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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

QAnon Post on 1/22/2018, No. 130638

Time Stamp: (Monday) 21:47:32
What would happen if QAnon is suggesting the 50,000 missing text messages
texts originating from a between FBI chief investigator Strzok and his mistress,
FBI agent to several FBI attorney Lisa Page, were removed by the FBI
[internals] discussed (sanitized) precisely because the text messages
the assassination contained discussion of assassinating President Trump
(possibility) of POTUS and/or members of his family.
or member of his
family? Clearly, these messages would constitute evidence of a
serious federal crime (threatening the life of POTUS
and/or family) and evidence of a conspiracy within the
FBI to remove President Trump from office (coup

Many times, QAnon has reminded us that no electronic

messages are ever permanently removed. DOJ
Inspector General Michael Horowitz has claimed to
have copies of the missing text messages. Certainly,
the NSA (plus Military Intelligence) has copies. The
attempt to destroy these text messages will ultimately
fail, just as ultimately the 33,000 emails HRC claimed
to have deleted will be recovered.

For the DECODE of the QAnon Post #47 from

Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018, “Will SESSIONS drop the
hammer?” – describing the 16-year planned
Obama/Hillary coup d’état, see:

Notice how the tip of the spear of the Trump

counterattack has shifted to Congress, led by Rep.
Nunes, chair of the House Intel Committee, and by
Sen. Grassley, chair of the Senate Judiciary

This is not by accident. The jury is still out on AG Jeff

Sessions. “Will SESSIONS drop the hammer?” or will
it take the release of the “Nunes Memo” to be
reassured Mueller will soon be gone (thereby sparing
Sessions an investigation and indictment for Russian
Collusion – a charge Sessions will succeed pleading
“not guilty” despite forgetting about a few encounters
with Russians during the campaign.
What if the texts This would add to the seriousness of the event. What
suggest foreign allies would be construed to be a threat against the life of
were involved? POTUS and evidence of a conspiracy would be
considered an act of war, if a foreign state participated
as a co-conspirator in the coup d’état to remove Trump
from the presidency by assassinating him.

Forget the Russia set up The 1 of 22 reference is typically to Eric Schmidt who
[1 of 22] resigned coincident with POTUS signing an Executive
Order allowing Treasury to confiscate the assets of
human rights abusers. See Jerome Corsi DECODE of
QAnon Post #151134, Dec. 27, 2017.

When evidence of a conspiracy to assassinate Trump

surfaces, it will be clear the narrative Eric Schmidt
funded with the Clinton campaign and the DNC to
argue Trump colluded with Russia will be seen as a
ploy of the Democratic Party Obama/Hillary coup
d’état to create a false pretext as “insurance” to remove
Trump from office, should he have been lucky enough
to defeat Hillary at the polls.

This is only the QAnon is warning the Obama/Hillary co-conspirators

beginning. that their day of reckoning is fast approaching.

Be careful of what you The information about a Trump assassination plot,

wish for. while shocking, will not be the most shocking thing we
learn about the Obama/Hillary globalist co-
AS THE WORLD conspirators.
“As the world turns” suggests that what the
Obama/Hillary co-conspirators planned to do to Trump
will ultimately be done to them – as Trump begins his
counterattack and exacts justice from the traitors.
Remember the traditional criminal penalty for treason
is death by hanging.
Could messages such as Yes, either the missing Strzok-Page text messages will
these be publicly be suddenly “found” by the FBI, or they will be
disclosed? otherwise released – perhaps by Inspector General
Horowitz, perhaps by the NSA, perhaps by Military
Intelligence, perhaps by Julian Assange and

What happens to the Once the American people understand the extent to
FBI? which the FBI and DOJ were involved in the
Obama/Hillary coup d’état, the American people will
What happens to the demand AGs Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, as well
DOJ? as FBI Director James Comey be tried for treason.

What happens to The FBI and DOJ will be closed down, with massive
special counsel? investigations of all Obama appointees undertaken.

What happens in New agencies will have to be created with stronger

general? Congressional oversight prescribed.

In general, the entire Obama bureaucracy will be

dismantled as all Obama appointees at policy levels
and above will be placed under criminal investigation
for exercising their authority in excess of that
prescribed by federal law.

Special Counsel Mueller will also be placed under

criminal investigation (for his role in the HSBC
money-laundering and Uranium One scandals, for

The “Russian Collusion” investigation will be shut

down as Mueller’s office is terminated and his staff

Every FBI/DOJ case Yes, if it can be proven the FBI and DOJ lied and
could be challenged. withheld (and/or destroyed) evidence, every civil and
criminal conviction during the 8 years of the Obama
presidency (as well as the Trump presidency from the
start until the clean-up) would be reversed on appeal –
even if the appeals have to go to the Supreme Court.

Lawless. The Obama FBI and DOJ were lawless, acting as if the
FBI and DOJ were above the law, despite being
weaponized and politicized by President Obama.

Think logically. The U.S. government is headed toward the largest and
most critical Constitutional crisis in our nation’s

We haven’t started the QAnon is warning that #Pizzagate is true – that

drops re: human pedophilia is rampant among the global elite, including
trafficking / sacrifices the Obama/Hillary co-conspirators.
QAnon is signaling that soon QAnon will be dropping
crumbs so thousands of ANONs can begin the Great
Awakening among the American people of the horror
of human trafficking and human sacrifices engage in
by the globalists in conjunction with the Democratic
Party elite.

This is a truly horrifying and frightening comment,

signaling the American people will soon be presented
with evidence of almost unimaginable EVIL our leftist
political elite as practiced and covered-up most likely
for decades.

Those [good] who These three statements sum up what is meant by

know cannot sleep. “righteous indignation.”

Those [good] who When the American public understands how close
know cannot find Obama and Hillary were to destroying the
peace. Constitution, and how involved the global and political
elites (including those in the USA) in shocking sexual
Those [good] who abuses – including pedophilia, human trafficking, and
know will not rest until human sacrifice – justice will be demanded.
those responsible are
held accountable.
Nobody can possibly
imagine the pure evil
and corruption out

Those you trust are the We are taught to trust parents and relatives;
most guilty of sin. Clergy – including priests and nuns
Political Leaders
Who are you taught to The wealthy and well educated.
The list goes on.
Satan contemplates criminal abominations the moral
mind finds hard to comprehend. Think “The Obama

If you are religious, Good advice.

QAnon is increasingly coupling “PRAY” and “PREY”
– advising to do both – pray to God and prey upon the
evil people I our midst.

60% must remain The first meaning is that the SEXUAL CRIMES we
private [at least] – for are about to discover (mixed with DRUGS) will be so
humanity. shocking that the average person can only absorb about
60 percent of the truth.

A secondary meaning is that the story of what it will

take to uncover these CRIMINALS and to bring them
to justice must remain partly a story never told.

These people should be Agreed. And we pray/prey that they will be hanging
hanging. soon.

May justice be done!

QAnon’s posts are getting more and more graphic – more and more specific. The
Great Awakening is speeding up thanks to the dedication and diligent work of
thousands of Anonymous. Remember, in the first American Revolution much was
published anonymously – think Thomas Paine, Sam Adams, the Federalist Papers –
the list goes on. So it also is in this, the Second American Revolution (in which you
are participating as a PATRIOT if you dare to join the cause.

On Tuesday night, 4chan and 8chan came under heavy cyber-attack as the forces of
evil fought back. QAnon posted on both /qreearch an /GreatAwakening (the
dedicated channel on which only QAnon can post). QAnon posted several “Security
Checks” on both 8chan boards. All QAnon posts (even those that were removed)
were captured by the Anonymous in real time – nothing was lost to the cyberattack.

QAnon Post on 1/22/2018, No. 131202

Time Stamp: (Tuesday) 22:26:59

Archive. QAnon is explaining the cyberattack

Last post triggered sniffer. experienced Thursday night originated
from the Obama conspirators in the
Deep State.

On Sunday, with Post #47, QAnon

identified “sniffer” as Valerie Jarrett,
Obama’s top lieutenant (with a family
history in communism).

Alerted to an ever-intensifying Trump

counterattack, Jarrett put Obama on the
alert and the two of them decided to
mobilize their co-conspirator assets in
the Deep State to launch a cyberattack
to shut down QAnon.

The cyberattack of the Obama/Hillary

coup failed, but it will be attempted
Eyes on. QAnon is advising all Anonymous
PATRIOTS to be on the watch.