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CBSE 10th Social Science 2017 Solved Paper

Summative Assessment - I

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com CBSE 10th Social Science 2017

Unsolved Paper
Summative Assessment - I


Q.1. Which country is an example of coming together type of federation? 1 mark

Q.2. According to the World Development Report 2006, what is the Capita income of the
low income countries in 2004? 1 mark

Q.3. Which previous knowledge did Gutenberg drew to design his innovation in the form of
a printing press? 1 mark
Which qualities of young girls, expected at her time, have not been shown in the
novel ‘Jan Eyre’ written by Charlotte Bronte ?

Q.4. Define average income? 1 mark

Q.5. Where is the disguised unemployment found mostly? 1 mark

Q.6. Which problem of the society was focused in the novel „Hard Times‟ written by
Charles Dickens? 1 mark
Name the book by Kashi Baba that had detailed the experiences of poor workers in

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Chote aur badke ka Sawal was the publish by kashiba.

Q.7. Which is the most correct way of measuring a country‟s development? 1 mark

Q.8. How do big private companies contribute in the development of a nation? 1 mark

Q.9. How can the workers in the unorganized sector be protected? Explain. 3 marks

Q.10. What is Per Capita Income? Mention any two limitations of Per Capita Income as an
indicator of development. 3 marks

Q.11. Describe the adverse effects of caste in politics in India. 3 marks

Q.12. What are final goods and intermediate goods? How do they help in calculating Gross
Domestic Product (G.D.P)? 3 marks

Q.13. Why is agriculture an activity of unorganized sector in India? Explain. [Value base
Question]. 3 marks

Q.14. Suggest any three public facilities need for the people? 3 marks

Q.15.Explain the three components of Human Development Index. 3 marks

Q.16. Explain inferences which have been drawn by comparing the development levels of
Punjab, Kerala and Bihar. 3 marks

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Q.17. "The future generation may not have sufficient resources as compared to the present
generation". Support the statement. 3 marks

Q.18. Explain the concept of underemployment in the urban areas with the help of
examples. 3 marks

Q.19. What has been the role of NREGA in creating employment for the people in India ?
Explain. 3 marks

Q.20. Sustainability of development is most desirable'. Explain? 3 marks

Q.21. "Indiscriminate use of resources has led to numerous problems." Justify the
statement. 3marks


Q.22. Explain measures that can be adopted to remove disguised unemployment in the
agriculture sector. 5 marks

Q.23. Examine any five features of federalism practiced in India. 5 marks

Q.24. What is GDP? Assess the contribution of secondary and tertiary sectors to the GDP
of India? 5 marks

Q.25. “Workers are not exploited in organized sector”. Do you agree with the statement?
Explain reasons in support of your answer. 5 marks
Q.26. Explain the tertiary sector? Why is this sector becoming important in India? Give
four reasons. 5 marks

Q.27. Describe any five public facilities needed for the development of a country.. 5 marks

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Q.28. „There has been a big change in the three sectors of economic activities, but a similar
shift has not taken place in the share of employment‟. Explain the above statement
on the basis of facts. 5 marks

Q.29. Compare the employment conditions prevailing in the organized and the
unorganized sectors. 3 marks

30. Two features (A) and (B) are shown in the given political outline map of India. Identify
these features with the help of following information and write their correct names on
the lines market on the map.
(A) Red and Yellow Soil. (B) Wheat Growing Area.
On the same political map of India, Locate and label Rihand.

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