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APICS Granite State Chapter and IMANH

Co-Sponsored One Day Seminar


March 12, 2008

NHCTC – Pease Int’l Tradeport – Portsmouth, NH

Presenter: Brian H Maskell from BMA Inc.

Lean manufacturing and traditional accounting systems do not mix. Traditional performance
measurements are harmful to lean because they motivate non-lean behavior. Standard costing was
designed to support mass production; but is misleading, wasteful, and harmful to companies pursuing
lean thinking. Most company’s accounting, control, and measurement systems are far from lean; they are
filled with thoroughly wasteful actions, transactions, reports, meetings, and activities.

Lean Accounting is a great deal more than just applying lean thinking to the bookkeeping. Lean
Accounting answers the question; “How do we measure, manage, and control a lean operation?”

This fast-paced seminar is designed for operations managers, controllers & accountants, lean
specialists, and other managers & lean leaders. You will be introduced to a series of practical and proven
methods providing a truly lean accounting, control, and measurement system. Lean accounting actively
supports lean thinking, provides the vital information needed to build a lean business, motivates
continuous improvement, and is itself simple, straightforward, and lean.

In this seminar we will cover in detail the following concepts:

• Why Traditional Accounting & Measurement Systems are Actively Harmful to Lean Thinking
• How to Understand the Financial Impact of Lean Changes – and How to Make Money from It.
• How to Eliminate Waste from Your Accounting and Control Systems like Shop-Floor Control,
Purchasing, Inventory Tracking, Accounts Payable, and Financial Reporting.
• How to Generate Financial Information that is Understandable and Actually Helpful to Run the
• How the Accountants and Controllers can Truly Become Business Partners on the Value Stream

Emphasis will be placed on the lean principles of value to the customer, working by value streams, flow
and pull instead of push, continuous improvement through empowered teams, and the pursuit of
perfection. We will show how these lofty goals can become a reality in your product plant through the use
of the right measurements, financial reporting, and simplification.

By the end of this seminar attendees will understand why traditional accounting and measurements are
hostile to lean improvement, the primary methods of Lean Accounting, and how to implement these
simple yet powerful methods.
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Registration: 7:30 AM - Registration form is on a following page

Seminar: 8:30-4:30 - (Continental Breakfast and Lunch provided)
Early Registration Fee: $399 per person, with a discount to $299 for APICS & IMA members
If a company sends more than 3 people, the 4th , 5th, etc. will be at a cost ($200).
APICS Granite State Chapter No. 85 & IMANH
Co-Sponsored One Day Seminar
Lean Accounting for the Lean Enterprise
NHCTC – Pease Int’l Tradeport – Portsmouth, NH
March 12, 2008
Presenter: Brian H. Maskell of BMA Inc.
Brian H. Maskell, President of BMA Inc., has more than 30 years experience in
manufacturing and distribution industry. He has held a variety of management
positions from the shop-floor of an electronics company to Manager of European
Inventories for the Xerox Corporation to Vice President of Product Development
and Customer Service of the Unitronix Corporation. Over the past fifteen years Mr.
Maskell's consulting practice has taken him to many manufacturing and distribution
companies in the United States, England, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Europe,
and the Far East. He has assisted these companies in the implementation of
advanced manufacturing techniques including lean and agile manufacturing,
logistics and supply chain management, lean accounting, value-stream
costing/management, new performance measurement, process re-engineering,
enterprise information systems, and total quality management.

A sought-after speaker, Brian Maskell is the author of several books including; Practical Lean Accounting
(2003), The Lean Business Management System (2007), Performance Measurement for World Class
Manufacturing (1991), Making the Numbers Count; the accountant as an agent of change (1996), and
Life’s Little Lean Accounting Instruction Book (2006). There is also the video presentation Lean
Accounting (2004) from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Mr. Maskell's works address the needs
of manufacturers as they move into the increasingly competitive 21st century. Mr. Maskell conducts
seminars and workshops around the world on such subjects as Lean Accounting, Lean Business
Management, Performance Measurement for World Class Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Software
and the Agile Manufacturer, Value Stream Cost Management, Target Costing, and Agile Manufacturing.

Mr. Maskell has an engineering degree from the University of Sussex, England. He is certified with the
Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) in London, the American Institute of Certified
Public Accountants (AICPA), the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) and is a Fellow of the
American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS). He is the author of numerous articles and
papers and regularly presents papers at national and international conferences, and teaches
occasionally at Wharton Business School.

Directions to NHCTC-Pease Emerging Technologies Center

From Rte.4 South going to Rte. 16 South to Portsmouth. Take Exit 1; turn right. Enter Pease International
Tradeport main entrance (Pease Boulevard). Continue straight through the lights to the end of Pease Boulevard.
At the end of the road turn left onto New Hampshire Avenue, for about 1.4 miles (You will drive through two sets of
blinking lights and an intersection, after which the road becomes Corporate Drive.)

From Rte. 95 South and North. Take Exit 3. From the south at top of ramp turn left; from the north turn right (you
will be on Rte 33 Greenland/Portsmouth). You will be on Grafton Rd. The park and ride will be on the right and on
the left the flight line for the Airport. Go to the end of the road to the stop sign. Turn right, (Corporate Drive)
immediately on the left there is a sign reading NHCTC Emerging Technologies Center.

The building is 4-story, tan and white, and is on the left, with signs reading NHCTC. Turn left into the main parking
lot, which should have ample parking.
APICS Granite State Chapter & IMA
One Day Seminar
Lean Accounting for the Lean Enterprise
NHCTC – Pease Int’l Tradeport – Portsmouth, NH
March 12, 2008
Presenter: Brian H. Maskell, BMA, Inc.

Seminar Registration Deadline is March 7, 2008

Registration Instructions:
- To register please complete the registration form and forward to Rod Bowles or contact Rod
Bowles at or call him at (603) 681-2066.
- Company and personal checks can be mailed with the registration form to Rod Bowles c/o
GSSI, 12 Industrial Way, Salem, NH 03079 (Make check payable to, IMA NH Chapter)
- Cash and checks will also be accepted at the door, but please complete the registration form to
pre-register and send to Rod Bowles in advance.

Registration Form: IMA Member Y/N
Name:_____________________________________ APICS Member: Y/N
Company: _________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________________________
Email Address: _____________________________________
Number of people attending: _____
Check enclosed for $_____

“Make Check payable to, “IMA NH Chapter”

($399/person (1st 3 attendees) - $200 for 4th, 5th, etc./attendees from same company)
($299/person for APICS and IMA members)
($399 for anyone registering at the door)

Send checks Rod Bowles, c/o GSSI, 12 Industrial Way, Salem, NH 03079

APICS Granite State Chapter 85 IMA NH Chapter

The Society for Operations Management c/o GSSI
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Manchester, NH 03103 Salem, NH 03079
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