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BARARI NURSERIES (A Division of Barari Forest Management)

Credit Facility Application

Name of applicant :

Location of the Applicant :

Postal Address :

Telephone No. :

Nature of Business :

Trade License No. (Attach copy) : Chamber of Com. Reg. No.: (attach copy)

Name of Sponsor : (attach I.D. copy)

Address :

Credit Required from Period Amount: Maximum credit limit Dhs.

30 days 60 days 90days

Blank dated cheque No:__________________
Bank name:___________________________

Person /s authorised to order & receive products

Name Designation Specimen Signature

Mode of Payment (Please tick ) Cash Cheque L.C

Person /s authorised to sign cheques on behalf of Firm / Company
(for companies attach copy of list of signatories registered with the Ministry of Commerce)
Name Designation Specimen Signature

Persons to be contacted for payment:

Name: Designation : Tel. No.:

Name: Designation : Tel. No.:

Declaration & Undertaking by the Applicant

1 I / We hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my / our knowledge
2 I / We accept entire responsibility for all the materials delivered to us and undertake to indemnify you fully in respect of the said deliveries without any dispute or any
recourse whatsoever.
3 I / We understand that failure to make payment as per the credit terms approval will result in automatic suspension / cancellation of the credit facilities and the account
shall be become payable in full and further Barari Nurseries shall have the right to take any legal action for recovery of its dues.

4 I / We understand that Barari Nurseries shall not be responsible for any payment made without official receipt.

5 I / We further undertake to notify you immediately of any change in the authorities mentioned above and in case of any failure to do so. I / We will accept entire
responsibility as mentioned in para 2 & 3 above.
6 I / We agree any claims against the Invoices must be made within 7 days.

7 I / we agree to inform Barari Nurseries regarding any change or renewal of the trade license with the chamber of commerce.
Business and/or trade references (Please provide details)
Banker's Name:
Contact person:

Company name 1 :
Type of account:
Contact person:

Company name 2 :
Type of account:
Contact person:


By submitting this application you authorize Barari Nurseries to make enquiries to the trade references you have supplied.

Date: Applicant's company Signature of Sponsor(s) /

Stamp Authorized signatory

Barari Nurseries (Office Use Only)

Recommended by: Approved by: Approval Date

Sales man: Marketing Manager:
Supervisor: Operations Manager:
Date: Accounts Manager
Nursery Manager