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Act 2 Scene 4 of Macbeth

By Jie Hua Yu, Ka Vang, and Marco

Setting: Outside of Macbeth’s Castle


- Old Man: Some old guy.

- Macduff: Ross’ cousin, Thane of Fife.
- Ross: Macduff’s Cousin. He’s usually a messenger.

Jie Hua Yu
Summary of Events
● The old man and Ross are discussing about how horrible it was that king duncan was
● The Macduff enters. Macduff and Ross talk about the horrifying murder of King Duncan.
● Duncan’s horse turned wild and broke out from their stalls.
● Macduff said the servants were bribed by the king’s two sons, Malcolm and Donalbain.
● Malcolm and Donalbain ran away and became the prime suspect.
● Macbeth killed the servant.
● Macbeth then leave to Scone to be crowned king.

Ka Vang
Summary of Events
● The king’s body was taken to Colmekill to put into a tomb with his ancestors, where their
bones were kept safe.
● Macduff and Ross part ways, Macduff to Fife and Ross to Scone
Foreshadowing/Quote with Explanation
I think that one of the princes may be killed right before they
are proved innocent. Since “Malcolm and Donalbain, the
king’s two sons, are stol'n away and fled, which puts upon
them suspicion of the deed.” This may make people act
Marco Bell
Scene Questions
1. Why does Macduff say Malcolm and Donalbain are suspects?
Macduff suspects both Malcolm and Donalbain because they ran away after
King Duncan got murdered.
2. What has been done with Duncan's body?
His corpse is to be buried at Colmekill.
3. Where is Macduff headed?
Macduff is headed to Fife

Jie Hua Yu
Scene Questions
4. Explain the unnatural events as described by the old man.
Old Man describes the skies being upset, threatening the earth with storms. The
clock says it’s daytime but it’s the night. An owl eats a hawk.
5. What strange thing do Duncan's horses do?
The horses eat each other.
6. There is new tension between Macbeth and Macduff? Explain
Macbeth could possibly abuse his power as the king, which can end up having
Macduff involved.

Jie Hua Yu
Why did Maduff decide to return to Fife?
Macduff believes that Macbeth has not inherited the throne rightfully and resorted to a
wrong, desperate measure to be the king.

Jie Hua Yu