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Digital Storytelling : Math Story

Teacher Name: Ms. Lopes

Student Name:     ________________________________________

Point of View - Establishes a purpose Establishes a purpose There are a few lapses
Purpose early on and early on and in focus, but the
maintains a clear maintains focus for purpose is fairly clear.
focus throughout. most of the
Images Images create a Images create an An attempt was made
distinct atmosphere atmosphere or tone to use images to
or tone that matches that matches some create an
different parts of the parts of the story. The atmosphere/tone but
story. The images may images may it needed more work.
Economy The story is told with The story composition The story seems to
exactly the right is typically good, need more editing. It
amount of detail though it seems to is noticeably too long
throughout. It does drag somewhat OR or too short in more
not seem too short need slightly more than one section.
Grammar Grammar and usage Grammar and usage Grammar and usage
were correct (for the were typically correct were typically correct
dialect chosen) and (for the dialect but errors detracted
contributed to clarity, chosen) and errors did from story.
style and character not detract from the
Point of View - Strong awareness of Some awareness of Some awareness of
Awareness of audience in the audience in the audience in the
Audience design. Students can design. Students can design. Students find
clearly explain why partially explain why it difficult to explain
they felt the they felt the how the vocabulary,
It is difficult to figure
out the purpose of
the presentation.

Little or no attempt to
use images to create
an appropriate

The story needs

extensive editing. It is
too long or too short
to be interesting.

Repeated errors in
grammar and usage
distracted greatly
from the story.

Limited awareness of
the needs and
interests of the target