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Options to Display Amadeus Information Pages Options to Find Encode and Decode

Display main topic list: GG AIS Encode for Location: DAN RIYADH
Airline in Amadeus: Access Level: GG PCAL ACC Encode/Decode a country: DC QATAR
Airline in Amadeus: Function Levels: GG PCAL FUN Encode/Decode a state: DNS WASHINGTON
List of carriers with origin country: GG PCAL AIR Encode/Decode an airline: DNA EMIRATES
Amadeus functions supported by a specific airline: GG PCA LH Encode/Decode an aircraft: DNE 747
List of airline having their own AIS pages: GG AIR AIS Encode/Decode a Hotel: DNH MARRIOTT
Information provided by a specific airline: GG AIR QR Encode/Decode a car company: DNC AVIS
Airline's city information: GG AIR LH NYC Decode City/Airport from three letters code: DAC LAX
Information about Amadeus Cars: GG CAR List all Airports for City: DB NYC
Information on a specific car company: GG CAR ZI Decode an airline 2 letter code: DNA GF
Information about Amadeus Hotels: GG HTL Decode an airline number: DNA 072
Information on a specific hotel chain: GG HTL SI List the states for a country: DNS US
Product announcements in Amadeus: GG NEWS Nearest Ten Airports DAN CHICAGO/N
Weather forecast for a specific city: GG WEA JNB Location start with letter ‘’A’’ in a country DANA /FR
Information on specific Airport: GG APT CDG
Information on a specific country: GG COU QA
Information from a specific Amadeus ACO: GG AMA QA
Information on Amadeus Input & Output codes: GG CODE

Single Passenger: NM1ALKULAIFI/ALI MR
Multi Passengers, same surname: NM2ALKULAIFI/ALI MR/NORA MRS
Multi Passengers, different Surname: NM1ALKULAIFI/ALIMR;NM1ALKULAIFI/NORSMRS
Infant, same surname as Adult: NM1ALKULAIFI /NORA MRS (INF/NASIR/16JAN06)
Infant, different surname as Adult: NM1ALKULAIFI/NORAMRS (INFALNAIMI/NASIR/16JAN06)

Travel Information –TIF

You can use two different formats to find information in guided mode. You can use a four-letter Transaction or TI/,
followed by the full Word for the information you need:
TIFV -or- TI/Visa Visa Information
TIFH TI/Health Health Information
TIFA TI/All Visa and Health Information
For Visa Information, Enter: TIFV
System Response:
NA Passenger’s Nationality (Enter a Country Code or City Code in the Country)
AR Alien Residents (Enter the Country Code of Current Residence)
DE Destination Point (s) (Up To Ten Airport Codes)
TR Transit/Transfer Points (Up To Ten Airport Codes)


Following are the Amadeus reservation glossary
& Sign-Out
first available area: JI0001AA/SU
All areas: JI*0001AA/SU
with password together: JI0001AA/SU-Password
Sign-out from first available area: JO
out from all areas: JO*
Availability Display
Available class to book or waitlist: AN01MARDOHDXB
Availability for Specified time: AN01MARDOHDXB1200
Availability for specified Airline: AN01MARDOHDXB/AEK
Availability for specified via connection: AN01MARDOHDXB/XAUH
Availability for specified Class: AN01MARDOHDXB/CV
Combination: AN01MARDOHDXB1200/XAUH/AGF/CM
Availability for In-bound and Out-bound: AN12MARDOHDXB*15MAR
Availability Display for Close or Book able: SN01MARDOHDXB (Schedule Display)
Name Elements - NM
Single Adult Passenger Name: NM1HUSSAIN/ALI MR
Same family Name for 2 Adults: NM2HUSSAIN/ALI MR/M MRS
More than on Name enter together: NM1HUSSAIN/A MR;NM1SYED/ALI MR
Child passenger: NM1HUSSAIN/NASEER MSTR(CHD/01JAN03)
Infant Same family Name as Adult: NM1HUSSAIN/M MRS(INF/NABIL/16JAN06)
Infant with Different family name: NM1HUSSAIN/M MRS(INFALEMADI/ALI/16JAN06)
Remove Child Title from Passenger 2 before save PNR: 2/ (Type Enter)
Add Child Title to passenger 3 before save PNR: 3/(CHD) (Type Enter)
Remove Infant from passenger 4 before save PNR: 4/ (Type Enter)
Add Infant to passenger 5 before save PNR: 5/(INF/ALI/10)
Update 2nd Name of passenger 6 before save PNR: 6/MARIYUM MRS
Segment Sell - SS
Sell 2 seats in V-cls on line 4 of Availability: SS2V4
Sell 2 seats in J-cls leg 1 and F-cls leg 2 of line 3: SS2JF3
Open Segment for Ticket Issuance: SO QR B LHRDOH
Surface Segment: SIARNK
Phone Field - AP
Phone Number Field : AP 4667579
Phone Number Field for specific Location: AP DOH 4667579
Enter your office Number : AP (Type Enter)
E-mal Address : APE -
Ticket Arrangement – TK
No Time limit : TKOK
Specific Time Limit with Date and Time : TKTL12MAR/1200
Auto Cancellation on Specific Date and Time: TKXL12MAR/1200
Received From Field - RF
Modification asked by Passenger: RF PAX or RF P
Modification by Agent : RF ALI
Modification by Mr. Al-Emadi: RF MR ALEMADI
End Transaction – ET / ER
End the File and close the PNR : ET
End the File and Redisplay PNR: ER
End the File and Change the status code: ETK
End the File and Change the status code, Redisplay PNR: ERK
Retrieve PNR - RT
Retrieve PNR Number: RTXXXXXX
Retrieve By Name: RT/AHMED
Retrieve By Alphabet: RT/A
By flight Number and date RTQR001/12JUNDOHLHR-AHMED
Retrieve PNR on line 4 of the List: RT4
Display PNR List Booked Specific office – LM
Specific flight Number and Date: LM/QR001/12MAR/DOHLHR
Retrieve or Display PNR ON Line 5 of the List: LM5
Display the Name of passenger from Airline Data: FFDQR-1111111111 (Amadeus Users Airline Only)
Enter Frequent Flyer Number Automated: FFNQR-1111111111
Enter Frequent Flyer Number Automated for specific PAX2: FFNQR-1111111111/P2
Manual Entry for Frequent Flyer: SRFQTVEK-EK111111111
Manual Entry for Frequent Flyer for PAX 3 : SRFQTVEK-EK111111111/P3

Advance Seat
Display Seat Map for Segment Number 3: SM3
Request specific seat Number: ST/R/20K
Request specific seat Number for PAX 4: ST/R/20K/P4
Request specific seat for specific segment 4: ST/R/20K/S4

Cancel Specific Segment : XE4
Cancel Specific Segments : XE4,7
Cancel Range of segments: XE4-6
Cancel seat elements SX/7,8
Cancel Itinerary: XI
Change Booking Class – SB
Chang booking class from B-cls to J-cls All segments: SBJ
Chang booking class from B-cls to J-cls Specific segment # 4: SBJ4
Change booking date for Specific segment # 3: SB30MAR3
Retrieve History - RH
Retrieve History : RH
Retrieve History for specific Segment # 4 : RHS4
Retrieve History for other Airline PNR : RLH
Remarks – RM / RC
General Remark only View by Amadeus Airline Users: RM Please confirm segment 4
Confidential Remarks View by Your office: RC Charge extra QAR400.00
Print screen only on default printer: WRS/RT
Print All on default printer: WRA/RT
Print Extended Itinerary IEP
Print Basic Itinerary IBP
Option – OP
To remind you in Queue # 3 for Action : OP12MAR/free Text
Queue – QT / QS / QE / QI / QN / QD
Display Queue Bank : QT
Display specific Queue 2,Category (C )30 and Date Range(D) 1:QS2C30D1
Ignore Queue and PNR still in Queue: QI
Remove from Queue: QN
Delay PNR in Queue and Retrieve next Queue: QD
To place Queue on Queue 30 and category 20: QE30C20
Step for Split PNR – SP
Split passenger # 3: SP3
Received from: RF P
File Split PNR: EF
Received Again : RF P
End Transaction: ET or ER
Amadeus Fare Quote entries divided into two types of transactions:
FQ The Fare Quote transaction display information based on the data contained in an entry. No PNR requires.
FX The itinerary pricing for specific itinerary a PNR requires.
Transaction code for Display Fare: FQD (No PNR require)
Transaction code for Price Itinerary: FQP (No PNR require)
Transaction code for Price Itinerary and No Ticket
Record / image saved: FXX (PNR require)
Transaction code for Price Itinerary and Ticket
Record / image saved: FXP (PNR require)
Fare Quote follow- up Entries:


You can find relevant information for Fare Quote in the Amadeus Information System (AIS).
General booking code information
Airline specific booking code information
Booking code information for a specific airline and a specific geographical area. The geographical areas are:
D Domestic
E Europe
I International
General Tax information
Passenger facility charges information
General discount information
Summary of tax-related entries

The display shows fares sorted highest to lowest
01 FOW 1280 F - - - - - - M
02 JOW 1190 J - - - - - - M
03 FRT 2120 F - - - - - - M
04 VOW 1030 V - - - - - - M
05 JRT 1970 J - - - - - - M
06 VRT 1710 V - - - - - - M
07 V2OW 780 V - - - - - - M
08 V2RT 1300 V - - - - - - M
09 VEE14 860 V 100 - - - 2+ 14+M
Fare display for origin city and CRT location for current date: FQD DXB
Origin city different from CRT location for current date: FQD DXBBAH
Fare display for specific airline for current date: FQD DOHAMM/AGF
Fare display for specific class for current date: FQD DOHAMM/CF
Fare display for front cabin: FQD DOHDXB/KF
Display fares in NUC: FQD DOHMIL/R,NUC
Shopper display – lowest to highest for all Amadeus
Participating airlines: FQD DOHLON/S
Specific date for specific city pair: FQD DOHPAR/D15DEC
Specific past date for specific city pair: FQD DOHLON/D01MAY07
Exact outbound travel : FQD DOHMUC/D30DEC*
Range for travel date starts: FQD DOHNYC/D10NOV**30NOV
Exact outbound and inbound travel date: FQD DOHLON/D25NOV*10DEC
Fares shown in lowest to highest for specific airlines: FQD DOHLON/AQR/IX
Display one-way fares only: FQD DOHNYC/IO
Display Round trip fares only: FQD DOHLON/IR
Display Half round trip fares in NUC: FQD FRABUD/IH
Display fares and the Taxes: FQD DOHLHR/R,AT
Display Private Fares (Uni Fares): FQD DOHCMB/R,U


Fares display in NUCs from a Local currency display: FQDN (After Display FQD)
Fares display in Local currency from a NUC display: FQDL (After Display FQD)
Display a fare in another currency on line 3: FRC3/GBP
Request fare in opposite direction: FQDR
Tax breakdown for the fare on line 3: FQK3
Display the routing for the fare on line 4: FQR4
Booking code information for the fare on line 5: FQS5
Booking code information for the fare on line 5 for
Specific airline: FQS5/AEK
Display a rule for the fare on line 7 : FQN7
Display a list of paragraphs or the categories for the fare
on line 7: FQN7*LI
Display categories for fare on line 7: FQN7*AP,PE,CD
Display the fare rule number: FQN V235
Display the tax information for specific country: FQN TAX/QATAR
Display tax information for specific tax type: FQN TAX/UB
Convert a specific amount of a currency, using
The default currency of your Terminal: FQC 100GBP
Convert specific amount, using a currency code: FQC 100EUR/GBP
Convert from a designated currency to a NUC: FQC 1000QAR/NUC
Convert currencies up to 12 months in the past: FQC 100GBP/INR/15MAY04
Display a list of BSRs for a currency: FQB QAR
Display IATA Rate of exchange (ROE) of your terminal: FQA
Display IATA Rate of exchange (ROE) of a Country: FQA*US
Display IATA Rate of exchange (ROE) of a City: FQA*NYC
Display IATA Rate of exchange (ROE) for past date: FQA*NYC/25JAN04
Excess Baggage Charges for today's date for a city pair
with the 30KGs Excess Baggage: FQX DOHAMM/30
Excess Baggage Charges for specific date for a city pair
with the 30KGs Excess Baggage: FQX DOHAMM/30/26MAR
Excess Baggage Charges for today's date for a city pair
with the 30KGs Excess Baggage for specific airline: FQX DOHAMM/30/AQR

The following conditions apply:

You can use FQP for all fares except Group fares and air passes.
Journey Type
A round or circle trip can contain a maximum of:
16 flight segments, or
14 flight segments and 2 surface segments, or
15 flight segments and 1 surface element, or
15 fare break points
A one-way trip can contain a maximum of:
15 flight segments, or
13 flight segments and 2 surface segments, or
14 flight segments and 1 surface segment, or
14 fare break points
If you do not enter any specific options to your entry, the system makes the following assumptions:
An adult passenger type.
The current date for the first segment, and an open date for all the other segments
An open booking class. The system displays the lowest possible price for each class.
YY fares for travel agencies, and carrier specific fare for airlines.
Stopover all the cities.


Following are the options for informative pricing
Specific Airline: FQP DOH /A QR LON
Same Airline for all Segments: FQP DOHBAHLON/O GF
Specific Date: FQP DOH / D14 MAY DXB
Specific Booking Code ( RBD): FQ DOH/C J DXB
Specific Global Routing : FQP LON / V EH SIN
Display Lowest Fare: FQP DOH PAR DOH / L
Display Mirror Image of Fare: FQP DOH PAR LON / M
Display Passenger Discount: FQP DOH DXB DOH/R ZZ
Display Multiple Passenger Discounts: FQP DOH DXB DOH/ RCH*IN*ZZ
Display Passenger Type Code: FQP DOH DXB DOH / R MIL
Point of Sale Override (PTA): FQP BAH DXB BAH /R, DOH.BAH
Ticketing city Override: FQP DOH LON DOH /R,.LON
Display past Date Fare: FQP DOH LON DOH / R, 01FEB07
Stopover Indicator: FQP DOH LON PAR – MUC DOH
Amadeus Qatar W.L .L - 75 - Amadeus Reservation & Ticketing
Surface Sector Indicator: FQP DOH LON - - MUC DOH
Stopover and Surface Sector: FQP DOH LON - - - MUC DOH
Amadeus Uni Fares: FQP NYC / A CO / LAX / R,U
Display Fare Exempt All taxes: FQP DOH CAI DOH / R,ET
Display Fare Exempt all Taxes for a Tax code on a Ticket: FQP DOH MUC FRA MUC DOH / R,ET-DE
Add Tax and specify an Amount: FQP KHI DOH KHI / R, AT-RG100A
Pricing for Validating carrier (PFC ONLY): FQP DOH/AQRLGW/ACOEWR-LGW/AQRDOH/R,VC-QR
Private Fares (Uni Fares): FQP DOH/AUL CMB-/AULDOH/R,U


You can add options to define your pricing requirements. The options apply equally to FXP and
FXX. The following option indicators:
Passenger Name Select:
FXP / P4 (Pricing the itinerary for passenger no 4)
FXP / P2, 4, 6 (Pricing the itinerary for passenger no 2, 4, 6)
FXP /P2-6 (Pricing the itinerary for range of passengers 2 to 6)
FXP/ RIN/P2 (Infant travelling with passenger no 2)
FXP / RCH /P4 (Child Discount for passenger no 4)
Pricing for Infant:
FXP / INF (Infant Only)
FXP / RIN (Infant Discount)
FXP/ RIN/P2 (Infant travelling with passenger no 2)
Pricing for Non Infant:
FXP / PAX (Adult and Child)
FXP / RCH /P4 (Child Discount for passenger no 4)
Request Pricing:
FXP /R CD (Senior Citizen Discount)
FXP / R ZZ (Youth Discount)
FXP/R, LON (Indicate the point of Sale and ticketing as LON)
FXP/ R, LON. DOH (Indicate the point of sale is LON and point of ticketing is DOH)
FXP / R, ET (Exempt All Taxes)
FXP / R, U (Private Fares or Uni Fares)
FXP/NF (No Service Fee require)
FXP/R, FC-INR (Currency of sale override ‘’IC’’ domestic itineraries)
Select the Segment:
FXP / S3 (Price only for Segment 3)
FXP / S3-5 (Price the Range of Segments 3 to 5)
FXP / S3, 6, 9(Price the Segments 3, 6, and 9)
FXP / S4X (No Stopover or Transfer Point segment 4)
FXP / S4X, 6X (No Stopover or Transfer Point segment 4, 6)
FXP /S2-4, 6, 8X, 9 (Price for segment 2 t0 4 and 6 are stopover and segment 8 no stopover)
FXP/R, VC-QR (Validating on QR for PFC only)
Fare Break Point:
FXP / B 3 (Fare break point is segment 3)
FXP / B3 , 7 (Fare break point are segment 3, 7)
Turnaround Point:
FXP / BT- 4 (Turnaround point is segment 4)

The Amadeus Best Buy functionality consists of the following entries:

Entry Explanation
FXB Rebook to the lowest fare if seat available, and create a TST
FXR Rebook to the lowest fare if seat available but don’t create TST
FXA Display a list of lower fares without rebook PNR
FXU Select fare after FXA, rebook, and create a TST
FXZ Select fare after FXA, rebook, but not create a TST
FXL Display lowest possible fare
System also informs you about seat availability


Update / Add Fare Amount : TTK/F1800.00 (Local currency QAR )
Update / Add Fare Amount : TTK/FUSD495.00 (Other currency USD )
Update / Add Equivalent Fare Amount : TTK/EQAR1800.00
Update / Add Fare & Equivalent : TTK/FUSD495.00/EQAR1800.00
Specific TST : TTK/T2/F800.00
Update/Add Tax : TTK/X100YR
Update/Add Taxes : TTK/X100YR/X200YQ/X30WO
Specific TST : TTK/T2/X100YR/X200YQ/X30WO
Update/Add Fare & Total Amount for reissue:TTK/R1800/T500.00
Additional amount as Total (Reissue) : TTK/T500.00
No Additional cost (Reissue) : TTK/T0.00
Delete specific Tax # 3 : TTK/X3
Add new Tax : TTK/X100YR
Change Tax amount for Tax # 3 : TTK/X3-X200YQ
Existing Tax as collected for reissue : TTK/X3 - O (Old tax which collected)
Add BSR : TTK/K13.65000 (K1 is transaction)
Specific TST : TTK/T2/K13.65000 (K1 is transaction)
Fare calculation : TTK/CDOH QR DXB190.00NUC190.00END ROE3.6400
Fare calculation override : TTK/CBUILD
Specific TST : TTK/T2/CBUILD
Preview Ticket Image : TTP/T1/TKT/CRT
Specific Passenger : TTP/P2/TKT/CRT
Print Ticket : TTP
Specific TST : TTP/T2
Specific Passenger : TTP/P2
Specific Stock Reference : TTP/X A2
Override Validating Carrier : TTP/V*QR
Specific TST : TTP/T2/V*QR
Specific passenger : TTP/P2/V*QR
Override Electronic Ticket : TTP/OPT (Issue Paper Ticket)
Override past date TST : TTP/O (Expired TST)
Remove change flag from TST : TTF
From All TST : TTF/ALL

Display the Document Bank for Paper Ticket: TSD

Display -Ticket Stock: DSLD/K/AE/DOHQR2120
Register Documents or Load Stock TSM/A1/3702601001C5-3702601200(Last Ticket without Check Digit)
TSM/A1/3702601001C5 tal number of Tickets 250)
elete remaining Documents in a stock range: TSX/A1/X
anually Void a Ticket Number3854671200: TSN/A1/201/V (To Void Ticket #200)
Display Ticket Delivery Mechanism (TDM) : TZD
Display (TDM) for specific Printer: TZD/TB09175
Start the Ticket Delivery Mechanism (TDM): TZSTART
Start the (TDM) for specific Ticket printer: TZSTART/TB09175
Stop the Ticket Delivery Mechanism (TDM): TZSTOP
Purge the Ticket TZ PURGE
E-25 (To
Display Items on the Print Queue: PQD/A1
Opens the Print Queue: PQO/A1
Close the Print Queue: PQC/A1
Delete Items from the Print Queue: PQX/A1/001
Prints specific Items on the Print Queue: PQN/A1/003
Rearranges Items on the Print Queue: PQR/A1/005/003
Summary Sales report for the Past Period TJS/SOF/H-1
Item Sales report for the past period TJI/SOF/H-1
Summary Sales report for the period before the past period TJS/SOF/H-2
Item Sales report for the period before the past period TJI/SOF/H-2
Daily Summary Sales report for current date TJD/SOF
Daily Summary report for Specific date TJD/SOF/D-02JUL
Daily Summary report for specific date range TJD/SOF/D-02JUL05JUL
Daily Query Sales report for current date TJQ/SOF
Daily Query report for specific date TJQ/SOF/D-02JUL
Query report for specific date range TJQ/SOF/D-02JUL05JUL
Transaction Report for sequence Number 13 from
the Query Report TJQ/I-13
Query Report of E-Tickets for date range: TJQ/SOF/D-02JUL05JUL/QTC- TKTT
Query Report unused voided e-tickets TJQ/SOF/D-02JUL05JUL/QTC-CANN
Query Report for specific airline TJQ/SOF/D-02JUL05JUL/QVP-BA
Net Remit report TJN/SOF/D-01JUL31JUL
Transaction Report by Ticket stock Number TJT/ TK-4510000300
S.No. Date Ref.No. Voucher No. Guest Name Sup.Amt.USD Payment Bal.Sup.Amt. Bal.Sup.QAR Remarks
1 03/01/08 1423837 Mahmoud Hamad alorjani 304.50 304.50 1,111.43 GTA will waive
2 01/12/07 1427179 25226(21364) Najib Nasser 1,168.00 534.25 633.75 2,313.19 Paid
3 18/01/08 1430094 27294(23633) - Anees Al Kuwari ahmad 200.00 200.00 730.00 Debit
4 29/01/08 1434784 26344(22617) Mohammed al Khayarin 620.00 620.00 2,263.00 Paid in Euro
5 03/02/08 1436181 Mamdouh Al Marri Hamad 2,032.00 2,032.00 7,416.80 GTA will waive
6 03/02/08 1436198 28544(25072) Abdulla al Kubaisi 562.00 562.00 2,051.30 Paid
7 12/02/08 1440761 20946 310.50 310.50 1,133.33 GTA will waive
8 13/02/08 1441865 28915 Somaya Saoud 295.50 295.50 1,078.58 We have to pay in Euro
9 11/02/08 2826208 Al Taie Abdul Sattar 952.00 952.00 3,474.80 Short Collection
10 15/02/08 1443769 25773 Ali Awad Alnamlan 324.00 324.00 1,182.60 C/N is There
11 15/02/08 1444569 21701 Test 402.00 402.00 1,467.30 GTA will waive
12 19/02/08 1444825 28518 Ali Alkuwari 832.50 832.50 3,038.63 Short Collection
13 21/02/08 1445689 26245(22504)Aneesh Al Faheida Abdul Rahman 1,299.00 1,299.00 4,741.35 GTA will waive
14 04/03/08 1451479 Amro Mr.Tareq Abdul latif Taha 5,845.00 5,845.00 21,334.25 GTA will waive
15 08/03/08 1454602 Marchael Noora Al Ansari 210.50 210.50 768.33 Voucher not found
16 26/03/08 1462334 27976-41122 Test 42.00 42.00 153.30 GTA will waive
17 28-03-08 1494189 Hasan/31224-28213 Alnaimi Mohammed Fahad 139.00 139.00 507.35 Paid
18 07/04/08 1469076 31172-28153 Josie datu 288.00 288.00 1,051.20 No Show - Katrina
19 12/04/08 1472611 31071-28037 Ibrahim Mattar 294.50 294.50 1,074.93 C/N is there
20 14/04/08 1472633 31934 Moustafa Alabdulla Noura 1,035.00 1,035.00 3,777.75 C/N is there + Paid
21 25/03/08 1474521 31038-31039 Khalid Alsayed 717.00 717.00 2,617.05 C/N is there
22 17/04/08 1474528 31957-29162 Sidani Sirine 165.00 165.00 602.25 C/N is there
23 17/04/08 1474534 32159/29408 Mohammed Anees 160.00 160.00 584.00 GTA will waive
24 20/04/08 1476971 32271-29534 Hamad Almarri 557.50 557.50 2,034.88 C/N is there
25 23-04-08 1478905 32411-29396 AlHitmi Aila Ms 483.00 483.00 1,762.95 Paid
26 25/04/08 1480450 32298-29565 Hamad Al Marri 1,003.50 1,003.50 3,662.78 C/N is there
27 30-04-08 1482412 Marchel-5503699 Mr Mohammad Alqassmi 322 322.00 1175.3 Voucher not found
28 29-04-08 1483706 Amro/32667-29977 Thani Tahani Ms 1,392.00 1,160.00 232.00 846.80 Paid
29 03/05/08 1483709 Farooq/RTT Neil Dan Lopex 354.00 354.00 1,292.10 Voucher not found
30 24-03-08 1016390 MC/30673-27554 Husam Al Jabsheh -424.50 -283.00 -141.50 -516.48 Paid
31 07/05/08 1485836 Amro/32848-30181 Mubarak Hassan Mr 388.00 388.00 1,416.20 C/N is there
32 07/05/07 1485846 Mahmoud/33069-30459 Mrs Salama Alghanim 202.50 202.50 739.13 Vrnehi Not Passed
33 07/05/07 1485854 Rizwan/33155-30543 Mr Al Houti Mohammed 152.50 152.50 556.63 C/N is there
34 20-04-08 1486960 Shiva/32296-29562 Mr Jassim Mohd Abdulla 1,326.00 1,326.00 4,839.90 C/N is there + Paid
35 25-04-08 1487991 32407-8/29690 Alnaimi Nasser Ali Mr 2,247.00 2,247.00 8,201.55 C/N is there
36 12/05/05 1487998 33277-30669 Mr Dinesh chandiok 2,157.00 2,157.00 7,873.05 Obaida Not Passed
37 11/01/08 2826513 Alnaama A Aziz Mr 258.00 258.00 941.70 Voucher not found
38 18-01-08 2826514 Alali Abdul Rahman Mr 180.00 180.00 657.00 Voucher not found
39 10/05/08 1488917 32989-30366 Mr Elmahdi Hussein E Daw 215.50 215.50 786.58 C/N is there
40 17-05-08 1491558 Moustafa-33654-31058 AlKaabi Mohammed Yousef Mr 6,072.00 6,072.00 22,162.80 Voucher not found
41 24-04-08 1492880 Anees Mohsen Mohammed 403.00 403.00 1,470.95 Paid
42 22-05-08 1493617 Anna Mr ahmed Ali A Mohamed 57.5 57.50 209.88 Cancelled
43 22-05-08 1493618 MC 33719-31111 Mr Girlie Garcia 157.5 157.50 574.88 C/N is there
44 2/4/2008 1496131 Anees AlObaidi Mohd Mr 248 124.00 124.00 452.60 Cancelled
45 20-04-08 1497198 Shiva/32296-29562 Mr Jassim Mohd Abdulla 408 408.00 1,489.20 C/N + Paid
46 11/2/2008 89108 Mr Al Taie Abdul Sattar -952 -952.00 -3,474.80 Voucher not found
47 23-05-08 1498686 34007-31436 Mr Tareq Gholoum AlSharash 30.5 30.50 111.33 Paid
48 31-05-08 1498699 Hilary Mr Tarek Taha 364.5 364.50 1,330.43 Voucher not found
49 27-05-08 2826586 Amro- Fouad 34342-31796 Ms Carla Hanna 1991 1,991.00 7,267.15 Not Passed
50 3/6/2008 1500673 RTT/Josie-A/34761-32317 Mr Ahmed AlKubesi 125 125.00 456.25 Not Passed
52 7/6/2008 1502960 MC-34733-32198 Mr Abdulla Saeed-Saeed 1875 1,875.00 6,843.75 C/N is there
53 7/6/2008 1504248 34642-32102 Mr Alu AlMohanadi 420 420.00 1,533.00 Paid
55 11/6/2008 1505414 35423, 35383 Mr Tarek Taha 3374 3,374.00 12,315.10 Voucher not found
56 12/6/2008 1506907 35313-32822-Bernard Mr alaa Ramadan 1456 1,456.00 5,314.40 Not Passed
57 11/6/2008 1506908 35423, 35383 Mr Tarek Taha 69 69.00 251.85 Voucher not found
58 11/6/2008 1508324 35423, 35383 Mr Tarek Taha 34.5 34.50 125.93 Voucher not found
59 17-06-08 1508335 RTT 33496-Obaida Mr Hassan Alghanim 185.5 185.50 677.08 Not Passed
60 19-06-08 1509349 Amjad/35796-33389 Aldosari Fahad Mr 78 78.00 284.70 C/N is there
61 21-06-08 1510963 Mahmoud/36038-33263 Mr Hamad Mubarak AlHajri 292 292.00 1,065.80 Voucher not found
62 21-06-08 1510969 MC 35741-33315 Ms Hanadi AlJassim 2370 2,370.00 8,650.50 C/N is there
63 22-06-08 1510985 Mahmoud/36043-33649 Mr Hamad Alhajri 112 112.00 408.80 Voucher not found
64 22-06-08 1512444 Mahmoud Mr Hamad Mubarak AlHajri 215 215.00 784.75 Voucher not found
65 24-06-08 1512445 Amro/32678-33228 Almannai Shbeeb Mr 3822 3,822.00 13,950.30 Short Collection
66 26-06-08 1515063 Hasan Albuainain Rashid Awadh 219 219.00 799.35 Short Collection
67 30-06-08 1516285 5832945 Mrs Rana Mansour 249 249.00 908.85 Short Collection
68 335 235 100.00 365.00
69 30-06-08 1516289 Anees Alnaimi Saif Mr 1548 1,548.00 5,650.20 Not Passed
70 30-06-08 1516294 Anna/36829-34431 Mr Rabia Khamis Mubarak 84.5 84.50 308.43 C/N is there
71 2/7/2008 1523487 RTT/Moustafa Ali/Yehia Abdelmeguid Mr 76 76.00 277.40 Cancellation Charges
72 22-05-08 1523488 34088-31511 Mr Eqab Eqabsa Alshamari 278 278.00 1,014.70 Paid
73 Anna / 36584-34192 Mr Abdulla mohammadi 111 111.00 405.15 Short Collection
74 Mahmoud/36219-33823 Mr Nasser Alshafi 405 405.00 1,478.25 Short Collection
75 29-06-08 1523511 A.Y. Mr Shafi Al Shafi 490 490.00 1,788.50 short Collection
76 4/7/2008 1523565 Shiva Mr Saad Ghazi Esmael 342 342.00 1,248.30 Voucher not found
ToTaL 56,357.50 1,770.25 55,211.25 199,243.46