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Case Digest. Recent Jurisprudence. Louh vs. BPI. G.R. No. 225562 ...
Apr 27, 2017 - Lou vs. BPI. G.R. No. 225562, March 8, 2017. Facts. A complaint for
collection of sum of money was filed by BPI against spouses Louh because they were
unable to pay purchases made on their credit cards. They owed BPI the total amount
of P533,836.27. Defendant William filed before the RTC a Motion ...
Supreme Court of the Philippines
February 2, 2016; Office of the Court Administrator Vs. Presiding Judge Joseph
Cedrick O. Ruiz, Regional Trial Court, Branch 61, Makati City A.M. No. RTJ-13-2361.
February 2, 2016 .... February 17, 2016; Vicente D. Cabanting and Lalaine V.
Cabanting Vs. BPI Family Savings Bank, Inc. G.R. No. 201927. February 17, 2016 ...
Civil Law (Sales to Damages) | Haziell Pascua -
VALENCIA vs. ATTY. CABANTING, A.M. Nos. 1302, 1391 and 1543 April 26, 1991 Paulino
alleged that the trial court failed to provide a workable solution concerning his
house and while the petition for certiorari was pending the trial court issued an
order of execution stating that "the decision in this case has already ..