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Client : Product based company. Reliance, Samsung, coke,

Implementation Partner : Service based company.

Client : GMR.

Implementation partner : IBM.

Legal entity : company.

Admin center – Employee Files - Manage data --- create New.

GMR group

Infrastructure Power

Delhi Mumbai Hyd

Client requirement :


Company Logo Upload :

Client requirement : SAP Successfactors Portal should display GMR Logo.


Two Parameters.

1. Size : 210/40
2. Pixels.

Admin center - Company settings – Upload company Logo.

1. How many employees exists in your organization ? = 936

2. How many Female Employees working in your GMR company? = 332
3. How many Employees from India ? US ? UK ?
4. How many employees are in HR Department ?
Export Employee Files : Download

Import Employee Files: Uploading.

UDF : User Directory File.


Password policy settings.

Text Replacement :

Theme Manager

Email Notifications.

1. The password should contain min 5 char and max 10 char.

2. Password should contain atleast one one capital letter.
3. Atleast one special char and one numeric value.
4. The password should be case sensitive
5. Blank spaces not allowed
6. The password should not be the repeated one (3months)
7. The password should not contain your first name, middle name or user name.
8. Password should not contain the numbers or alphabets in sequence.
9. Password age as 60.
10. Forgot Password.
11. Reset password link should be sent to email.
12. System has to propose security questions.

Predefined security questions.

Whats your mothers maiden name ?
What is your fav game?
Who is your fav film actor?


Personalized Questions.
What is the best infrastructure which you prefer in GMR?
From GMR group of Airports which one is the best ?

Text Replacement :

Employee : User , Associate , Customer , Client

Reject : Disqualified , Not selected , Denied.

Email Notifications

1. Welcome mail Notification

2. Birthday occasions
3. Work Anniversary
4. Passport expiry notification
5. Course assignment notification
6. Remainder mail notification.

Email Templates.

Admin center - Company Settings – Email Notifications.

Use checkboxes to turn email notifications on/off. Email notifications with a check next to
them will be sent to users when the related actions occur.
Rating Scales :

Theme Manager : UI

Reliance : Blue

Airtel : Red

Idea : yellow.


Admin center - Company Settings - Theme Manager.

Themes determine the look of your SuccessFactors pages. You can assign any theme to be shown to a
specific group. The theme marked as Default is the one that's shown to everyone else. You can change
themes as often as you like.


Rating scales :

Client : GMR

Client requirement : The ratings should be 1-5. This template will be assigned to the End user.

Annual Performance Review 2018.

Half Yearly Performance review 2018.

Name of the Rating Description Summary Comments

Sanjay 1 Outstanding Exceeded the
Perfromance expectations and
zero escalations.
2 Very Good
3 average
4 Poor
5 Last chance

Admin center - Company settings – Rating scales.


Foundation Objects.

Organization Structure.

1. Legal Entity :
2. Business Unit
3. Division
4. Department
5. Cost Center
6. Location
7. Location Group
8. Geozone.

Legal Entity : A Legal entity represents company as registerd against the country laws.

One Legal entity for one country.

Business Unit : Infrastructure , Insurance , BPO , Customer care.

One BU record represents one Operating Unit,

Division : Division is one of the Organizational entities . It can have hierarchical structure using the
parent field.

GMR Head Office

GMR Corporate Office

GMR Regional Office.

Admin center - Manage data - create New

Job Structure

Pay Structure.


, Sales department , Marketing department, Finance Department, IT Department , Admin Department,

Production dept, R&D department.

A department is usually funded by a cost center.

HR Department

Payroll department

Recruitment department

Stationary department

Cost center : CC is one of the Foundation object which stores the cost centers for the company.

How many cost centers can a company have ?

CC is the First foundation object which migrated to MDF.

Location : Location is one of the foundation object which stores the Physical address of the company.

International address formats are supported at Location level.

Location Group :
North India : Delhi , Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh,

South India : Bangalore, Chennai , Hyd.

Location Group : This is used to group Multiple locations.

Geozone : APAC , EMEA ,WER.


Job structure

Pay structure.
Legal entity



JOB structure :

 In how many objects in Organization structure you can find the field called “ Standard Weekly
Hours “ ?

Location – Pawan,

Department, Div and Location – Ravi

Legal entity – OM

Legal Entity – Location – Sarang.

JOB Structure

1. Job Function
2. Job Classification