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Exercise 1

Hello! What’s your name?

I’m ____________ .

Hello. I’m _______________ .

How old are you?

I am _____________________.

How about you?

Wow! We share the same age.

Nice to meet you, Misty.

Nice to meet you too, ____________.

Excerise 2: Name each character correctly based on the superminds book.

Exercise 3
Match each picture with correct name.

Good morning! I am Misty.

Good afternoon! I am Thunder.

Good evening! I am Whisper.

Good morning! I am Flash.

Exercise 4
Draw your picture and write about yourself. Let your friends know
about you.

Good morning everyone! My name is

____________________________. I live in
______________ , Johor. I am ______________
years old. My father’s name is _________________
and my mother’s name is
__________________________. I am schooling in
__________________________________ in Johor.