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Same Night 3some Close:

(4 Steps Model)

Hey fellow PUA!

However boring it may be, etiquette dictates an introduction before I delve into the exciting
stuff. My name is Ali, and I am a high-end night and natural game specialist, and success-
coach. Feel free to contact me to find out what I can contribute towards your life in general or
your dating life in particular, or check out Kezia’s website (

I was writing my introduction while chilling out at my Wingman “C’s” house. I went to grab
some food and when I came back he had written the below blurb about me, most of it true
(I’ll get you back some day dude!!)

Introduction about Ali by his Wingman C:

I remember Ali blowing me out of multiple sets, and then going home with two hot girls, while (copyright 2010) 1
I sat there and scratched my head. After the second time, I stopped him and said “look dude
this shit isn’t funny, why are you blowing me out with the girls”. He started to laugh and said
“Sorry dude I really wanted them both”. He wasn’t always this good. We used to go out and
he would run in the other direction if a hot girl smiled at him. I can remember one time when
we got talking to this really hot brunette Raquel. She was wearing quite a revealing top and
Ali’s big black eyebrows disappeared under his hair. He was stuttering and said that he liked
food about 50 times. At one point we had a fight in the middle of Oxford Street because
neither of us were moving in to a set. As time went by he tried really weird and wacky lines,
direct game, indirect game, upside down game (ask him he might tell you about it ). He
developed his own approach to game and speaking to people, not just girls. What most
people forget is that if game is your life, then it comes across fake. It hasn’t all been plain
sailing for him. The determination and a lot of chocolate cake helped him through. The guy is
now an approach ninja (without the weird black clothing, but he does have a sword ). (copyright 2010) 2


In the following pages, I will give you a basic overview of how my particular model for a
3some Close works. I say model not a routine because it is not a rigid or a linear thing and it
is way too complex to be a routine. There are so many variables depending on the sets,
logistics, your level of game, etc. However, it should give you a greater understanding of
required mindset, to-dos and not-to-dos as well as a simple-to-follow guideline. There are
various ways to achieve a 3some close. You could ask your girl friend to involve one of her
friends; you could get your fuck buddies to play together; you could get your fuck buddy to
pick up a girl with you; you could use your social proof in night clubs to game two girls whom
know of you; or you can do the whole thing from scratch with two girls you have not met.
Now this e-book is about how you can achieve the last one. The rest is somewhat easier (but
do require different strategies to achieve them) but I cannot possibly cover all of them in this

Hope this e-book will help you in your quest to the Holy Grail of a males sexual fantasy. May
the Force be with you padawan! (copyright 2010) 3

4 Step Model:

Pattern Breaking – Comfort – Sexual Escalation - Close

Let’s look at each individual component.

Pattern Breaking

3some Close is all about breaking established

patterns, starting with your mindset and using
openers that will enable you to have two-way
conversations right from the beginning.

a) State Calibration:
Going into sets only to have a good time is
essential. You are a social creature whose time and
presence is desired by many beautiful and
important people. Believe it and act it. If girls you
are talking to are smart enough, naughty enough and daring enough for you; you then go for
a 3some close.

When attempting a 3some close you have to perceive both girls as your target. The moment
you start the interaction you should be gaming both of them. There is no other way.

I really started to see a difference in my game when I stopped looking at a 2 set as a “target
and the obstacle”. 3somes became easy when I saw both girls as my targets (it’s more fun
that way). The only draw back to this is that your wingman may feel a little left out, mainly
because you’ll want both of them to yourself (yeah I know, bad boy). There is no need for
gimmicks or so-called DHV stories. Girls like guys who have balls. Gaming two girls at the
same shows you have balls that rub on the floor as you walk (ok maybe not that big ). (copyright 2010) 4

b) Opening:
There are no specific 3some openers. You can use any indirect openers as long as they involve
both girls. Note that if you go direct this will mean you will only get one of the girls.

Your opener is both the most and least important part of your interaction. Most important
because nothing is going to happen if you don’t physically go up and speak to the girls. Least
important because no one remembers the first few things you said to them anyway. This
means your line does not have to be utterly original. It needs to break patterns of your
targets so you can have two-way conversations from the beginning though. So smile, then
say what’s on your mind player!

Ali: Hey, how are you guys?

Girls: We are OK
Ali: Only normal, you are not drunk enough yet to dance on the tables. What are you
Girl 1: Vodka on rock
Girl 2: Sex on the Beach
Ali: Wow, that’s hardcore! I like you already! High two! (victory sign – breaking pattern)
Girls: Laugh and do high two
Ali: You know what, I thought it was tap water and juice you guys having for a second (I do a
cheeky smile)
Girl 2: Now you know better! What is that you are drinking? (you are in)
Ali: Tap water
Girl 2: You are kidding right?
Ali: When I drink, girls try to take advantage of me so I decided to stick to tap water.
I forgot my manners… My name’s Sexyone, you can call me Sexy. What are your names?
They laugh
Girl 2: Isabel
Girl 1: Anna

When opening done correctly, you have two-way conversation with both of your targets. This
is very important for 3some Close. Don’t try to fill every moment of silence with something.
You are a high value and fun guy, act it. If they want you to be around, they have to work (copyright 2010) 5

from the beginning.

Note: Drop in a false time constraint at some point before you go further into the

Note note: For 3some closes, you need to spend equal amounts of time with each girl in the
opening. (copyright 2010) 6


This step is the most important part of 3some closes. You need to spend a good amount of
time to establish a safe, fun and dynamic environment within which you can talk about almost
anything and get away with all sorts of cheeky / naughty stuff. You also need to do tons of
kino in this phase. I love touching and hugging people. I have my specific techniques to go
about this but yet again I can’t cover all that in this e-book.

a) Crucial information:
At this point we gather information that will help us get out of potential problems e.g. Do they
have boyfriends? Are they behind you?

We then give them information that let them know why we are talking to them e.g. They look
fun, or something they said that made you like them.

Below is an ideal scenario:

Ali: Cool meeting you guys (with a big smile), who are you here with? (gathering information)
Girls: We came on our own to catch up and have few drinks.
Ali: Oh and catch a hot and fun guy (rest my palm on my chest at the same time)? Groovy,
you guys are so naughty and friendly, I like you already! (giving information)

With your question you find out early on if there are obstacles in your way. In the second
part, you connect their frame (chilling out, having private time) with your frame (they are
there to pick up hot guys) and a further frame (they are fun and you like them because they
are naughty and friendly) this connects the pattern breaking to the comfort.

Below is a more common scenario:

Ali: Cool meeting you guys (with a big smile), who are you here with? (gathering information)
Girl 1: We came with our friends. They should be here any moment.
Ali: You mean those loud, tank-like guys over there? (they are scary, tell you that much) (copyright 2010) 7

Girls: No!
Girl 1: That guy over there and two other girls who are in the bathroom now.
Ali: You are all with him? (Implying they are all his ‘girls’ with my tone and facial expression)
Girls: (They laugh) No!
Ali: Pause and look at them…
Girl 2: He is our colleague.
Ali: Poor fellow… You guys have this provocative sexual vibe, how is he going to protect you
from all these vultures around? (gesturing all other guys)
Girls: Do we? We so n... (You cut them before they can explain themselves)
Ali: I find it very attractive. It shows you are comfortable with your sexuality and fun to hang
out with. You look… (continue further into comfort) (giving information).

You quickly find out who is who and relationships among them. As long as the guy is not the
boyfriend of any of your targets, you are fine. Do not try to find out whether they have a
boyfriend or not at this early stage. By labelling every other guy as ‘vultures’ you lowered
your competitors value and at the same time you portray yourself as a different and cool guy.
Also, you imposed your frame (they have a provocative sexual vibe) and you connect that
frame with another one (you find it attractive, that’s way you are talking to them).

b) Isolation:
In order to get a 3some Close, you need to isolate. This may mean abstracting your targets
from their group if they are part of a big group; and / or moving to a better spot that is
conducive to sexual escalation.

Create a triangle sitting plan, you in the middle. If girls facing you and a wall instead of the
whole place, that would be just amazing. There would be nothing else to draw their attention.
I normally move girls around physically with gentle pulling, pushing to get this desired

Verbal probes such as ‘there is a nice spot over there in that corner, lets go and chill out there
for a minute’, or if there is enough comfort, a simple ‘Follow me’ would work. If you are
standing up and there are seats in a corner or whatever, you have a legitimate reason for
isolation anyway: ‘my ass needs some cuddling with leather, lets go over there to sit for a (copyright 2010) 8


c) Triangle two-way conversations:

You want to establish 30/70 interaction ratio; 70% coming from girls. Not all of it from one
girl however. If one of the girls is not hooked up despite your best efforts, 3some Close is not
on the table.

There is no absolute structure as to how the conversation needs to bounce between you and
girls. It is good practice to make sure both girls are engaged in the conversation throughout.
However, you do not have to involve both girls in all topics. You do not have to initiate every
single topic either. Remember, you are there to have fun, not to moderate a debate. You do
not have to stay in control all the time. That would be just too taxing and unnecessary. You
need to make sure you intervene when necessary to steer the interaction towards your
intended goal.

No matter what though, stay way clear of spending disproportionate amount of time with one
specific girl in this phase.

You want girls to invest in the interaction on various levels. There is bad investment, good
investment and insanely awesome investment. By creating two-way conversations and
making deep emotional connections, you achieve the latter one. No emotional connection, no
lay… They need to know who you are, what you do, what your dreams and ambitions are,
what you like, etc. You do not force your stories on them though. You mention something
about you briefly, they are not interested, then no elaboration. If they are interested, make
them work for it a little and get them to figure out the whole story. i.e. if I say how much fun
it was to be able to play around under the sun most of the year when I was a kid, girls ask
where I am from originally almost always. I say ‘Guess. It starts with J, finishes with apan.’
Boom, you have a big subject to talk about there already. Travelling, how hot I am, girls with
tans being sexy, etc. (By the way, I am not from Japan !)

Also, you want to find out who they are and what they are made up of. Since you are a high
value guy, you are not going to sleep with random hot girls. They have to be special to get
you naked with them. (copyright 2010) 9

I use specific techniques to establish dynamic two-way conversations i.e. humorous role-
plays, cold reading, active listening, etc. Also, Kezia has very effective tools you can employ
for creating connection and build comfort. Make sure to check her new book and DVD series

Note: You want to ask a question, wait for response and make a statement, then repeat the
process. You also want to reward and punish behaviours. If you find yourself keep asking
questions, you are forcing conversation. You need to stop and make sure you are really
listening and observing the situation appropriately. And start making statements. Below is a
bad example…

Ali: Hey, how are you?

Girl: Good
Ali: What is your name?
Girl: Rachael
Ali: How old are you?
Girl: 20
Ali: Who are you here with?
Girl: Got to go
Ali: Where are you going?
Girl: To meet my boy friend
Ali: Can I have your number?
Girl: Bye
Ali: Does this mean no? (copyright 2010) 10

Sexual Escalation

Defining factor for 3some close is that you have to sexually escalate and you have follow it
through to the end. Don’t try to get numbers and then do a follow up on it. Everything needs
to happen in the same day / night.

If you do not sexually escalate, all the techniques I mentioned above could be used to
generate social proof for future or could get you phone numbers. However, if you want action,
then you need to sexually escalate, there is no other way.

First thing you need to determine is the level of interest from your targets. There are two
possible outcomes: a) it is 50 – 50 from each b) one of them is way more into you than other
one. Lets say 70 – 30. In situation ‘a’ you are safe in sexual escalation process. They will do
almost everything. However closing will be really difficult.

In situation ‘b’ sexual escalation is a little tricky, you need to get eager one to initiate
escalation or follow your instructions on her friend, then you come in to the action. In this
case, closing is way easier.

Important: While leading the interaction, what you are trying to achieve in essence is to
wing one of your targets to sexually escalate on her friend.

Girls hang out in groups because hanging out on their own is not very ideal and also their
friends always bail them out from a difficult situation (defence mechanism) i.e. a guy trying to
get into their pants with his charm and all. Since, you are talking to both of them and didn’t
try to isolate one of them, your targets are naturally thinking that there is no threat or a
situation to be bailed out from. And finally when you turn a girl’s defence mechanism into
your attacking tool, things get pretty awesome e.g. her friend started kissing her and brought
you in.

a) Verbal sexual escalation:

- You make assumptions: Most girls have kissed another girl at one point in their life. I
generally steer conversation to this point and ask if she enjoyed kissing another girl. If they (copyright 2010) 11

did kiss a girl before, you talk about it. Further topics could cover who kisses better; girls or
men. Then you can apply some of physical sexual escalation techniques mentioned below. If
they have not, you do not believe it and act as if it is a blasphemy. Talk about crazy things
they have done i.e. sex on the beach, sex in public spaces, groups, etc.

- You tell them what you want: You need to skilfully tell girls what it is that you want from
them throughout. Come sit on my lap, kiss her, kiss me. You know what would be hot? If we
all kiss at the same time, etc. As opposed to same night lay with one girl, 3some Close itself
tells girls that you are not into a long term relationship so no worries about making your
relationship intentions clear.
- You explicitly express what traits you find hot in a girl: I generally frame girls of being
naughty, independent and passionate in Comfort stage and then in Sexual Escalation stage I
drop in sexually loaded frames along the same lines. My favourite line is ‘I love women who
love women’.

- You reward compliance and naughty initiations & punish non-compliance and adjust their
frame (advance frame control): I think this is pretty obvious. Have already given some
examples of it above. Advance Frame Control is a subject on its own, there are few products
out there you can check out, or in our bootcamps we usually cover this topic.

- Sexual Cold Reading: If applied correctly, this will get you laid every single time. If you have
substantial experience with women, you begin to understand what type of women you are
talking to and what kind of sexual traits she has and is attracted to. When I picked up two
best friends from the beach in Virginia Beach last summer, the turning point of the interaction
was when I very accurately guessed what each of them was into. That demonstrated that I
am experienced and they will have fun with me. One of them had a curvy body with long hair
and other one was slim with big boobs. So I looked at former and said ‘you like doggy, getting
your hair pulled and getting spanked… You love dirty talking too’ Her eyes grew and asked
how I knew, I just looked into her eyes and smiled cheekily.

- Freeze-out: If girls put up resistance to sexual escalation, you apply this technique. In order
to move forward, you step backwards. You drop sexual vibe, go back to comfort and try again
later on. (copyright 2010) 12

b) Sexual Escalation Techniques:
- If you are in a night club, dance floor game and sexual escalation just best partners that I
know. You hold their hands and pull them to the dance floor. Dance non-sexually while still
holding their hands and then push them into each other and get them to some dirty dancing
facing each other. You then get one of them grind on the other one and you dance with the
one who is grinding face to face. You then get them to switch places. You can do a train (girl
is grinding on her friend, her friend is grinding on you) Make sure you follow all these with
some non-sexual dancing while still holding hands. I smile and make some pouts, kinda gay
but whatever works huh? Then proceed to kissing the more eager/easy one, then kiss the
other one. Get them to kiss each other and finally do 3some kissing.

Note: Holding hands and having non-sexual dancing helps to re-instate that they are safe
with you, you are protecting them by showing ownership and alleviate fears that you are only
interested in getting into their pants.

- I hope your phone can take pictures, because they are blessing in disguise. I generally get
girls to do naughty poses and take pics and make fun of the pics. You need to start with easy
to comply and fun ones, then proceed to more daring ones. Afterwards, you can get one of
them to sit on your lap and take a silly pic, then some more daring poses. You switch the
girls, and repeat the process. You need to plough through if they resist, you are committed,
you cannot stop now. Then, check out pics together, choose your favourite ones.

- Say you have read this study recently that when there is sexual interest between people,
when they touch each other, there is a tangible tension. You say lets see if we have any. You
will lean in and kiss them on the cheek one by one. You look into their eye and lean in slowly
and kiss them on their cheek with all your sexual fantasies flowing through your mind and
stay on the kiss for at least 3 seconds. They will feel tension no matter what, which then
triggers the story you seeded earlier on that they have sexual interest in you. You then get
them to do this on each other. You say they have to lean in slowly and stay on the kiss at
least three seconds.

You then say there is a more daring one which involves no kissing or touching. You say, each
of you will lean in while your eyes closed and stay like few millimetres away from each others’ (copyright 2010) 13

lips. You stay like that for 10 seconds and you say under no circumstances they are allowed to
kiss you or each other. You get the girls do this first. You push their heads gently towards
each other if the distance is longer than 1 cm (you have to tell them you will do that verbally
though). You keep hold of their hair and pull it gently during the process. When 10seconds
passed, you do it with one of the girls. And make sure after a second or two you kiss her and
pull away and say she cheated. Repeat it with the other girl. Then talk about a subject that is
not sexual while holding their hands.

This can go on to the tests like who can kiss better. Then proceed to kiss one of them on the
lips, get the other girl to kiss the girl you just kissed. Ask the girl, who she thought kissed
better. Then repeat the process with the other girl now at the receiving end. If you lose, you
say you are amazing at working your magic on neck, no one can beat you to that. You know
where this is going I hope 

If it didn’t happen already and if you feel the situation is ripe after all these preparation and
you are in control, finally, you say, you know what would be so hot? If three of you kissed at
the same time. And go about doing it.

Note: Under no circumstances, get out of control and start making out fully. You got to
start and finish the kissing. Stay in control, remember this is supposed to be fun for all of you.
It has to feel safe. 3some kissing can still be considered safe if the guy is just cool with it and
do not take it that seriously. When girls test you by throwing sexually loaded comments, do
not buckle under them. Smile and shrug or validate them.

Girl 1: I love raw sex

Ali: Smile and shrug. Then talk about something else. Or

Girl 1: I love raw sex

Ali: What do you mean?
Girl 1: I mean I like guys to take me real hard
Ali: Wow, that’s very naughty, I like that. If I knew you a little better, we would have given it
a go. (you got to talk about this with no emotion or blushing or anything of that sort) Then
talk about something else. Or you can ask Girl 2 if she likes raw sex too with no interest in
your voice or face. If she says yes or sometimes, you say you knew they were special girls (copyright 2010) 14

and smile. Then talk about something else.

c) Potential Problems that may arise:

Your targets will try to ascertain which one of them it is that you are hitting on. You are to not
allow that to happen by constantly taking the interaction further into sexual escalation
territory. However, if you have been slow or hesitated, then they throw you tests. You need to
make sure you pass these ‘tests’ with flying colours. This is another application of advance
frame control. Don’t try cocky funny.

Girl 1: My friend is hot and I think she likes you

Ali: Wow, that’s very nice. That means a lot coming from two very hot girls. (you got to say
these with genuine interest) (Then shut up and look at her with expectant eyes)
Girl 1: I mean yes, you are a social guy… Fun as well.
Ali: Thanks… I lean and kiss her on the cheek (stay kissing her cheek at least 3 seconds), lean
back and carry on with the conversation

One of them goes to toilet or for drinks…

Girl 2: Are you hitting on me?
Ali: ?
Girl 2: Are you hitting on me?
Ali: Do I think you are sexy?
Girl 2: Yes
Ali: Yes. (Say this while looking at her eyes, very slowly and with passion)… (Pause) That was
amazing (with a cheeky smile).
Girl 2: What was amazing?
Ali: You lean and kiss her on the lips for a second or two, lean back and carry on with the
conversation. When Girl 1 comes back, you show her more attention, hold her hand, kiss her
on the cheek, etc.

In the first example, you acknowledged the test and treated it as a compliment coming from
BOTH of them and made sure she understood that you appreciate the compliment. Then
forced her to admit she kinda likes you too. You then appropriately awarded her. Sounds like a
risky strategy? Well, 3somes is not for feint-hearted or cowards my friend. (copyright 2010) 15

In the second example, girl wants to find out if you are interested in
her emotionally and not necessarily sexually. You want to stimulate
girls emotionally but in a 3some Close you want lust to be the
dominant emotion. You adjusting her frame (are you interested in
me emotionally?) to your frame (Do I want to have crazy, passionate
sex with you?). Afterwards you demonstrate that you like the other girl too; you stir lust,
jealousy, etc. Simultaneously, keeping to the path of 3some. Under no condition, give in to
the temptation of choosing the easiest one and go home with her. That you can do anyway (or
hopefully you can). You have to keep pushing. (copyright 2010) 16


You did all the hard work, now it is time to close. You find an excuse to get out from the
venue. It could be something to eat (followed by going to someone’s place) or going to your
home for playing music and drinking a bit more for some time. Only for a short while, because
you need to wake up early for a meeting or whatever. Or you can go to one of their places
depending on how you laid your logistical story. Or they could invite you to somewhere else.
Whatever shape the situation takes, you need to adopt appropriately and make sure you
ended up in someone house. Once in someone’s house, you play it cool, re-animate some
good memories from your interaction with them, get sexual escalation going slowly but surely.

Note: Make sure you have alcohol at home and your house is clean and tidy.

Note note: Until girls have their tops and bras off, you are nowhere near sex stage, so don’t
assume just because they came home with you they will have sex with you. You need to get
their tops and bras off first  I learned this the hard way…

Note note note: You need to get girls to initiate and enjoy sex. You can use taking pics as a
way of getting them to take their tops and bras off. Make sure you demonstrate dominant
alpha traits in this phase. If you do not ask and demand that you get it, you will not get sex I
am afraid. This does not have to be verbal. You get them to kiss and make out. You push
them on to each other. Get them to take their tops off, etc. Once the situation is ripe, verbal
sexual escalation is key. You tell them that you want to have sex with both of them because
not only they are insanely sexy and provocative but they are also so much fun and interesting
people. This feels just right, safe and fun with them.

Enjoy and report all your success stories as well as botched attempts. Negative experiences
how we learn the best anyway.

if you want to find out more about Ali and the rest of the trainers on the team go to (copyright 2010) 17


1) There is no magic or bullet-proof way of having 3somes  It is at least twice as difficult as

having same night lays if not more. If I claim that I have such a system, I would be basically
lying unashamedly. This e-book will however will give you effective ways of going out about it.

2) You have already realised or will realise that no system would work for every single person.
Therefore, read the material in this e-book with a critical mind and modify it accordingly so it
will be congruent with your personality.

3) Do not forego your personality and attempt to replace it with any system. It is just wrong
in a million ways. Anything and everything you learn should be seen as a tool in your social
arsenal to achieve your goals in life.

4) This is an advance application of game, for some it may feel a little complicated. However,
don’t lose faith, because I never thought I would have 3somes only 16 months ago. It is very
much possible if it is really what you want. Let me tell you tho, it is a little over-rated 

5) You will come across many fundamental blocks of game in this short e-book such as social
proof, frame control, cold reading, positive state of mind, wingmanship, etc. If you have not
TOTALLY covered these fundamentals, your success will not be consistent. My most sincere
advice will be to deal with basics as thoroughly as possible with an experienced trainer, then
you will be equipped enough to succeed advanced stuff consistently.

6) Your personality will determine how you deploy each of these methods. I can easily tailor
my system in accordance with my students’ personality. However since this is a generic
document, you will have to take responsibility of doing so or contacting me for one-to-one. I
am generally very friendly, and animated, so the following pages show you how someone like
me should go about 3some close.

7) Make sure both your libido and imagination are up to the task  Not all of us are blessed
with such gifts, so do not be ashamed of preparing yourself with whatever un-harmful means
available to you. (copyright 2010) 18

8) You will realise I mention Kezia’s products in number of occasions throughout the e-book…
Well, that had to be done  Besides, I have been working with her for a while now and she is
and her products deserve all the positive credit they get.

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