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Daily lesson Plan in Tourism Promotion Services

Prepared by: NORMAN P. TIONGCO

I. Objectives: At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:

1. Define what accommodation is.

2. Identify the different types of accommodation

3. Discuss the different areas and operations of accommodation

II. Contents:

A. Topic: Accommodation

B. References: Tourism Promotion Services, Maricel Gatchalian-Bandilla and Miriam L.


C. Materials: Video Clips, Activity Sheets, Computer

III. Learning Activities:

A. Short Prayer

B. Checking of Attendance

C. Motivation: The teacher shows different parts of hotel and ask students to try to
identify the parts and its function.

IV. Presentation: The teacher discusses the lesson about accommodation

Guide Question

1. Explain each context of each characteristic the accommodation sector has.

2. Describe the function of the different departments In the accommodation
3. Differentiate a hotel from motel.
4. Differentiate hotel from resort.
5. What are the alternative accommodation facilities families may choose to avail
and why?

V. Analysis:

A. Activity: On each group, students will discuss a part of accommodation that

will be assigned to them by answering the following questions.

 How do this part of accommodation function?

 What kind of job does this job offer?
 How important this part to the accommodation sector?

VI. Generalization: The students generalize the lesson by checking the checklist

Can you identify
Can you identify the
different types of
Can you discuss the
different areas of
operations of

VII. Application:

Group Activity: Using the designated computer in each group, the students
search for different 5-star hotel in the Philippines and Identify the different parts of
accommodation and its functions.

VIII. Evaluation:

Direction: On the space provided, write the letter that correspond to the correct answer.

Bar Lobby Front Office Restaurant Room
1. Sleep
2. Snacks
3. Registration of names
4. Hang out for drinks and music
5. Change clothes
6. Waiting area for visitors and guest
7. Fine dining
8. Cocktails and alcoholic beverages
9. Information and inquiries
10. Most accessible area from entrance

IX. Assignment:

Identify the different business in your locality that offers Food and Beverages