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Form: 8th grade

Topic: I couldn't live without it

Time: 50’

Lesson aims: -to make students read and understand the topic of the lesson
-to give students practice in expressing their own opinion related to the text
-to enable students to talk about their personal experiences and preferences

Objectives: -the students will have been able to express their own opinion about the text
- the students will have been able to talk about their personal experiences and

Exponents: Grammatical structures: Could/Couldn't

Anticipated problems: The students usually tend to avoid a free conversation in English.
Skills: Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading.
Interaction: Teacher-Students
Individual Work
Group Work

Aids: textbook, exercises, images

Class room management: The room is comfortable with pictures on the walls.

Voice: Natural style

Attitude: The teacher encourages the students to answer her questions, keeping eye contact when

Evaluation: initial- warm-up

continue- activities
final- written
Stages/Timing Teacher’s activity Students’ activity Skills

The teacher greets the students and The students greet the Teacher. Listening
Warm-up checks the attending. Then she asks Speaking
5’ the students: How are you today? Are The students read their homework. T-Ss
you doing well? Are you ready for a IW
new topic? Let’s first check the The students answer to the teacher’s
homework. questions

Initial practice The Teacher writes the title of the new The students write down the title of the Listening
10’ lesson on the blackboard, "I couldn't lesson on their notebooks and listen to Reading
live without it". She asks her students their teacher. T-Ss
to try to guess the topic of the lesson Ss-Ss
by just reading the title of the lesson.

Then the teacher asks her students to The students read the lesson aloud.
read the lesson aloud and helps them
if necessary.

Secondary Students are asked to answer in one to The students listen and then solve what Writing
Practice four words at the same questions that their teacher asked them to solve. Speaking
15’ the characters in the text did. Reading
Further The teacher gives her students three The students pay attention to their Listening
practice images describing three different teacher's explanations, take notes and Speaking
15’ places in the world: an ocean, a desert solve the task their teacher asked them Writing
and a forest. Grouped in four teams, to solve. T-Ss
students have to write down at least GW
ten things that they couldn't live
without in those places.
Feedback The Teacher asks the students: Have The students answer and tell their Speaking
Evaluation you enjoyed the topic for today? opinion.
3’ Why/why not? IW
The teacher tells the students the most
frequent mistakes that he noticed Listening
during the course.
Homework The Teacher asks students to do as Students note their homework. Writing
2’ homework ex 1, page 34. IW