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Vibhor Kumar


Kanpur, India +91 95062 81281

Energy and Environmental Policy, Environmental Economics, Air Quality & Control, Waste Management


2014–2018 B.Tech - Major in Civil Engineering; Minor in Industrial & Management Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, GPA 8.3/10.


Higher Secondary Examination, Indraprastha International School, New Delhi, 93.8%.


Secondary Examination, Bal Bharti Public School, New Delhi, 10/10.


Honours and Awards

Awarded Young Scientist Incentive Plan (KVPY) fellowship [All India Rank-397] Awarded Junior Science Talent Search Examination (JSTSE) scholarship [All India Rank - 82] Secured 99.82 percentile among 1.4 million candidates all over India in JEE 2014 Secured 99.06 percentile among 230,000 candidates in Common Aptitude Test (CAT 2017)

Secured A* grade for exceptional performance in following courses:

Sustainable Built Environment Transportation Facility Design

Conference Paper

Water Supply & Waste water Disposal Systems Economic Analysis of Management

Kumar V., Das A. "Innovation in Pavement Design" in New Technology for Road Construction, Lucknow Conference December 2017, Uttar Pradesh, India

Key Projects

Jan-Apr 2017 Impact of Coal Mining in Jharkhand (Mentor: Prof. Rahul Varman)

Determined the cause of the backward socio-economic & environmental conditions Utilized primary and secondary data including interviews, news reports, independent studies Discussed the development of legislation and the consequent impacts Recommended improvements to facilitate a move towards healthy & sustainable coal mining

Jan-Apr 2017 Case Study on Cuban Peak Oil Crisis (Mentor: Prof. Rahul Varman)

Analyzed the "Special Period", a time of economic crisis due to paucity of oil in the country Discussed the adaptations made by Cubans to their daily lifestyle to overcome the crisis Devised possible strategies to tackle similar situation in modern times and ensure sustenance

Mar-Apr 2017 Office Building Design using Reinforced Concrete (Mentor: Prof. Sudip K. Mishra)

Designed beams, columns, footing & slabs for a 6 storey building compliant with IS456-2000 Performed detailed analysis of the super structure incorporating wind and earthquake loads for Kanpur region in addition to dead and live loads

Jul-Nov 2015 Analysis of Arched Bridge Structure (Mentor: Prof. Durgesh C. Rai)

Modelled a 2-lane arch bridge in SAP2000 through data obtained from experimental 1:10 scaled down model using load cells, strain gauges & ties for measuring stress-strain values Compared theoretical shear force and bending moment values with actual data for various models to find the best fit model using regression analysis

Internship Experience Summer 2016 Ernst & Young, Business Advisory Team Prepared an advisory on Mobile

Internship Experience

Summer 2016 Ernst & Young, Business Advisory Team Prepared an advisory on Mobile Payment Systems for a company’s potential entry

Assessed global players, their models and hurdles associated with similar demographics Devised a three-pronged strategy for entry into mobile payments market Contributed to the IPO support for India’s 2nd largest telecom operator

Performed competitive analysis on various factors to ascertain client’s market positioning Evaluated current and future strategies using market insights and competitors’ results

Summer 2016 Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, Marketing Management

Analyzed H.B.S. cases to gain insights into global marketing and branding strategies Developed branding, pricing and promotional strategies for an android application

Summer 2015 Idea Cellular Limited, Roaming Trends in Delhi Collaborated on a marketing plan for products worth $39mn compliant with new regulations

Surveyed retailers to determine the factors leading to 60% churn rate in a specific segment Generated heat maps by analyzing purchase data to determine geographic pattern of sales Highlighted 12 key areas to target future promotions and market research activities


Position(s) of Responsibility



Internship Coordinator, Students’ Placement Office, IIT Kanpur Planned & executed the internship and placement season in a 3-tier team for 1800 students Spearheaded a team of 50 members to conduct internship processes for 100+ companies Invited 28 new firms including PwC, DE Shaw & achieved 11 % YoY growth in offers


Accounts & Gardening Secretary, Hostel Executive Committee Elected by over 600 residents to lead a pool of 1500 students in six inter-hall competitions Monitored the use of $9,000 in funds to ensure smooth functioning of hostel affairs Emerged as overall winners of General Championship bagging a total of 10 trophies Adopted measures to prohibit ragging as a member of Anti-Ragging Committee


Extracurricular Activities

Blogosphere ( Blog posts feature movie reviews of primarily indie, foreign language & Hollywood movies Recipient of Sunshine Blogger Award & Award for Outstanding Performance (FlickWars’16)

Miscellaneous Designed a marketing brochure & raised $3,500 in sponsorship for IITK Motorsports Racing Secured 2nd position in Truss Design during Inter Hostel Science & Tech. Competition Secured 1st position in Business Club Quiz during Inter Hostel Science & Tech. Competition

Relevant Coursework





Water Supply & Wastewater Disposal Systems Environment Toxicology & Risk Assessment Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Urban Transportation

Mechanics of Solids Civil Engineering Materials Engineering Hydrology

Mechanics of Solids Civil Engineering Materials Engineering Hydrology

Probability & Statistics Economic Analysis for Management Computational Methods in Engineering

Sustainable Built Environments Industrial Waste Management Air Pollution & its Control Atmospheric Modelling

Fluid Mechanics Engineering Hydraulics Soil Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics Engineering Hydraulics Soil Mechanics

Calculus Linear Algebra Differential Equations