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Juan Edmundo Quiñonez Bañuelos


1.I miss huejucar.

1.I wish, I arrived quickly on the weekend.

2.I do not speak English.

2.I wish, I learned to speak English

3.I go every day to school.

3.I wish, I had my own vehicle.

4.I do not have money.

4.I wish, I had a good job to earn money.

5.I'm a bad soccer player.

5.I wish, I played soccer better.

6.I cook my lunch every day.

6.I wish, I had food ready when I get home.

7.I want to have a university degree

7.I wish, I graduated soon.

7.I wish I could graduate soon.

8.I do not have a pet.

8.I wish, I buyed a dog.

9.I have a very difficult exam.

9.I wish, i passed the examination without complication.

10.I do not know Canada.

10.I wish, I traveled around all world.