked into the game and led 21-18 with many of them as they shot just 14 for 49
free throws that maintained Menlo’s lead. The momentum shifted in the second quar- 39 seconds left, but Makoni tied the game at from the field.
Maiea Makoni, Lee and North all made a ter. Faasolo assisted on a Taylor McDonald 21 at halftime with a 3-pointer. “If you would tell me before the game we’d
pair of free throws to up the lead to 10, 48- bucket to give NDB a 13-6 lead to open the Menlo made only six baskets in the first get those looks, I’d take them,” Davenport
38, with 1:10 to play. The Knights then second quarter, but back-to-back 3s from two quarters — all 3-pointers. said. “But you have to knock them down.”

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14 Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Joel Vilaipando, an El Camino defender in Then the Vikings picked up the tempo goalkeeper.

Continued from page 11
his second varsity season. With the Colts’
extraordinary depth last season though,
Vilaipando did not see the field once in
with a battery of attempts from Gonzalez.
In the 21st minute, Mills took another
shot on a breakaway to the foot of
Ten minutes into the second half, Mills
got a critical insurance goal off a corner
kick. Miyake sent in the corner and found
2016-17. “So I think we had to figure it out Gonzalez. With a slight step on his defend- the head of Yee, who pounded it in from 10
by the second half.” er, Gonzalez hurried a shot as he sprinted yards out to give the Vikings a 2-0 lead in
With frequent attacks through the open- through the middle and past the penalty the 50th minute.
ing 30 minutes, Mills indeed squandered a In the eighth minute, Mills had its first
good chance on a pass senior midfielder hash. His arcing attempt, however, glanced The score loomed large as El Camino fin-
few chances. But, El Camino (0-5, 2-8) off the top of the crossbar and over. In the
Favian Gonzalez placed behind the El ished the match with a lot of offensive pres-
enjoyed its fair share of defensive gems as 25th minute, Gonzalez advanced off the left
Camino defense. Junior midfielder Richard sure, and even found the back of the net
well. post for a cross shot but missed wide. Then
Schafhalter took the fade in stride and when senior team captain Silvano
It has been a year of few gems for El pounded an attempt just outside the right in the 26th minute, Gonzalez took his time Hernandez scored his fourth goal of the year
Camino, as the Colts graduated 17 players post. inside the 18-yard line, using a little day- on an assist from Alexis Diaz in the 66th
from last year’s historic team. The 2016-17 light to steady his approach, but slammed a minute.
squad was the first in El Camino history to Mills took the momentum and turned it
into two close-range shots, both defended shot right into the hands of Rullhausen. Inspired defense by Vilaipando kept the
advance to the Central Coast Section boys’ In the 33rd minute, though, Mills’ for- one-goal differential in check. The senior
soccer championship round — the Colts well by with strong 1-on-1 matchups in the
back rank. Gonzalez had the first look with tunes changed. Gonzalez found his way into chased down two attacks by Gonzalez late in
lost there to Division II champ Serra — but the box for another attack and drew a foul. the game.
only one starting player remains from last a charge off the right post, firing off the
hands of EC goalkeeper Gunnar Rullhausen. Not only was Mills awarded a penalty kick, “We were keeping our heads up, ”
year’s roster. Rullhausen was forced to depart with a yel-
With the keeper’s defense pulling him to the Vilaipando said. “It was just 1-0, 2-0; it
“It’s a whole different team from the last right side, the deflection looked to take a low card, causing El Camino to turn to doesn’t matter. We just have to dig in deeper
four years,” El Camino head coach Ken perilous carom to sophomore Jose Sanchez Prieto. The senior turned in a stellar effort and play our best.”
Anderson said. stationed in the heart of the penalty box. on the ensuing PK by Mills junior Yuma Lauer and Yee are in a fun intra-squad com-
Mills took advantage of that inexperi- Sanchez quickly booted a shot on goal, but Miyake, leaving his feet to slap away the petition for Mills’ team lead in goal scor-
ence, playing a flurry of breakaways before EC junior Emmanuel Olgin-Meza hustled low attempt with an all-out dive. ing. The two entered the day tied for the
finally getting on the scoreboard. over to knock the attempt out of bound with Four minutes later, though, Mills scored team lead, and with a goal apiece remain
“I think it was miscommunication,” said a slide kick. the go-ahead against El Camino’s reserve that way. Each has seven goals on the year.

pounced, notching three steals in the period another transition score, this time with a Sequoia, however, responded with an 11-0

Continued from page 11
including one of the most highlight-reel
worthy plays of the game.
Amid a 12-0 second-quarter run, M-A jun-
steal from Stillman to feed sophomore guard
Justin Anderson to deadlock it 19-19 with
21 seconds left in the half. But Sequoia
run, with two clutch assist passes from
Attari accompanied by Ziggy Lauese’s most
dominant quarter of the game. But it was
ior Will Beasley produced a steal just shy of answered back on its final possession senior guard Zach Bene’s blocked shot on an
half court, and fed the fast break by instant- before the break and Nuñez hit a running M-A baseline drive with the game dead-
marvel head coach Mike Molieri’s team was ly pushing a bounce pass to senior Bradley jumper to send the Cherokees into halftime locked 35-35 that put Sequoia on the attack.
in the game at all. The Bears, who live and Stillman in stride. Stillman hurried to the up 21-19. Attari went to the line on the ensuing pos-
die from 3-point land, shot just 35.4 per- cylinder and didn’t convert, but trailing the In the third quarter, M-A took a brief 26- session, hit both free throws, and the
cent from the field, including 3 of 18 from play was senior Jhavente Hill to score on a 25 lead on a running jumper by Stillman. Cherokees never looked back.
beyond the arc. put-back in an exquisite display of team- But then Sequoia began beating M-A at its “I think that’s one of the biggest differ-
“This is the challenge with our team; I own game. The Cherokees shot 50 percent ences of this year’s team … I think they’re a
think at times we get impatient,” Molieri from the field, including 4 of 11 from 3- lot better defensively, ” Molieri said.
said. “But we’re going to have to shoot 3s. Sequoia big man Ziggy Lauese drew plen-
ty of defenders and battled through some- point range, hitting one more 3 than M-A “They’re a lot more aggressive. They’re not
Against a team like Sequoia, we’re going to did throughout. going to allow us to drive to the basket. It’s
have to shoot 3s. We had great looks. thing of an off night, but even with that the
senior center went for a double-double, The Cherokees responded with a pair of 3s hard to when you have a big guy like Ziggy.
Unfortunately, they didn’t fall.” … If we make a few 3s, it’s a different game.
totaling 12 points and 10 rebounds, adding near the end of the third quarter, from Nuñez
M-A (3-2, 10-6) rallied behind some tena- Unfortunately, they didn’t fall today.”
three steals and two blocked shots. on an impressive step-back and senior guard
cious takeaway defense to feed its transition
“Defensively, our goal was to contain Pedram Attari to give Sequoia a 31-28 lead Sequoia’s dominance on the boards was
game in the second quarter. Sequoia commit-
Ziggy,” Molieri said. “And I thought we did heading into the fourth. unforgiving. The Cherokees outrebounded
ted 19 turnovers in the game, including six
a good job and fought back.” The lead changed twice more in the fourth M-A 34-20.
in the first quarter. But in committing seven
quarter, with Hill dishing out three assists Nuñez capped the 11-point run with a
more in the second quarter, it was M-A who M-A tied it near the end of the first half on
early in the period for M-A. He fed Logan showy and-1, cutting through the heart of
Faberowski and Dean Fratt to tie it 32-32. the M-A defense to score an impressive
Then Hill’s assist pass on a James Beckwith underhand layup. And, yes, this time he
3 gave the Bears a 35-33 advantage. drilled the free throw.

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— over 25 exhibitors!
January 20 Goody Bags for first 200 attendees
9am to 1pm Free Services include
Interim Community Center r%PPS1SJ[FTBOE(JWFBXBZT
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THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 15

everything possible to stay alive and earn taking care of my body, but overall I feel a game where someone has been able to do

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the right to be in the Super Bowl, ”
Campbell said. “They say you have to beat
the best to be the best, so I can’t wait to get


it. He is going to make his plays and you
hope those plays don’t end up killing you.”
In his past six postseason games, Gronk
out there and try.” All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey caused a has 512 yards receiving and seven touch-
Quarterback Blake Bortles, who has been stir when he told thousands of fans awaiting downs. He is looking for his seventh play-
more than any other team. That’s the most the subject of criticism at times during his
defensive touchdowns in a season by one the team’s return after their win over the off game in a row with a TD catch.
career , said Sunday isn’t about trying to Steelers that the Jaguars “are going to the
team since the 2012 Bears. prove anyone wrong.
Brady has faced a top-2 scoring defense in “I don’t think so. Personally, I do not
Super Bowl and we are going to win that SIZING THEM UP
the playoffs three times, going 3-0 with a (expletive).”
care,” he said. Brandin Cooks is used to being underesti-
passer rating of 100-plus in each game. Here are some things to watch for: Asked about Ramsey’s comment, Patriots
special teams captain Matt Slater said mated because of his size. So the 5-foot-10
Jaguars defensive end Calais Campbell Patriots receiver isn’t worried about match-
said their respect for Brady is high. Then he FOURNETTE’S HEALTH Ramsey has reason to show confidence.
ing up against the taller players in
dismissed the notion that anyone in “He should be confident, because he is
Jaguars rookie RB Leonard Fournette said Jacksonville’s secondary.
Jacksonville felt like the Jags were simply very, very good,” Slater said. “The good
he is feeling “good” after he was rear-ended Lord made that guy, and he said, ‘Let there Both Jaguars starting cornerbacks,
playing with “house money” after surpris- in what authorities say be corner.’ And there he is. I’d be confident Ramsey and A.J. Bouye, are listed at 6-foot-
ing Pittsburgh in the divisional round. was a minor three-car if I were him as well.” 1 and 6-0 respectively.
“We have earned the right to be here,” he crash early in the week.
said. “We have put a lot of time and effort in, “I mean, you go and play,” Cooks said.
Fournette ran for 109 CONTAINING GRONK “We’re not talking measurements at this
so this is an opportunity we feel like we yards and three touch-
deserve and we have prepared for. I can hon- Coach Doug Marrone has seen plenty of point in the season, you know?”
downs against the
estly say I expected to be here.” Steelers despite reinjur- Rob Gronkowski dating back to his stint as Cooks said Bouye he’s gotten better since
Jacksonville will also be up against his- ing his right ankle in the Buffalo’s head coach. His approach to try- he faced him during joint practices this sum-
tory: The Patriots have won the past seven first half. It was his most ing to slow down a tight end he calls a mer.
meetings with the Jaguars and two straight productive game in three “nightmare” of a matchup hasn’t changed “At the end of the day they’re physical.
in the postseason. Since Jacksonville Leonard months. much. And that’s how they play,” Cooks said.
entered the NFL in 1995, it is 1-10 against Fournette “I feel good in spite of “Hope they do not throw him the foot- “And they use that to their strength. So we
the Patriots, including playoff games. the ankle and stuff,” Fournette said. “Just ball. Hope he drops it,” Marrone said. gotta be ready to be able to match that phys-
“We are going to go out and there do “There is no secret formula. I’d like to watch icality.”

BATTLE OF THE BACKUPS other team. But Jeffery, who spent his first passes defended and one interception return

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Case Keenum and Nick Foles were team-
mates in St. Louis in 2015 and began this sea-
five seasons with the Bears, did most of his
damage against other cornerbacks while also
being the featured guy in Chicago’s offense.
for a touchdown. Mychal was fifth on the
Eagles with 72 tackles in 2017, adding two
son as backups. Keenum had a breakout sea- The Eagles spread the ball around, so Jeffery
son for the Vikings after Sam Bradford was Both were second-round draft picks, Eric out
had only 789 yards receiving, but his nine
Brandon Graham had an excellent season and injured. Foles is 3-1 since MVP candidate of UCLA with the 45th overall selection in
TDs were the second most in his career.
cornerbacks Ronald Darby and Jalen Mills are Carson Wentz tore his ACL. Expect defenses 2015 and Mychal from Cal with the 46th
Jeffery, by the way, turned down more money
solid. to focus on the running backs and challenge overall pick in 2012. Their father, Marvin,
in free agency from Minnesota to join the
Hearing about Minnesota’s defense all week the quarterbacks. was UCLA’s leading rusher in 1970 and 1971
Eagles on a one-year deal. Philadelphia gave
is extra motivation for Philadelphia, which is “We’ve got to make Nick Foles win the and went on to play in the CFL.
him a four-year, $52 million extension during
a home underdog for the second straight game. game,” Griffen said. “We’ve got to make him the season. With both teams at the top of the NFC and
“When you’ve got the No. 1 defense coming win the game but we’ve got to stop the run- both defenses at the top of the league all sea-
in statistically, obviously, it fires us up,” Cox ning game, affect him and give the ball back BROTHERLY LOVE son, the two siblings have traded their share
said. “We know going into this game that to our offense as much as possible so that they of friendly trash talk along the way. Family
whoever’s defense plays better is going to win The Kendricks family from Northern
can score points.” California is guaranteed to have a son playing members have been known to wear split jer-
the game. The way we’re prepared, we won’t seys to support both players.
linebacker in the Super Bowl. Eric Kendricks
change nothing that we do. We’ll just go out OWNING MINNESOTA is in his third season with the Vikings, and “I always make jokes: I feel like my brother
and be ourselves.”
Here are things to watch for in the NFC Eagles receiver Alshon Jeffery has more Mychal is in his sixth year with the Eagles. gets a little bit of the advantage as far as who
championship game: catches (45), yards (685), and touchdowns (7) Eric had his best season with 136 tackles to the family roots for, because he’s the first
against the Vikings than he has against any lead the team for the third straight time, nine born,” Eric said. “It’s all love, though.”

108 El Camino Real 2332 S. El Camino Real 1060 El Camino Real

San Carlos, CA 94070 San Mateo, CA 94403 Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 226-3913 (650) 295-0772 (650) 995-7649
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16 Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL






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THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 17

Stanford LB Ryan Beecher Regents approve UNLV’s EASTERN CONFERENCE
Atlantic Division
Atlantic Division Wild-card playoffs
says he has lymphoma use of Raiders stadium Boston

Tampa Bay 45 31 11 3
Saturday, Jan. 6
Tennessee 22, Kansas City 21
STANFORD — Stanford junior LAS VEGAS — Nevada’s Board Toronto 31 13 .705 2 Boston 44 26 10 8 60 146 111 Atlanta 26, Los Angeles Rams 13
Philadelphia 21 20 .512 10 1/2 Toronto 47 25 17 5 55 149 136
inside linebacker Ryan Beecher of Regents has approved a joint- New York 20 25 .444 13 1/2 Florida 44 19 19 6 44 126 144
Sunday, Jan. 7
has announced he is receiving use agreement that will allow the Brooklyn 17 29 .370 17 Jacksonville 10, Buffalo 3
Montreal 46 19 21 6 44 119 144
New Orleans 31, Carolina 26
treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lym- UNLV football team to use the $1.9 Southeast Division
Detroit 44 18 19 7 43 119 135
Ottawa 43 15 19 9 39 118 153
phoma but will billion stadium planned for the
remain enrolled Oakland Raiders when the NFL

Buffalo 45 11 25 9 31 102 155 Divisional playoffs
Charlotte 18 25 .419 7 Metropolitan Division Saturday, Jan. 13
in classes and team moves to Las Vegas in 2020. Atlanta 13 31 .295 12 1/2 Washington 47 28 15 4 60 145 134 Philadelphia 15, Atlanta 10
looks forward The board approved the measure Orlando 13 32 .289 13 New Jersey 44 24 12 8 56 141 134 New England 35, Tennessee 14 Sunday, Jan. 14
to making a full Friday on an 11-1 vote. Central Division
Columbus 47 26 18 3 55 126 130 Jacksonville 45, Pittsburgh 42
N.Y. Rangers 46 24 17 5 53 141 133 Minnesota 29, New Orleans 24
recovery. He The Las Vegas Review Journal Cleveland 27 17 .614 — Pittsburgh 48 25 20 3 53 141 147
also hopes to reports Regent Rick Trachok was Milwaukee 23 21 .523 4 Philadelphia 45 21 16 8 50 132 132
co n t ri b ut e the only one opposed.
N.Y. Islanders 47 23 20 4 50 161 173 Conference championships
Carolina 45 20 17 8 48 126 140
again to the He said he wanted greater assur- Chicago 17 28 .378 10 1/2 Sunday, Jan. 21
Ryan Beecher Cardinal foot- ance of UNLV’s financial commit- WESTERN CONFERENCE WESTERN CONFERENCE
Central Division Jacksonville at New England, 12:05 p.m. (CBS)
ball team. ment in the event it decides not to Southwest Division
Houston 31 12 .721 —
The school released his state- use the stadium because of the San Antonio 30 17 .638 3 Nashville 44 27 11 6 60 135 116 Minnesota at Philadelphia, 3:40 p.m. (FOX)
ment Friday with no additional costs. New Orleans 23 21 .523 8 1/2 Winnipeg 46 26 13 7 59 153 127
details. Beecher appeared in 13 Trachok’s father, Dick, is a for- Memphis
15 1/2
St. Louis
48 28 17 3
47 26 17 4
128 Pro Bowl
games last season and made three mer athletic director at the Colorado 44 25 16 3 53 147 129 Sunday, Jan. 28
tackles for the Cardinal, who lost University of Nevada, Reno. Northwest Division Minnesota 46 24 17 5 53 133 131 At Orlando, Fla.
Minnesota 29 18 .617 — Chicago 45 22 17 6 50 136 123 AFC vs. NFC, 3 p.m. (ESPN/ABC)
to USC in the Pac-12 champi- The joint-use deal is expected to Oklahoma City 25 20 .556 3
onship game and fell to TCU in the be reviewed by the Las Vegas Portland 24 21 .533 4 Pacific Division
Alamo Bowl. Stadium Authority on Feb. 15 when Denver 23 23 .500 5 1/2 Vegas
45 30 11
44 24 14
Super Bowl
Utah 18 26 .409 9 1/2
Beecher says: “With the help it plans to consider an overall sta- Calgary 45 25 16 4 54 131 125 Sunday, Feb. 4
Pacific Division Los Angeles 46 24 17 5 53 131 112 At Minneapolis
and support of my family, friends dium development agreement. Anaheim 47 22 16 9 53 129 129 AFC champion vs. NFC champion, 3:30 p.m. (NBC)
Warriors 37 9 .804 —
and teammates, I remain inspired L.A. Clippers 23 21 .523 13 Edmonton 46 20 23 3 43 126 147
to once again contribute to the Andrew Landry tops crowded Phoenix 17 29 .370 20 Vancouver 45 18 21 6 42 119 147
Cardinal football team.” CareerBuilder leaderboard L.A. Lakers
20 1/2
23 1/2
Arizona 47 10 28 9 29 109 166 WHAT’S ON TAP
Friday’s Games SATURDAY
NFL: Raiders complied LA QUINTNA — Andrew Landry Friday’s Games
Toronto 86, San Antonio 83
Florida 4, Vegas 3, OT
Montreal 3, Washington 2
Boys’ soccer
topped the crowded CareerBuilder
with ’Rooney Rule’ Challenge leaderboard after anoth-
Brooklyn 101, Miami 95
Memphis 106, Sacramento 88
Anaheim 2, Los Angeles 1
Saturday’s Games
Valley Christian at Serra, 11 a.m.

before hiring Gruden er low-scoring day in the sunny Washington 122, Detroit 112
Phoenix 108, Denver 100
New Jersey at Philadelphia, 10 a.m.
Dallas at Buffalo, 10 a.m.
Coachella Overfelt Classic at Overfelt High School, all day
ALAMEDA — The NFL said L.A. Lakers 99, Indiana 86 Winnipeg at Calgary, noon
Friday that the Oakland Raiders Valley. New York at Utah, late N.Y. Rangers at Colorado, noon Men’s college basketball
complied with the “Rooney Rule” Landry shot a Saturday’s Games Boston at Montreal, 4 p.m.
NDNU at Fresno Pacific, 4:30 p.m.; William Jessup at
Oklahoma City at Cleveland, 12:30 p.m. Carolina at Detroit, 4 p.m.
when they hired Jon Gruden as 7-under 65 on Chicago at Atlanta, 2 p.m. Toronto at Ottawa, 4 p.m.
Menlo College, 7:30 p.m.

head coach. Thursday on Memphis at New Orleans, 4 p.m. Florida at Nashville, 5 p.m.
Miami at Charlotte, 4 p.m. Arizona at St. Louis, 5 p.m. Women’s college basketball
The league said a review found PGA West’s Pittsburgh at San Jose, 5 p.m. NDNU at Fresno Pacific, 2:30 p.m.; William Jessup at
Milwaukee at Philadelphia, 4:30 p.m.
the Raiders conducted “bona fide” Jack Nicklaus Golden State at Houston, 5:30 p.m. N.Y. Islanders at Chicago, 5:30 p.m. Menlo College, 5:30 p.m.
interviews with minority candi- To u r n a m e n t L.A. Clippers at Utah, 6 p.m. Tampa Bay at Minnesota, 6 p.m.
Toronto at Minnesota, 6 p.m. Vancouver at Edmonton, 7 p.m. MONDAY
dates during their search for a Course to reach Dallas at Portland, 7 p.m. Sunday’s Games Boys’ soccer
replacement for the fired Jack Del 16 under. He Sunday’s Games Philadelphia at Washington, 9:30 a.m.
Eastside College Prep at Woodside Priory, 3:30 p.m.
Andrew Landry opened with a Orlando at Boston, 10 a.m. Vegas at Carolina, 3 p.m.
Rio. The “Rooney Rule” requires New York at L.A. Lakers, 12:30 p.m. Vancouver at Winnipeg, 5 p.m.
NFL teams to consider at least one 63 on Thursday Brooklyn at Detroit, 1 p.m. San Jose at Anaheim, 6 p.m. Girls’ basketball
minority candidate before making at La Quinta Country Club. Indiana at San Antonio, 4 p.m. N.Y. Rangers at Los Angeles, 7:30 p.m. Mercy-Burlingame at Castilleja, 5:30 p.m.

an offer to a head coaching candi- Jon Rahm, the first-round leader

date. The team officially hired after a 62 at La Quinta, was a stroke
Gruden on Jan. 6. back. He had two early bogeys in a
The Fritz Pollard Alliance had
called for an investigation last
week out of concern that Raiders
67 on the Nicklaus layout.
Jason Kokrak was 14 under after
a 67 at Nicklaus. Two-time major
On the
the Go?
Go? Go
Go Mobile
owner Mark Davis came to an
agreement with Gruden before the
team interviewed any minority
champion Zach Johnson was 13
under along with Michael Kim and
Martin Piller. Johnson had a 64 at
ith LLiberty
iberty B
The Fritz Pollard Alliance is ded- Landry, Rahm, Kokrak and
icated to promoting diversity and Johnson will finish the rotation
equality of job opportunity on the Saturday at PGA West’s Stadium
coaching, front office and scout- Course, also the site of the final
ing staffs of NFL teams. round.

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18 Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Gold medalist wants ex-doctor to suffer

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS door meeting that lasted more than four hours.
Trustees declined to answer reporters’ ques-
LANSING, Mich. — Olympic gold medalist tions.
Aly Raisman on Friday confronted her former Nassar also was a team doctor at the
doctor who has pleaded guilty to multiple sex- Indianapolis-based USA Gymnastics, which
ual assaults, warning him that the testimony trains Olympians.
of the “powerful army” of 140 survivors at his Raisman said if just one adult had believed
sentencing will haunt him in prison. Nassar’s accusers and had “the courage and
More than 80 of the women and girls whom character to act, this tragedy could have been
Larry Nassar abused under the guise of medical avoided. I and so many others would have
treatment have stood before the court during a never, ever met you. Larry, you should have
marathon sentencing been locked up a long, long time ago.”
hearing that began Nassar pleaded guilty to molesting girls at
Tuesday, describing with his university office, at home and at a
eloquence and sometimes Lansing-area gymnastics club, sometimes in
tears the harm Nassar did the presence of parents, who were shielded
and the impact he has had from seeing what he was doing. Already sen-
on their lives. tenced to 60 years in prison on a separate fed-
“You have not taken eral child pornography conviction, the 54-
gymnastics away from year-old man can expect to be behind bars for
me,” Raisman said. “I the rest of his life. Raisman hoped the testi-
Larry Nassar love this sport, and that
monies of her fellow survivors will never
love is stronger than the leave him.
evil that resides in you, in those who enabled REUTERS
“All these brave women have power, and we
you to hurt many people.” Aly Raisman, an Olympic gold medalist, speaks at the sentencing hearing for former USA
will use our voices to make sure you get what
Facing pressure over how Michigan State gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, who pleaded guilty to sexual assault charges. She was one
you deserve — a life of suffering spent replay-
University handled allegations made against of 120 girls and women who accused Nassar of sexually molesting them.
ing the words delivered by this powerful army
Nassar when he was employed there, the
of survivors,” Raisman said. Nassar’s abuse ruin her dreams. “their day in court.”
school’s board of trustees on Friday asked the
state’s attorney general to investigate but Nassar, who has often looked down or “Even though I’m a victim, I do not and will The university fired Nassar in 2016, as alle-
stood by university president Lou Ann Simon blankly at victims giving statements, broke not live my life as one,” Jordyn Wieber said. gations against him stretching back years
— who is facing growing calls to resign or to down when longtime family friend Trinea “I’m an Olympian despite being abused. I came to light.
be fired by the board. Gonczar spoke. worked hard and managed to achieve my The criminal cases against Nassar followed
“Through this terrible situation, the univer- “I don’t know who you are now. Maybe I goal.” reports last year in The Indianapolis Star
sity has been perceived as tone deaf, unre- never knew. Maybe none of us did,” she said, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, about how USA Gymnastics mishandled com-
sponsive and insensitive to the victims. We as Nassar took off his glasses and wiped away who is running for governor and whose office plaints about sexual misconduct involving
understand the public’s faith has been shaken. tears. charged Nassar, said he would provide “a full the doctor and coaches.
The board has listened and heard the victims,” Earlier Friday, another member of the 2012 and complete review, report and recommenda- Many of the accusers have sued Michigan
chairman Brian Breslin said after a closed- U.S. Olympic gymnastics team — known as tion” of Michigan State’s actions over Nassar, State, USA Gymnastics and the U.S. Olympic
the “Fierce Five” — said she refused to let but only after the ex-doctor’s victims have had Committee.

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Cult movie
gets TV makeover,
Doherty cameos

By Talia Fine

ur home, San Mateo County, is a
thriving, diverse, progressive
place. We are conveniently situat-
ed just north of Silicon Valley, which is the
technology hub of the United States, and
just south of San Francisco, the 13th
largest cities in the United States and a
major cultural and commercial center.
We have access to popular beaches in
South San Francisco,
Half Moon Bay, Pacifica
and more.
Our kids attend 23
school districts and 19
charter schools, or our
top-rated private
And there are 27 public
parks, including open
space preserves, ranches, memorials and
beautiful local monuments.
We have access to SamTrans, Caltrain and
Bay Area Rapid Transit, as well as paratran-
sit. Plus, SFO may be “San Francisco
International Airport,” but it’s in the mid-
dle of our county.
Our community encompasses a popula-
tion of more than 700,000 people, and,
according to the U.S. Census Bureau statis-

Doc looks back

tics of 2010, more than 30 percent of San
Mateo County residents are foreign born.
More than 45 percent of families speak a
language other than English a home.
It’s a welcoming and diverse community,
and a unique place that we call home.

wistfully look It’s important to note that having the

enticing nature of a big city just minutes
away, but also the intrigue of a tech capital,
the calming allure of the suburbs and a
melting pot of cultures and ideas is not a
particularly common home environment.

at Obama era
By Jocelyn Noveck
It can be easier to evaluate a place based
on what it is or has. Desert or water. An
urban city, largely suburban communities,
a small town or a rural area. The streets
could be wide or narrow; there could be a lot
of highways or trains. When there are a lot
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS of parks, there tends to be a natural, out-
doorsy vibe. When there aren’t, there can
be a beauty in emptiness. It’s harder to
Greg Barker had assembled nearly all his footage classify a place that is almost all of the
for “The Final Year,” a behind-the-scenes look at My friends and I feel equally thankful and
President Barack Obama’s globe-trotting foreign spoiled from growing up here, seeing as
policy team, when something unexpected hap- it’s such a special place. We all share in
that sentiment, but we also share the
pened — so unexpected that it left its main char- inevitable dread that our time living in the
acters literally speechless. Bay Area is limited. A running joke among
young people is that they’ll never be able
Donald Trump was elected president.
See OBAMA, Page 22 See STUDENT, Page 23

In ‘Alienist,’ Dakota Fanning breaks 1890s rules for women

By Lynn Elber Europe proved an excit- years, Fanning has compiled a deep list of and poverty of the Gilded Age in 1890s New
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ing and “transformative” TV and movie credits that veteran perform- York, Fanning plays Sara, an ambitious
time, one that allowed ers would boast about, including “War of the woman who joins with a psychologist — or
her to disconnect from Worlds” and the “Twilight” franchise. alienist, in the parlance of the day — played
LOS ANGELES — Dakota Fanning was routine demands and by Daniel Bruhl; a newspaper illustrator
unfazed by being on her own for six months At age 7, Fanning became the youngest-
“lean into the experi- ever individual Screen Actors Guild Award (Luke Evans); and police commissioner
in Budapest or the dark nature of the TV ence” and her role. Theodore Roosevelt (Brian Geraghty) to
series that brought her there, TNT’s adapta- nominee for her supporting role in “I Am
She clearly doesn’t shy Sam.” She’s a presenter at this Sunday’s find a serial killer targeting boy prosti-
tion of “The Alienist,” Caleb Carr’s 1994 away from work. On- tutes.
novel. SAG ceremony.
screen for most of her 23
The young actress said creating a life in Dakota Fanning In “The Alienist,” set among the grandeur See FANNING, Page 22
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20 Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 WEEKEND JOURNAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

Russian genius celebrated

in ‘Our Great Tchaikovsky’
By Judy Richter Tchaikovsky entered into a marriage of con-
DAILY JOURNAL CORRESPONDENT venience. He and his wife soon separated
and lived apart for the rest of his life, but
Piotr (Peter) Ilyich Tchaikovsky gave the they never divorced.
world a treasure trove of memorable music. An accomplished pianist, Felder plays
Hershey Felder brings that music and its much of the music, sometimes singing the
inspiration to TheatreWorks in his “Our orchestral part, sometimes using recorded
Great Tchaikovsky.” music.
Felder is known for writing and perform- Directed by Trevor Hay, he says
ing his one-man shows about such musical Tchaikovsky disliked “Overture 1812, ”
luminaries as Bernstein, Beethoven, Berlin, which ironically became his best known
Gershwin and Chopin. and most popular work. It’s presented com-
This one is slightly different in that it plete with fireworks, cannons and church
begins with Felder speaking to the audience bells in its finale. PHOTO COURTESY OF HERSHEY FELDER PRESENTS
as himself. He reads a letter from the Felder also designed the set, which is a Piano virtuoso Hershey Felder brings to life the music and story of composer Piotr Ilyich
Russian government inviting him to per- drawing room with trees in the background. Tchaikovsky in a time-bending tale with the Bay Area premiere of ‘Our Great Tchaikovsky.’
form his Tchaikovsky piece in Russia. It’s augmented by ever-changing lighting
He returns to that invitation at the end of and projections by Christopher Ash. For
the show and explains why he has some example, projections for “Swan Lake” fea-
trepidation about accepting it. As it was true ture an abstract pas de deux.
in Tchaikovsky’s time, Russia has little tol- Another musical highlight is excerpts
erance for homosexuals and the promotion from “The Nutcracker.” Also heard are pas-
of homosexuality. sages from his symphonies and other
“Our Great Tchaikovsky” makes no secret works.
about Tchaikovsky’s homosexuality and its Felder is an engaging performer who pres-
effect on his music. His “Romeo and Juliet,” ents interesting musical and biographical
for example, was inspired by his fixation on information. The latter is researched by
a 15-year-old boy. Meghan Maiya.
This information emerges during Felder’s Running about an hour and 40 minutes
recounting of Tchaikovsky’s early life, his without intermission, “Our Great
strict upbringing and his musical genius, Tchaikovsky” will continue through Feb.
which became apparent when he was just 6 11 at the Mountain Center for the
years old. Performing Arts, 500 Castro St., Mountain
In an effort to hide his homosexuality, View. For tickets and information call (650)
which he called his “proclivity, ” 463-1960 or visit

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THE DAILY JOURNAL WEEKEND JOURNAL Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 21

With Daveed Diggs, ‘Blindspotting’ tells an Oakland story told the Associated Press. “Through their
By Lindsey Bahr
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS relationships, we try to navigate those and
ask questions that hopefully inspire some
“Hamilton” star Daveed Diggs used his meaningful conversations.”
own life as inspiration for the film Estrada is also looking forward to audi-
“Blindspotting,” which premiered as one of ences getting to see Diggs in a new light.
the opening night films of the Sundance “He is an extremely talented individual,”
Film Festival Thursday to largely positive Estrada said of the Tony-winner. “I’ve seen
reactions. him before in a variety of mediums. I’ve seen
Diggs co-stars in and co-wrote the film him perform a lot of rap, I’ve seen him per-
with his longtime friend and collaborator form spoken word. I have never seen him
Rafael Casal. They used their experience deliver range like he does in this movie. The
growing up in Oakland to inform the script movie is a comedy at times. It’s a drama at
about a man, Collin, is in his last days of times. It quickly jumps between one and the
probation, and his best friend Miles, who are other. There are a lot of musical elements. To
grappling with the gentrification of the Bay me this is one of those roles that honestly
Area and their once “rough” childhood home. no one else could play but him.”
Its provocative logline describes it as “a Opening night selections have not always
buddy comedy in a world that won’t let it be been sure-bets at Sundance — one year the
one.” spot featured Damien Chazelle’s
Audiences largely praised the film on ‘Blindspotting’is about a man, Collin, is in his last days of probation, and his best friend Miles, who “Whiplash,” which went on to win J.K.
social media following its Park City, Utah are grappling with the gentrification of the Bay Area and their once ‘rough’ childhood home. Simmons an Oscar. The next year, it was the
premiere, kicking off the annual indie film largely forgotten gymnastics comedy “The
festival. Los Angeles Times writer Tre’vell a few videos for his experimental hip hop Bronze.”
Anderson said that Diggs’ performance was group Clippings. When Diggs and Casal
“This is a powerful and passionate movie “Blindspotting” is in the U.S. Dramatic
“gripping.” approached him with the script, he said he
about race and Oakland and language that I Competition at the festival, which runs
“Beautifully captures the enduring effects knew it was the right thing to get on board
will be thinking about for days,” wrote through Jan. 28, and one that is angling to
of police overuse of power on black folks with.
Buzzfeed reporter Adam Vary on Twitter. get purchased for distribution. Along with
while commenting on a changing (gentrify- “It’s inspired by many characters and
Film critic Tomris Laffly said she respects the dystopian comedy “Sorry to Bother
ing) Oakland,” Anderson said. places and events that took place in their
it more than she loves it. You,” with Lakeith Stanfield and Tessa
“Blindspotting” is the feature debut for lives and them being a mixed duo lends itself
“Had lots to say about racial injustice, music video director Carlos Lopez Estrada, to a lot of conversations, that, I’ll just say, Thompson, “Blindspotting” also is one of
though I found it structurally/stylistically who has known Diggs for years and directed are important right now in America,” Estrada two films at the festival this year set in
messy,” Laffly wrote. “An imperfect artifact.” Oakland.

The 1988
Cult movie ‘Heathers’ gets TV cult movie
and the

makeover, Doherty cameos

By Lynn Elber retelling turns the story on its head, he said,
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS with teens from traditionally marginalized in a new
communities “using the power of the inter- TV series.
PASADENA — The 1988 cult movie net and the power of pure self-confidence to
“Heathers” and the title characters get trash everybody around them.”
makeovers in a new TV series. The show takes a deeper look than the
In the big-screen dark comedy, the queen movie could at what motivates the charac-
bees who shared the name Heather were three ters, said executive producer Jason Micallef.
white high school students by played by He sees both the original Heathers and the
Shannen Doherty, Lisanne Falk and Kim new ones as victims, not villains, which the
Walker. show will explore, Micallef told TV critics
A girl of color and a boy named Heath, Monday.
who is gay, are part of the trio on the show, Both projects also fit their time, he said.
debuting March 7 on the Paramount “The original film was released ... sort of
Network, formerly Spike TV. Jasmine at the end of the Reagan era, and in a time of
Mathews, Brendan Scannell and Melanie transition. And I think now we’re sort of in
Field star. another clearly political time of transi-
“In the movie, we have these like three tion,” Micallef said.
beautiful white women who you wouldn’t Doherty, who played Heather Duke in the
expect to be sort of like wreaking havoc on movie, will have cameo roles in three
a school, and that was sort of new and hadn’t episodes, including the first, he said,
been seen before, ” Scannell said. The declining to provide details.
022 0120 sat:0120 sat 132 1/19/18 5:17 PM Page 1

22 Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 WEEKEND JOURNAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

Cuba, the situation in Syria, climate change war. (Barker includes footage of a 20-some- a sad sequence where, during a trip to

Continued from page 19
and more — as the hourglass was emptying
in 2016. The others are Secretary of State
John Kerry and longtime Obama aide Ben
thing Kerry testifying to a Senate panel.) As
for Rhodes, we watch him sitting alone in
Hanoi with his laptop, struggling with an
Cameroon, a young boy runs out into the
road and is hit and killed by an SUV in her
motorcade. She recounts the incident —
Rhodes, the deputy national security advis- early draft of the momentous speech Obama clearly trembling — on the plane ride back.
er for strategic communications. Obama will deliver in Hiroshima a few days later, Certainly the film’s pivotal scene comes
The development not only shocked those himself speaks occasionally to the cam- the first U.S. president to do so. Others back home, though, on election night. We
onscreen, but changed the trajectory of the eras, as does National Security Adviser have spoken eloquently about Hiroshima, watch a group of female ambassadors gather
film rather dramatically (not to mention the Susan Rice. Rhodes notes, but this will be the leader of with Power and with former Secretary of
country and the world, but we’re talking Is “The Final Year” a fly-on-the-wall doc- the country that dropped the bomb. State Madeleine Albright to watch what
about the film here.) Suddenly, a documen- umentary along the lines of “The War It is Rhodes who also most obviously dis- they all assume will be the ascension of
tary that would have been interesting main- Room” or the terrific, gasp-inducing plays the misplaced confidence Democrats another female secretary of state. Gloria
ly to diplomacy wonks and foreign news “Weiner”? Nope. Despite the feeling that had in the inevitability of a Hillary Clinton Steinem is there, too. We watch their faces
junkies became one that will, to many we’re getting behind the scenes, it doesn’t presidency. Asked in Laos by a concerned as the results come in, and gradually, confi-
Trump opponents — the film’s likely audi- contain a whole lot of revealing moments, bystander if Clinton will defeat Trump, who dence turns to concern, and then shock.
ence — be both a painful trip down memory and the subjects are portrayed in a flattering has just been nominated by the Then we shift venues to somewhere out-
lane and a frightening reminder of how ten- light. Despite being near the action, we Republicans, Rhodes shakes his head in the side, in the November chill, where Rhodes
uous diplomatic deals can be, once the don’t feel particularly close to it. affirmative. “I’m sure,” he repeats. is seeking to process the result.
regime changes at home. As a record of ini- Still, we get to see the wheels turning, and The most interesting domestic tidbits “I can’t... I don’t.... it’s...” The master
tiatives that were more or less stopped in it’s hard not to get wrapped up in some of come from Power, a mother of two young speechwriter literally has no words.
their tracks, it may have become much more the backstage moments. Some are amusing, children with the ultimate power job (no After one last diplomatic journey to
of a high-profile film — a reality that one of as when a young woman asks Obama, on the pun intended); she negotiates with one of Greece, there’s not much left to do for
its main subjects, former U.S. ambassador sidelines of an event, how he shares family her kids about doughnuts, searches for an Rhodes, Kerry and Power but to pack up
to the United Nations Samantha Power, responsibility with his wife. Obama errant bagel as major diplomacy awaits, and their offices, take down the children’s art-
acknowledged at a recent screening. (She explains that you need to alternate whose stashes a piece of her kid’s broccoli in a work from the walls, and say goodbye. A
added that she’d trade that in an instant for a career gets priority; Michelle will soon “get house plant as important guests arrive. final scene shows Rhodes walking aimless-
different election result.) to do whatever she wants.” When? “Right There’s also a moving scene where Power, ly with his carton of belongings into a dark
Power, a former journalist, was one of when all this is over.” a childhood immigrant from Ireland, night and an uncertain future.
three main diplomats that Barker followed We watch Kerry as he returns to Vietnam addresses the swearing-in of some new “The Final Year,” a Magnolia release, is
around the world as they sought to solidify in May 2016, working on normalizing rela- American citizens, including the nanny of not rated by the Motion Picture Association
the administration’s legacy — on issues tions more than four decades after he fought her children, and chokes up as she recalls of America. Running time: 89 minutes. Two
such as the Iran nuclear deal, relations with there and later became a fierce critic of the her own journey to citizenship. And there’s and a half stars out of four.

by getting married to a rich man. But at the while and they go back to the way they sure that muscle has been trained as I con-

Continued from page 19
same time, she is a young woman and we get
to see her blossoming sexuality and femi-
ninity, and how she has to balance that with
were. This story has really proved that to
me. I want people to be talking about it
always and forever until it does change. It is
tinue to do this.
AP: What are the adv antag es and
chal l eng es o f a peri o d drama?
being taken seriously and being heard. ... pretty crazy to watch this part of the show
She inhabits a very hostile workplace in the and read a modern-day story that’s pretty Fanni ng : The costumes. They are very
She discussed the series (debuting police department, and we see how it affects similar. restrictive. It’s a very tight corset all day,
Monday at 9 p.m. Eastern) and how she her when she’s alone and with other people. AP: Starti ng o ut as a chi l d actres s , every day. And because it takes multiple
approaches acting in a recent interview. AP: Wo rk p l ac e s t rug g l e s f o r ho w di d y o u dev el o p the abi l i ty to people to get them on you, you realize what
The Associated Press: Your character is a wo men aren’t jus t part o f a by g o ne anal y ze the characters y o u pl ay ? it must have been like for women in that
secretary who aspires to be a police detec- era, wi th the current s ex ual mi s co n- Fan n i n g : I’ve always felt intuitive time. You couldn’t do anything for yourself,
tive, an unusual goal for that period. Is she duct cri s i s a remi nder. Were y o u about acting and the process of what I do. ... you couldn’t get dressed or take your clothes
a young woman out of sync with her time? s truck by the paral l el ? When I was little, it was always that I want- off. ... But the thing I love about it is the
Fanning: She’s almost not supposed to be Fanni ng : It has struck me for sure, and it ed to be natural: How would a person react, costumes, because they completely trans-
born in the period she was. That’s what I has for a long time. Unfortunately this has not an actor? You want people to get lost in form you, and they give you this immediate
loved about the character and why I wanted been going on for a while, and it is confus- your performance and believe that you’ve pathway into a different posture and a differ-
to do it. We get to see her balance her desire ing why we can’t keep these conversations really experienced what you’re experienc- ent way to sit, and immediately transport
to advance herself in society, and not just going. We feel like things change for a ing on-screen. It’s still intuitive but I’m you to that time


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THE DAILY JOURNAL WEEKEND JOURNAL Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 23

ability of lower-cost houses include menting some financial tools that will And the battle will be fought. Yes, it’s a

Continued from page 19
employment rates, availability of mort-
gages, interest rates and social, economic
or psychological reasons one may have for
yield adjusted prices.
Belmont has three apartment complexes
that have some rents set based on financial
problem, but our community is entirely
reflective of its shortcomings and is
already working toward finding a solution.
coming to live here. stability including Bonnie Brae Terrace. In the meantime, my friends and I will go
Arguments about the need to create San Carlos has established some objec- to college, hold our first jobs and start new
to afford to live here on their own dime. affordable housing mostly regard its status; tives to begin addressing the affordable lives. Many of us will find it very difficult
Townhouses on the San Carlos side of is it a basic right for people? Is it a form of housing crisis and finding solutions, and to come back to live in the Bay Area as
Carlmont High School that are still under entitlement? Is it a public good? Is it even they have an apartment complex that also young members of society.
construction will begin selling in the low a legitimate local need? sets some rents based on financial stabili- As for me: I don’t expect that I’ll be able
$2,000,000s. I’ve personally had seven However, all factors and arguments aside, ty. Other cities have buildings similar to to afford the cost of living here, but I’ve
teachers move away because they cannot problems with a lack of affordable housing those in Belmont and San Carlos. But it always imagined growing up and moving
afford to stay. They are enticed by the inex- are evident. Many urban planners consider may not be enough. away. It’ll be a little sad not to live here
pensive homes and growing communities lack of affordable housing to damage a After the 2008 recession, the Bay Area with my siblings and friends, but for right
of Sacramento and Colorado. community’s overall health. Increases in has seen steep annual housing price now I’m just thankful (and a little spoiled)
The San Mateo County Department of housing prices can lead to the decline in increases, until today’s record high costs. to be living here.
Housing does work to create more afford- enrollment at local schools. Furthermore, San Francisco, Oakland and
able housing for people of all income lev- Solutions to create affordable housing San Jose are three of the top five most
els, but, naturally, it’s an easier concept can range from methods as complicated as competitive housing markets in the Talia Fine is a junior at Carlmont High School in
when it’s just a slogan. reworking the entire infrastructure of an nation. Getting control of housing prices Belmont. Student News appears in the weekend
Factors that evaluate the need and avail- edition. You can email Student News at
area and adjusting public policy, to imple- may be an uphill battle.

you?” to “have you ever been in a conver- in recent years. regions such as the Gaza, which has been

Continued from page 3
sation where it felt like people weren’t lis-
tening to you?” can establish trust between
people who may not share the same
“Any conversation has to start with
knowledge,” he said. “If you spread knowl-
edge amongst others then there’s no need
involved in the conflict between Israel and
Palestine for decades. Baranski-Walker
said she is hoping others are able to see
beliefs. for fear.” beyond perceived differences and engage
“This whole solidarity movement is to A San Mateo resident since 1994, with beliefs and faiths different from their
2018, one centered on the human beings help us remind each other we’re all human Elbakri said he has seen members of the own through the conversations this year.
participating in them instead of the per- beings and we really do care,” she said. “I Muslim community becoming more active “I hope it brings us together as a neigh-
ceived characteristics or beliefs that divide would hope that people would come feeling in the community, adding that the founda- borhood,” she said. “I hope that we’re able
them. safe, feeling heard, feeling hopeful, feel- tion’s Belmont location had hosted 11 to recognize the good in one another.”
Joy Andrews Hayter, a spiritual director ing like they could have meaningful con- events in 2017 aimed at bringing neigh-
trained at the Mercy Center, is set to lead versations with people who don’t look bors together. Year of Outreach and Solidarity ev ents
several of the discussions in an effort to like them.” Donna Baranski-Walker, founder and begin Sunday, Jan. 21, and are set to con-
help participants listen to each other and Salah E. Elbakri, a volunteer and former executive director of Rebuilding Alliance, clude with a Nov. 4 session. All ev ents will
themselves. Hayter expects to start the president of the Yaseen Foundation, is she said is looking forward to members of be held 1 p. m. to 2:30 p. m. at
conversations by inviting participants to looking forward to the conversations faith communities coming together in the Burlingame’s Mercy Center, 2300 Adeline
be curious, open to learning and respectful bridging gaps of knowledge between new year. With a focus on helping war-torn Driv e. Visit mercy -
in approaching the discussions. She said neighbors, a phenomenon he said con- communities rebuild, Baranski-Walker has ers_2017/1105Solidarity /e
answers to questions ranging from “what tributes to the fear and distrust members of a history with working with interfaith v ents.html for more information and email
are words others might use to describe the Muslim community have experienced communities to help bring peace to mercy to RSVP.

Baptist Church of Christ A FAMILy SHARING HOPE IN CHRIST


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650-343-4997 LUTHERAN CHURCH
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217 North Grant Street, San Mateo Services 11:00am and
Sunday School 9:00 am Wednesday Bible Study 7:00pm Worship Service 10:00 AM
Sunday Worship Services 10:00 am Minister J.S. Oxendine Sunday School 11:00 AM
Wednesday Worship 7pm Hope Lutheran Preschool
admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin. License No. 410500322.

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Grace Lutheran School Pre-K to 8th Grade

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24 Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 WEEKEND JOURNAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

rettes and flavored tobacco products. in San Mateo County and that, between

Continued from page 1
Miriam Zouzounis, an association
board member whose family owns a
corner grocer in San Francisco, sug-
2006 and 2010, there were over 47,000
smoking-associated hospitalizations.
Treatment costs were more than $566
‘Dido and Aeneas’ and ‘Suor
gested local governments should do million, with $20.7 million spent at
VR Oculus Demonstration. 306 Angelica’ Double Bill Opera. 8 p.m.
their due diligence by first studying the San Mateo Medical Center, accord- Walnut Ave., South San Francisco. to 11 p.m. Spindrift School of
to repeal similar rules in San whether statewide rules are having the ing to the staff report. Live demonstration of the Oculus Performing Arts, 1053 Crespi Drive,
Francisco. intended affect of reducing consump- “I’m sympathetic to those business Rift. Must be 13 years or older to use Pacifica. $25. For more information
the Oculus Rift. For more informa- call (415) 218-8874.
Supervisors Carole Groom and David tion amongst youth. owners, however, we have to look at tion call 877-8530.
Canepa jointly proposed the San Mateo New rules include raising the legal the overall health impacts. We know MONDAY, JAN. 22
Spanish Book Club. 306 Walnut Bistro Brio LGBTQ Lunch for 55
County ban, which they hope will serve smoking age to 21 years old, institut- smoking has caused a tremendous Ave., South San Francisco. Free. For and Over. Noon. San Mateo County
as a model for cities to adopt. If ing an additional $2 tax on cigarettes, amount of damage, we know smoking more information call 877-8530. Pride Center, 1021 S. El Camino Real,
approved, stores would have to clear San Mateo. Cost is $4. Have lunch
and regulating e-cigarette liquids, she kills, has killed people, we know South San Francisco Youth and meet other community mem-
their shelves of products such as e-ciga- said. The association has a number of smoking is the cause of bad health out- Baseball Sign Ups. 9 a.m. to noon. bers every third Monday of the
rette liquids, cigars and chewing tobac- members on the Peninsula who operate comes. And while I understand where South San Francisco Municipal month. For more information and to
Building, 33 Arroyo Drive, South San RSVP call 591-0133.
cos that are flavored. corner stores and vape shops that rely the businesses are coming from, I think Francisco. Family friendly. For more
“We know the industry has marketed on the sale of legal items for which the greater good in terms of improving information call 634-9444. Job Search Empower ment. 5:30
various flavors, whether it’s banana, p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Redwood Shores
they’ve already paid taxes. health outcomes is more important Senior Showcase Health Fair. 9 Public Library, 390 Marine Parkway,
bubble gum or candy rainbow,” Canepa At a minimum, they need time to be than someone’s profit line,” Canepa a.m. to 1 p.m. Millbrae Interim Redwood Shores. Free and open to
said. “We know these tobacco products able to sell the remainder of these prod- said. Community Center, 621 Magnolia all. For more information call 552-
Ave., Millbrae. A display of resources 0701.
lure children into becoming daily ucts, Zouzounis said. He noted the new rules must include and services in San Mateo County.
smokers.” “These products can be found an education component for store own- Refreshments, booths and prizes. TUESDAY, JAN. 23
Bolstering the supervisors’ case is a Free. For more information call 344- Guided Autobiography. 10 a.m. to
online,” Zouzounis said. “They’re basi- ers so they can try to alleviate concerns 5200. noon. The Villa San Mateo, 4000 S. El
national survey that indicated 81 per- cally pushing out the mom-and-pop about unsold products. Camino, San Mateo. Accessible to
cent of youth who’ve used tobacco retailer and pushing it onto the big The Board of Supervisors is slated to Ragazzi B oys Chorus Hosts seniors. RSVP required. Cost is $20.
‘SingFest.’ 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. St. For more information call 224-6431.
reported flavored products were the first retailer online without being attentive consider the new ordinance Jan. 23. If Peter’s Episcopal Church, 178 Clinton
they tried, according to a staff report. to that reality.” approved, it requires a second vote at a St., Redwood City. Free half-day mini- Textile Tuesday: Sleep Mask . 1 p.m.
The vast majority of tobacco retailers camp for boys aged 7 to 10. For more to 3 p.m. 840 W Orange Ave., South
For many of these business owners, subsequent meeting before it goes into information call 342-8785. San Francisco. Make friends, learn
in the county sell flavored products that Zouzounis said they don’t have 401(k)s effect 30 days later. The proposal new shortcuts and share knowledge
are used at higher rates by youth and and their valuable tobacco licenses are includes a grace period where enforce- Untangling Copyright: A Crash with the group. For more informa-
Course for Beginners. 10 a.m. to tion contact
communities of color, according to the being increasingly devalued. She noted ment wouldn’t begin until July 1, 2018. noon. California Writers Club, 441
report. tobacco is an anchor product and many The ban also suggests prohibiting Seaport Court, Redwood City. For Immigration: Community
more infromation call 595-8667. Conversation. 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
The U.S. Food and Drug regular customers that come to a corner pharmacies from selling tobacco, Foster City Library, 1000 E. Hillsdale
Administration banned flavored ciga- store end up purchasing other items as which CVS did on its own a few years South San Francisco Chapter Blvd., Foster City. This presentation
rettes, but did not further regulate men- well. While understanding of the efforts ago. AARP Meeting. 10:30 a.m. Magnolia by the Immigrant Legal Resource
Center Social Hall, 601 Grand Ave., Center and the County of San Mateo
thol or other flavored tobacco products. to reduce use amongst youth, Zouzounis As with other policies, the supervi- South San Francisco. For more infor- Office of Community Affairs will
Instead, local jurisdictions have sug- noted the ban would have widespread sors noted it could be replicated by the mation call 952-9074. detail what the county is doing
regarding recent changes to immi-
gested prohibitions. effects to businesses on which people cities that encompass the vast majority New Year Equals New Job: gration, along with a community dis-
Groom noted the county has been rely.   of the territory in San Mateo County. Successf ul Career Search cussion. For more information call
progressive in trying to curb exposure “Each one of [those businesses] is Local jurisdictions have moved toward Methodology. Noon to 1 p.m. San 726-2316.
Mateo Community College, 1700 W.
to secondhand smoke, including ban- supportive of a whole family if not increasingly stringent regulations over Hillsdale Blvd., San Mateo. Talk by School of Rock: After Dark SoR
ning it in multi-family buildings. With more,” Zouzounis said, noting the smoking in recent years. In many local Herb Deitz. Registration required. For Adult Band Show. 7 p.m. St. James
more information call 766-2926. Gate, 1410 Old County Road,
flavors like bubble gum on the market, efforts in the Bay Area are an example cities, all tobacco smoke is banned in Belmont. Featuring special guest The
it’s critical the county try to reduce the of gentrification. “It’s working-class multi-family housing, places like ‘A Color Theory Discussion’ by Jim Suburban Outlaws. For more infor-
chances of children becoming addicted people being priced out and services parks, and within certain distances Smyth with a demonstration on mation contact
the practical use of colors. 1 p.m. to
to the hazardous products, she said. that are for working-class people” from entryways to public buildings.  3 p.m. SWA Fine Art Center, 527 San
“I don’t like to be a nag, but we know being targeted. There are about 34 tobacco retailers Mateo Ave., San Bruno. All demon- WEDNESDAY, JAN. 24
strations are free and open to the Buzzing Robots. 306 Walnut Ave.,
that smoking is about the worst thing Efforts to ban flavored tobacco prod- in the unincorporated portions of the public. For more information call South San Francisco. Create card-
you can do,” Groom said. “We want this ucts have also picked up steam in county, and Groom agreed she hopes 737-6084. board robots that buzz and move
county to be healthy.” Oakland, San Francisco and Santa Clara cities consider similar prohibitions. with a mini motor. For more informa-
Asian Ar t Museum Presents tion call 877-8530.
But the impacts to businesses, partic- County, according to the supervisors’ “I have the highest regard for small ‘Timeless Traditions: Sublime
ularly small mom-and-pop shops that staff report. businesses, they are the lifeblood of the Expressions of the Divine and Free Pet ‘Fixes.’ 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Pet
Human in Indian Art.’ 2 p.m. 840 W. Food Express, 6925 Mission St., Daly
would be left with already paid for prod- Canepa and Groom said they’re sensi- community,” Groom said. “But chil- Orange Ave., South San Francisco. A City. Free spaying and neutering
ucts they can’t sell, is causing some tive to the effects on small business dren’s health is more important.” docent from the Asian Art Museum clinic hosted by the Peninsula
consternation. The Arab American owners, but there are other factors that will deliver an educational and Humane Society. Surgery performed
entertaining multimedia talk on by a licensed vet in an SPCA surgery
Grocers Association has sought to take precedence. Data from the state Superv isors meet 9 a.m. Tuesday, South Asian art styles. For more vehicle. One pet per family. Cats and
highlight the potential ramifications indicate tobacco use is the number one Feb. 23, at 400 County Center, information contact dogs only. For more information call 340-7022.
of banning the sale of menthol ciga- cause of preventable death and disease Redwood City.
Parker Quar tet in Collaboration Get Ready Disaster Preparedness
with Music at Kohl Mansion. 3 p.m. Class. 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. San
growth rate. The EDD reported the region than he’s seen in the past year.

Continued from page 1
state’s unemployment rate fell to a
record low of 4.3 percent in December
from 4.6 percent in November. In
“For the Bay Area, I think we’ve over-
shot reasonable.”
But he said an emerging rift between
to 4 p.m. San Mateo Main Library, 55
W. Third Ave., San Mateo. For more
information call 522-7818.
STEAM: Science. 3 p.m. 840 W.
Mateo Senior Center, 2645 Alameda
de las Pulgas, San Mateo. Free. For
more information call 522-7490.
The Power of Music at Rosener
House. 4 p.m. 5:30 p.m. Rosener
December 2016, the state’s unemploy- the types of jobs driving growth in San Orange Ave., South San Francisco.
Suitable for all ages. For more infor- House, 500 Arbor Road, Menlo Park.
ment rate was 5.2 percent, according to Francisco and Santa Clara counties may mation email For more information call 322-0126.
Haveman of Marin Economicthe EDD. paint an interesting picture for San
Consulting said December downshifts Haveman said the county’s overall Mateo County. While the tech-heavy Concert: The Parker Quartet. 3 p.m. Armchair Travelers: Italia. 6:30 p.m.
to 4 p.m. San Mateo Main Library, 55 to 8:30 p.m. Millbrae Library, 1
in the county’s retail and tech jobs track job growth rate slowed to just under 2 region to the north of the county may W. Third Ave., San Mateo. Free for all Library Ave., Millbrae. The first ses-
more closely to the Bay Area’s slowing percent by the end of 2017 after averag- be slowing growth in related areas such ages. For more information call 522- sion of the Armchair Travelers will
job growth than the uptick in jobs seen 7818. celebrate travel in Italy! Italian treats,
ing 2.4 percent for the three years pre- as retail, Haveman said the growth in share stories and pictures, and use
across the region in November. ceding 2017 and 3.5 percent over the health care and social assistance jobs in ‘Dido and Aeneas’ and ‘Suor the library’s new mind-bending
Haveman said the 22.4 percent jump last five years. San Jose has boosted overall growth in Angelica’ Double Bill Opera. 8 p.m. Virtual Reality machine to transform
to 11 p.m. Spindrift School of the library into the streets of
in the county tech sector’s job growth “You could make the argument that Santa Clara County jobs in December to Performing Arts, 1053 Crespi Drive, Florence. For more information call
in November could very well be an out- the rate of growth is coming back to the 6.4 percent, which he said was almost Pacifica. $25. For more information 697-7607.
lier, and that job growth in the Bay Area reasonable range,” he said, adding that triple the growth rate the county experi- call (415) 218-8874.
Myster y B ook Club. 7 p.m. San
continues to lag behind the state’s he expected faster job growth for the enced over the year. Frequency 49 Program. 8 p.m. Carlos Library, 610 Elm St., San
“There is a message here Mission Blue, 475 Mission Blue Drive, Carlos. Meetings every fourth
Brisbane. First concert of the season. Wednesday of the month. Free and
8=BCAD2C8>=B)5 5X]SPPb\ \P]hf f^aSbPPbhh^dRRP]Q Qh[[X]ZX]V that the growth is not neces- For more information and tickets open to the public. For more infor-
1 D ? 7 [TccTabdd_SS^f]bbXSTc^bXSTPP]SSSXPV^]P[[hf faXcX]Vff^aSb sarily driven by tech,” he mation call 591-0341.
Q[P]ZbbWTTc^ ^U_
_P_TaH H^d\\Ph^ ^][hd dbTTTPRW[[TccTaQ
Q^g visit
F > 8 B ^]RTf fXcWX]PPbbX]V[Tf f^aS? ?[Phf
fXcWPPUUaXT]SPP]SRR^\_PaT said, adding that health care
6 > : 4 f^aSUUX]SbRRa^bbX]V^^dcRR^\\^]f Concerned Citizens of San Mateo
f^aSb and social assistance jobs SUNDAY, JAN. 21
Meeting. 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Ballet
Friends Book Sale. 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
06 ; <

1>66;4 H>DA1 1>66;4


accounted for more than one- San Carlos Library, 610 Elm St., San Theatre, 1880 S. Grant St., San Mateo.
?>8=CB B20;4 A0C8=6 Regarding over-development of the
third of the job growth in San Carlos. Free and open to the public.
"[[TccTab, , __^X]c $   , 2W WP\_ Jose. For more information call 591-0341. city. For more information call (415)
#[[TccTab, ,!!__^X]cb    $ ,  4  g_Tac Because the concentration Ar t Lecture: Couture Korean. 2
1h3 3PeXS; ;77^hcPP]S99TUU: :]daTZ $ [
[T c cT a b,
, "
" _
_^ X] c b %     ,
 a ^ p.m. San Carlos Library, 610 Elm St., THURSDAY, JAN. 25
%[[TccTab, ,##__^X]cb "  % %, , 6 6P\Ta of jobs in the northern part of San Carlos. Couture Korean showcas- Life Hacks — What’s Nex t: Life
Santa Clara County spills After High School. 3:30 p.m. to 5
&[[TccTab, ,%%__^X]cb !  " ", , A A^^ZXT es historical Korean fashion and its

3 B 4 B
p.m. Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda
'[[TccTab, , __^X]cb  !
!, , 0 \PcTda over to the southern portion modern re-interpretations. Exhibit
will remain at the Asian Art Museum
de las Pulgas, Belmont. Learn about
([[TccTab, , $_ _^X]cb  , , Caah PVVPX] of San Mateo County, through Feb. 4. Free and open to the
the options after high school gradu-
ation. Grades 6 to 12. For more infor-
Haveman said portions of San public. For more information call mation contact
1^VV[T1 1aPX]1dbcTab1 1^]db Mateo County might be more

> ? C =
Sicily and Ireland: Community
FT_ _dcb b_TRXP[Q QaPX]QdbcX]Vf f^aSbXX]c^ccWTV VaXS affected by trends in Santa Walgreens Talk : R ecommended Travel Program Information
^U[[TccTab2 2P]h h^dUUX]SccWT\. Clara County than they are by Adult Immunizations. 3 p.m. 840 W. Session. 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Skyline
Orange Ave., South San Francisco. College, building 4, 3300 College
5X]S0 0C; ;40BC5 58E4C C78=6B< <40=C those of the San Francisco Learn what immunizations are rec- Drive, San Bruno. Details about an
C>1 14F F>A=XX]ccWTV VaXS^ ^U[[TccTab metropolitan area, which he ommended for your age and disease upcoming not-for-credit education-

2 A 0 7
noted has been more suscepti- states. For more information contact al travel tours for adults to Ireland

NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN and Italy happening in June 2018.

ble to shifts in tech. For more information call 738-7098.

NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Haveman said a 17.6 jump The World of Percussion. 3:30 p.m.
to 4:30 p.m. San Francisco Chamber Astronomy in the Park. Millbrae
in leisure and hospitality
Library, 1 Library Ave., Millbrae. Free

: 8 B
Orchestra, 1 Mangini Way,
jobs in December was prom- Burlingame. Free and family friendly. and family friendly. Meet at the front

For more information call (415) 463- of the library at 6 p.m. and leave for
ising, but he didn’t expect it 6710. the park at 6:15 p.m. It is highly rec-
to last in the face of a tech ommended you bring flashlights

1>66;4XXbPPccaPST\PaZ^^U7 7PbQa^88]R
! '
downturn. Less surprising to
Haveman was a 22 percent
MusiKohl Notes: Parker Quartet. 7
p.m. Kohl Mansion, 2750 Adeline
Drive, Burlingame. For more informa-
and lighter color or reflective cloth-
ing for safety in the dark. For more
information call 697-7607.
!! '7

5aXSPhb1 1^VV[T1 1aPX]1dbcTab) increase in construction jobs tion call 762-1130. For more events visit
ffffQ^VV[TQaPX]QdbcTabR^\ ;8>=< <8=:B B40;11>0A6 6>0C; ;H=G last month., click Calendar.
025 0120 sat:0120 sat 132 1/19/18 12:17 PM Page 1

THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 25




  (VZ   -PVUT


KenKen® is a registered trademark of Nextoy, LLC. ©2018 KenKen Puzzle LLC. All rights reserved.
Dist. by Andrews McMeel Syndication


SUDOKU Want More Fun
ANSWERS and Games?
O Each row and each column must contain the
numbers 1 through 6 without repeating.
The numbers within the heavily outlined boxes,
O called cages, must combine using the given operation 5VOESB0WFSUIF)FEHF$PNJDT$MBTTJmFET
(in any order) to produce the target numbers in the
top-left corners. #PHHMF1V[[MF&WFSZEBZJO%BUF#PPL
O Freebies: Fill in single-box cages with the number in
the top-left corner.


026 0120 sat:Class Master Even 1/19/18 4:05 PM Page 1

26 Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 THE DAILY JOURNAL

104 Training 104 Training

The San Mateo Daily Journal Classi-
Seasonal FT/PT fieds will not be responsible for more
than one incorrect insertion, and its lia-
Entry up to $16 bility shall be limited to the price of one
Diamond Exp up to $25 insertion. No allowance will be made for
errors not materially affecting the value
Benefits-Bonus-No Nights of the ad. All error claims must be sub-
mitted within 30 days. For full advertis-
ing conditions, please ask for a Rate
650-367-6500 FX: 367-6400 Card.

Kitchen/Housekeeping &
Caregiving Staff

Assisted Living
1733 California Drive, Burlingame
Call Delia at (650)619-7179

Seeking Drivers with own car to manage
small newspaper routes.

Requires early morning work six days per week Mon-Sat.

Papers are picked up early morning between 3am and 4:30am



Prospecting is a key element of this position. You will develop new business
and manage the sales cycle from start to finish:

To succeed at the Daily Journal, you will need the following:


To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to

Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula

027 0120 sat:Class Master Even 1/19/18 4:06 PM Page 1

THE DAILY JOURNAL Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 27

104 Training 110 Employment 110 Employment Tundra Tundra Tundra
SALES - Telemarketing and Inside Sales
INTERESTED IN Caregivers Wanted
Caregivers Wanted Representative needed to sell newspa-
per print and web advertising and event
Home are Jobs
Care marketing solutions. To apply, please call
650-344-5200 and send resume to
DENTAL (650) 600-8108
mail: jobs@starligh
Apply online or w
Apply walk-in
alk-in The San Mateo Daily Journal is looking
CLASSES 4600 EEll CCamino
amino Real
Real,, # 211,, LLos
os Altos
Altos for ambitious interns who are eager to
jump into the business arena with both
ENROLLING feet and hands. Learn the ins and outs
of the newspaper and media industries.
SOON! This position will provide valuable
experience for your bright future.
Email resume
Call Gurnick Academy of Day
Day or Night
Night Shifts,
ts, Immediate
Shiffts Immediate Placement
Medical Arts Required:
Required: 2 years
years paid experience
San Mateo or current
current CNA Certification;
Certification; Over the Hedge Over the Hedge Over the Hedge
127 Elderly Care
Must Drive
Drive Car;
Car; Speak
Speak and write
write English
650-685-6616 FAMILY RESOURCE
Lattice Engines, Inc. has multiple open- GUIDE
ings in the San Mateo, CA office: The San Mateo Daily Journal’s
Principal Software Engineers: Job Code-
twice-a-week resource guide for
LEJA18: Dev. Will use knwldge. to work children and families.
105 Education/Instruction in all phases of sftwr dev. life cycle. Mas- Every Tuesday & Weekend
ter's degr. (for. equiv. degrees accpted)
in CS, comp. apps, IT, elec. eng. or any Look for it in today’s paper to
rel. field & 2 yrs of exp. in any rel. occup. find information on family
TENNIS working w/ large scale distrib. system de-
sign & data processing, or in the alt., a
resources in the local area,
including childcare.
LESSONS Bach’s degr. in the same fields as above
& 5 yrs of progr. any rel. occup.
working w/ large scale distrib. system de-
sign & data processing.
THROUGHOUT THE 203 Public Notices
Solutions Consultants: Job Code-
ENTIRE PENINSULA 2LEAS18: Will address complex sales FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices
engin. support interact. that require prob. STATEMENT #276827
solving tech. & proc. Min. Req.: Master's The following person is doing business FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME If you object to the granting of the peti- ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR
Now accepting degr. (for. equiv. degr. accptd) in CS, IT,
comp. eng., bus. admin. or any rel. field as: Next Level Design Services, PO Box STATEMENT #276304
The following person is doing business
tion, you should appear at the hearing CHANGE OF NAME
CASE# 18CIV00266
6472, SAN MATEO, CA 94403. Regis- and state your objections or file written
new students. & 1 yr of exp. in any rel occup perform
solution consulting or tech product tered Owner: Neil James Kaufmann, as: Natural Way Health Center, 1 Bay-
wood Ave #11, SAN MATEO, CA 94402.
objections with the court before the hear- SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA,
same address. The business is conduct- ing. Your appearance may be in person
650-814-9737 mngmnt/tech consulting or analytical re-
spons., or in the alt., a Bachelor's degr in ed by an Individual. The registrants
Registered Owner: Natural Way Health
Center, CA The business is conducted or by your attorney. 400 COUNTY CENTER RD,
REDWOOD CITY CA 94063 the same flds of study (for. equiv. degr.
accpted) & 5 yrs of progr. exp. in any rel.
commenced to transact business under by a Corporation. The registrants com- If you are a creditor or a contingent cred-
itor of the decedent, you must file your PETITION OF
the FBN on N/A.. menced to transact business under the Cristina Acuna
occup. performing the same as above. /s/Neil J. Kaufmann/ FBN on 8/13/2013. claim with the court and mail a copy to TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS:
This statement was filed with the Asses- /s/Margaret Zeng/ the personal representative appointed by Petitioner: Cristina Acuna filed a petition
Sr. Technical Support Engineers: Job This statement was filed with the Asses- the court within the later of either (1) four
Code- 3LESY18: Provide systems tech. sor-County Clerk on 11/30/17. (Publish- with this court for a decree changing
110 Employment & internal ops support for all products in ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, sor-County Clerk on 1/12/18. (Published months from the date of first issuance of name as follows:
12/30/17, 1/6/18, 1/13/18, 1/20/18). in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 1/13/18, letters to a general personal representa- Present Name: Angela Marisol Luna Mo-
our Big Data predictive-anlytcs SaaS 1/20/18, 1/27/18, 2/3/18).
platf. Min. reqts: Master's degr. (for. tive, as defined in section 58(b) of the lina
ANGELOS MUFFLER and California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days Proposed Name: Angela Marisol Luna
AUTO REPAIR equiv. degr. accptd.) in CS, IT, SW eng,
elect. eng. or any rel. fld, or in the alt., a FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME from the date of mailing or personal de-
Now hiring Smog Technician 24-30Hr, Bach. degr. (for. equiv. degr. accptd.) in STATEMENT #276185 STATEMENT #275999 livery to you of a notice under sectioin
Mechanic 21-30Hr FT M-F the same fields as above & 5 yrs of The following person is doing business The following person is doing business 9052 of the California Probate Code.Oth- interested in this matter shall appear be-
Paid holidays, vacation progr. exp. in any rel. occ. perform. tech. er California statutes and legal authority fore this court at the hearing indicated
support or internal ops support. as: Liquid Atom, 336 Merimont Cir, SAN as: 1) E Dental Lab 2) Eurodent Dental
Laboratory, 100-122 2nd Ave, Ste may affect your rights as a creditor. You below to show cause, if any, why the pe-
Call 650-726-5989
BRUNO, CA 94066. Registered Owner: tition for change of name should not be
Khanh Tran, same address. The busi- 207+208, SAN MATEO, CA 94401. may want to consult with an attorney
or apply in person Mail res. to Maria Choi, HR, Lattice En- knowledgable in California law. granted. Any person objecting to the
gines, Inc., 1820 Gateway Dr., Ste. 200, ness is conducted by an Individual. The Registered Owner: Steven S. Sasano,
332 Purissima St HMB. 514 Seville Way, San Mateo, CA 94402. You may examine the file kept by the name changes described above must file
Email: San Mateo, CA 94404 w/ ref. to Job registrants commenced to transact busi- a written objection that includes the rea-
Code. The business is conducted by an Indi- court. If you are a person interested in
ness under the FBN on Jan. 3, 2018. vidual. The registrants commenced to sons for the objection at least two court
the estate, you may file with the court a days before the matter is scheduled to
/s/Khanh Tran/ transact business under the FBN on Feb Request for Special Notice (form DE-
This statement was filed with the Asses- 2007. be heard and must appear at the hearing
154) of the filing of an inventory and ap- to show cause why the petition should
sor-County Clerk on 1/3/18. (Published in /s/Steven S. Sasano/
praisal of estate assets or of any petition
the San Mateo Daily Journal, 1/6/18,
1/13/18, 1/20/18, 1/27/18).
This statement was filed with the Asses-
sor-County Clerk on 12/14/18. (Publish- or account as provided in Probate Code
section 1250. A Request for Special No-
not be granted. If no written objection is
timely filed, the court may grant the peti-
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, tion without a hearing. A hearing on the
JOURNALISM tice form is available from the court clerk. petition shall be held on 02/28/18 at 9
1/13/18, 1/20/18, 1/27/18, 2/3/18).
Attorney for Petitioner: a.m., Dept. PJ at 400 County Center,
The Daily Journal is looking for in-
required. terns to do entry level reporting, re- STATEMENT #276203 Janet L. Tallett Redwood City, CA 94063. A copy of this
search, updates of our ongoing fea- The following person is doing business FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME Law Office of Janet L. Tallett Order to Show Cause shall be published
tures and interviews. Photo interns al- STATEMENT #276060 520 Warren Street at least once each week for four succes-
as: Sanctuary Soapworks, 412 Stephen
Immediate placement so welcome. Rd, SAN MATEO, CA 94403. Regis-
The following person is doing business
as: Sam Delivery Services, 1019 San
REDWOOD CITY, CA 94063 sive weeks prior to the date set for hear-
ing on the petition in the following news-
on all assignments. We expect a commitment of four to tered Owner: Amanda Fry, same ad- Gabriel Circle #439, DALY CITY, CA
FILED: 1/10/2018 paper of general circulation:
eight hours a week for at least four dress. The business is conducted by an 94014. Registered Owner: Sami Durra- San Mateo Daily Journal
Individual. The registrants commenced ni, same address. The business is con- (Published in the San Mateo Daily Jour-
months. The internship is unpaid, but Filed: 1/17/2018
nal on 1/13/18, 1/20/18, 1/22/18 )
Call intelligent, aggressive and talented in-
terns have progressed in time into
to transact business under the FBN on
ducted by an Individual. The registrants
commenced to transact business under
the FBN on July 18, 2011.
/s/Susan Irene Etezadi/
Judge of the Superior Court
Dated: 1/17/2018
(650)777-9000 paid correspondents and full-time re-
/s/Amanda Fry/
This statement was filed with the Asses-
/s/Sami Durrani/
This statement was filed with the Asses- ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR
(Published 1/20/18, 1/27/18, 2/3/18,
sor-County Clerk on 1/4/18. (Published in sor-County Clerk on 12/19/18. (Publish-
College students or recent graduates the San Mateo Daily Journal, 1/6/18, CHANGE OF NAME
are encouraged to apply. Newspaper ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
1/13/18, 1/20/18, 1/27/18). 1/13/18, 1/20/18, 1/27/18, 2/3/18). CASE# 18CIV00046
experience is preferred but not neces- SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA,
sarily required. COUNTY OF SAN MATEO,
Please send a cover letter describing STATEMENT #276323 CHANGE OF NAME
your interest in newspapers, a resume STATEMENT #275932 REDWOOD CITY CA 94063
The following person is doing business PETITION OF CASE# 17CIV05859
and three recent clips. Before you ap- The following person is doing business as: Hilary Chiem, O.D., 2220 Bridge- SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA,
ply, you should familiarize yourself as: SoakThis, 1407 Monroe Ave, SAN Kwangduk Lee
with our publication. Our Web site: MATEO, CA 94401. Registered Owner: 94404. Registered Owner: Dr. Hilary 400 COUNTY CENTER RD, Alexander John Aitken, same address. Chiem, O.D., Inc., CA. The business is
Petitioner: Kwangduk Lee filed a petition
The business is conducted by an Indi- conducted by a Corporation. The regis- with this court for a decree changing PETITION OF
Send your information via e-mail to trants commenced to transact business name as follows: or by reg- vidual. The registrants commenced to Arashpreet Mann
transact business under the FBN on N/A. under the FBN on N/A. Present Name: Kwangduk Lee TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS:
ular mail to 1900 Alameda de las Pul- /s/Hilary Chiem/ Proposed Name: Kwangduk Douglas
gas #112, San Mateo CA 94403 /s/Alexander Aitken/ Petitioner: Arashpreet Mann filed a peti-
This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses- Lee tion with this court for a decree changing
sor-County Clerk on 1/16/2018. (Publish- name as follows:
sor-County Clerk on 12/8/17. (Published ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal THE COURT ORDERS that all persons
in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 1/6/18, Present name: Arashpreet Mann
1/20/18, 1/27/18, 2/3/18, 2/10/18). interested in this matter shall appear be- Proposed Name: Arashh Singh Mann
1/13/18, 1/20/18, 1/27/18). fore this court at the hearing indicated THE COURT ORDERS that all persons
NOW HIRING FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME below to show cause, if any, why the pe-
tition for change of name should not be
interested in this matter shall appear be-
fore this court at the hearing indicated
For the following positions: FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #276181
granted. Any person objecting to the below to show cause, if any, why the pe-
STATEMENT #276189 The following person is doing business
tition for change of name should not be
The following person is doing business as: D-Chang Cleaning Services, 2871 name changes described above must file
•Lobby Attendant/Doorman Maywood Dr., SAN BRUNO, CA 94066. a written objection that includes the rea- granted. Any person objecting to the
as: STM Boxing & Fitness, 2575 E Bay- name changes described above must file
FT/PT Experience Required shore Blvd, REDWOOD CITY, CA Registered Owner: Dinora E. Bermudez, sons for the objection at least two court
Positions are well paid same address. The business is conduct- days before the matter is scheduled to a written objection that includes the rea-
and include excellent benefits
94063. Registered Owner: Stan Marty- ed by an Individual. The registrants sons for the objection at least two court
niouk, 620 Wessex Way #2, BELMONT, be heard and must appear at the hearing days before the matter is scheduled to
At a beautiful Complex in San Mateo commenced to transact business under to show cause why the petition should
Call CA 94002. The business is conducted the FBN on N/A. be heard and must appear at the hearing
by an Individual. The registrants com- not be granted. If no written objection is to show cause why the petition should
650-579-3967 or 650-340-8966 /s/Dinora E. Bermudez/
menced to transact business under the This statement was filed with the Asses- timely filed, the court may grant the peti- not be granted. If no written objection is
FBN on January 4, 2018. sor-County Clerk on 1/3/2018. (Publish- tion without a hearing. A hearing on the timely filed, the court may grant the peti-
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal petition shall be held on 02/21/18 at 9 tion without a hearing. A hearing on the
/s/Stan Martyniouk/ a.m., Dept. PJ at 400 County Center,
This statement was filed with the Asses- 1/20/18, 1/27/18, 2/3/18, 2/10/18). petition shall be held on 2/9/18 at 9 a.m.,
Redwood City, CA 94063. A copy of this Dept. PJ, at 400 County Center, Red-
sor-County Clerk on 1/4/18. (Published in

Order to Show Cause shall be published wood City, CA 94063. A copy of this Or-
the San Mateo Daily Journal, 1/6/18, NOTICE OF PETITION TO at least once each week for four succes- der to Show Cause shall be published at
1/13/18, 1/20/18, 1/27/18). ADMINISTER ESTATE OF sive weeks prior to the date set for hear- least once each week for four successive
Heather Lauren Downs ing on the petition in the following news- weeks prior to the date set for hearing on
Case Number: 17PRO01299-A paper of general circulation: the petition in the following newspaper of
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con- general circulation:
San Mateo Daily Journal
STATEMENT #276294 tingent creditors, and persons who may Filed: 1/8/2018 San Mateo Daily Journal
The following person is doing business otherwise be interested in the will or es- /s/Susan Irene Etezadi/ Filed: 12/29/2017
The best career seekers as: Totoro Ramen, 856 N Delaware
Street, SAN MATEO, CA 94401. Regis-
tate, or both, of Heather Lauren Downs.
A Petition for Probate has been filed by
Judge of the Superior Court
Dated: 1/4/2018
/s/Susan Irene Etezadi/
Judge of the Superior Court
read the Daily Journal. tered Owner: Cioni Food Inc., CA. The
business is conducted by a Corporation.
Amy Downs in the Superior Court of
California, County of San Mateo. The
(Published 1/13/18, 1/20/18, 1/27/18,
Dated: 12/28/2017
(Published 1/6/18, 1/13/18, 1/20/18,
The registrants commenced to transact 1/27/18).
Petition for Probate requests that Amy
We will help you recruit qualified, talented business under the FBN on N/A. Downs be appointed as personal repre-
/s/Jeff Kim/ sentative to administer the estate of the
individuals to join your company or organization. This statement was filed with the Asses- decedent.
sor-County Clerk on 1/11/18. (Published The petition requests authority to admin-
in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 1/13/18, ister the estate under the Independent
The Daily Journal’s readership covers a wide 1/20/18, 1/27/18, 2/3/18). Administration of Estates Act. (This au-
range of qualifications for all types of positions.
For the best value and the best results,
thority will allow the personal representa-
tive to take many actions without obtain-
ing court approval. Before taking certain
very important actions, however, the per-
The following person is doing business sonal representative will be required to Fictitious Business Name Statements,
recruit from the Daily Journal... as: Avalon Property Management, 1318 give notice to interested persons unless Trustee Sale Notice, Name Change, Probate,
Rainbow Drive, SAN MATEO, CA 94402. they have waived notice or consented to
Contact us for a free consultation
Registered Owner: Shahram Mostarsh- the proposed action.) The independent Notice of Adoption, Divorce Summons,
ed, same address. The business is con- administration authority will be granted
ducted by an Individual. The registrants unless an interested person files an ob-
Notice of Public Sales and More.
commenced to transact business under jection to the petition and shows good
Call (650) 344-5200 or the FBN on 1/12/2018.
/s/Shahram Mostarshed/
cause why the court should not grant au-
Published in the Daily Journal for San Mateo County.
Email: This statement was filed with the Asses-
sor-County Clerk on 1/12/18. (Published
A hearing on the petition will be held in
this court as follows: FEB. 14, 2018 at Fax your request to: 650-344-5290
in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 1/13/18, 9:00 a.m., Superior Court of California, Email them to:
1/20/18, 1/27/18, 2/3/18). County of San Mateo, 400 County Cen-
ter, Redwood City, CA 94063.
028 0120 sat:Class Master Even 1/19/18 4:06 PM Page 1

28 Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 THE DAILY JOURNAL

203 Public Notices 296 appliances 300 toys 304 Furniture 310 misc. For Sale 316 clothes
order to SHow cauSe For electric Stove From Sears doll HouSe w/ furniture $50.00 new orNate maHoGaNY headboard with Powertel PHoNe for hard of hearing. KaYaNo meN’S Running shoes size 11
cHaNGe oF Name Excellent Condition $225 joe (650)573-5269 gold trim $60. (650)589-0764 Like new used 1 month. $20. (650)871- good condition $20 (650)520-7045
CASE# 17CIV05858 Please Call (650)244-9267 8907
SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, “GamBiNa” Scarlett O’Hara doll. PiNe douBle/queeN head/foot board ladieS SequiN dress, blue, size XL,
COUNTY OF SAN MATEO, HotPoiNt HeavY Duty Dryer excellent $25. 650-888-9314. with metal frame $35/obo. (650)646- Premium moviNG blankets good con- pure silk lining, $40.00, (650) 578-9208
400 COUNTY CENTER RD, working condition Burlingame $50 Call 8530 dition $10.00 each (650 ) 504 -6057
REDWOOD CITY CA 94063 Dan (408)656-0958 larGe StuFFed ANIMALS - $3 each meN'S StetSoN hat, size large, new,
PETITION OF Great for Kids (650) 952-3500 PortaBle maSSaGe Table (Sierra SamSoNite 26" tan hard-sided suit rim, solid black, large, great gift. $40
Karanjeet Mann maYtaG waSHer excellent working Comfort). Very good condition. $50. case, lt. wt., wheels, used once/like new. (650) 578-9208
TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: rollerBladeS, Good condition. (650)871-1778. $45. (650)328-6709
condition Burlingame $50 Call Dan Size 10 $25 OBO. Please call (650)745-
Petitioner: Karanjeet Mann filed a petition (408)656-0958 New witH tags Wool or cotton Men's
with this court for a decree changing 6309 retro HutcH Needs refinishing other- SilK Saree 6 yards new nice color.for pullover sweaters (XL) $15/each
name as follows: mFG H20laBS Model 300 exc cond wise good condition. Top detaches from $35 only. Call(650)515-2605 for more in- (650)952-3466
Present name: Karanjeet Mann Star warS Celebration 3 Darth Vader bottom $25. (650)712-9962 formation.
counter top $25 Burl (650)248-3839. $20 new w/case Dan (650)303-3568
Proposed Name: Karanjit Singh Mann PariS HiltoN purse white & silver un-
THE COURT ORDERS that all persons reFriGerator comPact made by SewiNG StoraGe cabinet, Custom SiNK, 33”x22” Top mount with faucet, used, about 12" long x 9" high
interested in this matter shall appear be- emerson $25.00 good shape joe 302 antiques made wood perfect condition $75. $15.00 (650)544-5306 $23. (650)592-2648
fore this court at the hearing indicated (650)573-5269 (650)483-1222
below to show cause, if any, why the pe- maHoGaNY aNtique Secretary desk, SiNK, 33”x22” Top mount with faucet, tuxedo Size 40, black, including white
tition for change of name should not be reFriGerator For Sale very good 72” x 40” , 3 drawers, Display case, bev- SoFaBed, velour, tan, Excellent $15.00 (650)544-5306 shirt, excellent cond. $50 (650)355-5189
granted. Any person objecting to the condition asking only $99 (650)520-4650 elled glass, $150. (650)766-3024. condition. $75. (808)631-1365.
name changes described above must file Slr leNS Pentax 28-90mm f3.5-5.6 wilSoN leatHer Lady Jacket. Small,
a written objection that includes the rea- room Heater Electric 1320 Watts, Ar- Solid wood Entertainment Center- Pentax K Mount $25 (650)436-7171 like new. $45. (808)863-1136.
vin Air Fan Forced Automatic $5. Six decorative Sterling Silver tea- TurnTable, Am-Fm, Eight Track, Built In
sons for the objection at least two court spoons. Over 100yrs $8 each (650)207- Slr leNS Sigma 28-105mm f3.8-5.6 wilSoN leatHer, burgundy lady jack-
days before the matter is scheduled to (650)952-3500 Speakers, Sony 26’ Smart T.V.(68.75 in.
4162 X 25.5inch X28inch) $500 o.b.o Sigma SA Mount $25 (650)436-7171 et, Small, like new $45 (808)863-1136
be heard and must appear at the hearing
to show cause why the petition should SewiNG macHiNe-roYal XL 6000 (925)482-5742 SuitcaSe, GreeN, hard-side, 21”x15”,
not be granted. If no written objection is Dressmaker Sewing Machine. $150. 303 electronics good condition, photo available, $15. 318 Sports equipment
timely filed, the court may grant the peti- (650)342-8436. taBle 24"x48" folding legs each end. (650)392-4841
tion without a hearing. A hearing on the aNtareS dollarS Bill Changer ma- Melamine top, 500# capacity. Cost 15 SF Giants Posters -- Barry Bonds,
petition shall be held on 2/9/18 at 9 a.m., SHowtime rotiSSerie used once chines never used for small bus. $95 $130. Sell $50. 650-591-4141 SuitcaSeS (2), BLUE, hard-side, Jeff Kent, JT Snow. 6' x 2.5' Unused. $4
Dept. PJ, at 400 County Center, Red- $90. Call (650)347-1458 no ans/eave (650)992-4544.
message. twiN Bed, mattress, box spring, frame
24”x16” and 26”x18”. Photo available. each. $35 all. (650)588-1946 San Bruno
wood City, CA 94063. A copy of this Or- $35 for both. (650)392-4841
der to Show Cause shall be published at $ 50. (650)598-9804.
SiNGer SewiNG Machine. Good condi- BlauPuNKt am/Fm/cd Radio and Re- BolliNGer YoGa Mat. 2 blocks &
least once each week for four successive ceiver with Detachable Face asking uSed Bedroom Furniture, FREE. Call SuitcaSeS (2), teal, soft-side, 25”x17”
weeks prior to the date set for hearing on tion. $45 obo. San Mateo. Please call and 29”x19”. Like new. Photo available. strap $5 (650)888-9314
(650)745-6309 after 5:00 pm. $100. (650)593-4490 (650)573-7381.
the petition in the following newspaper of $40 for both. (650)392-4841
general circulation: KiNdle Fire 8 in. Case and Charger wall uNit/room Divider. Simple Bow Flex Max Trainer M-3-Very Good
San Mateo Daily Journal SmitH coroNa typewriter and table taYlor-tot(1947) mY First Ride $20 Condition, Like New, Assembled, Paid
M120 $25 (650)888-9314 incl. 64 gig $40 Jeff (650)208-5758 lines. Breaks down for transportation.
Filed: 12/29/2017 $25.(650)712-9962 leave message (415)269-4784 $1200 asking $800 Call Michael
/s/Susan Irene Etezadi/ uNitaP StaNdard centerset bath- motorola Bravo MB 520 (android (650)784-1061.
Judge of the Superior Court 4.1 upgrade) smart phone 35$ 8GB SD walNut cHeSt, small (4 drawer with traiN-color PriNt by John Hugh
room chrome faucet, complete, $10, Coker $50 Call (650)344-4756
Dated: 12/28/2017 (650)595-3933 card Belmont (650)595-8855 upper bookcase $50. (650)726-6429 cHildS KicK scooter by razor with hel-
(Published 1/6/18, 1/13/18, 1/20/18,
1/27/18). oNKYo av Receiver HT-R570 .Digital wardroBe cloSet with beveled uNideN HarleY Davidson Gas Tank met $25 obo (650)591-6842
vacuum cleaNer Dyson (fully recon- phone. $100 or best offer. (650)863-8485
dition) $50 Call Ed (415)298-0645 Surround, HDMI, Dolby, Sirius Ready, door mirror $100 or B/Offer. (650)589-
Cinema Filter.$95/ Offer (650)591-2393 0764 eaStoN alumiNum bat.33 inches, 30
water StoraGe taNK, brand new, oz, 2 3/4 barrel. $30. (650)596-0513
weSterN waSHBoard Sales made 275 gallons. 48" x 46" x 39" $225.
of brass and wood, Golden Beam #25-C. SamSuNG Flat TV 20" wood - wall Unit - 30" long x 6' tall x
VCR ,set up $70. (650)992-4544 (650)771-6324 eddie Bauer Trekking/Hiking poles,
$75. phone 650-369-2486. 17.5" deep. $90. (650)631-9311
210 lost & Found never used, $20 (650)591-9769 San Car-
wHirlPool waSHer DRYER, GE 304 Furniture wood-GraiN lamiNate Kitchen table 311 musical instruments los
loSt cat. Black and White. Black Refrigerator all working and in good con- 3’x4’ plus 1’ leaf, 2 chairs. Photo availa-
patch on right eye. REWARD. dition all for $99.00 (650)315-3240. ble $35 (650)392-4841. cHromatic HarmoNica: Horner ePic treadmill with LCD screen
2 walNut 3-drawer nitestands. Tops
Call (323) 439-7713. need work but very good cond. $20/ea The 64 Chomonica, German Made $180, great condition $80 (650)364-5263
wHirlPool-drYer GaS Coin Oper-
ated Laundry $99.00 (650)948-4895 or
(650)952-3466. 306 Housewares (650)278-5776.
Books (650)302-2456
GolF cluBS {13}, Bag, & Pull Cart all--
aNtique diNiNG table for six people carPet 10 X 14 Area Rug peach (ny- $90.00 (650)341-8342
JameS PatterSoN hardback books. with chairs $99. (650)580-6324 lon) good cond. $99 (415)990-6134 ePiPHoNe leS Paul 100th
wHirlPool-waSHer COIN Operated Anniversary Custom Electric Guitar.
2 @ $3.00 each. (650)341-1861 Laundry $99.00 (650)948-4895 or GolF cluBS, used set with Cart for
aNtique moHaGaNY Bookcase. Four comPlete Set OF CHINA - Windsor Mint. $600.00 650 421 5469 $50. (650)593-4490
(650)302-2456 feet tall. $75. (415) 282-0966. Garden, Noritake. Four place-settings,
NicHolaS SParKS hardback books.
2 @ $3.00 each. Call (650)341-1861 20-pieces in original box, never used. excelleNt violiN, previously owned, meN'S roSSiGNol Skis. $95.00,
297 Bicycles armcHair Good
condition $55. $250 per box (3 boxes available). first violinist SF Symphony, Mellow
sound. Dated 1894. $5,500/best offer. good condition, (650)341-0282.
qualitY BooKS used and rare. World (650)342-5630
& US History and classic American nov- 21-SPeed mouNtaiN Bike, 18” frame, (415)751-2416
BarzilaY record - fine walnut cre- crYStal (leaded glass) lamp $30.
meN’S SKi Boots, Salomon, Size 9, very
els. $5 each obo (650)345-5502 26” Wheels $79 (650)595-3933 good condition. $70. (650) 591-2981.
denza, 72” x 14.5”H. $100. (650)804- Can send picture. (650)464-7860 FeNder muStaNG I guitar amplifier
tHe Halo Forerunner saga. 3 books. 3947. Menlo Park. 70 watts 8-guitar settings.with cover.
adult BiKeS 1 regular and 2 with bal- “old” FiSHiNG Tackle box with 30+
Like new. Great gift! $25. (650) 204-0587 FirePlace caNdelaBra with 5 bat- $80. (650)421-5469
loon tires $30 Each (650) 347-2356 BeiGe SoFa $99. Excellent Condition lures $60 (650)207-4162
tery-operated candles $30.00, (415)990-
v.loGviNov, uNuSual Journey to the Bmx moNGooSe Outer Limit Bike, (650) 315-2319 6134 FeNder muStaNG ll guitar amplifier
Country of Cyclic Arithmetic, 2017, Rus- looks almost new, $29 (650)595-3933 110 watts 8-guitar settings, with cover. oNe dozeN Official League Diamond
sian, 104p $25 (650)638-1695 carPet ruNNer: 16ft.X26 Wide. Col- $130.00 (650)421-5469 Baseballs. Brand New. $35. Call Roger
cHild’S ScHwiNN BicYcle, Blue in or: floral design. good condition 308 tools (650)771-6324.
good condition. $20. (650) 355-5189. $45.00. (650)266-3184 For Sale:
294 Baby Stuff aNtique iroN Hand Drills. 3 available Epiphone Les Paul Custom
New 12" girls bike w/ training wheels commode, Good condition. $20 obo. at $30 each. (650)339-3672 Ron Prophecy Electric Guitar. Mint. PriNce teNNiS 2 section nylon black
FiSHer-Price HealtHY Care booster $75.00 (650) 347-1458 no ans/leave Please call (650)745-6309 $625.00, 650 421 5469. Bag with Prince Pro Graphite Racket-
seat - $5 (650)592-5864. mes “BreaK-dowN” Porto-Power En- $55.(650)341-8342
comPuter deSK For sale $99 gine crane. Excellent condition but sold
295 art 298 collectibles (650)520-4650 “as is” $99 (650)347-7949 Jr. HuGe ludwiG Drum Set Silver Sparkle ProGrammaBle eliPtical Exer-
& Chrome, Zelgian, Pasite & Sabian cise Bike. Excellent Condition. Redwood
BruSHed FiNiSH, 15" X 20" frame comPuter Swivel CHAIR. Padded craFtSmaN 9" Radial Arm Saw with 6" Cymbals, 24 in. Timpany $4,300
a-team FiGuriNeS Plus Jeep $20 Leather. $80. (650) 455-3409 dado set. No stand. $55 (650)341-6402 City (650)740-9980 $75.00
holds 18 various size photos. Never (650)369-8013.
used. $20. 650-369-2486. (650)591-9769 San Carlos
deSK, Gd. cond. $99.99 or b.o. SHoPSmitH marK V 50th Anniversary PiaNo, uPriGHt, in excellent condi- total GYm XLS, excellent condition.
leNNox red Rose, Unused, hand (650)458-3578 most attachments. $1,500/OBO. tion. Asking $345. (650)366-4769 Paid $2,500. Yours for $900. Call
296 appliances painted, porcelain, authenticity papers, (650)504-0585 (650)588-0828
$12.00. (650) 578 9208. uPriGHt PiaNo. In tune. Fair condi-
air coNditioNer 10000 BTU w/re- diNette taBle, 3 adjustable leaf.$30. viNtaGe craFtSmaN Jig Saw. Circa tion. FREE. (650) 533-4886.
(650) 756-9516.Daly City. 1947. $60. (650)245-7517 touredGe reactioN ii uniflex sys-
mote. Slider model fits all windows. LG miller lite Neon sign , work good
brand $199 runs like new. (650)235- $59 call (650)218-6528 viNtaGe liNGerie Washboard circa tem 8 irons 3-9 and pitch irons
0898 diNiNG taBle (36"x54") and 4 match- viNtaGe SHoPSmitH and BaNd 1920’s The Zinc King #703. Suitable for new $75. Call May (650)349-0430
Star warS Action figure: Qui-Gon ing chairs, sturdy oak, cost $600, sell for Saw, good shape. $300/obo. Call strumming $50 (650)369-2486
Jinn (Jedi Knight), mint-in package. $10 $250 .(650)-654-1930. (650)342-6993 viNtaGe NaSH Cruisers Mens/ Wom-
air coNditioNer, Portable, 14,000
BTU, Commercial Cool model Steve (650)518-6614. YamaHa acouStic Guitar, model ens Roller Skates Blue indoor/outdoor sz
CPN14XC9, almost like new! All acces- dreSSer 4-drawer in Belmont for FG830 electric. $400.00 (650)421-5469 6-8. $60 B/O. (650)574-4439
$75. Good condition; good for children.
sories plus remote included. 299 computers Call (650)678-8585 zilJiaN cYmBalS with stands, 21”
20” x 16-5/8” x 33-1/2” $245 OBO. 309 office equipment ride, 18” crash. Paistie 18” crash - $99 womaN’S SKi Boots, Nordica, size 8
(650)345-1835 recordaBle cd-r 74, Sealed, Unop- (916)826-5964 $30 (650)592-2047.
eNtertaiNmeNt ceNter for $50. 1950’S BurrouGHS elec. adding ma-
ened, original packaging, Samsung, 12X, Good shape, blonde, about 5' high.
air Pot keeps 2.5 liters (84 oz) hot or (650) 578 9208 chine. $30. 650-888-9314. womeN’S raicHel ski boots, size 6 ?
cold all day $19.95 (650)595-3933 (650)726-4102 312 Pets & animals $ 50. (650)888-5808 .
laPtoP caSe or bag. Black. Like new.
colemaN lxe Roadtrip Grill - 300 toys Free woodeN Bed frame, good condi- Hardly used. $25. (650)697-1564. airliNe carrier for cats, pur. from
Red Brand New! (still in box) $100 tion pictures available (650)322-9598 YamaHa rooF RACK, 58 inches $75.
Southwest Airlines, $25, 2 available. Call
(650)918-9847 a queStioN of Scruples card game, email (505)228-1480 local. (650)458-3255
the game of moral dilemmas. New $25 310 misc. For Sale
Good microwave 1100 watt $40 Da- (650)369-2486 Glider rocker and ottoman, oak, excel-
oNe KeNNel Cab ll one Pet Taxi ani-
ly City (415) 231-4825. lent condition. $100 (650)345-5644. 500-600 BiG Band-era 78's--most mint,
no sleeves--$50 for all-(650)574-5459 mal carriers 26x16. Excellent cond. $60.. 335 Garden equipment
iKea dreSSer, black, 3 shelf. 23" x (650)593-2066
15"deep x 50" high. $65. (650)598-9804. cHaiN Saw, 16“ ,Craftsmen ,electric,
BeSSY Small Evening Hand Bag With $55. (650)888-5808
Beige Cord $75.00 (650)678-5371 Parrot caGe, Steel, Large - approx
iKea taBle, black 58" x 21" x 14" high. 4 ft by 4 ft, Excellent condition $300 best
$ 30. (650)598-9804. BiFold SHutterS 2x28”x79 $10.00 offer. (650)245-4084 340 camera & Photo equip.
liviNG room Table, good condition. Pet carrier for small dog or cat in ex- NiKoN 18-140 zoom lenses (3), excel-
$30. (415)231-4825 BoBBY Hull Hockey Game Great cellent condition $30. Claudia (650) 349- lent condition. $200 each. (650)592-9044
Cont. ,1960’s $50 (415)269-4784 6059
love cHair, velour, tan. $45. omeGa B600 Condenser Enlarger, In-
(808)631-1365. caPtel PHoNe Message on it’s Pet taxi Animal Carrier. Brand: Delux struction Manual & 50mm El-Omegar En-
screen. Like new used twice $25 Nature Miracle - Excellent Condition for larging Lens $95 (415)260-6940
microFiBer coucH with Ottoman (650)871-8907 $25. Call (650)349-6059.
great condition light brown $80 (650)364- vivitar v 2000 W/35-70 zoom and
5263 caSH reGiSter Parts; Much Skin Not Petmate comPaSS Dog Crate used original manual. Like new. $99 SSF
Guts $500 (415)269-4784 only 1 week $40. (650)872-2244. (650)583-6636
New deluxe Twin Folding Bed, Lin-
ens, cover, Cost $618. Sale $250. Must coStco PlaY Pen with travel bag.
Sell! (650) 875-8159. Used once $35 (650)591-2981 345 medical equipment
316 clothes
New twiN Mattress set plus frame lioNel cHriStmaS Holiday expan- HomedicS dual Shiatsu Massage
$30.00 (650) 347-2356 sion Set. New OB $99 (650)368-7537 5 BoxeS male & female square dance Cushion. 3 Zone. $45.00. (650)207-4162
clothing. Excellent Condition. As a
NiaGara viBratiNG Adjustable bed lioNel weSterN Union Pass car and bunch $200 Maryann (650)574-4439. Garage Sales
good condition Burlingame $90 Call Dan dining car. New OB $99 (650)368-7537
lorex 14” B&W Surveillance System dawGS BraNd Kaymann black and
oFFice Swivel Chair, good condition. Model SG14S1042C-A $75 (415)407- white snake print loafers size 7 (9.3”) $25 GaraGe Sale
$25. (415)231-4825 2360 RWC loction. (650)369-2486
9am to 4pm SAT. ONLY
oFFice tYPe 34"X 60" heavy solid luGGaGe, red, 21" NEW Samsonite Faux Fur Coat Woman's brown multi 4 DeAnza Ct. San Mateo
wood with formica wood grain top $25 Spinner,$50.00. (650)729-3000
(650) 787-9753 color in excellent condition 3/4
length $50 (650)692-8012 Golf Clubs, Kitchen,
orNate larGe BooKcaSe: Two NeGriNi FeNciNG Epee mask size M Bedding, Books,
Pieces 5Ft across by 7ft tall Paid $2500 & France Lames 5 epee blade $95 GeNuiNe ladieS Mink Fur Jacket, Adult Clothing and More!
asking $500 CALL(650)345-9199. (415)260-6940 $50.00 Call: (650)368-0748.
029 0120 sat:Class Master Even 1/19/18 4:07 PM Page 1

THE DAILY JOURNAL Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 29

garage Sales 515 office Space 625 Classic Cars 640 Motorcycles/Scooters 670 Auto Service 670 Auto Parts

-VirtuAl oFFiCeS-
Ford ‘50 4-Door Sedan, Automatic bMW ‘03 F650 GS, $3899 OBO. Call bridgeStone AlenzA 235/65R17,
MuSiC Store $59 - $150
Transmission, 302V8 $1,200.
(650)346-9586. (650) 995-0003 AA SMog $50. Excellent condition, 80k warranty,
used less than 10k. (650)593-4490
CloSing *Business Internet *Phone Answering MerCedeS ‘79 450 SL with hard top. hondA 305 Head, 2 blocks, X-tras. Complete Repair & Service CAble tire Chains. Stock #1038 $20
WArehouSe SAle *Conference Rooms *Offices
*Complete IT Services * Mail
Completely rebuilt. 20K obo. (650)851-
$500 (415)269-4784 $29.75 plus certificate fee (415)407-2360 RWC location.
(most cars) Free: 2 unmounted tires V.G. condition
Jan 20, 21 (650) 373-2000 MotorCyCle SAddlebAgS, 869 California Drive . for Toyota, incl Prius 124 Myrtle Burlin-
Sat 9-6 Sun 10-4 bay Area executive offices 630 trucks & SuV’s game (in driveway)
with mounting hardware and other parts Burlingame
245 S. railroad Ave. Ford ’96 F-150 5-spd stick shift, 6-cyl- $35. Call (650)670-2888 MerCedeS benz 19 inch AMG Rim

San Mateo
inder 132K miles, $3,500.00 firm new
battery good condition. Original owner
(650) 340-0492 one only for sale $50 (650)814-9737 to
arrange pick up.
620 Automobiles 645 boats PeerleSS tire Chains, used a few
Total Liquidation ALL Ford ’99 Ranger Automatic Trans., 4.0 times. Fits several sizes P165-225. $20
used & rental gear, engine, 109k miles, Original Owner 2003 P-15 West Wight Potter sailboat, redWood City test only obo. (650)745-6309
Vintage Studio Gear, don’t lose money $4,000 (650)703-2311
excellend condition. $4,500. Call Smog Center White StAr Tire Chains, never used.
band& orchestra & more! on a trade-in or toyotA ‘00 Tundra Sr5 in a great (650)347-2559 P195/75R14. $25 obo. (650)745-6309.
consignment! shape, 150k miles, 4x4, automatic, V8
Are you looking for a test only smog?
No reasonable offer re- Come to Redwood City Test Only.
Cyl. $1500. Call or text: (209)265-1393
MAlibu 24 ft with tower. Completely re- 680 Autos Wanted
Sell your vehicle in the 635 Vans built and re-finished. Boat and Motor. 323 Woodside Rd Wanted 62-75 Chevrolets
Plus all new daily Journal’s 20K obo. (650)851-0878. Redwood City 94061 Novas, running or not
instruments 50-70% OFF Auto Classifieds. toyotA ‘08 SIENNA LE, excellent con- Parts collection etc.
So clean out that garage
dition, camera, bluetooth, trailer, 94K
msrp miles. $9,000. text (925)786-5545 See
SeA rAy 16 Ft . I/B. $1,200. Needs (650)365-7664 for appt. Give me a call
Upholstery. Call (650)898-5732. Joe 650 342-2483
everything priced to Just $45 craigslist for pics.

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

go noW! We’ll run it
‘til you sell it!

reach 83,450 drivers

from South SF to
gArAge SAleS Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
Palo Alto
eStAte SAleS Call (650)344-5200 4 Says 34 Lover of Geraint 47 “Rescue Me” star 1 Color in the 5 Tries to pick up 36 Bad state for Denis
Make money, make room! brown family 6 Political sailing 48 “Did I do that?”
5 Dusty trail figure commentator 37 Seat for a priority TV nerd
List your upcoming bMW ‘07 X-5, One Owner, Excel. Condi- 9 Board that Navarro boarder 49 Sitcom with a
garage sale, tion Sports package 3rd row seats re-
duced $18,995 obo Call (650)520-4650 decides without 7 Drummer’s 38 Part of a bargain, 1974 wedding
moving sale, voting creations maybe episode
estate sale, CAdillAC ‘02 Deville, 8 cylinder, per-
fect condition, like new, cashmere out- 14 Flow hindrance 8 2010 40 Hyper 53 Sporty car roof
yard sale, side white inside 4787 miles $10,000. 15 Not expected Commonwealth 44 “__ be a shame 55 A big one might
rummage sale, 17 Ducklike bird Games host city if ... ” be fragile
clearance sale, or CheVrolet ‘86 ASTROVAN, 63K 18 Company that 9 One making a 45 Mediterranean 56 Geometric suffix
miles, $3800 (650)481-5296
whatever sale you pioneered metal splash? sauces 57 Eighth mo. in the
CheVy ‘10 HHR . 68K. EXCELLENT 46 Do only what he old Roman
have... CONDITION. $8888. (650)274-8284. drivers in golf 10 Rail stop between


19 Perrier units Stuttgart and says calendar
CheVy hhr ‘08 - Grey, spunky car
Reach over 83,450 readers loaded, even seat warmers, $9,500. 21 Only one fed. Munich
from South San Francisco (408)807-6529. holiday falls on it 11 State in both the
to Palo Alto. dodge ‘99 MAintenAnCe Van, , annually Pacific and
in your local newspaper. $2,500 OBO Good condition. Call
22 A hockey player Mountain time
may check with zones
Call (650)344-5200 got An older one 12 “A __ Fury”: “Star
CAr, boAt, or rV? 23 Thing to get Wars” DVD
Do the humane thing. one’s claws into segment
Donate it to the 27 Often-glazed 13 More than
Humane Society. delicacy
379 open houses Call 1- 800-943-8412 competent
28 Tail of a cartoon 16 They may involve
dog? cheap shots
linColn ‘02 Navigator, excellent condi-
oPen houSe tion. Runs great! Must sell! $4,400/obo.
29 Actress __-
20 Urban omnivore
24 Word of amore
liStingS MAzdA ‘12 CX-7 SUV Excellent con-
30 Hosp. areas 25 Mob hiree
dition One owner Fully loaded Low 31 Lake Itasca, 26 Show
List your Open House miles reduced $17,995 obo (650)520-
vis-à-vis the displeasure
in the Daily Journal. Mississippi 27 Carefully timed
MAzdA 2016 Sky Active one owner per-
35 Out indefinitely operation
Reach over 83,450 fect condition 4DR Silver Low miles 38 Certain landing 32 Worst of the
$11,995 OBO (650)520-4650 aid
potential home buyers & worst
renters a day, MerCury ‘92 Lo. Mi. Some wk needed. 39 Sara Roosevelt’s 33 Flirts with 01/20/18
from South San Francisco B.O. (650)250-3032. maiden name
to Palo Alto. toyotA ‘06 Corolla, 146K miles, 40 Gordon
$4,700. (650)302-5523 Shumway’s title
in your local newspaper. toyotA 2007 Highlander Hybrid alias, in a sitcom
Limited Metallic Silver, Automatic 6-
Call (650)344-5200 cyl, navigation, heated front seats, 41 “I didn’t need to
moon roof 3rd row seats leather interi- know that”
or 200k miles excellent condition
$6,500 OBO. Text or leave msg 42 Book after Exod.
(650)533-0671. 43 Settled things
440 Apartments 46 They go on until
2 bedrooM apartment; everthing re-
modeled/all brand new; $3100 per
625 Classic Cars 50 More at the end?
month; month to month; clean credit a CheVy ‘55 BEL AIR 2 door, Standard 51 Many a boat, to
must, 1121 Village Dr, Belmont 94002.
(650) 492-0625.
Transmission V8 Motor, non-op $22,000 its skipper
obo. (650)952-4036.
52 Strong denial
470 rooms CheVy ‘86 CorVette. Automatic. 54 Fulfill, as a
93,000 miles. Sports Package.$6,800
obo. (650) 952-4036. promise
hiP houSing 58 Advanced
Non-Profit Home Sharing Program CorVette ‘69 350 4-SPeed. 50K
San Mateo County MileS. $18.500. I’ll trade it for a Stinson 59 Pac-12 student
(650)348-6660 Beach property. (650)481-5296. 60 Colon, in
61 Parachute fabric
62 Bldg. units
63 Pipe organ

1 O.T. book
2 Fancy
By Alex Bajcz
3 Endodontic
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January 20 Goody Bags for first 200 attendees
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Interim Community Center r%PPS1SJ[FTBOE(JWFBXBZT
(Between City Hall and Library) r.FEJDBUJPO$POTVMUBUJPOBOE
621 Magnolia Ave

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32 Weekend • Jan. 20-21, 2018 WORLD THE DAILY JOURNAL

Pope to indigenous: Amazon is ‘heart of the church’

By Nicole Winfield roads, dams and farming have all turned
and Christine Armario thousands of acres of once lush green forest
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS into barren, contaminated wastelands. In
his landmark 2015 encyclical, “Praise Be,”
PUERTO MALDONADO, Peru — From Francis demanded world leaders do more to
deep in the scorching Amazon rainforest, protect what he called “one of the lungs” of
Pope Francis demanded Friday that corpora- God’s creation, and denounced the profit-at-
tions stop their relentless extraction of all-cost business interests behind its steady
timber, gas and gold from God’s “holy demise.
ground,” and called on governments to rec- The issue is so important to the Argentine
ognize the indigenous peoples living there pope that he has called a global church
as the primary forces in determining its meeting next year on the Amazon and its
future. native peoples. Friday’s encounter served
Bare-chested and tattooed native families, in many ways as an unofficial opening to
many sporting feathered and beaded head- the synod, giving the native peoples them-
gear, interrupted Francis repeatedly with selves the floor.
applause, wailing horns and beating drums “The sky is angry and is crying because
as history’s first Latin American pope we are destroying the planet, ” Hector
declared the Amazon and its indigenous peo- Sueyo, a member of the indigenous
ples the “heart of the church.” Harakbut people, told the pope in between
In the highlight of his weeklong trip to performances of traditional songs and
Chile and Peru, Francis warned that the dance in a steamy stadium in Puerto
Amazon people are now more threatened Maldonado.
than ever before, and called for a three-fold REUTERS
Yesica Patiachi, also Harakbut, told
defense of their life, their land and their cul- Pope Francis waves as he leaves the presidential palace in Lima, Peru. Francis that loggers, oil workers and gold
tures. Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, a protocol-bending blasted corruption as a “social virus” that diggers all come to their lands to take the
“You are a living memory of the mission change to the itinerary undertaken because must be stopped — a charged comment resources without even consulting with the
that God has entrusted to us all: the protec- of weather concerns that had the unintended given the Peruvian president is under inves- indigenous people whose ancestors have
tion of our common home,” the pope said. effect of signaling that the Amazon natives tigation in Latin America’s biggest corrup- lived there for centuries, cutting their trees,
Francis travelled to the steamy city of were Francis’ top priority in Peru. tion scandal. killing their fish and polluting their rivers
Puerto Maldonado, the gateway to Peru’s Francis did meet later with Kucyznski in Francis’ trip to the Amazon came as the with runoff that turns them into “black
Amazon, before even calling on President the presidential palace in Lima, where he expansion of illegal gold mining, new waters of death.”

Tensions soar along Indian, Pakistan frontier in Kashmir

By Aijaz Hussain and Munir Ahmed killed on both sides in the latest clash, offi- Punjab province. An Indian paramilitary Each country has also accused the other of
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS cials in the two countries said, as each officer said soldiers were responding to initiating past border skirmishes and caus-
blamed the other for initiating the violence. Pakistani firing and shelling on dozens of ing civilian and military casualties.
SRINAGAR, India — Tensions have border posts and called it an “unprovoked”
Indian officials said two civilians, an The fighting is taking place along a
soared along the volatile frontier between violation of a 2003 cease-fire accord.
army soldier and a paramilitary soldier died somewhat-defined frontier where each coun-
India and Pakistan in the disputed and at least 24 civilians and two soldiers Angered over the rising violence, try has a separate paramilitary border force
Himalayan region of Kashmir, as rival were injured in Indian-controlled Kashmir. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry summoned guarding the lower-altitude 200-kilometer
troops shelled villages and border posts for According to Pakistani officials, Indian fire Indian Deputy High Commissioner J. P. (125-mile) boundary separating Indian-
a third day Friday. on Friday killed a civilian and wounded nine Singh and condemned what it called “unpro- controlled Kashmir and the Pakistani
Three civilians and two soldiers were others in Sialkot in Pakistan’s eastern voked cease-fire violations” by India. province of Punjab.